The News-Herald from Willoughby, Ohio on April 7, 1964 · Page 12
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The News-Herald from Willoughby, Ohio · Page 12

Willoughby, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1964
Page 12
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.Wisconsin Primary Now Considered Referendum on Federal Civil Rights Bill By PAUL CLIFFORD MILWAUKEE, Wis. (AP) -Wisconsin voters choose today between their governor, John W. Reynolds, ^and GOT. George C. Wallace of Alshsrqg in a presidential primary that hasj evolved into a referendum on the federal civil rights bflL Reynolds is running as a favorite son, pleded to cast Wisconsin's 46 votes in the Democratic National Convention for President Johnson. 1 The primary is the first test- of the ability of Wallace, an un-1 compromising segregationist. to| draw voter support in a Xorth-j ern state. j Complicating the picture is! the possibility of Republican' participation in the Democratic contest State Election Supervisor Leo Fahey has predicted a million j * votes may be cast. This would! be 200,000 short of the record! primary ballot, cast in 1960 when the late John F. Kennedy won a majority of Democratic delegates from Sen. Hubert j Humphrey of Minnesota. j Cloudy skies with showers or ! snow flurries and temperatures! it: the 20s and 30s were forecast ! A telegram from President' r ICQAC: Noncr FOR mo* ..Sealed bids will be received until 12:00 Noon. Eastern DaylUht Savin? Tune, on Tuesday. April 28 19W- fe the undersigned. Director of Public Service of the City o Willowick. Ohio, at his office in tht Oty Hall. 31230 Vine Street. WUIo- wick. Ohio, for furnishing the necessary labor and materials for the removal of damaged curbing an the replacement thereof with concrete curbing on various streets in the City of Willowick. estimated to be approximately 4.500 lineal feet, xn accordance with plans and spec! ficabons therefore. Conies of the plans and specifications are on file to the office of the undersieaet where they arc available for inspection and where proposal forms stay be obtained by prospective bidders. HacS! bid must contain the full Qsrae of each person or company interested in the same aad shall be accompanied by a boad to the satis- i faction of tee Director of Public [Service, or a certified check .m an i amount equal to five per ci i(5^) of the bid submitted on sou-c solvent bank in the State of Ohio payable to the Oty of WdlowickTas a guarantee that if such bid is sc- cep.ed a contract pursuant thereto ] will be entered into acd the per- T^ ,v.i_ of If Properly secured. Tee City reserves the rr^ht ta rejjec: any or all bids acd to waive ,any ana all informalities Bids shall be sealed " ar.d jdorsed "Bid for Curbing" ' £5 order of the Council of the Oty of Willowick. Ohio Bruce W. Foster , Director of Public S ,Pub.: April T. 14. GOV. WALLACE K)V. EEYXOIDS House press secretary intervening in any primaries'the United States.'* j Wallace has campaigned on Johnson describing Reynolds as, Geor § e R eedy said Monday still stands, he saii _ , . _ . _ _ _ * · * " ! ' \^i. "... _ X»- . . * * . · -m , T"\ j- *· j - - i. \xillilCi - -3CS.» JLtlfil* X OUwOLC governor Saturday night in Democratic nind-raismg dinner.' { f ' R * olds - slate returned to the state Pnnatr m im - e *· i_- i - _ _ a..r , - . * * , , returned to the state Friday TO sm help Reynolds campaign. force those who are making the by a favorite son, Rep. John The White House policy o! not good light for human dignity in Bvrnes. Takes Turn for Worse After Heart Attack HOLLYWOOD (AP)--British. afctor Peter Sellers, 38, took a' turn for the worse today after i suffering a heart attack Mon-, day. A spokesman at Cedars of' Lebanon Hospital said