Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 19, 1949 · Page 9
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 9

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1949
Page 9
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Employment Announcements Jlclp Wanted—Mote Ilu.v of SHI n Hn<<lMrKH JONDi'il II.v i.l'i;ltlN, timkcr uniiici,. Luis, 11,-nI l!fl K. Main HI. Til. 4-DMS1S Wlliy. iiuiN'roi.— I.'nil llnwi Wlilvrliiiry. HA 1. 1' -- 7. Unfitly Iliiiinci with 4 riiiiinM on i, arh llcJiii, Kood comilllon. lino lot-a\Si>n. iivii^ni rt-aHoimbiy. Cal Anlhnnv l''nrri-r •12113. Jl.ply ]!»> "11", «-o W1M.I.AM M. CIIITTISNDION IiiMiii'anuo —• 180 Church St. Phone 2440 1 FAMILY—)) rooniH or. HiKlnand Avc. Tel. 5031 JOHN HE Al Y, 118 Churcl. SL H'.S A.MAS THUES— Houses For Sate F. A. — lit! 174 rllO.SI'KCT ST. RA7.ICKI — PHONE l.oculrcl In thi' heart marHi'l oil Mi-iulow Kt MODKII.N Jfi.KOO B • IIOOJI HO.MK on woa Urt'ijlac.e. oil huat. IlKAfON VAT/I.S—. l-rii,imM. 2 nnll'i- I.Klifd, lll(> luilli. nil heat. A Kl II'!!' I,It V. I'lKiiif) H-lli.'l or .1144. FOH SALK— Small villaK«> home 'i nximx, hath, air cxmditlonvOi. l.,.;vjti- lully Incatnl. Ideal (or buslnc-HH nr n* 1 ^. $10.000 -MAUlJHN'O UKALTV — Tel. 2r,'. 'I Si'j-rninir Fitzpati-ich-Romano I.NO SVHTKMH-- Ailillll'-- nl Htiilc 'I'axi'K. niu-u ;l-li iinlly. Hop,-,, n jiiin-k (U(iiir:i "Mr, nr HTONK llf.'MB 5'MOO I.M.MHDIATK OtTI'I'A.NC'V — ! h, 1 ,,!." fii'l-I'"-,-. ','ulrk Hill". HUM'. M Ivml l.niniiiTl, lli-iil FOH SALK— 4 n/'irn IIOU.-D In KIJDI] comlltlun. I^irKe pliTi- of larul nc-;, r 1'aul Co IIKMtV M. .MI'lirilY Jieal KMtalr and Phone 3-10U2 Waturbury Wanted to Kny OIllllSTMAS THKKS — .l\int with a larHc supply of OirlMtmiiH lives Mak, •. your .selection early. II. !•:. UUHIOlt-Trt SO" Mcrklcn lid, Ti;l. 4-9057 Wihy. HYKO1.LVM UK A I, KSTATM •is sprint; sc. TI-I. Watorbury, Conn. WANTK.II—(iiiml 2 iMinlly I rofimn on t-u^'h floo cuHtonvi] 1 waiting lor ILstinp. HENRY M. MURPHY Heal iCwtate and Tt'lnphono 3-4032 WatiTliury Root Realtors 174 Grand St Boyd, Inc. Insurance Phone 4-3181 Wtby. Automotive List Tour Property lor Wulci Sale. Tho A. ft, Mnrtlno Co. Real tCstate Ana Appralnalu 201 E. Main SL Phone 3-S286 Wtby AutoH For SiUo ' — Kiirnnill ll«l. ahonl an <:org<;ouy vlt-w. 111'.I ol .MllMllV low for SA I,I-'.— paili-1 tmrk. hlx roll HALK—Wf:m MldM. ri-nmni 1-luin- lly hous<-'. natural Uly UUhrootn. KA8T SI 1)1'.—(i-room, l-liunlly IIO'JKI;. All slumliHi i>n Kuoil loeatluns. All immediate oc< uuancy. J'ATHV I,A«UH>1,A Instate A«ent Phone NaiiK. S45S or Wtby. H-224S llcrit condition, only NIIIIN & NIIHN & J.NSUUANC13 A-.1 UStiD CAlt BARGAINS Illl (JuUllO l 'I'uilor (Uxlrti Nli:u) Kurd Tmlor Kurd I'lfHun Nu nil 8,.