Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 20, 1949 · Page 12
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 12

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1949
Page 12
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T.\C,K 12— NAtTGATKCK NEWS (CONN.). TTJKSDAY, T1KC. ZO, 1IMII THE STORY OF THE SAVIOR The Years of Growth H +—TJ (,,J ~^VBMIV Whcn^Joscph ond Mory found Jesus in the Temple, Mary said, "Son, why hosf thou thus dealt with us?" Jesus answered, "How is it that yc sought me? Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's businsn?" Jesus knew what his mission on earth was. but they did not understand his meaning. (Luke 2: 48-50.) t;oi'n. iut . NtA BtRVICE, INC The youth grew and "woxcd strong in spirit. . . ond increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God ond man." (Luke 2: 40, 52.) He attended the synagogue regularly. "As his custom was, he went into tho Synagogue on the Sabbath Day." (Luke 4:16.) BY WILLIAM E. GI.LROY, D. D. 12-ZO Now there came word to Jesus of the preachings ot a man named John in the country about Jordan. This was John the Baptist, cousin of Jesus. I PATTCNTS GflANTEl) 1 Hamilton U. Urb/lol. Niuiualiirk, IIIIH biii'n Kf'inli'cl a patonl, HH- idKiird to (hi! BrlHlol Co., Tlntl.H Mlllii, for a. moHiMi mnla) pyni- mi-lor dftvl««i by the t;. H. Piiion!. OlflHn, msnoT.dln.jj: In a llnl. compiled by th<! offlccH of Harold U. Mnnnln^. Wnlcrhury. Thn HnUiiK nlno Hhowit ihat Hloplmn OiiiiriiiiHc.hnlll ba« bnrn two patnnt-M, aHMlgnod lo •he Brockwuy On.. NnuK'i-tiick. for a i'oii|illnK for flnxlblo mrjlul bo MI and a flexible coiinccllon. ON TKIAI, Wnshlnj^lon-Tho C-I-O In pul- tiiiK tho United Offloo and Pro- jTitxidonnl Worknrn union on trial today na the of 10 Infl-wInK unlonn which may bn ouHtiul If thny arc found to be too pro-com- munlHt. High C-I-O offlolalH prndlcl: that all 10 tinlonH will bo •jxpcllud from tht! national organization by March. Snyder "Too Busy" For State Office Mayor Raymond IS, Snydi-r. of Wiitiirbury, who luj* Ijcim ni«n- tloilf-fl JIH 11 ])<><<»il>lc, Kpjiulillriin rniHlKliilr for Covrrnor In On- n«'xl Mtntii <<|fu.'t.lnn, him lit nl nil Ilia) )u- IB not n cnndldalu fur I hi' poHl, H<- wnys Dint, ho In miu-h too himy UU<- InK <inr« of Wati*rl>tiry'H mimlnliit rn Uvu (lutifiH in think about running for a Mtnle Job. Slnr.i' Mayor Hnydnr'd ov<>rwhHm- I"K vliitory In Wiilt-rbiiry'x MTITII "IdCtlfJIl, when he. Wllll n>H<Tti-d liy 18,000 votes, there haa bcnn «ofn'<- «|>«ciiliil.lon whclbni- or not hi> would bo htHirnod for c;<ivi-rnur or Homo other Hlalo po H t. BKKS 1,1 FK UOKK A pound of noni-y ntprcHunlH t n(t life work ol 1,000 bees. JAII.F.U O'iklimd. Cnlir. An hK-yrnr <.|d •Miluw l» niii-ndliiK ln'i T'liirlli <l»y III Jill! nil II rnttrKi- "f Hl-siliiii; H hfilf jmund ijf butlrr .from ;1 i-liiiin Krw-iy iil.,1- Mr,, M,n-, : l.. !{„„. •11-11, III.II ili-iif :,n.l lilln.l 111 mil- «I.V<1, wim iirr|]::i-d by II uli.n- ill— Iri'llvn, who mild hi- lii pii'KKinic (l)f i-)inr»:«- Iji-i-inisi. ,<||.