The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 30, 1981 · 21
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 21

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1981
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20 Part IThursday, July 30, 1981 CogAnseUflSfaneg MGM GRAND: Opening Continued from Third Page trucks came racing to the hotel after workmen accidentally walked through the wrong doors and triggered sensors. MGM says the system, which far exceeds the requirements of the upgraded building code, cost $5 million. Many fire experts have said the hotel could have prevented the fire for one-fifth of that cost if it had installed sprinklers throughout the $136-million hotel-casino when it was originally built. The devices, considered the first line of defense against a fire, were not required by the local building code at that time. . Flaws In Construction However, there were many other flaws in the hotel's construction, some of which would appear to have been violations. Although MGM officials have refused to admit that anything was wrong with the hotel's original design, fire and building department officials said the management appeared to have taken pains in the rehabilitation to correct the structural quirks that aggravated the spread of fire and smoke. For example, the air-conditioning system, which helped pump deadly fumes throughout the building, has been significantly altered to keep smoke from entering guest rooms. In addition, stairwells have been pressurized to guard against smoke pouring through the vital escape routes as it did during the fire, and a system of huge exhaust fans has been added that is capable of purging a smoke-filled hotel of all fumes in 10 minutes. Wider holes have been cut at the top of elevators shafts, which, during the fire, filled with smoke because rooftop ventilation systems were inadequate. To keep smoke from pouring out of a clogged shaft into corridors and to keep people from getting on elevators, the elevator lobbies of all guest rooms floors have been equipped with doors that close automatically in case of a fire. The elevators, in which several victims died, have now been programmed to descend to a floor away from any fire. A maze of plastic-based pipes and plastic-insulated wires has been removed from a cavernous three-story open space above the casino and most of the hotel's first floor. The plastics provided ready fuel for the flames as they shot across the attic above the casino in less than 90 seconds. SOOmg. Ml CMOS GOLDEN CLOVER CHS? HARVEST .... CCCXCsIcrackersI HONEY 39. 1 39.I 99?. ifc tool T Bone Meal ! ALFALFA s COD UVER & Dolomite TABLETS UIL CAPS ac 49U?,S1 69 Red Rra SI 99 100 e SI 29 100 S 99 100 5 500-S2.19 500-S7.49 jS EXPIRES 8-5-8TMB. EXPIRES S-5-81BJEB EXPIRES a-M1M If: :.. DnHn Uml OA lU It lldlllHI DUllcniGOl z MUril x B-6 TABLETS I TaMetS S CAPSULES 1 coo s tfnr s . mr; s &. I ,oo I S TO I & Ow ioo I 250-S2.89 a 500-S3.09 S 500-53.09 JS EXPIRES 8-5-01 MM EXPIRES S-S-S1 8SM EXPIRES 8-5-81 mm Vitamin ? gen- -min ; ginseng I n 1 A VXi mro D I sW TABLETS 2 SUPPLEMENT a 250mg. TABLETS 5 SI 39 10 SBk,S123 $139 Reo S499 100 o $299 100 5299 I 100 S IOO S 250-S2.99 i 250-S2.99 i 300-53.75 I FYPIRFS 8-S-S1 I EXPIRES 8-5-81 I eyMnca 8-5-81 I VTTAMIN 2949 I LYSINE 2999 I ZWC 2099 312 mo TABLETS 1 SO (ng TABLETS .1 SO meg TABLETS .0102 100 S3 ' .2539 100 S3 0113 100-S2 49 S9S.V4"BSSS 2898 iS 73" 57 100-S4.39 ' ' TABLETS 925 2SO-S8 98 1000 mg. CAPSULES CHEW ABLE DIGESTIVE AID '368 100-S3 99 ST Ml COUPON S 95 Protein S FXHS?BS aT. 11 1L !a.. KI !i..91 B9 (jaozSftitsb in s 9 i Hb EXPIRES 8-S-81 EXPIRES 8-5-81 EXPIRES S-S-81 5TQAC COUPON ROLLED OATS STORE COUPON mm STORE acaroni; :uILEBr"coc : ZZr FRiiiTixS FRUIT AQt ROLLS 9c I it PYP1RFR A-S-81 STORE COUPON I WHEAT GERM CRACKERS a a a 4 C Reg n JUIUt5 S AH I Mill Xe llllll EACH C HW lot EXPIRES S-S-81 49C yWW 7 02. 