The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 27, 1980 · 101
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 101

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, August 27, 1980
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I 2 Pari Vl-Wed., Aug. 27, 1980 COS AtlflClCS SIlmCB BROADWAY BUZZES OVER '42ND STREET' By CLARKE TAYLOR NEW YORK The theater community was still in a state of shock Tuesday after Monday night's tragic announcement that director-choreographer Gower Champion had died just hours before the opening performance of his musical "42nd Street." And the manner in which the announcement had been handled continued to be the topic of comments and questions. A cheering audience had risen to its feet after Monday's opening as producer David Merrick, marking his return to Broadway after a five-year absence, walked onto the stage of the Winter Garden Theater following the 10th curtain call of the evening. "You don't understand," said the customarily reclusive Merrick, trying to still the roar of the crowd. "This is a tragic moment for me; Gower Champion died today." The audience gasped, then fell silent, as Merrick turned to face a stunned cast. Co-star Jerry Orbach called for the curtain to come down. The audience, glamorous even for a Broadway opening, left the theater in shock and headed for a scheduled party at the Waldorf-Astoria which soon took the form of a wake. Rumors of Champion's illness had circulated throughout the theater community for weeks, ever since "42nd Street" opened at Washington's Kennedy Center in June. But neither the press, nor the public, nor even those closely connected to the show knew its severity. Even when the 61 -year-old director was admitted to Manhattan's Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center a few days ago, few apparently suspected his illness was terminal. And from all accounts his death around noon Monday, said to be caused by a rare cancer of the blood, remained a tight secret until Merrick's announcement. "42nd Street," like the 1933 Warner Bros, film starring Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell on which the musical is loosely based, is about show business a musical within a musical and barely a show business cliche is overlooked. Few of the celebrated theater folk in Monday night's audience Joshua Logan, Ethel Merman, Jule Styne, Bob Fosse, Ruth Gordon, Joan Fontaine, Neil Simon among them could therefore question the appropriateness of Champion's show going-on. But at the Waldorf later and on Tuesday morning, after most had recovered from the initial shock, there were serious questions being asked. Was Merrick right to expose the raw emotions of the entire cast before photographers and even TV cameras obviously planted in the aisle of the Winter Garden for an announcement? And why, with Champion's illness apparently well-known to his long-time colleague and producer, had Merrick mysteriously delayed the opening of the musical until the point when Champion could never know the reaction? Was all of this Merrick's ultimate publicity stunt? Clearly, the