Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 20, 1949 · Page 10
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 10

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1949
Page 10
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<£xoept c*abll«h*d Kvery Sunday) by NATJGATUCK NEWS CORP NAUGATUCK, CONN. PAGE 10—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, DKC. 20, 1040 era of everybody. This time they ttre to be anked of only one per- Mon out of five. Porflonn making more than $10,000 are not lo he asked tho exact amount. Jn 1940, according to tho Census bureau, two per cent of those asked refused to answer. The government, made no attempt to prone-cull: them undurthe ucl providing a fine of $100, 60 days' 1m- prlKonmcnt, or both, for falling to anHWor. v\n I he law seems to ban queiitlonH on income, thin forbearance on tho part of government was wine. The government geln annual reports on Iho income of everybody above certain minimum lovoln. Thin Information la already available for «latif»tlcal analynla. If the government wantu to know how many porsonn arc making lefl« than minimum levels, tiie c(- i n- IUIH takin-n could Dimply auk: "Did your family file an Income tax return hint year?" Telephone* Z22» and t*t» All Departments Untered aa ••coed clou matter at the port office In Nnuifdtuck. Conn. BUBSCRTPTION RATES Payable In Advance I Month ...ll.»0 1 T»r ,...tU.eO Member: American Newspaper Pub. Aa*'n N. K. Dully Newspaper Put. AM'D Hocn. Newipnper Publisher* AM'n TUKSDAY, DECKMBKB 20, Who Is Deceived? VlsitlnK In ttii! HocUtllftt fiuil- npimc» of I^ondon, Oncar It. ISw- int;. Truman's Federal Security Administrator who In the American pioneer for socialized medicine, charges that Americans arc hrlnK deceived about socialized medicine In Britain. It IH a tfroat «urcen» declared KwlnK. hut I ho American people sire bcinK told It U a fnllurc by a propaKnnda machine. Ewinjr wan "horrified" to learn that some American doctors are contributing In n small way to the British effort to liquidate HO- ctal medicine there. Why that should horrify him Is a mystery. The British certainly have Hpent Kob« of money in the paat lo Influence the American way of thinking- If American doctors are mcddlinK In their affairs now. their artlvitlojt nr» inlnuto compared to British meddling in Arnerirnn nfftiirn. If the HrlllKh nyMtem in work- Inp so benutlfully, ua Kwlng contends, why does he want to change It? Instead of maklnjj a Keneral tux levy to pay the doctors, as Britain does, the Ewlnff scheme In to dlap a four per cent - -at the start- tax on all payrolls no that Americans can have their wics. spectacles and false terth "frM>" In addition to their KJ-neral doctor bills. To a man up a tree It would seem that the faxpnycm pay for both ijlnrin. EwinK also has Home ?rhnme to keep the hypochondriacs from filling the doctors' offirfM to t hf exclusion of patients In niTloun need, but it Is fuzzy, '•••in it tin i)o««lble It In KwInK v. ho i:; tlccelved v A ' oriji'lfit naturally can Ket a lot ,.f Iri'.plratlo:! In [Condon. But v/h;it"ver Irnprovemcntt; arc to r<ime t<i American medicine will be by thi; Aim-rican system and according to American needs. If what this country tries falls, it cannot fall back on another country for financial handouts, as Britain docs. Watching- Albania As a case for cynicism, the International attitude- toward Yugoslavia In unique. But an the cold war iwlsta an<j turns In the Balkans, even the idealists will accept the expediency which motivates the West In Its relations with the maverick—and presently anti-Soviet—Tito. Time was when the United States encouraged the United Nations to denounce Yugoslavia, as well as Albania