Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 21, 1949 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
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Today's Chuckle "J*oor darling!" n youni; wife Maid. "You must he tired and hungry. Would you Ilkr »ome nice noiip, lender chop* and Rrct-n pcuw, nnd mushroom* on toiwt'.'" "No, darling," her husband answered. "IA-V* Have the money and eat at home." —The, Outlook. Batly "Dedicated To Community Public Service" VOL. LXIV, NO. 298 _. ESTABLISHED _ 1885 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 194D Lc^cTwIrTBcrvic. of the United Pre» Mi>«lly rloiuly today, tonight nnd tomorrow with occasional showers tx'Klnnlnjr Into tonight nnd steady rain be),'lnnlnK Into tomorrow. Continued mild tomorrow. Ix>w tonight between 4S and DO. TICMPKriATI/'KK RRI'ORT MidnlKht, .'16; 'A a. m. 3H; 0 B. m.. -l.'l; l» n. m., W; noon, B2 16 PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS Union City Children Meet Santa Claus At Party A Urgr znop of i,rnrly UK! children of |! M loii rily who attended (he f r«l uioiisl children's Christ mils parly of 111.- Cnloo <!|| v Ciuiiiiiiinllv Huh urr ,hmvn ulmrr im they posed with SA.NTA CI-AtIS diirln K his visit ul (he party. The ..flair wn* held' fit St. Mury'i Church bivsemi-ni with Santa dlsti ilnitlnc elfts lo nil III,- children. HcfrcNtmieiits were i.crved nnd KIIIIK-N were |.ln.v.-d ilurliiK Hie nflcinoon. Walter HlaNlilcwIcz IVIIH In rlmrKc '•! in rilnuctiiciilN. Pansies Bloom Here; Winter Due Tonight Winter officially iirrivp;i In New England tonight at 11:24 o'cl»c;c. and weather forecasters :wy i; will come nmUl continued tqii i:ij;- llkc weather. Evidence n! the spring-like atmosphere arc the pnn.sirs seen in bloom in tho hark yard at tho home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Frnnlilm Hotchkis.i on Conrad street. The Naugatuck Watpr Co. m- cordrd temperatures during the 24-hour period emllnjr at 8 o'<: osif this mornlnp nt a minimum fit JtS degrees and maximum of 46 d<— preps. A year ago todny, .Dec. 21, 19»$. there werf snow flurries and tho minimum temperature was iicven d«"(rreci with (he maximum of MX Perry Seats Officers Of Two Lodges Installation of officers of Shepherd lodi;e. No. 7«. A. I' 1 . A A. M,, Siilem lorlcc, No. ITS, A. K A A. M., took place Itist nielli in Mn- •ionlc Temple, Church Ml reel, with Uiuhl Worshipful llnroUl Ji. T'orry, pant dl.'itrlct deputy of the Third I till n I>r«>dlc<*d Forecasters say It will be mostly cloudy and mild thlH nfturnnun and tonight. Tomorrow will lie mild followed hy.raln l»'e In the afternoon or evening. It will be even warmer tonijrht Khan Inst night nnd wniil.i will be modern) <• souf; ly. The flrM riny of winter hrv= t.p- Eun with n variety of wo-iMj.T throughout th'- nrttiou, unit It's -ili bad. M<, si of I In- nmion, with 1,'ic exception of the c' coast. | :< -uf- ferinc from < "Id \vnveN, -nov,. tw-r.inx i-'iln. :•'.•<•! ir heavy fo;;. Tho cold thi e.-iter.ji Ihe big cilru.s crop in Southern California. ir>d I forecn.stors warn that ?i vast part | of thf <-"tir!tiy nuiy h' 1 Hhrnlhi'd :n i lor. makliij; highway travel dai.