Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 19, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE 8-XAUGATPCK NEWS (COJTO.). MONDAY, DKC. l», ]MO Sunday) by NAUOATUCK NEWS CORP NAUGATUCK, CONN. M 222K nn<l tttlt All Department* Entered an aocond claim mutter at tho port offlcs In Na\igntuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable ID Advance t Month ...91.30 1 Year Member: American Newspaper Pub. N. B. Daily Newspaper Pub. A»s-n Conn. Newspaper Publishers Ass'n MONDAY, DKCEMBEK 10, 1949 Magellan To Lanphier People have been sailing around the world for more than 400 years, ever since Ferdinand Magellan's expedition of 1519-22. He was killed in the Philippines, but some of his men finished the trip hack to Spain. Sir Francis Drake made it from Plymouth^ England, and hack a^'ain (1577-80) in nhout the same time — nearly three years. Since those days, especially in the past 75 years, (ho circumnavigators have been doing It often. The latest one is Tom Lan- phicr, Jr., the ex-fighter pilot credited with shooting down Japanese Admiral Yamamoto in the Solomons back in 1943. Lanphier £i|.|ji:ti aic,unil the «-»rM fcn 'i- < i '•;' -• ln-'iiiU ,1 nil lil,,;I;, IT, ,, •••!•••' ' ' .• | -...:., ., ,. ' ••> " i'.' '!;• '. Mm- !' ,• .1 ,1 fi'!:ii-i!!y Ms i<|vuisor "as llio Air Fnrce Association, which v, anted to "show in a dramatic way the tremendous growth of aviation in just 46 years." The trip turned out. of course, to be a flood advertisement for the airlines— and for the two nylon shirts he wore and washed aloft. The first fill-commercial trip around the globe became possible in April, 1947, when a. party of newspaper men did it in 13 days, three hours. In 1948 schedules had improved so that Col. Ed- v.ard Eagan, chairman of the Nov.- York Boxing Commission, v.-.'ii; able to pull the time down t.-j .six days^ three hours. Lan- phicr's four days. 23 hours and •47 minutes is a record that may r.-s '.veil stand for a good long t::;'C-. Ts'.ihody could wish to circle the v.-.;i-;.-3 that fast for any business or ;iica-;ure trip. There are vast areas of the world which airlines do not serve.. But there's no doubt Magellan and Drake have been left far behind. Daniel And The Lioness Skeptical yet fascinated were those who read the dispatch from South Africa about Daniel and the lioness. As reported in the Ixjpdon Daily Express and picked up by some American newspapers, the story is this: "Young Daniel Esterhyse of Johannesburg asked his girl's father if he could marry her. The father, something of a practical joker, told Daniel: 'Prove you are worthy of her. Do something no one else has done—milk a lioness.' "Daniel was undaunted. He marched off to the wilds of southwest Africa where he recruited trackers and set a trap. Luck was with him. His first catch was a recently-whelped lioness. [Daniel tried to bind her feet but was smacked down promptly. Finally he lashed the lioness to a tree and milked her." Can anything done in the Age of Chivalry touch that for determination in \vinning the hand of a fair lady? If all suspicion of a publicity stunt of some kind I.s resolutely brushed asHo, there IK still curiosity no to ;vhnt he did wilh the milk. Did he bind her father hand and foot and force him to drink it, Hiowly, drciji !>y drop? Mr. Cole's Poll Last October W. Sterling Cole of Delaware sent telegrams to nil high ranking officers of the Navy and Marine Corps asking whether they backed Admiral Louis Dcnfeld, former Chief of Naval Operations, in his criticism of Defense Department policies. To date he has received 170 replies to 308 Inquiries. Of these, 117 backed the admiral, 26 were noncommittal, and 27 said Navy regulations prevented a reply. From the results of the survey. Representative Cole has drawn the following conclusions: 1 That the replies are pertinent to the nature of the report, the House commitee plans to submit in January on the inventlga- tlon of the bad points of present unification policies. 