Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 28, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1895
Page 1
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VOL- XX, TRANSPORT. INDIANA- THURSDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY'28, 1S95. . 51. The War Between China and Japan! Has not interfered with the auburn skinned, dark toothed maidens who 11 id the- contracts to \veavo our Wash Silks and Was! Taffitas. They have don.-tlifir work well and cheaply and we are prepared to show u. superb giirliering of tin-be goods. This airnct hamlliriff navr-s many a. profit. Any one can have a sdk waist or silk dr.** at our price. They are made on Hand L™™!'* 1 l dye iiad of course we guaranty them to wash. Wash penoctly. have them, Odd Skirts and Shirt Waists. CONGRESS;' Both Branches Hard at Work During the Closing Days, today und the skirts will soon ging, gored Jn Serge, In Borel. In Crepon. -ilv afford one. They are so handsome and so cheap. AK13 WISH/OMB, in fact we will be glad to show you ;K^^^^ more of it in «• f" w days. Busy Bee Hive, Yon can ea- YOU 409-411 Broadway, 306 Fourth St. Call and See! ^egiga HVJSie BoxeiT Play Thousands ol Tunes by moan* ** W 0 ||nde»ifuctibl« Metallic DUkJ- ' fpuriH & Vol"" 16 "' ToneUneqg|°^ The wonderful Regina Music Box. Will play any tune. I am agent- for Logansport of the genuine, also the new things in Gold Belts, Collarettes, Buckles, Czarina Pins, Butterfly Hat Pins, Side Combs, Hair Pins, Watch Pockets, Ladies' Guard Chains, TGold Bricabrac, Spectacles of all kinds fitted to- tho eyes. 30 years' experience in Engraving and all kinds of •work done to order at D. A HAUK, The Jeweler and Optician. 410 Broadway. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical 'method that has civen wonderful results. " T Don't forget that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Long Troubles gets the remedies to the diseased spots and cures wnem everything else fails. Call ard investigate anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, Atsihe Medical and Surglcalilnstltnte. 417 Market Si, - - Logansport. Ind, Pension Report Agreed to in House —Senate Considers Sundry Civil Appropriation Bill. WASHINGTON, Feb. 27.—The house joint resolution directing- the suspension of bonding privileges in regard to articles shipped to tho free zone m Mexico, with, the senate amendment, was laid before the house. The senate struck out the limitation of the operations of the joint resolution to that p:irt of the zone from the city of Laredo to the Vaciiic ocean. The senate amendment was concurred in. As agreed upon, tin; joint resolution roads us follows: "That the Secretary of the treasury beiu^l is hereby au- tho'rb.cd and directed to suspend the operation of section 30UO of the revised sUUiiles in so far as the same permit.-, c-oods wares und merchandise to be transported in bond through the United Slates into the. free zone o. ilexico so long as the Mexican free zone 'aw exists, provided that nothing herein contained shall be construed so us to prevent the transportation of merchandise in bond to be delivered at points iu t!ie territory of Mexico beyond the limits of said free -/.one." 4. substitute for the senate oil! amending' the act providing for the i-ecjtiun of u. public building m. Chi- C-K-O was adopted on motion of Mr. Durborow (dem., HI.) authorizing the secretary of the treasury to accept the best bid offered _for the removal of the old building. IVimion Report Aproed To. Jlr. O'Xeill (dera., Mass.) reported the agreement of the conferees on the general pension appropriation bill for the year 1S%. There were three matters in dispute upon •which the agreement, as explained by Mr. O.Neill and Mr. Grout (rep., Vs.), was to the following elVect: ] -o u:u,-!i or ihs r.ct of 1800 .is prohibits tho pnyir.uni uf ;x.-:iMu.is to iion-resiileais !s re- '^-''K'': u-. ni:-.tlo t.-: local cx.-.roininB boards HIT nui to'iv ny-.-n lu public Inspection. •I Til.' miniMii:!. r.ioofsixiIoiUrsaiEOntli Is'.iot u. :i;i;,lv f :my p.