Abilene Weekly Reflector from Abilene, Kansas on September 5, 1901 · 3
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Abilene Weekly Reflector from Abilene, Kansas · 3

Abilene, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1901
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MtnuNt wttKLY RhrUCIOH, ABIltNt, KANSAS, I l"i I I EER 5, 1901.-1WKVI F( fc; 3C DOEWAH ; "Just as good a rurnace as lho Round Oak is a Stove" Round Oak Furnaces are as honestly made as the famous Kound Oak Stove the same caieful painstaking fitting of every joint, door and draft the same daily Inspection of ma. terial and test of the completed beater. Like the Kound Oak Stoves the rocauzTs for chris forney. w ft I rS rt u. 7 V IV rr Mound (Bah Raund Oak Parnaeee re for la is guaranteed to give absolute satisfaction. It li the only furnace that burns any kind of fuel. wood, hard and soft coal and the only furnace that burns all the fuel all the gases and most of the smoke. The price is reasonable. Send for the free Round Oak Furnace book. ESTATE OF P. D. BECKWITH, Dowagiae, Mich. Maker t of Btrkwith'i Round uaK, ine nxoti amoui Mtove in the world. Round Oak Furnaoe with outer casing removed, I Abilene by HODGE BEOS. B. VV. Pursell, Kintersville, Pa., says he suffered 25 years with piles and could obtain no relief until De-Witt's Witch Hazel Salve effected a permanent cure. Counterfeits are worthless, J. M Gleissner. Norris Silver, North Stratford, N. II.: "I purchased a bottle of One Minute Cough Cure when suffering with a cough doctors told me was incurable. One bottle relieved me, the second and third almost cured. Today I am a well man." J. M. Gleissner. in Krause's Headache Capsules are unlike anything prepared rr. . .. . . I 1 J America, mey were ursi presenueu by Dr. Krause, Germany's famous court physician, long before antipyrine was discovered, and are almost marvelous, so speedily do tbey cure the most distressing cases. Price 25c. Sold by J. M. Gleissner. - 11 S 4. NERVOUS troubles arc cum! by Hood's Sarsaparilla, which' enriches and purifies the blood. It is the .best medicine for nervous PEOPLE. ' . NO DOUBT NOW. Election Ballots Must Be Marked Properly In the future there will be no 'ifs and amis" about the right to count election ballots in Kansas. I( there is any question at all involving their validity they will ba thrown out. In the past election otlieers have counted mutilated ballots in instances where they believed that they could interpret the intention of the voter. But after this the intention of the voter will not count. If the ballot is marked according to the law it will be counted; if not it will be thrown out no matter how apparent the voter's motive may be. Secretary of State Clark has prepared some interesting instructions regarding the new election law, which will be printed in pamphlet form and distributed throughout the state for the education of voters on the new system of voting. In these instructions is a chapter giving the things Cheap Kates to Colorado- On July 1st to 9th and Sept. 1st to 10th the Santa le route will sell ' that invalidate a ballot. round trip tickets to Denver, Colo- . , . , cado Springs or Pueblo for $15. To j Bought an Automobile. Olenwood Springs ana return tor $zo. To Salt Lake City, and Ogden for $30. Final return limit Oct 81. For fui-ther particulars call on or address, F. S. Salls, Agt. Santa Fe route. When you want a pleasant physic try the new remedy, Ch tmberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablet. They are easy to take and pleasant in effect. Price, 25 cents. Samples free at J. M, Gleissner's drug store. OASTOZIIA. Br' the You m A'wavs Many physicians are now prescribing Kodol Dyspepsia Cure regularly having found that it is the best pie-scripiion they can write because it is the one preparation which contains the elements necessary to digest not only some kinds of food but all kinds and it therefore cures indigestion an I dyspepsia no matter what its cause. J. M. Gleisser. Lichty's Celery Nerve Compound for all nervous diseases, neuralgia, rheumatism, biliousness, dyspepsia, costiveness, piles, liver complaint. It goes to the seat of the disease and cures thoroughly and speedily. Sold by J. M. Gleissner. Union Pacific Bates Pan