Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 20, 1949 · Page 14
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 14

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1949
Page 14
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GARNET GLIMPSES The Naugatuck High School Newspaper "THE FRTTTT OF T/F'RR'R.AT. Pni m A TtrkXT TO xr/~vnn r m A T-»ATTXT/-I -r>T T m rr, TTT -, -^ . ,-> A .-.„,„, / , , LIBERAL EDUCATION "Bchoo CAPACITY AND DESIRE TO LEARN" Know Your Teachers Dcn> a teacher necessarily lead a dull life? When we bog.-»n questioning our Sophomore teachers, w« found that on the contrary, they have had many and varied experiences. Some have traveled extfnsiveJy. others havo devoted much time to further professional itudy. and during the war, many served in various capacities. Still oth«ra hav« boon enRuged In unusual occupations prior lo, ttnil during their careers as teachers. Thwe are some of the facts we have gleaned from our conversations with them. MISS WEIJJSS hi^s .rairod from the Pillars of, Hercules (Gibraltar) to th« HelUspon. She visited Istanbul, Tunis and Athens. She followed the wanderings of Aeneas from the ruins of Troy to the Tiber and even climbed the itiopcn of Mt. Parnuaaus to consult the oracle of Apollo at Delphi. MISS DALY derives much pleasure fruni talking to hor former pupils about places both she and they have visited. Her travels have taken her to Ireland, England and France. Tho wn.!- experiences of our Nnugatuck boy* In the latter country are of especial interest to her. MTSH BUR.KK did post-Kradunte work for one year at la Sorbonne, University of Paris. This past summer she again visited Paris, making th» trip by rplune. MISS MOSS has tscen the style openings of L«long, Chanel and others In Parin and attended the opcrn in »-rvi>ral European countries. MISS JOHNSON toured Eng- Inng. Scotland and Sweden during her trip to ICuiopc. She will never forget the lovely trip by steamer down Lock Katrine post Ellen's Isle of "Lady of th« Lake" fame.. " MRS. EAIMJCS has visited Finland and tho Scandinavian coun- tri«B. She found Oslo with its famous rkl junnrts. Amundsen's expedition ship, the "Fram", and Sonja Henie's summer home situated on the mountain (ride along thp fjord*, mod fascinating- IN 1912. MR. PHTCLAN worked o» a «(hop foromnn In a largo ga- rajrc In the Philippine Island*. He was In chsv:-go or a government automobile line and it was heceasnry for him to speak Spanish. Later he taught driver training in the Philippine School of Arts and Trades MRS. HONAN'S most recent and exciting trip WBS a nix week's •ojourn to Panama this summer While there Khc rode arrnm tho Canal by train, visited Old Panama, and Fort San l^oronze which was built about -ilxty years after Columbus discovered America. MP.S. DJCKKRMAN has done girl scout work and during tho war wa» employed by the U. S. Rubber. She h«a traveled extensively in the United Stales und has been to Mexico and South America. MRS. 8TBGERWALD, a ncw- rornw to our English department, •was accepted as a junior engineering trnineo at thn Remington Arm*. Company In Bridgeport upon her graduation front college. MISS CAJNE. a Trinity College graduate, hoa dovoted many summers to advanced mtudy. Her hob- birn are nvuslc and lirldife. Because her father's work as ft missionary took him to the Middle Wost, MISS EMERSON has lived In Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, and Texas. She spends her summers in (Maine whcro she hn.« worked In hotels and children's camps MRS. PENROSE never travels wiUniul her chalks nnd other art material*, so »ho can slop and sketch along tho way. Hho Is a friend cf Rosalind Ru*sell. MISS KJCWNEy has vial tod nearly all of the states of the Union. 