Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on September 12, 1939 · Page 2
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 2

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE FREEPORT JOURNAL-STANDARD PHONE w 5lOD TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12,1939 NEWS OF THE DAY IN NORTHWESTERN ILLINOIS SSFETY mm EIGHTEEN GRADE SCHOOL BOVS AND GIRLS ARE SELECTED Mt. Moms. I l l , Sept. 12 -- Stu- clpnts of the junior high school h a v e .selected eighteen boys and girl.s from (lie seventh and eighth giade.s 10 assume the responsibility con- iT"ctpd with the work of the school Blooininglon: Elmer Keller. Lewis Institute, Chicago. Harriet Thompson, University of Colorado. Boulder; Helen Barre, San Francisco State Teachers' college. San Francisco. California; Dorothy Watt. Lake Forest college. Lake Forest: Harriet Krelder and Mildred Dierdoiff. Manchester col- let. Manchester. Ind.: Merle Hen- ilcks. Park School of Flying. East St. Loui.s: Marian Hilger. Scoville BUMHC.V; college Sterling: Evone Cain. Rorkford Hospital School of NiiiMDg. Rockford: Donald Waddelow. Rantoul Aviation Ground .school 1 Robert Hudson. Lincoln col- ICKP. Lincoln, and Robert Klepfer, Man-sfield Teachers 1 college. Mansfield. Pa. Cheer Lcadrr When tlie football .season opens lor the Mi. Morris high school team the latter pan of this month, the i " n a t r n l which ha. been a c i v e Double Dozen Pep.ster girls will be " i r t n here foi i pa« s e r a v e r s ' TMdy to do their -share in creating p member* ' w e r p ' elected Irom , a »veh atirtospheie Candidates are the eiahth crade and sis fiom the | "o«" irviiig out for cheer leader seventh " And t h e glrl " ave selected Caro1 , i piUeiieer as their president. Mary The uppei-cla.s-.inpn chosen weie R v]te pl . esldent . and Be __y Wesley Reed Capraui: Jean Lmgpl. J e a n K o o n t z .ecretary-treasurer. Jean Aden Patsv Hilger, Lois \ V a t t , , M c ,, is Iacultv acivlsor Lieutenant Harold Palmer. Mar- | . : jorie Pruch, Mildred Rou.-e. Lieu- 01 le B ^' tenant Robert Kent. Jean Avev Chnsty Krue. and Bettv Baiuw. SOIL CONSERVATION MEETM6 TO BE HELD IN COURT HOUSE ATORE60NONSEPT, 20TH Oregon. III.. Sept. 12.--To give Im formation regarding the prOfram of soil conservation to be carried on in Ogle county In co-operation with Die Federal Soil Conservation service, a public meeting ts to be held at the court house in Oregon on Wednesday. Sept. 20. at 8 p. m.. it is announced by O. E. Warren, farm ORGANIZATION MEETINGS ARE adviser. L CLASSES ELECT OFFICERS HELD YESTERDAY: OTHER WINSLOW NEWS Winslow. IlI..~Sept. 12.--The vari- In preparation for the work to be , done by the CCC boys who are to occupy the Oregon camp late this fall, the Ogle County Soil Conserva- ous classes in Winslow high school tlon association is to be reorganized. elected officers and organization ; officers elected, and the program of meetings were held yesterday. The j w ______ outlined at this meeting. results were as follows: Mr. Warren said the selection of The senior class: President. Lloyd farms for demonstration work in Seidschlag: _ secretary-treasurer. 