American exposition, Buffalo, N. Y., May 1st to October 31st, Tickets on sale every dav at greatly reduced rates, via the Union Pacific. I. J. Bow. Agt. Dr. Steelsmith is home from Chicago and Indianapolis. He bought an automobile and it will be here in a few days. For Permanent ''Visitor" Home-The River Brethren have appointed a committee consisting of j. S. Engle, Isaacs Shockey Riid I). S. Wagaruan to raise funds for purchasing a perma nent home in Abilene far the Evangelical Visitor and alo a residence for the editor Tra'n to Log Rolling The Union Paciri ; will run a special train to the M. VV . A. Fifth district log-rolling Sept 4 at Junction City. It will leave Belolt at 6 a. m., Abilene 8:45 a. m., Detroit 9 a. m., Chapman 9:15 a. m.. Junction City 9:45 a. m. Return leave Junction City 10 p. rn. i. Takes Charge of La Harpe Schools-MorrU Patton left yesterday for La Harpe, Kansas, to take charge of the ;ity schools. Mr. Patton, who is a son of J. H. Patton and a nephew of M. P. Jolley, received his education at the countv high school and at Baker University, graduating from the latter institution last spring. He is one of Dickinson county's brightest young men and La Harpe may count itself fortunate in securing hifh. Oibbs in Bankruptcy- Salina Union: The bankruptcy court ground out a pretty good grist today. The first meeting of creditors in the case of Isaac Gibbs of Industry was held before Referee Millikin. The bankrupt and his attorney, R. H. Seeds, were present. As there were no assets, no trustee was appointed. The bankrupt has a farm valued at $3,000, but this he claims to bo exempt. Disc Harrow Was Dangerous-Solomon Trbiune: Adam Gdcrt, son of Iouis Geisert, a farmer living i . .i HUMORS, boils, pimples and all uear 'nioon, was tnrown irom eruption a re due to impure blood, a disc harrow while working for Tim and by purifying tho blood with Lynch on the Mrs. Howerton farm i : four miles south of town last Friday Don't wait until you become chronically constipated but take DeWitt's Little Early Risers now and then. They will keep your liver and bowels in good order. Easy to take. Safe pills. J. M. Gleissner. No need to fear aulden attacks of cholera infantum, dysentery, diarrhoea, summer complaint of any sort if you have Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry in the medicine chest. purify i Hood's Sarsapariilti they are CURED. CASTOR I A For Infants and Children. Tha Kind You Have Always Bought near the Signature of I and had one of his legs nearly cut off i by the discs. He was hurt about 2 ! o'clock in the afternoon bat was un-j able to attract the attention of anyone until about 5 o'clock in the evening i ', when he was picked up by two men from Salina and brought to town. The wound was attended to and the boy tent to the sanitarium at Salina. He Surprised the Atchison Tennis Players. At the Atchison tenuis tournament C. H. Forney is winning glorv. The K. C. Journal says: All but the semi' finals were finished yesterday after : noon, lu tho singles in the open ; tournament, in the third round jW. S. Paiker, of Arkansas City.de j feated Forney, of Abiiene, in three sets, 6 2, 4-6 and 6 3. Frank Kber- ihardt defeated (). V. Vernon, the ex-champion, by Bets of G-3 and C-4. I The Parker-Forney match was prob- ablj the most inte esting one of the j whole afternoon. Chris Forney lives at Abilene and came to the tourna- ment a comparative'y unknown pla) er. He defeated Cole, of Kansas City, Kas., and McKelvej, of Atchison. These were comparatively easy men, but when he beat ex-Champion Sheldon of Kansas City, 6-1, 3-6 and 6.4, the other cracks in the tourney hgan to open their eyes. His next match was with VV. S. Parker of Arkansas City. Parker won the Newport tournament in 1H&4 and in that year captured more prizes than any man in the country. He has hardly touched a racket for five years, but he is still a wonderful player. In the beginning of the match Forney did not seem to be up tt) the standard and lost five gamei straight. Then he began to get onto the swift drives of Parker and his smashing loff ;rtls and won two games before Parker took the set. As Forney is only a young man and a new player,, the crowd was with him in bis game tight, although it seemed impossible for him