2. That it would bo "incorrect, unfair and misleading" to dismiss Admiral Denfeld's charges without due consideration. (The admiral's ouster followed his charges before the committee that national security was being jeopardized because undue emphasis was being placed on the; potential of the B-36 bomber while the Navy was being weakened by cutbacks). The great majority, at, replies indicate that officers with lengthy Careers in the N.avy have cast their lot with Admiral Donfekl sink or swim. They show that the current supposedly smooth relationship in the Defense Department may be a false facade. If this is the rase; there i.s more trouble brewing. Hlciim pldni. him IIKIMI '•<! carrying a pr,.|j ; mi'<j of 2,300 pounds per «|!mn! Inch. Some of I his tuxpiiyiTH do heller than that. Do You Remember? One Year Ago The proposed school building program was approved by a m;i- jority of 177 votes, will) 1,L'8H freemen voting in favor of the plan and 1,111 against. A fivc-cent-an-hour w.-igo increase and .six paid holidays' were granted to all plant employes of the Peter Paul, Inc., effective Jan. 20 Years Ago Richard Finley, a student ;il, Villanova, arrived in the borough •to spend the Christum* holiday;, with his parents. Harold P. Baldwin was dueled assistant secretary and assistant treasurer of the Risdon Mfg. Co. by the Board of Directors of Ilia firm. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. When a woman is indebted to several people who have entertained her, would it be all right to give one largo party and Invite all of them? A. It would be better perhaps, if a large number of people, to give several smaller affairs, inviting to each party only persons she thinks would be congenial. Q. What .should one do when with a crowd <if people, following a dance, and the others to stop somewhere to eat, and one is not hungry? A. One can always order something very light and make an attempt to eat it. Q. When calling on a friend and she is not at home, is it all right to leave a message of some kind? A. Yes. "Sorry to have missed you" may be written on one's card. Household Scrapbook Laundry Bluing Wrap a piece of muslin over the top of the bluing bottle and tie securely uround the neck of the bottle with a string. The bluing- will not come out. in too bit? a stream and it will also come out strained and free of particles. Cretonnes One method of brightening up the faded flowers and designs in last, year's cretonnes i.s to use waxed crayons and tint up each one to its original shade. The Rousting I'an The roasting- pan will be easy to wash if it is greased well before the roast is put into it. All tho essence of the moat •will |'o into the gravy and not into the pun. "Thou art My Son, thin day have I begotten. Th«ie" From She, the womb virginity, dill Thou, Savior f] t . L .. Darkness and light. And Thy light sihinelh in HVirkness. Sanclus, Sanclus, Sanctum... We kneel berore the Word: <j«<l ol Three. Oh Te.stimony of Truth'! Thy lovo \vo :-c?e. Dm-knnsH :inil light. Anil Your Ught shinoth in Darkness. .Sunotiis, S-imitiiH, Sanet m* Thy Supreme. Sacrifice upon the tree to come, forgivp and Have mercy on me. IX-ji-kneas and light. And Ills Ught shinoth in JiurltnosH .