1 co-operation with the camp and the j ,,_., pi ann j n g 0 _ the program will be , . , . K ,,,._. Membeis of the local bov scout rnmmittee are meeting at the vil- ^Jl I L 1.31 * i. VI. kit, , n L L V t -l_H_ V V * U l l 1. t V «- . | _ 1 A l_ ' Seventh grade pupils selected were ; 'age hall tonight to conduct their Bartow ' l e g u i a r monthly session which will Shank ' include the outlining of plans for for the Tn IU »T A I OF Ur Jimmy Rohleder John Douglas Unger. Richaid _ Dolores Crockei. and Mmgaret ,' fa!1 and w i n t e r activities Bnnker. The lasi two mimbei in ' scouts and cubs ·milt group 1 : are to serve as alter- ' _ _ "ares Merle Ha\vbccker of r h e . U K i Junior high school f a c u l t y will con- | tinue to serve as sponsor for this ' Jo^er-'So? oWe^e ffi :HOCK GROVE LUTHERAN CHURCH and local police ofnceis in their j daily efforts in behalf of the lower grade student*. Leave for College Each vear a large number of local young men and women enroll ?.t various schools throughout t h e . pi.nrch on Sect country in their pursuit for higher ' e r a n churcl1 °" * ept ' learning-, and as usual, the luu of who are leading soon ov have aheaclv gone is a large one this f a i l Among the most popular of tnose chosen are thp scate nniversit at. Marion Wenzel: class advisor. Prof. C. C. Clarno. Junior class officers: President, Evelyn Voss: vice president. Barbara Rayhoru: .secretary-treasurer. Jack Grain: class advisor. Mr. Snippy. Sophomore class officers: Presi- authorized and controlled by the association. A large membership throughout the county will assist materially in promoting the pro* gram of soil conservation. State Co-ordlnator B. B. Clark. Assistant Co-ordinator John Ryan, and to drive his car. H* Is a gmt reader and thus keeps ibnut of Ut* times. 'The Woman's Foreign MlaiionAry society will meet Wednesday afternoon. Sept. 13, at the home of Mrs Hattie Geyer. Brief New* N«Ua Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Otendlnnlng. of Monticello, attended church here Sunday and visited friends. Miss Helen Koehn, of Oalena. spent the week-end Iwre with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Koehn. The Ladies' Aid society of the Methodist church met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. J. W. Oliver. Mrs. Mary Kennegy was assistant hostess. Mrs. William Jackman. of Genoa, 111., was here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Laird were guests of their sister, Miss Sara Laird, here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boone, of Warren, were guests Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. White. dent, Elston Miller: vice president, ; arld conservationist H. R. Beeson, Roscoe Hastings: secretary-treas- | wno wlll b( _ in charge O f the Ogle county 'work, will be present to explain the purpose of the organization and the type of work to be done by the camp. urer, Marjorie Ammon: class advisor. Miss Eells. Freshman class officers President. Prances Hastings: treasurer. Eldon Rockow: visor, Miss Williams. The soohomores at their secretan class ad- class meeting planned the freshman initiation party tor Friday evening. Sept. 15. School Paper Issued Friday. Sept. 8. was the first issue j of the school paper called "The Rock Grove. 