The Lafourche Comet from Thibodaux, Louisiana on September 14, 1893 · 3
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The Lafourche Comet from Thibodaux, Louisiana · 3

Thibodaux, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1893
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PERSONAL MENTION. Mrs Ira Knight is on a visit to her sister-in-law, Mrs. Clay Knobloch. Mr. E. G. Robichaux has returns! from the World's Fair.Iooking none the worse for the trip. Mrs. L C. Aubert, Jr. and bcr daughter, Miss Frances is at the residence of Mis. Fleetwood. Mi. Syivanie Gauthreaux snd tier ton, Ferdinand, of Abbeville, are the guests of Capt. J. C. Brand.' L:st Sunday morning Mr. & Mrs. Jos. LeBlanc were made happy over the arrival of a bouncing boy." We aie pained to learn that Judjje B. T. Blake is quite ill. We hone thnt he will saon be oti the road t a recovery. Mr. Robert Naquiii has been at- poii.ted to the vacancy in the office i of Town Constable "created by He resignation of Capt. Walsh. I ipt. Mr. Charlton Beattie, after an extended visit 10 the great Exposition is at home once more attending to his professional duties. Capt. John M. Walsh has been appoint d to the position of sugar inspector of the District composed of LaJourche and Terrebonne. We congratulate our friend on his deserved promotion. By reason of the illness of Judge Caillouet, and his consequent inability to hold court, the jurois of the fiist and second weeks were discharged last Monday, and court adjourned to iuxt Monday. We ate happy to say that Judge Cailiouel is no a- free from fever, and that he will most probably be fble to sit next Monday for the trial of uncontested cases. Mr. Frantz Zernott i acting as Mayor, in the absence of Hon. W. C. Ragan. who is on a trip to the World's F air. 1 he evidences of the zeal of Mr. Zernott in the discharge Oj his rflicial duties m;ty be seen in gutters cleaned, bridges re-paii'fd, and in attention to the opening and closing of the flume at the head of the canal. Hillsdale Miss. July iSj) Vermont Chemi. Mfg. Co. New Orlcaus La. Dear Sir; Please sh:p us by express to Oivcslung Miss. 3 dz. Bottles Dr. Lesagcs Headache Specific. We have given it a fair trial and find nothing better. Yours very truly, R. Bat$on "& Bro A few ilaxs ago Mis Clara Le- inn sustained some injur) from a fii!!, which incapacitates her from attending t-J her duties :'t the Guion Academy. - Last Wednesday a game of progressive euchre took place at the residence of Mr. Oscar Caro, on Canal Snect, 111 honor of Mioses Marie and MelanieCaro, of New Orleans, w ho had been on a viit to the home of tlit-ir brothers for a few weeks. Those who were present were Misses Marie Lambert, Lucille Hargis, Anna Biuig, Marie ami Melanie Caro and Marie Bourgeois. The gentlemen present were, Messrs. Charles and Albert Engerran, Alfred Choi and Joe Hernial d. Hon. Thomas A. Badeaux: Editor of the Comet: As the Comkt was the first periodical of our dear Southland to hail the birth of the R. E. Lee Silver Cornet B.mJ, I, as one of the hundreds of invited guests, humbly beg the use of your columns to thank the vast gathering that graced Cleveland II ill, at the celebration of the third anuiversary of the R. E.' Lee Silver Cornet Band, on Monday, the 4th. Cleveland Hall is a large and stylish building on the premises of Mr. J. B. Aucoin the property of the R. E. Lee, S. C B. and dedicated to the devotee of Terpsichore. Last Monday, two hundred and fifty seven ladies, two thirds of whom .were blooming lilies, graced its pol-i-hed floors, and locking arms with ihe ma ily chivalry of the two sister parishes, whirled in the mazes of the dance, Jspiiited by the Lavishing stiains of the Band. The entrance was