Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 20, 1949 · Page 9
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 9

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1949
Page 9
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Rules For Christmas Tree Use Given By Fire Marshal! .Fire Marshal Edward J, Wc;i.-in^ loday released th<- followinK statement in regard to the safe inst<i!::i.- tion and use of Christmas trees ea. pecially in places of public<m- bly. "Hie rules. u« presented by Stntc Kir- I -ib!c with KUWARIJ J. WEAVING Fire Marshal iliiTH <.f th». A»»ocl:ii Inri Mr WruviriK nml tnr- State Kirc Marshal'* «rp as follows: 1. The tree should bn as fri'in a." puKxiblo. It Is undesiisiljli' tn IIHI; n tree that ha.x been cu: si>v- crul wccki m;o unil shows «h'.::H of clryini; nut. 2. Trei-M should he net up In fit her E j>«l! f.f w:il<- 01 ii jmll of *i-f. cuml. In Ht'mr ciisr wn'i-r should be added dill-Ins the time the tr'rrr In in u:to tn kc'j-i the bnse as moist n» poHHlbli*. 3. No lights of uny kind «ho<:M U' placed on the tree. Indirect lij,h'.- Injr by having .spot or {]•>-„) lights shining on tht- decnruto I true from a dl.ntiineo 1» UN' cf fective r,nd safer. 4. If smoking is allowed in tho room occupied by the Chrlwt- m«M t MM-, ihr-.i n mi,. Hhoitld tj,. made lo prohibit smoking w.'h in a 10 foot are_B of the tree. 5. The tree should not be install. J in the buikiinK until a. dny he- f<>!<. It is to be URi-d for :i p:. ,iv. Also, the tree should be reniov-d from the building an sum us possible after the party or pnr- mended by the MnrBhal's Office. NnuRatuck has hud a very j;ood record rcgrnrrUnnr C?iristmns (f-r fires and we want lo do eve.ryt'ninx possible to maintain the fire ju-r-- cniUlnna no nncpMmtry to priy/isit IOHS of lives anil property. | Another precaution lo keep -n | mind !M nmoklni; In More, ni-r-.m that nn> ovcj'-Klockod with . f l;ir>i- ninterial and over-nruwdixl Chrlstmns nhnppei-H. The <••<• i oiii-rtif Inn of Hlore ownern livttiill- | in),' "No Hmokini: Slunii" ami : •«•• ' <iu«"<tiii!r ciiKlnmers to ST .">'"• ] SMOKTNO in store m'niiM that ,11 1: : known in be a fire hny.nrd, IH re- j nnested by lite local fire, atll linn- ! lien. '• Care in the storage of dirialindu I H-'T'I: for Male IH 1 rcmendouMv itr- j portimt. Treo.K nhoulil ru.t be Mton'n J'tfiiliist old bulldlnKH, within 10 feet of Kunnllnn pumpn or n,v-r ofen fire"!. As soon an the Clinr.t- mi- d tree Hdllnj,' period Is ooni|>;.< ..t all umiold trees should be rent j'/c;l to u Fnfp location or burned by n re u.onv.iblc jjernon who will ;'^e th.-'t. no fin- (l)tmiiKO rc^ulti!. At thin | hue |( m:iy |>,, W i'll In inform people Ih/il HIP Ktornc.! t:t ii>] drunr< on r.-nr |mroh<>H. >:n.Icr Hlulrwnvii, and In hallwayn of tenement hdiiHKH lit anainKl. the St'i!" 1-Jiw. The land'iordH of ton'-nient house't are required to provirl- a Hiiltublu wcl] ventilated locution In the bn-niTient or nearby ntiwil wheie "il drums can be safely located. On porchi.s they block the m.::in«i :if ('KreKS f,)r other famille:! n: u 'ii'0 provide an additional bur-i- tile material Ihnt will ondnncer "fe ami property In the event of f I •.