and Bulgaria, for helping the communist KUer- illiui In Greece. The Truman doctrine of American aid to Greece and Turkey was directed against Soviet communism KCncrally In Southeast Europe, but Its Immediate aim was to thwart Yugoslavia ns militarily the strong- cm and most dangerous of Greece's three northern neighbors. Since Tito has fallen out with the Kremlin, the United States has included Yugoslavia in the spirit if not In the appropriations of thn Truman doctrine. An a matter of ethics perhaps, other means are being found to get material American assistance to Belgrade. As for the UN. the United States, as prime mover for the West, has encouraged an about- face In favor of Tito. In evidence, there is the UN General Assembly's recent decision to apply an arms embargo on Albania and Bulgaria but not on Yugoslavia - to shut off "unlawful" Asnlwt- nnce to the pro-Soviet Greek com- rniini»ts. Thin embargo actually l« focused upon little Albania, whore the Russians maintain a comparatively huge military mission an well 0.1 air and submarine bases on the Island of Siiscno and in the harbor of Valona. As Russia's Gibraltar on the Adriatic, looking out on the Mediterranean! Albania represents the western- n-.oxt output for potential So- vlrt aggreimion. In any event anti-Tito Albania is on Immediate threat to Yugoslavia and a long-range mennce to Wcnti-rn contrr>l of the Mediterranean. Census Rep. Clarence .1. Brown of Ohio protests against the proposed queries on Income in the 1950 consun, and his protests are well founded. Apparently the Census Act bars the asking of questions about income, and there seems to be no good reason why the Census Bureau should want to ask them. Similar protests were unavailing fn~l*4O i " who'n such questions were asked by census tak- Do You Remember? One Year Ago Jerry I,ahrlola ncored 2(5 points to puce NatiKHluck High to Its third straight victory, a 50-30 triumph ovorWIIby. Joe Tamsny scored 10. Santa Glaus arrived in the borough for n prc-OhrlstrmiH visit, landing by helicopter In the Fool- wear Plant parking lot. His visil was arranged by the NEWS. 20 Years Ago Edward Wllcox was elected Chief Ranger of the KorenlerH of America. William Danaher was vinitlng with friends In New York city. Household Scrapbook Mist will be pi-ovonted from form- Ing on eyeglass if 'the following solution Is used: Mix olein-polaiih soap with about thrun per com. glycerin and a small amount of oil of turpentine, and polish the lenses with this solution. Nulln In I'lusler When driving nnlln into planter, that annoying crumbling of the plaster can be avoided by first, putting the nail Into hot water for a few mlnulen or dipping It into melted paraffin. "Pic C'niHt If the pan In warmed before tho midorcrust of a pki IH put Into it, the crust will not become soft and soggy when It. In baking. Look And Learn 1. In what, iilnt.e In the center of the U. S. population? 2. Where 1« tho highest active volcano in the world? 3. How many Ghrlstlan denominations arc there in the United Stales, 89. more limn 200, or 40? 4. Which four Presidents were governors of New York Slate? C. What part of the cat IM the seta? Annwers 1. It has been In Indiana but Is expected to move westward lo Illinois with the taking- of the next census In 11)50. 2. Colopaxl, In Ecuador; HMH.'l feet abovo sea level. 3. More than 200. 4. Van nitron, Clovoland, Theodore Roonevell, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. 