Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 20, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1949
Page 7
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Gay Round Of Christmas Parties Continue Here With OhrintnvvM !<•«;•. Hum l>vn dnVH awfty, mjtny Nuu^nluck r<;M,- ui-nl* n rr rcl<>br:itlriK tin- holid-iy with parties »nd other approprt:i.'c prosrrnm.''. Tonight nt R o'clock mnmbiTM of the choir of Itmmmui'l Luther- nn Churi-h will b (! K\ICS<IH ;il a Chrlfltmns p-^rty jrlvrn by thr Friendship Circle, nccordinR to Mm. A. Pcc.k. circle- pn>«i.U>iu. Supper will be served at S o'clock and those attendinc «vre naked to brinjf a W-cont Rift for the ttni'-- bi>K. The circle will huvc a bufi. ness meeting at 7:30. More than 70 children of Snletn School will take part in ;ho school's nnmml Christmas program for parents tonlsrht at 8:1^ o'clock In the -school. Sixty-four 'if I ho children will be featured in the choir, nccr.rdini: to Hdon Moroney. principal. Attendance K restrictc-d to pnronts of H lack of .space. The Prospect Street School 1'ur. cnt-Tencher .\ssoci.ition will sta;.p its annual j>ar'y tr>morro\v ni::ht- nt S o'clock in thr nchool. Tho choir and orchcatra of thn seventh and eighth prades will |iro- vidc entertainment rind room mo'n • cr.i of the two |;r«de:i will ho in charge of refreHhments. Robert '.Illler l.i chnlrmnn of tho party. Before thp party, nt 7:30. the Rrnup will hold a briof htiHtnfNn meof.!n,T. Thurnday ni^hi thn l'hllhitrni'>n- k-» of Nnu«.-iiucl( will itlHKci (lie ntmual Chrlutmas Carol slntj for •ill boroii|,'h rcHiilonla. The nliiK will b< held In the Hor«e«hoi'. nt. (he foot of tlu> ''hlfvh nohiKil n!op:i." wllh or/tnn nillclc to Kturt :it H 3d nnd thi) HhiR nt SMS o'clo.'l'. A lnif;n ntlrnfljinrc IN MX i >(,•<• led. Visit Home IJIHI nipht Din South bury I^itlier- an Home wtin visited by 35 moTi- i bi-rw of tho Jmmamiel Luthoitui j Church who provided refreshments And pifts of food for the lioti«j'j' jiiinlry. During the ovcnln r pro- visU the vlNltors provided gram of entertainment. The was spon.sored by tho TiUdii.s Aid Society of the church. Santn ClauH diK'.rlbutnd ^if's yesterday afternoon to chlldrnn a(- londinR tho animal party of tlu; Altar Society of S. Mury's Church In tho church h^inemcnt. Some :iOO children ntlenclcd. In charge of the group were Mrs. William Woermor, Mrs. John Kl.Mimne, Mrs. Arthur Stnuffer, Mrn. Kmncis Shea, Mrf. Oscar Wlrlh and nuns of iho church. I-iri»t nlnht si bniH.-i ehoir, 'ipon- sored by thn NnuK'itiicU. Kxchnnse 'Cluh plnyud in Hiiven noctloiiH of the borough, rendcrlnn fnvoritn C'lirlHtmriH musiic. Tho 12-pl<:(o choir played in cooperation with ;ht' trntiHcdrtion fund of ih" Attiorlnnn PedPfiitlon of Munlrintri. Ttiny toured from onn section nf the borniiKli to the. next by trur.U. Klfly. children wore proHomod by Santa Clans lust night .it the anntuil children's party of ihc auxiliary of Crusader Post, Vctcr- ann of Foreign Wnrn In tho ;>nsl. home. A xcrlKii of fcnmoii wero plnyod nnd refreshment.'