free, and cakes, lemonade, ice cream were profusely tendered t i vcux ta f e votct by O. Angelloz. organiser of the Band, Nick Aucoin, Secretary, Ach.lle Boudreaux, E. Poinbeuf, aldet Bcinaid, Andrew Dolese. Older icigned suj-tcme not a ruffle mar-itd the tiat.ionious Scene joy unalloyed tilled the hearts until the 4ee hours of morn. Bouquets, such as uone but the si nny South can boast of, made by the deft t ngers of Creole lassies ntcd to the Band and ac- were pies crptt-d with innate galiaiurj. J1" - ' I .. . - lands wff at hed the nrow; or inc great patriot who fought for Male Soveieignty-audof him, the magi tiate of the nation, who plant lands wfe at hed the brows ot ,nt cd the .standard of Democracy over ... -.1 a. 4 -A..K the crumbling oattiemeiu u. i;,.nim who now, with fatherly,. band soothes me irvcnn u. bis people, and who, through love, fuio iove, iivked l.i, i..te tcdesrit - i . . .1 . ( u . . a i e Ruth's mother t;;e queen cf the! White i louse. 1 St. INCENT. Br. Tabor's A Vinit to the Ruined Town. ' Editor : j The tornado that struck the tliriv- ' ini fitil trill'.! .,f T n.itnnft a. W . t half past nine o'clock, A. M. on Thursday, the 7th. Inst, and left it a mass of ruins and desolation, was the severest that ever visited this section of our State. A visit to the ruins on Friday on ly confirmed the sad news that hed reached Thibodaux, and that was, thai the town was laid waste, and precious lives had been sacrificed by the angry elements. The buildings that rc completely wrecked are as follows: The Convent of the Sister of the Immacu- I late Conception, the residence and '"-building of Mr. G. Abribat. Jr l"e Welcome Hotel, the Welcome Coffcc-Hutise, Pollucky' fruit stand, Isidore LeBUnc's residence, Olivier Rivet's barber shop, G. D. Barrios cooper shop. The bu tidings partially wrecked are: Stoic of G. D. Bai-rios, Mrs. V ictoria Lerille's store, residence of Mr. Taylor Toups. The residence of Emanuel Barrios was struck by flying limbers fiom the Convent and v as but slightly injured. Two or three small buildings at Mr. F. B jinlleaux's together with the roof of his sugar-house were destroy ed. The ferry house which was situated 0:1 the top of the levee, at the terry cut, was carried bodily across the Bayou, with the ferryman, Mr. Isidore LeBlanc inside of it. The l;st of killed is, as follows: Mother Fulcherie, Superioress of the Convent, Sister Lucie, Miss Mabel Gauthreaux, Oliver Rivet and Marie Falgnnt, servant, daughter of Joseph Falgout, of Harang's Canal. The injured arc: Camile Richard, four ribs broken: Edgar Barrios wounded in the breast, and head; Isidore LeBlanc, one rib fractured and considerably hreUed, as he was carried across the Bayou in the ferry house: Miss Nettie Ayo, internal injuries ; Si-ter Auastasia and Sister Joseph were Iwth injured in the side and hips; Arthur Lerille, two fingers mashed, necessitating amputation ; G. Abribat, Jr., Assessor, severe scalp wound; Mrs. Abribat, right collar-bone broken, bad cut on the calf of one of her legs. Mrs. Abribat was found under a lot of ruhbUh, and het eight months old baby was near her, unhurt, li i ok over a half hour to saw and cut away the timbers pinning her to the floor. A Mr. Genge of Algiers, a calker, was slightly wounded. Mrs. Theo-tine Barrios received bodily injuries. This terrible calamity that befell the town of Lockport, destroying buildings, and killing and maiming some good citizens of the parish oc cupied but fifteen seconds in doing its death-dealing and destructive work. The furious tornado "was upon the unsuspecting people of Lockport before they were aware of its coming, and escape from its de vastating path was out of the question. An eye-witness assured me that the sky was