Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 20, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE B—NAL'GATUCK NFAVS (CONN.). TIJK.SIJAY. I»KC. 211, l»4» Waterbury ~~ Danbury Native To Be Supt. Of Sewage Disposal Plant A native of Danbury will become Kup>!rlntnndent o( thn W/i'Uirbiuy jmwnicc '.leutnittnl luicl Incinerator plant. Walter M. Kuhsch has rculifnod from a similar po*l In Chiunpuiffn. 111. offnrllve Fob. 22. Mr. Kunacll h«u been In Illinois since 1014. bf- loi'f? \»,>lcli lid vvu« In c!iur(,'«> of the Danbury plant frr cluht ynnm Mayor Itnymonil K. Snydrr liuit night cuntlrmrd the nppolniment of Mr. Kunw:h, who l» imuiagur- engineer of the Cham|>;il)rii-Urhiinii Hniilliiry Dlntrlct In lllin«.l». Contrnct for conttli uctlnK ttir sewiigc jiltint WUH awarded lust week to the F. H. iMcGraw :incl Co. Hai'tford. for Ms bid i>f $824,281.70. InclnnrutorbldxjiiiVf* nut HH y*t litxn culled lor. l*o»t Offlo*- Murk Postmoittei- Charles A. B.-ibln believes thul there Is a good chance that vho Waterbury Post Otllrc* muy do a million dollar buxini:»i this jrcar. but cnv,»hiu)l2«d thnt tho office must continue at Its present volume If the mark in to br reuched. The oHIce fell und*r tho million m.-irk during 11MH by JM.CKMI, Approximately 100 extra %vx>rkers have been added to the staff to a»»i*l with the Chi iMlniun mail run!). Two WiUcrbury bankH; t li o Flrnt Fodt-ral SuvinKH und Loan association and tlic Colonial Trust Co.. will dmtributo Clirlf/tmns bonusoH tu (.-iniiloyen. The SnvlnUN anil Ixum ansoclallon will dMrlb- ut» bonuses for the 14th consecutive year. Th? Trust Co. will IBHUC a 7 1-2 per cent bonus to all lUi Kqulpment The City of Watcrburv owrtcd 147 motor vehicles including M paaoenger cars, 08 trucks and special utreet department machinery «n.(l 23 pl«TC«ji o-f fire appurutun. Tin: police department him 20 |)iiH«fin.;<ir IJH.I-H ininudlrifr patrol ciir.i; Ilirei' IrucliH. nri ambuluruiu, pntrnl iwiwon «nd inctwr tiiick*. The Htreot department has six pa»- wniU'i- CIII-H; 27 trurJtM and iqitocliiJ pll;iN!M Or Il.pplll'l4tll,1. Till. WlttUI- dO- partiriunt 'him thr«.a pn;:Menc<'r curH arid nine l.ruokM; onxInuorlriK department, nve piuiscnger rar/i and live liMirlui, j»ark (ji»j)iai'lin«nt., lliiuc CIU-M. IH li-iii:kh liicludliiK UiicturK, n. mliovcl, cninu and trull- er. Thp Jcpnrtniunt of education hiui ihrvti l.ruc.lCH and two PILS- fii.'nsfcr earn, and the building, pur- (•hfiHlnK ant! welfare departments have one o:w each. Besides its regular :ipparatim the liro di:|mrt- m**rit hjiii thi'iti* li-ai-Hw^nKer cam. Ap(M>lntiMcnt The pout of <:en»u» director for tin' lirth Conifri-milonal t)lKtrl<:t Is virtually, certain to tfo to Atty, Walter B, Grlllln, 18» Dorchc»ler avenue. William J. Morhn, tj-lal Justice In Thomajtton Juatice court IH expected to be najned deputy d'l- roctor. Atty. Grlllln IH mild to have the bncklnK of John Ba,ll«y, I^onno- crallc Mtuto chulrniun, but IN Ix,Ing opposed by Ally. Arthur Me Donald, wihose name IHIM bnen «onl to Hunalor Brian MclMahon. lluriuxl Critically David DILeo. 