-i ^pron:'. I And Just t f remind nvpryono | whnt :» (op^y itirv;/ j>iaf(« the wo;''l j Is, temj-erji' vires of more th'in 1 o() ueKrpe.i were re'-oided >•".•«! Cnl-iy in two cities of Argentina. Kc.lrx noiith of the e<niatf>r. ArK''nl hi'i Ir In tVie rnl'lr-.t of Miirntiier. BOOST REWARD Detroit— The Tnlted Auto WorU- ern hllve lM»<»Htf.(l Itn rew»r<l to J2.V/,9<KI to end \vhnt It ealln Uio "rampnlcn of terror" iXKiilntt It and It-i officers. The reward IP. for luforriiutlen on the iiKsallantH of the Kctithrr brothers nnd the atlrmpt to dynamite union offices. Births QTIXX r;riffin Hospil:i|. lice. •„'!, n divu^hter »nd Ihird child lo Mr. and Mrs. J'Y.-iricU Quinn, Co<,ke lane, Itetu-un I-'alls. Mrs. Qi-J)nn i:t Ihe roriner Rulh Win- ni'-wMk) nni| the inntetnul urand- f.VhT i^ Stanley Winnl^wHUI, The jiMtern.-il grandfather IH Deputy Fin- Chief Jarne« yulnn, NaiiKa- tneli II \IIOI.I) It. I'KltUY ».ta-ionlc DJislriet, ,-i.s Intila.lllnr officer. [•'rnnlilln Kirh wan liuilullcil ;i/i •naBtcr of Kaleni lotlc.t!, :iud Albert T. Ijermonal WHM Heate<l .'IM of .Shepherd locbte. Other Sulein lotl^e offleem are 1 I.xiHier V*'. Torihcr, ncuinj' vviirdcri; John n, Lenner.M, Junior wnrden; Sdwln C. Miller, Hwrelnry-; •Wlllliim T, UlrdraM. I reimu n-r; Wilfred II Kirk. Menlor dencon; Ku'/.nr Tiil.oUin, limlor dearron; f'iuanell 10. VVeav- Inj.'. HCnlor . sleward; Harold E. Krom, junior steward; Arthur E. Nelnon. tyler; fJeoi'Ke .11, Hirdwall. vluijiiiiln; N(;rronn I'.. Mert eliMiiyer. "n'tfMhaJ. Rberiberd Indue officers are: Phillip m. Kepler, iicnlnr warden; "'red Moiilro..,,,, junior wnrdxn; William I', C'UMliiiiiiii, Irnanurer; 11", Victor <i:irfleld. secretary; .lolin 'V. Hayes, .Jr.. ncrilor deacon; Waller Hultbci'K, junior ilencon; Martin Cheney. Henlor Blewnrd; Elmer Rdler, junior .steward; Ci. Louis r*.'ickrr. tylcr. KollowInK (he Insinuation in r renhmel|lil were flervelj In Hie bnil- Itiel hnll. IUTA l.llliMliine, Swlt'/.erliind— \ liilf SwUs baby doetnr, rrofensor nor Hoiloljihc Iloeluit, predleted • eiluy tlml Hit a llayuorlh will Klve birth \cltliln two or three Letter From Santa Claus The North Pole Dnnr <'hllilren. Our little bah.- c-|f. Twinkle Toen. is KOlnjr to celebrate her vary first Christmas in Santa Claus I,nnd. And Ktirnn whnl ' \\'e nre rfoinj: t'i ha.nK up tier liny new boofne In front of She fire place along with the others I wonder whal would fil inio Kucb ii tiny lioiitre. Mavbn n H<ild cbnin nnd lockel. Ven, I Ihlnll ttsnt i^ ^vhat we'll Kl^'e ber. An<l do you know, our carpenter Hven weie no unrrled becailne little Twinkle Toen \\'itM sleeplnK In a match box that they £Ot busy and made her n cradle. The cradle will —Th» zllt lor trie |iM«.in irlin li:i« rr»r;llil»(t. J'nll "Mill" Oliluki>n«kl nt IH<- I'lly I'urknf.' .stwri'. 'I'l'l. |«BS—,\il». rock back atnl forth so Hie n;rarifl mottier elves who take cure of her can Itnlt with their hands and nfsh the cradle gently hack und forth with one foot. The cradle will be placed under (lie Irec. Already 'be (,'randmother tdveii have iiincle tiny blankets ami wheels to fit over the maMresfi. oh. (lie new cradle in such a lovely )/ln, I Jiuvl know (bill Twinkle Toen will love II, Twinkle Toes bus the brightest bin" eyes-you have ever seen. A lid her hair In of spun jjold. Hhe Is the Mweeter.: ,.