Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on March 6, 1940 · Page 1
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 1

Freeport, Illinois
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Wednesday, March 6, 1940
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FREEPORT JOURNAL-STANDARD 91st Year--16 Pages MKMBKB AtWOOlATCO rUM AMD UNITED PBCSB. N t A. NEBVIOB FREEPORT, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 1940 UEUBEB or omooLATiom Price Three Cents MAYPOLE DENIES HE'S STELLE NAN Britain Takes Coal Cargoes Of Eight Italian Ships E AHEAD OF TIME LOASSO WAS OUT OF ROTTEH- I)AM BEFORE BLOCKADE DEADLINE OTHER SHIPMENTS OF COAL HELD TO BE PRIZES OF WAR London Drafts Polite But Firm Refusal of Rome'i Protest Against Shut-Down on Nazi Exports BY WALLACE CARROLL United Press Staff Correspondent London, March 6--(IP)--Coal cargoes aboard eight Italian vessels In Lhe British contraband control off Deal were ordered detained today ov the enemy export committee, r-erman coal aboard one other ship n-as ordered released on the grounds that it had sailed from its port of jeparture prior to March 2. The release of one ship was an- lounced by the ministry of economic warfare after announcement ,hat German coal § aboard eight Jiher shins would be held. The vessel, the collier Loaso. carding German coal, was released ind now is on its way to Italy. Coal aboard eight other ships now n the contraband control station off 'PIRACY' Berlin. March 6.--(IP--Headlines such as "Piracy." "Robbery" and "Theft Against Italy' 1 in newspapers left no doubt today about German reaction to the British seizure of Italian chips conveying German export coal to Italy. Florence, Italy, March 6.--IIP) --In the first anti-British demonstration since the Ethiopian war. a large crowd of high school and university students gathered before the British consulate today to protest against the British blockade. Police and armed carabinieri, summoned hurriedly, dispersed the students. FACES CHARGE OF EJECTING CENSUS TAKER James Rosselli, shoemaker of Kenosha, U'is., and shop from which h* allegedly ejected John W. Girman, federal business census taker. Girman filed complaint and warrant was issued under which Rosselli faces six months in jail or $500 fine in what may be first test of law.--(NEA Photos.) ASK LEAVE TO INTERVENE IN JOHNSON HIGH TEST OIL CASE i Passed As Man ! ASSAILS CIVIL SERVICE GROUP i AS JUDGE OF POLITICAL ACTIVITY ALLEGE HOLDINGS WOULD BE IMPAIRED BY CONSTRUCTION CENSUS DIRECTOR DECLARES NO COMPROMISE IS PLANNED Docket For .March Term Called; Many Actions Set: Jurors Will Not Report Until Mar. 18 eal will be unloaded and held as irize of war. the ministry said. The -oasso was released because It had ailed the day before the allied con- raband control was extended to talian imports of German coal by ea. Meanwhile Britain was under- lood to be preparing a firm but oncUiatory rejection of Italy's pro- =st against, the blockade of Gerlan coal exports. Can't Back Down At the same time, the ministry of -onomic warfare sought to prove lat there was no discrimination eainst Italy in connection with ·izure of the snips by announcing lat in the last three weeks the icmy exports committee bad re- ised exemptions for German goods pass through the blockade to 1* ifferent countries. The fact that Italy challenged the rinciple on which the entire block- (Gontinuea on Face 2) rONS AND NOOKS TO SPEAK M CONSISTORY AUDITORIUM MOHDAYEVJHM6, MARCH 11 Next Monday evening at 9 o'clock. Consistory auditorium. Richard Lyons. Libertyville. candidate for « Republican nomination for gov- nor. and C. Wayland Brooks. Chl- go. candidate for nomination for ilted States Senator on the Re- iblican ticket at the April t prt- »ry. will be the speakers at a rally which voters of that party affQia- n from this and nearby counties II be in attendance, and to which e public is invited. Further an* uncement concerning thU meet- E will be made iater in the Netherlands Sub Rammed By Tug; Two of Crew Die Amsterdam. March 6-H'^P)--The Netherlands submarine O-ll was sunk in a collision with a tugboat in the Nieuw Diep, but a daring rescue helped save all except one of the crew of about 30. The submarine was cruising on the surface at the Denbelder