3h» Tics also been to Bermuda and South America MR. C1ESLEWS.KI is an avid sport* fun, and formerly played tennis winning Championships both In Naugatuc). and Wnterbury. He Lrtill maintains nn Interest Id *ports by playing badminton and MR. COODWIN has worked at a girls camp, during the past four •unitnvrK. H«i served an a»t4k»tJinl director and waterfront director, arid had about forty girls between th* ages of five "n-nd eleven under hto supervision. At the as* of five, MI3S BURNS rnlsed black snakes In her attic until the mold discovered them. Shu «nd hir brother ruined skunks on an Inland which they cnllnd 'Skunk's Mlaory." Guinea plgti, parrots, canaries and rabbits were tit'o a. port of hor mnntgerlo. MR. DAVIS conductor Iho 200th anniversary cliotr In Hompsteiid. N. H. A far cry from his Imm*- dinte position on director of music, he taught life-Having at a YMCA camp ht Vermont. MJSS NTBERO. one of four chlldron nl'. of whom entered the touching proi,.»n:on. at one time nerved n« dmnonirtnitlon teacher for tho New Haven State Teach- or.i' Colli-ife. Two racxxM.tivo sum. merB during tho war she had charge of rooKlng nt n farm labor camp. As many of her former pupils know, her hobby U trnvollnir <md I'ie Olympic Game* auheduled Silent Heroes G£rfe g ^ In Our Halls * to Most of UM apprtwlaln tho nrchl- toctural beauty of our school, but the statuary within should u!»o merit our attention. When the building was conutnicted, Mr. Howard Whlttomore donated t statues. All too often we tend tj look upon them »imply i<s llxlures and ])HAS by \vlbhout 'bolnfi a\var.- of their existence. Howtver, cnch bus nn Interesting story to toll. DemoBthenPa and Socratofl. cop- li-» <>f Greek p«rtrult statuen, stand liki- nontlnvls at thn )it>nd of the staJi-\vay\s on the third floor. Most-of us probably recall that Demosthenati was tlio grnato.itt oroAor of all thrn und Hocratns tho most renowned philosopher. TCio original of tho r>l.«cobulu< or Dlcus Throrwer was mndo by Myron, a Greek sculptor whom: statues of victorious athletes havo been hishly prakiod. ThU *taluc depicts the most acute observation of life, tho host conception of rapid movement, and tho greatest • freedom In WIG «xproH.slon of action. There arc excellent O;J»UL-S of the Discobolus In MoKilnu 1'al- uco and the Vatican at Rome. Out- own reproduction can bo found, on the second floor corridor. The original of tho statue of Augustus was found In 1863 at n placo called Porta Prlma, north of Kom« In the ruins of a villa, which, it Is bellovi.d, belonged to LI via Drusllla, the.wif e of Augu;* tus. It J» now Jn the Vatican ut Rome. In this well-known statue Augustus la roprostinU'd on tin; conqueror of the world. Ho wears ,n elaborate 'brenuitjilale on which » pictured lieavcn nt the top. "lib the nun-tjod riding in hln harlot. In the center Is Mars, the god of war, rocolvlrig u standard •om a conquered Parthian. At the right foot of Augustus In Jt :upld seated on a dolphin. The. ?Hpdd is symbolical of Augustus' :lnshlp with Viinim, mother of the Julian Clan. The dolphin is meant typify tho sea and In ancient imes romindcd all who saw tho wtatue of the victories which Au- had won on land und soa Our c'>py grn;=us the seoopd floor. Our reproduction of the statue P Mlnorva In found gunrdJng tho south utalrciuw on thfl lower floor 1'he original of this statue U in the- Vatican Museum at Korn,. In ancient Greece, Minerva was the goddess of -wisdom and alio of defensive warfiire Our reproduction refsoinbe.* somo-what the colossal Btatue at Athens. Thu h-iiid of the Gopgon, Medusn, who turned nJl who gazed upon her into stone is clearly shown on her beuu- Mful brooatpln.10. On her he:mut i« i small fi!"hlnx and tho snake which colls at her feet symbolizes Nowth/it I told you something about the stAtuury within our »chool, perhaps you win bo oile to rocognlKo those historic pernon- und greet them a« friends. -—Darlene Nelson Looking Forward Rejoice girls, for aren't w« the first K-roup lo attend clajuiea In and Family Living at the Tultle House! I'm nuro wo all deem It a privilege to be able to utilize the facilities of this wtat-ly old hound, and I know we'll tiy our bo*t to roc-mate something of the ottmuiipherc that years ago made this buiidlnK .'i "homo." Let. mo tell you «onw>lhliii; mlxiut our hi-ndquiirters on the nncond floor of the Tuttle House and how' we plan to function I Our new homo Is large and airy. It Clmxlwl)' of six niKdlum-nlzixl room/A We have bwo unit kitchens with the "now look" and for tho time belni;. wo nro conducting our clot.lilnf, clniMrn In two minny rooms. Eventually those rooms will be converted Into n. living room and a dining room. A sjnnJl room serves UK an office for Ml. « MOBS and in addition to this there Is a utility room. Tn each respective clas/i thnro aro «lx g-lrl* who aro rotoponiilble for the day's activities. They include—a' chairman who doou tho a »'ork, a manage-r -who does tho cleaning, « recorder, a librarian, a dietitian, and a dressmaker. Somo <>f UB arc nolectod to work