Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 19, 1949 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1949
Page 3
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Parties Precede Junior Club's Yuletide Dance Several cocktail parties were held Saturday night preceding the Naugatuck Junior Woman's club Yuletide dance at the Hotel Elton, Waterbury. Dr. and Mrs. Everett T. Rogers entertained guests at a party held at their home. 'IS Rockwell avenue. Those attending won; Mr. and Mrfl. HtldlnK Olson. Mr. und Mm. John Corr, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Coe, Mr. und Mrs. George Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Chariest Follower, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. M. Francis Feeley, Mr. and Mrs. Edward I.xiwo, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Lone. ilr. and Mrs. William Yannrella also held a cocktail party at their home, 155 Hoadley street, with guests Including Patricia Smith, Andrew Baril, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Cansidy, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Kirk, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Foetseh. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, Jr.. Mr and Mrs. Eugene Dowling. Mrs. Thomas Dowling was chairman of arrangements for the dance, which was attended Ijy more than 20X1 club mpmbtra and gue.-itn. The assisting committee included ilrs. John Larkln. Mrs. Yanarclla ilrs. Charles Noble, Jr., Mrs. John Bctkoskl. Mrs. Ann Brown, Mrs. Ralph Hoy and Mrs. Fcelcy. Patrons and patronesses were Dr. and Mrs. Rogers, Mr. and Mm. Olson, Mr. and Mr». Carr and Mr. and ilrs. Coe. Among members and guests attending were: Mr. and Mrs. WalU-r C. Hultberg. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne K Mowrey. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gillette, Mr. and , Mrs. E. Joseph Gabani, Mr and Mr*. Robert Sul- llvan, Betty Godman, Michael Nolan, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gallagher, Marie Sabin. Andrew McDcr- mott, Mr. o.nd Mrs. Ralph Pronovost, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kevit Jr.. Mr and Mrs. Richard Clymcrj Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Cassldy. Mr. and Mrs. iT.ugcne Dowling Mr. and Mrs. .Norman Wood R R Morgan. M. D. Shimer, Mr. and -Mrs. Franklin Hubbell. Mr. and Mrs Roger Williams. Mr. and Mrs. William Yanarelia, Mr. and Mrs Frank Smith. Jr.. Patricia Smith Andrew Bari], Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bclanger. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. J Mason. Mr. and Mrs Robert Baker Rita Shea, Al Gass. M;-. and Mrs Thomas Dowiing, Mr. and Mrs John Larkin. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Erick«on ,lr. and Mrs. Charles Noble Jr., Mr and Mrs. Peter McSherry Jr.. Robert Lynn, Eleanor Oemcke David Prescott Ma.-y Rellly, Mr ' and Mrs. Joseph B:)rke, Mr. and Mrs. George Tonlinger. Mr. and Mrs,. Leon Frlgon, Mr. and Mrs Jdris Aiderson. Mr. and Mrs Will luun Gorman, Mr. and Mrs. George JDr Ml rf vr"^ - Mrs- Dan iei Walsh. ^"H S™' J ° hn McC uIlough' 8 ' Mr' ft Hoberf K U es.° nB ^?; "j *£ Edward Melbourne, J r 3 ' ?.T?ri;:^ m <: s D - unn - Mr. and Jane Klaumizer. - Frank -Mote. ' a vf mer £ Ro ** fc -BWwnT Mr Mrs. Harry Bergen Tr M!. ' IMBIMBOTS *?