Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 20, 1949 · Page 16
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 16

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1949
Page 16
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JACK IB— NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), TUIC.SIIAY, DEC. 20, M9 THE FATEFUL FIFTY YEARS ••• , •«» ••• Noteworthy Events of Our Time, 1900-1949 Compiled 1911 THE FIRST transcontinental airplane fliRht took place. C. V. Rogers took off from New York, Stpt. 17, tnd landed at Pasadena, Cat'., Nov. 4. ... Actual flying tlm« was 84 bourn 2 minutes . . . On March 25 the Triangle Shirt Wal»t factory fire In New York City claimed 145 liven . . . The Supreme Court on May 15 ordered the Standard Oil corn- bin* dissolved. The name decree wa» handed down In regard to the American Tobacco company on May 29 ... Ttie world became "art conscious" at news, A up.. 2U. of the theft of Leonardo du Vinci's famed painting-, Motta Liia, from the Louvre, Paris . . . War broke out between Turkey end Italy on Sept. 20 ... On •Nov. 16, the liberal Francisco Madero was Inaugurated prt'iil- dent of Mexico, ousting the dictator Porflro Dla?, who had ruled 27 years- . . . The Philadelphia Athletics defeated Die New York Giants. 4 games .to 2, In the World Series. 1912 THE 47TH AND 48TH states were added to the Union: New Mexico. J»n. 6. and Arizona, Feb. 14 ... China became a republic, Feb. 12, and Yuan Shl-Kai Ho first president, Feb. 15 ... The world was atunned by the sink- Ing- of the fiuper-deluxe liner Titanic when It slnvck an Iceberg: night of April 14-15, on its maiden voyaKe, Southampton, England, lo New York — 1,517 lost . . . Sensational was the murder. July 16. of gambler Herman Rosenthnl In Now York, July 16. Conclvtcd and executed were Police Lt. Charles Becker, "Whltcy Lewi«" Scidenshcr, "Dago Fra.nk" Clroflci, "Lefty Ixjuis" Rosenberg and "Gyp lh« Blood" Horowitz . . . Yoshihlto became emperor of Japan, July 20, succeeding the late MuUuhtto . . . Woodrow Wilson was elected President of the United States on Nov. 5 ... rThe Bonton. Red Sox By WIltlAM RITT, Cental Pro»j Staff Writer phia Athletics boat the New York (Jiunls, 4 games to 1. 1914 WORLD WAR I — Anaurina- HOD of the Austrian Archduke KriinrlH Ferdinand In Sarajevo, Do.'inla, June 28, became direct cau.'ic of th« war . . . By Aug. 4 Ormany and AuHtrla-Hungary wi-ri- nl wur with Great Britain, Franco anil Rudsla . . . Battle of TunnenbcrK, Aug. 28 ... First Buttle of the Murnc, Sept. 6 ... FlrHt Untile of Ypres, Nov. 7 ... Other cvcnt.ii: On April 21, U. S. troops landed at Vera Cruz, Mexico . . . May 20, Brltltih llounu of Common!! piumcd Irish Home Rule Bill . . . June 25, a flrc In Salem, Mass.. rendered 15,000 homelen.'i . . . Au({. 17, Galvcaton, Tex,, hurricane, killed 275 . . . The sports world was stunned by the upset, 4 Ramos to none, victory of the llodlon Dravcs over the Philadelphia Athletics In the World Series. Francit Ferdinand Henry Ford defeated thi! New York Gliintn In the World Merlon. 