his con-j dition is considered critical. j The spokesman said compli-j cations developed early today! as a result of shock and disturb-! ance of the rhythm of Sellers' i heartbeat. ' At 4:30 a.m., he was trans-1 f erred from his private room to I an intensive care unit and' another consultant was called. The actor was stricken at his home with what the hospital first called a moderate heart attack. He has been working in his first Hollywood film, "Kiss Me. Stupid." A spokesman for Harold Mi-j risch, producer of the film, j said: "It is such a part that no' one but Peter Sellers could; play. We don't know who else! we could get to replace him.' Our insurance covers us on this. sort of thing, and I have a feel-1 ing we will suspend the picture until we can get Peter Sellers back." The actor, one of the most versatile of British comedians., "Mr. Sellers suffered a moder-f Sellers' bride of two months LEGAL NOTICE KOTICE OF ELECTION on TAX LEVY in EXCESS of the TEX MILL LIMITATION KOTICE is hereby given that in oarsasnce of a Resolution of the Board of Education of the Willoughby - Sastlake City School District. Lake County. Ohio, passed on the 23rd day of March ISM. there vril! be submitted to a vote of the Qualified electors of sa'd School District, at a SPECIAL ELECTION to be held on the day of the Prunarv Election, at the established places of voting therein, on Tuesdav. the 5th dav of Mav. 1964. the question of lew- ing- a tax in excess of the ten mill limitation, for the benefit of Wil- loushbv - Eastlake City School District, for the purpose of providing funds for the current expenses of said subdivision: Said tax being: A renewal of an existing tax lew at a rate not exceeding 2 7 mills" for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to Twenty-Seven Cents fSO 27) for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for a period and term of four (41 vears, commencing with the vear 1964 The Polls for sa!d Election trill be open at 6 -30 o'clock A M. and remain onen tmtil 6 -30 P M East- em Standard Time of said dav. which is 7-30 A.M until 7:30 P.M . avhght Savings Time Bv order pt the Board of Elections of Lake County Joseph E Sarosy. Chairman Arthur B Crandall nerk Publish: April 7. 14. 21. 28. 1964 LEGAL NOTICE ORDINANCE NO. 19M-16 An Ordinance to make appropriation for current expenses and other expenditures of t h e Cltv of Willoughby. State o£ Ohio, during the fiscal year ending December 31. 19K. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE] COUNCIL OF THE CTTY OF Vfiif LOUGHBY. LAKE COUNTY. OHIO: SECTION 1. That to provide for the current expenses and other ex- ditures of the Oty of Willough- New Mentor 4-HClub Will Meet The second meeting of the newly formed Do-Re-Mi's, a 4- H t~ t *i-« ·» · -t A i ,T ureuuj.fciii*=o w*. ijJt ^-*vj -w* ..------r,-- AAAUIA «LUU. curctilt Ot "U1C Statf* ar** Club, Will be April 8 at curing the fiscal year ending hereby pledged tor the my^nent TLT^fTM. TUT=fh~«o«- rh^^h December 31, .1964, the following __ _ * * CDl Tuesefay Evenmg, Aprfl 7, f !964 NEWS-HKRALD-'lV To place a classified ad in the News-Herald Phone WH 2-2100 "Ask for Classified" LEGAL NOTICE (Amended Senate Joint Resolution Ko. S2) JOINT EESOUmOIT to «n»ad AzOclc VZtX ei tb« Coni.rirti.tioa of lh» Slate oi Ohio to »ulhorii« th« ibntof to t* ci«d to piorid* ad*qost* highirej* Ja Ohio. WhereM. io. order to continue the economic development ot this state it is necessary to advance the completion of the manor highway system -without increasing the burden on the taxpayers of the state, and. Whereas, such completion can. be financed frcm revesues st present rates and without impairing other bishway programs. Be it resolved by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio. Three-fifths of the members elected to each, hous* thereof concurring ACTION INDEX Classified Rates Information Office ho.n «:30 OJB. . 