|n n baby In all the world. I-ove, KANTA CLAUS — Id-I'll jour I'lillilll'll hciillh). Hi'l'H' I In. MI (JriMit (inli fnrniH l'iiiiliii>rlri"' milk. «:nll .-.(Mil lur (lollvrrj-,—Ailr Ambulance In Operation About Jan. 1 Beacon Falls ((Corn-sp..uncut.'« Phone 117CD lleciuiKe of a delay In mieurlnK "(]Ulpini!iil, (lie new Heacon I'allii community ambulance IB not • .-.r- pecled to be placed into opeialion before ,lmi. 1. .Equipment expected a ninnl.'i :ig'o \VIXK received last week IHIH been installed. This InchM • :; • he rolling• nlrelcher, light*, nirnn, roellnln"; ueatp and a heater. Tho tnnltroHH and inaUroBH cover h»v>> not yet been received, but 'ire e»- peirted before (.he vehicle In ptfi.c.;.»'. in use. Work nf upholstering the Interior with NaiiK'ihlde i« now In pmt, fen* nnd the vehicle will be ruiuly lo be piilnled n Hlale Police i.'r.'y between ChriHlmiiM and New Scar's. Tbc arnbulnnce WIIH ?.;U'cn Ibe town by Mrs. l.ouls Huckmll- ler iijid I'aul 10. Huckmlller i.f NauRalurk. Community Tree With buildings on Mala H'ICOI. •;et I led down to permntient li".' t- I lions, n community f'hr'!»l.m f H< j I rcc ban bcetl purch;uied by lie Mown anil wan plnhleil (orlny !u dm parking lot between Ibe Town Hall and Community Club, !''!•!•( Select mail Kl'.'illk Seinplolll'lll ie- pni'teH (inlay. Tbc free, pun-hr. :'i'ii Irotn former Slate Hep. W'.lli.nil l. J .radl.v. Hurlou road, will be lighted lonl",hl snil toinoi i o\v niKhl. The tree In fronl 2f> lo :i'i feel bleb anil In located about 10 feel liack from the Main jl reel (.nuiue 1'iirty its iiniiual Christ miiti party Tijes iley nuvht In United Church hull. Members of iielj'.bliorlnj.'' (!iMiij.rc, r i will be |;vierit:". There will be gift-i distributed by Santa Claus from the f.raib bai;-. Tbo.'ie iillemlloc. nr,. HM|UM| t i brlni; a 2,Veent ulfl. for the hn;,;. 'MciiibcrH arc, nMkivl to bring rn frcniTH'iiln. Hay Sullivan. Miuiler, will nnv'ldc at a short business mcctini;, at 8 o'clock, liefori; the parly. Oliiristiiias I'arly T'jinoloyes nt" the ofllce and ware house of (he Hcacoll falls plant uf Ibe II. S. UuMicr Co, wM| illume their annual Christinas parly thin j evening nl Ihe Community club, In iioeill-ilcly after worli, Corli In Us will in served fi"'un ft o'clock until j turkey or roast, beef illnneni nerved. A pro-lira m of eutcrlaln- j moil will follow illoncr. Simla | Chum in aliio en.pi-1 'led lo visit Ibe jsirly. A.rian/;eiiicli'l,r arc lu i'har;;e of Kiiwnnl Wile-)!! ami .biMi.pii ('•l.'ihor. II1TH O'OWVKK Albany C,overn<ir llewoy HII|<| today Ibiil Ibe O'Dwyer n.l inlnlii- Iratlon's luitutllni; of (be New York city wiiler WIIH en- dariftorlnK Iho health of Its H(100,000 rieople. Al a PI-CHH colifr-r- rncii. the governor snlil: "I aui gravely concerned with the effect of l.ho water Khortae;e upon (he health ami welfare of .tbii peopln of llic cily of N(.W York." Peter Paul, Inc. Employes Given 5-Cents Pay Raise Church News I' 1 "! 