clouded with the fixing debris of the demolished buildings. Several persons, in fact, were injured by flying pieces of slate or timber. The fury, of the tornado was spent upon Lockport, wrecking as above stated, several beautiful dwellings and stoiesan' business houses, and dealing out death to some of its peo ple. The total loss will not fall short of fiftv thousand dollars. Some of the sufferers are in need of the tie cessaries of life,fhaving lost all that the- owned in the world. The owners of the adjoining plan tations sent pangs of hands on Sat nrdav to clear awav the ruins. Of course no business is being done and ploom hangs over the once happv people and flourishing town of Lockport There is no more pathetic place in Louisiana to-day than Lockport Mv dear friends, how terribly, you have been visited ! You were all happy and contented in your pros pel it v and now, your grief, so new to you, has w recked for years tlie advancement whjch you were stead ily making. C. J. BARKER. The report in the Times Demo- rrf nf Tim1sv tn the? tfftVcf. that - " - . !,iie Q. banks had resumed pay ; ments ;n fu Q a, ; llature. T , noweVer, that in - a restrictionjaR . ! ,r,en ;n full to all their depositors There is no question a few dav, more to drawin?- from the j fc wV he wjthdrwn, and busi- I . reiS vvU1 Cfl on as usu8l. A little while . lUlltl. I aa. and the money stringency : o v1 be 7J - thing of the Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castorla. Antiseptic for Cuts Bruises Wounds, in a' Aew 101k, many savngs lanks !e At posilois began to draw out their ie" posits, and the banks, in self-de" fense, had to resort to the expedient of thirty or sixty days notice. This stopped the withdrawals, of course, but many of the dissatisfied deposi- i tors threatened to withdrawa!l their money at the expiration of the limit. IT . i,-t re . e now ever, time naa tne euect 01 bringing the great majority ot tnem to their cool, calmer reason, and when the time arrived for the with uravvals, but a Mnall percentage took advantage of their power to check indiscriminately. For in stance, 111 the case of one bank v.nicn had been notified that six hundred thousand dollars would be wanted, only thirty thousand dollars were actually taken out. At anoth er bank, where notice of withdraw aU aggregating four hundred thou sand dollars, had been given, but seventy thousand dollars were called for. A third bank received the calls ot but fourteen depositors out of one hundred and fifty who had given notice of withdrawals. Not only thi, but as another evidence of returning confidence in the hanks during the past week, the deposits in the banks of New 1 ork increased to the extent of over three million five hundred thousand dollars. Bradstreet, who is an authority in business matteis states: " Savings banks authorities report thai only about ten or twenty per cent of notices of withdrawals have been enforced, while for the first 1 time in some weeks , certain bank'1 have paid clearing house balances in cash instead of in loan certificates. indicating that country inslitutious are paying off rediscounts and in creasing their deposits. It is said that there is a great de-nand for dwelling houses in Mor gan City, and not a single house is vacant in the limits of the town. We can ay almost the same thiii about Thibodanx. While there are a tew stores that are not occupied. vet,, we believe that there is scarcely a dwelling-house that can be leased in town. The time is comine when large lots in the corporation will have to be subdivided with a view ot furnishing accommodations for those who desire to settle in this town, and the outskirts will have to be built up more densely than they are now, for the same