- wouldn't "Inn M t.infi. ICMKKOKNCV rriAINK CKOSK LINKS— MONUF.Y I.INH.sf* WEISS BEN FRANKLIN STORK < IIUIU II ST. NAIKiAlirM E U T K U 8 Atlantic Service Station K«-rn nnd Chmtntit HU. NOW OrKN 1 . ! Atlantic Top Cntdn OH In mini- Sdc-SSc Mat a Gift... YOUR PICTURES 60 SECONDS AFTER YOU SNAP THEM Saap th« »hutt«r. I'ull a paper tab. Sixty K-COIHU Inter, often I lie camera and lift out a bcnuti/ul, bit. UMini; print ... all finulu-d, far all to enjoy right on l>te.ipot! No tank*. No liquid*. Aiyani can •lap mem . . . nxrforu can enjoy ibem ... on Chrtfttmai cnorning aad for yean and yean to cornel . . . while we can Hill re- one for you far Oiriitina* .. . coone io and ice the aioaxing POLAROID ?ictur«-in-o-minut« cam*ro (on i Krov | WILHELM,1NC. ; : 29 W. Main St. Tel. 4-0] 31 I WntiTlniry | "On Tin- Urp<<n" Old Furniture Made Into New Furniture MATTKESSKS KEMAUE STANLEY'S LTIIOI.STKItY SKKVICIC 51 Mnpln SI.. \V»l«<rliury Thono 4-0279 HOTPOINT Washing Machine ELECTRIC Company Straits Turnpike Phone 3-4670 ' Your DODGE and PLYMOUTH Dealer A now Dodge or 1'lyrnoiilh makes an ideal Xmas gift. Hotchkiss Street Garage John J. Mazilauskas, Prop. Phone 5727 Largest Selection TOYS at the Lowest Price! BEACON KIDDIE CENTER 73 GKA.MJ ST. WATKHBUKY IDEAL MARKET Clholw MKATS Si GKOUKKITCS TurUr.vM for ClirlHtnniM 2 South Main St. Tel. 4930 AURORA Grocery Store Miiatx, Grorcrli-H, FrnltN und Vi^iitaldrH I 18 MAY ST. 1'IIONIC 40M MELBOURNE FLOWER SHOP Fh.rlKls Slnro 1!)(MS Mnnilirr of K. T. IJ. 13(1 ItnlilH-r AVI-. Tid. 5225 MAPLE LEAF Restaurant CilltADIJ IlltOS., ITojiH. \AN IDKAT. SI'OT KOIl VOtJK CIIHISTMAS 1'AIITY !tc:woiiiil'le I'rlr.cs 172 MAPLE ST. Phone 4857 FOR CHOICE MEATS Stop at Henry's Market 10 Church St. Tel. 3490 Log's Restaurant A Good I'hico To Hold Your ChrlHtmitH Pnrl.y 341 r.KIIHlK HT. I'ltoiii* 4X117 Ray's Hardware Aulliorl7,i<d Dculrr 1'RATT * J.AMIWCRT PAINT HI RuliixT Av«. I'linnn 72IMI CHESTER'S Army & Navy Store Gifts for M«'n anil Hoys 24 South Main St. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES For Xmas Sec OLAPP, ROSE & VAUGHN, INC. 11 Lewis 8t, Waterbury Phone 4-2129 CHARLIE'S PACKAGE STORE Cliolci- Holiday U<|U(>rn IHI) Hiihbur Av«. — Tul. (1117 Charare It At RAPHAEL'S, INC. 108-110 CHURCH ST, NAUOATUCK For CAMERAS, PROJECTORS or PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES SI5E Speeds Wiil<5rlmry'M CAMEHA BIIOl' 21 Grand St., Waterbury Ansonia Travel Agency For All AlrllnoM Anil Kt4-ainHlilp ('oinpnnlrs Toiin. {JriilKim, IloloU ANSONIA TRAVEL AGENCY f'llpltol IJlllldliiK Itonin ttn Tel. 4585 AiiNonln - - - €onn. GIVK A YMCA M.