5. Whiskers. High School Toncher Delia Nyberg won't be singing Chrlnlmns mrolH for a couple of dityn. .. Minn Nyberg hao a bad cane nf laryn- Kltlii, . . Klmer Regan's new home on Kuhher awniK 1 In M rcttl palace. .. Jack Giirliind In vlnlllng hill parents, Mr, anil Mm. John for the holidays. . .Jack In now a confirmed Cnllfornltin . . .Staff Hgt. Ned Hoey Is homii until the flnit purl of January, on holiday furlough. .. Tin- I'odl Office ChrlHlmitN Htuff, Inc.ludlnir HOvoral veterans, Is a very military - looking augrrgii- tlon . And the National (iimrd triicliM, jeeps and trallm-H arc mc- meiitoH of former days to mnn.v of them . . . Ed Routs'. Is driving about in a nice now car... A junior at Iho Unlviiriilly of Corinerllcui, Ifid liven at 4-I Ward street. .. Vln Cuddy, Naugalurk native, now banket-hall coach at Providence collet,'!', ha" had one Chrlnlmaii present already. .. Tim victory over Rhode Island Slate that his kldH gave him lasl, week... Vln'n H(|imd linn won five fvlrnlghl.. ,. They don'l play agnln until Jan. Work IN really progri-Hnllng at Naueawnm... T h it new bridge across l.oliciiiradmv Hrook IIIIN. advanced lo tho NtuK" wlinrit It IK passable by pedestrians... A chorus of Happy I'.hUnlny lo You uurly laitl Siiliirdiiy morn- Ing reminded Mrs, Frank PCJIM- lt-e thai it, wan her birthday... the youngsters )>lantn:<l it HH a surprise. TMlcii Scaiilon of the piibll<i wi'lfam office In thit town hall hiiN biMMi laid up several days with n cold and laryngitis. . . A note lx» I'\V Hup!, Itlidy Amlcr- MOII... H|Minge soled nho«N \veri: never meant for dancing. Many happy, returnn of the day tomorrow go to Oil to Mctmner of Manners avenue, who'll bo cele- I) r a I 1 n |- n blrUuJay... Hergl. fioorge .Smith of the police, force .Is chewing a new brand of cough, drops (hone days. NOWH from the West C'onsl, In- forniH IIH that the former l'j«- trlclii I'biinl) IH now IVIrn. lloliert J''ri>-/,>Ki of IM Jolla, Tallf... 1-iit IIIIH many frl«iids and rolatlvcN In tho bcirounll. nhe formerly r<v nldud on I'ttrlc I'luce. BUI Krause of this Carroll C.'ul Rail- has solved our shaving prol>le>iiH .11111 IH an i-rpcrl on Just tin; proper touch for any shaving dl/llenllv. Mrs. Jim Nlns IN on,, i,f tint besl female aiitomobllit drivers 111 tint horoiiKli. ..Ilnbhy ,|| ln | H the only onn who soys It Inn't no. Congratulation*) lo IJndii Koch, dnii)fh(cr of Mr. mul Mrs. 1'hlllp Knell, nf Ikuinson htno, who celebrate* her sIxMi hlrthila.v Imluy ..Anil lo Mr. and Mrs. Michael I.ungello, of Ma|>le street, who celebrated their llth ucddlng unnlverNury I>ec. IfS. \Vhlle sending out (!Hriln, why not drop one lo lilll l.anilierl?. .. The NaiiKutiiek High nehnol Junior and member of, the Unrnnt anil <.rey banket hull team, IIHN a birthday iMimlng up Hni?. HO. Nunii of St.. Mary'n Convent were guhsln yeulnrday afternoon at a C'hrlstmaH party.,.Mr. and Mr. 1 ). William Ford Fnlrvlew avo- nue attended tho Un'lverslty of r'onri. Xman dance at Baybrook, MUforil, l!i«l Friday night . .Alnn trlipplng fhc light fantastic al | he name line affair worn glamorous 'Dorothy Ijiijrunu. and George O'Toolc, If the rush of Chrliitmaw par- lies conllnuen, Henry Hack! won't be In Hhnpr to .carry out hla roln nf Santa. Cla.u.M , Hcinry lit Inning weight on lh« many John . .And let us nny rlgtit hero that Henry diien rui line a JoJ) In the Santa oitslgnment as any of tho prof(!Mnlonal« (wo'vo fit in. Frank I'eitNleit celebrate! » birthday l>e<'. 17 ,..Mr«. Itimii Itonteinpo, of HolchUlsH street. ulHo f!i'lebriiteil a blrthtlny r<^- ccitlly. . .Mrs. Jainen A. Reynolds, of Qulnii NtriM-t, c«lel»r»t- ei! the IHIh ,. And today ron- KriillllutlonH will Im III order for Mrs, Ali*x Siworxjim, of It(5 .Irthn- HOII street. (•her lilrthdiiyH on the lint are.: Hetty ItiLi-Uvcll, of iMIIIvllle live- nllr-, TJec, 22.. .John GolhTiorg, or Oalt nlrcol, T)(«. 