musical was a triumph for Champion, also returning to the Broadway stage after an absence of several years. Critical reactions Tuesday were mixed on other aspects of the show, but were unanimous in acclaim for Champion's work: "If anyone wonders why Gower Champion's death is a bitter loss for the American theater," wrote the New York Times' critic Tuesday morning, "I suggest he head immediately to the Winter Garden." Please Turn to Page .1 NIVERBAL STUDIOS TOUR AN MCACOUPUI OKHOftllv MF0 CAU lIUllH 3H I f ' THE FILM FEATURES THE HIT F. I SONGS "MAGIC." "ALL OVER THE WORLD." . Ijjg'' "XANADU." "I'M ALIVE." aS.MIUmD(ljA ...JIIlilBK.IMIW'..JlllMllai: Songs tor OLIVIA NEWTON JOKN by JOHN FARRAR Songs for ELECTRIC LI6HI ORCHESTRA by JEFF IYNNI PGWTI. UVm HMSTtP CapT'MJM ,M0 Crtf STuMl inc All RigtiR RtStMftM I Original Sound trick On MCA Records ind Tipw CERRITOS Alondro 924-5232 NOW AT THESE SELECT THEATRES COSTA MESA PASADENA Bristol Cinema 1 Colorado 714540-7444 796-9704 COVINA PUENTE HILLS Fox 2 332-0050 Puente East 6LENDALE 912-8566 Capitol 243-4261 THOUSAND OAKS LA HABRA i?l-, Fashion Squore 4 805497-6708 691-0633 TORRANCE MARINA DEL REY l Twne 371-1221 UA Cinema 6 WESTMINSTER 822-2980 Cinema-West 1 MISSION VIEJ0 714891-3935 ViejO Mall MATINEES DAILY 714495-6220 AT MOST THEATRES HOLLYWOOD Mann Chinese 464-8111 Doily 12 15 2 00 3 55 5 50 7 50 4 1000 PM Ffi-Sat Midnight Show CENTURY CITY Plift Century Plaza 553-4291 Doily I 30 3 30 5 30 7 30 & 9 30 PM Validated Parking SI 50 After 5 00 PM WeekOoys All Day Weekends ORANGE Cinedome 23 714634-2553 VTARZANA Movies 996-1300 SORRY. NO PASSES ACCEPTED FOR THIS ENGAGEMENT "TTflllXXBirSTEHEOl i, HOLLYWOOD CINERAMA 70MM s stern DOME tAISi TW nTAMC(K) Sunset nr. Vim 2:30. 4:00 466-3401 MXUKr.SONo Passes THE OCTAGON(K) 12:30.3:00.6:36 8:00.10:30 HOLLYWOOD PACIFIC 1 Htywd St. nr. bnuenga 464-4111 HOLLYWOOD ,o .u,., PACIFIC 2 1:00.3:15.5:45 8:00.10:30 HOLLYWOOD noMMNrriiti PACIFIC 3 12:30.2:30.4:30 miiirib O 630 .8:45 .10:45 LAHWOOO LAKEW'D. CTR. 1 J" Faculty al Ctndkwd. UIHK STRKES Laktvood lAdlFC) 12:30.3:00.5:30 531-9580 6:15. 10:45Sorry Ho Passes Boxwood 464-6113 POMI PER NOW ADA LA mUXXlk MUHKFA1 Continuous from 12:30 daily WORLD Always tow prices! Mtywd. at " lowraowjjire Gomt 2. FCHDtSII FU MANCHUIPG 469-5866 1. TIM! AFTER TIMEIPG From 12:30 Norm Late Show Nightly VINE DON'T GO M TK NOUSE(R) HoUvwooij K. 12:30 . 3:45 . 7fl0 10:36 Hollywood B). West ot Vine 463-6819 FVTN ftOOR(R) U.b:W.:45 HUKTWGTON PARK WARNER Pac. Ave. Betw. Gates Fl 582-6785 OUT TE VATA tONTTO 12:30 . 4:00 . 7:30 .10:45 CUATM DCDOS 2: 15. 5:30. W PICWOOD PicoWestirood 272-8239 474-2569 70MM a Dolby FAMIIR) 12:30.3:00.5:30 8:15.10:30 DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES TOWER Broadway at Ith 622-9100 TK OCTAGON(t) 11:. 3:00. 7:00. 1036 PtOM M6T(R) U.B: 1:15.500. CAMEO 1. STATE UW MOTB(I) Broaoway 2. RAPE OF SAUK WOMAN and 5th i. SMAD EYE OF TWER 628-1974 4. CAPRKORN ONE IPG) From 9:30 A M.-OPEN ALL NIGHT wHrrnot WHITTIER WNttlar at iu)t4: 177 IN? RED ONE()2:45. 6:45.10:45 Always Low Prices CADOTWAa(l 4:45.11:45 WHITTWOOD TNE0OAG0NJI1 Whrtlwood Ctr. 1:00 . 