Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 20, 1962 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 20, 1962
Page 11
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SUNDAY, MAY 20,1062 THE PHAROS-TRD5UNE and LOGANSPOIfT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE ELEVEN m ~^^***mn*m Repair •IB" Remodel Landscape odernize Soft Water Necessary For Natural Food flavor One can grow accustomed to most anything, bitter-tasting food and drinks included, but this doesn't mean it is satisfactory. Neither are dingy dishes, gray washes and bathtub rings. The villians of hard water, mainly calcium and magnesium, are the usual cause of these problems, says the Plumbing-Heating- Cooling Information Bureau. Hard water turns soap to scum and film on everything the water touches, clogs your plumbing with a scale that results' In high fuel bills, and alters natural food flavors. Taking this last result, consider coffee and tea. It stands to reason that the purest water (which has no taste) will permit the greatest amount of true coffee or tea flavor. Hard, impure wa ter has a taste of its own, and thus changes the natural flavor of drinks and food it goes into. The solution is to get rid of the impurities. A water-softener tank, obtainable through numerous special dealers, looks something like a water heater and is us< ually installed alongside the heater. It absorbs hanih minerals from incoming water before it roaches the faucets. Some food manufacturers boasl that their products are prepared with soft water. And soft water is often the difference between restaurant reputations of excellent or only fair food. It is well known that hard water toughens and shrivels cooked vegetables. This is because the vegetables absorb the minerals from the water, and' resultingly take longer to cook. But while the vegetables' absorb these minerals (hey lose a large amount of vi- tami Bl (Ihiamin) to the water. If you have used soft water, you know the difference it makes or better living." If you haven't, t will be worthwhile -to contact a reputable plumbing contractor or further specifics on how soft water can benefit you. Carpeting Helps 'Dull' House Noises No efficient homemaker would consider hiding dirt under a rug, but a rug or a carpet can help "hide" noise. Noise can be a serious problem. Older homes especially, may be totally lacking in acoustical materials, while many new homeowners are faced with increased noise problems, too. The extensive use of glass and other hard, reflective surfaces; radios, record players and T.V.; lower ceilings in smaller rooms, and mechanical, labor-saving devices around the home — all contribute to higher noise levels. These make "sound conditioning" more important than ever. There are. two types of noise: airborne noise that "floats" through the house, such as conversation or traffic sounds from outdoors — and impact noises caused by footsteps and dropped objects. That carpeting in the home can reduce such noises tip to fifly percent . . . has been proved by extensive laboratory tests. You can literally "decorate for peace and quiet," as well as for beauty with your choice of carpeting. Tests further prove thai all carpet fibers and textypes— both cut pile 'and looped pile — are highly efficient sound absorbers. FACTORY TO YOU BUY iDTOECT tAINO SAME MANY DOLLARS HOUSES 3 bedroom—Includes Inside Ma.. terials, Heating, Plumbing, wiring & Cabinets. $3995.00 GARAGES Ono-Car $299.00 Two-Car $479.00 NO DOWN PAYMENT For Details—Write To: UPRIGHT BUILDINGS, Inc. ROUTE 2 LAFAYETTE, INDIANA NOW SHOWING NEW MODEL HOME DAILY 1 p. m. to 8 p. m. LOCATION U. S. 31 S. of Kokomo-1 mile south of State Road 26 East side of U.S. 31. MU95 ON YOUR OWN LOT INCLUDES • 1052 sq. ft. of living area • All brick construction • Aluminum windows • Quality materials • Conventional construction • One and a half car garage • Spacious kitchen-dining area • Glamorous marble sills • Beautiful hardwood floors • Carpeted living room and hall • Custom-built kitchen with range • Ceramic tile in bath • 70 fa. of we'I. s?»>tic and pump • One and one half baths. ( ____ .