Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 21, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 2
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1-AC.K I— NAIXiATIICK MKWK «'ONN.t. WKONP.KItAY, DIM:. 31, linn DREW PEARSON ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: American Legion Will Send Christmas Toys To Europe; Trumnn Stopped Promotion For Captain Burke Of "Operation 23"; Reclamation Is Only Solution For Water Shortage In Eastern Cities. W:inhlriKUm_^ 1,,'iKt year, Amerl- '•ivN ('*. I.'n. Hi>*'Ti<Unn Chrlntmmt in Germany, ruined $217,'XX) to bring n brighter ChrlHlmaH to the Ger- Uiiin children of tne P. S. zone. A ti. I.'u (jay i.M not munificent, and mo«t of them were ,-ipcrullnK rather lonesome Chrl.HtmaseM tlH-m- ^P!V(_>S compared with thai, -it home. Hoxv.-v.-t, I hey r-Ont rlhitl e'l ;;ener- •nihly to tin: children of men who :>nce had been their enemies. This Christmas, the American r,e- pion. >••(! by fi\r-Hl(jhled Cnrntlr. fjfor;:*- CrnlK. ha?i launched an appeal td all Amcrlcarm to collect li.ys on<; tluy after Ohrlct man fur ihe --hiidron of ICnrnpe. Comlnj; an it does from the voteruriH who fousjht the war. thl» repre(ii<nt« one of (hi- most Hlgnlflcnnl mows Jn America. The Uej;|on in fully aware of the fact that warn annuity come in 20- yanr cycles, that the children of today can bo cither our frlomls or the enerny noldleiM of tomorrow, a nd thiit the time to prevent war in by building good will In udvunce of crisis, To this end. the Let/ion 1» nuking the nation to cooperate In collect- In^ toys immediately after Chrlct- m.-ui for shipment to the kldti of Europe, where toys are sciirc-t- thin year. A message, from «n Amcrl- ::un child Is to -be attached to each toy which muy «turt a train of friendships lasting for years. Note The loyn will bo dlHtrlb- ute.l (,y CARE, the nonprofit organization which hns machinery aiteatly set up In all Atantlc pact countries and some Iron Curtain coumrieM. "Operation Z.'t" Here Is Uiu inside story on how Arlcigh A. Burke, head of the Navy's "Operation ,i3" wua jja.xncd up for promotion. However. Matlllewu tallind lo Ihe by plioriu later, at which illtxi Truman wild. In "fieri: "I «oc \-DU h.-ivt? [.hut. .:io-and-m> Huil<e'-i name on the Jlnl, Take It j[(.' So Secretary MuUhvws liml the board reconvene and jmwi over I.Ulrlie. Then Ihe lint, wa.-i back ;o itn- Whllii HOIIHC. The promo- ro (m Truman'H desk right YOUTH CONVICTED OF MURDER tlon.'i now. Not the K| SCULLY, Florist Flower* tor Kvcry OociuloD »»0 HA 1,0 WIN HT. I.KO T. 8CUJXY, Prop. PHONE WAT. 6-7280 • limke'H "Operation 23," crial Navv propaganda tank foreo. deliberately I'lmili-d all regu- 1,-itkinn regarding unification und armed lierviccM conpora! Ion. Reclamation For Kiixlcrn U.S.A. New Yorlt'M water tthorlaKo. ha» canned government engineers; lo survey Ihe water i-cHimi-coa of (he entlrt: nation to m-c whether we are gradually drying ii|i. Tin- re- BlillK are reamuirlni; regarding the country. In general, hot not roiin- .