5 p.r«. DAILY -- 12 Neon So. . _ Classified «dv«rKsing r«t«s »r» bastd OB · IS word mlaimuai, wt ' solid in 6 point fyp*. : ! 1 TIME 90c -- 6e each addiHonal word 3 TIMES 2.16 --14c each additional word 3 TIMES, plus Shopping news --2.31 - 15c each additional word 6 TIMES, phis Shopping news -- 3.60 - 24c each addiHonal word Special inch monthly r«t«s given en request! , f therein, that there «h«n be sub- ' nutted to the electors of the State 1 of Ohio, in the manner prescribed ' by law; at a special election to be ! held ca the first Tuesday after the : first Monday in May. 1964. s proposition to amend Article vm of the Constitution of the State of Ohio by adding thereto a. new section as AETICtE Vm Section 2g. Tae state may contract debts not exceeding five hundred million dollars for the purpose of providing moneys for acquisition of nghts-of-way and for construction and reconstruction of highways on the state highway system and urban extensions thereof. The principal amount of any part of such debt at any time contracted shall be paid at such, time or times and in such amounts as shall be fixed by the Commissioners of the Sink- ' ing Funa provided that the entire debt shall be discharged not later than the year 1983. The bonds or other obligations evidencing the debt authorized by this section shall bear Interest and shall be sold upon such, terms as may be prescribed by tow Both the principal of such debt and the interest thereon shall be exempt from taxation, -within this states Moneys raised under the authority of this section shall be expended only to provide adequate highways. Including engineering and the acquisition oi rights-of-way and including participation therein with. the federal government, municipal corporations, counties and other legally authorized participants. All construction shall be done bv con- Met as shall be provided by law. .No part of such proceeds shall be appropriated except to meet the requirements of programs or sched- iles or acquisition of nghts-of-wav. iighway construction and reconstruction -which the governor, or other highway authority designated y law, -with, the concurrence of the governor, shall submit to tha jeneral assembly before such appropriations are made. Such appropriations shall be made only for major thoroughfares of the stat* iighway system and urban extensions thereof. The debt contracted under the authority of this section shall be evidenced by bonds or other obligations issued bj the State of Ohio as provided by law. The laith and credit of the state are We are responsible for ertor* cnfy fa *h» first Insertion. W» request your checking 1he ad in tee event an error has been made, and call before 9 A.M. the next morning for correction- DEADLINES 5:00 P.M. d«ity before publication «xc*pt for Monday's pipit when dcadlin* it 12:00 noon of the buiinej* day b«for» public*- «OB. Horn* «cd Real Erfet« Section deadline: 5:OC P.M. Wedoei- Mentor Methodist Church. Officers of the club are Col- iin Cottrell. president; Sue Wurster, vice president; Bill Rayer, _ _ secretary; Barb Collins, treas- ££ urer: Dick Rayer. news reporter; Beverly Book, recreation leader; Jonalea Campbell, health chairman, and Janine Miller, safety chairman. Phyllis Campbell, chairman, and Jonalea Campbell and Vern Tuttle, assistants, are working on the club's constitution. sums be and they are hereby setj thereof and the interest thereon. asice and appropriated, as follows: SECTION 2. That there be appropriated from the GENERAL FUND · COUNCIL MAYOR FINANCE DEFT. l-X-16 State Ex Expense l-K-17 Workmen's Corap. 1 K-18 P E R *· Sue Wurster heads the pro- ilK-2i Refunds" vi-m rtrt»-.