to win. But the next set he took by a score of 6 4, surprising everyone with his excellent playing. Parker's old skill came to his rescue, however, and he won the last set, G-3. That match retired Forney from the tournament, but he wili be hearu from later, for he is a coming winner. The Atchison Globe Bays: "Forney is not only a good player, but a good looker, has a tine head of blonde hair, and threatens to divide favor with the Eberhardts." In doubles yesterday Closkey and Noble beat Jacobs and Forney, 6-3, 4-6, 6 4. MADE $88 FOU LIBRARY. Ladies Ran Merry-Go-Round to Some Purpose- The ladies of the library association made a society function out of their management of the merry-go-round last evening. The evening was a beautiful one with fair skies and moonlight. Nearly the whole town turned out and Lot only children but staid elders who had not been on a merry-go round in 25 years took a whirl. Mrs. Gleissner, Mrs. Humbargar, Miss King and Mrs. Humphrey sold tickets while Mrs. - Ball and Mrs. Ackers braved fate on the revolving platform and collected tickets with the skill of experts. Mrs. Gulick sold pop corn. In the meanwhile the big organ played "Goo Goo Eyes" and "Georgia Campmeeting" and everybody was happy. The receipts were $88. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a Great Favorite. The soothing uml heaiing properties of this remedy, its pleasant tnste ami prompt, aim permanent cures have made it a great favorite with people everywhere. It is especially prized by mothers of small children for colds, croup and whooping cough, as it always affords quick relief, and as it contains no opium or other harmful drug, it may be given as c Hidden tly to a baby as to an adult, r'or sale bv J. M. Gleissner. FOUND A PILE OF MONEY. Yellow Clothes Are Unsightly. Keep them white with lied Cress Ball Blue, get the genuine. All grocers, 5 cents. Shifting Soil. Real Estate Transfer, Reported by Abb & Ellison Abstracters. G W Hanna to C C Bergren pt nej 2- 11 2, $350. G C Maley to E DeConklin Its 22, 23 7 bk 11 Highland Park Ad Abilene, $20. W W Walker tj G Kloepper nej 32-15-3, $25. R W Vance t L Glang Its 1 3 blk 126 Heiington Ad Herington, $100. J G Perry to E Hammond nw 20-11-1 $4,000. R H Imler to R Rand Its 21 23 25 11 & W's Ad Solomon, $200. D Fritz to Sarah Fritz nj sej 1015-3 $1. P Sheeran to J M Odle pt sec 30-12-4 $100. J W Barr to J G Mclntyre Its 3 4 Lk 13 Herington. $1. Hope Cemetery association to W C and G A Huston It 38 bk A Hope cemetery. United States to 1. Jaderberg f j ne J and n sej 14-13 3 (Patent.) Same to T 11 Walker s sej of 11 and i) m 13-13-3 (Patent) John Devening to M D Johnson all that pt nwj of nwj west of center of Holland creek. i D Parkin to J C re ugh Its 7911 13 i J5 17 bk 121 Hering on $100. P K Halleck to same Its 11 13 15 17 blk 121 Herington, $100. Herington Town Co to C J Smith Us 4 6 blk 74 Herington T Co Ad $50. A J Thompson to A F Kentze It 11 bk j "P" Thurstin & Syavze's Ad Hope, ! $ioo. 1 D V Erwin to same Its 37 43 45 47 49 I 51 all pt of sj 2-16-3, $50. J H Frymire to H F Andrews nj swj I of swj 10-16-3, f,3'JO. J Brown to G W Kochenower S 25 ft It 6 bk 3 Hope, $600. Caused by Some Irritant Acting Upcn the Muscous Membrane of the Stomach. Inflammation of the Stomach, gastric catarrh or gastritis, as this unpleasant affliction is variously called, may, like most intlummatory diseases be acute or chronic in its course. The symptoms of grastritis are more or less fever, week pulse or loss of appetite, coated tongue, foul breath, bad taste in the mouth, the head aches dully. There is sensation of weight or distress in the stomach. Gastritis is caused by some irritant acting on the mucous membrane of the stomach, the irritant is often formed in the stomach by the fermentation of indigestable food. Gastritis will never develop if you take regularly Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, the guaranteed cure for indigestion, constipation and all diseases arising from stomach troubles. Dr. Cald well's Syrup Pepsin is an all the year round medicine. Good for the whole from the smallest infant up. It is the best life insurance. Sold by all druggists 50c and $1.00 bottles. Diphtheria, sore throat, croup. In stant relief, permanent cure. Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil. At any drug store. This Will Interest Many. To quickly introduce B. B. B. (Bo tanic Blood Balm), the famous biood purifier, into new homes, we will send absolutely free 10,000 treatments. B. B. B, quickly cures old ulcers, scrofula, painful swellings, aches and paius in bones or joints, rheumatism, catarrh, pimples, festering eruptions, boils, eczema, itchiug skin or blood humors, eating, bleeding festering sores nud even deadly caucer. B B. B. at drug stores $i. For free treatment address Blood Balm Co, Atlanta, Ga. Medicine sent at once prepaid. Describe trouble and free medical advice given until cured. B. B, 15. cures the most deep-seated cases, after all else fails. B. B B. heals every sore and makes the blood pure and rich. Through Colorado The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, with its numerous branches penetrating the Rockies', has two distinct and separate lines across the mountains. Tickets reading-via the "Scenic Line" between Denver and Grand Junction, in connection with the Rio Grande Western Ry. between Grand Junction and Ogden, are available over the Denver and Rio Grande either via it main line through I.eadville and Glenwood Springs or via the line over Marshall 1 ass and through the Black Canon. Tourists to and from Salt Lake City, Ogden or San Francisco will find it to their advantiige to have their tickets read in b.th directions via "The Scenic Line of the World," thus being able to use one of the above routes going and the other re-: fuming. Write S. K. Hooper, G. P. i & T. A.. Denver, Colo., for illustrated pamphlets. Thro Kii.vk riit.vlni; In a l.niiilii'r Viini at Oiimlut I'll U I p Thri-ct I'm kum of Mill. Omaha, Neb., Au. L".f. Three boys plnviiij,' iu a luniluT yard tit Ninth and I'ariuiin Mreels yesterday- found three packages of paper money, Kivelilnuks mill national bunk not ess, thought to iiffKTCtfute ::,ooo to $i;.oiio. The packages were- badly erunteil with mold from exposure to the weather and they will require experts to determine the denominations of all the bills. The boys who found the money did not realize the vulue of their find mid turned over the packages 1o u loeul attorney who was passing nt the time. On examination he found they continued the wax seal of the First national bank, to which Institution be at once proeeed-ed. At the bank it was said no sueli paekaes had been lost, but iv was learned t hat the Pacific Express company had lost in the past six years two such packages, each containing several thousand dollars and having a wrapper on which was the First national hank's seal. About three years ago (leorpe Archibald, u driver for the raeitic Express company, was robbed of a package containing $3,000. He stepped from his wagon to secure a package and when he returned tho money was gone. Archibald was arrested and tried for the robbery, but whs acquitted, lie recently brought unit for $25,000 damages for defamation of character, but lost the ease. Six years ago a $0,000 package disappeared, but an office employe, who later committed suicide, wrote the express company a letter acknowledging the Ihoft and telling where Hie money was hidden. A large amount of it was recovered. The express company will investigate the matter mid if there is a reasonable cause for doing so the company will claim the money. Kz-TrenHurer llurtley ArhIii Imprisoned. Lincoln, Neb., Aug. 20. The final chapter in the release of former State Treasurer Hartley came late yesterday evening when Gov. Savage, following t lie action of the republican state convention yesterday afternoon, canceled the parole of the ex-treasurer, surrendered him to the sheriff of Hie county and ordered his return to prison. Sheriff Branson arrested fr. Hartley at his home last night and took him to the penitentiary. The governor said be had Intended from the beginning to send Mr, Hartley back to prison nt the expiration of the 00 days' parole If lie did not comply with the conditions of his re-!ense, which he thus far hud failed to do. lie simply hastened the action, he said, because public sei'liment seemed to demand it. , FEEDER BUYING Is tlip other Hide of our (Trent (ock Ihikhh'hi. W buy ami mU Imt only lor nthem. .hint hh vf Kuu'V luw