•iiirinK regarding the! big cities. Tli(! fuel that, tin- 1)1^ cltiuH lire driilnliiK their I-(?HI-I-VO|I-H fii.Htcr than the water flows In, chlofly bn- ^a.DHn poojile are rnnnlnK their HJI|KO(H and factorleii are o]ii:ritllnK lliBir iniuipH more. Meanwhile !)fi per cent of our water runti into the ion unused. .Only long-term Holutlon IH reclamation for tho big elites of the oust. New York city, for Instance., must take a Ic.sBon from Los An- t;elen, which haw .itretched an aqueduct 200 mlled to tap UK- wn- '.er of the Colorado. Munlinttiin cnn do the same by piping water «() mile.i from tho Hudwon above I'oUKhlcci-pHlc. at. which point the, Hudson IH free from nail wut«r. l-'umps arc- already being Installed for th.-it on tho Delaware' river, hut. they won't he able to III-CP up with N«w York's Incroaa-J tin; wnle.r needs. ' Irig Map Of IJ.S.A. j e, cnglneiM-H aro alter- liHJ Hi'- map of the United Htaten In their ,|i,,,,.| ;,„. wal,..,-. They are now exploring ways of changing t he courtm nf the mlghly Columbia river im that a trlhul.ary will flow into parched Nevada and make 'lie desert bloom. They arc nl.mi A NEWARK, N. J., HIGH SCHOOl STUDENT, n.-iymontl Wcliih, 10, In led back to jail by an oHlccr after an Kf.ixx County jury found him jju'llly'of Unit degree murder in th« elfiyiiiK of a younger companion. The jury, in ron- tlerinR Its verdict, recommended life imprisonment. Tho court set January JO. l»50. tvr iicnU-ncJnB of tho Voulh. (Inturiiallouul .S'o Buy Christmas Seals Help Stamp Out TB lldliiK a. water network (o catch the melting Known from tho high Sierras and run it 500 mllcM down ''altfornin's wat er-rttarvt-tl Sun .!oa- '[iiln valley. Here farmrrn have :iiml< wellM no deep I hey have n-ached "geological «wnlern" the melted ice of Ihi! glacial a|;e. In tin- wa tcr wn ry we.-it, en^i- ueni-H, are even lilanling a tunnel JH mlle.'i through lh" Conllni'iital Divide to oalc-h wnU'r flowing 1o 'hi' Pacific and revr-riic MM cijiirne 'o Ihe Atlantic, Irrigating the dry farm (amlti of Kl, ColllnH and LOVI-land, C'tilorado, on the way. illll.KKUT S. Al.nitlOl^ vlc« fMTHldt'iil nf 'I'hc New Vorli TriiNt <'onit'itn.v, \vlio WUN recf.ntly elee.t- «<d to tiip Koitril of DlreelorM »f HrlilKKport. KriMN Company, llrldgrporl, Coiiiiccllciil, in fill llm viieniiey ere»|ei| by tjli: reMl({- nadon of Serialtii' Itiivmond K. ISithhvIn, who liecunii- nil AnHoel- u(e ilUHlU'K (if (tin Siliireine Court of Ciinneelleilt. H^^ FROM THE M. A. GRKKN COLLECTION OF FINUK QUALITY -IK 1-1 KI. Walcl (, i:old H' ^ '»Unj; !',7fi ; Tie Clip, cold filled ;il.wi 1> l.aillen 1 i'.h Iliiiliine King I! -Dlnmond Weddln) Hand 7 MCII'H C.ruen Cm-vex JittU.iiM H- Fine Diamond '•! I-I KL Chai-iii.-i friilli .'M.liO Ifi l/acllo::' Moonalon Itinc Itl Gold I'endanl A C.'linln i',3n 17 Hiiinllloii Din. Walch :'. IM ' Tiger Kye Man':! 111 Gi-nt'ii Hi i by '.'.It M.-III'M Illack Onyx. ,»:t5.0» :!1 Genl'n Amolhysl 2'.'