4 (,'Unn:u to 3, with one game a 6-0 tie. 1913 GREAT FLOODS sweeping flouthcrn .Indiana and Ohl.p, March 25-27, cost 732 lives, while 500 wcrr lost In this Brnzon, Tex., flood . . . Jan. 1 suw Inuuguratlon of the Pnrc«l 1'osl uyMtcm In the United States . . . President Francisco Madcro of Mexico waa assassinated on Feb. 23 . . . The Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution, creating the Income tax, WUH ratified on Feb. 23 ... The Department of Labor was created. March 4 ... On May 18, Constantino became king of Greece, succeeding, the . aBHasHl- rmtcd George I ... July 8 saw the outbreak of the Second Balkan war, Serbia and Romania aligned against Bulgaria ... On Dec. 23, tho President signed the Federal Reserve Bank Act ... In the World Scries, tho Phlladcl- 1915 WORLD WAR I—Naval battle of the DogKcr Bank, Jan. 24 ... ItuHHlim* capture Przcmysl, March 22 ... Battle of the Carpathian mountalnB begins, March 25 ... Second Battle of Yprcs (first u«e of poison gas), April 22-28 . . . Dardanelles campaign (Galllpoli) begins, April 28 ... BrltlBh liner L.unitan(a sunk by U-boat, 124 Americans killed, May 7 ... Fall of Warsaw, Aug. 5 ... BrltlNli nurse Edith Cavcll nhot In Belgium a« a »py, Oct. 12. . . . Other events: I'iinama-Pa- clflc Exposition opened In San Francisco ... On June 8. Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan resigned because of strong tone used by President Wilson In his notes to Germany . . . Henry Ford'm 111-futvd "peace" ship, the Oscar //, walled for Europe. Jt'o mlasion: to persuade the warring powers to cease hostilities . . . The Booton Red Sox defeated tht Philadelphia Phllllcn, 4 garnet to 1, In the World Serlcn. Maxt-1916 la 1920 YOU WAITED for the ' ' ' ROCK .BOTTOM PRICE...* gWw Tteu ?95O nerson CUNT JIZi PICTURE Alt CHANNEL Simplimatit Tuning SUPER POWERED long Distant. Circuit V '-MIRACU- PICTUR! IOCK V ENGINEERED lor the FUTURE Tmerson Television FOR BETTER VISION, STYIE, TONE, PERFORMANCE, VAIUE- "tyowi 15 CHURCH STREET ' 413 N0 . MAIN STREET NAUGATUCK (PhonoH (M90—0401) UNION CITV Stores Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Th uwlaj mid Friday Night* ThlH \Ve«-k FIIKK PARKING F )K CUSTOM 15KS Free «,,« o » From IJ<-u<'on Falln to NuiiKUtiick Kv« •>• M 1; li< I'nt'l ChrlHtimm l.ocul Slori-* Are OIXMI SHOP IIKICK!! - WIN A >' ?IWI) Nkw FOHO CAIt FREIVS MI-WAY <;UII,],K SOI Sonl>h Main St. R«r»l»r Dully Itlniirr rMf, up CATERING KOK WKDD1NGO SI1OWEK8, STAO I'AKTIKS. Ktf Kanquet Koom, Cocktail Lounge Full I.lqnnr CUMI11NAVION AF.UlvyNUM STOIIM WINDOWS & DOOI18 NEW ENGLAND BALES CO AL8CO 2X2 Bank St., Wotcrbnry Phono 4-0211) KAMOS IRON WORKS «f,ll IL nil Hi: || AVKNUK Kipori IVnlilhifi »| All Trpim—Farcfii«i ?h««)t Mi'lnl ft Oriuimmital Hl««l nor< — I'DrlHblo WolHIni Kqalpm»M — TM I.KrilOM'. (177 Annual Women's GOP Clubs Meeting Scheduled Jan. 9 Tho annoal mini (OK of th« Connecticut Oiunnll of Wnmen'n rtn- publlnun filnhn will lio hold | n Now Hnvon Monday. Jan. fl ot the Ho^ Id Th<> itxmnitlvn comimlUiw .will )M! In «c«Hlon at 10:30 o'olooji, nnn I he full nmnbm-Hhlp will meet for luncheon hi 12 o'clock, Mnt. .loimpli H. Pii.iMnfrl.on. (iro.-ddcnt of thii National Vntlmar (Ion t>r Wompn'ii Tlfpubllcim club* will ))„ Kiit-nt frpivikitr. The montlnK In ofjxm to unyonn lnlr.r««tm| and rwtnrvatlonn Khrmlil be miulo with thri ooiinbll at «0 A»yliim «trc«t, Hnrl.foixl. FtJNKRAt TODAY (Hy I'nlt^l rrmN) Fnnoriil services far n Southern IndiiMtrlnllBl who died In Hartford will l.ii h«ld todny. John A. Uiw of Mitniliirnonvllle. N. C., win a formnr pi-CHldflnl. firfd trensufcr of a textile '"111 and a retired prnxldnnt of n • li.iilh Carolina bank. Ho wa«i i.trlck- «n with a heart aliment while vl»- itlnjt relative. In East Windsor Wliat's Doing In Naugatuck A Calendar of Events Today, Tomorrow and Every Day Mtx-'tlrm, ChrliUomti piu-ly. AriKir- Icn.n L<>|,'lon auxiliary, lilcinorlnl Home, 8 /p. m. Mnotlnn of Pout, No, IT, Aini'rl- I.