2I...Con- Kraluliillonn. . . And tho name for Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bonson of Shlrle:y wt.reel who will cnle- hrnli! their 2(lth woddlng unnl- vur.mry Ouc. 211. Tlckeln for the Snow-Fall Ball, dancu nporinored by tho Nanga- Uick High Hchonl Menlor c)ai!H i to hi; h(dd r>ec. .'10, are now on mile, according to Hoger Currier, clafla 7>rcHlfl<!nt ..... They may bo obtained from Roger, Ray Roy, jtrujret.M chairman, and Ken Clymer, Don Hmivniin, Barbara Mc- KIIO- mul IJIU White. The dille for the meet between Niiug ill uek anil Crosby him hern chaii^ml from l''el>. «r. In Feb. 28 . . . Thn meet will bit unit of thn Ihrito big omm for tint local inemieii . ,ln thriMt yearn, IVuiigattick has yet In hnnt t.hit Ivy swlmmitrs, the only team they have been iiiiiihln to beat. . Tint other two hltf ineetH will bo with Hartford Public and Sacred llearl. We've received ;i Christina*) card from Allen Sylvia, of the U. S. Navy ..The local youth a veteran of service In the Army during World War II, In now a radioman third class In the Navy, stationed in Morocco... Ho has been In the North African country for the past 14 months, but that hii-xpe«I.H lobe homo on Inavo Mornn limn nuxt month, ...Ills address is: Allen Sylvia, )UK!, NAA-Navy No. 214, O. C. A. Unit No. T!.'i, Care of FPO, N, Y. . . .He In tin) HOD of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sylvia, of I^ewlH Htrcfit. IRAN CURTAIN? %mm^-., ^^f^y^&^&^^ji^^^^' '^3<> ^ WALTER WINCHELL In New York TIIK H Anns OF BIIOAIWAY . .Hl.ephon Fonler died broke In IJollflvuti arid mituhlltihud a leK«nd thai all songwrltera are vagabonds. I. Berlin, Rodgers and Hammor- Hl.eln_ O. M. Cohan and othern havo proved It a bolter Irndn than bank- Ing, but, Iho legend BOOH on that Tin Pan Alloy baofrla boats Its toll- em nl.ralitht lo Iho poorhoune. , . ABC'AP, the BonKWrllern' organlaia- llon, han nuulo them cnpltalluUi, with nnnultloR yet, A gong earntt with every public playing, making It belter than a bond. Tho takings from radio, records etc., pile up to give the makers llfo Income. A high- ranking ASCAP-or can grog up any evening and Bottle hln tab with royalties from the joint's Juke-box, ...I. Berlin, the smartosl of the mlnnimlngers, hasn't had his life celUiloldnd yet. Mo prnfurn blogti of hl« «onK«, which run Into more sales than an autobiography. He's the only song writer t.hero IH who owns all tho rlght« lo hln entire output. Songwriter* live In their own world. Goortfit Meyor, coiner of many hltn, WHS »tudyln»r a hornfl slipnt In I.lndy'o one night when a couplo of Loglonnulren, here at. a convention, cume In and gut warlike. They went, around anklng everybody: "Wharo wan you In 1B17, butldy?" Meyor never looked up when tha query wan put lo him. "In 1917," ho ropllod, "I wan with tho music publishing firm of Waterson, 13crlln and Snydor." When thn W. II. & B. firm went bankrupt, Jack Mills houghl Its assets in cloned bidding for 14GB, which made It a producing oil well. The Mllln flrrn now aokw and j, r etH $25,000 for every one of tho nongH in that batch when used In a movie. .Illnm.y Wlllkitr, uho never gilt ovor tho lonxlng lo wrlto hlln, al- wayii pretended ho had. "I switcher! to polltlcM " ho said once, "because thnrn are moro votoni than ulng- ers." Whnn Sammy Cnhii, now one nf the acns of Hollywood, was hunger- Ing around HanMon'n, an nffort of his wna promised a plug by Ouy Ijorubar'do, then feeding the hot- lost wlro on the Ouy always demanded first shot. Interviewed on Marlln Block'n Bhow, Sammy bogged off playing Iho song because of tho pledge to Lombardo, but, liking hln lyric, yielded to Block'n flatlery to pipe a chorus. Mm Lombnrdo, who was listening in, promptly phoned Ouy she Imdn'l married a band load' who played anybody'!) MocondH, Mont KongwrltnrN ciin't help what they are and claim