-nslonaUle period prior to Hie j):iss:i,-o of t!;u bill, add no reratiog is to be muilo on account of ksiuloption. Tlie report was agreed to—ISO aj-es, 12 noes. Tbeliouse then, in committee of the whose, entered upon the consideration of public building bills, a site for aaiew government printing otlice in ^ ash- ingto'n being' the first measure called up. TlKi LlllH.r J3I11. A synopsis of the main features of the licl'.ann labor bill, providing for arbitration in case of labor disputes, as passed by the house. Tuesday, is as follows: Tho purpose of the bill is to provlilo a toonnl or coaciliinioii, cunsisiliigr of the comnils- sloncr of l»Dor iiuil tho cUalrmaii of the In- tcrstato coinincrco comailsslon, whose duty it shall bo wheu u controversy caucernlng vaues, hours of labor or condiliasis of cm- ployraont arise bntwecn a carrier under tills net and tho employes of M:eh earner, seriously liHurvuDtliis or thrcaicniiiK to lnier- rupt the business of siiid earner, to pin. thcm- Bclvcs in commun'.catior. vltli the parties to such controversy and shall use their best efforts by mediation and conciliation, to ainlca- blvsi'tt'lL-ihosauiu; and. if such efforts shall bo uusiu-eossful. shall at once endeavor to bi'lii!,' about an arbitration of said controversy bv submlttini; tlie'saine to a board consisting of ttirce norsons. one to be chosen by tho em- ployes, ouo by Uio employer, and those two telectlnc l hc ihlvd. S'-niito. WASHINGTON', Feb. 3T.—The reading of the journal of Tuesday having been dispensed with, and there being no morning business, the sundry civil appropriation bill was laid before the senate. Several small amendments were offered to the sundry civil bill and agreed to. including the following: ^Appropriating £25,000 for a hospital at Fort M'ea-de, S. D. . Tlie Gorman amendment for the issue of SIOO.000,000 of 3 per cent, certificates of indebtedness and requiring United States bonds to be offered to the public for twenty days was then taken up, it being section 2 of the bill. Senator Berry (dem., Ark.) made a point of order against the amendment as general legislation on an appropriation bill. Senator nill (dem., K- Y.), before a decision of the point of order, moved to amend the' amendment by adding the words: "And hereafter all treasury notes and United States notes that may be redeemed shall not be reissued, but shall be canceled.' 1 A long discussion ensued on the point of order made by Senator Berry and the amendment offered by Senator Hill, Senator Gorman leading in the debate in speaking to his own amendment. He submitted to the senate that it could not afford to adjourn until provision should be made to meet an expected deficiency, unless congress desired the issue of 4 per cent, bonds, running thirty years, or 5 per cent, bonds running ten years. Think! Thcr« Will B« » Shortage. Senator Gorman said that the answer made by the secretary of tho treasury to the resolution of the senate (as to the condition of the trewrary) was, on itafxse, misleading. It had b«ec g-ot up by clerk* and bookkespers, and had not had the close inspection of B« ttwnffht tut the secretary was mistaken, ana tliat at the end' of the fiscal year on June 30, 1S03, there would be a deficiency of 500.000,000. It is not wise for congress to adjourn, he said, "leaving the treasury department with the open declaration made by the president of the United Slates, that, in an emergency, he will continue to sell bonds. Tliat is too expensive. It is piling up a public debt iu a form that is distasteful to the people of this country." lie did not criticise the president for the action he hud taken, buthe wanted the policy changed so that congress should provide sufficient money, thus leaving no excuse to sell bonds. After a long debate, Senator (.iorraan, recognizing the impossibility of having action on the amendment providing for the issuing of 5100,000,000 of treasury cerUfieai.es to meet the current; expenses of the government without endangering the passage of the remaining ^appropriation bills, withdrew the amendment. .Unvo tho PivHitlciit.'* Approval. "WASHINGTON, Feb. 27.—The president has .signed acts to provide for the examination and classification of certain mineral lands in Montana aud Idaho; to authorise the construction of a bridge across the Missouri river in Dakota county, JCob.. and in Sioux City, la.; and to authorize a- bridge across the Yelloufctoue river in Dawson county, Mont. ? . MARTIAL LAW IN CUBA. Tho Cnluippy IsHiiHl I* AKiiln Moiun-'ocl by Ki:bol». HAVANA, Fob. £7.