«•**• !».. All „ ^ •• r/«lo» Bt~ nth*. «••—-, | »Mt and Mrs. Robert Van Allen. Jane Danncker, Alan Van Allen, Mr and Mrs. Joseph Smcy, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nauges, Mr. and Mrs. J. Manlsoviel, Mr, and Mrs. Mm-K Schiarol!, Margaret Htotz, John Lenners, Marion Traficanti, Gerur.l Traflcantl, Mr. and Mrs. ICdwar-l Noble, Alice Kuml|;lluttl, Ij.iwren>:j Altlerri. Catholic Women Entertain 250 At Christmas Tea Approximately 250 members and guests of the Nnugnluclt Council of Cnthollc Women iittcruled the annual Christmas tea and i>nt«r- tnlnmcnt. held yesterday afternoon in Columbus hall. The ftev. Paul F. Keating. pa.«. tor of St. Francis' church, led the choira in singing between the acts of an operetta, In which 99 children of St. Fruncl.')'parochial school participated, under the direction of Sister Edna Marie. The program nlno Included «<;. corUlnn solos by Cai-oline Oaugler, who playtd Adc.ftes Fidelus, and Jeannettc Guugter ploying Silent Night. Janet Mviniihan played .•> marimba «olo, White Chrtaln^asi. Refreshments were served. Miss Frances Cuddy, council president, welcoi.-icd the uu<lleni:e, and announced that Communion Sunday for the council will be Sunday morning Jan. 8 at the 0 o'clock Mass. Miss Phyllis Morris and Mrs. John Joyce, co-chairmen of the social committee, '.vere In charge of Methodists Hold Vesper Service The unnunl candloliRht vesper service nnrt family Christrn.-is p-iriy of the Methodist Church wan helii yesterday afternoon, with 250 attending. During tho vesper .service members of the Youth Fellowship UK- fisted by tho choir presented an impressive pageant, "The Adoi-i- tion of KingH tind Shcphci-ils." At the party the program included a vocal solo by Ida Schooiey accompanied by Mrs. Raymond Paul. Carol singing was led b :• Edgar Wyutt, with Mrs. Paul o't Ihe piano. A film, "When the Ut- tlrst Came] Knelt," was shown and a quiz program presented by !hc Kov. Matthew H. Gates, minister. .Santa Claus distributed Riffs. A buffet suppor was servod by tho Wesleyan Service Guild, wit I. '-lie committee In char(?e of f 0(K i Including Mary Emerson, Dorothy Powell. Mrs. Clarence Nelson, Mrrf. Gottfried Slcquist and Mis Edmund' Shilinskas. The ' kitchen was in charge of Mrs. Daniel Gabriele, Mrs. Irene Fltzsimmors and Mrs. Edwin Valentine. Decorations were in chnrj;e of Mrs Walter Harris, Mrs. Wllllum Imholz. Arlene Brown and Rhea Mowrey. Social-Personal Fraternal Kennedy Circle Meets Tomorrow A meeting of Kennedy Clrc'o. DnuRhtors of Isabella, will be hold tomorrow night at 8 o'clock in tho Knights of Columbus room, Nearv building, with Mrs. .lumen Ppttlt, repent, In charge. A dlwcusKion of plans for the formation of a junior circle will be continued. Refreshments will he m-rvt'tl by u commlltno Inohulliu. Mrn. \Vli- iiain Kltniiiii)-, MCH. ICilwiinl ,\,,',, Mm. ,l(^(«pli ,\oh, M|. B . |,|,in"l I,"- Clnlr. MlHd Mmy U.oClnlr, Mrs. A. C'nuili lli.wlivi, Mrs. Howard Hrci:' nan and Mrs. Ernest Anderson. Mr. und Mrs. Joseph Duretto of Candec road, celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary Dec. 1-1. Mrs. Ourette is the former Rutli Dwy. Their children arc Joel, seven years old and Don, four yenrs of age. Chojnukafh Party Held Yesterday For Youngsters The; unnual (,'lmimkn h jiarty of Cim;;ruK'tllon Beth I.srael waa held yusterday afternoon in the community center, MX Kalrvlew av- cnun, w(Ui thu program arrangud by Mrs. Morris Kcmenblatt. In