-dnn WALTER A- NORWASH. ASy. INSURANCE REALTOR 209 Church St Phone 4784 N«o« Apartments For Kent JAMES MOOUJ3 Real F.Mnte Phone 3556 for Selected Homes lhi.TB at hnv prlct-H THE NAUlfATUCK FUEL CO. Announcements FOR SALK— 19.11; -Lincoln Bedan, let blank, mechanically excellent, very clean. Business Opportunities BUNCHY I THIIlSTYf Btup At The PTI1AITSYII.LE 81'A New Haven Hoad l >J ion Packard Waterbury, Inc. Packard HaUjS & Service "A Sato Place to Buy" •1S2 W:\lurtnwn Avu.. Wtby Blal 4-0)0!> M KM 1 1 KM OK WAMA ]>ItKNMMAKIN» anil A ItlirnllDUH T J >iono 5841. Mrw. J^ouiwu McOulru, 47 Ulnehnm St. visit Our Hoiln Fountain Op-'-n 7 n. in. to (I p, m. lOxropt ANDY'S CAMPUS — Church Htrunt BUBBLE-BR/^IN! NO 1$ SMART ENOU6H TO / A BULLET CAPER i GWEAtE A FILL-IN , QUICK — BEFORE THE \ BLUE-BONNETS START TO V RATTLE THE DOORKNOB! I-I MAO to oo rr, RED! THE THINS* OUT5IPE 600K? DE&ERTEP. OURCAU9E! A L6ETLE SPRIPOKLIPO' OF LI LOCK WARTER, PlW PRVO'LL SWOON COMPLETE WHEN HE HUSS AROUND TB' NECK HOWOV WHAR'S UNRSNQFFVS COME BACK HOME, AUNTIE I! TH'UARMINT JES' SOT FOOT OW TH' FRONT DOOR STOOP DONT LET HI(V> IN TILL 1 GiT OM ft FRftSH PiPERN, A\Y GRACIOUS: A PERSON OUST ISN'T 5AFE ANYWHCRE. WHAT'S THE MEANIN& OFT DON'T GET TRIGGER- HAPPY, BOYS. I'M PEV RIO. I HAVE N&«& FOR THE MINISTER OF DEFENSE ABOUT THE REBELS IM !IO 8AMBA NATIONAL PALACE ru.MAx:E\ HIM FEet. CHEAP.' \ E.'.' 1 BUT DEX.'.' L TELL YOU I ." I DION -THINK: vou'O BrawG MH pLOWERS.V ME TO BELIEVE THAT SrORLV.".' ,-M NOT SOlfJCS OTHEDANC6 Hi.' posies.™ FOOLED VA !. THOUGHT 1 IVASNT COMMA BRING ern to snazzy hop- GRAWPS. T WAS^\'ill; TRYIMG TO TVI1NK )i WHAT I COULD ^ GIVE FOR CHRISTMX«.' '... M ANDKERCHIEFS ... GLOVES... STOCKINGS... . HANDBAGS — CONRDENT1AU.Y MUGQS, SHE TOLD ME OF A PRESENT SHE'D APPRECIATE MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE YOU AND SKEETER COULD Giva HER- , _ ' SWELL, GRAMPS.' WHAT SHE HAS ALL THOSE THINGS! J'LOMGHOUPS I TOILED IN 1 THOUGHT. AT LAST I CONCEIVED I A PLAN TO UTILIZE THE FORCES OF THE STRANGE POWER "MY FiRST'EYE 1 WAS CRUDE ...BUT IT WAS POWERFUL ENOUGH TO PARALYZE A SMALL FREIGHTER — " 11 1 MADE A FINAL TRIP TO THE N\A(NLAND AMD SPENT THE BALANCE OF N\Y FUNDS FOR ELEMENTARY MATERIALS." Automotive Auto* For Stile Winter Aut.'nMftorien UAI..DWIN BT. a\IL.l» OVATION Jos. Clrlello, Prop. Tel. 8-flM* Wtby. or 4986 NBUK. I I'lte-knrd Cllppcir 11H7 Jluiluon 2-door Sedan 1IMS KalHOr Scrtim 11148 Stuilcbiiker Comdr. 4-<Ir. Sedan. MKCHA-NIC'H Hl'KCIAT. 