-mlnTHhl|i UN a r:iirlKl,miiN Gift Unit will glvis hik|>i>lm»iH all tlio your round. Tim gift Mo* her, I>in|. H|»t«r, Ilrothor nun enjoy. It add-. new frlmidn, fun, and houlth- ful Ini)iilrn To<Iny at YMCA Bargains Roos — Lane CEDAR CHESTS —•— RICCARDO FURNITURE CO. 407 WEST MAIN ST. Waterbury Phono 4-0292 LEYNARD'S CHI LI MIEN'S BATHROBE and HOUSECOATS SI'/.C-H I III II $1.98 , $5.98 170 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5990 JOE'S Dutch Front Grille 75 Hprlnlr HI:. I'hono ID2W WAYSIDE Farm Market Naugatuck-Waterbury Rd. A OIK. .Slop Miirld't. FRUITS und VI<X;I<:TAIU;I>:H MKATN mid <iKO<:i;Hir;s Phone 4-9632 Waterbury RooBters Broilers Chickens Capons TURKEYS Rabbits High-Way Drive In Naugatuck-Watorbury Highway Tel. 4872 Now is the Time to Make Your Selections for Christmas of DIAMONDS, WATCHES, and GIFTS C. H. TOMLINSON Neary Building Maple Street Naugatuck HENCO SILKS 50 South Main St. Waterbury, Conn. II' H'H Wy Tlio Yard We ]lnve If, SEW and SAVE GUS' SMOKE SHOP A Complutc Jjine of KIHlllNli & HUNTING EQUIPMENT Toys 402 NORTH MAIN ST. Union City MORRISSEY PRINTING CO. 26 CANAL ST. Waterbury KorJul — IliiHlmwN VVi'ddlnjf Iiivllnlliins — 24 HOUR Hir.uvjcK — Tflrplllinn it-1118 MACK lOH.SIH.Iill TKI.. WTilY. a-1842 ^otoMIAiy / _ ••" • * j«, .. •»' CHRISTMAS GIFTS OF SOLID MAPLE 4,'l CIONTKR HTHKKT WATKKHUItV, CONN. CARS BOUGHT & HOLD BKIPPY MAQEE MOTOR SALES 250 W»l.«rt.»wii Av<s. T«l. Wthy. 4-HI»8l or Will, 1200 TAlll/S I'ACIiAliK KTOHF, Chiili-ii (Vlm.H. l,l(|ui>n< niHl H(.«rn 'I aki< Ailviiiilnun ni our IflH rriiN|i«r| HI. I' Clly I'cl-mltlci. ANN jNSIIAIt. Ti.l, f,(lli:i SHOP THIS NEWS GIFT GUIDE Valley Automotive Electric Carburetors Onncrators Koiit.h Wind IJoatorB SaloB & Service 117 SOUTH MAIN ST. Tel. 5819 GIFTS FOR HER KUN1IKAM MIXMASTKIl $!(ll.fiO OIC HTICAM IRON .K17.DB fil': AUTOMATIC TOAHTF.It . ...<> SUNIIKAM IRON ¥12.05 MAKF.U •, ANDROPHY'S RADIO Si AITI.IANOK, 15 Clinrcli SI. 4I!I No. Muln Ht. Xiiiieatiick Union (;i(,y • '.ruinit for C,,sto n ,,r» 4Q CENT|R „ ^^ w*««w««**«*'««««««**it*w*«i«««i«i«ii:icw»s«i«wia;«*ieww CHINA — GLASS Greeting Cards Lamps — Yarns Housewares COLUMBIA RECORDS Favorite Stories, Games, Music . . . For every child on your Christmas list. Available on scnsntional Columbia LONG PLAYING Records :>r conventional 78 RPM records The MUSIC SHOP . PIIONF '210 SHOP HERE AND WIN A NEW CAR!'/. '. . Emerson Television and Service Too GIFT SUGGESTIONS from THE HARNESS SHOP Ladies' Leather Gold Stamped JEWEL CASES — $9.50 Others $1.08 up; phis tax WALES, HONEYMOON PURSE MEN'S ALLIGATOR BELTS & BILLFOLDS 70 Grand St., Waterbury Tel. 4-7383 Wat-y When You Think of BUICK Think of HUNT BUICK 80-82 SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 5600 BILL RADO'8 SMOKE SHOP Vrln-H mi All - ICQUH'MIONT Tel. 4912 BILL PARKER NKWH STORK Oll><toii Gri^'tlnf I:i'llvu]i];iU mid hoxod CIK'KCII HTHKET V. E. GUSTAFSON Christmas Lights Toys, Curds, Dolls COUPON CilVKN WITH EV1CKY DOIJ.AIl PUHCIIAHE Famous GRAB BAG 169 RUBBER AVE. Phone 4996 MERRY CHRISTMAS For The Whole Family The NAUGATUCK FUEL Co. Thermostat to Control Your Furnace COAL, COKE or OIL RADIO or HEATER For The Car AT REDWOOD STUDENT DESKS $12-75 pli' and Mahnemiy ll This \Vi-«-kly Only Kilty I'll yinc II|M

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