18-montha-old laon of Mr. and Mm. John Dll^to, »4 Ralli-oad Hill «trcet, Is In critical condition at 3t. Mary's hocpHal. He wan admitted to the hospital last Thiu-Hday sifter he ucnldentiJ- ly fell into a jmll of hot water at his homo. His n'umii was placed on the danger list yesterday. Frisky Colt Three Watoi-oury policemen ye* tordny uflornoon lu«inK!d u frisky yoiins call, who was trotting ucroH.H backyards and down «ldc-- walku . on KiiKt Main ulroeH. • "Ilin horse wu» 1ml bock-to it« «UH on DcClccd roiid, whern it \v«* r' 1 -. covered that It bolontred to th« Oocht family. CHRISTMAS IDEM SiWMACHlNE t ftCC BOOK "101 w«x« to Save M«lT«". *J. W p i * 5.1 your copy today. Easy terms— low down payment on this beautiful gift! la Colonial cabinet— maple finish on solid hardwoods. REMEMBER THIS You get all Domestic features, including if Forward and r«v«rt* »iltch * "Sfraighl s-om" fabric feed *• Hingt foot-built-in darntr CARLSON'S CHURCH ST. NAUOATUCK Open Tuesday Through Friday Nights GMCs "Deliver the Goods" Food, furniture and fuel oil ... the tree, the turkey, the toy* . . . almoet everything that move* by motor truck mak.a Ita contribution toward a Merry Chrlitmai. Now better equipped to "deliver the good*" than ever before, tough, truck-built GMCi offer powerful, (aeolln. •nginee or famed, Z-cycle Dietel model* . . . itrong, eturdy chaeel* with ru|(.d axlee, epringi and brake* . . . out*tandln« performance and dependability, unexcelled efficiency and economy. There'* a better-built CMC for all hauling job* . . . for every transportation ta«k . . . ChrUtmaa time and all the time! TRUCKS CMC Trtplm-Chmchmd ueaet t/irce way* ... /n Appearanc* t in P*r/ormanc«, /n Value J. C. Raytkwich, Jr. 106 BO. MAIN ST. — NAUOATUOK Borough Births (Contlnuud From PIIRO Ono) SanUru and Oirl«tlni- (lud ftiir 'M'fl pliion with flvt; each. Thn II«P of the mimn Ann w'.i.h the first name appears to be rx- Iriiinely populnr Ihln ynnr. with LO Uh-lii hiivlnif IXH^II MM 'nnrinul, i,n. ; i, IK Cin-ol Ann, KriuiKiiH Ann, Kiihiin Ann, Hlmron Ann, Uovurly jVi.u, tn Ann, Uoraldlnn Ann, Ann, Niincy Ann, Cytitl I i Ann, Pntflvln Ann for four ^Ir'.r, Hollcy Ann, ICIIzubeth Ann, '-,,,_ bornh Ann, r^noiile Ann, Cl.c rvl Ann, Dona Ann, ChrlHtlnit Ann Judith Ann und Polly Ann. Of 17 w - • •" * •*•»•?» jt v.inr the prnvluiiii yimr'« mo \ ii n »>•« niimvd IJmlii, mut of thn' the moBt jmpulnr nann. wn« John, with 15 huvlnj; boon fiviin thai. 7inmc. Othrr impnliu- nJimcM Tor hnyn thin your wdi-n: .l[ir.i;|jh mill Jnlri, nlnn; ThnmiiK, IStlwnrd unil JiimiiH, xevnn; Oiivltl und Chiir.nH, flvn; Onry, Cifttiritu, Rich trd, Hnifio, lionn'il, FrunclH find Kon nnlh, four ..iich; Ruymond, Potor, Wallet 1 , irii'rn ciirh; FrcdRi'lck, I^M wt-rrirp, I'jnil, Ilfini 1 ^' nnd T'oi othy, l.wu f:ach. Olhcr NHIIIIIH Some of I hf; other ImyH v/ai (i npiiriiMl lluriild, Mu.i'k, Alfrnil, .!.