. niaiiuind l-irldal Hot Klftll :>:.', .Sterling Money Clip :.MUm 2-1 - l-;xp:infilon Walch Jiand Sr..lir. 2!i C,.,|i| nili-ii Hand '.,5.3(1 2'1- Hlei-llni; Key Chain VZ.M U Cull. Pearl Karrlni;H ( 10 Cuff LlnkK, M It. SItZ.fill 11 M Kl. Watch Him.l VM. 12 Dla. I'liillnimi Hand 13 Lapel Walch, !» ,1 $2IM>n All I'rice.-i Ineludu l-'inleral Tax CHAIUJK AND J1UDUKT PAYMJCNTH INVITED Open Tliui-H. And Sat. m-fl-GReen J£U)€L€RJ Since 1898 117 BIUIK STRCCT »^-^.a^£»teiij4a.i;i;;aSAiu/i-;;i.; 7 j-;JxS;a.\7.tU:L;7jL T .?iW^^:.a;LUa. t ;.iW:t;i"^ Millville Library Association Gives Christmas Program Tlio annual ChrlBtmiiH piirly of tlin Mlllvlllti Library AHMOefiiUrm WIIB hold last tiljjht In the llbrnrv hull, with Santa Claun <HntrtbuUn;j Klftn to about 71V children. Tbnodoro RuhHnll was nwardftd n Utrkey. and In turn donated It to u noody family in tho community. Mt-n, Albert Mai wan Kimoral .:hulrman of nrrunKomnntH tind Mro. Earl White wn» In chuya •it tho nnturtulnmimt. R»fr«<ih- ii;"n's were nm'vnd. The prOKrnm Included the »!iiK- l'n»; of "Sliont Night" and iho "PifBt NoflJ" by n choir including Oarolo Creltin, Joaophlne Hlwar.o- wl(!x. ConnUneo WllkiiM, Mnurio'i White, Hoprnno; Janot Hitnm, Charlotte and Potrlcla Wliilo, iiltim. Piitrlcla Whlto MttnK 'Y'Ovt) UliiriH" und "Tho Story of tho Chrlntmni)" w»» irlven by Hlwanowlcz. Richard Hamm "ttudolph, tho Rod Noned Mcln- Oonr, and two nurn'ory rhyinow, "Mlstroas Mary" and "Llttlo »oy Blun" were recited by two und n half yonr old Miu-gurnl. C>irrin«- ton, ' Jingle B«UH" was Ming hy Cnrole Hamm, two nnd a lm!f yi'iu-B old. and Q«orK<iann« Hii'-- imr i>ro*ont«il "I^A, UU1« --Btnblfl," 'Whlto OhrlHtmsn" walr ming by IJonatd Jonca, and Maureen White i-enddmrt "Winter Wonderland.' A purndy of mmiory rhynmn WILD Klvon by Nathan Tuttlo, i-fter which Janet Hamm sang ''Aw«/ In A Mangor." Konneth Jonas recited "T'waif tho Night Boforfi Chrl8km«»," and Churlotto Whllo Hung "If It Doesn't Bnow On Chrl8tm««." Conotancc Wllkn.n ,-i'o- Kentod "I Yu»t Oo NutH On Ch.'iHt- nniH," nnd piano «olon, "AUnku.'i Twilight" and "White Chrl»tmim" Object of Protest Donald R. H«ath AN OPiN diplomatic break between tho V. S. and Bulgaria nppenred possible n» the result of the Ru»- iilnn Riitellito nntion'* "continued attach*" on U. S, Mlnlnter Doniild R. Heath (above). TPha Stnta D«- i pnt'tment In Wnnhlngton has piro- tented, declaring the legation in .Soflu hoii been axibjcctert to n number of indignities. (International) wore plnyud by Mary Ann Gluc«) of AnHonln, t Cnroy und Nftncy Browa,' "Hantu Clntin 1« Comin),.' to Town." Other muttlcal numbcrH v/are ptiiaentcd by Mi«» Olnce. Raymond Anduraon, Theodore Hamm and Karl White. wore prolte.tit.od Mrn. Huinm und Honry Noumann for nulling thn greulaot numbnr n( tickets for tho event. Millions Pay Tribute To Premier Stalin On 70th Birthday (By UnlMMi l'r<!