4:45 . 8:30 WNttter IAIT1MORE MiEniPO) 943-6402 2:45-6:30-to LAGUNA SO. COAST 1 SC. Hhny OAZY(R) Broadway 7:00 4 10:45 714944-1514 NORMA RAE(PG) 8:45 SO. COAST 2 ARTPUMIPG) 7:15 5 10:45 MEATRAlLslPO) MO NOEL Monarch Sorting TtwiNs Bay Plaza SEA FLIGHT) G) 714496-1253 7:30 & 30Sorry, No Passes cmr Of coMAADta COMMERCE IE. 01 Atlantic) 726-8022 COMMERCE 2 1 Subtflulos En Espanol EMPM STRKES lACX 12:45.5:45. 10:15 Sorry. 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CENTER 3 ARTPUNE(PG) 12:452:454:45 6:458:4510:45 LAKEW'D, CENTER 4 THE NUKTER(PG) 12:30 4:30 8:30 ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZIPG) 2:15-6:30-10:30 LA MNtADA LA MIRADA 1 Rosecransat MBOLE AGE CRAZY(R) La Mkada Blvd. 12:30 2:30 4:30 714-994-2400 6:30 8:3010:30 LA MIRADA 2 ARTPIANE(PG) 1:00.3:00.5:06 7:00.9:00.11:00 LA MIRADA M1Mm 3 THE OCTAGON R) 12:45 2:45 4:45 6:45 8:45 10:45 LA MIRADA ,,,,. 4 3:15 4 8:06 PROM NnjHT(R) 1:15.5:45.10:30 LA MIRADA ami g, 0 12:45.5:30.1000 FMAl COtMTDOWN(PG) 3:30 4 8:00 LA MIRADA 0 EMPRE STRKES RACK IPG) 12:30 . 3:00 . 5:30 . 8:15. 10:45 Sorry. No Passes KVtXUTIOtURY CIHC-FI SOIM AT DRIVE-IMS () KLOW LOS AMCtUS ARIA , CENTINELA w I CentM, THE OCTAGON(R) I E. el Sepulveda DEADIY ANGELS(R) 670-8677 CENTURY 1 CenturyW OOTT GO ot Crenshaw TNE NOVSE(R) 673-1824 FRTN ROOR(R CE"TURV PROM NFSNT1R) THE ONWN RFJJUI STUDIO SSS?" 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NNC NOWat A THEATRE OR DRIVE-IS NEAR YOU HOLLYWOOD Mann Chinese 464-8111 Daily 1 15 3 30 5 40 80010 15 PM Fri-Sat Midmaht Show WESTWOOD Mann National 479-2866 Do 12 30 2 30 4 30 6 30 8 30 1 10 30 PM Fn Sat Late Show 12 30 AM ALHAMBRA Alhambra 289-3861 CERRITOS UA Twin 924-5514 CHATSYVORTH Winnetka Drive-In 349-6806 COSTA MESA Cinema Center 714979-4141 CULVER CITY Studio Drive-In 398-8250 EL MONTE El Monte Drive-In 448-8422 ELTORO Saddleback Plaza Cinema 714581-5880 GARDENA Vermont Drive-In 2 323-4055 LA HABRA Fashion Square 2 691-0633 LA HABRA La Habra Drive-In 714871-1862 LONG BEACH MARINA UA Movies 1 594-6525 NORTH HOLLYWOOD UA Movies 1 766-4317 PARAMOUNT Rosecrans Drive-In 3 634-4151 PASADENA Mann 351-9641 PUENTE HILLS Puente West 912-5394 THOUSAND OAKS UA Movies 2 805497-6708 TORRANCE Old Towne 2 371-1221 WESTMINSTER Cinemo-West 714891-3935 NEWBURY PARK WOODLAND HILLS 1000 Oaks Drive-ln UA Warner Center 805498-1163 999-2132 EAGLE ROCK PLAZA NORTHRIDGE Eagle Rock Cinema 3 Cinema Center 254-9101 993-1711 MATINEES DAILY AT MOST THEATRES SORRY. NO PASSES ACCEPTED FOR THIS ENGAGEMENT ORANGE Cinedome 22 714634-2553 WEST COVINA Eostland 2 339-7333 Have The Times delivered to your home. To order convenient Times home delivery, simply mall the coupon. Youll be hilled later, so send no money. Times delivery Is available In most areas of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties and in most parts of Southern California. Public Relations Department Loo Angeles Times Times Mirror Square Los Angeles, California 900S3 Please begin delivery of the dally and Sunday Times to my home at the rate of $ 1.90 per week and continue until