«<inctijfi, Rarieln..!, Snneluw... nnd Thn Word dwell among us; J loly Holy, Holy. . . T. IS. O'J.'Jtinnul! Naugatnck, Conn. Many improvements in tho appearance of Naugatuck's finest hiivo beon <ibserved during the piiKl yinir sinrin llu>. fi-udiinui gnuil A nice word of congratulations to the children who iitlundcd the NewH-Salcm PlalyhouKC party Saturday, . .They were very or- dorly, and th., fine quiet manner In whiclh they (lied out of the theater haa all the adults talking in terms of commendation Salute to Han Sweeney, who has started to cllmh th«» ladder of MUUMHH In the world of music ...Dan joins the cast of "The Merry Widow' opening nee.. 2« In Boston. ..We've already saJd it to I>an personally, hut hero's ai.other wish for good fortune ...We're rooting for you, Daniel ... DISCUSS GOP CAMPAIGN STRATEGY h. i' • , i n T i n; • 111" : -1 n n n 11 • i the liny:: nil \\IMC the HUIU(> typn pith helmets and now (heir winter hat is are the same. Larry Cabral and Sophie Rackowski added novelty to the News-Salcm Playhouse theater party Saiturday morning. . .The two youngsters eame right up on the stage and lead the other youngsters in group singing... Santa Glaus gave a special gift to Susan Glover, who ca/im.' to his assistance Susan pulled the lucky names from all the ticketis turned in at the door. Winners of special gifts at the NewK-FIiiiyhniisu party were: Thomas Mahsin, Thomas Smegel- ski, Michael Howard, Patricia Wasdo, Nancy Shla, Carol Ann Smith. Undo. Uurette, Harry /'Tosypankc). SuMan Behrmiui, John 10. Kelley, Gloria Bllboa, Thomas J. Murray, Susan She<ld, Henry C. Kuckl, Jr., Dennis Scavone, Linda Pritchard, Joseph Hagcn. Susan Bradley, George Hayes, Clayton Fernandes, Barbara Fiimtcri, Vhyllis Lokltes, Diana Kolkowski, John Karlxi- wlc/,, Thomas Hunt, Jr., Annette Faz/.lno, Rone lleU, Br«c<j Hohen, Thomas C'urtlii William Heller. Harold Kazunjian, one of the top executives of the Peter Paul Inc., has at least one thing in common with Santa Clau.s... And that's his genial disposition .. Local merchants report a great deal of Interest in the new car to be given away Saturday night . .What a Christmas gift for a Nan-gat nek shopfioi-. . .Coupons on the car aro given with pur- chn'if'Li In Inr-itl el/if-ott ' «•.«'- ,-ni ,n,, ^ivcji hases in local stores. Jim Claffey says he'd spend Ills Christmas vacation In Maine l»it It might b« t a llltlo cold In the oldeaiop .. Police Sgt. George Smith's young.stcr Is a born iprankrator ..Mrs. Smith U, forever finding Imitation mice, spiders etc. uround the house.... Frank Balinsky of 88 Beehe street «as guest of honor at a testlmmilul !„,,( Thursday 'nljrhl, KH'i'ii by hU fell,,,, |.|, (( ,i,,v,.N „(' Hi- M.,.1,,1,.,,1 ,„ '', ;1 ,' -.. frtn Hurst, found it pair of<wi on HublxT avenue Sat^ urduy morning and turned them over to The NEWS. ..The owner IK sure to JM; looking: for them ...They may he picked ii[i at The News.. .Gene Vasho Is holil- Inir 11 white mitten found in the SaJem Mayhouse after the Christmas parly Saturday. Ky Poslla is working liiimelf into a lather making arrangements for the first Christinan party of the Union City Community Club tonight at tho JP-A Club. .'BarW Sloinernski promises n piece do resistance sueli ai not been seen in these parts ...Vtc Vitalis, Gen I'ajeslcl, Frank /udnnvwki, Mrs. John Phillips, and Mr. and 'Mrs. John Bnrkc. are- helping Ky with the arrangements. . .nick Kelley su.ys hot dogs and sauer kraut will IHI on the menu... Jim Nies hais started the job of marking out. the Little League Stadium in Union City, on property given by Rev. O. H.Bertram of St. Paul's Lutheran church... Joe Kej'zner has something new in a calendar idea. . .It includes first-hand and flint-rate, information on the fishing seasons . Mr, and Mrs. John J. Meier, of Sheffield lane, recently observed their 26th wedding anniversary.. .And Mr. and Mrs. Harris Whittomore, Jr., of Church street, marked up their 32nd