1 ('hrisl rniiK I'litfi' lo lie |)iil;liiHl'ii>il Knt.nrilny iniisl l)i> rcttcivcd ho limn Tlnj^Kifijiy nl noon. All Niiii^nlncU <;!iui'c.!icK urt- iiiyi'd Id miliiiiil Uicir I'om- Jilclc Jiroifniins licfon- {hut lime. Xmas Mail Over Peak, Green Sa.ys The peak In Iho Chrlslrniis mull volume has (lefiiillely passed, It wius annotincod (oilay by Postmaster Frank T. Orecn. He, .41 Ibal. Monday's record lolal of 00,8011 plucen of mall was Iho peak and that although still busy, a definite slacking off of the mall volume Is now noticeable. Mr. Green commended his staff and 'the extra workers for tho fine job they have been doing. He said that despite the heavy load, they have managed to keep abreast, of the rueh and,all mull and parcels are beine; delivered and despatched as (hey am received. He said that relHlive to deliveries, the office IB In better shape than ever before. The Pon! master also had a word of commendation for thn pnbllc. "Tim public him been very cooperative, for which wo tit Iho Post. Office are moid appreciative," ho staled. Mr. Grnen said that all mall and parcels which arc received prior to Christmas will he delivered be'fore that day. Frederick Dumaine Elected President Of New Haven R,R. noslon, Hrc. V.I (III') P're;]- crlrk niimalne, H.'1-yonr-old cniiir- imin of (lie board of the KM" Hnven Railroad, also will serve as oi'i'Hldenl of Ihe road. It WHS ;ui- iioiinced today, lie succeedM I/inr- ••iiee I-'. Whll.tcniorr., roMiRnod. It also wa-i announced, following the liioolllly meelln^r <,f t. 1C •llree.loni. Ibni KreiJerle Purni'lpe, Jr.. haw been elected (.o succeed Wbiltcmoi'c IIH n member of '.nn hoard ami KM executive comitof- lee, Ouiiuilne, Jr., ban riinljfned IIM a 'ilrtiMor of iiie HoHton and Maine .mil Maine Central rallromls and (be Porliund Tei'irilnul Co. to ;'/m (he New Haven, J. Krank Donlan of New Hir'cn. vice-preMidenl in chnr^n of op ( »ra- flom:, ma )ol en.'incn ami en^lu^ei-. In;: of llic New llnvnn, wii/i iilnc'til executive vicc-prcnldent of t;;e roiid. Cliiirle.ii Mcdlll (1 f New lluve.ri, was named vlci'.prr.uldnnl, (n c.liHi'i;<' of purchiiHe.H. y^Usa r.nd Hi orc.'i. Salem School Xmas Program Attended By More Than 200 More (bun 2(K) persons were pros- cnl in/il nlRhl at Salem school for 'be annual Chrlsl-niun program, pro- icnlpd by the school orchestra and '•bolr, it W,-IH announceij today by Minn Helen n. Moroney, principal. Mnveral inii«lca.l nelnctlonn worn iirciienlod by tho orchestra und the rhoii 1 rendered a number of Ohrlst- MHIII pieces, IliKbllK'K of (he pro- Ki-niu wan n OhrlHtnuiB CwHala, "Child Jeiius," by the Choir. Minn Moroney said that the pro- iiriini wan "IIVPII more wliceomsf ul I'.ban we anllc.lpiUe.d," and thiiit It was very much enjoyed by all who I n (tended. i ___ j —Nnnw tin's. rhiiliiH, linlti'i'ln. niTikii your cur rcntly Inr wlnlor. nr|vi> In 1« I Hrlcliniiii IMoliii'H, ISO llMliliiT Are.- Carol Sing Rebroadcast Scheduled " Expect Hundreds To Gather Thurs. On Green Tho hundrmlH of NaiiKiiluok I'D ilnnl.K attending • llic Community (,'hrlstman Carol Sing tomorrow nlKht. ill. thn. Ilorncmhofl on The Oi'mm, will hiivn an opportunity U> hoar how thoy Mounded, wh«n a trivnncrl]itU)n of tho program IB heard ovur WATU Krlilny evnnlnK iriirnndlaloly iiftor tUn NtiiiKiUti Dully Ni)w« hroiidcnHl ul B:30 o'l'lork. r l'he nullo Mtatlon In e.ooperatlort with Ihe PhlllmrmonlCM of NIIU Luck, HponMorlnft or> for t.he Carol Sing, will tape record tho program tomorrow nlKht from B;30 o'e.lor.h on,,ninl will hroiidcnrt nn much n« tlttui piirmlU u,fl.