—Martial law has been declared here and the police and Spanish garrisons throughout the island are on the alert to prevent an uprising. Slight outbreaks have already occurred at Cienfiicgos and Mantunzas. At the latter place three Cubans, patriots have been arrested und t, small quantity of arms seized." The coast guards on land aud gunboats by sea are patrolling the coasts to prevent the landing of filibusters from Florida, Honduras-_or Costa Hica, Spies in Tampa and Key •\Vcst have reported unusual activity among refugees and have forwarded some information of IL general con- •spiracy afool. The government seems to fear an insurrection and is taking extreme measures to stamp it out. MADRID. Feb. 27.—It is reported here that the disturbances in Cuba are of a serious nature. The Spanish government, however, denies that it lias received information that the twenty- four persons reported" to have been arrested in Cuba have been summarily sentenced to death. FOR A NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. IiiHtltntlon to Which .Studisnts Will Ho Ail- mltti^d >>y Compotltlvn KxiunlnnUou. WASHINGTON, Feb. 27.—Representative Haider (Neb.) hits Li traduced a bill to establish the University of America, in ' which each state, territory aud congressional district shall be entitled to an equal proportionate number of students, • chosen _ by means of open competitive axamiua- tions. Instruction in all. branches is to be given 1 and facilities furnished for scientific and literary research aud investigation. The government of tho TiniversiU- is to be vested in aboard of twenty regents. J.I Ilnne CI'.:tiiE A«CPpts tin) Illsslnn. LONDON. Feb.-27.—A dispatch to the Times from Peking says that Li HUDJT Chung has had three audiences with the emperor, at. all of which he was received with the utmost, cordiality. T!e has definitely accepted the peace mission to Japan, which he was urged to do by the various foreign ministers. The details of the mission or the meeting place of the envoys has not yet been decided. StiirH Full In J-I^ip.-t. CHICAGO, Feb. 27. —Chief ISrennan issued a ukase discharging 211 patrolmen from the force. This wholesale dismissal was the result of the finding of Messrs.' John W. Ela, Barry Kubens and John II. Hamline, who compose Mayor Hopkins 1 police commission, and who conducted a civil service examination some time ago to test the efficacy of the Chicago police force. JSvunn Lo»e» Votes. ROGEUSVJU.E, Tenn.. Feb. 27.—The committee investigating the Evans- Turney election refused to allow Evans to show that all voters had paid their poll-tax prior to November. Turney alleged that the tax'receipts were not presented at tho polls. The ruling throws out seven districts of Hawkins county, which gave Evans pluralities. Grip Epidemic In Lynn, MHSS. LT>"X, Mass., Feb. 27.—An epidemic of grip prevails in this city to an alarming extent, there being at present at least 500 cases. Physicians have reported upward of 200 new cases since Friday. There have been many fatalities, especially among aged people. Big Sonw»)l<le» In Colorado. ASPE.V, Col., Feb. 27. — Snowslides throughout the mountains continue in western Colorado. All trains are delayed. The water-soaked roof of the dugout on Louis Hill's ranch, near Kiowa, fell in, crushing to death his two youngest children. A Jli-w County S*»t- BoscoBEt, Wis., Feb. 27.—At a con- vtntion. held at Petersburg Bell Center wa» eho«en M the place for the new tounty Mftt oi Crawford county. TAYLOR STEAL. Again Brought Forward by Arrest of Prominent South Dakotan. Investigation Just Completed Implicates Other Prominent Men— Conspiracy to Rob. PIERRE, S. D., Feb. ST.—Investigation into the defalcation of Stato Treasurer W. W. Taylor has been completed, und Wednesday morning Charles T. McCoy, one of "the leading politicians of the state, was arrested and is now in custody of the sheriff awaiting hearing 1 before Justice Yarnell. Otliur rromlm-Hl MIMI Implieiitt'cl. Complaint, was svrorn out by Attor- nev General Crawford and charges La'wyer D. 1C. Tenney. of Chicago; John T. McChcsney, of New York; Charles. 