a brief talk, Mrn. RoHcnblatt told of tlio meaning nf Charmliah which in the r«iiMi ol' the regaining of UK; teinpln lit .Jerusalem from the Syrlnnn. It wan thu chief blhllral ti-iitlval of tho Jews, held for eight dayn anil hoglnning with the lighting of avo candles on the first ninht, one of which wan vmcd to light a third candle on the second night, and HO on until 'there. were nine lighted candles on the eighth night. Yesterday's progrnm began with the March of CundU'.B. in which children of thi! Congregation entered with unlljihtud candles ami placed them for lighting In the assembly room. Arnold Brower performed the ceremony of blosslng the candles. Mrs. Rosenblatt paid special tribute to Hho memory of Henrietta Szold, founder of Hudaxsnh, and .•ilHci told how Chanuknh ban been obHurved through .|.he years. A Kroup of Hebrew songs and chant;; were sung by Arnold Brower, Hermine Mnlzkln and Susan Alpert, with the littler two also performing a group of Palestinian dunciiii, Kklppy 1'on recited a poem, Judah Had u Lllllu Lumb. Envelopes containing money were collected from lh<; children, with the funds to be used for gifts for orphan children in Israel. Oiftn j Were distributed from a grab bag I u.n<l r(;rresl\nicr\ts were nerved. I ........ . Children Guests At Christmas Party Children of members of the MonUimirl - Undo posit Jlallan- ArneHcan war Veterans and iU Lndfes 1 auxiliary, were guests r.l u Christmas party yesterday afternoon in the Cristoforo Colombo hall. South Main sti-eet. Santa Cluus diBtrlbutca ijli'tn irom a gaily decorated Chrlalmtia tree, and James Niirtlcllo Hhowul motion pictures,, including "The Night Before OhriKtmim." f>ir,i| singing was held and gamcri I lnyi.'d. Children attending included: Barbara n.nd William t'laskv. Marcla Norman^ Nicholas Marir. no, Carol Kwljauskus. Thomas ;jncl Murio Triano, Rita Kathorine. Judith Ann, Olivia Ann and Anifi. Miiry Cellclo. Joyce Ann Emanuel, Joseph Rossi, Timothy and William MacDomild. Fraiuils Kmanuel, Frank Anglclllo, William Hado. John Jpseph and Raymond Francis Ollero Annette Fuzzim Karen Angiollllo. Patricia Ann und Sandra Farrar, Felix Hudnoi, Frank Cipriano. Anthony, Dolores, Mnrlo and Theresa R'us/Ue, ICIainn Mariano, Bernice Triano. Francis Fazzlno, Barhnra Favllle. Mitchell and FrivticiH Mulinskl, Edward Pl- chulo. Michael Fmiulu. Untla Fazziro, Francis Nardello, Jerry Donovan, William Long Jactivic'llnn t>ono- van, Richard Muzzlo, Lawrem-e Alonzn, Anthony TUo, Kuthlci-n I.ii-Florlii, Putrlcln 'I'lifpinarln, Juilv Niii'ilclld, Kli'luird Fari'iif t'niil.i, ,\nn Alo.v, Anlhutiy |'I>HIIIII<|||, I'hiil Alex, Ann Miule 1'nyiie, Vennilni und Klclianl l<'cilorUa, lilchanl anJ John Pnolimi. The pin-ty WHS arranged by ti committee including Antoln'ct'e. Zuccarelli, chairman; AngoTne Zuccarulli, 'Lucy Zuccarelli, Jay Tangredi, Lillian Gargonia, Ari- geline P'azzino, Angcline Carricllo and Josephine Trinno. Biltle-Squires> Team Wins Club Bridge Tourney Aim. W. IO. Bltlld and Mrs, Hey- rnour Squircn were, winners of tics Friday afternoon Sulem club bridge tournament, with a total' of 307 match points. Runncrst-up were Mr.'!. Arvld An- dcraun ailil Mrn. Manihall f^ong 1105 1-2 points and In third pln.ce, Mrs. John Kazitnjlan and Mrs. George Kazan jinn with 2«8 1-2. North and .south .scores Friday were us follows: Mrs. Long and Mrs. Norrl.i Follett 5C 1-2; Mrs, ThiTidcire Kaufm-in and Mr» Honry S. Marlor, Ji'. nt) 1-2; Mrs. Leon Lovojoy and Mrn, Vivian Kcrnnn, 44. Knst and west. Mrn ISdward G. Cox and Mrs. Irving Cutting. 