-.-•. It IM moMt ilcHirable for evrryoui. in prevent flrcn hy followlri); >;'•'»! ••..mmon ftptiMu rules and reir'.t''i- 'iotiK. Tf your neighbor i« d./i'iij .u-imelhliiK wronc, oreiillriK .1 fir" I hiiKnril. cull It to hl» altrntt'.m. Your act may Have your neinhfc •>>''<• life m- .several llve.s. The bn ; :l fim protection in none too i;"ii:l f/.r Happy Iloliday«. BLOCKADE Ilonij Konic — -Sblpplnu elrc.l< v s In HIIMI; Knni; un- Blu-ptical of lli« ability of till- Cliliie«e Nutlon- als to bottle up all [inrttt on (hi' eonxt of China. The NutloiiiillKts huvi- iinnoiiiKu-tl that ports ,ilon|{ the two-thoiiHun<! mile wln-lch of ro:ist will b<> niinc'd to prevent British and American ships from trading with the commuuislx. Urges Lewis Curb NAUGATUCIK NEWS (CONN.). TUK8DAY. DBC. ». IMt-FAOB », Many nicU.ods have boon uti.f- All{ t'SKl) KOR IHON ge"tcd lo fire-proof Christmas Alimit -I .1-2 Ions or n|r ur ( . us-c) irers but none have boon ivc.-n- in procim'llon or n ton of ])!« iron. Jotoph E. Moody PRESIDENT of the Southern Con! Producers Association. Joseph E. Moody (nbovc) i^.shuwn In Wush- Inglon looking nt o copy of the seven-pace letter sent lo President Truman urKing him to invoke lh« Tuft-Hartley Act Im/ncdlateJy lo end theminei-B 1 three-day week. The paper also asked that John L.. Lewis, United Mine Workers president, b« prosecuted for anti-trust viola- lion. (International Soundvhoto) CIMtlSTMAM "Heap on tin- wood! Ihe wind In chili Hut let II whinllc rm II will We'll keep nui C. irl vt.niiiM merry Hllll." --Sir Walter Scott Many woary c.luih'nts of Nauffy HlKh cllinh the 2I'J Hlepfi In ,'c'hool at least three tlmus dally. LINCOLN STORE THE SAFEST PLACE TO BUY YOUR NEW 1950 MODEL TELEVISION WATERBURY'S LARGEST DEALERS CHOOSE FROM THESE FINE SETS • ADMIRAL • CAPEHAXT • EMERSON • GENERAL ELECTRIC • PHILCO • RCA VICTOR' • STROMBERG- CARLSON TELETONE MOTOROLA . ZENITH BEST SKBVICIC — EASIKHT TEKMS Lincoln (0 Store WEST MAIM ST. A potentiometer "ban been n^elv- e«l by I (ID NaunaluoU Hijfli H<'hool as n fjift from the Bristol Company. This InsLnrment. valued at. apprDximately f,, ur hundred <i o l- liirij, will be appreciated by Mr. KivryeslioV physlcw clii.sne.'i during i their future study of electricity. ! It Is used for measuring volts or potential dlffcrcncoH. The BWlmminp triim will opon Un Me.-ivon on .lanunry 7 wb«n Hie/ will mne.t lliinidcii. Na.U|fy 'led fur the ulale nhtirnplonihlp In lilia nnd a. highly mR'.cosi-.ful sect- son Is anticipated. A fair percent.•n:« of ri'Kulars are roturninjr whp should serve ai< malniitayH of thu Tnnkora. Greek nnd German were once . In Nauity Hi#h in addition Ui the customary French nnd T^n- tin. No doubt, ninny students stnitrKlIni,' with the 'llntcr two lantruaire'i are R Hid that the others have been dlnconllnued. SrSI'KND SKNTKNCE (By United Press) An IB -year-oil Stratford youth u-liii wan Benti-ncod to a year In Is KOiiur to be Home for ChrlHt- . Dnnlel Foldy has served e than four months for break- lulu a K'uiollm; still Ion, At tho retniei-l of his parentH, a Milford town court judjcn reopened the (•use and MUwpenr'cd the balance of Hie sentence, jail maii nior ing K.VD1O — TKI.KVIHION It.C.A. ^- Admiral Telov! Nlori 6i>le» and Service SWAN'S IClectrlciil (:»ntrnctorB Slne.o II»2J 2ft niCOAK ST. TKr,. 