purpose. . We believe that theie is room here for a sash and blin I factory. Why should not the proper steps be taken to start one. Why should we send to other parts of the Stale for that kind of building material, when we: can manufacture it at home ? If no capitalist is willing to under take the work on his own account, why should not a stock company be formed to carry 011 the work? It seems to us that it would be easy to initiate such an enterprise in this community. We hope that some of our enlightened and progressive citizens will take the matter in hand, and set the bull n motion. We promise our co-operation towards making the enterprise a success. THIBODAUX PEOPLE. Speak Well of Dr. Tich: enor's Antiseptic. Thilxxtaux, La., May 29th, 1M93. SHERROUSE MEDICINE CO., I.lmlt-d. Ton much cannot be Mid Id praise of Ir. Tlchcnor'o antiseptic a a hounehold medl: cine. V. C. RAGAN, Mayor of Thibodaux. SHERROUSE MEDICINE CO., Limited. I have ud DR. TICHEXOR'8 ANTISEPTIC tor wounds on man and beast and for colic and, and honestly consider it the beat remedy for Its claims I ctct nsed. JAMES BEARY. SHERROUSE MEDICINE CO., limited. This lit to testify that I have axed KK. nCHENOU'S AST1SEIT1C for fresh conedt In my family and stock and for colic and cramps, and on every occasion It ha given entire satisfaction, and I therefore strongly endorse and recommend It. ULYSSE HIMEL. SHERROUSE MEDICINE CO.. Limited. For fresh jwounds, burns, cuts, Ac., and for colic In man and beaut, we do not think there Is a better medicine on the market than DK. Tit HEVOK'S AXTISKITIO. DeLAMOTTE & CO. SHERROUSE MEDICINE CO., I bav often used. 1IL TlCIIENoU'S AXTISKITIO with icreat sun-ess; in fact I consider it the best iwnedy for wounds, burns, bruises ac., on the market. I have also used It to my entire satisfaction for colic tn man and beast. JOS. W. LeKLANC. LOUISIANA ST:1TE UNfUfER-SITl -AND- Affricmltural and Uechaaical College. J. W. NICHOLSON, A. M., LL. D. President. Tbe next oe.wion 1"9 J -'SH) trill open on Oct. 5th, witb a full and a Me corpa of lrfe4ori and Inntrurtorn. five emre of Study, bealtby locality, excellent diwlp-line, splendid efniiiments, Tl'lTiON KhE. Vct 1 maintenance per ix-Miun of nine mouthi$131. uuibcr of ctud.'titrt Utst mm.. I:'S. Y"T rataloirne Elving full Infor-iiuttiou, adlrci ..I V IV C. KKAD, Secr. ta-y. l;tiu liouj-e, La When the financial scare set for Infants Caatori L-io well adapt! to children Out I mdimiiMiMl k ma upmur toany ptsswripUou known to i.k" II. A. Abcbck. M. D., Ill So. Oxfurd Ct.. dfckl)B. V Y. "Th m of TatnrU U ma nienul and Im merit mo well ku.a Uuu it mtsemt a aork of aup-rrruratioa U eudura it. I rw are the lutWli-ftit funiilina ht do not keep Catfturia U.Um rvu.-h." Culm Miim, I. I., Kmw York City. ixih RKACI, "rviiiOent. C. uuillil, The Bank of Thibodaux, Offers to Depositors every Facility -THAT Business, Balance and Responsibility Warrant CONSERVATIVE. PROMPT. PROGRESSIVE Patent Medici ties. Herb?? & Drugs. Meyer - Drug - Store, ii;s. a. J. & I.. F.. rnprirtors. Trusses and Stationery. Frank J. rlKH KKALK AND FANCY and Staple GROCERIES, WINES, AND LIQUORS, t en Tsr? c' "?c-i- s.-ss- Counti-3' Ordci! Soicitetl. Tcloijliono l2in 0TERM8 CASH.'ND No. 441 Dryades Street, New Orleans, La. Goods delivered free on board of cars or fiee to residences in New Orlean Thibodeaux Drug Store, Dr.H.DASbERKAr,Proprieto-. CII4RLS L. GOl ll.Y, Man ajrer. Drugs and Chemicals, STATIONERY, PATENT MEDICINES, CIGARS and everything kept in a firstclass Drug store. A full supply of PINAUD S PERFUMERY, which is admitted to be the best. Physicians Prescription's accurately Filletl. CUSTOMERS WELL TREATED AND PROPERLY SERVED Thibodaux Sheet Iron Works, Near the Railroad