«ir thi news brnndcusl until (I o'clock, Be- enusn of tonhnlcnl difficulties H ! Irnpon.'iiblo to mnko a direct hrond •HI n l of the, prii^i'iim. The Hinging of traditional Chrlxt man enrols and Ron||Eu will he. «11 voctcfl by Milton HnrI(C)Wlt/, f IIHK|H(. ant riupurviHor ot public »«hoo muiili: Tho pro^rnm thlx year I 'JoHlgnod to allow more time fo community singing. Thoro will b< only two vocnllstH. William Boyd tenor, who will render Schubert's Ave Mnrla, and Gesu Bambino, b; Yon; nnd Miss Joyce Ann Kanehl who will nlnjj O Holy NlRht, lUlaniH and Winter Wonderland Accompanying the »oloiitB will be Donald Hormonal. • A. Hammond orpan will be a Iho Carol Hlntf altn, with Mr, Her tnonttt, Edward Griffith and Mi's Albcrtlne O'DohncIl to aaslst. in ac mmprmylntr Iho gnnoral nlnjflni and )inrl Inlpiil.liiK In thu .Ifl-mlnu!. orBnn prtiludo. Public Schools Close Tomorrow; Parochial Schools On Friday puhllo HchnolM ctomi U morrow nnd pnrochlitl tichoolw clou li'rlday for a Kl-dny ChrlHlman re (tOMM. HuporlntnnclnnL of BchonlH Hnrn 10, (,'hlttnndon Malrl today that Nail v>n.tuul( FIlRh NChool Htudontn will b Fire Damage Only $10,809 b Naugatuck The Past Year relensed tomorrow one porlod early or at, about IZ'.'IS o'clock, ffilo montary schoolfi will close for th holldayn nt 2::!0, with most mihool planning lo flnlfih up the (layn will (.'hrlKt.maHparl.len, All public scho will roHiirnn normal Hch«duloa Tu clay. Jan. 3, The Rev. Stanley, annlHt- iml panlor of S(. ModwlK's church nnd principal of tho parochial school, reported that the school will close Krldny. A Christmas party will be held In tho mnrnlnjr. with pupllh to bo roloawod followlriK thn parly. The Rev, Albert Taylor, assistant pastor of St. Francis' church and principal of the parochial school, stated 'today that St. PranclB' pu- r>lln would have a short session Friday, with classes to end at, 12:415. tlchool will million Jim, n, Noble Grand <;. DIIIHI.II;, ,iu,, i* the now noble Krand of Ontcii- nlal Lodge, Odd l r ello«'». lie wan ••lec.ted to succeed Koltcrt Criill- •lall nnd will lie limtulled with his amocliitfl offlenrn nt (inromo- nlex ,T»n, ». At that lime hn will appoint nieiiiherM »f bin ntnff. Wire damage In Nautfatuck dui- niv Ihe first 11 months of ihl:i 'onr WI.IK held to $10,HOf), O'lt- of ^e Iown"t fl^tire'a In recent venr;i, "if th'M Intiil, .T'l.OOO iti!innp;e w;.n loin. In one flrn In a Hprlnu mn»'i (Iwelllni?, with the rnmnlnlnff ?>•! MAI (l ama»'e rlone In four of the other '.'.\?. slnrms Dlarnd durlniT the vc"i-. NiMiiratuck wnn nlso spared (be Iwiilllni'. wllh thn remaining |'l,HOf« onrj coiiRneullve vnar, ^^alMe of bulliltntf^ Involved In 'he flni't wan IMl.IWfi, with 'i»m. 'rei'i'dv of a fire for the t'eo Vnli.ic of contents \van $27,000. with ilnmniTO I" CO'itenln held lo $.