Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 20, 1962 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 20, 1962
Page 10
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PAGE TEN JTHE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT. INDIANA SUNDAY, MAY 20, IOCS Repair Remodel I Landscape [Modernize The WEEDERS GUIDE By EARL ARONSON AP Newsfeatures WAIT JUST A MINUTE before rushing to plant. You may be pushing the season and making more work for yourself. Your soil should be well worked before you sow your seeds, but don't start digging, especially if it is heavy, while it is too wet. Give the soil a squeeze lest. Working soil that is too wet causes the particles to pack together. You'll have clods for a long time. If a handful of soil tightly pressed into a ball crumbles easily under pressure from your fingers, go ahead and spade or plow. Then fertilize, spreading three 'Or four pounds of 5-10-10 or 6-8-6 per 100 square feet. A soil test will best determine the proper plant food mixture for your plot. Generally, broadcasting fertilizer before plowing or spading is preferable because then you may seed or transplant immediately /after the ground is prepared -•vyithout danger of fertilizer burn. If you put fertilizer in the rows, ;do it a week prior to seeding and Mix thoroughly with the soil. • Crops- that feed heavily, such as potatoes, cabbages, tomatoes and peppers, should get a side. dressing of fertilizer a month after emergence. .Don't economize by buying cheap seed from undependable sources. Seeds are inexpensive,, so be sure you get treated, true varieties with, g'o o d germination. - Don't plant too thickly. This results often in spindly plants and/faster spread of diseases that may be prevalent. In buying seedlings, obtain those grown nearby, fresh and disease- free. Stocky plants are likely to be the hardiest. If your garden suffers from cutworm attacks, take steps to control the pests immediately after planting .by dusting with a 10 pel- cent DDT or toxaphene preparation. If you haven't many plants, protect the stems with stiff paper or cardboard extending an inch into the ground and two inches above. Marigolds are easy to grow, delightful to look at and good for cut..• flowers. For the gardener with little time and less space, these colorful blooms will make fine oneflower gardens. This was demonstrated to us at the International Flower Show, where David Burpee exhibited an 18 by 10 foot garden with seven varieties of marigolds, The garden actually was three small gardens. Also attractive for a .border is the brilliant scarlet dwarf Bravo Dianthus. Painting Can 'Re-Shape' A Room to Your Liking DO YOU NEED STORAGE SPACE? CAILL US FOR CUSTOM-BUILT CABINETS If you're working in an old-fashioned kitchen, improve it with new cabinets. Lei us plan your work with our custom built cabinets, made to your exact specifications. ZENN MANUFACTURING CO. FLORA, IND.,PH. 967-4177 George Burnham, Salesman 'Phone 967-4384 You can reshape a room as you repaint it. Ceiling too low? Raise it. Room too narrow?. Widen it. Or too square? Lengthen it. You can do it with paint — the right color paint. A small room will Jook largei when painted a light' color, particularly a 'light, cool color, such as pale blue, lilac, aqua, or blue gray. These colors" retreat, making the walls seem farther apart, thus making the room itself appear more spacious. To increase the size illusion, always paint the woodwork and trim the same color as the walls. On the opposite side of the coin, deep hues are 'most flattering to large rooms. Even a sparsely furnished, barn-like room will look friendly and inviting when its walls are painted a deep, warm hue, such as burnished gold, copper or burgundy red. Woodwork can be painted white or a contrasting color in a spacious room, and should be, as-it's exceptionally decorative. What about a long, narrow room — or Jiall — that resembles a bowling alley? You can make it seem much wid<:r and square in shape if you paint the two side walls a light color and the narrow ends, a deeper hue. This effect can be achieved by using a tint and shade of (he same color, or by combining light and dark contrasting hues. For instances, you could use shell pink and rose or shell pink and turquoise, Duo-tone Effects Even a room can be a real square." You can create more interest in a box-like, room by making one wall the focal point. Select the wall behind the room's most important furnishing. Paint this one wall a contrasting color, or a brighter or deeper sha'de of the other walls. You might paint one wall bright gold and the remaining wal(s gray or pale yellow or a deep golden tone. To make a ceiling look higher, paint it white or a very pale color which is much lighter than :he walls. If you wish to make a high ceiling seem lower, use the IN A AT THE DURABLE HOME QUALITY CONSTRUCTION QUALITY PLANNING QUALITY FEATURES NAME BRAND PRODUCTS THROUGHOUT American Standard Plumbing Fixtures • Majestic Wearing • Owens Conning Fiber Glass Insulation • Celotex Gypsum Board • .Famous "Gang Naif Patented Roof Trusses • Insulate Sheathing and Siding • Anaconda Copiper Plumbing • Imperial Cabinets • Formica Cabinet Tops • Gold Seal Roofing • Bruce Hardwood Flooring • Honeywell Temperature Control* • Hall Mack Bathroom Accessories • Dexter