each month on biUlnlJn board ex- hlblto. We have displays representative of tho various months of tho year. Our December project In "How to Wrap Gifts". Wu ciich contribute email numn of money to ho.!p defray cx|>en»»n. Durmg the cold winter months wit find a tempting cup of hot comm. lillto a trout iifttM- our dash over from, t'.e High School. Some of the money collected will u c 11H . cd for our Christmas ipii/rty. From time lo time wo anticipate making tours to other high ,-chools and to pliueon of bunlnoNs such an dHlrlen, 'baliorlen and the like. We nro all looking forward to having our parents arid frlcncln visit us In our new BurrnundlnKs. Our Ihoime has, indeed, been a ronl ChrlBtmas prnsetil to oiioh and «v- *ry (flrl In the Homo and Family Living - • ti'vi. 1 neon, h. t the hoyii uf BL-inajl iliolr atiil;-Uc^ jirnwcrwi, but wviat abuut Iho girls? Honiem- ber, wo parllclpnted In njXjrtM also. AlthoiiKh v -'o ariv somotlinen reforro<l to fLH "tho we^iker nex" wo aro just ul* enthiuilatlc and capable, 'hut not ap, woll known, l-«-t ine. enllghton you about our activities. There, are approximately 330 K"'ls who lake part In the physical education program In Tlio N nilgai uck HJtfh Kch'Vol unch woolt. Wo do not. 'have the faclll- Mos we'd like, birl wo intinuge to (.fot lilonj^. IJJf* to thin time In claws, wo ha.v<i covered pofiture exei-cl- MOM, vcjlloyhall, :i.|uare flancir.f; and now wore piay'.n^ mn.nM badminton. AH time go,;s on. we exlpect to 'take up bowling, cover nkllls and stunts, folk dancing and KaJnoH loading up lo hoftball and finally Auftbull, the game Itself. You may think tha.1 this i:j a very short program, Init it I.M intonnlvi 1 . With only one period a week for it, however, we cannot accomplish n:i much iui %vo desire. In addition ,to our class Uiro- Kraai, we ti|j?<j lutve afti'i^nr.huol activities. Pmcllce for buskethall hog.-in e-arly in Noverribiu- wlt.h the Freshmen reporting on Tiie/nlny afternoon and Iho .Sophomore, Junior am! .Senior girls respectively returning on Thursdayn. A loujm. repronoiilM each cliwiM. As the year pro^rossos, wo will onjoy other extra-curricular actlcl- tios suitjublo to tho various noa- sons. Wllh the advent of Spring wo will limUtutn our Badminton Tournament, and later wo will have the privilege: of lining tho toiiniit c(Mjrts for our 1 Tennln Tournn-inent, HO \vi: aron't itlwnyn on t.'ho sldelinoi* whon wo vlsil tho rioid. Thin year, If tho time permits and If nrrnngomonls can bo made, ouv lender would like to have In- tcr-clas3 Softball. The winners of nil thorn) extra activities will receive bchool lut- tem. 1 mustn't forget to mention "Play Days." Mlnu. Marvin and iho itirls of Ansonla High School aro being hoiit lo DorbVj. SheH.on, Seymour nnd Nnugatuck High during IMO-DO, Ijijit year wan the flrsl year Hinco t!io war that wn ipurllcipatnd. A t'oi'les of "Play Days" nro belnj^- planned, and a few glrln from chum will represont our school. Now that I've explained our schedules, I'm sure you'll all agree with "lie th;.t. Mhm Kennoy, our director, trliis to give us a varied program, and -we girls, who enjoy sports havo ample opportunity to iplay. What wn d<> is just, im nUmii- lalinir to UM un tlio nioru Mp«!i:l:i.cii- ';>r a-tlviUut of the boys. — Barb-irn ICnlsey Soph. Athletes Tho Kophomofu chum lorids Itn tnlonts tci t'iio school In every way possible and athletically it 'no ex- •ceptlon. lx:t's gut acquainted with tho boys In thlu rlaiui who have gained poitlllomi on the various oquadls. JIM MoOANN, a star on the football loam this past HOIIIIOM, (dvi-n promise of pi-(i|i;«ll!njj many a touchdown pass on Its way, In bin remaining yearn with to be held In Finland In 1052 mny lie the Incentive for her next no- journ abroad. HOWARD WOOD, participating Jn both football and 'bn.'ikptball puts his sine to good UBO both In 0,1-iinhlrif; a lino or nnagglng 11 rebound. EDWAllf) DJi'IJVNKY, plnylnK his first Reason with the hoops- IPI-H Kho^vn prornliH 1 of beoomlnf.'' a, «ln.lwart 'player with the <jarnot brisket.bnll Loam. GEORGE LJBOPARD will bolster the i^iwlmimlng 'toum, onpecl- al!y Iti the friienlvlo dejia.rtjnoiit. •Seymour's Ions IH Naucy'n gain. LARRY PEATIU who uptsclal- Izcn In brert,Ht.H.trokn along with frnostyle, appoan* 1o have all tho ajbllWy that will make him a valuable man. JIM UPRIGHT, a frcestylor, Huomx to liavo good punnlhtlKIOH rind should be an IUHH-I to thi> tcnm. RONAT>D TUCKER, o n r> of Nau(fy'n dlven^-Is qulto n vnrnatlln athlolo; not only la ho Hwlmmlng and diving v/lth this year's nwlm- minfr totim, but was on the baseball r.qund lust Hprlng. 