The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 10, 1981 · 58
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 58

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 10, 1981
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I 4 Part VI Monday, August 10, 1981 fog Angeles States THE DISNEY DAYS OF REITHERMAN By CHUCK CHAMPLIN JR. Wolfgang (Woolie) Reitherman's career spans the rise, the almost fall and rise again of what may be the world's most successful film production unit: the Walt Disney animation department Reitherman spent almost 50 years there, beginning in 1933 with no experience, and has just left after the release of his 20th feature, "The Fox and the Hound," which he co-produced. He was the first person to emerge from the shadow of Walt Disney with sole-director credit (on "The Sword in the Stone," 1963) and was, in effect, Disney's replacement since his death in 1966. Tonight at the Academy Theater (8949 Wilshire i iiter 48 years as a Disney animator, Woolie Reitherman gets a saZute tonight. Blvd., 8 p.m.) Reitherman gets called in from the wings for a bow. The Academy-sponsored salute (coordinated by Charles Solomon) will include two hours of clips from his work. Highlights: the magic-mirror sequence from "Snow White" (1937), the whale chase in "Pinocchio" (1940), the ride of the headless horseman from "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad" (1949), Captain Hook and the crocodile in "Peter Pan" (1953), the prince's fight with the dragon in "Sleeping Beauty" ( 1959). At 72, Reitherman exudes the energy of a 30-year-old. He didn't retire, he resigned. "They asked me not to say I quit," he said in an interview last week in his clif fside manor above Burbank. "It made it sound like I was mad." He's not "That studio has been good to me. And I'm awfully happy to have been part of it" In 1933, Reitherman and his brother were designers in the experimental aircraft department of Douglas Aircraft He also was enrolled at the Chouinard art school, then the spawning ground for much of Disney's talent When a teacher showed some of Reitherman's drawings Disney, Reitherman was invited to the studio. "I wanted to be a watercolorist," he said, "but Walt suggested I try animation. When I saw the drawings flipped, and the character moved, they were alive! Man, I was hooked." Soon he was at work on Disney's big plan: the world's first animated feature, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." "I was still wet behind the ears. But I was fortunate. I didn't have to go through the inbetweening or the assistant thing. If I had gone that (traditional) route, I don't think I would have lasted long." But there was something about Disney, too. "I could see his vision. And he had a respect for talent He'd listen to you. "It's like nowadays. I think young people like leadership." But Reitherman had an independent streak, too. When the war came in 1941, he was grabbed up quickly as a pilot with experience. "Man, what a way to open up your life flying was," he said. "I thought, "Thank goodness I wasn't back at the studio.' " Maybe it's not surprising that Reitherman, generally speaking, has handled the rousing, swashbuckling, clashing sequences of Disney's feature films. "I liked doing the dragon-fight sequence in 'Sleeping' Beauty (he directed animator Eric Kleworth). We took the approach that we were going to kill that damn prince. "Disney does sentimentality awfully well in certain places, but you've got to mix it with guts, too." After his first assignment as an animator on "Snow White," Reitherman began to ascend the title ladder as his skills at inspiring good work from other animators began to be recognized. Reitherman was beginning to distinguish himself as a leader. He is modest to a fault "There are very few one-per son geniuses involved in these things, even Walt to an extent Walt just