depot. Boiler making and ted in the lest possible form, durability and Planters will do well me before making con-Communications ad-dnux, La. will meet with . A. J'lTCE CORDES JOYGE, GLNEKAL C'MIhSlUX 3!ERi'BAM DKALKItH I Produce. Poultry and Etrgs. No. 1. North Peter St.. near French Marke NEW ORLEANS. Liberal advance w.ia on conalgament. Correnpondenca Solicited. Order filled for Fruit. Veeetitblea utn rotatoes and Onion. ARGUMENT BRO Keep constantly on baud A full supply of the Iiest FAMILY GROCERIES ne' WINES, LIQUORS am! CIOARS c.l I a f ! rn HE bi al!u-:t price. and Children. Caatorla cum Colic, C'.Kistlpatl.. Sour Stomach, Iiiarrhtea, Eructatioa, Kdim Worms, givu atu'p, and pruuk.Ua H Without Injurious mnlcatin. Tor Bevrral yra I have rnronuu-nds! your GtKtoria,' and ihu3 always continue K d k an it has larariahly produced bencflcia result." Fdwix F. Pabdcs, M. P., lSth Street and Tlit Are., New York City Tn CtTn Cohpaxt, T7 Mrrnt Sraurr, Nrw Yock Yrr. Vkf -l'rcsl. c. r snvFK ( n-lili r. THEIR - Toilet and I Fancy Articles. Prices Reasonable. Maronge, KKTA 1 L I" A LH R IS Boiler and Sheet iron work execu ttyle and firstclast in practical utility. to obtain estimates from tracts elsewhere, dievsed to meat Thibo prompt response. TJY If t GRCERIES. WINES, LIQUORS TOBACCO, ETC., ; OTIs KNUBLOC!, Railroad xcl,aiigc, -xr.rr bi- ALCEE ONCALE Cli.-ic-e L;ouo:s, Wine and C'iai -s. r..:... KJ COLIC, CRAMPS BUUXS, &c, Manufactured , ermout CLcmiciil MtV. Co. Liuuted NUIAIA RIVIERE, ' TONSORIa ARTIST On Main Street, 5 i. m m m a Hair titling, 23 cents. Siul'ing, - 75 " The Saloou ba jutt ben pninteu and paper ed aiil I nt autl pretty. Stop 'n. lJS I KK. KS. E. iU LEO EH ORE;,, Keeps constantly on li!tinl a full assortment Groceries. igars, Tolacco, Tin zvare, Wood tf- U ' iIlo-j.'-j;are, etc. ALrto Corn, Oats, IJran ami Hay, Which he offers at moderate prices, tiive him a call and be convinced. njTX'HAaCOAL A Sf-KClALTT-tST" Professional Cards. Dr. ALBERT J. MEYER Office at Kesidsnce. COKXEK LEVKE AXUl'AVAI. STREETS, THIBODAUX, la. Dr. LOUIS E. MEYER, m mm a MWaa i i Kt m m ,Tmi Wt , -OFFICE AT MEVEi: DKKi.sfuliS. TlnlWaux La Physician Surgeon, Thilotl:iux, La. OITire Corner St. fhiHv A Thibo dans Ntrrelw. U'lilTMm P. MARTIN. mmm mm-m,mlmd - . - aji,,. At. NOTAHV IUHLIC TIIIHOOAUX, LA., will practice in Lafourche, Terie- boiine, Ascension, Assumption, . St. James and St. Mary. tjfP!"' attention civ. n to i-uileetion4 X. IV. Whitehead, (JENERAL INSURANCE AGENT, l olloie.s HMiied ut the mot rva.-wmablr rates. TI I UK) DA I IX, IA. KKPT BT Choice "Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept iu full supply. A l.illi.inl ut tlir ilispoHitl f tUoe a bo lovr ti indulge in th faille. A suiiiplL' r.xmj for Urumiiii'i j. tlfre.LITE ATTESTIOX.J R. J. MUNCH, ada C lmmm1mmJh a "T'Ti a 9m All 7 rappings for Horses and-Buggy Attachments in full supply. tAI.ar3! stock of MOSS COLLARS Always on hamt 3f-Kcpalrlng a njHclalty.iy Thibodaux, La. Frank Hoffmann, r., JACKHON STREEr, TIBODACI, LA. THIBODAUX LIVERY FEEDS SALE STABLE Fir-t rlif HKAHSK lth v beuvy whit or llark urniM-rjr. Carrimrrs both open unii cloned. Flnt'Ht ami fjirjr-t Anort-uTit of 4;ak-t and : Blacksmith and Wheelwright HKK rlloEINU A SPECIALTY. COURSE BY MAIL WITH THE LEAVEN WORT II Easiness College. TO AU KHTISE OUR COLLEGE ! wc will ive a thorough course ot lntruc-' tion In IHuble and Wngle Entry Book-j keeping and Commercial Arltbmetle ty ' mail Frke or ChiK'IK to a llmlied number of person. Tbm course will he completed in forty c-,ns. No chance tor Diplomas, j Ad-lres Prof. F. J. VAN DEN B EUG . I'osident. jn-i, 3f a:vl $o Ielawitre St., I-tATISWOIlTH, Hi-itJS. t I

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