111.. Sept. 12--Dr. Ar- Dus _ .. The staff omcers a7 . e: . ... I t / - . , - , ,TP rV-i P» ^ l i i r « « rrr\ r^^eciH O f l T ' _ _ . . _ ,,. . . mm Weng. Ph D . Chicago, president Illinois synod. United ' o f the Lutheran Church in America, will i be the speaker at the annual home- Editor. George Eells; assistant editor. Evelyn Voss: freshman reporter, Thurla Kilian; soohomore reporter Leland Wenzsl: sports editors, B- j CLASS OFFICERS AI coming service at Rock Grove Luth- ron Rgese.. anc j carol Kilian: fea- j tures. Marion Wenzel: column. Mar- The program, in charge of Rev. Dr T B. Hersch. pastor of Rock Grove parish, will open at 9:30 a. m on that Sunday morning. President Weng was a recent Champaign and Cornell college at speaker on the Columbia Church of Mt Vernon la : the Air on the CBS national chain. The following are the Mt. Morris ' -- voung people and the schools They will attend: Lois Stonebraker. Mrs Roger Gilette mee Margaret Palmer'. Ronald and Eddie Miller. Daie Henricks. and Eddie Webster,-! Dakota. 111. Sept 12.--Mrs. Emma University of Illinois. Champaign: j Lauck and son. Roy. and Mr. and Shernoori Baker. University of Illi- 'Mrs. Iner Larson, of Amery. Wis., nois School of Medicine. Chicago, ' ^ e r e week-end visitors at the J. F. Ruth Baker. Mary Elizabeth Hane.= ;Meer home. Mrs. Lauck will remain here some time with her brother and sister. J. F. Meyer and Mrs Effie Goodman. DAKOTA Anna Mane Dirksen DeKalb i Normal i Joe Ritson. Stanford universiiv. i Palo AVo. California: Pauline ' Mr and Mrs Russel Meyer and Stengel. Mark A.*p, Robert Clapper, j familv of Pearl City Mrs" Taylor and Francis BaKer. Cornell College. ( D \xon and chi!dren/Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Vernon Iowa; Doris Zimmer- ! Francis Sanders and Mr. and Mrs. man. Xorshwestern Unueisily Evan.^ton: R u t h Meeker. Carthage fo;i°ge: Forrest Stevens. Michigan State foileae. Ea?t Lansing. Mich.: Don."; Msrsh. Iowa State college. Ames. la : Maryalvce Olsen and Georgp Finch Illinois Car! Steve, of Freeport. were callers Sunday at the home of J. F. Meyer. Mr. and Mry. Ralph Moss left Saturday for the south. Mrs. Moss will attend the convention of the i National League of Postmasters, KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Wealean. i »h:ch will be held at New Orleans which she is a delegate. , ana to Following the convention session Mr. . and Mrs Mais will visit the Smoky mountain region and places in ! Florida jorie Ross and Huber Paske: F. F. A. ] GUSTAV SCHULZ IS CHOSEN PRESIDENT OF SENIORS; OTHERS LISTED reporter. Jack Crain: circulation. | Elston Welt and Frances Hastings: printing. Eileen Fritsch and Cath- , erine Shenberger: faculty advisor. ': Pecatomca. Ill. Sept. 12.--Officers Miss Williams. ' named in class organization meet- Softball Schedule Announced jings held Monday at Peeatonica Clyde Peterson is the new coach jliigh school include the following: for the high school. The softball schedule is as follows: Sept. 13--Winslow at Pearl City. Seniors: Gustav Schulz, presi- j d e n t : Anita Dailey. vice-president; I Betty Stevens, secretary: Lee Wood! ruff, treasurer. Sept. 15--Lena at Winslow. Sept. 19--Dakota at Winslow j Juniors: Robert Wolfe, president: Sept. 22--Winslow at Orangenlle | Shirley Hamilton, vice-president; Sept. 26--Open date. Sept. 29--Pearl City at Winslow. Oct. 3--Winslow at Lena. Oct. 5--Winslow at Dakota. Oct. 6--Winslow at OrangeviUe Oct. 10--Orangeville at Winslow The first game of the season was j Harriett Kilbourn. secretary; Jun- I ior Fisk. treasurer. j Sophomores: Marilyn Dirksen. ; president; Joan Larson, vice-presi- j dent: Fay Anderson, secretary; i Dorothy Baal, treasurer. Freshmen: Doris Dean, president; plaved with Durand. Winslow «m- j Wallace Berglund. vice-president; ning by a score of 12 to 4. Plan Larger Paper The seniors at their meeting planned to publish a larger Win-nel than was published in other years. They