year of married life lost week. .. .Yesterday it" was anniversary number 43 for Mr. and Mrs. Fred Montrose, of May St. . . .Congratulations one and all all. CHICKEN EVERY SUNDAY MWI^u AT1 , OMAl f° MMITTK cha!r ™» Guy Gabrlebon (left) and limrt, newly appointed GOP treasurer and national com .are sljowu o» they attendee) a moling of tha p." W strategy MR.lV.Hrs Of IhB *r..i.p u^d ...,o nbandonmcnt > lil(.'hiMrili.y tJiiHy-woi-kBrflljrlluvoco«tthoRopub- Ucntis the last four Presidential election* (International Soundphoto), WALTER WINCHELL In New York Man About Town Insiders are giving: lice's denials "The Old Ignore." They hour he prefers the Democratic nominal n ...Eleanor Roosevelt's inner circle, fears she may quit all activities except her UN post...They urn dividing .the .Charles .Chaplins again...Mayor Church of New Ko- chelle- and his wife nrc belli;.' urged to Try It Again. . .Backstage talk has Kate Hepburn "a very sick woman". . . Long Island Ho- nubs are spreading the rumor thiU Mayor O'Dwyer ran again "to keep the Democrats in New York top-ether." That he will quit before his term ends. That Comm. Murtagh is being groomed to succeed ...Communist chief Wm. Z. Poster (who escaped trial with the 11 convicted Reds) won't live another year, according to medico gosa!|i ...Postal authorities arc trying to Inarn who sent Mr. Petrlllo, the music czar, that lovely ; box of poisoned candy. The Tower of tho Tress suffered •\ tnrrible letdown Sutdeo in a Minmi Beach barbershop. Nicu- ProsUlent. Bnrkley and President Truman's Les Biffin walked in for hair trims and weren't recognised. '•Sorry." said the head barber, "but I am waiting for an Important customer". . .Mr. Bni'kloy took a n<>ot nnt! waited his turn...In wnllcod '.ho important customer" fn. co'.- viimist). who learned tho horrible uetalls and almost drowned in tho barber's tears. IJe.tty Griint (dliitiitit kin d> Ulyt;s(!n S. Grunt) .started as a rnloKgirl nt Lord & Taylor's ilept. store. She Is now ass't buyer. . .Ti'.-i a boy for the novelist Edgar SHOWM of ,thc Satcviepost. . .Rumor has two of the Dionno Quints planning a career In the Churcii . New York Slate has okayed TIYP' license plates for working newspapermen.. .Warner's will release a film called "Chain Lightning" in tho Spring. It is based on a story by "J. Redmond Prior." Couitl Prior ho n. nom do plume for Lnslor Colo, one of Un> II'woixl Ten In- <llcl.i:d by 'CongrenH I,, ](M7''.,.A C!i)n«rnsnlon»l subpoena will b« ^ tossed >il. M person churged vv.lh 'collnboivitlon with people nng.'igiMl in .Soviet espionage In tlin Orien,,, It'll make headlines and firework'', IJfliip In the. lleju-t of Texan: Thanks to John Wruther, Texas oil operator, the Runyon Fund now i.s one-fourth proprietor of his rich., esl. ol] well... It Is to be known os The. Runyon-Mngee Well No, 1... The Living Monument to Tetur MageR. 10, who was klllort by cancer the other day, . .Peter's fath«" is Mr. Wrather'a pal.. .The Runyon Fund's share (over the life of the well) will be, at least, $100,000. . . John, the oil from your Runyon- Mngee No. 1 wil help carry the tight against cancer long after your time and mine, They say Oi'iiimn nurbln's new heartbeat Is youthful muslenl eun- uuelor Andre Prevail... Raymond Clapper's winder Is being wooer! ardently by n Washington lawyer .. An intnrnatlonnl pluyglrl in vlM- Illng cliiims iirouiid town Cilispluy- ing n. foot-lung bulchar'H Unlfei and threatening milcldo If they i'o- liisn to lend her dough .. ,Hlr Alex- niulcr Kurdn'u Big Interest la French actrdss Gisclo Pnscal . They say Brig. Glubb Pasha (of the Jordanian Army) is planning to silielvo his British clU'/.onslu;> and be converted to Moha:,i- ineclanlsm. . .Elizabeth