*Klon, t.nKlon McinorSiil Hfjino, Cadar nti'ttd, M p. in. .y, llm'r.nilM*!' ^1 Chrlnllilflil pru-ly, inni'l Inc, 1'roil- po<?t Btruiit MclKiol I'Hi-inil-'lV.'icbci- M^nocliiUon, m<!i!l.lm( 7::Ui p. in., party, 8 p. m. Thur«diiy, Dvccirilicr BZ Or>mmunll.y Carol Slnjf, .1 roi'»o- shon nn The Orpon, H:.'!0 p. in. 81ol|jhrldn Bull, Nnii);nl Hi-It Wi< iTuui'n oluh JtiMUiritttiin. WPdiK'Miliiy, l)it<!. BH Holly Hop, opotiMi-wl by Pnrluli Plnyora, OonK:rr»;n.tlcimil purl-nh hoiinfl, young- peo'[i.ln, 7 l.o !) p. m., aclulte, 0 p. m. to i n. m. FIUCI'I MATCHKS (ilVKN V. 8. mutch imnrti tnduy n-i-l. frnc noout two out of ovury fl'vi) inalcih- OB that arn conininii'd. Boy Scout Troop Wins Christinas Magazine Award By Hc.rlbi' Tim l<:,-ii|,'li' 1'nll.l-ol, <-onnl;itlllK of Ptiii-ol l,i!iid('i- /I'n.lrrhlld, Aiuilnlnjil. I'iitrnl I,rmlnr HnVMrd. K 1 -rl"b(> I llTIMOMIll Mllll KlKllllH Vllll'lll III!', Hiirki' mid (.,'ojmi won Hie Tnwip :! On -InliniiM iiitn.ffiiY'.Inn i:h,-uiiploii» i'hip, .'mil :ira t,o 7>n oonffrnt, ill (vied on the cxri'lli'iil , «t r foi-iMiiiicc llu-y iihuwi'il. Ovi.n' MM) rct-i'M liiHium of (!o;,im<m p|.|'luilli:nl<< vvi'i-- : | I" tin' 'two wcrliri ilrivc, nf/0 of I n-lil liy Clint l'':i.l nil. Onn hnlf nf (.lie-in linvii .-ilriindy l«H'i) ill»!.rlbiiti!d lo U]/. Honlliliiirv 'rrnJnini: .'Hrihool mid worn p i";fii '•'I In I'liwn ii.l tliclr l:ov !4r',«ii| »lon l.hoy K;IVO, It. c-nild I,,, (.oM ln»\v wnll l,h<>y n.ppriH'In.livl l| )( . wol-li Inviilviid iffy Trixc '.', T)i,. otliiT linll' will Jio (llnili-H)UtiMj by I ho Explorw Pntrol under I he di- rrotlon of Mnrliin Lyon, thulr r.,IIOO YKAIt TIIII» II In Iwllnvi'il I lint Minimi Knllii will wciir u« wii.v hiu:k to Ijilcu ICrln In r»,()00 yiiaro. HUM HOW (My IJillicit I'ri-HN) A rliTnyni'iM fimi told Stair Liquor Control commlNMlon in Jlnrl- I'onl thai n. Hcctlon of the Silim I>iin« highway in 1 Cocky Hill In be- roinin): known ;m "Hum How." Itnv. llulmrt ItecUwllh itpjMuired brl'nri: UN: onmmlimton lo oppono uppicnt.lonH for liquor outlets In Knrliy I INI. I In MM Id hn lliwli not wiint hiH IO\\'D lo IMM-ODUI known IIH t.lio chlfl' ll(|iior outlot In Ihn Bhite. KXTOKTION (By i;nll«d Tmui) A 44-year-old man wanted for extortion In New York city In belnj; hcld under $7D,lXM) bond In Nrw Urltaln. Herbert R.ot;^r(»on r*fun- o« to go buck without extradition. He is nald to have taken 120,000 from the «on of a wealthy New Yorti rmnlly nnrllnr Ihln month. KnbcrtHon Is n former resident of Now Britain. ^ NAUGATUCK CHEMICAL IS A SAFE PLACE TO WORK Last year the accident record for Naugatuck Chemical was more than BO7, bettor than the national average for industrial concern*. Naugatuck Chemical DIVISION OF UNITED STATES RUBBEB. COMPANY "Serving Through Science" NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT Nationally Advertised DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVERWARE GIFTWARE For Everyone SEE OUR WINDOWS FOR FULL DETAILS OF THE $1,000 IN CASH PRIZES WE ARE PRESENTING TO OUR CUSTOMERS THIS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24. ONLY AT SCHI'ERO'S CAN YOU WIN $1000 IN CASH AND A NEW $1800 FOR I) SEDAN. 2 COUPONS WITH EACH $1.00 PURCHASE — CASK, CHARGE OR PAID ON ACCOUNT. Veterans — Purchase Without Down Payment. Pay When You Receive Your insurance- Dividend Checks!! 16Z CHURCH ST.^NAUGATUCK STORE OPEN TONKJHT, WEDNESDAY, TMURS. AND FRJ NKJHT UNTIL 9 O'CLOCK Free HUNCH From lleacon Falls To Nuiij^utuck Every Night Naugatuck r ^ - Stores Arc Open Until Christmab *+\\ *

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