expect to have more pages of pictures and other new features The editorial staff officers are: Edi- '. Marilyn Gibler. secretary; Allison Dennis, treasurer. Class advisers were announced as follows: Mrs. Joy Morrissey. seniors; L. C. Gassjnan, juniors: Miss Marguerite Sass. sophomores: Leland Stamm. freshmen. Peeatonica News Briefs tor. George Eells: assistant editor, j The Ladies' Aid society of Krst A. E. MOU6INS, ELIZABETH, OBSERVE THEIR 80LDEN WEDOMe ANNIVERSARY Descendants ·( Ftoneer J» Dark* C«HBty Famllle* Celebrate Taday Elizabeth, 111.. Sept. 12.--Mr. and Mrs. A. X. Mougin, residents of Elisabeth for more than 30 yean are observing their golden wedding anniversary at their home on Catlin street today. Mrs. Mougin is the daughter of the Jo Daviess pioneer settlers, John and Cathryn Colonlcey Hodden, for whom the town of Rodden was named. Mr. Mougin is the son of Augustus E. and Catherine Gammon Mougin, whose homestead farm near Rice, has been In the family for more than 100 years. The early years of their married life were spent on the Mougin farm In Rice, and in 1882 Mr. Mougin began work for the Great Western Railroad company. He was agent at North Hanover and Elizabeth prior to entering into the banking business in Elisabeth in 1B10 . The Mougiris have three children, Miss Gladys C. Mougin, a teacher at the Irving school, Dubuque, la., F. J. Mougin, cashier of the Bremen State- bank, Bremen. Ind.. and W. D Mougin, of the firm of Harms-Kan- Dairy and Ice Cream company, Ro- ehelle. Two daughters. Bile and Mrs. Edna Mougin Brown, have passed away. They have four grandchildren. Mrs. Mougin s mother is Mrs. Catherine Rodden, who is M years old. Her sisters are Mrs. Effie Dresser, of Elizabeth, and Mrs. Hattle Potter, Detroit. Mich. She also has a brother. John Rodden of Galena. Mr. Mougin has two brothers, George of Madrid, la, and William of Rice. Fay Jones; business manager. Eileen FriLsch: photographs. Lloyd SeidscWag: art editor, Neva Schramm; joke editor. Margaret j an( j Lutheran church will meet at the i church Thursday. Hostesses will be j Mmes. Arthur Dahl. Hilma Engdahl I. Ferguson. R. L. Bradley accompanied members of Freeport consistory to Help 15 M i l e * of Kidney Tube* Flush Out Poi»onou» Wa»te Bit?.: calendar editor. Norma Wells; activities. Frank Baron: sports edi- _ ' A J. Foster of Mi. Carroll, was a ! tor. Dorothy Kleckler: organization, j Bloomington. Sunday, to attend a ;cairer here recently. j Marian Stackpole. ; meeting for officers of Illinois con! The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist I Winslow News Briefs ; S . st orie5. ! church -A sir hoid its monthly meet-- ! The w "islow Eastern Star is plan- j Mr and Mrs waiter Hpmmema i:na at the home of Mrs Harold | nin f a pot-luck__ supper at their j of Milwaukee. Wis ..visited Sunday after- regular meeting Wednesday evening, i at the nome o f __]_, sister. Mrs. A. A. Sept. 13. Clara Stiies. worthy ma- j Afflerbaugh. pleased to have a " ".. Holland Thorp and family, of »v run** niKET__:r»5r B .]|i- : J z' i--- of P __s, ,nH ' : Ne:i?ch'.vander on Thursday noon. Sept. 14. at 2 o'clock I; I Mrs Car! Ruth. Mrs A r t h u r ) it ' Schrader and Mrs. Harold Neusch-I · ' w a n d e r will be hostesses. All mem- Monroe visited re i aU ves m Wms" b e r s a r e i m i i e o . low Sundav. ; · The new pavemm on Main street The Winslow high school is plan- | ._,' j has been completed and is open for ' nin g a community fair to be held ' Dr - · Ipiib.;c use. Uome time near the middle of Ocio- j .. ' The ;?.