1U/13 FtoNTON, who ;i;i a fr''nh- man ihurlsr on tho basobu.ll Hquaxl turned in many noteworthy ( P«!r- TiM-m/iJir-iw, should, wllh a yoar'n oxriorlencn bolilnd him, lie ono of the Mar pllflh<ir«. JAN ICrcrjjKY, a vclcrnn rf Uwt •yeiir'.* loam, Mliould help bring lim- ) p el.i to Conoh "fJImbo" HuDbvan's meroion Keeplnjr In mind lhat fhenu boyu nrp nil snrihomores and havn nt leant, two full BOM.'IOIIH loft, thny uhrmld h"|p In (lie future to lirlng glory to tho Garnret and Gray. Soph. Statistics Tho number of rtudonU rogls- iterrrt 1KO: Cnllpgo Preparatory "0; Co.mi-nore.liil -- DO Orniiral SO. On the Jr>>, sch'iol: An bn- by-slUprs —. r>5; As riln-)>oyB — 8: At. HtoiTfi and liliealres • •-' ID; A,» newnboyii 1r,; On faririH • -I. Plantr for tho future: BnulnoKS —- 12; Profc*Hon«l 34 Art nnd Munlr 7; Trades 17; Oovoi-n- inont uorvlon .-.. n. EDITORIAL "Christmas - - -1949" Alrnnily gllntnnlrig whltn nnowflnkon aro r.iivnrlng miilhnr Olil'th with tholr protective white blunknl of poucn nnd socurlly. Bright sLni'M nro ntlll shining ubovo the unlvor/no but thin your they gleam will. greater Intensity. Mnn aro bnglnning to rouli/.o the necessity of Go. 1 , within their liven. Now, UH Iho festive iinuson draws near, people should thlnlt of the birthday of our Lord In relation to ChrlHtmiiH, Many fall In thti; •cspect. Tho theme of this day consists of not juiit tho giving uiid •ocolvlng of Klflu. but rennwed recollection of tho birthday of "clod's Son. Each of us In thin u'oiuidunt land o; ours enjoys a birthday. Chrlslmus also should bo celebrated as such, riot with cnkn and canolui hut with solemn ri>.-n,imbrnnceii of tho driy thnt eventuated In a change of Iho entire world* f Au JOSIIH wus born In Bot.hlohom l.MIt yonni ago. a now generation was to crystallize and all poople hoped It would bring happiness and hotter understanding among men. Wo know, however, that thin goal him not nlwiiys boon achieved but wo Americans havn reaped a richer harvest than most people. Again wo ni-a looking forward to an Inspiring and Joyous Yuletlde. Thin In In contrast to that which 1» happening olsnwhore, In other purtu of tho world, many hearts will bo heavy wllh tho thoughts of another conflict. AH dark ominoUH cloudn hover ovei'htiad It will bo difficult to colebratn thla holiday to HB tulles; maatiure. Hubjugallon, together wllh religious oppr«nsliin, t.nnds to make people much moro. rlpiH'ociaUvo of the true significance of Christmas and compensat.uH for tho luck of material thlngu'on this earth, which all too many of un nook. Our world would prove lo bo n boiler placo'in which to llvo If innr- kind would think back, and use YUirlutmus «« u stimulus for u m-w nnd peaceful coming your. Rnmember with prayor comow cotinllotiii blosdlngH. Wo, an the future America, should blond our Idcala wllh those of Hod mill make ChrliittnaH HMD tho mom. Klorloiin ovor. IX:)IH (IKAIK)WHKI. Nofugy^l95d~" H'H and to son the old year end, Just like lo-Mlng one's hotit friend, Knee tho futiirn without, four, Let fifty bo your grciitost yimr, There ar,, mnny things to bn dono, Aliio many bat.l.lon to b» won. Hy 'mlKl t and main wn will on- dcnvur To build the things that last for- ovor. Niuigawuum will t*ow Its f.vce, Providing lots of ncodnd spaco, In this vlllii47« noon to bn ThoiKill bn frltmds for you and mo. Away from noise—upon tho hlllw Surrounded by ravines and rllln, We'll Inilld (tclioolH for children dear, They'll loni-n thlmr.i there, riovnr f«:ir. Thoro aro many thlncs that we will ni»cil,, Of c<>ui-M(>, we'll havo *o start from MCrfl. l.jarFfe onks grow, Kn dig right row. Glad Jul! acornn from littlo in and hoc your —'ShirleyTuckey Did You Know? Of thn 18(1 Hophomoro students. 