Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 19, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1949
Page 7
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Money Talks Composer Stephen Foster Bust On '36 Half Dollar By TED HAMMER (Librarian, American N'umlsmiil'c Association) It may come as quite a suro.-::;c to many Americana that the bUbt of Composer Stephen Foster appeared on a half dollar in '93<>. His likeness appeared on :i recent piece that commemorated tKe Wth anniversary of the city of Cincinnati. Ohio, as a musical center. The likeness of FoHter appears on the face of the coin, and beneath the bust is his name, followed by the words ''America's Troubadour." The words "United States of America" arc around the upper circumference and "half dollar" nre the words at the low-ii- border. The letters "CO" in the left field near the bust, is the H : K- nature of the designer. Con-itanec Ortmayer. Wawhlnpton. D. C. A female figure represent^,; music is on the reverse of the coin; she is on one knee, look'n^ nt a lyre in her hands. In the upper left field is the date, 188G. and in the lower right field, the da'.e of issue. 1936. In addition to 'In Oo.l We Trust E Plurlbus Unum Lib- THE AIR TODAY erty," are the words "Cincint.iiti a nusic center of America." (Ten years earlier a comrncmoi ,i- .ive issue WJIM ytiKK'-^cd for Pittsburgh, Pa., to commemorate llivj 100th anniversary of Foster's birth- In that city.i O'lMKrnh.H approved un iH.'lie of 15,000 of the Cincinnati co!-i:,: 500r, wen- issued rtt Ihe. Plitl-i-.lo!- jihin mint, ri.OOl! .-it the S.-in Fr-ui- c-i. u co mint, and .1,00(1 at the Denver mint. The i.ssiii! ujipenred dtirinK the peak of interest in comrru'mur- rttives. Desi'ite the price r-fini-i'U-r'-'l hlph then ril $7.50 for the set ft three, the series was over-Huh- scribed. A se! of three inrlmles M. coin from each mint. Deulers tv>w sell the set.s nt ?2 '. to $2. r ) 11 ml pay 10 to 20 per fen:, below that figure for I hem. Tho •:.'. like otijyr- co(rimernorat i ve <ir .-.'.it. vcnir coins, mii.'it be in what collector.- cull uncirculated condition -bright and ne\v in appearance. MKAT CONSUMPTION Chicago- In 19-18, average meat consumption by AmcHtMins wan 145 pound-H a pcrnon, compared with 101 pmimlH in lyod. ' Real Truck Bargains 1949 Chevrolet 2 ton 12' Stake Truck. Very low mileage—good as new — only $1500.00. 1947 Ford »/fc ton Pickup — Excellent condition—only $750.00. New Ford Bonus Built Trucks from 4700 to 21500 Ibs. gross vehicle weight. 87 Church St. Ford Dealer The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Fi :3«—WATIl—NAUtSATUi'K N15WH writ: -.iup| P'luin mil WWCO- Tom Mix S <r,~WHilY—Ovirt Ma.»nuy Time WTIC—Front I'HKK Kan-ell C.-flO—All KtallmiH—New.s li;l5--WATJt -Syorl.i WWCI i—K|»irl.jii-ci|<i! WTIC—Hlrli-lly H)mrt* WI'iKY —1-,1-tturs To Santa «:.10--WATIt—Von Toliiil: MuHlc WTIi'-Wi-lnlitvllli- I'-olIm WIJIIV— .luliti A. Clnnr-.v, HpnrlM WWCO—Who'« TldklllR G : !.'< —WA'ril—lluy Loinburdo WTIC—.'! Slur Kxfru WIJUV—I.owi'll Tllormin 7 :00— WATIl—Nnmon In Uiu No\V8 Wl;lJV--Wliiil Do I'l-iinli- Do 7 :u5—WATK—Hradltno Killllnn \VKILV--Tllc CliurlHUil-H 7:1B—WATIl—Plwmn "Vuui AiiHwnr WTII'--N«-\VM WWCd—TwIllKtil Succliil WATI!