further notice. NAME. ADDRESS . APT. CITY . ZIP TELEPHONE TG THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE ... GO OUT TO A MOVIE INDEPENDENT THEATRE eiJIIDE i PROGRAM SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE ARCADE, 534 S. Broadway-624-6271 Jaguar Lives; Evil; Death Duel Kung Fu LOS ANGELES, 615 S. Broadway-624-6271 Bronco Billy; Blvd. Nlghts(SP) OPTIC, 533 S. Maln-623-6434 Call Theatre For Program ORPHEUM, 9th Broadway-624-6271 The Empire Strikes BackfPG) MILLION $. 307 S. Brdy.-MA.9-2895 Perro Callejero; El Tren De La Muerte STATE, 7th & Broadway-624-6271 Call Theatre for Program KIM SING, 732 N. Flgiieroa-MA.S-3754 Fist of White Lotus; Boxer Rebellion KOKUSAI, 3020 Crenshaw-RE.4-1148 Demon Pond; Great Gamble UNIVERSITY. Univ. Village Ctr-748-6321 Empire Strikes Back-Ct 12:45 UNIVERSITY, Hoover & Jetlerson-748-6321 Octagon-CL 12:30 UNIVERSITY, Univ. Village Ctr 748-6321 Prom Nkjht-Ct 12:30 (Ends Thurs.) GOLDEN GATE, 5176 WhrttKr-269-8186 Force Of One; silent Scream BEVERLY CINEMA, 7165 Bev. BI.-938-4038 Hitchcock: Wrong Man; Strangers on Train CENTURY PLAZA, Cent. City 553-4291 "No Nukes" (Low-priced mat) CENTURY PLAZA, Cent. City 553-4291 "Xanadu" Low-priced mat CLINTON, 526 N. Western-461-3064 Urban Cowboy; Honeysuckle Rose CULVER 1.9820 W. Washington-836-1693 Octagon; Good Guys Wear Black CULVER 12,9820 W. Washington-838-1893 Prom Night; Death Ship CULVER 13,9820 W. Washington-83B-1893 Don't Go In The House; 5th Floor EL REY, 5517 Wllshire Bl. 931-1513 The Shining; All That Jazz(R) EMBASSY, 331 S. Westem-388-2121 La Man Fa Laman FOUR STAR, 5112 Wllshire EH. 936-3533 Fr. India; Color English Sub.: Aan, 7:30 MERALTATHEATRE.9632 Culver Bl 559-4936 The Island; Big Red One MUSIC HALL, 9036 Wllshire CR.4-6869 Last 2 days "My Brilliant Career" NUART, 11272 S M. Bl 478-6379479-5269 Woody Allen Favorite: Sorrow i Pity PALMS, 3751 Motor VE.7-7171-7172 Blue Lagoon PLAZA. 1067 Gldn.-477-0097. 879-9077 Last 2 days Fiendish Plot Of Fu Manchu REGENT, 1045 Brox.-477-0O59, 272-0501 Brian de Paima's "Dressed to KIII"(R) ROYAL, 11523 Sta. Mon.-477-5581 A Beautiful Gem: "The Getting of Wisdom" TIFFANY, 8534 Sunset BI.-659-6738 All 30 Dial M; Phantom; 4 Bugs Bunny VAGABOND. 2509 Wilshire 387-2171 Rayan's Daughter WARNER BEVERLY, 9404 Wilshire 274-5865 Big Red One; Honeysuckle Rose WESTLAND TWIN 1, 10754 Pk-474-9589 Hilarious Comedy: "La Cage Aux Fotles" WESTLAND TWIN 2, 10754 Pk-474-95B9 Carl Reiner's Classic: "Where's Poppa?" AERO, Montana at 14th St-395-4990 Honeysuckle Rose; Black Stallion BRENTWOOD 1-2524 WUshlre-829-3366 Brubaker; Urban Cowboy BRENTWOOD 2-2524 Wllshire 829-3366 Cheech & Cheng's Next Movie CINE LATIN0.1443 Sta.Mon Mal-394-6703 El Sexo Me Da Rlsa; Zona Roja CRITERION, 1315 3rd SL 451-8417 Roughcut; Bronco Billy FOX VENICE, 620 Lmcoln-396-4215 Woodstock; Jimi Plays Berkeley MALIBU CINEMA, Mallbu-456-6990 Urban Cowboy PG)-7-9:30 MONICA 1, 1332-2nd S1.