37C. niomhBi'H of thalr Immodlati- funiiljes alien/led Naugy High. Sixty-five plet.uroii ndorn the walls or our school. Some of them aro very Impraiinivo. I HomeUrriOM wonder how mmiy of us have ov- or looked at thorn. liun'l you ever wlnh for the Hood old days? Way buck In 10IM the bufllncss studen>.3 grachmtcd In Ihi-oti yearn. Don't we nuffor? When re<|uentad lo utiito (Jholr plans for the future for use In our •Sophomore Statistic,! column wo li/ul many vnrled ropll,,,,. Ono hlue- »yed young mn.n wrote "Collugi- physiclklrost." Another student, thin tljiio a girl flrclnrwl «he wl.ih- oil in IxM-oinii a "inorgo bui:u- nslon". SUM unother girl wrolu, "to g,H good mark.4 BO I can bo a good socrotury for my father". llltitH, hlnln! I wonder why MO many of Iho glrln want In bo private Recrcl'uries! iiwc pni-iiMj hiui (ifit-dplcd mil,i>y plucen on our school tehedulfi within the last lew years, Formerly It wn« before dismissal, lanl year 11 was Imincdlaloly uftor rocosa, and now It comas, IM-- foro FOCOSH. Where nexl? A now and Improved method of numlMirlnjj rrxmin | H nnvt in offeot In our .w.hool. Tho rooms on tho floor of the building arc numbered from 10 through lit, UIOHO on the second floor from 20 throiiKh 21) and t.hii rooms on the third floor from 3n tlirc.vtRh :)'». the first digits of the numbers designating the floors. It Every Christmas o'clock on Chrlttmnn kids were ,,iart- called mom up way too was til* Bay And already ihn Ing to piny. "Go back to nleop," fi'O'in her room, "You've nil KoJ.t<:n soon. Wo made H pact to wnko at elurht Wlilel, If you're p-illonl, won't. Hoeni very lute." 'Oh," they retorted, "We want, to go do wo And so« what. Rant a left around," "We. might an well quit," iiukl flKttri to dnd, "Or (peace in th's household can- mt. b r . had." Ho flnwri thn ntalrvti the r.horulxi 1(11 wont. To satisfy 'thoir curiosity whlc> ni*vor In spent. There wore prcnnitts for all, oven Fordy, tho pup, Who along with tho kids nt 0:30 wan uj). —Ilulh Tuluy ChrlHtm.-m In Sweden as It wan colohr(itBd 50 yen,™ u#o occordinR to my grandmother, was a time full of bapplno/** and rejoicing. Many monlhn In lulvancij the choicest fir trno In the woodn wa« selected by thu falhoi 1 or older brothor» as tho one to bo chop- pod down ttie day before Christina* ICvo. Before the Yuletlde scnaon began Iho house was cleaned thoroughly Innldo and out, "the liljf ui'lV-'ur kfitUttN wni'tt muda to nhlno, and a largo supply of wood was cut for the fireplace. AH thn tiolday approiuchcd great quftntitli*! of food worn prepared, 'i'he piungonl odor of huge kettlca of rlco pudding flavored with cinnamon, filled thn hounn. Thl H dlnh won piirt of the traditional Olu'lsl- ma« ICve supper. A groat variety -if breads, colin and pastries .was propnrod for tho family and any Riniitn that ml^ht como to hijp colobrnto ithu holiday. Anollu-r tra- ditlouul food of Sweden wan "lut- /iKh" which wn.i In reality codfish thul hn.« been drltd and wa«. vui-y hard. Whntihcr It was nerved boiled, stewed or plain It was very tr-mptlng. On G'lirlstmas Ifivo tho hu^n true wan brought Into tho IIOIIBI- n.inj decorated behind clonnd doors. Uirge ro<l applw that had h«un polished 'hy the women until they . were hung on the tree. Long strings of popcorn, glnger- hratd, cookloH, and many paper ornaments made by the chlldron, the tree a .(unlive mi.ipear- anco. Lust 'but not lemtt, a great many candles added the flnl»hlng touch. Tin; pi'M'.'nli; '(.hat worn put un- dnr the tree were Inexpensive -little UilnlfH that worn made by thu momhorn ot the faintly, but th<<y were tron«urod morn than If they had cost a great deal. After eating t.h'o ChrlRtTnns Kvc suppar tho fiumlly giithnrnd around tho tr<>e, dUnced, recltod poems, played games nnd i««ng Chrlstman oarolH under tho loadornhlp of the fnther of the hmmo, . On Cht'lntniim morning the i 'oo- plo got up about 5:00 A. M. nnd a.te a hearty breakfast and prepared to K» to church, it wan ntlll dark and oandlojt were lighted in of tho farttWhoUHe window!) along the way. The sleigh wan {irnujfht around to (ho front of ihn nnd t.h« whole family r.llmb- )n under tho warm, woolon .jket'8. They listened to t.ho Jingling, of the ululgh Imllji iut they rode along and called "CTod .Iui", which nuNinu Merry Chrlntmas In Rwtdldh, to the folks In i that paused by them. Aflor church, thn family oiuno home and many of tho rjhlldron went from hoimo, to housn to col- lont candy, cookies, nut,? or rolls. Thtt child who garnered tho great- cut number of goodie* was considered the favored one. Today In Sweden, Christmas Is rra)»brnit«d miicli IIH It IH In thin country rtflpitclally in Iho oltli'.ii. The elderly ponple, however, who llvo In tho old farmhouses still rotnln thn name customH of thoir iincnntvni. Thoy wonr tho triirll- coBlinnn«'s nnd cvun the Ih iinnd for church-going. - John Andernon