«K) A holiday Hplrit npruad through the world today. For Amerca >ind ««veriil olhnr wi!Blcrn nalloriH It WUH the nplrll of Christmas. For RuRHla and ICuHt- arn Europe, it was tho nplrlt of thn oui.t«rn <:«lnbi'ntlon eontr«.slM with that of the weal. Amnrlca, Britain and Italy ub»«rvod i.he furmallty of Handing KrentlngH to tho Runulan promlnr on hlii 70th birthday. Our Ambassador In MOKCOW, Alan Kirk, delivered a note on behalf of the United Htatnn grrvernmnnt, "B««t wt»h«»," It »»ia, i'rlmo Mln- iMter Attlee of Britain extended be*t •win hen for Stnlln's "continued good health." And Premier DC GaMperi of Italy ««nt ulmllur KrontlnKii for hi* country, where Communlntn continue to stir up labor unreot. OreetlngK from on« nation worn noticeably Incklnif. YuKOHlnvlii, wno«o Mariha) Tito hn.B b«on feud- Ing with the Kremlin, turned all lie attention to plans for • celebration of lt« own tomorrow, Yuuo- ulitv Army »ay.' But CommunlntM everywhere nine uutdld them*elv«i In heaping pralne on the flon of a cobbler who became tho , miiot powerful man In th« world. Gift*, greeting* and honor» poured Into Moscow by tho millions. Everything from bicycle* to i «port» roudoter, In the greeting* Httilln WAN hailed by Commun!»tn »» the be»t leader, author, muMlcUin, DvlentlMt and medical man Jn the world. And tho Rcd» aluo hailed him an the greatest fighter for peace. The RuMilan supreme Soviet act up n Communist verr.on of tho Nob«l peace prize. Awnrdn of *20,000 ench will go to pcr«on« of all countries who make what RuMla seen an the A Plotter Repents ronducior niwl a OiiiitniinlHt., Bruno Cornuo- rhlola In nhown In Home, Italy. l>lnrln K n rAndlc •« Mnf iM»r««i • of Ihi. Mjldolllm Whleh ttn vMI» (Inlly. In IW47 <^>rrauwht«U and hlN children wld they mttv it vUlon of the Virgin Mury. lUv tx'iitly, he prcimiiOxl I'opt- I'liw XII with u dagger oncloaed In • BIMe. lie told the Pope he h».l onrp i>lanncd to kill him. The I'onllff tlOIIMl. bent contrlbutlonn to n peaceful world. CoinmurilnlH in Amnrlcn were tut uentimcntnl IIH any In Rending their grc«tlng». "The Dally Worker" nent n telegram from New York con- gnilulnllng "Dfnr Comrud«> Hldlln" for his "GO yearn of merlin* lead- er«hlp." NYLONS 1 t MUHMCK-UKBKKKINn 3«-85 Bunt Main HI. Wutartniry, Conn. m« th« NYIONA •! !.» M>r- * A pair is poetic license .. . two pairs, half a dozen pairs make the perfect Christmas gift. And at this low price you can afford to splurge on a boxful of the luxuri ous 51 gauge, 15 denier beauties. Choose k » %% ^» ^. ...»%»%»»».» from a wonderful Holiday scope of colors: Fashion Beige, Fail Taupe, Mist, Wine TIa/.e or Copperlitc . . . 8«/ 2 to 10»/ 2 . If you cannot come in, mail the coupon and we'll get your Christmas shopping done for you. exclusively at HUMMINO WHO SI MM C»l.r Number e( ta\rt City. r n;i:i;ski\n Hosiery — Street Floor 3^ Ji- ^ft— ^SL a. OHBTBLKK and PLYMOUTH O. H. 0. TEUOKB J. C. Raytkwich, . JR. , AOOEBBOBIES Repairing 1M SOUTH MAIN BT. Telephone tOW 33-35 EAST MAIN ST., WATERBUUY BUCKMILLER IPeneral Home 22 PARK PLACE PHONE 4-1191 FLOWERS For AM OcctMlana M.OWKBH TKT.BOBAFBKD MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP ISO BUBBKTt AVENUB Telephone 4334

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