10117 Tcrrunlano $ino KMCKHOy MOTOKK 129 Rubber Avo. Phono 4S39 — Studcboker & TruckH — HOTCHKISS ST. Q A RAGE J « b Rttted Truck , ^ Phone S787 EXPERT—Carburetor and generator service. Check now lor winter. A & B AUTO SERVICE 614 Bank St. Tel. 6-1322 Wtl» 'H Service Hlatlon IDS Kiihlier ATX, Phone »»4J - WaKliliiK— I'dllHlilnij- Wa«ln« _ "KAFOo" BKTTKII 1IHKD OAI18 TJIU NAUOATUCK 'VVXIj CO. ll»« -—- Kli MOD13BN TKAILKK COACH HOMES—Complete with bathroomK, Hhowwrw, tubs. Famous Liberty Trailor Coiichow now avallublo on 5 yttur ri% Ilnunce jilan. Other wall known makes like Vagabond, Trotwooa, American. National and Pralrlo Schooner on reanonable terma. Open 8 a. m. to ft p. m. dally, rivder Trailer Co., Pout Road. Mlllord. Conn. (1 mile east ol MiKord Center) MlUord 2-2939. Auto Farts KO11 SA1,T5—4 new Dclco batteries, .suitable lor Fords, PlymouttiH, etc., ?r,0. Phone S-lgao, Waterbury. Bear. Wheel Alignment Axel and Frame Service —Welding Axel Fainting — ColllHlon Repairs l&KNIE'B AUTO WODY WORKS 128 Watortown Ave. Phone 3-6241 Wtby. We carry • hill Una ol tlnrA Ex|(-,ii. Autollte ft Artnitrong Batlerlefl. JOE'S TIRE SHOP 241 No. Main HL TeL 8-24H Wtby. Ijarge Solecttun ol New and TTned Auto Partfl, aldo Now and Uwed Tlrofi Evorjrlioilj''« rued Cam ami Part* 031) No. Rlvornldfi Ht. T.'il. (1-0492 O|>«n Sunday MortilnKH TOIl I9KW—UHofl ft reoiippeO tlreB; also odd and hard-to-ftet HUM—vlmtt OATJK'H T7NI.TKH TTRK «AT,KH, >-our D. 8. Royal Tiro dtetrlbutor. U. H. Rubber Co. employes dlncount certificate* Jor .tlreB, honored here. 8« Jeflorson St., Wtby. Phone 3-1141. Complete Ijlne Ol S«at CoverH Joe's Service Station 178 Bridge Bt. Phone *!)70 Contractors Merchandise NAUGATIJOK NEWS (CONN.). MONDAY. DKC. IH. 11MR—I'AGK !» Artlclctt For Snln O A N t; IS I.. L, . A T I ON H ID-Ill 8TVU5S 11149 BTYkliH UnNlTUH)?, niBFillOBHATOilS COMBINATION UANniSH BltANIJ NEW - JSA8V T10UM8 PRICES BO .LOW, ALMOST GJ.VJ2 AWAYS This lot nT lurnmire incmdoH 3 & 4 Room Outlltc. conHlHtlntE ol l.iedrooins. E-.!vittK Honmn, Dln«tt«M, "WnHtlnif- IIOUMC" A, ".I'hlloo" Electric RolrlRor- atorH, "Bengal" & "Columbia" Combination ItunKoa. Free utorage on any llnm until wanted. ThlH morcbniirtiwc Hhown by u))i>olntni>MH uitly. Phono Waturbury 'I -a 1 44. «Hk lur Mr, Alburl. A-J-I^-q-lS-'K -T— 'S 2(10-78 Ha. Mitln Bl., Waturlnn-y Open ThurH, & Bat. JOVOM Till Xmiiw Branchen' Hartford. New Haven and Merlden FOK 8AtK— 9 piece mahogany dining room Bel. Good condition. Te). 35.'JI.. 1 Floor Sample J3a»y Wimher SJZil.Kfi NAtJOATUCIC FUHNITUJIJO CO. 25 Ho. Mnln St I'hono 271 XMA8 RUG BPECTAli t FT.x« FT.