Taylor, 53 year old actreHH, is bent'tHlck ovnr Hie recent barrage of harsh (off- acroen) criticism on the coast. Her fans scream: ''Nom; of her critics ciin mutch her morala!" A remarkable Illustration of thn Fol. Calling the Kcttlr- Black>- P';nud In Texnfi. Kx-C'oiiK, Mnri,. n i>iuu cburgod Uial, loyuUy lieiirin;;:i 'afforded federal employes) 'wcr« Star Chamber proceedings". . .Only a few yours ugo the same Marti'i L'ins fas chairman of the Un-American Activities Comm.) himself was charged almost dally with Invading tho Constitutional rights of ck 1 - zt-ns, whore a witness could hava a lawyer—but the latter had ue rights. Feature, Editor Tip: The man who runs the elevator at 19 W. Cirith doubles every night as one of those Save Your Soul preachers who parade up and down Broadway carrying signs and handing out religious pamphlets. . .Mr.^. George C, Tilyou (matriarch of the farned Coney Island clan) is seriously ill..,Movie receipts for November have been kept hushed by the industry. Because they revcnl that attendance is the lowest sinco the depression.. .The S. Poysfrs £.ro knaglng. He's the movie barrister who introduced Roberto Ros- aellini to Ingrid Bergman in H'wood. And did you sec Roborto'd latest news-photo—with his hand on his best hip?...One of the bk- g-est raco bias stories is just outside our own city llmlln. In Bronxville several taxpayers pey lo have the children of their servants sent to schools in nearby burgs...S. C. Freedman of sbn Sehino circuit weds Rstello nick of the RFC on Jan. 1, In Washington..^ you want to give the Mayor and his bi'lde a real wedding present, llion cooperate on tlic water shortage. I'nnl Robeson. Howard Fast and 25 othora filed a $2,000,000 danv.iK« ijtilt against WestehcBter officials and veterans groups—growing o it of tho Peekskill disorders. . .It is too bad the law doesn't allow a counter-claim by the veterans of 1 Billion Dollars—for se.rvicen van- dered in defending the U.'~S. Constitution and the privileges of the plaintiffs to abuse it. t rf"' Eisenhower's Miippnrterx are trying to woo B. Bimjch, Judge S. RnKnnm.'in nnil Victor ISnuinuol away from th« White Housn. . .Wm. Gordon, the Hoclalllo-ad in»n, u,nd ronnno Talbot, tho Powornlrrin, are honuymoonlng nt Pnlm Bench nfler (he moi'ger iiit St. J'atrlck's. , . Tliyra Bnmtcr WlnsloWi the writer, bought un ermlno coat, and a mink wrnp for her Pomeranian, which wears diamond necklaces on formal occasions. . .Howard Johnson's newest branrh on W. 57th IB another gusher...Has 201,h Century- Fox bought controlling Interest m n major network? Not ABC...Tho (lurk horse wo hoped would win today (at New Orleans) wu:! ''Black Prince." which was scratched. Russell St. John and Murphy (of tho Mark Ct'oss tribe) urn hotter l.linn civpus nuzoltoH... J'Jnehan Dubimh, a very wealthy Indian princess, can't get coin oii't of her native land. She's working as a Hiilo.'iglrl at McC'reery's .'The cops will make juicy poge.-onns •vhcn they clamp down on tho SPX- cupadew going on in a swanky apt on th« ICnnt Sldu. . .Conlnndiir'i are HO f«w thai. King MiiKii'/.lmi ha.< r, hiilf-pago advcrtlMumont for hoavy- woiifbts. . .Thi) Arthur Seals (.lull! Earing, star of the A(|iiashow) ux- pact a baby Seal soon.. .Angela Castle (tho tv actress) and British actor Peter Scott share the sane 'tlass of water nightly at Town House.. ..loo DIMaggio has gained Ifi Ibs. He's trying to reach 2V?. liofuro Spring training, his wolght whi'ii h« hurt his. t.op year. .'Tho Phil KlssKUlos expect another ling. . .Hurry CuHhlng and Doris l.Jowling ure Rome's Topic A. . Headline: "N. Y. Water Shorloso Worse!" (That darn Mrs. Room:veil:!).. .Overheard sum-up of the limping Miami season: "There are nuiro vl/iitoi'ii [him «vnr, lint thiiy IAI'O all looking 1'or joba!" Half-Millon Given At Yale Last Year New Haven, Dec. 30 (UP)— Stti- '' dents nt Yale, received more than 1 * I.I'.00,000 In fln.