naval harbor preparing to go to sea when rammed amidships by the tug Amsterdam. About ten men on deck sprang clear and swam to the seawall. Ten minutes later, a crowd gathered on the wall saw bubbles. Then the periscope appeared momentarily. After another ten minutes, part of the stern emerged. Two naval officers in a nearby rescue boat leaped aboard the stern and managed to pry open a hatch and help the imprisoned crew to safety. NEUTRALITY LAW ; -- ..r 0 MF-VK-AVC; *f so FOR i^irFNSED MUM CLAUDE ALLIGATOR GIVES CHILLS- Houston, Tex., March 6 i--The Remington Arms company was indicted by a federal grand jury today for alleged violation of the neu- Britain Demands Full Equality In Rumanian Exports Bucharest. March 6.--(JP--Britain has demanded full equality with Germany in sharing Rumanian exports, including oil, a high authority asserted today. j The British demand, which is j said to have sent Rumanian Minister Viorel Tilea hurrying back here*" from London, is believed in diplomatic quartets to have been prompted by the allies' resolve to cut deeply into Nazi sources of supply in this country. These quarters see Rumania be- trality act in the shipment of 27.- | ing pushed closer to an inevitable 500 rounds of ammunition to Mexico.' choice between Germany and the Indicted with the company were | ?»»«. as experts say it would be two Mexican citizens now jailed at j unposible for Rumania to furnish Laredo Texas--Lieutenant Colonel lh e «« 1.600.000 tons of oil con- Alleging that their properties, having an estimated value o'f S180.000 would oecrease in value if the Johnson High Test Oil company were permitted to erect an oil filling station on the old AJlmgton property, northwest · corner of West Stephenson street and North West avenue, ten individuals owning property in that vicinity have filed a petition in circuit court asking the leave to intervene in the case of the oil company vs. zoning board of appeals of Freeport. A date will be jset later by Judge Harry E. Wheat for a hearing on the petition. Many months ago the oil company purchased the Allington property with the idea of constructing a station. The city engineer refused to grant a permit for the building on the grounds that it conflicted with provisions of the city's zoning ordinance. An appeal was then taken to the zoning board of appeals and the ruling of the engineer was sustained. A writ of certiorari was then filed in circuit court in behalf of the oil company seeking to have the records of the board produced for review. x The property owners seeking to intervene, according to the petition filed by the law firms of Burrell it Burrell and Ascher Si. Ellis, are O. W. Dorman, John W. Barrett, John S. Ascher. Mrs. M. A. Steele, B. P. Hill. Carrie T. Hill. Oscar Ennenga, Minnie B. Rawleigh. Robert F. Koenig. Florence E. Furst. To Dissolve Bank A final report of the receiver of the McConnell State bank was filed Maury Maverick Attacks Poll Tax As Conducive To Election ; Corruption I BULLETIN ; , Washington, March 6.--tA'~The j i senate rejected today a proposal to , ; legalize voluntary political activity I j by federal employes. Such activity I now is restricted by the Hatch ' anti-politics law | The vote was 44 to 41 ; Laredo, Texas--Lieutenant Colonel Francisco de Valle Arispe and Greg- I tracted for m 1940 and an equal orio Prteto. a retired army major i Quantity to Britain, who said he was in the employ of the National Revolutionary party of Mexico. Arispe, HE'S LOOSE IN OFFICES I i 40-year-old self-asserted i i ciuci 01 staff for General Rodrigo: Quevedo. was a candidate for representative to the Mexican national COME-TO-MEWROM-ME Washington, March 'IP)-Stenographers in the senate office building were a little green around the gills today. Somewhere in their PLAYER COMES-TO-HER- MARY COHAN WEDS RONKM .. ,, .. , _ . . congress on the National Revolu- Mary Conan nonary party ticket. Doylestown. Pa.. March 6.