Door Hardware • Virden light Fixtures • Western Fir Ass'n. Graded No. 1 lumber. ON THE COST OF YOUR NEW HOME THE 'EXCimNG NBW 1962 Let A Durable Home Consultant Show You The Many Advantages Of A New Durable Home And Stive *3000-*5000 TODAY Mail Coupon For Immediate Information Name (Address City tot Location Planning To Purchase A Lot Ph. DURABLE HOMES CORP. 408 N. WASHINGTON - KOKOMO, IND. - PH. d. 7-6694 ing a deeper color than "the walls. Attractive features in a room should be accentuated. For ex> ainple, to spotlight a handsome fireplace, paint it a color thai contrasts with the surrounding walls. Or to call attention to. a handsome painting, . paint ' the frame a color that blends' with the painting, but contrasts with the background wall. When you wish to divert attention from unattractive features such as pipes and radiators, paint them the same color as their surrounding areas. They will fade into the background. Paint Selection If you are going to do'your own painting, here's a quick guide to the selection, of the proper paints to use on the various surfaces. New Plaster Walls — two coats of latex paint (also called water- thinned, plastic, rubber based) oi one coat of primer sealer followed by alkyd flat enamel. Previously Painted Piaster Walls — one coat of either latex or alkyd flat. If new paint is yellow or pink, it's advisable to use a coated of pigmented primer sealer first. Wallboard — seal with one coat of primer sealer, then follow 'lh latex or alkyd. • llardboard — first seal with latex, enamel undercoater, oil or alkyd based primer. Follow with topcoat of choice. Plywood — seal with penetrating resing sealer, clear if top coat is to be varnished. If top coat is wall paint or enamel, use pigmented resin sealer. New Woodwork — prime with enamel undercoater. Follow with semi-gloss or gloss enamel. Previously Painted Woodwork- gloss or semi-gloss enamel. If color is being changed from dark .0 light, use enamel undercoat Tips on Window Well Drainage Wells around basement windows often become filled with a considerable amount of water during leavy rainstorms. This may seep nto a basemen): through a window. Therefore, such wells should ie drained. Enough -drainage is usually provided by digging out he compacted oarth at the bot- om to a depth of 24 in., and substituting gravel of sand. If this does not dispose of the water quickly, you can lead the water away through drain tiles sunk be- ow the window. Here's The Answer By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeahires QUESTION: I am planning to build a small, boat this summer, with the main material fir plywood, I figured on using exterior plywcqd, which I understand is made 'with waterproof glue. Bui I have now been advised that there'is a marine plywood, which I had never heard of. Can you tell me whether this is what I should use? , ANSWER Yes, marine plywood is mc-re suitable. ^For one thing, it is less likely to split when being bent for the hull construction. : Marine fir plywood- has slightly different specifications than regular exterior plywood, although many of its features are the sume. .QU15STION: There is an old abandonded well on our property which we would like to fill, since we have read about accidents in which people have fallen into such wells. Can you. tell us how to fill it:.' ANiiWER: Abandoned wells, drilled or dug, should be filled in with clean- subsoil and topped with clay. The earth should be well tamped. Drill wells should be siialed with a metal cover welded to the steel casing. Old wells lined with glazed tile should tte c;ipped with a concrete slab extending approximately three feet beyond -the sides of the well. In ..areas where there is imesl.one or sandstone, certain extra measures must be taken. A well digger or other authority should be consulted for such individual conditions. IMPROVE DRAB BATHROOM WITH NEW PANELING Is i;he bathroom in your home dull iind drab looking? Then, it's time to give it a "new look". .You can "face lift" water- streaked walls or chipped tiles with an economical, easily-applied paneling such as Marlite. Applied right over old walls, with a wallboard adhesive, Marlite is; highly resistant to heat and moisture. It comes in plain colors and handnome patterns which lend :hemiielves to color and pattern 'mixing and matching". The )anel;.ng has a baked melamine >lasfe surface similar to that on a refrigerator — and is as easy :o clsan. Matched moldings assure a neat, professional-looking job. On a day when you awaktm feeling at peace .with the world — when you want' to 'get at' things you've been putting o'ff arid see others around you abuzz with activity — it's not a. big dose of vitamins — it's the weather! Chances are that the temperature is about 70 degrees . . . the humidity about. 50% — and'there is a gentle stirring of clean air. Nature is giving a demonstration of the climate conditions which suit humans best.. Scientists and researchers call this an "optimum day." Insurance statisticse and court records show that on such days there are fewer accidents, fewer deaths and fewer serious arguments. In general, people'do better jobs and feel better. While homeowners may not have reduced this to such simple terms when considering an, air conditioning system, actually this is the secret for specifying the comfort conditions you want, says the Janitrol Healing and Air Conditioning Division, Midland-Ross Corporation. There are important factors for the homeowner to consider wfcon planning a program of air conditioning. Be sure to check the following points carefully: 1. Temperature and humidity should be held within the comfort zone: 70-78' degrees as far as temperature is concerned and 3035 percent relative humidity. Heat gain calculations are necessary to determine proper size of the mechanical equipment. 