—Limited quutitlly (a« In). Flmil ualu only $11.115 eiicti. L&C Fabric Center 4S Grand St. 4-DU77 OppoMlte Hadlcy'a Furniture Co., Wtby THE TOY HOUSE OPEN DAILY TO CHRISTMAS FROM 10 A. M. TO » P. M. Complete Line ol Torn 48 Plea»*m Ave. Tel. »«'!» LEWIS CARROLL T»» Ilmter on id* HUMI-* OKNTBB ttQUAUli - COHNKR PB08PKOT • UNION 8THBKT» Burctey Tn« Dmm Chrnm* Trtn Door tramci Wtaclow 8e>h A *nu»«i PaUti Floor 8*oderit tor TP,r.BPHOT<E »48» BAIMiAINS—U»ea Electric Unngos 110 and'up, also, used Waahlng Machines, 110 and up. Watts Electric Straits Turnpike Tel. s-4570 Wtby. IJ8E1> BBTEBIDOE COOLER - 28 case counter type dry cooler. To be sold below cost, complete with untt. Original coxt 1 yenr ago 'ID95. Sacrl- llco price (32D. WALTBH'8 REPKiaiSRATION Main St., Beacon Falls. Tel. 7130 T\1'li FURS — Full mock. Uttlo turn, none tinor. Wnlllnglord, 2211-M. IIONAT FUB FARM, HI'KCIAJj on HI>UI> rayon fif)c n yarfl. Call Mr«. nuth Pllnkln at r.8!)5. THACY STAINl-ilSS3 STEEL SINKS Double Bowl, «6 Inch, Below Cost TOWJDIl APPTjTANCM 286 No. Mnln 81. I'hono 4-1294 Wtliy. Contrnetlnf 111 I I,III'.It—Carpimtor. No job too lnrK» or Hinall. KeitHonnbln rntutt, Uolinrt Prock, Peiirl Uoiid. To). 72t)l. Building Material* The Wtby. Koady-Mlxod Concrete Co. 1)4 Benedict Bt. T»l 8-4188 Wtbv. niimCHBTB - Strength - Beauty Trucking—Mover* WEEKLY TBIP8 to Ntw Tork. Now .I«rnev «nd Now TBnuIand. T. W. Roblllard Van LineB. Wtby. 3-3688. Fainting MARIANO BROS. Fainting, PaporhanKlng — R3it«rlor A Interior. Full Ir.Hunnce Covcmce. Telephone »«1 1IEST INVESTitlEMT IH to Paint your property. Call 4071 lor tree call- mate.s. W. F, Cottt. RAYMOND J. HUOHB3 Painting — P«p«rh«njtln|t 15 South View BL Phone 2*01 INTEBIOH ^AlKTINO ANI> PAPBBHANOIWO Phone Joseph Ban Angelo —71TO Elnctrlcul Contracting *i LK V'V. U M ; W'f«Si«-OI all iiliulx. Hooclalty In small Johs lor Urn hull- ilayH—Promptly taken caro of JAMKN A. HIIKIM'AIUl ' Scott Ht., 3Vau«. T«l. 8074 Poultry and £gg» TiritKKVH— Alive All Mlzi-H. Mr*. or dreHHCd. Kelal! . All Mlzi-H. Mr*. )1. SchllilBen. Ka:i( W?l«i'l'ury lid.. Naiucntuck. Tel. Naui<. » 1 RO/E.v CHICKEN - rtoaHtcrs and cut-UB (owlw. Heady to cook. GREAT OAK FARM Phone 5049 ,iil.,?-'V, t ~ Broal1 hruiiHtod bronze TtlKKKYH. Sold wholo or hall. Call NHUK. 4604. W. S. Clark. 