* >vere f-orvod. At a CliriHlniitH piirty hold iv- fontly nt I ho routilry (Jluli of W:i- terbiiry, now emplny'ii« of tho l(n- dnn Mnriilfncl iiflnj.; Co. wore inlru. Milood. l'.ewlN A. nibble, Jr., WIIH miiKler of oorpimiiili'." nl Ibii p/irly of Iho 'IrmVi offlcoM In 'NaUK'iluck .i",l \Vnlorhnry. l-fnrold Tunihliini Mervcd mi Sniitn CliuiH, nnd Molnii .vore iiroycnlod hy 7oi?n Tlnppy .''iiil (Jlorla I'ioberKo. Tho Itunty Hufetv Pin Qinirlel, rllroctrd by ,;i/nti Palcc. Him;; Hcverul nelectlonn. Ml.1.1 Tlosounnc Slut^^inn w ia chairman of tho iirriinKciii' commit leu, riMwlHled by Ru|)i Hicn. row, Miirtha Armomit. Donald "'little. Jr. and Burdon Lowe. Kennedy Store. EmptoyiiH of the Kennedy bl.oro wore KiiostK nt n ChrlHlmnn piivly lam night In the Hotel niton, v/ii- inrbiiry, Thone ntlondiii); were Mr.i. Edward PnrkliiMOn, MI-H. Mmy Oris, Mrs. Joseph Zohneler. Mrs. Wdward Crump. MliiM Mary Mc- Nnmeo and Mian Wiirrtm. Children or Pond Hill worn jrreeled by Suntu Glaus at :i pnrty Innt nteht In Iho Pond Hill Community Club. ir.iii.muH wore plnyi. I rofrcKhmentu v/ere Hervod nrni there WIIH a proi;r»,m of onterlui.i- •ncnt prior to Kantn'n vl.iit. VMOA A Clii'lntnimi party for hoyn -mil (flf!« of the NiuiK/ituck YMCA \v!/l bo liolrl I'^i-ldriy ovonln^ itthrl.n,{ lit 7 o'clock In lint cyin, II wtin ini noimc(>d today by Weuley duly, jfrnrn .werotary. Tho pnrty i« open to children of no'iot)! aj;o only. GamoH will ho played, xi;>ur> iiliurliii; conducted and motion iiic- turofi nhown. Krfrriilunenl.M will bo nurviul. 1'Incli child rilloridliH; in to tiiko n Id nlf'i for n Km |, | m>; , Mr. duly until Unit 2fit) HIM ">.'- •pootrd to iitlpiid. Mr. ditly In In oliiu-)i-f> of \h« in- nuw'mnnl.M, im«l«l.oi.l by phyiiic-il director Krlt.x Klitintil. nnd motn- burn' of tho Y'« Mi-n'fl Club. A pnrty for ino.mhern or Iho YMCA iilnff will ho hulil Thur.)..),iy iinoii In tin- Y ciifiiliirla, Hnlom l.llthoriin A ChrlHtniUM candlollKhl H(ti j "li:f will he held tomorrow nlKhl ,il ,", o'clock In the .Siilnm Jjiithoi-m Church, under the sponfinrahlp of I lie I.nt her League.!, Tho proBrnm will open with M.M .irgnn prelude, followed by Iho pro- cesHlonal ChrlKtmnu carol Artcsto PldclcH. The call to worship will be Kiven us well ns a Christm«H ^ormonotto. Chrlnlning carols oiul nnthemti by (.he choir will be pni•; of the iiroxram. Fellowcraf t Plans Election Jan. 23 The 11.11111111) election find Installation of ulllcer.s of tho Niiuifatunk Fellow-craft iiiiiinclfitlnn will hole! Monday cvonltiK Jnn. 2.'t In Mmionlc Tumpli) en Church ulrecl. Klmer ICdlcr, piMFilden 1 !., condiinl- od lint nlR-ht'n moot inff of the ns- .•iiieliillon, iliirlni; whleli plnnn fin' 111" iLtinuiil Itii'ptliu: woi'ii 'l|«. HUH.'lt'd. TWENTY-ONE PASSENGERS nnd n crew of five escaped possible- injury when this four-eiif.:incd Constellation run oil tho end o£ the runway lit the Chicago Murilclpnl Airport during a Inndlnjf, Tho plnnc crushed .hu_l_throuBh a fence nnd stopped In a street. Tho pilot, Copt. Stanley Kasper, said thut ho mnde a normnl Jnndlng, but that h)« brakes fiiilecl, Tho accident is bcln« invcstlcotod. (International 5ound»ltcitnt It's Never Too Late to Get the Gifts You Want AT' EVERY MAN WANTS A GIFT SET! We Have All the Good Ones! YARDLEY . from $2.50 GILLETTE . from 49c HA WICK . . from $2.00 OLD SPICE . from $2.0O WILLIAMS 99c COURTLEY $1.50 to $3.00 And Many Others Shaving Bowls And Mugs Yardley'i. Old SpJco. Hawick, CouTiloy, Williams. Sporti- man, Senforih and olh»r». 