—Henry .1. Tuyliir 7 :S"—WATII—Hiii-lliiiK HUM WTIC—Ciiti- <;!«•<• ("lull W\\Ti I Ciilirii'l I|r-:ilti-r wisitv--.r:inii ir, 7 : i.'i WTH' -C.ov. Howies vvnitY—lOilwiird U. Alnrrow WWCfl—7 I.ovn A Mysti-ry R.(Id- WAT!'.- Shun- \\\^ Wclillll WTIC:— IL-.ilroiicI Menu- H'liltV -Illlli-r Siiiu-tlim WWCo • -StralKlil Arrow S ::in—wi'.liY.-Arilnir OiKliri y WATl! I'ollui !-:iriiilr \VWf.'< i -(MJ lh'- (iri-cn WTIO—Hnrlow Concert X-..|.-,-WATK- I'nlkii l'in-:uU- \\'\\'( •< i Snoinirhl On A Hl.-ir '.) CM) AVIII! Y- -llaillo Tlliiiili'V WTI<--_Ti-li-|iliiine llnilr WWf'd-Miii-ili-r Mv" WATIl-linlii-rt Shliw Chnvnl D :.1(l—WTff;--l!!iiirl ol Am«rlr-M wwr:«i. I'rinii. |.-|i:iiii-r» 10 :n«--WATlt—Arlliiit- r;nc'Hi WTIC. .M.-n-IIri .-iild I,I-W|H f-'l|c"v WI'.UY-My Krli-nil H-mn WWCi i- N..WH rummi-nliiliir 1(1 :lr, WATIl, liov. Miiwli-n WWCI I—Ni-wxri-cl lO.-no-WATII—Hf.:i(l«-l H MuHHlnli W1IHY—Hob lliiwk Show WTin—! )nv«* («»rrciW.'i y WWf'n-...Mnrvln Mlllnr ' m-.-ir.--WW('f)-MiiKl<- You Want 11 :»(i—All SI.-itlnriM—N'-WH I I :i:, -WATU- Tr-fl .Muloiic WTIf -Mliwly rurmin W\VC( I I^J ToOay WI'.UY Swim; Kliilt 11-30—WTIO -TtotiliiM Kyiniihnny WATIl —HCIIIH; f)nn<-i- Orch. WI'.itY KwlllK Slild 12:00—All Rli.lliipM—Nr.WM TK'F, R VISION -Ti-d KK-i-li! TIM- I 'Illlrk WllKon l.ui-ky l'll|i -linli Il'iwnril Hlimv -Hour ol Die TrallH -7"'/nil Arnr.UI Hhnw -TplcvlMloii NnWM -Sonnv K«'mUK Show -Ili-rli Shrlncr Show -Hllvi-r Tlie.-iter -riodlrcy'H Tulitnt Scontw -< '.-uiilU! (~ t .'HH<:i-n -The OolillmrgB -.Studio One -I^jl.N'c T-IinerHnn SilOW .-riiui-M iiy nui-ey \VNUT OIlMlllul 4 i-.)U(lV SllllntfM'H )--llmvdy Poi.rly I- -r'lillilri-n'K Thenler I -1-T-iHy !>O<-H H , - Wi-:itlii'rmiili i--Knkl:i. l-'ran UIK) OHIO -Kluiw lloorn ',—'*N..\VM Caravan" t- Voli:e of l-Mr-*-Mtoim i—UurUiw Coru-.ert I—Unix KlilH Excellent Rating Given Company F Company F . NnUKn.UicVs Own National Guuvcl. unit, hnn received nn "cxcollenl" rallnpr following: in- ypeclkin last week hy HcK"lar Army OffircrH of the New England Military Dlstriol at Boston. Co. r.., also of the 102n(J Infantry Regiment voceivad ton honors of "mi porlor. 1 ' InHpccllrii; officers worn Li<!iit, Colonel Jolin Bullock and Majol- VVilliiirn Milrliell of Ihe Boston nfrit.-eii. Troop.4 were tested for inoUill/.iition uhlllty. tulm.inlHtru.tlon, ,mi])|ily, instruction to pcrsonnBl und CILI-K of records and equipment. POPE RECEIVES VIRGIN MARY STATUE JJAUGATTJCK NKWS (CONN.). MONOAY, T>KC. 1H. IMft—rAGE 7 Hits Steel Boost r.:4fl-lliiw(ly Jliuirty R:(KI- l-'llm Sli'.riK (ir.'lfi—I.iK-kv I'no ft :-l r.-MtiHii- ,K- 1'rocrnrn Noti-H 7:0n.-l<iikln. ffran mid Ollle 7 ::tfi—Show I[of>m 7:4r,—Nr-wKri'i-l S:0n—Silver Thentnr fi :.TO—nnrlmv Cnnrort 0 :00-r'.