-451-8686 Last 2 days-'The Last Romantic Lover" MONICA , 1332 2nd St-451-8686 Academy Award Winner The Tin Drum SB EA6LE ROCK. Cinema-2700 Colorado Blvd. Airplane! EA6LE ROCK, Clnema-254-9101 Prom Night; Hunted EAGLE ROCK, Cinema-2700 Colorado Blvd. Snwkey & Bandit PL II EAGLE ROCK, Clnema-254-9101 Octagon EAGLE THTR, 4884 Eagle Rock-256-3996 Ends Tues: Gone With The Wind (Stereo) HIGHLAND, 5604 N. Fkjueroa-256-6383 The Island; Brubaker MONTROSE, 2226 Honoluhl-CH.9-3830 Urban Cowboy; Fiendish Plot Dr. Fu Manchu RAINBOW, 6721 Foothill 353-8505 Urban Cowboy; Btg Red One SANDS, 210 S. Brand Btvd -246-6363 Final Countdown (Dolby) U.S. CINEMA, 232 So. Brand-246-7130 The Empire Strikes Back (Dolby stereo) CAMEO, H Serano-221-5181 Don't Go In House Urban Cowboy: 5th Fir. "HliUIB.II.U.d ESOUIREJ.Cotorado-SY.3-8149,MU.4-1774 Herbie Goes Bananas; Bedknobs 4 BrmsfJcki RIALTO, 1023 Fair Oaks-799-9567 Nlimsky; Valentino UPTOWN, 2316 E. Colorado BI.-792-5276 Urban Cowboy: Bronco Billy ANAHEIM, Brookhurst-714772-6446 Caddyshack(R); Don't Go In House ANAHEIM. LOGE-714772-6446 Herbie Goes Bananas; Bedknobs SBroomstks BALBOA CINEMA, Newport Bch. 675-3570 Fantastic Planet; Boy And His Dog CORONA DEL MAR. Port.-OR.3-6260 Clair de Femme; (A Place To Stand) CYPRESS CINEMA ii, Ball-Walker 828-1660 Urban Cowboy; Hangar 18 CYPRESS CINEMA 2, Ball-Walker 628-1660 Honeysuckle Rose; Roughcut FOUNTAIN Vly., Fam. Twin 11-962-1248 Oh! Heavenly Dog; Superman FOUNTAIN Vly., Fam. Twin 2-962-1248 Island; Up The Academy FOX FULLERTON, 510N.Harbor 714525-4747 Prom Night; Friday The 13th GARDEN GROVE, Valley VW 1 894-5338 Black Hole; Oh! Heavenly Dog GARDEN GROVE, Valley Vw 2 894-5338 Fame; The Rose ORANGE, CINEDOME 714634-2553 The Empire Strikes Back(PG) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 Blues Brothers(R) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 Airpianel(PG) ORANGE. CINEDOME-714634-2553 Xanadu(PG) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 Final Countdown! PG) ORANGE, CINEDOME-714634-2553 Smokey And The Bandit Part 2(PG) ORANGE, PLrrri,CltyCenter-634-9282 Raise The TIUnlc(7DmmDolby) ORANGE, PLITT2,CltyCenter-634-9282 The Blue Lagoon(R) SAN CLEMENTE, MIRAMAR-714492-0O56 Brubaker(R) VILLA PARKTWIN 1, 1140Tustln-639-0066 Brubaker; Big Red One VILLA PARK TWIN 2, 1140Tustin 639-0066 My Bodyguard; Hangar 18 WILSHIRE FULLERTON, 714525-5777 CaU Theatre For Program ALLEN, 3809 Tweedy-567-6466 uroan uowooy; urease CALIFORNIA H, 6528 Pacrflc 585-1174 octagon; moo buys wear mack CALIFORNIA 2, 6528 Pacrflc 585-1 174 Cheech 4 Chong s Next Movie; Animal Hse. CALIFORNIA 3. 6528 Pacific 585-1 174 prom Nignr, ueatn snip LIBERTY, Gage-Atlantlc-773-6661 knse encounter; nangar it) LIBERTY, Gage-Atlantlc-773-6661 uroan uowcoy; urease LIBERTY, Gage-Atlantlc-773-6661 Roughcut; Big Hen one CARSON it, 23221 S. Avakm-549-3713 Last Chall. Of Dragon; Super Weapon CARSON 2, 23221 S. Avakm-549-3713 from Nigni; ineurooo FOX CINEMA 1, 1 15 N. Market St.-678-2323 Prom Night; Used Cars FOX CINEMA 2,112 N. Market St 678-9409 Call Theatre For Program LOYOLA. 8610 Sepufveda-397-7175 brack stamen; sea bypsies MARINA el. FMdondo Beach-372-1109 peter seiiers-ur. i-u Mancnu; ueau jeste MARINA 2, FMondo Beach-372-1109 prom Nignq ueatn snip MARINA 13, FMdondo Beach-372-1109 Don t go in House; otn i-nor ROADIUM Dfl-IN-Redondo Bch.