11. Wells and Charles _ T. McCoy with eoaxpiriug with Taylor ' to rob the state of 5307,000: it is alleged thai, l-lioy were as far back as October fully cognizant 01' Taylor's shortage and that they conspired with him to seize all money ami property in state treasury and bunks and to plact* it where thesUite could imt find it, and that sincel lie defalcation became known they have used all-means to obstruct, the" state in its ell'orts to recover this money or to apprehend Taylor, and that the conspirators have divided the money among themselves. McCoy, being 1 the only one within the jurisdiction of the slave, was the only one yet arrested. He was put in cus- touyVednesday morning- and will be arraigned be fore Justice Yarnell Thursday at 2 p.m., when he will without doubt be bound over to the grand jury, which meets in May. The evidence against the accused is considered strong. 1'apers were also served in attaching all the money and property in McCoy's possession belonging to Taylor. Thlulw It KlUU-ulous. T). K. Tenney, a member of the firm of Tenney, Church & Coft'ecn, with oiliccs iii the Home Insurance building, is the. man referred to in the dispatch from Pierre, S. D. Mr. Ten:iey was* Treasurer Taylor's legal adviser. It was said at the office Wednesday afternoon by 1.1. 1C. Tenney. a nephew o£ the man charged with conspiracy,- that his uncle was atCorunado Heach, near San Diego, Cal., and would not return for several days. He thought it simply ridiculous to'bring- an accusation of this kind against his uncle, it was a month, after the time mentioned in the information of the attorney general that he became Mr. Taylor's counsel. HAYWARD CASE DRAGS. JU.-f.Misc Wold-mined lr Ponnililo to Fasten Crime on A«lry. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Feb. 27.—The defense in the Hayward murder case seems determined to fasten the responsibility for tho highway robbery of April ~'7. IS'.M, on Adrian llayward, the confessing brother of the accused. The chief incident of the session of the criminal court Wednesday morning was the testimony given by l-'red- llorst, of the post office alley livery stable, that Adry llavward hired a horse at 0 p. ni. on, that very date and returned it at 10:30. This would hnvc given him time to take part in the hold-up of his brother and Miss Ging and Miss Vedder, with whom he was driving.. The defense expects to show by other witnesses that Adry was seen near the scene of the robbery that night. The defense also devoted some time Wednesday morning to proving that Miss Ging had actually contemplated going into the millinery business on "xicollet avenue, an 'iutention_ which, would explain her desire to borrow money from. Harry Hayward. The agent of the property, to whom she talked of renting, and two ladies for whom she had worked, and to whom she had talked of her project, gave the evidence. A watch repairer in the employ of Eustis Brothers testified as to the leaving for repairs by Harry Hayward of the watch which figured in the Blixt story of the tin-box episode. The watch was left on the morning of the day of the murder. There are renewed fears that the jury may not be able to stand the long strain of the trial successfully, o'-'uror S. H. Dyer, the patriarchal boat builder, is suffering badly from varicose veins. Wednesday morning he had to be carried up the stairs to^he courtroom and be provided with a cushioned rest for his leg. Hold* Bin Wife Ke»pon«lblc. OX, 0., Feb. 27.— Joseph B. Chippey. an. old soldier, committed suicide at his home here early Wednesday morning. He left a letter in which he blamed his wife for driving him to the deed. He also said that he had thrown awav his watch and pension papers, to keep" her from receiving any assistance alter his death. Contraband Whisky COARI-ESTOX, S. C., Feb. .27. —The police department has seized the schooner Carolina, Capt. Jervey, from Savannah, loaded, with twenty-eight barrels of fine whiskies, contrabanded under the dispensary l&vr, consigned to parties in Charle«ton. . HOOSIER HAPPENINGS. News Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana. 1 Lack of Capital. Yoitfc, Feb. S7.