*^?t4-«-* T*._: ^ 1-X-3Q Contingency MUNICIPAL COURT BUILDING DEPT. CIVIL SERVICE PLANNING ZONING CIVIL DEF-ENSE MISCELLANEOUS l-K-2 Health Contract l-K-3 Election Expense l-K-6 Advertising , l-K-7 Insurance _ l-K-10 Gas. Oil Mileage 12.000.00 1-K-ll Conference Ed. Exp l-K-12 Membership Dues Sub. gram committee with Janine Miller, Beverly Book, Barb Col- jlins and Dick Rayer as her assistants. LEGAL NOTICE FOR BIDS Notice is hereby gnen that sealed bids will be received until 12 00 Contingency l-K-31 Codification POLICE DEPARTMENT Such bonds or other obligations shall be paid Irota. moneys derived Irom lees, excises, or license taxes levied by the State of Ohio, relating to registration, operation, or use ot vehicles on public highways, or to luels used for propelling such vehicles, and a sufficient amonnt thereof, after provision for the amounts required by Article VIII. Section 2c of the Constitution of the State cf Ohio lor obligations issued pursuant to that section, is hereby appropriated in each year for the purpose of paying the Interest on the outstanding debt and the principal of such debt contracted under authority of this section becoming due in that year. without other appropriations, but according to regulations to be established by law. Provision may be made by law lor the transfer and the use of any amount of such moneys in excess of that required in any year, for the payment of Interest on and the principal of 50000 S? ch ,.J Ieb J contracted under authority of this section and said 1 611.480 00 10.350.00 13.200.00 13.850 00 47.150.00 19.S40 00 750 00 5.600.00 3,750.00 14.600 00 1.155.00 1,500 00 11.300.00 1,700 00 25000 4.000 00 6.000 00 16.000.00 50000 4,000 00 50c service charge is added on the billing of all transient *ds U deductible if payment is made two weeks after billing a For information concerning Ciassffied or Home Real EstataJ Advertising dial ..... --I WH 2-2100-Ask For Classified Pleaw; 1-DEATH NOTICE 2- IN MEMORIAM 3- CARD OF THANKS 4. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 5- FLORISTS. FUNERAL DESIGNS {-ANNOUNCEMENTS 7- INCOME TAX SERVICE 8. INSTRUCTJON - EDUCATIONAL 9-TRANSPORTATION 10* STOCKS, BONDS. INVESTMENTS 11. LOST AND FOUND 12- MALE HELP WANTED 14- FEMALE HELP WANTED 15- MALE. FEMALE HELP WANTED 16-WORK WANTED. MALE 17-WORK WANTED. F£. MALE 18 A-REST HOMES 18- ROOM AND BOARD 19-ROOMS FOR RENT 20- GARAGES FOR RENT 21- MISC. FOR P.ENT --I 27- BUSINESS PLACES FOt"~ J SALE ~" 28. LOTS FOR SALE 29- RESORT AREAS 33A-COMMERCIAL-- INVESTMENT 30- HOMES FOR SAU T 31-MOBILE HOMES 32-FARM LAND FOE SALE 33. MONEY TO LOAN 34. WANTED REAL ESTATE 35- BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY- 36- AUCTION SALES ~ 37. LIVE STOCK · POULTRY "~ 38- FARM FOOD-EOUiP- -. MENT 39- MISC. FOR SALE 40 A- MUSICAL INSTRU- ' MENTS 40- SPORTING GOODS 41 A-CLOTHING 41-HOUSEHOLD GOODS FJ9R SALE 42-WANTED TO IUY OR TRADE 22- APARTMENTS FOR RENT 43- DOGS. BIRDS. PETS 23- HOUSES FOR RENT 24-WANTED TO R^NT 25-STORAGE OR WAREHOUSE 2- BUSINESS PLACES FOR RENT 46. MISC. SERVICES 48-AUTOMOBILES FOR SALT 49- AUTOMOBILES WANTED 50-TRUCKS. TRACTORS. MOTORCYCLES 52- MISC. AUTO SERVICE 7370500 360.585.00 section 2c. Be It further resolved. That at election herein designated lor . . 36.425.00 i submission of this amendment to FIRE DEPARTMENT PUBLIC WELFARE SAFETY DEPT. ADMINISTRATION SERVICE DEPT. ADMINISTRA- ^bfdJy law'and" shail"be"deslg- elect °rs of the State of Ohio = TM ? "JwlJ ^ place^ on tha baDot In the manner prc- TION PETER SELUSES .Kpon, Eastern Daylight S a v i n g GARBAGE RUBBISH 41.500 0 Time on Tuesday. Aon! 23. 1SS4. i PARK DEPARTMENT 11.70000 . oy the undersigned. Director of Pub-'PUBLIC LANDS Sc BUILDINGS lie Service of the City of V/iIlowick.i 30 600 00 S5J ?? his olflce u* th* City Hall. | STORM SEWERS 15 500 00 31230 Vine Street. WiUowick. Ohio.