27a Omoe Oc Other Kqulpment I'O HT AIIL K TY PEW KITH Its - AJ, modelH. This week only, with ei'ery order: FREE valuable gift FHIUI3 one year guarantee FKI3TC carryhlB caHe FREE homo typing course Kany- payments, no t:arryln>c chorees SOLOMON'S SALK8 ft; SErtVICrt 37 Cooke 81. Tel. Wtbv. l-7i;iO VADft-Embroldoyy, trimming". ButtonM. Largeul in Htnto. Reliable Factory, 37 Soovlll at. Wtby. 10 MlacelUtneoiu SWEET C1DEI1 IH « must lor Chrlm- maM. ORt. thi! ln*nt at Schlldgon'H Cul^r Mill, Now I-Iiiven ltd, 80(1 Ouod Thtng* To Eat ROMA PAHTHY Bill NOKTTI MAIN HT. Kln«Bt Itulliin-Amoi'lvan and French Paatry In all Now ICnglnnd. Alwo S|.u- monl, Onlatl and to cream, lOvory- thing muilo on prcmliCH. BpoRlal ut- tontlon given to wadding Partlns, oai pricoH are the lowest, but our merchandise definitely the bent. Wo deliver and ship anywhere In the C, 8, Te!. Watorbury 8-2117. soif MiMlcal FOB SAI^E—Practically new Pan American trumpflt. »09, Phono 0541, :*T Dog*, Cut* and 1'et* CANABIEH—All colorH. Ideal Chrlhi- imiM BlItH. ituurantoeii HliiKerH. Hoa- Honably. Drlceil. Also CIIK«H. NiiUKul 2130. WELCH TEHVAEBS - A.K.C. HCKIH- torod. Chlkl'r, Idea! Christmas jj AK"H 2 mow. and 4 moH, T'honti .i-72 Watorbury. Dr. S. M. filolanlc. PEDIGREED—Puppies lor XmaK o Uio family, Gorman Shophord am Hmall diuthHhumlH., Heal boautleft. Vjf Vo(fifl. Call Uvymuur SSTJ, Coi'nej Meadow A Nichols SI. 30u Muttrewic* Any good old MATTBE8H renunle bit* an lnn«r«nrun[ «<iu*l to NEW Id > I)BT. Maperlor JUftttrem. Wlby., »-8»*0. Mattresses Remade 1 D»y Beivlce—Work Guaranteed Stanley's Mattress Bervlo* Phon« 4-9279 Waturburji Services 37 BUHlncss Services Rendered <>IU)i;itS TAKEN lor Sllu Covoi Drapery, HpreadH. Matprtal sanjij! Hhuwn. Tel. Evelyn Mondlch, 4U85. (Jill lliirni'i-H Cleaned anil Beinifro I'nrtH For All >lnkf» ol Unriierx Hiu 13 Chiirclilll, r,H 1'roxpecl St.. :>'l- HOLLAND FT7RNACE CO. Hot Air Furnaces. 746 E. Main St. Tel. 4-1008 Wtby CHIMNEYS pointed and repaired b; expert. All types ol mason work. JOHN OVOM Phone 0-0267. Wtbv Merchandise ArtlClM Foil SAIjK—IlouHonoiil Ftirn., 2 run. bedroom Hot, oil pump, (||H)IO«. ul<:, Call CIOX nftor R p. m. L'SKI) KKFHIGKIIATOIIH r'Oll HM.K ~ ».",0 AND UP AJiJIROFHY A l> VI, IA KGB I-'MO.N CITY TJEI>. AID I Venetian Bllnda (Cuatom-Made) Slip Covers. Made to Order. Free Estlmnte* - Phone 6858. SAFVIIAS'S BOSTON 8TOHE 4 I'IBCK—Solid Vermont mnple bort- rooni HUlte. $394.50. Oakville I'm-nl- turo Co., 104 Main St.. Oakvlllo. T.'l Wtn. 224. Waterbary Branch. 