The Richland Beacon-News from Rayville, Louisiana on January 11, 1919 · 5
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The Richland Beacon-News from Rayville, Louisiana · 5

Rayville, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1919
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THE RICHLAND BEACONEWS. RAYTTLLE, LA. JUST RECEI VED 2L vo car loads of American Wire Fence, See us for prices on these goods. W. T. HENRY CO. LTD. ' arb Wire and Nails. ayviiie SATURDAY. JAN. 11th, 1919 (r 1Z 7?" OUR FIRST FAILURE For the first time The Beacon-News, under the present management, is forced to beg the kind indulgence of its readers for failure to issue. Last week was the first time since the present editor has been at the helm that the old Beacon-News has failed to appear. These are unusual times and unusual things occur, misfortunes ver which we can exercise no control overtake us and we are made the victims of circumstances which we are powerless to alter. Last week the editor was compelled to go to Baton Rouee and New Orleans for several days on business for the Tensas Basin Levee District, j cf whiclrboard he has the honor to be secretary. Upon the day we were to Wave, Mr. Turner, who is the heart of the mechanical department, was stricken down with the "flu," and under the attack of the prevailing malady was confined to his bed for about a week. This left The Beacon-News floundering around in the storm of circumstances without a pilot or a rndder. We sent out numerous S. O. S. calls, bat failed to receive a single response. Many businesses have been forced, en account of the influenza, to suffer inconveniences and shortcomings,and we suppose we have no right to expect to be made any exception. However, we do hope that our patrons and friends, both of the subscription list of The Beacon-News and our job department, will bear with us for a few days until we can regain our equilibrium, at which time we promise to turn out all work as promptly anc" satisfactorily as we have been enabled to do in the past. HELP THE STARVING JEWS O A TRUST C WHAT IS IT? M ANY Pi in For years mystery surrounded Banks and Banking. The advantages of having a Trust Company connection equally unknown. The typical Trust Company of today performs two districts functions both under direct supervision of the State : (1) Banking. The Central Savings Bank & Trust Company gives you the same banking and checking facilities as a State or National Bank. It receives money for deposit and pays 3 'i per cent, interest upon savings accounts. (2) Trusts. The Central Savings Bank & Trust Company's Trust Department separates- into two district groups of services : INDIVIDUAL TRUSTS Services to "Perton... CORPORATION TRUSTS Services to Corporation!. The Following Are Individual Trust Functions Executor under Will. Administrator. Trustee under Will or Agreement. Guardian. Committee for Care or Incompetent. Depository for Escrows. Custodian of Will. Custodian of Securities. Custodian of other Property. Corporate Trust Functions Comprise: Trustee for Bondholders, trustee Under Agreement. Agent for lie-organizations. Trustee Under Voting Agreement. Transfer Agent. Registrar of Securities. Fiscal Agent. Further on 5- his services of explanations we will treat more fully both Banking F .nctlos and Trust Functions. If you ar interested in services under any of the above heads pleas write to, cr call upon, Mr. Oliver.our Vice-President, who will be glad serve yoa. Central Savings Bank and Trust Company FISCAL AGENT: State of Louisiana, Parish of Ouachita, City of Monroe 31 This week we are called upon to Tender financial assistance to the freezing, starring Jews of Russian Poland, Lithuania and Bulgaria, people scattered over a wide section of the world yhich has been devastated ly the ruthless Huns. This is chari-1 ty fttJfcnd simple to which you are asked to respond, and the first time the Jews in all history have been unable to take care of their own with-out the assistance of their Gentile -friends. This proposition is too big S them to handle alone, and through the Jewish War Relief Society gener al financial aid Is sought to save millions of their race from death by star vation. In the war its slf and in every war relief or war me r sure the Jews of the i world have responded nobly and gen e erously, and we uhould show that we rare big enough ! and appreciative enough of their charity and