(STREET MAINT. REPAIR lor tne furnishing and application! 23 500 00 of limestone and asphalt to certain j SNOW REMOVAL 2 500 00 streets and public parking areas in SIDEWALK REPAIR 1.35000 me Oty of Willowick, in accordance TREE REMOVAL REPLACE- with specifications for bidding and \ MENT 7 500 00 contract presently on file in the of-' CEMETER^ 5.75000 iice of said Director of Public Sen.-1 ENGINEER 3.150.00 ice and from whom a copy may be'2-M-30 Transfers 47.50000 18.085 no n ated as follows: secured. Later, a hospital bulletin said, several weeks.' sevelt Raps Rhodes Over TOTAL GENERAL FUND eii.^s oo HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE. REPAIR CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION 640250 W CON- YES TO amend Article Vm of the Constitution of the State of Ohio to provide adequate highways in Ohio and to issue bonds or other obligations in an amount not to exceed five hundred million dollars to provide funds therefor, payable from fee*, excises or license taxes, relating to registration. was taken by ambulance to the ate heart attack, and his condi-!Swedish actress Britt ^u^ ot each person or hospital where his condition was tion was listed as fair. He is es-j21, a beauteous blonde, said her | 2ntsrested m . the sa . me and first reported as "very severe." pected to be hospitalized for i husband had no previous hMory I cbed? 1 ^^ amoun? n eqS" Later, a hosnital bulletin said -IPVPT-SI \TPPV: " n f m Jipaifn per cent a ^ of ^ bld , 01 ill nea,tn- ,'on soine solvent bank M ME . sTRUCTTON 6 ;*i.?,, 0 ' Onio. payable to the City STREET r-LE^NING of UJlowicfc. as a guarantee that if \-ow REMOVAL sucn Did is accepted a contract PUr-T?AFFIC LICKTS ^"V n !f ere iS TM 11 be entered into.TRAFFIC SIGV*; ., ,.-,-,, ---""' "* - «sna vne performance of :t proper- STREET PATVTTNG 4 100 00! Ohio in confor ly secured. Should ar.y bid be a c- TOTAL HIGHWAY FUND Provisions. If cerrted ino »-n«.r-ir o f t ne successful AV "*"* jiiu-nwrti ^ *"^"_.,.___.. »t^^«-- --,,«!__ operation, or of , vehicles on public LEGAL. NOTICE FOR BIDS Notice is hereby given that scaled bids will be received until 12.CO noon. Eastern Daylight Savings Time on Tuesday. April 28, 195*. by the undersigned. Director of Public Service of the City of Willowick. Ohio, at his office in the City Hall. 31230 Vine Street. Willow, ick. Ohio, for the purchase by the City of a new 1964 truck with four wheel drive and an 81 inch maximum wheel base together with a 72 inch reversible snow plow and Myers Electro- lift Hoist to be mounted on the truck. Delivery is to be made within 30 days of the execution of the contract. All bids shall be submitted in accordance with specifications for bidding presently on flic in the office of the undersigned from whom a copv may be secured. Each bid shall contain the full name of each person or company interested in the same and shall be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check in an amount equal to five per cent (5"^) of the bid submitted, on some solvent bank in the Stale of Ohio, payable to the Citv of Willowick. as a guarantee that if such bid i-5 accepted a contract pursuant thereto xvill be entered into and the performance of it properly secured Should any bid be accepted, the check of the successful bidder will be returned upon proper execution and securing of the contract. Checks of tne unsuccessful bidders wi!l be returned after a contract has been awarded and entered into, or unon the rejection of all bids. The City reserves the right to reiect anv or all bid;. to waive any informalities or irregularities in the bids received, and to accept any bid which it deems best. Bids shall be sealed and endorsed "Bid for Four-Wheel 1364 Truck." By ord«*r of the Council of the City of WiHowick. Ohio Bruce W. Foster Director of Public ^ervicc PUBLISH- April 7 and 14. 