^ 1"R. Reporlti compiled by fire niilef John J. Shorldun and H'lre [Vtsrshnl ISdwnrd J. Wenvlnjj show flrnn reported are fewer this yenr with 'hininitn Inns 'lerlotnt, AM WIIH the OIIMO In IH'IH, nui^l flro.i were reporled In October, nnd 'iln I" 104I), (he moot niirloim file occurred In January, On .Inn. 111. IMS, n two family dwelling on City Hill street was destroyed by flames with thn temperature at II! Ixilow ssnro, A few days tiborl of a yonr later, on Jim, 15 of lhln yeor, firemen battled nn eorly morning fire; In a two-story frame dwelllnK on SprlilR street. O' pnntM of Iho uppnr floor worn brought to safety by firemen iminj; Inddcrs, but ono woman suffered burns of the, face nnd hands atvl WIIH hoHpttnllKod aftor t.rontinimt i.t. the soone, 17 Ho* AInroiN With more than 0,000 toloplioroH In use In the borough, box nlarmn have showed a steady decline In recent years, with only i7 being sounded during; the past year— tho mime number nt» w»« rer>»r:e'l In 1048, Of thla number, nevon were falne abirms. Telephone ttlnrm« dropped thin yo»v to 10B compnrod with 207 In the previous yenr. During tho yettf Just ending, tbn (Inpni'tfnknt oommlitHloned a Mlt,n'<o A.merlcan l*P*rnnce 7ti-fool ladder truck, The vflhlcle was ru- celvod liiiit March nnd comni'H- nioncd aftor oxton«lvc tcBtlnR and after iiron of the department wr.i-'; Klvon thorough Instruction In it« operation. This vehicle replaced a sa-year-old hook nnd ladder truck. In addition, tho dnpnrlmrnl has roceilvod and bad Installed new overhead slldlntr doora which provide firemen the opportunity to leave tho flrohouito fanter nnd tho now typo doom also provide mom Hpaco for fire equipment. In Inntall- tn« tho new doom, tins doorway* were made some two-feet wider to make It aiutlor for the lai'Ker, mod- urn orii'lpnifln'' lo leave Iho flro- house without difficulty. Hone Tested \ fuw wookii ago membci'n ot the deportment touted more than 5.000 feet of fire hoBc, All WIVB found to be In perfect condition. That not carried on trucks 1« stored in the firohoUHo basement and IH ready at all times to be placed In Miirvlco. fjast week the department conducted (erttn of Its bell alarm nrystom, a noml-annual practice, Equipment nought by the department Included a nmall truck to ro- olnce the only old equipment, In the ilnpaHinnnt, nr\ old chemlonl truck which liaw Been more than 30 years of service and In not UMOI! oxcept In emergencies; two-way radios fronl lino vehicles and a drill lower. Records of calls, both bell and phone, and loss by fire damage by 'be month follow, with bell culls listed flntl: January, two, 42, $(1,000; February, throe, five, $2,750; March, JOHN .1. SHBRIIIAN Klri- Chief none, RO, none; April, one, 25, none; Way, two, 10, none; June two, 13, nomv, July, none, l!l, none; Auuuiit, (.hroo, «lx, $1,072; September, one, nine, none; October, three, 27, $137; November, non(\ 15, $fi50 and (he Uucembcr report In Incomplete. !i!l Aiitoinoblleii During tho year firemen were summoned to extinguish flrca In 23 automobiles; five chimneys, J7 buildings; seven oil burners and seVen false alarms. The department waa summoned four times for line of Its Inhalator and to fight 715 bi'utih flnsH. MtHCnllaneoiM callH, 74 of them, Including pumping water from cellnri during tbe New Yoar'B flood; pumping wntor Into wollB during tho recent drought; standing by at crash's. The record of the Naugatuck