patriot-, ism to render then assistance now. The Jews constitute one of the - greatest races that have ever - peopled the earth, arad are entitled to very consideration. There was a time when to have swung from Ju- dah'a consecrated loins? was better ' than to be born a king; when the em battled hosts of Israel made the world , tremble before their martial might, and men turned for knowledge to Zion' holy hill as tfuJ helianthus turns its face to the risin g sun. When our ancestors were but lirutal barba-rians, clad in skins stuped with . gharp stones from beasts bvelling in eaves and subsisting on roots and raw meat, with no aspirations above the E crudest creature comforts, no concep-of immortality, no dream of man'a high destiny, Solon son was mak ;,, ;ivr as the stones i n the streets of Jerusalm, the Jews w re worshipping the "Lord of Hos U," framing i, laws which are to. lay the bric ': principle of civilizati a, quelling semi-barbarous people w 1th the sword. computing the procefsioi 1 01 tr.e panels and weaving into th 1 woof cf human history those impe rishable gems of Foes' m4 philcacp? 17 which th XTorld's iroest tay tran end the gtr.-ius of mortal man and n t'ast. perforce, fee the gracious gift of Cod. John M. Binion, who has been tationed at Camp Jackson, S. C.has been mustered out of the service and returned home the first of the veek. Mrs. R. Q. Etzel and children are visiting friends in Vicksburg this week. M. D. McConnell, one of Uncle Sam's sailor boys, was at home on a furlough last week visiting the folks at home in Mangham and Rayville. I have been feeding at my place : small Jersey bull yearling, the owner may have same by calling and paying for this notice. M. H. HONEYCUTT, It Rayville, La Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Mhoon, of Rohwer, Ark., were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. A. Mhoon, of Rayville several days last week. J. C. Tillman, one of the leading citizens of the 6th ward, was a callei on business at this office Tuesday of last week. There are so many cases of the "Flu" that we shall not attmept tc make any personal mention of our friends who are among the unfortu nate vctims of the prevailing malady. J. H. Etier, well-known 3rd ward citizen, was in our office last Saturday. He was on his way to Vicksburg, where Mrs. Etier has been confined in a sanitarium for sometime ond nr1prwint an Deration. W' hope for the lady's recovery. Julius Levy, who was with the Hospital Corps of the United States Army, has received his honorable dis chanre. and arrived home the lattei part of last week, and is back at his place of business as junior member 01 fir of M. &J. Levy. Julius t manv friends gave him a glad wel come upon his return to his old town. Mr. Max Levy has been confined tc his room at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ned radley with an attack of the influenza. Mrs. Levy came dowi from Lake Providence to be With Mr Levy. as v'e as two r Levy's Sons, both of whom are in th' Amy. one being a physician and an officer in the Medical Reserve Ccrps of the Army. We are pka?ed learn that Mr. Levy nas overcome BRAVE SOLDIER BOY DIES FRANCE IN i 7) 4? ' V J" -r;? JOHN L. BRICE Through the medium of a telegram received Christmas Eve day by the parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Brice, of Rayville, it was learned for the first time that John I Brice, of Co. M. 163rd U. S. Ir.antry, was killed in action July 24. h, 1918. The young man enlisted from Bienville parish in 1916, going overseas on June 2nd, 1916, from Camp Beauregard. He also saw service on the border of Mexico. To the Peopls of Richland Parish I have been requested ta take charg? of a campaign in Richland to raise $3,900.00 for Jewish War Relief .'I le suffering people are not Jewish soldiers who were included m the Lnittd War Work Campaign, but solely for those old men, women and hilircn whom war conditions, the relentless persecution by the Russians, Girmpns and Turks have been reda-. 1 to rctu- al starvation. Bank:; n Richland and dejl:-ctto deposit slip to me at Rayville. The gratitude of millions will follow the gift. CHAS T1TCHE. 0 A Rich Booze Find Albert Beach is one of the most oncst men in Richland parish. He ; demonstrated that fact one day the I Sr.