N. H. SI News 77^ y^;^ Xmas Feeling UDHINKHft OICl'AllTMENT MIHS Peck'si Junior typing claRs •ncnlllly Mliw tho film, "F.lllldliiK Hlilllii' whirl) pnlnlod out thai nHlll cleporidH 01^ mental and physical lontrol :injl the attitude of tho lyplst toward ills woi-k. Valuflblc for Senlori) preparing for office Jobs wuu ."Tricks of the Trade", ll/rn whloh Illuslruted ma- Tho typlnj; for (.hln IKKOO of Oar- not GHiHiwiH wiui dono through thn courtesy of the typing classes under tho supervision of Misa Mra. lionun's Huslno);» Proc-od- uios clalw gtivc reports on the Postal Hnrylcc | n t.ho U, H., trnulntf the hliitory of the Font Offlcn nm.1 giving .highlights of our unsung: heroes who deliver tho malls. In Junior Buslnoiin Training and BuHlnea* Procedures, tho students if Mr*. ICn.rnes o.rn studying "boot ".'Illng nnd 'how «-)od» are shipped out. Penmanship' Is altro being I'trcHsod. The Sophomore Banking rnrurt Hhown that only J10.5O In bark; diion must bo nollnctitd to linliipci) last yoar'ti Freshman account. The Hitltor BiislnoMm Club, under thu dlroi;Uon ,/f ..JVHws .fohnion, In PUtllii;,' out n Christmas l«mi(> of th«lr paper--Tho Spotliu'iil on De- oemlier '.','.'.. Tho Isnun, to bo printed \on bright red paper, In a H pu- clali Ch;-J»tjmi« greeting to tho hui^lriCBs HtuVlcnt». 1 A B T Often during the ycn.r. Mrs, Pon- I'OKO'M, art ola»»e!i are ou'llctl upon for hblp when apeclal occasions arise, At a rer.ent Instlmonlul dinner ijtvon hy tho fnoulty In honor of Mr. IColcy, our principal, up. proprnto SCIIITOIIII.! decorations were prq;«u-n<l by advanced and talontud studonts. A huge Bantu Claus, hcikl In his uplifted arm* u replica of the High School. In Inrgn lettora dlnplaye.d on the wnJl l.h»r«'w«» a salute, to Mr. Koley,' SOCIAL HTUDIEB Clubc, have boon organized during the pant month In the various sorliil; i<l\iilKiti classes. Ml«fj Kmerson's world geography ilub activities nro .reh'ndulod or o^iii li'rlday overy month. Offl- lorn ,havo been clocl.ud, coniitltu- tlon .conmiitteefi formed and t;ro- ;ivim|s are woll UII,IM- way. History under . of Mrs. Matukln functioning, Panel and debates vitalise Soph. Elections Mr. Foluy hi'../ lumounnnd that Sophomore cluss elections will be held In .Tnimary, 1050. Wo should all try to llvo up ,t,o tlio ifugifcstlunH rn'idi] to ua hy the Juniors In tholr editorial entitled, "How to Selnct a Clam Officer". "WANT AI>" Any old living room or dinlnf? i'o()m furnltitrn would bo miiiprn- cl/itod by !MI«« Momi and thn Mom* and Family I<lvln« olaw- «CH. It you havo any In Rood condition cull 3520, or notify the HlKh Suuool. <'. H. the are dis- .1 ready porloUs. .. Oalno's Freshman Civics Club made, ,-v trip u, tn . 0 Meadowbrook School. Thlx K-roup also «ponrf,,i-«fi (.he "Bundlo Drlvo" to <!olle*l c.lothoH f ot - n ,,,,,|y ohiUlion According to Mliss Culm- the outcome was highly successful. yhu Youn K Cltlxon's Club 1 a mnlor jirojoct. IM tmdor thn direction' of^ Mies Smith. At the last of tho U. s. Air Foroo 'K':W™°™ ™- formiil tnllc on Jn.pun. i 8IIOP Mr. Pholon'/i c)m, HO « Im Vd^in uiioful Klftn doov nnm-it- or«i .knife and fork holders, napkin (holders, nlgaret and match Doxcji, and caitys for music box,m, | KCIENCB ANO MATH Hnvo y,,u soon thn two ham«- toin - 8t.irl,| nnd Mlondlo • In «>m? They w( ,,. 0 Hi wy O'oorgo Lou.pard and sod in a. wire cage Which <M>ii«l.ruot«d try C,"hm,d)or F»l- rioctiuiin.1 iinlinnlK, tluiy th^i^ i J "'*f l11 " I'luylng unit their days looping. They ,. n t nl- moni 't l " y h!m",' ! V'"'" lln( ' ! »" h « d '"' to be their favorite J£ %% e * ]t £,X? ^' rriimt.i In connection with tint MI. ay of n.tmiiitphoi'i,, itrtiimjii'CH and tmoloctihii- medianIsmli'. A Senior Math Club no» o are wn« lon. Bt room. Only prosldont ami proan da?,! 1 '"'"" h " VI? b " en s «' c ctod MUSIC Mttscln] aBfjomtolitfl were ftonted by the choir and tho quartet on nennrnbor 13 i pre- brn«» Howard K} Wood und Mr Thn Chrlutmas, from my observation, i the only holiday of the y«;ni hut sciMjiH to revon.1 the sterling uallUcs.! of penile. Folks are Jo- iu), iMiHlur to Kct nlvnif with, and noi'e considerate of olhurH during ho month of December. No, the fact that your brother leld the library door open for you doesn't (noun that, suddenly you're '.he sister of a gallant liniKht. I'o's- Jtnii. paving 1hd way for n ilc.o Christmas jtlft. Well, your father raised your al- owance of hits own volition, .;h! "Jon't. worry mbout It. lio'-i not nnltlun by Iho Yulollde Suason ol- linr. Father Is Just Insuring his .wn future. During those cold mowy dnys the from u-«u< will lave to .bo shoveled you know. Guoii* who docs tho honors" There's uruially n motive behind Ka- .hnr's nri'n.hlo gestures. Sorlouisly though, thfl gmiulno goodness In poolo Is more obvious 1.1 Christmas time. People attend church with :i roellnij of humbleness, Ihank.