- •| Write for free information | Name • I Address . •.' • • •'••• • Phone Lot Size I CENTRAL INDIANA HOMES R. R. 19—Box 461-B Indianapolis, Ind. Phone Sharpsville 963-2359 INC. CREATE AN ORIENTAL MODI) to complement modem decor with a Japanese-type scroll to display the trpasured photo poiv traits of the family. Made from a colored window shade, photos have been glued to its surface, then sprayed • with Kodak print lacquer for simple cleaning with a damp cloth. Wow Parents Can Have The Privacy QfNewly-Weds Mom and dad, as moms and j dads know, sometimes .feel they are visitors in their own home. !t's not that they don't enjoy the lamily circle, the togetherness of most activities and the self-giv- ng .attitude of good parents. These things are a natural part of the family. But they do yearn for a kind of privacy that isn't always possible in the busy household—a place where mom can dress, primp and relax at her leisure, •Where dad can kick off his shoes and rest after a hurried day, and where both can' occasionally escape the hubbub of the outside world and get to know each other again. One solution is a deserted lakeside or mountain retreat. Another, more practical for year-round convenience, is a specially planned bedroom. Imagine tliis bedroom, for instance. A prime feature is the adjoining private bathroom, space for which was obtained by utilizing the end , ,pf the" neighboring hallway. (It could just as easily have been installed' in a corner of the bedroom, says the Plumbing-Heating - Cooling Information Bureau, perhaps using some o! the space of a large 'closet.) I has a water closet, at least one lavatory, and perhaps 'a shower and/or tub if space permits. The bedrciom and bathroom combined provide a complete lounge-boudoi.r for the couple Proper lighting, a radio or record player and one or two occasional chairs add to the setting. So it is possible for mom and dad to recapture some of the privacy they knew as newly-weds, just by properly planning their private retreat. By ANDY LANG AT Newsfeatures One of the most common iroblems of home owners is that if squeaky floors. While this condition is most • prevalent in ilder houses, it is surprising how many times it occurs in homes which have been lived in a short ime. Squeaks result from the failure of the' nails to remain tightly in rasition as a result .of moisture or temperature changes. Loose looring then rubs against the nails or against -itself. The solu- ;ion, then, is to anchor the floor- ng more tightly to the subfloor and joists. For do-it-yourselfers, the usual- y advocated way to accomplish :his is to drive more nails through he flooring into the joists in the areas where the squeaks are occurring. It is recommended that [he nails be driven in pairs, each nail slanted towards the other, so that, together, they form a V. It this is done properly, elimi^ nation of the squeaks is likely. But there is always the possibility that further changes in the moisture content of the wood wil bring a return of the original troublesome condition. One way to insure increasec holding power .and thus preven future trouble is by usin^ threaded nails. The Wood Re search Laboratory at Virginia Polytechnic Institute conducted < series of tests and.. ' found tha threaded nails not only, gave more initial holding power, but had, in creased withdrawal resistance as Homeowner Can Handle Many Minor Plumbing Repair Jobs There are many ways in which the homeowner can protect the plumbing in his home from needless wear and tear. There are likewise many minor plumbing repair jobs the homeowner can accomplish, jobs most plumbing contractors would actually rather you did yourself. The good plumbing contractor, ike the good doctor, is quick to respond to an emergency call, and is, of course, available to care for any" 'illness' of a plumbing system.. But having to be constantly on call for very minor jobs may, mean that someone with a major problem cannot get immediate service. To let the homeowner, know of ie many small things he can do protect his valuable plumbing system, the Plumbing-Heating- Cooling Information Bureau offers a booklet titled, "Plumbing Care and Repair." It is available for ten cents from the Bureau at 35 East packer Drive, Chicago 1 Illinois. There are 20 subjects coverec in the booklet, including drains and fittings, care of all plumbinj fixtures, water heaters, leaky ant frozen pipes, noises in the plumbing systems, shut-off valves, etc The booklet explains what the average homeowner can do ir the way of plumbing repairs, anc what should be left to the expert the qualified plumbing contractor Advice jjiven in the booklet, is in down-to-earth language, aw easily understood. Where neces sary, simple diagrams illustrate the valuable tips. One of the most popular roofing products is a highly fire-safe shingle' with a Class "A" fire rating. Hoofs applied with this shingle are bonded by the firm for 25 years.. . , NEVER BEFORE ...priceless paint quality at a price this low! Superb colors! Tops in quality! Quick and easy!' Dries in SO minutes! 