--(IP)-from her M. Cohan, famous fath er. George . , George John, assistant to the ever since she eloped with a banjo U. S. district attorney, said the player 12 years ago. was married government alleged "conspiracy to | here today to George Ronldn, an midst was a three-year old alliga- i violate, and violation of. the neu- I accordion player. tor. 1 trality act of 1939 by unlawfully ex- together tion. in behalf of the office of the attorney general, asking leave of court to dissolve the corporation. The report shows that dividends totaling 70.7 percent had been paid to depositors and that flttere remained on hand $382 55 in unclaimed dividends. Charles H. A»- bers is receiver and J. G. Harrington is deputy receiver. A divorce was granted today in the case of Florence Gaengel vs. William Gaengel. The bill, filed by Attorney James K. Cavanaugh. sets forth the couple was married at Crown Point. Ind_ Aug. 13. 1937. The ceremony was performed by Cruelty was alleged. of state" Claude, the 'gator, escaped from! porting, and attempting to export. . a justloe of the peace the custody of the secretarial staff ammunition to Mexico without ob- , «~ ' of Sen. Claude Pepper. D.. Fla. taming a permit from the secretary I l n - """P 1 * nme "«« "fter th* 1 * Each morning Pepper's stenographers allow Claude--the 'gator. not the senator--and his two-conr- panions. Jiggs and Oscar, to gambol on the office carpet. Claude disappeared during one of his exercise been found. periods and has not performance in a New York night The exported arms, he said, were club - bu t the ceremony was held up 'FAULTY MACHINERY MAY NAVE CAUSED HARTLEY 17.750 rounds ol Remington 32- calibre ammunition and 9.750 rounds of Remingjon police service ammunition. Tw Own f»«' Federal Judge James V. Allred fixed bond for the company at $10.- I Arispe and Pncto were jailed in I llCU Of .'writ of bond habeas Feb. 23 at AaBBA _ A*4hA4»*»A · m^mmmt^. · » · · * ' V* JMltJtBO *_vi J'Uo * «_v» ·«» «»v - - - - -MIHE DISASTER/ ICKES Laredo.seckins release on the cSaim At New York recently. Miss Oo"'"'"" "»" fc " , . . _ , ., ",.... . ij 1 WK han rfpvnhMl 1H» itn»Hnn tlilc Washington. March fi. ! that the neutrality act could not until telegraphic confirmation from Reno was obtained on the bride's divorce from her first husband. Cohan, -grand old man of the American stage." stopped talking to his daughter when she eloped with Neill Litt. a banjo played. In 1927. Even when she had a baby daughter, he refused to be friendly and wouldn't even congratulate her on her divorce from him. At han Secretary Ickes made public today denied the petition a bureau of nines report that the Bartley. W. Va, mine explosion on January 10. which killed 91 men. probably was caused by sparks from faulty electric equipment. Interior department officials .said that in making the report public. Ickex set a precedent overturning practices followed in the bureau before the forced resignation of John W. Finch as its '· applied to them, but Judge Allred j *»' described "Father the situation this is stubborn and so ains Wash Away Snow Along Magi not Line; French Alert For Surprise Drive In Mud BT JOHN the French Araie* on the March . -- i,r-- In* JJTI J*.w -- M'»ei*3 week* T»tiv. Uinl will wash away the t traces of Know and toe-- tuu» n«d and wtiJi it a grbnnwr ilaace along. Uae Magioot line. tour of the frontier fields and ods of northern France it a German oTfemive L expected f it comes at »91-- when sunbaked win .«npport Ihe heavy tread * mrcihutnflaeri «rmv. "^f lUr 1 fljiHiwueuul-- bptawtj the m si · Jaw»ws a I fnm«5 nroiiinc trni r*m and Jog, and the rain is mos^y mad. officers f aarihaT wgh the Uwv do not bdtetc tbc -ail] aTtompt a frontal at- nrtenr«L altnoagh there the enemy }on in Uc not fonow '·Uie dope. fc month an offenrtve at M They to Ute antidpiitni nvnment natural obstaclfy. The whole Frcnrfi h m The JiJfrJ. *nd Ji will remain ready for momenlAry butilr. There to. of owne. a pONdbilltT the Ger- nave no mtentlon of MUacktoig qpjt targe fcale. bul before the French can be reasonably cure of thin, not on^r spring but most of the summer mwt pass. If there is no offensive by early fall, the war will appnr to have setUed into a game of waiting to SBP who cracks lirrt. I talked with nfnr«r« John thus described the governments contentions: Arispe ordered the ammunition from the arms company, a Bridgeport. Conn, concern, through Rem- . ington's agenl in Mexico City. Th" material was sent to Laredo and j stored ihcar. j WarchouMMnm nrcUJ« t d customs agents of the .shipment. On January ] 19 Ansnc and Prtcto were arrested at the IntenuUoiMl bridge immediately after they paid lolls on the arms and prepared to depart with them. "They said at first the ammunl- Uon was for target practice, and later they claimed it was for their persona] use." John asserted. Tbr attorney .aad Remington WH* ]Je«i«Jtx1 lo ship arms but, under the neutrality art.. must obtain a permit before doinc w. The east will be brought up «l the next term of federal court In Laredo, opening April 15. am I. I adore him. but we're both too Irish. I guess." HLMMER · SEARCH ^f MWL Nl FORMER M'COHHRL ROY IS FATALLY HUURED WHEH HIT RY ADTOMOBILUiT ROOKFORO wjnriow. Til.. March «.