6 u EXPIRES NMifiiisB PYPIRFS 8-S-01 ST One COUPON NO SUGAR PAPAYA STOW COUPON SAFFL0WER i OIL ! STUNt COUPON WHOL E RAW ALMONDS CONCENTRATE 79 tC soirtlS ! 5SI KoJ I EXPIRES 8-5-81 ! EXPIRES 8-5-81 S EXPIRES 8-5-81 sensational New Discovery GOLDEN HARVEST W JOJOBA wh . SHAMPOO for healthier hair follicles and hair growth. 2 or EXPIRES S-S-81 iu purcnasc orSOe thia "Coupon. A 99C Value. CsnRM Wmf mm R St. fsncsschs STORE COUPON DONSBACH ATHLETIC PAK i,1275p5. EXPIRES S-S-SI STOE COUPON GEL 8 $5 IT. EXPIRES 8-8-81 STORE COUPON RICHLIFE STRESS cuLvnemr AOUROCK liiMkPUi KSCONOIOO QLENOALI TkieaMi HAWTHOtttSI hWLLVWOOO STORE COUPON RICHLIFE B-125 TIME RELEASE ana LAOUNA HSLLS EXPIRES S-S-81 EXPIRES S-6-S1 BUCNA PARK LOS AMOSOJS ARCADIA CARSON USUN vsua ILV.StasklOaM CCRRTTOS MOStTCUUR BnalM LM DjnUMCfMV Umiia ALSO M: CAM.SUI. a CAJM. U J0LU KstAWt S IB npii a 1 Vi a vsl D VJ a pnnn I 1 1 VI u Fire-resistant walls have now been installed in the attic to seal the space over the casino from the area above restaurants adjacent to the casino. The fire department investigators have concluded that the fire began with a fault in electrical wiring in one of those restaurants, called the Deli, and then lapped up into the open attic Simultaneously, the fire was leaping across the ceiling of the casino itself, producing huge quantities of lethal gases as it consumed synthetic-filled furnishings including simulated wood paneling and chandeliers, which the hotel management insisted were made of crystal but some of which the Fire Department contends were made of plastic. Instructions on Film With a bow to its Hollywood roots, MGM management has produced a short film narrated by actor Gene Kelly that instructs guests on what to do in case of a fire. The film can be seen on a close-circuit channel on guest room television sets in English and Spanish versions. When asked if the fire would have an effect on the hotel's business, Bernard J. Rothkopf, an MGM executive vice president and the hotel's manager, said, "People still fly on DC-10s, still drive automobiles and still go to high-rise hotels." The opening means a lot to Las Vegas' No. 1 industry tourism and to jobs here. More than 5,000 people work at the MGM, which, when its new wing is soon completed, will be the nation's largest hotel with about 2,900 rooms. Although the fire put thousands out of work, it created hundreds of new construction jobs on the MGM project and elsewhere around Las Vegas because of the new fire safety systems required by the toughened building code. In order to complete the job quickly, MGM officials once again as they did when the hotel was first constructed utilized a system of construction known in the industry as "fast-tracking." In that process, subcontractors draw up their own plans and construction begins before all of these plans are completed Fast-tracking enabled MGM to open the doors of the Grand 18 months after groundbreaking, a remarkable feat for a 2V6 million-square-foot complex. However, court records involving the original construction indicated many corners were cut. MB SA 400 III. HB vttam::ila 100 LIMIT ONE , ! Brewer's GRAIN ACLT IODINE SUPPLEMENT tri n fini flMITF i Yeast tabs s rtnr TABLETS Aft. S Afr i sis "KJ ioo i s "fJ ioo I2WW 100 1000-S3.49 53.49 JS 50&S2.19 i M&S2.19 J S-S-SI mm EXPIRES 8-5-81 mm EXPIRES S-S-81 mM SUPErXBOO mg. TABLETST HA H EXPIRES S-S-S1 19 GRAIN SUPER icriTiiiii s ddasj psulVs" I JRhTMIr caa s rnr lOmg. TABLETS one I 100 I OSIioo 1 , 3iM 500-S&49 js 500-SZ.69 S 300-51.06 EXPIRES 8-6-81 mm EXPIRES S-S-81 SMI EXPIRES 8-S-81II "''bT I Potassium I Vitamin DIET PLAN 3 SS 19- TABLETS A capsules sfe CQC 2.S1.9 S DOG SI 99 LKJ 100 Eta urn P iw SIS9 UJ 100 SX I 100 S K s Wtjaf 500-53.09 i 500-55.49 EXPIRES 8-S-81 I EXPIRE8 8-5-81 . 