2. Provide air circulation in fill rooms so that cool air will not stratify on the floor 1 . Your dealer will design an adequate distribution and return air system so no perceptible air movement will impinge on occupants and cause discomfort. FIX-UP WITH BARBER'S iP IBIX-iUP WITH lOOUORFUL CURTAINS PRIiNiTSHS'trtpes and Plain SAilUGLOfTK-DiENlfM-ETC. SEiW lAlND 'SAVE! GLEAN-UP iSPEOHAIL SIGMATURE Polisher & Conditioner Qt $1.79 • Reg. BARBER'S SEWING SUPPLIES Open As Usual During Remodeling 3'1i8 IE. [Broadway •• NOW! MORE POWER in a riding rotary mower NEW LAWN RANGER Guaranteed by the mfgrs. of Wheel Horse tractors • Floats a mower 32" wide • Totes the power of "51/2 horses...geared up by famed transmission The only similarity between Lawn Ranger and other riding mowers is function, hi construction, comfort, agility—Lawn Ranger is like a tractor. Big lawn grip tircis, 3 speeds forward plus reverse, easy electric or. recoil starting, non-scalp mowing, Independent mower brake—isn't this the rider for you, and your lawnl "SEE AND SADDLE A LAWN RANGER PRONTO!" ONLY $ 439 HOLLY'S LAWN & GARDEN SUPPLY .95 North on (Michigan Rd. Be Sure to Provide for Efficient Cooling Plan PLANNING TO REMODEL YOUR • BATH • KITCHEN OR HEATING SYSTEM CAli US FOR ESTIMATE H R DIETZE Plumbing & Hooting 3. Even though windows remain closed for summer cooling, a constant supply of fresh air can be provided wiih a dampering arrangement which brings in outside air, filters it, cools it, and dehumidifies it before circulating it through the house. 4. For those suffering from asthma, hayfever, or sinus ailments or for dust-free living, you can have country-fresh air by including an electrostatic filtering device which .removes cigarette smoke, pollen and other airborne junk. 5. Remember that the home has both relaxing areas and working areas. Cooler temperatures are important in the working areas because physical activity generates heat. Warmer temperatures in relaxing areas prevent chills while sitting still. Your dealer can provide for this either by balancing the flow.of air to the various rooms or by installing electronic zone controls. Have an experct check your home for conditions which might put unnecessary burdens on the performance and economy of the air cooling system. He might suggest such things as exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom to eliminate humidity and heat from cooking and bathing operations, and in the laundry. Although the initial cost of installing a complete, top-efficiency cooling system may be higher when all of these points are considered, comfort will be at an all time high and maintenance costs can be reduced to a minimum. NEW TYPE TILE STRESSES ECONOMY Do you wish for a glamorous new kitchen floor, or ice! that you can make idle space do imore "work" with ihe addition of an attractive floor? Then be your own decorator —diess-up the old or install a new :;loor — wiih a new type of floor file which installs easier and :,n less lime Ihan most of its "relations." This tile called "Polymcrile" is a unique tile developer afler [eight years of research by (he Mastic Tile Division of (he Ruberoid Co. „ Th<; only' tile rif its kind on ihe market today, it represents the qualify of expensive resil- ent flooring at n price below that of vinyl-asbestos and solid vinyl tile. Its 32 decorator hues, 'blond with traditional or modern decor anywhere in the home and will remain clear and sparkling for many years to come It is easy to clean and maintain. Miirbelized, confetti, tweed, cork and wood-hui> patterns are all available. Weuthermakers For Year Round Comfort « Heating • Cooling Electronic Air'Cleaners Automatic Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers Tho Comfort of Your Homa Is Our Concern, You can BUY Comfort for your Home .,. Probably for much L»| Ihan You Think. L«» Ul Tel! You HOW MUCH LESS. SHAW'S AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION Our Recommendation "30 yn. Experience; 20 yn. In th« bus mew; Oldest Firm of Our Kind in Logansport." la r .. ««h Fix Up Your Home For Spring Wei have floor coverings of eviery type ... let our trained staff holp you select the right color . . . tha right type . . . the righf design for the room you'll usa it in. Call For Estimate Partridge Floor Coverings 509 E. Market Phone 39015 IMPROVEMENT LOAMS at Farmers & Merchants Now is the time to "CLEAN UP" ,. . "PAINT UP" „.. ''FIX UP" your house. You can finance home repairs and improvements with a. low-cost Joan at The Farmers & Merchants. AHD TTlERCHAIinT9 nJz, LOGAPSPORT, InDIAHA TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Broadway at Pearl v Easrgate Pleiza Branch Member Federal Reserve System Memfoor Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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