5.IB Baldwin 81. Tel. 6-2822. UNO our Lny-Away Plan." ' Clothing HAMt—lludsiui Heal ci«il •", , oxuvlloni coriUlllon, }un. Ca'ii Want«d To Buy WANTED TO JIUY-Old rags, <-,ir« Htoves. Also scrap iron. For quick service dial 4411. Artlclm For Sale NA"T,E—Mrn s hockey staton, ,, ( iz e 8. Good condition. Phono 3128. •'Ori HM.K—3 wtieol chain driven hi- practically p. new. Phone 4C-l r TUB JIA11NI3KS SHOP lined & lluckHkln G|,)V«H & L Phono 4-7883 WUy, tt IHf«-llxrl' riiiiH<inn)>ln. Cr.nrholort ilo!ln 9 InPhoH* *l-Apt. 10, Jfil Hank Ht.. Wiby. - •I-S13!) or 4-2314. KOK HALK—Lionel Electric Train fut. With HwltcheH & trunslormer. Plmno 3762. SMALL ELKCTB1C1JL APPLI- . AHCJK8—Toaslera. Saijdwlch Toast- or», Dorjneyer Mlxurw, Bunhoum Ati::RICCARDO FURNITURE CO. 407 West Main St. Tel.< 4-0292 Wtby. Dolco, Remy and Auto]he Service Expert Auto Hepalr & Motor Tu»«-U' Hen Vlek JIIB|,,,I Willttll llalli'iy t Electric Co. 136 Rubber Avo. Phone 371 .OBKSSMAKIWO, WOWIfS, MATEBI ALS—Ml»s A. Lamparolla, 11 Mapl Terrace. Phone 2926. CABMUN'S CLT8TOM- TA1LO11 Tailor-Made Skirts on sale 14.05 '!-l)ay Cleaning Kurvlco 117 K. Main SI. 1'hono 201 MOWVMJ5STH Hvcclnl I'rlKCH On All HnmnrljlH H. ltl('ll,VIU)»— 2»« Si.iill, Main Si, Nnuitnluck — Dial 848! }lanter>> AltmUam OomlilMtloB Storm Windows JnmunkiB, Roofing, SMIngo LOD HBBXLEB CO. Wttiy. «-tOS RAY MELBOURNE Lmwa Mower Sharpening A W«Mln 410 Ilabhi-r Air. Phone 711 OTTABANTKKI) 11KPAIBS—All mak mnchlncB, vacuums. Used ma,'ililiif bought. SinBur SowInK Machine Walerbury 4-4305. KALAHAZOO Sales and'Service 22 Savings St. Tel. 4-6S38 Wtby If It'* Anything for Your Floor Call ARRAY FLOOR OOVEKINOB W Diamond St. Tel. 6B18 JVKW !(•«!» PHI LCD II K F 1C 1 G K U A T O H 7 Co. Ft. — 5 Vi-nr Warranty $20 Down . . . $2 Weekly SYLVANIA TELEVISION •t Gerald's Appliance — New Low Vrlue* — M7 SPBINO ST. UNION CITY TELKFHONE Z661 R«IUb)» Window' Cleaning Co. CmtbD Ave, #nterbur< Phoh* «-4T85 CF.88VOO1W—SEPTIC TANKS Cleaned. Iiintalleil — IlralBH Uui)IHKi( Anything, Anywh«r«, 1'rommly 8COTT HANTTATION SKBVICK Dial «»r,I .1. H. TIFFT CO. D7 Church Bt. Phone 37.1 Plumblng-Htatlng-OH Burner Service J. ft M. ELBCTOICAL WORKS House Wiring- and- Repair 27 Barnum Court. Phones 3294'-5SJ COMPLKTB larascape nervice. l.a»-n ovoriroen». tree removal. Expert enced men. Fully Insured. Also drlv* w»y». J. BolleltL T»L (84*. 39 Cleaiitiig and Ilyclng RURH, DrapOH am) Slip Covers Beautifully Cleaned Dependable Delivery Service Free. KIEVMAN CLEANERS 78 Church St, PlKrtH 202 40 rUmphoUtenng lira. NEW CI78TOM MAKE LI TIN BOOM FUB1TITUM. OABPETINfl GBIPFIX'H CKSTEB ST. HAUO. 4(M WTBT. LMVI COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC REFIUGEKATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main Bt., Beacon F»ll« Tel. 74K Emergency Call TOOT Currier Electric Co. Residential — Commercial • Industrial WIRING and REPAIRS WcRtlfighotme Appliance* Tel. Niiug. 