to Kt-t ihc hiniiti itne lor Kill, v c know how ami w Inn l et the lme44 ir!een mi purr I mm. will lie Hhui to tell ym liow It If done in rtentuu or by letter. EVANS-SNIDER-BUELCO., Kansas City Stock Yards, Kansas City. Mo. Only $45 California and Back. That's the first class round-trip rate, open to every body, from Abilene to San Francisco, via the Santa Fe. Account General Convention of Episcopal Church. On sale September 19 to 27. Tickets good via Los Angles and for return until November 15. Only line under one management all the way from Chicago to California. Only line for both Grand Canyon of Arizona and Yosemite. Only line to California with Harvey meal service. Write for descriptive literature. F.N.HALLS.Agt ABILENE, KAS. Santa Fe. The banks of Dickinson county have more money on deposit than any time iir their history. All that is-needed is a profitable way of investing it. Nil! ure'n womlvrfiil Ilenl-inK Sulve. Man or hciist. DriimilNts 2Ti-fioc. l-'ormuiililu see liti'KH udverllNiaaeut. ICnlJrnfs Of Ijiioory nn oren reject rn by President Schwab, of the steel trust. Another proposition will be submitted to him by Mr. Hums today. . , Ward Seymour, n farmer near Strasbtirg, Mo., was Wll-vl by lightning while leaning against a wire fence during an electric storm. The Second Kansas' district convention of the W. C. T. U. commenced nt Lawrence yesterday and will be in session until Friday. Fan-American Exposition- For the above occasion being held at HulTal", N. Y., May 1st to Nov. 1st, the Santa Fe route will sell round trip tickets Abilene to liuffalo and return for f.'l'J.'JO tickets on sale every' day. limited to 5 days from date of safe. For full particulars call on or address F. S. SALLS, Agent, Santa Fe Route. Cheap Rates to Buffalo Via Santa Fe Route. Round trip ticket 10 day limit t'29.90. Kound trip ticket 15 day limit, f SH 65. Round trip ticket limit Oct. si, $113,80. Call on or address F. S. Sai.1.8, Agt., Santa Fe route. You assume no risk when you buy Chamberlain's Coiic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. J. M. Gleissner will refund your money If you are not satisfied after using it. It is everywhere admitted to be the most mic-cessful remedy in use for bowel complaints and the only one that never fails. It is pleasant, safe and reliable. Licensed Embalmer, Forty-Five Years' Experience. W. H. EICHOLTZ, HID iD IK ABILENE. KANSAS. The volume of uuhIih! dune by us In the bent Ruarantei! of our satisfactory servlcf nail pr ices Only exclusive unriVrtnlosrs In the County. CALLS ANSWERED DAY OR NIGHT- Telephone 146. Office, N. Cedar St. Hot Weather causes sick neaoache, stomach ami boel troubles. Take Dr. Caldwell's Syrup I'epcin, the be.t regulator; a perfect laxative. Purrtlitu r.lMiriiM thrtda ttchims pestering diseases of the skin, l'ut an end to misery. Doan's Ointment curs. At any drug store. Henry Braydon, Harris, N C, ayt: "I look moi'icine 20 years fur asthmn but one bottle of One Minnie Cough Cure did me more good than anything j else during thut time, liest Cough Cure. J. M. Gleisn r Abilcno ipe rp in, ALtXANDER CHRISTMANN, Proprietor, MANUFACTURER OF Look Here ! j On Sept 8 the Rock Island will run I through train to Cleveland, O , via! Chicago, L. S fe M.. so that withoutj change of cars $2 60 procures a ramble ( herb, through, accommodatii g two, people. Do not arrange to g' until you nave called on Jenness at ine Rock Island depot. Church Pipe Organs, Parlor Pipe Organs, Amusement Gallery Organs. Tuning and Repairing of All Musical Instruments. Factory, East Fo,urth St., Abilene, Kansas. ARE YOU A LOVER OF A GOOD OlGAR? IF So, Try the New M H esxmuie Cats and Braises Quickly Healed Chanib. rlain's 1'iin iiilm applied j to a cut, bruise, burn, scald or like j injury will instantly allay the pa n j and will beai the parts in less timej than any other treatment. Unless the injury is very severe ii will not leave a scar. I'ain Balm aUo curesi rheumatism, sprain, swelling and lameness. For sale by J. M. (.leiss ner. I,iffiwiiiim it. J Nature's wonderful Hfitl-Inir Man or H--,t. I'u irirlHt z.vrK. r'or nample see lurjre atlvertleint)Mt, JE3rNone better in the market. ALBERT LE1MZE, maker. abilexe, Kansas. .

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