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HUMIDOH OF TOBACCO (Any 5 f .98 Brand) All for ^" LI6HTIR «HOT£PARK WHIIC. W(CK< SMOKER (IGARETTE1 LUCKY LANDING FOR 26 PERSONS NAUOATUCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY. DEC. ZO, !9J!»— PAOK 7 Weaving, Sabia To Attend Party flrn Miiittlial Kdwurd J. Wcnvlmt nnd Kiunli Hitbln will hr nm<im; fhoflK ntfrndint: tho nninnil Chllnltnnn jmrly of llu- Ni w Itnvcn County Kirn Chief» rcin*ry*>vy I'liui oi'K»lil/.fi1 Ion tiiiilKh! In Oii^Klilrf. M'-nihrrn nf Hit- (*h«vihJio Urn dt'iuirliiii'Ml will be hontn m lh' P'irty, whlfih will he lii-lil m thr tillilltorium nf Ilii- 1x>wti hull. CIO Council To Name Con vention Delegate I'niMlilimt I'. .7, n/ilhiccl mi- "rmuriri'il that the Ori'iilur NtttiKn- nicJt CIO Ooimrll will mi-d Innltfht 'it H. o'clock In Ihn union hi'Mdijtmr- '.1'i'it, \Viit:t<r Htrnwt. \ ili'k'.Kitti't will hi! riamiul to Din <!TO rfinvnntltin to l>« hold Junii- nry H mid 1,1 In Now Haven. I.KAH-K The Connecticut Light iV Power CD. huH b«i>n Ki'iiiit.fid a Icanc on lin Mnplii Htrmil off Inn fur u. two year Mcrlixl from Oct. I thin your til un ".nnual rcntnl of $3,000. Th« IciiHti tins bucn fllrd for record In the •iffirn of Town Cli'rU Hnyinond .1. Si. ,;%:m by Mario V. J. Nisnry, ex- untlnr Un- will of WilJInm 1. Nwiiry. Vlvln.i N. Kf-rnnn. Wll- llnro J. Nmiry. .Ir,, nnil Thoninii Ncnry, nil nf NrtuKnttick, and Dnn- Icl R. Npnry, KrldKcpurt. to iho i>OW(-r cnmimny. 'Americas Queen' CHOSEN "Quocn of the Americas" In Limn, Peru, recently, Ann Mm-in Alvai'o/.-CtikkTon, ZO, ia shown on her arrival at the International Airport, Icllewik], N. Y., for n six-week visit In tho U. S. Aslccci about tho report Ihnt she Imcl Inherited $:i2,- 000,000 from the estate of her Knintllathor, EuloRlo Fornnndlni, n roUk'rnan, thn bcmHy tihniBRoti imcl said: "I don't know. I ouppouo I will some cliiy." (International) FIHKMA.N Ki.'W Jliwen. Dnc. SO — CUP)- -A fti-nmnn Is reeovnrlnfj trxlny from Injuries rcoolved while Ilphtln^ n two nly.rm bluKi: In a \vitrohimnc. Jjciulu Milf'ii'ncl a bmlly I/icpivttod h.'iud. The 11 r« iwopt fhi'riiiffh tons of wi.«te . jwipcf -:i.nd <!imno<t < pnUrrmtoa at from Hi mo to $0,000. MKKTmOS Tbre>- iri^itf.ll.fjfffi ;tr<> nchnrlulnd nt. (he YMCA tiKlny. Thr Iniliiii- trlwl funnel! met:!,-! Jt rt'jun In the cfi.I'c'tfi In, Hi,) i ill, <i of tho Y'n Mcu'fi c;'lti)> i>if!.,-l|ii),r ivhloh v, III IK: STAY BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE THEY STAY Clean Our hliriflH isiml.oin luiuli' with iKiw Kl'iKXArj'UM Hjirin^ l,ciii)ii'i'i'(|. iilnl.s . . . Hl'.t.llllll.V HlliHl rlllMl. . . , wipe clean \s'ith a (( |' a cliilli. Won'I, I'lidi!. Kci!|i Ilipir lovely iicwtM'SH i'or Vl'.'JI'M Ulifl yi'lll'H. 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