-- David Bruce Workinger. 1$. son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Woridnfer. 1121 West School s4xeeti. Rockford. 101 iiiei resi* dcnix of McOonncII. was fatally Injured when struck by an automobile at Rockford tost evening. The boy died in a Rockford hoqrital about 1:30 o'clock this morning. The boy was a nephew of Frank Workinger. ol Wrosknr. Funrni] .^» tor* w1J3 br heM Fri- d«v anrmtran at 1 o'clock at the family home and at 1:30 at Fin* Bapttrt church. Rockford. Delay Calling Jar? After the docket was called today it was determined that there would be no cases for jury trial next week and Judge Wheat directed the sheriff to notify petit jurors not to report until one week later. Monday. March 18. Seven cases were set down for trial by jury with twelve set for hearing before the court on definite dates and nine set without definite dates, before the court. The list of trials includes two criminal cafes, the People vs. Rayenga. assault, and the People vs. Reilman. larceny. The following is a list of the action set: Jary Trial-" March lg People vs Hayenga j March 19 People vs RcUman March 20 Ruber rs Otto March 21 Roach vs Runkle April 2 Frcasman vs Smith Without Date Watson 75 Rocho Without Date DeWalJ vs Pappas By the Cawt March 22 Guhrv? Cuhl March 25 Richardson vs Germain March 26 Kelly vs Shippee March » Bertram vs Meier March 2« Win of Henry Kiaas March 27 Holmes n Swelter March 27 Dyson v» Dyson March 31 Montgomery Ward vs Washington D. C.. March 6.--ifi-- A proposal to authorize the Civil ' Service commission to define what i constitutes political activity by state employes was assailed today by Senator Lucas D.. ElJ. an opponent of broadening the Hatch anti-politics law. as an '· unconstitutional ! delegation of power." J Lucas told the senate, debating (Hatch act amendments for the i second day. that "the people of my I state and of other states look with j fear on the aggression that Washington already has made against the rights of the states/' The broadening amendments, sponsored by Senator Hatch (D., N. M.). would extend to state employes paid in part from federal funds the prohibitions now covering federal employes against taking part actively in election campaigns. To enforce the law for state em- ployes the amendments would permit the federal government to withdraw funds from the states in which violations occurred, and the Civil Service commission would be authorized to say what constituted prohibited political activity. Lucas argued that the legislation would give the commission power "to regulate activity*throughout the country as well as a firm gnp on the country's purse strings." Censos Battle On the house side of the capitol. debate continued on the S119.000.000 interior department appropriation bill. The battle over the 1940 census, started by the demand of Senator Tobey tR_ N. H.). for elimination of questions regarding personal income, took a new turn when W. L. Austin, census director, issued a statement that "no compromise" had been offered by the bureau. He disclosed that a compromise was discussed with the senate committee yesterday "but no commitment was made on our part." The committee is scheduled to act Tuesday on a resolution by Tobey requesting deletion of the questions. Austin predicted that when the committee has completed its study of testimony taken recently on the Tobey resolution "it will be convinced that these so-calted income WILL SPEAK AT ANT DEMO* CRATIC RALLY THAT INVITES HIM HE'S 'NOT ANGRY AT ANYBODY;' PERSONAL FRIEND OF STELLE , That's Why He Appeared at Me- I Leansboro frith "Rebel" Demo' cratic Group Pauline Cox of Dallas, Tex., who lived under masculine disguise for five years.