-xiv- ing, and M, dostro to )i«-lp the unfortunate. Oi-tranix.ations ;ind Individuals donnto largnr nunm 1<j iharlllds. Thorn are olhei-n who >ffer nei-vl<:iij, rather thnn niom>y, 0 homoB. onp.h.'i.fiage.'i , nnd hospi- al«. They read lo, comfort and entertain the Inmates of these Imitl- lutlons. Wealthy executives K^<- honiis chocks to their employe, and Klft« urn glvon to the children of destitute families. There l« u imlvoritil feeling of bimcvolonce evidenced and the words "Ponce on earth, wood will toward mon" tnlto on Uiolr true significance. —•Pearl ]3rower We Celebrate Miss Burke Is giving her French grumes notes on ChrlRtmno in Franco und having thmn nlng Oin- tlquwi do Noel , A play "Allim Santa Olaus" by 7'erclval Wilde will high liKht Mr. Miller's holiday program).. Dramatical lonn will i,,. fftitturcd In Minn Gallnc'el's ICn«- Ilsh domes. Mrs. Dlckerman's Math c)wj.s«« had thoir tree decorated wllh goomolrli: ft^uron made f i:h« studontH. A festive atmosphere will .prevail In the Home and Family Llv- Inif cliuuid* on TJecemlier 21 when tho (flrls will hold tholr annual Christmas parties The Henior mombers of L c Cercle Francals entertained the club nt the Tut lie Shed on Tuesday, December J3. A program of Christians li-g- ondw nnd' nongs wns enjoyed by nil and novelty dancing followed ..Snntn, Clans vlsltwl thn .Senior Dramatic classes on December 10 .Pai-tics will be hold in some of of Miss Kmomin'n cliiftncs. Anticipation TWIUI the wook boforo Christmas ^ And all thruugh tho school, The student body was complaln- inir That Iho toachors worn "erool." Tho al^Blgnments wore long And hard wero the tests'. While In doop conci-ntrnlloii Wo .boilt our Iho desks, The chllor.en snUKly settled In Ye Oldo Study Hull, Worn trying In vain French verba to recall. Whon all of a sudden Thorn ai-oNii Much a clnlter, 1 sprang to my feet To i*!c what was tho matter. And lo, wlmt to my wondering Eyes should appear But a massive brown dr»g Whlt'h I took for a reindeer. In spite of It all Tho week slowly passed by, And lit Injit ciune dl»mln«U Fr«m dour Nanny High. But we, hoard them explain At. the last, final hell, As Ihoy say tn French A "Joyeux Noel." —Marcla Baxter Winter Whirl snowflakes cover Welcome! Recent American SucccHfiful l**i.'llov/ fl;uiMmnto.-i nro y o u wnro that wo arn ivtuocintln;.; dally with a pupij wliono hii/-kKround differs greatly from that of th<- irago Ktudont? Wo have taken it for (,'rnnted that hor common Intori'iitM, her Idi-im. and h«r nblll- ty to inloi pri>t an 1 *irnllnr to otirn Is it right to expect thin of h*r'' She hn.s como from Ui»; K)IOI I*H of nothoi' ffmntry to nrinki' our l>or- ougll of hi-r l:omp. The rMemblurice bi'twi«,-n Nnucit- luck and the friendly little village claMMlnato wan l*ol-|i, on M<iy 21 1933, greatly determined her o-m-. coptlon of this now land. Many of hor 1 friends from T'oi-uiiral al-'ti iivr liere '1..W. Sotrif uf tli««^t frlondn mado the journey IWTOHB the ocean nn tho f;;i.rno »mnll 1'or- ;i-He VI-KHI-] JJLFI thin younic pn.v- Ki-iUfnr. Thi- Kl.lp xnlli-d from I.I"- lion, Api'l 23. IIMS. It trndo one stop nt tlir Madnlra Inlnnd-i. :i F'<,r- Itn nci-nio bi-aiity u n tin- "i'mirl of tho Atldntlc," Imftirr arriving nt Phlladetphln. I'nnniyA-nnln' on May ri. She wan <1lna;»J'Onti-d nt tho night of I hit. coiiKPKloiI riiy and wan rolli'V-d In li'.'vii that :iho waH to Hv Ifi a iwiinlifr *-,immunity, filmllnr (.. that of hor ratlv 1 own. 1'pon her arrival In O/nuortieut, •<he Vvns linpronnp^l tiy th«* plctur- osqtio scenery along tho rountry- nldo. The foliage wan luxuriant and liprlng wan well on Its way. Much a,* »h" enjoyed tin 1 hnlmy weather thnt followed nhe ron- ;l!ill«i| lo took forward trj llir- rlny whon u mantle of nnow would rover the earth. Younit rin<l old alike no oxfitod nnd thrilled when the. lull Inl nlijn 'if v/lntpr iipiipiim in tho. form of light flimtlnsr «nnw- flnkcs. Can you Imnff'ni- th« nnx- lety with which our friend eagerly 'iwiiltctl hi-r v*'r>' f it ^ onrrriPnco .if vluwlnK thl* phenomenon? Hh" thlnkn tin- snow ir "ivunrtrrful" nit does not like the cold WPJI- Ithei. Mrrt<««.