-53B-3033 Black Hole; Sleeping Beauty CONTINENTAL, 5308 Melrose-461-4112 Academy Award Winner The Tin Drum FAIRFAX, 7907 Beverfy-653-3117 wues twos; useo Lars GORDON, La Brea, Melrose-WE.4-2944 Fame; uan't stop musk LOS FELIZ, Vmt 4 Franklin 664-2169 Last z days: last Komanuc Lover ORIENTAL, 7425 Sunset EM. 876-0212 Brubaker; The tno PAN PACIFIC, 7554 Beverly-WE.8-7070 Final countdown; or. i-u Mancnu SILENT MOVIE, 611 N. Falrtax-653-2389 Lafts: uwel-rardy-Chapm-Lane-Turpin VISTA, 4473 Sunset Dr.-660-6614 Female Trouble; Desperate Living AVENUE, 11022 Downey Av. 861-0717 mrpianei; nangar w NORWALK, 12039 E. Firestone-868-3966 Urban Cowboy; Dr. Fu Manchu NORWALK, 12039 E. Flrestone-868-3966 The Shining; Exorcist SHOWCASE CINEMA H-Stnwd. 862-1121 Octagon; Good Guys Wear Black SHOWCASE CINEMA r2-S1nwd. 862-1121 Don't Go m The House; Prom Night ART, 2025 E. 4th, Long Beach-436-5435 Bkxxtfeud; Swept Away BAY, 340 Main, Seal Beach-431-9988 Outrageous Comedy: "La Cage Aux Folks" LAKEWOOD el, 4501 E. Carson-429-7361 Caddyshack; HaroM 4 Mauoe LAKEWOOD 2, 4501 E. Carson-429-7361 Final Countdown; Hargar u PALACE, 30 Plne-436-4429-0P. 9:45 AM Prom Night Death Ship; Exorcist PARADISE, 4129 Viking Way-429-5917 Last Flight Moan s; m uaimations WEST COAST, 333 Ocean Blvd. -436-3811 rrL I3tn; prophecy UA MOVIE 1, Town Ctr. 805-922-0361 Octagon UA MOVIE 2, Town Ctr. 805-922-0361 cneecn 4 cnongs next movwik) UA MOVIE 3, 218 Town Ctr-805-922-0361 i ne tmpire strikes Bacxire) BARSTOW TW 1 140 W.Main 714256-8116 The Empire Strikes Back BARSTOW TW 2 140W.Main714256-8116 Airplane; Meatballs BARSTOW,Skyline Driveln7U256-1415 Don't Go in House; 5th Floor CREST LINE, VHIage 338-3888 Empire Strikes Back; Hangar 18 FAMILYTWIN 1, San Bern.-714662-1550 Superman; Mary Poppins FAMILYTWIN 2, San Bern.-714862-1550 Close Encounters; Hangar 18 HIGHLAND 1, 1777 E. Highland, S. Boo. Herbie Goes Bananas; Oh! Heavenly Dog HIGHLAND 2, 714869-1086 Airplane!) PG) STUDIO, 446 W. Baseline-714e88-2085 Dr. Fu Manchu; High Cost of Living VICTORVILLE.EI Rancho 1-CH.5-5818 The Empire Strikes Back(PG) VICTORVILLE, El Rancho 2 CH.5-5818 Airplane; Meatballs VICTORVILLE. Joshua Or-ln-CH.5-5525 Don t Go in House; 5th Floor VILLAGE THEATRE-Bkj Br.Lke. -866-5246 uiose tncouniers; uanoon Classic; uanoon LARWIN TWIN. Larwln Sq. -526-6357 Don't Go in House; 5th Floor LARWIN TWIN, Larwin Sq. -526-6357 The Empire Strikes Back OJAI Glasgow Playhouse-646-5423 A Simple Story; A special Day SIMI, Simi Drive-ln-526-6824 Cheech & Chong's Next Movie; Prom Night THOUSAND OAKS, MELODY 1-495-0881 Herbie Goes Bananas;BonVoyageCh Brown THOUSAND OAKS. MELODY 2-495-0881 Prom Night Magic VENTURA, 26 Chestnut St. -643-3333 The Blue Lagoon(R) WESTLAKE VIL, 4711 Lake Vu-889-2919 Fame: Dressed to Kin WESTLAKE VIL, 4711 Lake Vu-889-2919 My Bodyguard; Final Countdown ARLINGTON, Arlington-OV.9-0400 Airplane; Up in Smoke CAMELOT, 2300 E. Baristo 714327-1273 ine tmpire svikes uackirai CAMELOT, 2300 E. Baristo 714327-1273 nanaauinj) CAMELOT, 2300 E. Baristo 714327-1273 Airplane! HEMACINTODr-ln-925-3163 