1871 L rccious gifts of lasting beauty to please feminine hearts this Christinas and for years to come A Compact '. $9.95 CHARGE OR BUDGET B Rhinetton* fia ., $30 OPEN MONDAYS TILL CHftlSTMAC C Gold Fillad Earrings $8.50 D Rhinetfon* Cscii $4.50 E Cultured Pearls $75 JCUUCLCRf finCE 1896 IITEPHK fTRCCT Scan this complete list of home gift items to help you solve the problem of whit to &£ A grift for the home is a gift of beauty, utility and comfort for every member of the family to enjoy. Add extra prestige to your .Your Gift Purchases Will Be Delivered In Time For Christmas Store Hours This Week Tuesday 9:30 a. m. to 8:46 p. m. Wednesday 9:30 a. m. to 8:46 p. m. Thursday 9:30 a. m. to 8:45 p. m. Friday 9:30 a. m. to 8:46 p. tn. Saturday 9:30 a. m. to 5:46 p. m. Convenient Weekly or Monthly Club Plan Terms Can Be Arranged Due To The Fact That Many of These Items Are One of-A-Kind, All Are Advertised Subject To Prior Sale ^J Chairs Mahogany Siiln Chairs 12.96 to 20.95 MaJioKiiiiy Ni<| ( . Chili™. 13.00 to 41.50 Upholiitore-d JieatH. Malioguny Ann Chairw. 23.96 to 24.96 MnhoKiuiy Arm Cliiiirs. 16.60 to 30.00 Upholnlerud Ijeatn. Black La<!(|iiur Hide Chaiiu Upholstered StmtH. 21.00 Black lj««(|ii« !r Arm ChnirH. Upholstered Seals. 28.00 Mu|)l(> yidu CluiirH. 9.00 to 30.00 Maplfs Arm Chairs. 26.00 Ma[)lo Niile Chairs. Upholstered' Si-als. 39.00 Miipli' Arini Chairs. Upholstrre*! 8<-iitH. 49.00 Mnpli- Koc.ltcrH. 18.50 UplK>lslcred OnciiHioinil OhnirH. 18.00 to 69.50 Mahosany Army. Ann Cliairs. 64.50 to 95.00 Leather Upholntory. 'd Fireside ChiiirH. 29.96 to 219,00 Mahogany Upholstered Colonial Rockers 74.50 to 139.60 Platform Rockers. Upholslerod. 98.50 Platform Rockers. Forini CimhionH.79.B5 to 86.00 I'ljitt'orm Hoekers. Plastic Covers. 86.00 Matching OUomiins. Lounge Chtiii-H. Plastic Covers, 79.50 'Matching Ottomans. Frances Wright Chairs.'79.50 Upholstered.Lo'uugo Chi»ir«. 44.50 to 268.50 Wing Chairs.B8.00 to 241.'50 Yorktowii Side Chair. 198,00 Yorktown Arm Chair, 234,50 Leather T.nmi\go Chair*. 119.00 to 239.00 Boudoir Oliairs. 21.60 to 49,50 Boiidoir Chairs with Matching Ottomnns 65.00 to 78,00 Chaise. Lounge. 124.00 Mttple Cricket Chairs. 3.95 'to 10.50 Blonde Cricket Chtiirs. 16.95 Cedar Chests Waterfall Walnut. 47.96 to 69.95 Modern Walnut. 49.96 to 64,96 Colonial Maple, 49.96 to 69.96 •Traditional Mahogany. 64.96 to 79.96 Mahogany Heirloom Lowboys. 64.96 to 99.60 Modern Cray Wai tint. 66.00 Modern Limed Oak. 64.60 Modern Gray Oak. 64.76 Modiern Korinu. 69,95 Desks Mahogany Kneithole Duskx. 69.96 to 98.00 Mahogany Kneehole Desks. 169.95 to 329,00 Leathor Tops. Mahogany Kidney Desks. 119,00 to 259.95 Mahogany Oov. Wintlirop Desks. 86,50 to 144.50 Mahogany Typewriter Desk. 134.95 Mahogany Writing Tables. Leather Tons. 139.50 Mahogany Crown Desk. 219,00 Mahogany Longfellow Desk. 329.00 Mahogany Secretaries 129.00 to 209.00 Mahogany Creden/ii Desk. 230.50 Maple Kneehole Desk, 128.00 to 139,00 Card Tables 6P Chairs Mahogany Tables. 