words and muitlc grow .out of them -Ilko hair. Gone Buck, however c!uim« hard t.imon produce them. Men without funds nit around home, he narra.1- (•<!, llHlimlngto the radio. Thn mlsn- iiii tnuntn pop thai he oughl to bo aHhumed not to bo able to top the radio fare., ."HulMiit. on thn Rlla- ruh" and "Threu Uttle FluhciM In an Illy Blttlo Poo'." What come» out of that, ijlbe IM usually worm;'than poverty. Billy Tlonu, on the other hand, turned bard with malice aforethought. Ho studied pturt. hits, like a Galloper, a.nd carncv nip wll.h a cotn||)o»lto click, and clanged if hn didn't match it ujjaln und again ..But Ra.y Egan, rhymmtor for tihe lalo Clck Whiting, could have saved HOMO all that study. Ray »ald: 'When I want an 'up' song, I put a blue Wrd In It; when I. <fcint a love »ong I write u. lonig llrtt of promltwit; for tho torch song I filart pitying myiself." Onn of tint hlKirtwt omtwhtm of all was a Illlcr-ln, ii.ppca.Hlng a star. When Danny Kayo, then a nobody, soemed to bo prancing off with "Uidy In tho Dark' In the tryout, belt, CJi>rt.rudo Lawrence wan u'blo to control her 'happlnons. 80 Ira Qonihwln and Kurt Well Ingtged backstiiKe wl't.h a new iinng. Ther name of tho while flag wan "Jenny." Tint .Fill,, Rtym, Hit, "Ol|lloUn." In "Oenllutnon I*rofor Blonden," han an unprog-rminod. co-lyrlcl»t.. Mile. Nicole Franco, from Iho dancing- chorus, gave It Uie I'Yonrth It'fi nplkkod in. l^eo Hobln .nuppllod Iho ICngllHli voi'no thai La Franco matched Up. In her own loiiR'uo, rhymes and all. Kin Ing- Uio fini-ly diiyn of the- talklm, v/hen every mnvlo had a them^ « on K. a film brain summoned a. word-and-<muHlc pair and ordered a thomor on Mmigrhiun'M "Of Human Bondnigc." The words man frankly confessed that he didn't. Ihavo thn dliwiient Idoa of what, Hhn (ttii, jjhi'iiwiy mwint .. "Don't ask rms," «Hdonlop'ped the brain, "I can't road a note of mu- Mlc.' Homn Hollywood oompoNem wnrn oarolln'g It up one night when tha kid who handled tho muwlc box llcklnd off a catchy llttio womo- Ihlng by Beofhovon The group went Into the usual "ohn" nnd "ahs" over tho master until It wan notloml Hint one wwn't cihoerlriK. "It'd bo In the wornt ponslblo ti.Hl.e for mo tol;> pralno ft," ho ex- plalnod, "It has so many of my own nolen." Thnrn'n no rivalry florcer than the Hongwrltoi-H 1 , mleanlng noliody |Ohristma B Gifts for the Home; Water Heaters Kitchen Sinks How About Your POWDER ROOM? . | Geo. Wigglesworth ] ; & Son, Inc. ; Maple St. Tel. 5263 24 Hour Service goto joalou* HO fait. A publisher, who had Invited ono of hi* a«o carnpottorM, to an early performance of "South Pacific," began to worry that he was rushing things. HJo oxplalnod: "Poor chap'* con- vale»oliiK from 'Klmi MB, Knl.e,' 1 " The »m»lflUf Mtigwrlter In Hol- lywood'B ocftrloiit nightmare, The iiludloD won't tyvon open an envelope that glvon off tho fraKrnnce of a m>{\K Inislde. If one of tho npurnod numtoer to paralleled later, H'n a clnoh for a lawnhlt. Once a naogul sug^rcrtod that they might be pawing )»f> Hom« rlp« IdonJt firing- bach the contriba. But. tho studio lawyer so.i|olchod him tout. "You can get Into worue trouble BUYING the »ottg," ho counno'loUl. "That make* you an acooanory to a Tlio I»U> Frnd Fisher, who wrot« tho hit, "Ditrdanollu,"w roko up from a alub car unoor.o and heard two politicians dliwumlng Russia's yon to nna,tch t'h« Dardanollen, Nut knowinfr they moitnt the DarcUinollen Strait, »i« Hlnrtlfld them with: "Rui»«la hasn't got a oihanc«; I'm covered by Copyright." Johnny Mercer got the ld«» for "Accentuate tho Ponltlvo" from a pnychlatrlst ..Larry Hart'ii title, "My Heart Stood StIU," wa» a direct quota from tUmgelf, hln nmt words after a nmir mrtmr crii,«h In Franco. ..Comedian* are almo*t all frustrated songwriters. J«wel. Phil Silvers, Jolaon, u.11 of thorn have had a so at itonRM. Borltt'd nwap t'ho Julciewt Hooper rating ho couldi havo to author on Item on the "Hit Parade." Tho Hlnir Lttrdner-Ctao. 8. Kaufman comedy. "June Moon," -won a laugh on tho line: "Who cares whwt happon* to a lyric wrltur?" Hixm thori'aftni' thorn wore nioi'e fllcker« on tlho llvo» of i«jn.jf- wrlterB tlhan 'have boon made on Belle Darin' bod luck with man. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Please ((Ivo a lint of Item* a young woman of moderate meann might Include In her hopo client. A. A half-dozen Mhcotu; half-dozen pillow caacB; a dozen large hath towol»; 1-2 dozen K»enl towel*; n iJoxen Ilium faco towolit; a do/.im dish towels; a doxnn wash clolhn; a iliiHt clolhH; 4 linen table clothH; 3 luncheon; a dozen dinner niipklnx; a dozen lunchnon napkin*. Quilt*, blanket*, plllown, scarves, dolllea. pIctureH, vaHcs, bookn. iillver. orniiniantn of varlouri 111 lulu and it K°od cook book. Q, How does a man tip a xoft felt hat when ho la iipcuklnj; to n woman? A. The hat nhould bo lifted by the crown, not the brim. And above all the hat nhould bo lifted BllfjhUy, not merely touched by a finder on brim, Q. IB It proper to convey food to the mouth with the linen of the fork pointed down? A. ICHhor way IH perfectly proper—and with either hand, too. V-J' KKTIKKH New Britain Dec. 20--(UP) -The vIce-proBldcnt of the Stanley Works IH mill-Inn Jim, 1, lAiclim M. Knouno, who H)HO In general manager of the ICIoclrle division, had boon with the company 40 yoitrM. .Stephen M. Crown ha« hnon named to miccced him. KXI'BBT BODY WORK Complete I'mlnOn* Facilltta* Wrecker and Towing Hervloe Kfttlmiito* Kurnbihed Budget Finn AvnJIahln The Naugatuck Fuel Co. FORD DEALER Phone BZM Mezzio's Off erg:— OoM»l<it« Brake ferric*. Wh*»i All**. •ml •»<! Wk**l m>l»nlmi. Front leu' tt» Al>V. "We, THE MUBIO SHOP—" Thin I* IM-IHIC typed Sunday. De- cfinlM-r 17. I'xlim, our dmiKhlr. IIM taken hrr mother to church lo Mtn her take part In a Chrlntnut* pUy. llnrncit, our »on, nan enclosed himself In hlH room. He I* practicing clarinet and, by the Hound*, U having a nweJI time. It'll fofnty and raining outside; the do* and cat Jmvt) been provided for ... our mind wundcr* . . . It wan Htrvcn ChrUtmM Kvn aft, when wn prmwntod Ilnrni-U with hi* flrat Hmrlnrt. The limlrumonl <w»t u» tint. We ( ave him two yearn of leMon* at HM> per we*k. The total co»t of Banxitv* Irwtru- mnntal knoH It-dec, therefore. WM $871. Wa« tliat Invnatment wlm-T Without a doubt, >,.«! H C ha, | c-rBrd coordination of mind and miudr- when ldleni*« hHn«. heavy, when tciMton grown ton fttvt>i whm , trouhliMl In mind, Barnett goe. to hto clarinet. The fun of pUylng In •11" "± ><>l b "" d '* "'* d " nlrt •"'•»• HlnfttrilUywUhUie Instrument will never drnnrt him, will alway* af ford him HO me pleuure. Wtl nr « •"••«• we rave him that BUNXEE "O" Fuel Oil Per gallon P. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Cooa. Thon* *' •-SM1 ^tr~ BUCKLEY .M Bflf[R SFRVICf lOWfH lull COSH HIKE IN A sled for Billy, a doll for Jont; Amidst the wrapping, a candy cane That's falltn from the tree. A happy smile, a childish squeal, A stranger could not help but feel The closeness of a family. Close, secure, Happy, sure That coming years will bring Still more toys and everything %... They'll want as children grow. This is the harvest, reaped each year From seeds of freedom, planted here So many years ago. INDUSTRIES The NAUGATUCK VALLEY ;ifJ6 Klit Dial 1SBO WAW Ikim. 6:45 P14. ttal 1320 WTOB— W»A B:SS 9. M. Did 1480 WWCO— Sat. 6:30 P.M. Dial 1240 WICB— Sun. 1:55 P.M. Dial 990

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