Smokey 6 Bandit Pt. II; 1941 HEMET, 220 E. Florida St. 925-1022 Black Hole; Sleeping Beauty HOLIDAY 1. Hemet-714925-6634 The Empire Strikes Back(PG) HOLIDAY 2, Hemet-714925-6634 Blue Lagoon! R) HOLIDAY 3, Hemet-714925-6634 Dressed lo Kin PALMS TO PINES, 72745 Hwy 111-346-3821 Dressed To Kill(R) PALMSTOPINES, 72745 Hwy 111-346-3821 Herbie Goes Bananas;Bedknobs4 Broomstks PALMS TO PINES, 72745 Hwy 1 1 1-346-382 1 Caddyshack; Final Countdown PLAZA 1, 1286 Palm Cyn.-714325-2626 Blue Lagoon PLAZA 2, 1286 Palm Cyn.-714325-2626 Smokey & The Bandit Pt II PALM SPRINGS DRIVE-IN 327-1832 Octagon; Death Ship(R) RIVERSIDE, DE ANZA-686-6900 Blue Lagoon RUSTIC IDYLLWILD-659-2747 Star Trek; Fold Play VILLAGE 1, 201 N. Palm Cyn-714325-6022 Middle Age Crazy VILLAGE 2, 201 N. Palm Cyn-714325-6022 ur. i-u Mancnu; imecn & unng s Movie c EDISON Dr.-ln. Edison BI.-FA.2-7484 The Hunter; Caddyshack UA MOVIE 1, 4200 Calif St 805395-1096 Empire Strikes Back PG UA MOVIE 2, 4200 Calif ST 805395-1096 Final uountoown; ur. i-u Mancnu UA MOVIE 3,4200CalHSt-805395-1096 ttddyshack R ;Wecn Chong Next Movie UA MOVIE 4, 4200 Cahi St 805395-1096 The Hunter, Middle Age Crazy UA MOVIE 5. 4200 Calif St-805395-1096 Octagon UA MOVIE 6, 4200 Calif St-805395-1096 Smokey 4 The Bandit Pt II m.UI;:H;M AIRPORT Dr. -in, 400F Lopez Glta-964-8377 octagon; usaoiy Angel ARLINGTON, 1317 State St Empire Strikes Back(PG) CINEMA, 8050 Holister, Goleta-967-9447 No Nukes(PG) CINEMA, 8050 Holister, Goleta-967-9447 Caddyshack R FAIRVIEW, 251 N. Fairview, GcMa-967-0744 The Blue Lagoon FAIRVIEW, 251 N. Fairview, Goleta-967-0744 Airplane! FIESTA FOUR, 916 N. State St-965-5792 The Hunter PG) FIESTA FOUR. 915 N. State St -985-5792 Peter Sellers: Fiendish Plot ut.fu Mancnu FIESTA FOUR. 916 N. State St-965-5792 Herbie Goes Mnanas;bWknoos4Broomstlcks FIESTA FOUR, 916 N. State St-965-5792 Close Encounters ui ine intra Kinairci GRANADA, 12 16 State,Sta.Barb.-966-4045 Smokey 4 The Bandit PL ll MAGIC LANTERN Twin, Isla Vista-968-3356 prom NMnt ueatn snip hi PLAZA DE 0R0 TWIN-682-4936 Airplane! PLAZA DE 0R0 TWIN-682-4936 Middle Age Crazy hi RIVIERA. 2020 APS. Santa Brb.-965-6188 Dressed To KID STA. BARBARA DR-IN NO. GoHta-964-9400 Don 1 6o m House; Prom Night STA. BARBARA OR-IN So. Goktta-964-9400 abor A Sangre ; El Moro De Cumpas STATE, 12 17 State, Sta. Barbara-966-2479 mMm SEE SAN DIE60 COUNTY EDITION FOR SAN DIEGO THEATRES CANYON, 165 San Dimas Cyn Rd-599-2345 smning; ah i nai jazz COVINA CINEMA, 104 W. Citrus 967-4361 Honeysuckle Rose; Black Stallion EASTLAND, Workman 4 Citrus 339-7333 The Blue Lagoon(R)-CL 12:30 EASTLAND, Workman 6 Citrus 339-7333 Smokey 4 The Bandit PL II Ct 12:00 EASTLAND, Workman 4 Citrus 339-7333 Cheech & Chongs Next Movie PLAZA, 175 Vermont Glendora-963-3555 Black Hole; Sleeping Beauty WESCOVE. Cinema-338-5574 The Empire Strikes Back(PG)-Ct. 12:30 WESCOVE. Cinema-338-5574 Airplane tz-z-3:4S-!:3U-:3U-9-ii WESCOVE, Cinema-338-5574 tndsTnurs:Finairntdown(Pli)-ct. 12:UU AMERICANA, 8700 Van Nuys Bl. uresseo io km; nmiiyviiie Horror AMERICANA-893-6441 Prom Night; Don't Go in House AMERICANA, 8700 