250-51.99 81 EXPIRES 8-S-8T SUPER 2289 A & U TABLETS 10.000 I.U. 1.000 I.U. 202 100-S2.89 CHEWABLE NATURAL VITAMIN C 2 J 1923 250-S6.98 STORE COUPON StOftC COUPON S BROWN SUNTAN OIL sp i wru n HHrail DlrC ;CI r.0 s. - ni i it. 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NO V-8 YEb-l I NAIUWL SEASOmNG S) VIBTMll JUKI SIM I SHME8g M Ola EXPIRES 1-6-81 8) EXPIRES 8-8-11 SANTA ANA ANTA TOMIANCI wes)tmsms rn SasaaiiRsss THOUSAND wirrcovwtA WOOOLANO OAKS TMDMi WVBttK. IAI WIAItWO. IAI Wan. IAHTH SIOMcfeJSfBtotiCOUPONI UMSAiTin GOLOEN I I MCE CARES Although MGM was forced to spend more than $30 million in premiums to increase its liability insurance coverage to $200 million, the disaster appears to have had little effect on the company's finances. Thanks to business interruption insurance payments, the company managed to report a net income of $7.45 million in the three month period that ended May 31. only $273,000 less than it netted during the comparable period the year before. Bill Bray, the hotel's publicist, said the reopening would be low key, although some entertainment figures would be present, including actor Cary Grant, a member of the MGM board of directors. Several spotlights have been rented to sweep the sky above the hotel but there will be no ribbon cutting. SAN MIGUEL BEER ONLY $2.49 SIX PACK at Trader Je and Pronto San Miguel, the world-famous beer brewed in the Philippines, usually sells for $4.50 per six-pack. We're selling it for only $2.49. Both Light and Dark are on sale. In Pasadena, Trader Joe Market is located at 610 Arroyo Parkway. Or please call our office for our market nearest you. Our office is open Mon.-Fri., 8AM-6PM: (213) 682-3495 or 441-1177 SUB US IN PASADENA ASSORTED COLORS AND STYLES REG. VALUE 2400 15M NOW Ql riTiffflTl it1 1 sTTi iflsaBt a WILTB iiiiiiiiiii MENS r unn ii iaa m mmrm m m r m m ' i r i i uau u. 1 - . 4. Ill ' mmpimiiiiyi Wanw mhi iyu . him 1 1 IIH1IIM fcHIt Jj MEDFLY: Officials Snub Brown Continued from Third Page tions." Brown told the polite audience. Absent from the audience of 250 people were Democratic state legislators and Fresno's Democratic mayor, Daniel K. White-hurst, who has said he will challenge Brown in their party's primary next June for the U.S. Senate. Assemblyman Richard Lehman (D-Fres-no) told Brown's staff he was "going sailing" rather than appear at the luncheon. Lehman told a local newspapaer he did not "want to associate myself with his (Brown's) positions" on agriculture. Other area Democrats, including Assemblymen Jim Costa of Fresno and John Thur-man of Modesto and Sen. Rose Ann Vuich of Dinuba, also did not attend. University o West Los Angeles School o Law (A) u Ton 10811 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, Calif. 90230 (213) 204-0000 . Accredited by Calif. State Bar Fall TERM Starts September 3 W O n LI Vt ALL LEATHER UPPER WITH FLEX SOLES REG. VALUE 5000 OQ88 Vi i U UUU U M ,)JF V POLY SHELLS tjv . M0RE 10 C0L0RS j afiilP (HiIW HO (33 mm of) Of? m "Let me tell you, I'm getting bugged by this bug," Brown told the luncheon. "I was told that if I didn't jump when a few told me to, there would be a lot of political pressure and opposition," Brown told reporters concerning his initial decision against aerial spraying. "But I do what I think is right" Asked if he had come to Fresno to mend political fences, Brown replied: "Every time I come to Fresno, they say I'm mending fences. I must have a fence half the size of California." The audience really warmed up, giving Brown two standing ovations, when he launched an attack on President Reagan's economic policies, calling them "threadbare ideas with new labels." Ilave a Bachelor's Degree Start September 3 Full-time and Part-time Programs write or call for bulletin ii M E N S ?fOIACHl SLEEPIf'tj Tflffilitfli res ! ml? ) 'l liJ1.) I,"." 1 't -m :rafHi I

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