~' op»n-air picture show of i ber. The different committees are APPLE RIVER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH REDEDICATED SUNDAY ORANGEVILLE, MlflFIELD AND AfOLKEY CHURCHES SURPRISE THEIR PASTOR Ber. F. J. Kiarinfer Gmctt «f H*IMT At Serrlee Last Friday; Pr«- Prcseated Orangeville. BL Sept. 12.-- Last Friday evening the three congregations of the. Orangeville. - Afolkey and Fairfield churches held m ^Mn- bined surprise service for their pastor. Rev. F. J. Kissinger, in Bethel Evangelical church. Afolkey. Under the chairmanship of Ro the following program was ,. McN'ary. Of Free_wrt Delivers Sermon Sept. 12.--An TO MEET ON WEDNESDAY German Valley. Dorcas society 111. Sept. 12.-- wiii meet on has been materially improved. The walls have been redecorated and · new lights installed. These and other changes make it very attractive. The feature of the afternoon Wednesday afternoon at the home j dedicatory service was the sermon of Mrs. NIo Janssen. j bv Dr. David L. MeNary. pastor of The Wiiiinc Workers wi'.l b» « n - · First Presbyterian church of Free- irtained Wednesday alternoon ai port, who was the speaker when the th» home of Mrs. O. C. Garnhar; rhurth ·aras dedicated more than The Kin?"? Da\JEh;ers' will b* en- , i-nrtnty vears xa.o. A large audience j I*r1ained Ihi? evening at thr home ] h^ard and enjoved his sermon. Her. j of Lenora Mennenca ' Thomas Megahay. paftor. was in · Mi.s5 Minnie Winrhe entertained Congrefational singing Prayer--Roy Boats Song--Orangeville trio Duet, with accordion accompaniment--Fairfield Talfc. "Whya and Wherefores of This Meeting"--Charles Foss Solo--Noble Henze. Afolkey Girls' trio--Orangeville Male quartet--Afolkey Talk. "Necessity of Forming Sunday School and Church Going: Habits--Albert Fritsch. superintendent of Fairfield Sunday school Children's quartet--Fairfield Quartet--Kissinger family Presentation of gift to pastor from three congregations--Roy Boats. Mr. an electrical ear Speech of acceptance--Rev. T. J. Kissinger. Benediction SCHOOL OPENS SEASON SEPT.22 TO MEET LIVINGSTON. WI8, IN F1B8T FOOTBALL GAME ON SCHEDULE Galena. 111.. Sept 12--Galena high school will have four home games this season, it has been announced. The schedule follows: Sept. 23--Livingston. Wig., at Galena. Sept. 39.--Open. Oct. ·--Galena at Warren. Oct. 13--Dubuque. la., reeervee at Galena. Oct. 20--Stockton at Galena. Oct. 2«--Aquln at Freeport. Nov. 3--Open. Nov. 10--Mt. Carroll at Galena. Teachers Receive Degrcea Two Galena high school teacherc, Mu» Mary Crawford and Miss Catherine Behrens, were awarded, their master's degrees this summer. Miss Crawford received her master's degree from the University of Denver, Denver, Colo., where she submitted a thesis on the value of commercial work in high school. She is the commercial teacher at Galena high school. Miss Behrens' received her degree from the University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, Mich. She was not required to submit a thesis, but did aboratory and field work in biology. Miss Berhens is the biology and [eneral science teacher at Galena high school. Lteeoae Revoked, John. W. Smith, of Springfield. Mo., was sentenced to 30 days in the Jo Daviesi county jail yesterday afternoon .and his right to drive a car in the state of Illinois was suspended for % months by Judge Kelvin Gundry in county