--'NEA Telephoto). WAS REJECTED FOR CIVIL WAR; HO WILLIAM E. GARRETT HAS MANY INTERESTING EXPEDI- ENCES TO RELATE Four times rejected for service in the Union army during the Civil war because of his health, William R. Garrett. of Polo, who is now past 96 years of age, is recovering from a slight illness at the Deaconess hospital in Freeport, to which he was brought recently for treatment. Apparently well on the road to a complete recovery, and the 100-year mark less than four years hence, Mr. Garrett has a vivid recollection Jacksonville. 111.. March 6 --lip)-State Senator George M. Maypole of Chicago. Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, asserted in a statement today he had no ·-affiliation-' with the Stelle- Adamowski-Barrett ticket in the April 9 primary. Maypole appeared with Lieut. Governor John Stelle, candidate lor governor, and others on the Democratic "insurgent" ticket at the formal opening of their campaign last week in McLeansboro, but Maypole said he did this "only to pay my respects to my personal friend the lieutenant governor." "I have never made any statement as to any factional affiliation," Maypole's statement said. "It is not my intention to join any caravan. It's true that I was on the platform at McLeansboro with John Stelle. Representative Adamowski 'candidate for U. S. senator) and Auditor Edward J. Barrett, only to pay my respects to my personal friend the lieutenant governor in his home town." ·Not Mad at Anybody* "I am making an extensive campaign throughout the state independently, based solely on my record as a legislator, stressing experience of 24 years in legislative office and my fitness for the position which I seek. "I have always been a Democrat and will continue to be so regardless and will conduct myself in this campaign so that when I am nomi: nated I can have the united support of Democracy in November. Further than that I have no statement to make, other than that I am not angry at anybody." Maypole is opposing State Treasurer Louie E. Lewis, the Democratic -organization'' candidate, for the lieutenant governorship nomination. He was here to confer with Morgan county Democratic associates. Maypole, who holds the office of president pro .tempore of the senate, said he did not plan to join the SteUe-Adamowski-Barrett party in of many events which occurred dur- its campaign tour unless invited to ine* Vti* ^^vli- II^A · -- _ _ .___._*__._. __ ___,_..._,*»*_._. Cloudy Tonight and Tomorrow --Undrr- of the front an ihj« ait- -MrrrriJirv for FVnmcn Affairs Rich- ' tr^t^ ol ctouW 1|?nt 13*1*- lto£ frw^is 6 ** ol opronwn^ Mn|iili9Ol/ defenfiRft wrnaM ho3d any tuipjltc awaUlJ. VM no tndmtion to the Otnaaar fighting tat rather a prWe hi *ho»- the Incredible ma* of French defense* that have bran buflt over the cnmtrystde along the whole length of the brnvVr and for ·anj Great Britain had 'blundered «n- onslv" in searching Pan-American Alntays capper man at Ttoe George "I dorrt accept that xY aH.~ Butter. said. The government's action comxl. Moreover, it was justified bv what was dfecoven* ta the March 31 Ertate of Van Brocklin Marrh 9 TV* v« Cafo. Cr. Co. March 9 MarimreH vx Thnnnin WMfcOTt Dale s Rocho Nat. Bank vj Walters v» I. c. R, R GUM vx Janes Laborde v» LaBonfe Bcailey rs TV* tan vs Shippr Paycon v« EHls Dennis Bros, t* WRECKS W^^P^^ ^^^^W ^NP^kV IN SHMRFKLI; M CLEWS ·prtaffleUL IlL Manii (.Continued on Page 2 * aECTRIC FIRM EMPLOYES OFFER $100,000 LOAN TO KEEP IT IN ST. LOUIS ST. Louis. March 6.--4'--Union employes of the Emerson Electric Manufacturing company held out fin offer today of a $100.000 loan from their wages to keep the firm from leaving St. Louis. The company, which has 1.200 production employes and 300 executives and office workers, needs new factory space and is considering inducements to move its plants to EvansslHr. Ind. Local 1103 of ihc United Electric Radio and Machine Workers C. I. O.». which ha? 1240 members, proposed that thr company make deductions, ranging Irom five to 10 per cen»_ from the pay of aH its ing his early A great admirer of Abraham Lincoln, many of his recollections concern events which occurred during the Civil war period. Mr. Garrett was born on a farm about a mile and a half east of Brookville on Jan. 18. 