Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 20, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1949
Page 2
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i-Ar.i-: g—NMJ<;ATUCK NEWS <CONN.>, TUICNNAY, HKt:. sa. UUH DREW PEARSON ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Treasury Agents Find It Difficult To Check Big Corporation's Books; Agents Stumbled On Tax Fraud Case Against Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp.; Commissioner Bolich Stopped Prosecution Of Caae. (Ed. Note—This is the third in Drew PC-HIIIOTI'M ncrli-a of columns on tux livnnlun—a <|uoRtl(m of Im- jwrtnnce to every taxpayer who IIUH to pay more as a result of deficien- ci«:» by othorfl.) \VushJriKton.--It IH not often that Treasury aironts turn up u tax fnuul i-nso agnlnst a blK corporation. ThiH IH |)iirtly because moat hlg corporations have their books audited by reputable firms, but alao because it is iilrmiKt Impossible for thn Tim;n to .ncrutinlze carefully the complicated bookit of the big corporations. Tlii- Internal Rovonui' huruiiii in HI, undrrataffocl- thunkH lu>'K<il.v 1o ih.. recent GOP 80th Con«rnH»- that it is Impossible for its aKonts to For The Best In Jewelry M««ry Building N*ujrBtuck, Conn. FLOWERS for AU OoowUom TKT.EORAPHED EVEBVWIIEBB MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP ISO BUBBER AVENP« iw. tan itake enough time to tfo throiig-h a.ll (•or|)0i-nte booliH. Keccntly, however, Treamiry ncentR Btumblpd Into what they con- Kidnrecl an airtight tax fraud caae aspeclH of tho Mld-Conllnont case leum Cbi-poriillon In TulHu, Okla. The CIIHO WIIH con«ldcved HO airtight that, thcro wus not the «li)jhl- ost doubt, they thought, about criminal pi-OHccutlon. However, tho v,'lre- pullerH KOI busy und the criminal iiHpnct.1 of tho mid-continent case are now on ice, The oil company will not have to pay a tux bill of $0,000,000 plUM C,0 per cent penalty, as recommended by the T-Mnn. liiBleiul. honimt tax- payei-H will hrivn to millte Up the difference. The rca.ion the Troamiry'a case ;i),'(ilnHt Mid-Continent wan conHid- cred -MO airtight . wa» that a former accountant for the company had furnlHhed the evidence for the government. While worklnff for the company, he hart cmiKht II miildntf <;«plt ( il nxponoUuritti foe pUint nxpunalon diirlnK thn war yearn nnd Ihon chai-KlnK them up aH "repalrH." ThoviKh t.he lowor offlcen of Mld- C'onllndnt ohciwed the real nature of the improvements, thoBc Im- provcmcntR were changed to rend "repairs," when t.he boolui wont, up to thn top office. Kepulrw, of courmi, uro tux deductlbe, while Improve- mentH urn a capital investment and not deductible. iMId-Contlnent. olllclulii K ave care- BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 ful InHtrudtoiwi thrut Die rawAiria nnd ordorn for the Imprnvotnonl* IMS destroyed, hut on<; of ltn book- It repent Junt OH carefully retnlnnd them nnd turned (hem ovor lit tho Treasury. An u rcmilt the CIIHO won considered Irnncliul. The riKont. who ni-»| hn.n<lled thlw ciuto was. Frank W. Lohn, chief of intelligence for the Kansns City District. He roc<rnitmnnded crlm- lnii.1 ivcwottullun und Hunt the CIIHII on to Mllto .Sfillxer chief of the jioniil division of the KnnCTiH City olllce. Blrt. while the conn WIIM Hlill pendhiK In Knimot City, Diuilol BoHch deputy commissioner of Internal revemm In Wawhln-Rton, requnnto'l a confomnco ut Oklu- homa City. This was held, nnd Bolich, for reasons best known tu himself, Gamic till the way to Oklahoma from WntihlnKtoti to purtlcl- pulii in the confui'unce. Ixihn and Soltzur, who alao iptortlclputfid, Informed him -limit Ui« Mld-Contlnont case, wan fraud ana should be proxecutud. Despite this, CotrumfaTlonfirBolich ordered the investigation stopped nnrt had th« CUKC trannfoiTed to WwsSilnKton. When the case reached Washington, a cunfurnric,« wuj» hold on U<j)U;li'» ollloo, at which Oonural Counsel Charles Oilplant wa« not rqpWHontodl, Thin 1 H highly »in- uniial. For, ordinarily, a criminal oaso murtt KO to the chief counsel's ofllco for dUpoMttl. It doeH not go to the office of a deputy com- mldsloner. Howovor, Bolich oi'dm'ort' It lo his onion und itlthuviifli UIH K«»«fi'- ul »N)im»el wn« not ri>pr(!,Mint«d, t'ho defaulting oil cvmparty wn« represented by Bonjiiirnli) Saun- d«r» of Lho law firm uf Charley Mamel. Hamcl, former head of the board of tax apa>lealH. and formwly in the Internal Kovemm Uuroau, JH a fto- l/ubllcan who Moinctlinbi ha« biion retained by loading Dcmocrnts Buffering fi'om tiue troublcK. Tt. WIIH Hamcl who uxpnrily bundled the income-tax CHHOB of UOHH Frank HIIKUO of Jer« l; y City and Mayor Kd Kelly of Chlcn-ffo, both durln,' tin- Hoover admlnliH ration At thlii ronfori-iuu-, C(rtnn 1 lHMlon- er iiollch (Inaily decided to let Mid-continent off for $3,000,000- Kiss for Coy Queen SCULLY, Florist for Kvery Ooomlon HA 1,1) WIN 8T. AFTER THIY WiH crowned "Mia. and Master Chicago of 1949," Donna Enders, two y«ar», nin« month*, Mcelvo a kit* from three-year-old Robert Stoll. The youngatari wer« top wlnnom in • bnbjr nhow »pon- •or«d by tho Womon o» th« Loyal Order of th« MOOIM, I International) ln»t nrul at Sa,OfX),CK)0 rottomTnand- <ul hy the T-uicii Ho alno di-oldod tiK«.ln»t ony nppruclublo fraud penalty Only after this WUB decided did Bolich Bend tho cano lo Quneral Counwl Oiliphant with InatructlonH to close the penal t»lde or the CUHC - In oth<:i- wordw drci,> crlm- Innl proHectitlon . j IJeputy ConimliMlrmor Bolloh W«o ) foi-mer head of Internal Hevenui> I IntelllKirrwi! In Now York, at which ] time he WHM clone to many Tam- niii.ny leadern. lie wmt nun 1 !, lo hln key Hpot In WawhlnRlon 1>y Joe Nunnn, another Tammany man, who .nice wirviMj' lut commlHHlonur nf Inlnrnnl Hevenue. Hlnce r«H\Kt>- liiK, Nunan him been one of the most prosperous tax Imvyers In thn country. UEO T. BOCflXT, Prop. 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