-iiulld Ciinu't-a <l ;:ut. -The GoWlmrKH 10:00—Stmilfi One | | -nf>—To f'p<-i;\'—NU\VH writs Channel » <l '.SO—Viinlly l-'alr Now & KerondMloni'd Motors FOIHl * MKHCUUY Hurl(r*»t 1*|.»n /Vvn'livbl*^ The NAUGATUCK FUEL CO. FOHI) nKAI.KIl Phone 52:11 THE CHINA INN 11 Harrison Avc. Waterbury Cloned All Day Monday* Tuesday thru Friday Open 10 A. M, to 10 IP. M. Saturday 11 A. M. to 12 Midnight Sunduy 12 Noun to 12 Midnight SKN. -lOHEI'll O. O'MAIIONKY After ilie U. S. Steel announced price nvcr- itRliiK S'l 11 Ion, Son. IHHi^ph (!. O'Mirlioiie.v (ulii)ve), I)ei:io< r lit uf Wyoming, protested In Wn»hliig- ton thut the action Is "Inflution- i»ry" un«l "not jiinllflf:d." HP nailed fo'r an InveHti^iitlon hy Ihe joint Coii^resKlonul Economic Cornmlt- tec, xvlilch }u; IH chairman of. (International) !WmeHNPMNWC«&KP€^^ CHRISTMA NAUGATUCK STORES ARE OPEN TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY THURSDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8:45 IN ADDITION TO USUAL DAILY HOURS STORES CLOSE SATURDAY, CHRISTMAS EVE AT 5=45 There is still time to do your Christmas Shopping in Naugatuck and win that $1800 Ford Car. Shop where you see the official car signs. There you will receive coupons with every $1.00 purchase, cash, charge or paid on account. RETAIL DIVISION OF NAUGATUCK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Free Buses from Beacon Falls to Naugatuck, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Nights. r i Fellowcraft Assn. Meets Tonight The Nnugul uclc J-Vllowcrnfi. A.M- Boci.'ilion will hold its monthly mentinj.; IVloml.-iy evenisig at, R rj'cluck, it. WUH .-mntiunrod today by l j ri!ni<l<:nl. ICImci' Kdler. Following a short biiHiucHB meeting. ;i pi'o- of ont.urtainrrKTil will be jire- IMS FTUCIGIIT LOAD -t.'i million C.-II-M of r.-iilu'ay wei o loaded in the U. .S. dur- n); ISM 8. Perry To Install Masonic Officers Newly ••:<•<-(.-. I officTM of Shpp- i)«>i(l Lo<l|,'<', VS. A. F <S- A. M., will be;il]fd ;it CTr<-monif's Tuesduy rvcnhiK :it 7:. in p. m. by Rlnht Wcn-Khljifiil Hniolcl K. Perry. Pant District Deputy of the Third Mn- ;onio Di.strirt. \V. f-Yr-mont Hond- k-y, Worshipful MiiKt'T iinnoimcfd 'oil.'iy .OfflciTH of Sulem I»dK«' 136 •".'ill be Installed at the name rrH:<-t- INCOMK 1NCHKASKR Anmml iTK.-onie jor each I'. S family Increased from $2.900 in :920 to $5,000 in 33-18. POPE PIUS XII is shown as he received the statue of the Virgin Mary at the conclusion of a procession in Rome, climaxing the "Crusndo of Goodness." His Holiness will ollH:i;ite at a special mnsw to be held in St. Peter's Church beloru the Vh-L'Wl Mnrv .oUitno. llntprnnHimnl FOR CHRISTMAS! Fancy Zippo LIGHTERS ZIPPO FLINTS and WICKS CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTS — BULBS — TOYS, CARDS, ETC, , GIFT CIGARS, CIGAKETS, PIPES, TOBACCOS, ETC. VIC'S SMOKE SHOP STBI'JICT — TVAUGATUOK YOUR CAR AT CHUCK'S CHUCK'S Union City — Tel. 4955 631 NORTH MAIN STREET Caught making a Christmas Call Don't worry. Santa will get through. And so will most of your calls to distant points during the holidays. But there may be some delays, especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There just aren't enough circuits .when everybody tries to telephone at the same time.' We've added lots more swilchbourds — and circuits, too. In addition, your operators will he on hand in full force and will get your calls through if it is humanly possible to do so. Conne employe.* Christmot. THE SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE COMPANY OWNED AND OPERATED BY AND fOR CONNECTICUT PEOPLE SINCE 1842

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