—The 15radstreet commercial agency has just completed a valuable compilaliou showing the business failures ami other mercantile conditions for ISW- The showing for Indiana is is as follows: .Y<>. Asftttt- Liobitifitt. lacompotonco K; J1 f!!- s P°, Lucl; of capital ft? t'nwi^o credits ;* >'uii.ure of oilers 3 Net-loot - .:. v 'ft 241."::' :(.>;..vss :i.r«M s.soo 1.1.41)0 22, WO 1,000 -1.530 ;.«>0 S.300 Tot.nl MO fll.l-ll-1 St. C'linu: IIollli- to H.i MitrrltHl. KYA.NSVU.I.K, Ind., Feb. 27.—Charles TV-nbv, .I:'., seorotary of legation for the L'"nited Stales,at IVking. China, has arrived here and will he married Tuesday. -March J'.i. <o .Miss Martha Orr, daughter of ,l:mies L. Orr, who is the" wealthiest man in this city. Mr. Denby will return to China with his bride 'immediately after his mar- ria"V. Ho rofu.-es to give any news regarding the war troubles iu the east. Cut, OllO Ano'lllT l:> Di'iltll. ENGLISH. .Ind., I'VK ,27. — News roached'hcre from Uird's Kye of a four- handed tight with knives between Charles and Ed Cummins, brothers, on one isiili!, and Simp and John Lane, brothers, on the otlh-r. .lohn Lane and Charles Cummins will probably die. lioth are cut about the head, breast and shoulders. All were drunk. They belong to good families. SulnoMkv<,|>«T Commit* Sulcldn. ri-:nu, Ind., Feb. 27.—William San* ders, a saloonkeeper nged about G5 years, killed himself by taking rat poiMvn. The death was peculiar in that it w:is> undoubtedly prompted by fear if being confined in jail for selling 1 liquor without a license. KI.IVOOD. Ind., Feb. 27.—When Mrs. Andrew Kijotts, of this place, went to lake her 3-mouth-old babe after doing •up her morning's work she found tho child dead, having been smothered to death under the bedclothes. J-'crryboiit Sunlv. MADISON, Ind., Feb. 27.— The ice is moving heavily. The ferryboat Abbott crossed to Milton at noon Tuesday, aud returning, was cut down by ice and sank in 0 feet of water. No other damage .was done. Klll«vl In u i'lClit Over Money. RICHMOND, Ind., Feb. 27.—James Mc- Siphle fatally shot Joseph Keville. The two had quarreled over some rent money. "Both are residents of Milton, west of here. McSiphle is in jail here. l-'utlilly IturniML NOTTINGHAM, Ind., Feb. 27.—Alfred Daugherly and Oliver I.ockn-ood wera fatally burned by steam at this place. l}ropji*id D. i ;4,I. CoLL'MB'CS, Ind., Feb. 27.—Jfrs. James J5roomfield, aged 07, dropped dead from jviralvsis iu her dooryard in this city. G<rn. urnnvh »taiu« lur ino n»u* \VASLIINGTON, Feb. 27. — Another statue will soon be added to the group now in statuary hall at the capitol. It is that of Gen. U. S. Urant and will represent him as he appeared at tho close of the war in his d.-ess as general of the army. Axmialieil and KouliRil. CINCINNATI, Feb. 27.—\V. F- Allen, a contractor of Jones 1'ost Office, McDowell county, W. Va., was found in Lodge alley at 3 o'clock Wednesday. morning with his skull fractured- A gang of negro thugs have been arrested.. Much SuITcrlnc I" Oklahoma. KA.XSAS^!ITV; "Mo., Feb. 27.-Mayor Davis )ia#*?cceivcd an appeal from the relief committee of Kound l j ond, the county seat of Grant county, O. T., requesting a contribution to alleviate the Bufferings of their people. A Bin IXM« to Lumbermen. BLACK RIVKII F.U.LS, Wis., Feb. 27.— The soft weather has completely ruined the logging roads in this vicinity and as a result millions of feet of timber will remain on the skidway* over summer. U»lu» In Population. SALT LAE.E. Utah, Feb. 27.-The territorial cens-Jts completed shows that January 1 Salt Lake City had a population of 47,080. This is an increase of 3,137 compared with the federal ccnsu« of 1SOO. ' ._ OI<r.)u<Jee 01 .Tia>i>acnupieii.s lie»o. SALEM, Mass., Feb. 27.—Lincoln P. Brigham, ex-chief justice of the siipe- -rior court of Massachusetts, retired, died Wednesday roonung.aged 7Cyears. He was born in Cambridge October 4, 18J9. &y Snoirntorni In Swltmrland. BERNE, Feb. 27.—In the German cantons of Switzerland a. snowstorm^ has prevailed without cessation for thirty- sis hours. Two feet of snow has fallen and the storm continues. American Bond* GolnK Hleher- LO.NTXHT. Feb. 27.—The new American loan was quoted on the stock exchange at noon Wednesday at 5j»» per cent. pr*-. toinm.

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