Van Nuys Bl. Heroy uoes Bananas; uw neavenry uog AMERICANA-893-6441 Octagon AMERICANA, 8700 Van Nuys Bl uose encounters jroi ni i;nnai uiunroown AMERICANA-893-6441 Cheech 4 Chong s Movie; Middle Age Crazy ART, Ventura at Topanga-883-8835 ( uoiDystereojuose tnconntefsrrom nignt CINEMA CTR 1,Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 octagon CINEMA CTR 2,Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 Close Encounters; Dr. Fu Mancnu CINEMA CTR 3,Parthenia-Tampa-993-171 1 ine Blue Lagoon(H) CINEMA CTR 4,Parthenia-Tampa-993-1711 smokey 4 ine oanon u HOLIDAY, 8372 Topanga Cyn. Bl. 883-3714 Shining; Exorcist MOVIES OF TARZANA 1-996-1300 Honeysuckle Rose; Urban Cowboy MOVIES OF TARZANA 2, 18632 Vent. Bl. Fame; Used Cars MOVIES OF TARZANA 3-996-1300 Olivia Newton-John-Xanadu MOVIES OF TARZANA 4, 18632 Vent. Bl. Gene Kelly Xanadu MOVIES OF TARZANA 5-996-1300 Close Encounters; My Bodyguard MOVIES OF TARZANA 6. 18632 Vent Bl. Don't Go in House; Prom Night MUSTANG DR.-IN, saugus-805259-6877 Blue Lagoon(R); Mad Max PEPPERTREE, 1 Northridge-993-0211 Fame(R); Used Cars PEPPERTREE2ResedaDevonshire 993-0211 Honeysuckle Rose; Big Red One PEPPERTREESResedaDevonshire 993-0211 Prom Night Death Ship SHERMAN, 15052 Ventura Blvd. 784-9911 Dawn of The Dead; Carrie TOWN COUNTRY 1-17200 Ventura 981 -981 1 Herbie Goes Bananas.BedknobsBroomst cks TOWN COUNTRY2-17200Ventura 981-9611 Peter Sellers: Fiendish Put Dr. Fu Manchu T0WNC0UNTRY3-17200Ventura981-9811 Academy Award Winner: Tin Drum VALLEY CIRCLE 1-23305 Mulhoiland Fame; Honeysuckle Rose VALLEY CIRCLE 2-992-5461 Don t Go in House; smning VALLEY CINEMA 1, 7th 4 Main-353-2200 ine tmpire strikes Ban VALLEY CINEMA 2, 7th & Main-353-2200 Airplane VALLEY CINEMA 3, 7th 6 Main-353-2200 Last Flight Noah's Ark; 101 Dalmatkms VALLEY CINEMA 4. 7th 4 Main-353-2200 Blue Lagoon VALLEY CINEMA 5, 7th 4 Main-353-2200 Final uountoown VALLEY CINEMA 6, 7th 4 Main-353-2200 prom Nignt CREST DR-IN, Norco-735-2140 Cheech 4 Chongs Next Movie; Jaws II MAGNOLIA Arlington-714689-3344 The tmpire Strikes Back MISSION, Pomona-714628-0511 Airplane; Meatballs MISSION, Pomona-714628-0511 Prom Night Death ship MISSION Pomona-714628-0511 Octagon; Force of One MISSION, Pomona-714628-0511 Don 1 60 in House; sm Floor MT. BALDY. La Verne-714593-0343 Blue Lagoon; Hollywood Knight RUBIDOUX, HW.99W Rvside-714683-4455 Prom Nignt; ueatn snip; I error Hse VAN BUREN. Arlington-688-2360 octagon; Force ot one VAN BUREN Arlington 688-2360 smokey & Bandit it Mi VAN BUREN, ArHngton-688-2360 Don t bo m House: bin moot ANTELOPE, Uncaster-Whitewall 2-2114 smokey & ine Bandit n ANTELOPE, Lancaster-Whitewall 2-2114 ine blue ugoon(H) JET DR.-IN., Lancaster -Whitehall 2-0622 uon i go m muse; bin i-ioor LANCASTER DR. -IN tl-WH.8-2915 CaH Theatre tor Program LANCASTER DR.-IN 2-WH.8-2915 CaH Theatre tor Program LANCASTER DR.-IN 3-WH 8-2915 Caa Theatre tor Program PALACE, Palmdale-947-21T9 Blackhole; sleeping Beauty PALMDALE DRIVE-IN-947-7566 Call Theatre for Program SHOWCASE. California Crty 373-8230 Caddyshack; Used Cars I

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