11,00 to 21.50 Blonde Tables.13.95 to 19.96 Metal Tables. 4.95 to 9.95 Poker Tables. 34.00 to 39.95 Mahogany Chairs. 9.76 to 13,00 Blonde Chairs. 11.60 to 13.60 Metal Chairs. 3.30 to 6.32 Telephone Sets Mahogany Table and Chair Sets. 24,00 to 66.00 Maple Conversation .Bench with Lam)). 48.00 Blonde Table and Chair Bet*. 74.60 Mahogany Conversation Benc.hes. 22.60 to 56.00 Blonde Conversation Bench. 64,50 Fireplace Accessories HereenH. 7.96 to, 29,00 AndirotiK. 10,00 to 58.00 Ki resets. 7.96 to 29.76 BnmheN..3.60 Wood Bftski'tM. 16,95 to 46.00 Tf Maple Tables Coektail Tables. 16.75 to 48.00 Pembroke Tables. 28.00 to 49.50 End Tables. 14.95 to 39.60 Occasional Pieces i Mahogany CcllnreUes. 69.50 to 198.50 Mahogany Hookenws. 16.60 to 134.50 Mahogany Credniza Cabinets. 118.00 to 239.00 Mahogany Break fronts. 269.00 to 495.00 Maple Bookcases. 26.50 to 34.65 Maple Maga/ine Kneks. 9.26 Maple Wall Jtueta. 4.95 to 9.25 Mahogany Wall Hanks. 12.50 to 56.00 Mahogany Pier Cabinets. 9.76 to 79.50 Mahogany Corner Whatnots. 19.75 to 79.98 Mahogany Ivy Stand., 19.96 Mahogany Keeord Cabinets. 39.96 to 49.60 Mahogany Sewing Cabinets. 22.60 Mahogany Smoker's Cabinet. 29.90 Mahogany Magazine Raeks. 12.50 to 14.00 Mahogany Huver.y Lowboy. 179.50 Juvenile Furniture Toy Chests. 26.00 to 36.00 Bookcases. 14.00 to 26.00 Play Yards. 13.96 to 26.95 Cribs. 32.00 to 64.96 Crib Mattresses. 12.95 to 19.95 Carriage Pads. 2.95 High Chairs. 8.96 to 31.96 rOgh Chair Pads. 2.60 to> 2.95 Chifferobe-s. 74.00 to 82.00 Clients of Drawers. 40.50 to 64.60 Folding Screens. 36.00 Carriages. 24.95 to 74.00 Strollers. 22.60 to 32.50 Taylor Tots. 9.95 to 12.95 Bathinettes. 12.60 to 19.95 Crib Bumper Pads. 2.98 to 4.95 Crib Guard Rails. 2.49 Maple Table and ("hair H»'ts. 10.96 Desk and Chair Sets. 16.50 to 36.00 Giraffe Coutu merit. 8.95 Floor Coverings. Wool-{> Oval Braided Rugs. ^Jx.'Ui. 6.96 27x48. 10.95 32x58.-15.75 Karastan Deeoret.te Hugs (Ovaln) 27x45. 15.50 3x5 . 26.50 Hand Hooked Jtngs. Oval and Oblonc lixl. 16.60 3x5. 29.95 Cotton Shag RugK •2-lx.'i(i. 4.9S to 5.95 ' ^1x48. 5.60 to 7.95 27x48. 8.75 .'ifixni. 9,50 14.96 Tables Mahogany Cigarette Tables. 18.60 UJ ».M Mahogany Knd Tables. 18.96 to 45.00 Mahogany Coffee Tables, 14.06 to 180.00 Mahogany Pembroke Tables. 26.00 to 70.M Mahogany Console Tables. 64.60 to 110.00 Mahogany Curio Table. 59.96 Mahogany Lamp Tables. 16.96 to 09.M . Mahogany Nests of Tables. 34.50 to 18A40 Mahogany Step Tables. 16.96 to 119.00 Mahogany Lamp Commodes. 39.96 to 78.00 Mahogany Tier Tables. 22.60 to 04.00 Miscellaneous Lamps, (All types) 6.50 to 120.00 Mahogany Luggage Racks. 6,25 to 19.10 Mahogrfjiy Footstools. 12.50 to 24.00 Hampers. 7.26 to 10,60 Mahogany Hnioking .Stands. 10.9& to 24.00 Metal Smoking Stands. 11.00 to 12.00 Hassocks. 4.95 to 16.50 Plate, (ilasH Door Mirrors. 17.26 to 88.46 Hissells Carpet Hweepern. 6.46 to 9.45 Klcctrie Blankets. 29.50 to 35^00 Foam J'illowN. each 11.95 Feather Pillows, each 4.90 to 10.95 INCORPORATED 91-99 WEST MAIN STRCtf

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