41B4 CAESAR KBZYKOWBKX Painter — Decorator 19 BRBNNAN BT. TEL. 17W Free Estimate* Full Inn»raiic4> C\»v«reite TOS GENERAL REPAJES Radiator*, Uulturle* Muchlnen, Baby CBrrlaKM BIcyclM, Soldering LAWN MOWERS SIIARP£,N~ET> 4BO Hribt>er Ar«. 1'horii- HS77 .rr j' t ACPI IA» 413 NO. MAIN ST. UNION CITY Vhone 0401 15 CHtitCII ST. TEI,. Ot'JO Open Frldny Till 8 P. M. ANNOUNCEMENT MID-WINTER TERM POST JUNIOR COLLEGE Central Avc. I'honn 4-8772 WiHrrfmry BEGINS JAN. :«(, IHW) MAKK yol'B I'LASX Vf)W NKK BKCilftTKAB RAMOS IRON WORKS 4t* HcBni'.s Avr.tivr. Expert Wcldter ol All T/»t»-F Meet Hetal * Onuraenui IHc.i - PortaMe WeMlnn B««lr TELEPHONE «iJJ COMBINATION AI.CMTNCM STORM WINDOWS & HOOILS NEW ENGLAND SALES CO ALSCO Z8X Bank St., Water bury I'hone «-(»2I9 Visit Our TOYLAND GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 17B MAI'LE STUEICT Frco Delivery T<>l(-ph»ti«- 1IIUISTMAH (OOHIICS KWfSS I'AMTKY HKAN MUFFINS UlUTHDAV CAK1CS CITY BAKERY MAPLE ST. TEL. 8«78 Open Bully 6:30 A. M. to 8 P. M. TED'S AUTO BODY WORKS 67 HOTCHKISS ST. TKL. 6IS8 — Collision SiMtclallNtii — — Bodies — Auto Falntlnc TowInR Service SAM'S SERVICE STATION and OARAGE i W Bobber Ave. Tel. M67 — Front End Work — FHJED'S HI-WAY GRILLE 001 Soufh Main St. lU-riilar, I)«Hy Dlnnrr 80o np OATEHINO VOTl VEIiniS<;0 SHOWERS. STAG PARTIES, Ktp Banquet Room, Cocktail I.»,inei< Full I.lqmtr Klr.. n »n Mcz/io's Olfcrs:- Conpletr lirakc Norrlro, n'hitrl /lllirt- •tint MID WhiT) liainiicbiR, Front V.»t )!! . ME2ZIO'S M«_BrVEK«_DK DBITB. TKt. KAD1O — TKLKVISIOft K.C.A. — Admiral Televldlon BaJcn and Si-rvlc« SWAN'S Electrical Contractor* Since 1925 2B OKnAR ST, TKT,. Vn>. EXPKHT BODY WORK Complete I'alnHni; FadlltliHi Wrcokpr and Towing Service Estlmntc-H Furnlnhcd Budget Plan Available The Naugatuck Fuel Co. FOBD DEAT-KR Phone B2S6 SECURITY Doen y -•• innurnncn Rive adequate i>r<;-«ctl»n todayf DO YOU HAVE Vtt Bee NAUGATDCK INSURANCE AOENC7 INC. Building co»U are uteadll; Increasing PHONE 2080 F. W. EATON, Mgr. TRY DAILY NEWS WANT AUS FOR QUICK RESULTS M »Christmas Gifts for the Home* v * * Water Heaters * n t Kitchen Sinks How About Your POWDER ROOM? | Geo. Wigglesworth | * & Son, Inc. 1 Maple St. Tel. 5263 * 24 Hour Service « K TRY XEWS WANT ADS FOR BEST KESI;LTS A Carload of Choice CANADIAN CHRISTMAS TREES ALL SIZES — REASONABLE PRICES Parking Lot at Corner of Church St. & Rubber Ave. Open Daily, Evenings and Sunday I Am YOUR Want - Adv I can fill YOUR wants right now. Nobody else can serve you so RAPIDLY so EASILY so CONVENIENTLY so PROFITABLY or at such LOW COST! 3 lines for 3 days — only 81c Dial 2228 Today

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