court when Smith entered a plea of guilty to charges of drunken driving. Smith was arrested Saturday night in Galena by Officer Orville Whippo. after he had been warned not to drive his car. Mrs. Mack Lazear and son. Charles, of stronghurat. are visiting Ars. Lazear's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Worrell. Miss Anne LeBron and Frank LeBron left Sunday for Champaign where they will study at the University of Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Melville, of Houston. Texas, with their daughter. Betty Jo. and Mrs. George Melville and Miss Mildred Melville are visiting relatives In Galena. Mrs. Ellsworth DeBord enfer- ained the Standard Bearers at her home last night. Mrs. Charles Westwick. Mrs. Lena ifouy and Mrs. Joseph Hissem will be hostesses when the Ladies' Aid society of the South Presbyterian church meets Wednesday afternoon. ADELINE METHODIST AID TO HAVE PARTY THURSDAY . Mr. and Mrs. Frank Suliruder and Tom Mogan, of Savannn, .spent, Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mullen, Sr. Mra. John MolU'r. Mr.s. Elmer Schultz and, sons. ROKCI- and Wayne, and Miss Ardis Fa«er spent Tliur.s- day with Mrs. Henry Kielsincler. at Freeport. Mr. and Mrs. Gcorue Rurrnnel nncl Miss Myrtle Dlair have gone to California where they will visit relatives. Rev. PHtrnan, of Polo, was a dinner guest Wednesday at the home j of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carman. ; Work was started this week on J the new bridge south of Adeline. i Mr. and Mrs. George Barton and daughters, of Montana, have been visiting for several weeks at I h o , , , , home of Mr. and Mrs. George Bar- I M a n ' s Slllltl »- v -^hool class of the ton sr i r i r - s l Biethrcn church will meet Mrs. Harry Fagor attended the ' Weclru 1 ^ alternoon with Mrs. flower show sponsored by the Leaf ' L1 ^' c . i f r ; ls Election of officers will be hHcl 10 ELECT OFFICERS A N N l ' M , MEETING TO BE TO.MOKROW: OTHER LANARK NEWS Lanark. Ill Sept. 12--The Modern River Woman's club at, the Leaf River Methodist church Thursday. Mrs. Elmer Blair spent .several days at the home of her daughters, Mrs. Lawrence Reed and Mrs. Edward Totenhagen, at Polo Mr and Mrs James Middleton. of Morn.son, were week-end guests of hpr patents Mr and Mrs. George Pierce Walter DIIVLS i.s building an out- WILL ENROLL AT i .sine fireplace on the Eugene Lahre j pi operty. | MIAS Ileen DeiTer who Is leaving to attend college at De Kaib. was honored at a farewell party Friday pvenins; at Die home of her uncle I and a u n t , Mr and Mrs. Carl j lev. bv members of the Christian i Endeavor society of the Church of , God Mr and Mrs. Pete Carpenter. Mrs. ac Lahre. Mrs. Al Peters. Mrs, | Jack Kloepping. Mrs Sydney Spahr and Mr and Mrs. Alvln Bender at- i tended funeral .services for Mrs. 'Addie Burke, at Chicago, Saturday. Edwin Putertaaugh left today to a t t e n d college at, Ashland. Ohio. Announcement is being made of the approaching marriage of Miss Mt Carroll. Ill Sept 12 -- S t u - ! N a R r ' Eslllpr Fehler. of Rockfoid. dents who will enroll Wednesday granddaughter of Mr and Mrs. Geo. for the 87th annual session a 't! Herman, to Paul F Heilz, of Rock- Frances Shimer Betty Seitner. INCLUDE NUMBER WHO RESIDE IN NORTHWESTERN | ILLINOIS ! college include: Ellen Francke, Maurine Roske. Jo Anne Kromer. Lucille Switzer. Manon Seltzer. Charlotte Spercher, Virginia Williamson. Alice Bro. Lenida Holy and Helen