kept the thing going and wanted life in it all the time. But without that team shoring it up, Walt would never have been as great as he was." In the early '60s, Disney was becoming too burdened with his many projects to maintain a close, directorial eye on the animation department. So, for "Sword in the Stone" (1963 release), Reitherman received the first sole-director credit in the studio's history. When Disney died in 1966, Reitherman's title was raised to producer. "There was a committee and there was some discus sion that maybe we ought to drop cartoons," Reither man said. "They were getting pretty expensive. But (live-action producer) Bill Anderson understood the value of animation and got us pretty free reign to put out the next picture ('Aristocats'). "That meant I called the guys together and said, 'Look, there it is, we gotta do it' There was no fight for power. They respected me and I respected them. You could really say that four or five of us could've gotten producer credit because we talked all the time. "Aristocats" was a success at its release (1970) and seemed to assure a future for animation at Disney. What's the outlook for Disney animation now? Reitherman mused: "Animation has a potential that hasn't really been explored since 'Fantasia.' I think the department of young new animators has established a base with "The Fox and the Hound.' It's established the fact that it can do animation. But animation needs that fantastic, unique approach. In my opinion, 'The Fox and the Hound' hasn't got that scope, that release from the normal, and the logical. What we're looking for is an ex plosion, and we haven't seen that yet" NOW PLAYING WKTWOOI Mann Westwood 208-7664 MIIY -1 00 M0 -530 745 aneioooPN FM -SAT LATE show i? 15 m UKEISflEU Valley Plaza (805) 832-3441 RUBrea Plaza (714) 529-5339 lOLlTWOOl UA Egyptian 467-6167 WILY -1:30 - 3:35 -5:40 ROO and IO05PSJ COSTIMEU Bristol (714) 540-7444 ENCMI Town and Country 981-9811 HSMT1MST0H IUCI Cinema (714) 848-0388 UtfWDOl Lakewood Center 531-9580 MtmiDM Fashion Center 993-0111 IttrOKOI IUCI South Bay Cinema 370-6396 RIYERSIDE UA Cinema (714)689-8022 UK IttKltDIN Inland Cinema (714)889-3521 IPUKI Mountaincreen (714)982-7851 WOOBUMI DIU Cinema 703-7571 CM SOU South Bay Dr-in 532-8811 aim COT Culver 838-1893 cudei uon Valley View (714)894-5338 cumu" US- Cinema 246-7130 UTEIW Mt. Baldy Drive-in (714) 593-0343 10$ UCEIES Pan Pacific 938-7070 nun Stadium Drive-In (714)639-8770 wtsTconu Eastland 339-7333 WESTUUK mUCt tvestlake 889-2919 SOTI Aero 395-4990 The Indy Cars Return to Riverside! ii.i.iJii.n The Los Angeles Times and Warner Hodgdon 200 Sunday, Aug. 30 General Admission. $10 Order by phone (714) 653-1161 or (213) 972-5775 ffIo6 Angeles GSB&ffi) STADIUM 6 iwat-tm HEAVY WTU(I) MMKMNrjl) STADIUM MINMISTIMS imk; mttu trtom jtakpo STADIUM STADIUM ZOIM,fllMYIUil(N) lwjroti(l) ; STADIUM loviiiu KXB(i) : STADIUM STtJPHII RrROUT ArOttS(l mm! 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NOW PLAYING RTEITWOOO NOUYWOOS Laemmle Plau UA Egyptian 206-3097 467-6167 Day l.X.S4S OWy: 1:30. S:4t S:S0 eoo.iooo too.ion Fn Sa IMneMSkM ENCINO Town A Country 981-9811 TORRANCE Old Towna 371-1221 COST MfM Cinema Center 714 979-4141 MANHATTAN REACH WESTMINSTER Mann 6 Cinema West 640-1075 (714) 891-3935 lamiROCR: Eagle Thealrt 256-3996 OUT Cinema (805) 967-9447 LOS AJNMLES Four Star 936-3533 Pepoenrea 993-0211 Cineoome (714) 634-2553 HUM SPHINOR Plau (714) 325-2626 Alt 683-8635 MILLS MaHneee Dotty art Maert Thtree mmmicwmmrm AT LAST THE V70I1LDS rust cznzut issnnen nsvis. w 1 NOW PLAYING M MC..1 Weslwood 208-7664 OMy: 12 1S.300.S4S S:30 7:30 . 9: IS 11:00 MANN VOBUf Hollywood 462-6621 OMy 100.2S0.440 8 70 10 IS HienioM SkM Fn t Sal RUN) WILSHIRE Santa Monica 394-6386 RUUM OA0 TOWMf Torrance 371-1221 RUUM S Manhatlan Beach 640-1075 FOR FAIISNOO. 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