-:t cf this week. He came along (the line of the V. S. & P. Ry., and I found at Bee Bayou about forty or 1 fifty quarts and as many pints of real whiskey, and brought the rich cargo in and turned it over to Sheriff Cooper. He did not know the owner of the wet goods, and no one has filed any claim,nor is it likely that ownership will ever be known, because it j is against the law to own that much liquor in dry territory. ! It is presumed that the booze was thrown off the train by some boot-I legger, who knew it would not be safe to get off at a station with sr j much of the forbidden goods, and be i fore the owner could return hu j goods was found by Mr. Beach. I o Red Cross The Home Service Department 01' the Richland Parish Chapter ha: handled 265 case3 since the organization of this Department in July, and funds to the amount of $90.85 have been spent in relief work. Our chapter has received a number of com plimcnts on the work done, and nc part has come in for more praise than the Home Service. Thanks to tht abls leadership of Mayor J. W. Willis and his two faithful assistance.Mrs W. P. Gaines and Miss Polly Balfour. For Sale Shingles, Hay, Cotton Seed Hulls and Meal. Vv. A. EOUGHTON, l-U-3t. ' Ms-rgtim, La Women Bank Depositors Women arc often unacquair.-ed with business and on tiiat account they sometimes hesi fate to open accounts at the hank. The officers of this bank are always pleased to explain every point in connec tion with keeping an account .at the bank, and we welcome the accounts of women. It is cur aim to furnish every bank ins convenience and facility and we very cordially invite you to enjoy the safety and service of this bank. 4 Per Cent Paid cn Your Savings Account in Any Amount. Personal and Household Checking Accounts. Richland Sta te Bank OLDEST AND LARGEST BANK IN THE PARISH RAYVILLE LA. i BODGE BROTHERS CARS iC NOW IN STOC The Big Dotlge Blotters Plant, after being devoted, during the var, almost exclusively to the manufacture cf cstj for war purposes, is gradually setting back into commercial production. Dodge Brothers cars have rn?.d 3000. during this vcr in c t'vj way, s is aitcsicd by the enormous number cf them parchascd by cjr War Department. Dcdfje Brothers care freir; the firs have Lot.c an en viable reputation for lor. 2 Z'-.d cicpendab!; minimum cost to iho o wner. se.-v.ce A limited r.umcer of l-hsse cars 13 being receiveJ by U3. "Write, v.ii-e cr telephc.r.o your ocie; La. All orders H will be hi'eci :n rotation. For Sale I've pot a pair cf ccr'.ung good horses) weighing1 about 12CD pounds each, p.r.d a 2 tvo-horse wagon practically new, that I would dupe; nmi n y t n a k u h h f c AUTOMOBILE DEPARTMENT Long Distance Fhor.3 LD-S vhiskcy, your pool room, your can playing? sorce believe it is one cr a', of ths ciiove. I tail yau nay. Wii you eorne, you Methodic, Lx.ptis. Catholic, Pi-esbytc-ricn, Episcopalian t'oir-c ju:t fcr the ore time. Monroe, La. No pen can properly d.Mribc th-! of if properly approached. 1 C. b.WCi. ccndiiion of these homele??, 5rr.1v ir.g people driven fror.i place to place ( the struggle with the "flu" and is now by first cne and the other o tuo pec-1 Isiprtast notice cn the road to recovery. pie of Eussia. Bulgaria, Tuvty tnd r.ev. Harry L. V.V.ton will t-.. t r T(;,r fr.rrr-rlr of Del- Germany. Sunday morning at the Preibyterian All who era inclined to sivc iiecd cr.urcn, cn inc ra.e-t tver Good, Clean Kayille. " Lit 13 tnu: f the barrier? I.; it gan. ling, .Irink-ri-: The ; missicr the co grand Ill, now CI jachsou, -'ii-.i m .- j v;'ip la'tt We?ned?"- on a business J to uiission. I I'Jra this a pc al will ie: CSit WAS wk.u nny -n? 0 : :. :: .ien; jury com 1 1 Ki.hi. nd arirh, met r; o . - Ti.uiiuay end drew : :.. i petit jury for the February ttrm of court: W. A. iBoughton, of Mar.fchsTn; V7. T. Sar jtor, of Alto; W. L. Coopor.of Dunn; land W. In. Traylcr, of Rayril!?. The gnni jury will convene on Mondav. Januarr 27th. and the otit 1 H iiry f,r the first veek will attcncl ourt ths weak b:irir.ning Mo.nicy, 'ebruary t'th, the petit jury for 1 ie ricoi. I v.tfi: will nerv? tho suc- ccdir.g wee-k. Nctlce cf Stockholder Meatiof The annual meeting cf the stock-hokkf j of tl..? Ili'yv:!!? Stale Bti.t will be held cn V diieiday , r-biui.y in tut' iiut;cti.l3 r-juu tf iiie Bank, in Rayvii;?, L.-; , fcr the pur--por;e of tkciir.y a "txi.'.rd of 'Itrfcxon fcr the triiuin? yeur uA fir the transaction of cun othtr buiine:3 a? Ki7 prof eriy come before it. H. A. HAE5EY, JCiT7 4, 1S10. t..

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