Flro Oopartmenl nhown It to be one of lh« hunt smiill* town fli'e ilepart- inont.M In tho ntate. AHhr.utjli (he paid force consists of only 11 in on. Including the chief, men on duty aro able to hit the ntroot. with np- pnratUM In le»« thnn 25 necondn afler an alarm comes In. With two- way radios, efficiency of the department would bo Increased to ovon a Ki'oolor dogroc, with men at headquarters lo know Immediately what firemen on tho first truck find when they reach the Boiildow l.ho 1] paid mnn, tho rto- pwrtmont l« aH«l«tod by a call force of substitute firemen and I In. Volunteer Nauijatuck Hose, Jlook •ind l>ad(lor Co. Tho number of flrcn, typos »f flrcM. und damage canned, nm recorded onoh your In tho Annual Borough rtiport, with flRuron glvun for tho fiscal year, April 1 to March i?J.. ORDEll Now York—City official* have ordered KhlpN nn their wny to l>ortn near New York In «el Ilielr wiiter elucwhere. THn nc.*.tnn w»« taken to nave mllllniiN nt gallon* of ivater n tiny. - oOo 1TIUK London -Home 400 manltod firemen, joined together by ropew, are worklnK tlirouKh heat and umoke. l« flntl the amirno of a f lrc rajjInK In catacombn below a flowe.r market in London. The blaze, which ban been burning unconti'olleil for more Uirm 'l\ hoiirw, IIH.H Idllurt ono flroinan and Injured 5fi others. Bus Stop Change Approved By Warden, Board, Public CltiV,l> billies a,re nloipln^ at Uus Hidi nidi) of Ihe Intorsflotloii of 'Main and Maple wtrootM In accord- fince with an order by Police Ctyof .John J. OormJey and few rcftl- d ; (!nt» If nny, are dlHHWllMllod with the situation, For nearly two week the Iniscw stopped at Iho notith Hldn of th« Inlernecllon In compllamic with a vote of the Borough Board at month'** meotlnK 1 . Thin, Police Chief John J, Oormley Maid created "onnftmlon and Unnftnv" for patron* of the 'bus ilno. In order to n.bollnh Itho "ct>n- fuslon and di|i.n(r«i'" oauwod by lui.l.ronH WHltlnR on onn cornor anil daslilnjf axn'o»H Mreplo «tro*(, lo board thnlr IVUH whlnb. had on the other corner, Chief Ounii- ley linked Warden CtiHtor to. aHHlMt In revoking tlio board's vote. Warden Carter contracted, buif?onn- BM anil after explaining the lion, all ii«i'riMMl thnl norlh-bnund OR Alt bu»o» Mhoulil «tccp nt thi< north corner, Uhlnf (j-ortulny t-hon luiUIUul the bun company and Iho public Hint tbu buses would atop at their old stnnd. All other northbound luisen, other 'l.hnn CllAl^ will nlop at tho Houth corner,to help prevent him jams on Nortih Main street. Roportn In an out-of-town paper I ha.t "the quentlon has been rained »« lo whether or not Chief Oorm- ley hns the lesiral aulhority to tiwlte-h tihe :»top« since t'he Hoard of Ward an and Bur«<innoii ri»«in(ly vciUid In favor of the Houth Main street, atop" wore denied today by members of the board who na.lil they urn In accord with cliiiiiKinK Iho votis. They until that (tflnr an oxplantrtlon of tlhn situation It was reall/.iMl that I hoy hml' netcd wlth- 011 connldorlnK thn ijiosnlble con- fiiHlon and dnn»f«r whlcli renulted. They praised Chief Oormloy for hla action In hrlnRlny the Hllvin- llon 'to t/h«lr ittliinllon so that the change oould l>« nuidfl before Nomeorui wnn Injured. (See