<•,- litntl, flimnld, Anthony, Morr.'i Ht^vnn, Cllfforfl, Kr«!f»mMn, Alhmt. l>oii)jlitti, IKium-, inrnnnt., Normnn tlni'lfiii, Matthew, Irwln, Tiirrnnfu! Ohi'Mlflr, NfilHon, CiirloN, Ciifl -Stnphuii, Jonnlhnn, Thoodorn, 'i!'"oil Vrrnon, Murlo, IGilwIn, I liirhort Miir<: nnd DunDln. Olliin poiniliu 1 tflrJH nnnitiH tun; Anne, Cynthia, Donna, Kal'ilcisn, Mary Jano, J'alrlulu Ann, oiieh; Judith, Unda, Nancy and I'f.trlohi, throe each; Biirburu, Cir/abuth, ffillen, FrnnceH, Marlnnu, Marian no, Mnrlu and Victoria, two each. OlrlH wcro nuinod: Ann MaHo, Ablijull, Allwon, Anllii, Arlonu, /n- tolniillii, Anna, Huvni-ly Ann, Bronrtii, Bonnie, Carol Ann, Cam), Ciirluy, Cheryl, Diane, Diibornh, Dfiriithy, Daryl, Klulne, ICvelyn, ffimlly, ICrnodtlna, lBII««n, Fis.'n, Onrnldino, Oralchon, Helcne Hazel, llnltin, Ii'nn«, Joan, Juan. Joycw. Janot, Joy Joan tin, Jo-Anne, Kuth- urlnij, Kiicijn, l^orulul, t^(>rr>im«, Lii'itina, Marie, Miirnha, Mlldnjd, Marilyn, Fnnlii, Ruth, Ilnbiicnith, UIIMH, Hhlrliiy, Hully, Hliitryn, Shnron, Hiii'tt, Vlrglnltt, Robert Norris Home For Xmas Holidays Robert Norrln, ft Ntudant at th« Unlvci'ulty of Kanniti), Ijtwrnnoa, Kim., ha* arrived home to upend »hc holiday!) with h(« parontn, Mr. tind Mm. Michael Noi-rln, 2fl5 MH.V nl root, Mi 1 , NorrlM unrolled In KIUIMIIH U 'hln full to Hludy for hi* Mimtor'B D«ffr«o In Gflolcgy. Hn nxinlvml n Bachelor'H T)f>Kree from Ynl« Unl- vflmlty liiot ynitr. HOW AHQUT THAT? London—Tint hum of J'rcnili'r Stalin |m«rn down (rnm on high In ci-ntriU A»U. Tho MOMWW lln- dl« report* that hunt* of Hlalln Imvn IMWII pliuKtil oil HH of tli« lit th« region. Bethlehem, Conn., May Set New Mail Record This Season (lly Inll.'i! PreNH) The Illtlo (own of Uuthlehom, iteHllml In Ihn hlllH of Lllchfleld r.ounly, In Humming with activity nKiiln thin Chrhitmiin tteitann. Thousands of persons from New ICnKlaml nnd other BtntoD are brlnij- InK their Chrttilmnn mull to the pent (ifflco no they will bear the poMtimirk, "liiilhk'hom, 'Connecticut," nn<] onn of flvo Yul«tlde om- hlnmii, Tim n|i«RlfilIy-d«nlKnod eui- lilnnm tii'« n OhrlHlmnM tre», the three wlnomcn, an BDfc-cl. u star did u cuhdle. Po«tm*«ter Karl M. Johnaon predict» n record year. He eatlmaten that more than 280,000 piece* of mull will be handled by hl» office. .Some 100,000 already have been cleared. The record HO far wan 226,000 In 1047. I-«nl year It dropped to 1M,- 01)0. JuhiiKon nay* 10 extra poital cliirkN hnve been hired to handle tho i-unh of mall. Off-«**a«n. It mkfh unly one clerk to lake care of the nmll. JKWKI. WATCH BKAHINGH JCIjdn, II). Anywhere from five to 23 jewel*, alwayw an odd number. urn tmed an bearing* In sprint wntchrn. JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!! Another Shipment Of NYLON SHIRTS S8.95 FREEDMAN'S MEN'S SHOP ALSO FEATURES FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT-GIVING-- — NYLON SOCKS 75c to $1.25 NYLON PAJAMAS $15 NYLON TIES $1.50 and $2.00 NYLON SCARFS $2.95 NYLON SLEEVELESS SWEATERS .' NYLON SHORTS $2.45 NYLON UNDERSHIRTS $2.45 V l**********.,***,*,,,,,,*,,**,,^*,,^)^^ SHOP FREEDMAN'S - You May Win A Brand New $1800 Ford Sedan! — Car Coupons FREE With Every $1.00 Value — CASH PURCHASES, CHARGES AND ALSO PAYMENTS ON CHARGES MADE PRIOR TO DECEMBER 1st. 191-199 CHURCH ST. ... MEN'S SHO P... NAUGATUCK STORE OPEN TONIGHT, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8:45 Free Buses From Beacon Falls To Naugatuck Every Night This Week Naugatuck Stores Are Open

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