-i him n cllmnc- r.tml- lar l<, that of California At thin BtiiKO of llfp. Kchool pliiys L most Important pnrt. It U to nor ion w)io i« wiJilfif: to /i.r<-«'ji! evi-ry ioB«il,l<> help nvallnbln. At 1ho IIRP >f seven shi- .-ntcroxl Rcho >I When •'•e left IM-I- nnllvp hind atu- WIM n iluMcnl of tin- fourth jrin-j" which H e'|ll) VfiJc/jf In o'tr roV'Tith crndo. Her An-.erlan schoollriK bo- ti In th.- fifth grndo nt P; Krnn- O|H School. There *h»> rapidly ipnr- ni:<l to rcnid, wrlto. nnd «i>i.-sk K(K>d English through con.ii.ant dritl. OlMn"inriti-ri proved to Ijp vrry <-o- operntlve In helping hor bc-rninn :ici|iininled with n fiin-iHD (OMKUO I am very ha[i,">' to sUit» Unit nhe , •ndl '" Com:crt lind «« tho . , ' lllt » fiun.rl,,i, .likewise P«i formed at tho notary Club. KNOLI8H JIBPT. Mbrary B«|, moo ,,| nlW " 8K " I » I »« to l- they aro fltudvlng, Junior Coiine'e h unH« Engllah »<™»'™™"Should th,, Mn Mel KngolKtnd. Kxneutlvo Monrfttn..^ ,„ ,,, a chnmtoer of Com- rnflroo WHS n. gue«t at the Hasolon Thcflc (panels are a part of thn l^nKllsh program to aid In Iho development of polso. mioooh ormlrol prnDftr prnpurutlon ut Pfpoooh content, nnd tho tise of library re- louroon In npeeoh preparation, Tho ffonlorn hop,) to ),nvo n olnoma r«uty nt tho Salom Plav- hoitno sor>n. If It eiwi bo «rrangod (hey will ,,oo Ijitironci) Oliver's Hamlet." Soft white town, Slowly and down, They bow arid swirl loo** dan co. Thoy twlnl. and twirl pi'anco, the llKhtly Ilk,) swan's and on light and (fally Tho hillfddo don» It cloak of white, An finowflnlu-fl fall nil throuKh Iho nlKhl, The moon smiles down on this whimsical world, Itn rohii *preiidii out like n flnK unfuHod, — Loona Koka wh nclmol with wnpt n:nf nx iti" pupil nted from rlenii^r.liu'y nn average of (X) o rmurir. It WOK rather difficult for IIPI- to malt" tin- n-rt-R-iriry rxlju'tment In (he unfamiliar sUiioundimtR of hlMh school where wr ate i-xpi-r- ted to assume greater ri-Kponaihlll- tv and nlno nrn irlvltn more freedom. But she has found thp ton- f.'lioii* nnd hor «choot'nn.toi< vi-ry '.-onsldernte nnd undeistnndlng. Tho 1M8-4B honor roll )|s)»d her nnino each U-rm nnd thlx yenr Mho Mhown ,-vldnnco i>f foil iwlnir In the snme path n.« «hi> hn« nl- '•"ndy rnrule the honor roll the flrM term. Mnlhomatlrs | n one of her fnv- oilto subjects Hho likes !CnKll«h with the exception of grammar which M)II- flnrtn complicated. Hho him nlwnyn Ix-i-n inlcrc«!ed In ait The courr.p of ntudy |itiviilrcl In 'iii;h «c|,f,ol hn.-; trinifht hnr mnny tlilnvr't -ihi- did in,i und'-ritnnt! und Ihroiicli priirtl«-f and itnidnnc" Bhe ti.'i.": i;rif;rr,ve<) ln-r work. To e-nrn a hich scho-jl diploma and nttnln an offlro poxlil'in nr* her Immodlnto goals. HI-I parrot ninbltlon '•* to become :i hnlnlip»- sor. Her friendly »mil»- nnd cni-rry 'Hollo" have made ix-r a port -if the crowd which rthe rwilly w,ni)<| like to !>o. It wn.s hard for her to bnroTllo: iir-«-iif tnmod In oatlnK hot- dogn, hiunliui-KH, and niiiHinrd, "iir style. Her tnn'.n In other thinifs has also become Amerinni/.od. Hhe onjovR daneini!. p-.pvilar music miiKnzliicH. <;uch IIH -Minn Am.rl- Co." tin<] itportn. mn-h n n hnxiini- bnll and soccer. Th)» j;! n:i much to the 1'ortUKul in. bttv«> v »nil d Movlon arc lior favoriln amu,«;ment. She fnvor' munlcn.1, nnd Portuirues- Hhe In n mi-mt»er of thp Hlmlllen-1 Club of NntlK'ttllrk HclliK.I. Fellow •stiidontH. do vrju tilzii the Sophoin/nf ,-(,•! („ I nm n-fi-i-i Inn (Vriainiv ynu do Khe IB Virginia Mni|!up<. Concratulntlon.*. VirRlnln! W< wlnll yo.j Inch ,, m | n , nv vrillr |)fl lio a hii;<py on,- h.-r,- )„ y, r f; s A -lonn I>'-ntrvi-] Unr Kami- proplp of en 1,1 u , mnnnn of mystpty. rer > w h r i Sophomore Staff ICdwnrd Delnnny. flinmllei fMilton l^,t n Cmlmwultl Hoy Htmson, Joan Lonis.Vol, Dnrlono Nehion.lCmllv Pottnr r i rtI ^ Pr ° R|T ERS: Dolores A<junv:n, Mnrcln 'H/utter. Clarn UrbronJI Loin DoCnrlo, Hobort Orele. Ilaymund Hnnley. Cynthia Hollm l>-ona iC.ikn, Barbara Kftlnoy, Juno Ixiyer. Charln,, Uodmnn. iJnrlnnn^ Ht.,l,r» . Tburnton, f.?hnrlottn Wood M ^ 8 , H ADVISOHH: Mr. Hnymond K. Kol.-y, Miss D,-)la 31 JJyber K Mi'H. Frieda 3te|;orwa)d. y»«'fc.

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