-mHiil ;1 , I; <|,,| ..,„,.„ , durlni: Hie ucmlmnlc vi-iir nl I'.MK and 1940. ' ; The university miulc Uiin :in ! nonnwmcnl. lo.lny. Abmil ;> 200-tin I <l(Mils rccclvKtl $OT:U>1)0 In fellow- | Hhips, ncbolnrHhlpH and loans. An- > other $800,000 W.-IK earned by stu- i dr.nlj, to pay board and other <-ol- lega expenses. For the current academic ycor I Yale -has appropriated $-100.000 for outright scholarships and work scholarships. This is double the amount provided for the last col-j lege year. ' &. Look And Learn 1. Why Is the yolk of an cgc called by that name? 2. By what name Is a stump collector known? 3. From what musical show comes the song_ "Slumber On, My J,iltlc ( ->'l»iy Sweetheart"? •). Wlmt does eugenics rncun 1K- er/illy? 5. What IH n sextant? On Goodwill Tour Answers 3. From the Anglo-Saxon me.-in- nu yellow." The wonl film, »i,-ni j leu I ho cor.- or heart of .in ,-thin',., j 2. Philatelist. ' | ^ 3. Victor Herbert's "Fortune Tell- i 4. Well born. j 5. An instrument for determin-i ng a ship's position-at :ien. I AH1/O.NA IM>IANS j Phoenix - - Tluii-H urn I ,' l.i.ii.m .HwrviitlonH Mini .11 linllnii liil.r;,. in I rlzona with a pnptilniloti i.r ,I|M,NI ' 0,000. I THE FAMOUS World War I German sea raider. Count Felix Von Luck- ncr, is shown in Cleveland, O., oj>e of the scheduled stops of his U S South America tour. He S.s traveling under the auspices of the United States State Department to promote belter German -American relations. (International Soun<£D/iolo> Danbury Hospital • Surgical Chief, Dies ADV. 'We, THE MUSIC SHOP—" "What do you think of the new KCA Victor automatic. 45 JII'M (revolutions per minute) vieirol.i «r;tl the new large-holed rre- urds?" is >• ({tutstion we he:i.-.very day. We put ourselves on recorJ! 1'erfection In recording must have these advantages: Fidelity in .reproduction, noiil>reiil!iili!i<, Umg-wcarhiK rec.ordn. s|«»ce sin- ing in storage, and ease of mechanical operation of the [ihon .graph. Has the new KCA Hystan these advantaged?—It ha«. Will the new system !«• <M;-- inoded In time?—To the hesl ..f our knowledge, the RCA system Is here to stay. It is being more widely accepted. Is It expensive.—Th« lli:\ automatic changer attachment sells for $12.05.-Records are -mi. formly l<»s expensive than shellac records. THK MUSIC SHOP, at S8 Church St. stocks the players and the records. Remember that you might win a car If you slj(>]> at THE MUSIC SHOP. I".i v I i" i II... I •. ;„.,.... line (ln-.'l :iiiii.|i., .,n, i ., . ,..,:i ... 1'i'K.'-. HI- w)ih <,li y« <n .• f.|,i I Jr. MtiihtiK W.IK pi<-Mu>nl-el<M-t. ol' the society of Bellevuo Hospi;.-.! of New York Ci'y alumni. He KU\ be buried Wedm-sd.-iv. NPW ENGLAND'S LARGfSr PETROLEUM STORAGE TERMIML BUNKER "C" Fue! Oil P«r V, O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. I'hone *' C-3511 •<?«** BUCKLEY /-, BETTER SERVICF' LOWER FUEL COSTS FOR CHRISTMAS GIVE AN AS LOW AS $2.00 A WEEK JVei ASK ABOUT OUR FREE TRIAL PLAN Nothing Kite «• Picture* a* the Merle* WIN A NEW $1800 FORD CAR Coupons Free With Every $1.00 Cash Purchase'.! Admiral I'resenlM . . "Slop Tli,. Mimic" . , ABO TV Nclwnrli Thursday, H r. M., KST. RADIOS ^APPLIANCES. 15 CHURCH ST. 413 NO. MAINST NaiicatiieH (Phones frinfl—«Hfll) t-nioii r |(v Store Open Tuesday, Wmlitpxrtu.v, Thnrsdny and Frldny NlehU This Week FHEE PARKI.Vr; FOR (TSTOMKHS Frw. llim<-H ICrom Mi-nrmi KII||H to Niinu.'«|u<-l< Kviry Tills Wi'i'li Thul Itm-oiieh S(«n-r-H %re ')'u-ii.

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