1964 1--DEATH NOTICE H A L L E R ~ * Fred Haller. 84. 26401 Lake Shor» Blvd.. Euclid; husband of Kathenn* (ncc aiuller); father of John H_ Cuyahoga Falls. Mrs. Elizabeth Ot son: brother of Margaret Ember. Euclid, grandfather of Gretchen and Linda Haller. The family will receive friends from 2-5 and 7-10 p.m. Tuesday at the Monreal Shored Vine Funeral Home. E. 320 . Vin«~ Sts., Willowick, where services will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. In- tcrment Acacia Park Cemetery. OAUGHERTY Charles E. DauKherty. 73. 237 Fazio, way Dr., Eastlake; husband of Emma: father of David W. Daugherty. Eastlake. Mrs. Carrie Mae Breo- nan. Cleveland Mrs. Juanita Toxic, Grcensburjf. and Mrs. Geraldme Oncacre. Cleveland, grandfather of 8 and great - grandfather of 8. Th** family will receive friends Monday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. at the Monreal Shore - Vine Funeral Home, E.-320 Vine Sts.. Willowick, where services will be held Tuesday at 11-a.m.-with the Rev. Ewing of the Wii- · loujfhby Methodist Church officiate ins. Interment Wnitehavca Cemeteryr Mayflcld And be ib .......... «^v^^.^ u the required publication of the go Bo fro proposed amendment shaU be n.»^ "1325 00 and the lorai of ballot to be used in ino m ' in said election for the submission LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF ELECTION NOTICE is hereby given by the Board of Elections of Lake County. Ohio. that, pursuant to the provisions of R. C. 3501.03. the Primary Election! be neld at the estab- hsned polling places in said County, on Tuesday, the 5th day of May. 1064. between tne rours of 6-30 A M ! ar.d 6 30 P.M . Eastern Standard Time, which is 7.30 A M . to 7 3 0 P M . Eastern Daylight S a v i n g s Time. F, inn rv| thereof shall be prepared by the !p.ihli-h- AnHi 7 IMW j o o o o | Secretary of State of the SUtc of | p j b l k h - April 7. 1964 4.100 00! Ohio fa conformity with .the above i LEGAL NOT Sarosy. O Arthur R Crandall. Clerk RASKINS Mrs. Susan M. Parkins. 45, 5763 Andrews Hd.. Mcntor-on-the-Lake; wife of Alfred V.; mother of Bar--, bara 16. Sharon 14, Kathleen, 11- sistcr of Mrs. Stella See, Valley . Bend. W. Va.. Mrs. Marearet Burr. S'orth OJmstcd. Ervin J, Parkias, FlalciRh. N. C . Robert. LouisviHc ' Ky , Martin, Worcester, Mass. The family will receive friends at-th* Brunner Funeral Home. 8466 Mentor Avc.. Mentor. Mon. 7-9 and Tues 2-4 7-9 D m. Services will be held at the Mentor Plains Methodist Church. Wed. ? .t 2 p.m. with Rev Don R. Adams officiating. Interment-· Mentor Cemetery. Contributions may be made to the Library Fund of th» Church. 5--FLORISTS. FUNERAL DESIGNS BOB MERKEL FLORISTS "DESIGN by EDLAN" Florists telegraph Delivery Servlc* 33126 Second St., Willoughby. Ohio'" WH 6-1220 Evenings HE l-567l£ 7--INCOME TAX SERVICE Prompt Individual Income Tax Service J. W. RYAN -- 342-5037 4732 Maple St., WilloUEhby aciuan £141.225 00, electors voting on said amendment CEMETERY j 5 s declared according to la-w to S11.930 001 have voted la favor thereof the . - -RECREATION 27 ffjf) 00 governor of the State of Ohio shall returnee after a con- v/ATER R E V E N U E FUND , IH£i! c P roclama tion thereof forth- ..j ,,,,,, - ,,---^ a J 5r ^r ded and ; eater- GENERAL ADMINISTRATION J Ed into, or ucon the rejection of j INCOME TAX"RETUNRS. ," . LEGAL NOTICE .Made out by appointment. G. W«J. PUBLIC L I B R A R Y . ^_.? I ? it 5-.. _TM? Heynolda B d,, ij DC retumea upo-i proper 'execution ana securing of the con- CEMETERY ' i C^i ° f thS - mJcceEsf '-'l RECREATION erswl COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)~me Springs and Columbus for talks communications into, out of and state administration larged on the economic ment program fo? Southeast era! Appalachian redevelopment He described aims of Presi- sistant, John McElroy, said, chief Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. dent Johnson's '-war of pover- "We think Ohio can do for those says Goy. James A. Rhodes is ty" in his speeches. In inter- counties what we think should wrong in keeping Southeast views he said Ohio's failure to be done." Ohio out of the federal program, take part in the Appalachian He said S2-54 million has been UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF OHIO OKFJCE OF THE SECRETARY OF S^ATE At.d,tor-Int a n*b! e 151.02660; 4 i 57 51 L'lst books paid for 22? 74 V/orrallo Tr^^t Fur-d 3CT 50 Mi^cellancou 1 ; Income gS? 60 TM I? 57 ! I 157,423 52 ' EXPENDSTUP.ES ! GLENN V. BELL TAX SERVICES AT YOUR HOME BL, 5-3155 Days -- WH 2-S27T Bruce W Foster Dir^cto- of P^bwc Serv-ce SF Pub : April 7. \i, J5S. PLANT OPERA- Aifcens April 24 to unveil Ms the federal plan. ways to help bring Industry and substitute for participation in Rhodes explained Monday tourists to 'Ohio's Appalachian the federal program for Appal- that he wants to avoid a "pov- foothills. acnia. erty"' tag on Southeast Ohio for "If we can get federal help The governor's development fear it would disco jrage Indus- on roads."' McElroy said, the director, George E. "KTIscn. foi- ny from moving in. lowed up Monday night by go- Roosevelt sa:d a major hi ing into various aspects of the vray through Appalachia state plan. end at the Ohio line because of Roosevelt, meanwhile, de- Ohio's refusal to take oart ., , . _ . . ^ : - -o ---- · ---- ------ ------ -- prrvv^i 0*- scnpea as regrettable Orao s tne program. I consider this S500 million high-ay bond is- Karen, i decision to stay out of the fed- an example of what can happen sue ^h:ch goes before the voters eral program. He was in Yellow :o Southeastern Ohio. Better May 5. LEGAL NOTICE ORDINANCE NO. 196i-i7. An ordinance providing for the coroiEns5tion of elected and ap- poa-.teo szlzned off-csls and _ . sslsr-.ed zr ro-jr'y employees FUND- of tre City cf W^oughby, O.-uo, i Gen»i tron of rise po^ce asd fire d»- parfcneats ard repealmg any ZT.A BOND T. TED W. BROWN, Secretary of (Gifts' State of tne State of Ohio do I hereby certify that the foregoing | TOTAL RECEIPTS is a true copy of Amended Senate fxoftjm-ri r; Joint Resolution No. 52 Sled in the 'salaries 25 200 00 proposing to amend the above ^ec- tion of the Constitation of Ohio. 53.350 00 IN TESTIMONY" "WHEREOF, I ' Salaries - Otner V~, , * iave hereunto subscribed my nsrne F^e] 123 1W W and affixed ray official seal at Co- V,a'er Eor.d TAX SERVICE Perstons! or Business Csl] for Appointment CECIL WEBB V/H 2-77S5. WH BL 7-7184 4^.329 Z2 ' »-- INSTRUCTIONS :1TM£\ LAKE SHORE DRIVING SCHOOL RETIRE-VTENT ;-^M i Special ~A . nterest ard H^lf-T"^ r.i B3T.d«* (Seal) Puo: Marc". 3I, Ap-,1 ____ TED "W. BROWN Ji?urancc Secretary oi State Books 7, 14. 21. 23 Postage Freigr.t other ordnances or parts 1 SECTION "s.""Th»t the Director" o-. LEGAL NOTICE FOR BIDS Motor Ven3c w » Teof trsat rr^sy be raco-sistent Deirj*-? Director of F^s^er be p~Ji Notice iz her " " " ~ J-eresnth or -arhsch may be re- fusdai;t hereto, and to declare 4.5D2 04 . b taat sea!- M:sc»i!3reojs Suspbes e testrocter. or Sflcx Free pickup servic*. WF 3-18U PAPPY MANN DRIVING SCHOOL 213 25 ' Complete ccune. Bru«h up. Partc. 420 25 , '"8 ipeciaiitt. Grade "A" tctewi. Call 731-2109 or RE 1-9493 2.S93 « ' 11-- LOST AND POUND _ Ji LOST -- All White. PART SPITZ axi - Lake area Fnday. 