Kness. Mt. Carroll. Barbara Burr and Josephine Severson. Rockford: Suzann« Collins, Momson: Evelyn Miller. Maxine Miller and Manlynn Freeman, Milledgeville; Jean Newell, Shrrland; Elizabeth White. Polo: Beth Anderson. Muriel Knees and Malda Spencer, Chadwick ford, which will be an event of this fall. Mrs Lillre Bloyer and Mrs Belle Snnely will leave next month for Pasadena Calif to spend the winter. DECIDE BOONE COUNTY FAIR'S FATE AT MEETING OCT. 4 B p '.vidore II!. Sept 12--Final decision or. whether to proceed with plans for a third Boone county i^ranse fair next year will be made ,,. . ,, , . TT . ai the next meeting of Pomona Joan Waring. Vernetta Homedew. , ?rance hPre on t h e mght of Wad . nesday. Oct 4 Receipts from the highly successful fair this .'. ear amounted to from S5.000 n was stated by n. master of Pomona Gladys Runyan, Catherine Sampson, and Ellen Lundy, Savanna; Eleanor Leatherman. Lanark; Marion Mummert. Pearl City: Jean i _5"ooo"to Rawlins. Thomson; Frances Ruter, i Adeline. HI.. Sept. 12--The Ladies' Aid society of the Methodist church will be entertained Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ed Garman. It will be an old timer's party, each lady being required to wear some clothes of "way back when." A prize will be given for the best costume. A potluck lunch will be served. Rev. and Mrs. Wlllard Roberts and baby moved here this week from Ohio. Rev. Roberts will be the minister at the United Brethren church. Shannon and Phyllis Bergcman ',,_-._,_£ Stockton; Barbara Anderson. Clm- (" ^Var^on said that negotiations t° n - ^ a - ! are under \va to get a five-year Mt. Carroll News Briefs | contract, lor use of ihe grounds from Nearly 300 pheasants u-ere re- j the o!d fair board If this arrange- 1 eased throughout the coum. Sat- j m t - n l can be made it seems that Boone county will be assured urday and Sunday. Maple-Union P.-T. A. w i l l hold j of a major fair for years to its first meeting of the year Friday [ -- -at 8 p. m. in the Maple Grove ' " schoolhouse. Program will include j a talk by Lawrence E. Enicii. county j superintendent of school^ ; Members of the M W. A of the I City United Brethren church will : meet Thursday at 7:30 p m. in the j church. Leader ·v.ill be Mrs. Hattie ' Fulrath. i Howard Petty. Jr.. son of Mr and ' Mrs. Howard Petty, of wei-t of Mt j Carroll, has returned to the Uni- i yersity of Illinois where he will graduate next spring. Russell Marth, manager of a (Ehurrh 9*mir*0 Next Sunday IN NEARBY TOWNS PASTORS INVITE THE FJBL1C TO THESE SERVICES Lanark Christian Church Lanark. Ill . Sept. 12.--Bible school | at JO a. m. Lew W. Bates, superin- . frideni. Junior church at 11 a. m. 11 a. m. Communion and preaching local variety store, submitted to : service,-;. "The Happy People." 7:30 major surgery Monday morning at p ,__ preaching .services at SavauiiE. Michael Reese hospital in Chicago ' Christian church. Dorothy Schreck. 6. Eleanor i -- - . -: Schreck. 7 and.Dons Keim. 3. are [milled to major surgery last week quarantined in their homes whooping coupgh. Mrs, W. C. McGrath who With in a Freeport hospital will be milted to return to her home here sub- f h " part, of the week Facts That Concern You IT COULD CAftr/ 5S°S : ^ 5-\ ?j- the Buds of Promise a; her home I Arnons those her* from out of Monday eieninp. ! town for the rededication were: Mr. and Mrr/Fred Auk".