'No -painty odors! • Now at our stgre... .69 ©AIL. ' Tops in QuaKty /Hundreds of Superb (Colors The FINEST PA INT at lOWEST PRICES EVER VOORHEES Open Alt 'Day Wednesday 11 00 N. 3rd 1 St. ' iPhon'e 3247 There is a GENERAL® ELECTRIC Payment Plan to Finance Add on Cooling Talk to us about it TODAY! Up to 5 Years Financing FRED HAROLD OORE an ON THE HOUSE he wood became more seasoned. A. technical expert On 1 the subject, Arthur Tisch, pointed out that hrekded nails can, be driven lome easier and with less chance if splitting the wood. There are many different types if threaded nails, although they all into three basic categories. Due is especially effective in jardwood flooring, another works well with softwoods. And a third s well suited ' for . nailing .such hings as asphalt root shingles and siding nailed over plyvrood sheathing. In some cases, the trouble with squeaky floors would not have occurred if enough nails had been used in the first place. As one 'looring manufacturers association puts it: "The answer to floor squeaks is nails. Take the trquble to get the right kind of nails and use plenty of them." The traditional fan - shap.ec gsirden trellis takes on new interest with a white baked - on enamel finish over mainten- nance - free aluminum. The bright white is a handsome foi for the foliage and flowers says the makers, Nichols Wire and Aluminum Co. New Woodgrain Paneling For Bathroom Improvement With the trend toward compart- men ted bathrooms, homeowners are spending more time planning the decor for a modernized bathroom. With two or more sections in the bathroom, .it is possible to use several harmonizing colors or even introduce patterned or woodgrain paneling. Handsome woodgrain paneling is particularly effective around the lavatory area to frame the mirrors and medicine cabinets. Paneling which has a plastic surface that resembles the finish on a refrigerator, can be used in the bathroom because of its resistance to heat and humidity. Only an occasional damp wiping is needed to clean the paneling. It has a rugged hardboard ba;>e which will withstand hard knocks. Plastic - surfaced hard board does not need any waxing or finishing after installation. In addition, it docs not require refinishing at periodic intervals. • Woodgrain puneling comes in 10" x 8' random-grooved planks and four-foot wide smooth panels. It can be applkid right over old, cracked walls will) wallboard ad- heiiive and simple metal lips. Tongue-and-groore edges simplify filling and conceal (he clips. The washable paneling also comes in colorful panels that can be used in (lie shower area. Miitching moldings are available at lumber dealers with all types of plasli-surfaced hardboard. WITH OR WITHOUT MONEY GEL GIVES YOU A COMPLETE HOME: With ALL packages and finishing materials—at a guaranteed prtco. Or—if you prefer—just the homo with all finiih- ing materials! Write for Free Catalan TOOt of Plans to Chooie From t You get the complete custom-built home 0HMEM D-onrf EKEttfD on your lot with all finishing matwiab far INSIDE and OUT, inducing: • Contact us or your r<spres optative today! capp Homes 1143 DUPON M., DEPT. 100 MINNEAPOLIS 11, MINN. BOB KNIGHT, 220 W. 3rd St., Fort Wayne, Ind. Phono: E-07913 Complete plumbing system, • Complete heotin£| system, Complete electric wiring system with fixtures. Complete pre-Rnished custom Kit:hen cabinots with hardware ond Formica tops. Beautiful, se'cct oak flooring, oak base, door and window frhn, Vinyl asbestos tile for bathroom, kitchen, rear hall. Ail foundation materials including basement windows. Self-storing extruded aluminum storms and screens—installed. Heaviest gauge aluminum siding with rigid backer-board for triple insulation—available at smoll extra cost. Sheetrock or rocklath, inside doors ond hardware, roofing, siding or pre-stained shakos, insulation and combination doors. Professional architecture ,.. ond much morel jfVlANA&E «ii 6th & Michigan Ave pbon»j4426 AND SELECTED SUPPLIES at CEILING TiLE 12x12 Painted »Edge . ...lie sq. ft. 12x12 Accoustal ...... 15e sq. ft. WOOD MOULDINGS' Vj"x%" Base Shoe 2V4c ft. 2W Casing . 7 Vic ft. %" Quartar-iRd 3e ft. %" Cove <?. .3Vic ft. Premium Framing Lumber 2x4 . 2x6 . 2x8 . 2x10 2x12 .119.00 IW .119.00 M .124.00 M ,130.00 M .135.00 M PLYITOD Vi" AD 4x8 . .$2.82 Vi"iAiD 4x8 $4.75 %" AC 4x8 i . $4.38 5/16 CD 4x8 . .... ... . .$2.54, Vi" CD 4x8 . . .;.'. .'. . .$4.52 TWO LfSHT WIMSW 'UNITS 'INOLUD'ES "WBAfTHER STRIPPING , A't*D BALANCES 20ifl6 (Glass Size) $10.79 20x24 (Gtass Sizis) .$13.36 24x16 (Glass Siza) $li.47' 32x20 (Glass Size) $14.90 ROLL INSULATION 16"-r/i" -Thick .. .$33.00 M 16"-2" Thick ...$42.00 M 16"-3" Thick .. .$56.00 M Thick Butt -Shingles $6.95 sq. Lock Shingles $7.75 sq. Seal Down Shinglcts $8.50 sq. .15 Lb. Felt | $2.45 roll 45'' Smooth "Roofing $2.20 roll 1x12 Quality W, Pine $100.00 M 4x8- 3 /a" 'Plaster >Bd $l.,so sheet 4x8—Vi" Masonite ; . $il .66 sheet 4x8-V4" 'Peg Board $3.08 sheet 21 "x32" STAINLESS STEEL •SUNK WUPH RIM-434.95 4x8-'/4" -Pre Finished Oak iFacii • , . $7.95 shee! Wlnamac Ph. 946-3144 Only a Few of Our Eveirday Bargains VON TO3EL S FLOOR TFLE Vinyl Asbestos Marbleiied Patterns 22c sq, ft. MontBcello Ph. 583-5125

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