33 years old. "ver fnencly. new rendeat. Call 4-1229 _ LOST -- MAN'S GOLD BULOVA WATCH Bar.d between ^ng School and Junior High on Carter St WH 2-ES28. DAVY JONES LET THE KID ALONE,TED/ EXPENDITURES 154.06577 F^.-U^Jr GEN ? R . AL ;i_2--MAIE HELP WANTED _ ;3 T°'l 3 N^v;!!' » '·rrx^'Jed v^m S-rnrovsrof t-j-o- F»c-i.r»d " """ "*'" J "^'V/ILLOUGHSY "pUELl'c L I B R A R Y *- " Tir 1" Coinicil and ·'·I'd- vo of Orunci! tnr Jt^r-- n* Escn bid s-z^\ co-ta:n the full B U I L D I N G FUND REPORT FOR .. ,. ,, rec ,' J3r ,°1 f ,-r?nce »T~*.T*» cransti'iiti-i!' a ^ea^^ nV^-.-nar-^ of ezc^ per-on or company in- 1363 ?uO..»n- Marer 31, ^snl ,, 1554. jft-;-i sgam^t «h« Dt» and for T»'-jterested in the sa-.e and shall be!BALANCE JAN i IS3 31520463 r» T »» i ·», iTT'17* y^c^ n'--" tf!?r t?-o» rov»r«-' ^-''-iPd by ? bon-j or certified RECEIPTS By LiCH ant! jrlcWlliiainJl , * f T^^Tic anprop-iatsrn riereir'eh»cV Si a- ?"-.o;nt eqjal to five From County Auditor ' 5'^j 'f the b.d submit- _ Intangible tar ; ^ A - -- -- -- - - tTP TO SIO.tKX) wmle yon learn. Canvassers. Home Improvements - Will train - transportation furnished 232-0333 _ SECTION 10. Th?t 1 v ir O-dT-i?-c»[ ted on s/vr" no vnt ba-isc in the Interest Received , " a " "e sr,d i« f-erebv fcr-iaree f" Stafp of Ono. cajabie to tre City! ,be 3T5 ern^rgenrv Tr.e?-^"-c. h«,of Willovnck 3S a guarantee tnat TOTAL JO 250 7.SS2 07 . | »r-i ers*^cv thereof b"in? th?t t h o ' j f such bid is accented a contract provided DC apcronnat^d erojn | B'Jrusart thereto he entered in- of law. io b- avafiabl- for u*e in the normal dai!-^ operation of the Mur.icJr/sI Goverrrment. and is th«re- fore necessary fo the fmrnesC'at' r,^e^·rvat:o^ of the TrjVic rseace h»slth ?r,d safer? of th» C:ty of Wffloughby and It-: {nhabitsnte and sh?n feke effect and ne in force im- a matf-r ! to and tr.e txerfcrmsnce of it nroiv EXPENDITURES 3.416.70 Land Purthoe in Eastlake 25.000 00 E, M, Stitt. Architect mediately wccn 5ts Eric Pr»sld»'t of Cotmcil d- March 23 io** Attest" Byron J. Neville nerk of Coiiticil and Director of "inance Date: March 24. 15«4. Approved: H. E Erlchford Mavor Pnb. March 31; April 7. 1S«. i Architects 3,526.44 Howard t." Sutch. Moving li610 60 Meal Plumbing Heating 4.63000 Hamann Builders 19.80000 Miscellaneous Expenses 1.31293 TOTAL EXPENDITURES 6S 1(57.53 BALANCE TN BTJILDING FUND erly secured Should any bid be ac- Dalton-Dalton AsEOCiat»s cepted. the checi' of the successful - - - - - bidder will be returned upon proper execction ar.d securing of the contract has been awarded and entered into, or upon the rejection of all bids. The City reserves the nght to reject any or all bids, to waive any informalities or irregularities in the bids received, and to accept any bid which it deems be-it. Efdi shall be sealed and endorsed "Bid for Street Striping." By order o* the Council of the City of Willowick. Ohio. Bruce W. Foster Director of Public Service Pub.: April 7. 14, 1964. DEC. 31. 19S3 267,249.17 BUILDmG FUND ASSETS CARRIED AS FOLLOWS Certificate of Deposit 25.000.00 Certificate of Deposit 105,267.95 In Checking Account 136,981 22 TOTAL 267.249.17 Harry C. Winkler. Clerk. 'Publish: April 7. 1964 [SERVICE - SALESMEN A nationally known company has opening: for nen who are ie!i sfarfers wifh good work records independent ond intelligent. Men selected for established routes wil earn not less than $100 per w*ek, pfus bonus paid fwice yearly. Our experienced men average between $6.000 . $8.000 yearly. Over 450 established customers to serve: Car, merchandise, and operating expenses furnished by company. Unusual company benefits including family medical and hospital ilan. For more information see vfr. Stern 9 to 11 a.m. or 3 fo 7 j.m. Monday and Tuesday at 38378 Mentor Ave., Willooghby. Trova-Lore Motel Ro«m 34

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