1844, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Garrett. His father was one of a family of nine brothers and sisters who were bom in England and settled in Canada and the United States. Unable to attend school during his early youth. Mr. Garrett spent these years on his father's fanny, j the elder Garrett having owneti' nearly 900 acres in the vicinity of Brookvilie. Joins Chicago Sanitary Commission Mr. Garrett remained on the 'arm. trhere he saia he "received appear as a speaker at meetings. He described himself as a "fre» lance" candidate. Earlier the Stelle headquarters in Springfield had said Maypole probably would appear with the group of candidates for a meeting Saturday night in East St. Louis. Maypole said he would appear "with any Democratic group, if asked."' am SEC'Y HULL IS CONFERRING WITH BRITISH, FRENCH ON CONTROVERSIAL MATTERS (Continued on Page 1« MY, BUT IT'S SIMPLE TO SOLVE CRIMES IN BRITAIN THESE DAYS Washington. March 6.--U)--Secretary ol Slate Cordell Hull wiil confe'r today with a joint Britash- French mission on points of controversy, including allied interference with U. S. mails and contraband control. | the mission comprises Prof. ; Charles Rut. economic adviser to ! t n e Drench blockade ministry and ^TM* T. juhton-owatkm. poucv ; adviser to the British ministry of Von .iut .%aame Irish Republican! economic warfare. 1 Rist and Ashton-Gwatkin will be j accompanied by the British and French ambassadors. London. March 6--OP)--Hundreds While mail and blockade matters in the Marfair section were awak- «tu be discussed, it was not be- early today when a bomb cx-|jjered the issue of the Bermuda mail shattered all windows or a censorship will come up. State de- branch of the Westminster bank In i partnent authorities pointed out th; fashionable Grosrenor House that the United States has not cbal- in Park Lanr. 'Icnged Great Britain's right under Irish Republican army was i international law to inspect and 10 be roqjonsiblr 1 censor American mail at Bermuda. Arm* Is Behind Whatever Happens *£ ,,» « ft . oat interest and the company repav » from net earnings,* F. D. R. Calls Attack on Census Tobey Says President Makes "Smoke-Screen* MARKETS AT A GLANCE and Kew Stocks: Firm; steels, motors aircrafts lead. Bonds: Higher; gains di^ribuled overwide front. Forejgn Bxthanee: Slwdy; Tuesday's drop checked. wans 14 windows. The City Detective John Keegan. esd- ·tatcd the taw at «3.«P8 saM they Had MI etewi ta «r tft «"«. Susar: Mawt? sid* buying: M*tals: Steady: domestic zinc Increase. Tops: Soft: hedging sates. ; _/*,_The «mtTOver.«y .-swept from Capl- Hi]] lo ihe what*- how* and back j« KxJav. *jU President Rowe; dr-5*ra»ina ellorts 10 strike out income Questions as "po- " and Senator Tobey «R-S H.^ ttiai statement a "smoke tfrecnr DlKiissinc Tobey's resolution to i eliminate the queries before the nationwide census begins April 1. the chief executive tow reporters late ' yesterday: ' "The whole IJianc i« a political ·. EvfrvbwSv jMxsnMawid in ron- thal is ih? .sofe mo- Wheat Corn: C»«Ue About ste*4v. rrplled «un -a* a PUJ '*e.wj and producer of potties, the jNUidujt ts a past iMctcr, bvt in Ms xtatenent he ideates a idBOke screen to cover it op." Than be added: and Incemod, the people sry out. 'HoM* that the eensiis-laker might be the firM 10 Kara hk third-term plan*. After Mr. Roosevelt JovuUy fumed axide direct press conference qrcsitonf about his pottuca? intentions, reporters Mid him of a new** paper cartoon Inquiring whether he had a mortgage on the white home. The president *o3enmly aaid that he aught answer the qoodon if · reaJ census-taker aeked it. But even such a scoop coufcJnX be printed, he added, for census reurw are confidential. The chaef executive MM) fee batf ntvt read a f?ofcJ3ian by C^neftt K. 1^31337^% Q'xi'U^c an unnamed ^out^- f-m crnrressnign a.' Buying that Mr. Roosevelt aunw to jptlJl. and r* ganded secretary Bun « a i i true. weak to to cents The arrntnmt evfti inrhided a j jesting eonnveBt frwi the Asked whether the «t*y the presWem referred t* I newspaper coftrmn Jefferson as defining RMteriai *.« either news. t*w. pOK»b])3i*f» or 1J« He to MV in wrrirti categOTy

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