Now* PMKoi'lnl.) Second Hike Is Announced In Two Years Effective Jan. 1; Christmas Bonus, Paid Holidays Schedule Also Made Known; New Benefits For 15 Year Club Members A 'J:ay Increase of flvp-opntn ivn hour to hourly and piepowork t*n\- liloyei <if (ho Pnier I'riill I tie. will l>n granted nlTeetlve Jan. 1. nlouR wlfh ot : fier bpnefltit announcnd t/>- day \iy <"innfgn Hhnmllnn. pr«- n |. diiiit of Ihe flifii. The II»f>0 \ttuf In- rr<mm> will he applied for tho Ujtal number of tioum worked In nny one week. A flvn-'ppnt- nn-liour wn^te In- piiBp nnd B|>; pnld tholldny* «J»o were g-ran'ted by the candy firm lost ypai-. IIB won a* wcok'.« pny a.» a Chrirdiniiii )jlft. Mr, .Sha.mllnn In luimmncInK t.h« foi-rruitlon of n "ir> Year Club." iinld, "Your fximrnny IB very proud of die miiK'nJflepnt, joy n | and tlrel<>M» offortM of nil Itn cm- ploycu. In an pffort. 1<> pxj>rp«« our appi-colntion we nre pleased to announce the formation wf the "35 Your Club." All employed who have bc"n with the company for 15 years or morn will receive an oxlra v/ook'n vacation with jiny at a. date to be de»!|rnatcd by th« mftn«««nent. TSmployen will receive Additional p.omrM'rwntlon In th«- form of B ChrlHlmnif IxmxiH. Thonp who have hecn wlt«i tho firm for one ynnr from Jan. 3. 1<H9 to Dec. 17. l»in Will rnPclVP one woeltn'n pWl y, an ,j unn-hnlf wr-ek',, pay w() l l>« «|v»ri lo thonn who have hnon with Ui« company nix months to on<« yenr. PnId holldayi, fi«nin wilt hi paid to all hourly and plocowork «m- iployoii, They will r«f*\v» nn cl|rht hour day's pny for One following holidays, New Year> Dny, Memor- Inl Dny, Fourth of July, Labor "ay, ThnnhnfflvInK- Hny a.nd r^rlnt- mn.5, Commencing- Jan. 1. In ordfer lo be eligible f,,r pay on a holiday. »n pmployn nnml work n full ilny on Ihn la«t worhinjr day before the holiday nnd a full dfiy on the next workimr day after thn holMliy. The "very IH)pr/%t inmn-rtiyw plan, under yhlch th« pon^rwiny l n payln« more than one-half the. total «x.penHi-j» .which w/ui rr>«A,. nvallahlp thin ynaj-, will be eon- untied. Gable's Whereabouts Unknown After !ment-Marriage (By i;nlt«Ml t>mn) Onhlo',1 K( ,IIP and an Englbh- woman'H Kot him. Nobody tu'nmn lo know whnre Ihey'ro honeymoon I n« todny after their elopement late y««- terday. A movie studio spokesman thinkn Onrli nn<J the former Ixtdy Hylvln. Htnnlry, widow of OoiWliw Pnlrbniiln, Hi:, tnny h« in San Kranola^o. Tho couple »nld Ihpy T'lanne,! („ ratch n h«iat for Honolulu an noon HH they oould Ret resoi-vatlonn. Nohody wn M irnorc mirprlncd by the riudden weddlnir than lomo of Ihn Kirl» <:iiil)| 0 | 0 ri hohlnd Hut I'lH-y wish him hick and hnppinen. On* jrorfi-pous Hollywood Mond, VlrKlnla Orny. In 1hc> only (rirl who ever JIHrrl < !n ;Me. H h e w'lnl.e.) him HiK^eHM In hln fourth mnrrinKn (<». day and «nld, "Ho w«i« ronlly a lout iruy for a lon^ time." Cliiihle wont Into nen,|-ref| r ernen(_ after hln ),,,i,l W |fc, Carole r^orn hard, wim killed In a piano crash e'Kht years aeo. SHOPPING DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS Don'» )'•! your Chri«tm«t" l««h an. thing Ch*ck III* aracMy lltf ..T ,t kiiB.Hi-

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