53; Mrs. John Hayes and Mrn. IJYank Smith. HO 1-2; Mr». Norman Bunnon and Mm. Hoberl l''ord, ')7. . Mrs. Mary Mnrliino of .1 Pond street, whose birthday was Friday wusi honored ,,( , x family party. ' ' M|MH .Iniiel Hchmltz, a uludnnt at Connecticut College for Women New London, has arrived to upend the Christmas holiday with her narcnt.s, Mr. anil Mrs. i£)mcr F Schmltz of Moore nvcnup VfiW Auxiliary Pq/rty Ttonight The annual Christmas party for children sponsored by this Ladles' iiiixlllnry of Crusader pool, Vntor- ans of Foreign Wars, will be held tonight at 7 o'clock In the VFW Home on Rubber avenue. All members rac Invited to bring their children and frionda to tho party, during which Santa Claus will dlKl.rlbutc glft,«. Refreshments will be wervod. Mm. Victor Lomolne la chairman •jf the nrrangements comrnittcc, aonlated by Mrs. Fntnklln Bohlman, Mrs. Arthur Holm, Mrs. Edgar Blckford, Mrs. Max Leonhardt, Mrs. lonnnettc Kleindan, Mrs. Kenneth Fi-edHall, Miss Jane Bontempo and Mrs. RUHR Bontcmpo. What's Doing In Naugatuck A Calendar of Events Monday, December J!) Rlcction of officers,, Centennial lodlfo, No, 100, IOOF, Old Follows hull, 1 p. m. nebular monthly meeting, Nau- NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, DEC. 19. 1M»—PACE 3 Katuck FcHowcraft Asar.,, Masonic Temple, Church street, 8 p. m. Children's Christanas party, Pond Hill Community club. 7 p. m. Wednesday, December 21 Meeting:, Christmas party, American Legion auxiliary, Memorial Home, 8 jp, m. Meeting of Post No. 17, American Legion, Legion Memorial Homo, Codur iitreet, 8 p. m. Wi?diie»d»y, l)oc«mtar 91 ChrlHtmas party, meeting;, Pro»- Legion, Auxiliary Plan Joint Party A ChriHtmriH party will ho liy NuiiK'ituuk Amorlnun i post, No. 17 and Its Ladles' auxiliary Wednesday evening following J.he runpectlvo m«otlngH at 8 o'clock In the Memorial Homo, 21 Orlur Hired. Mlns Dorothy M. Broder, prcni- clonl. will onmlufit thu auxiliary maoHnif, uml Churle.s Clark, commander, will be In charge of the post HosHion. At tho joint party, nil membera arc roqucHttid to furnish a. 25-cent J?ift for tho grab bag. CHRISTMAS CARDS BY HALLMARK and RUSTCRAFT It's Getting Late! | _ SPECIAL CARDS FOR I ft j JT Mother ~ Husband _ Wife — Grandparents § Qrandchildren _ Sweetheart _ Children _ S5S£™_ I Aunt _ Unc^e _ Niece - Nephew __ Pastor !!w,^ » And Many Others BOXED ASSORTMENTS 50c to $1.95 ON THE BALCONY CHRISTMAS WRAPPINGS _ RIBBONS SEALS — TAGS _ LABELS BOOKS _ TOYS _ GAMES MOVIE OUTFITS — FILM WIN A NEW FORD — Free Coupons With Every $1,00 Purchase The CARD and GIFT SHOP SWEENEY'S » 213 CHURCH STREET i: ART and STATIONERY STORE NAUGATUCK j i OPEN TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY EVERY, NIGHT SALE OF 385 HASSOCKS _ Reg. to 9.95 Reg. to 12.95 Reg. to 16.95 555 HERE THEY AREl The mosl beautitul Hassocks youvc ever •e«n! We've taken every hassock and slashed the price for .Christmas crih-giving! Big one»! S rft a i 1 ones! Unusual •hopes! 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Don't Miss Our Window Display. Store Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Nights in Addition to Usual Daily Hours.

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