- lef? 10- I Mr. and Mr=. Chas. McCoy and their day for Warsaw. Ind . wh«re They i daughter. Mr?. Ada Shaw and ___ be guest* in the home "f Mr 'sister*, the Misses Rvckman. of !»,,.__,,...,,,. ___,._._. __ ..71. and Mr.c. Carl B»y-r ] WanJsville: Wm SUdle. Mrs. ! CNARWICK MAR TO MARK After a social hour, a cafeteria j lunch was served in the basement of the church. Mrv C. F. Borclicrs. Mrs Johanna 'Joseph Bans and Mrs. M. Winters, j Proven Superiority More Oil-O-M«tic Oil Burner* in Frceport THAN ALL OTHERS COMBINED Some in Service Here OVER 18 Year.. Sha-n. Mr? Rcjnpt Kremirnia and son. Raymond. It this momini; .'o.- ;r. la whcr* ili*y »-ii] a ^ f n u ^fun-ral frrr\ejta " for E-imrr which -K\\\ be held Wedncs- and laroilv. of P«ca- [Miss June McCormack -e-frf Siindav dinner JTJ**!* ' w - *- WWle ·· Tear* OM horn- ol B R Sylltnan SHU *" C Whi. ol this place. p*s?*d · ht« SOUi birthday on Saturday. Mr. - - i White, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. an ^x':nri ialm2^n )n!josrpli White, was bom and has 93RD ANNIVERSARY ol Scalr^ Mound: ths H?nrr Ditt' mar lamlA and the Schuie famHy. ] ·of Schapvi]3e: Dr. and Mrs. T. E. j Chadxict. U3_ Sept. 12.-- ; Hoover. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sowerby, · day. Sept. 13. Charles Keil. who is · Miss Elsie Burrows. Rev. and MM. I the oldest resident of Chadvkk. will', Thomas Barker. Robert Barker. | observe his «rd birthday. ! Mr. Keil was born Sept. 13. ISM. ; in EmeUhausen. Germany, and at; ttie age oT U came to America. For . .3x yean he was employed on the ] Herman Barthel farm, near MU1- ' and later on farms near ( \)t* Ot * .EB-M' ·A MILLION *~£Z-?r » Inchest 5peni his enure UXe in this vicinity. . - - - ,. . _ . - _ · - AS OF IS Chadwk*. fl of )i]-O-M»1ic. ' ? lhan any Ihe i1 the I H'-ft··?·( IITIC-" m hi5lor '. Kuril.- Iva^y, Inv- c-osl fup? 03], j ]ik«- a]] Oil-O-malic-5! ]n?i^n^ in n f f \\- hours in any ! hoj]«r. can mjoy Oil-O-Matic's H«a1 fir !*,55 TTKinfy lorfav than the ^1 of hand firing. Home Utilities Co. 8 South Galena Avenue J C _ _ ^ _ _ _ t _ Oi* w-sK-rn ' A fc»- month* ago he had a serious j On July 10. lg7«. he wax united hi an aiututic of | illness, but at present is much 1m- i marriage to Man- Keil. who paatcd proms anfl able U do some wort j away Nov. 21. 1923. _ He is a member NOTICE! FOR PROMPT and EFFICIENT SERVICE--«n your refrijteralor. electric ranjf*. Kas range, washer, electric valer h«-alr or any olher household Appliance, ASK FOR REPAIR DEPARTMENT \vilj insure your immediate atlention and Avoid any oleJay Jhroujrh misundcrMandingr or misplacement of your order. of Si. Paul* Lutheran church. He has fl*« chll'3ien: Conrad, of Pfeeport: Chartta. ol Fairmont. Rebr.: Mn. Henry Oaehter and Henry, of ChaiMck: and Mn. Uate Dawaon. of Kekrar- ka. Since hit wife* death, he ha* made hit home wiUt hi* chiMtm. 11 BEERS NATION-WIDE TAXES-OVER A MILLION DOLLARS A DAY... COULD HAVE PAID THIS FIVE YEAR TOTAL 1N SftTfi*; as b^^r 51 ?·"!'. Th^y -«3Til in b«]j» puMjt officials in fv-cry _o. rj ;i'h]«- v A/. T)cy annol fTlfoTtC IWP. Bui thfj' iJri--^lrlrl n-ill--cH .- .V Hue* TAX MTTSUtt to Hft that much of the 4ireet tuiit* «ff TOV. A Biillkm XEW job*. A fie* fcumlirt tmllitn Mlar market for ihrfe m3KM ·em «f far* crops... AND ALL BE- CAWSE sen can BACK. Hw eaa ve keep theae benefits... lor you and far «·? BRWtn of America realize this ·tptatfr «· atapiaf %t«r ntaJhiir M whole- 41^ Street, New York X \ . BEER~.* beverage of moderation

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