Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 17, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1949
Page 4
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PAGE *—HAUGATtJCK NEWS (CONN.), SATURDAY, DEC. 17, l<Mf» •oaday) by NAOOATOCK NBW» CORP. WAUOATUCK, CONN. OlMB mfctUr ftt off lo« to Waugatuck. Ootm. »!>• RJTOON RATB8 IB Advanoa ...faJO 1T«^ ._._. ir. A Pub. SATURDAY. 1>BC. 17, 1MB •katinc For many years there was much talk about the need ot a public •wlmmlng pool In Naugatuck. And fo* Ju«t as many years, nothing was done about It, but talk, until the Exchange Club Inaugurated a program that has had aolld community support for the establishment of a beach at the New Dam pond. Naugatuck's poritlon as regards skating has been and Is •till In the same category aa was the' bathing beach Until the emergence of the Exchange Club, with reference to the latter. Will something, other than talk, finally be done about skating f We hope •o. .Th« recently organized Board of Park Commissioners has appointed a committee to study tho possibilities of setting up two skating rinks on the Tuttle Lawn. The property comes under the jurisdiction of the Parks Board. Whether conditions of tho Tuttle Lawn will permit the establishment of one or two rinks there remains for tho Parks Board committee to study end determine. The fact that the board Is cognisant of the need of public skating rinks is encouraging enough. That they are seriously looking Into the possibility of doing something about It Is oven more pleasant news to the youngsters and adults who enjoy skating a* txperts or tut novices. We hope the Parks Board will come up with the finding that at least pne skating rink can be established on the Tuttle Lawn. If not, their Initial .effort should b« canceled out entirely. Nauga- tuofc would welcome public skat- InfT facilities, at whatever convenient location tho board might find available for the purpose. Mot Half Ended • All dlicussloh about whether January 1 will mark the beginning o? the second half of the Twentieth Century »*emB somehow beside the murk. Just 80 years n«ro the country seethed wJth argument about when the Nineteenth Century ended. It was settled then to the satisfaction of alt but a few Irrecon- cIItables on the principle that as a child's 100th penny In his bank does not »tart hl.i second dollar, «o no year, ending In 98 completes a century- By that same reasoning 1949 IB not the last year of this half-century, which will not end until December 31. 1980. The idea that 1900 marked the beginning of a new century did, it is' true, have a atrong appeal to the unthinking who are Impressed by round numbers. Not only the two zero*, but the change of the second digit from eight to nine seemed to them somehow of greater significance than it possessed. But the century actually began January 1. 1901. The principle is so definitely established among English - speaking peoples that Webster's International Dictionary thus unequivocally defines "century." "A period of 100 years; as a century of progress; specifically, one of the 100-year divisions of the Christian «ro: a» the fir«t century (A. D. 1-100 Inclusive); the nineteenth century (A. D. 1801- a? Birthday greetings today to William O'Donnoll, Jr., of 262 Park avenue ..he is celebrating his 16th birthday. , .Bill is a stu-. dent of Sacred Heart High school and la * acrlho of the Magr. Klunnajran Circle, Columbian Squire*. A pair of white mlttisnft and a •chool book lost Thursday ivhllo Ban tit Claus wan landing In NIIII- ratuct^, have /hetm brought to The New* of lice.. .Owner* May claim thewe artldun hy stopping at the News'... . James J. Pnlmleri h;us boon named to miccced tho late Martin PoloBki oa Insurance aK<'"l in Naugatuck.. . He's been working in this territory 'thu pant eight years... Don lirunaknr Is In search of a couple of Han tit Claus suits for a very special reason... Want to help u good cau*<-... .Call Don at tho Ix>wls Engineering Co. und tell trim you have u Santa Claim suit he cun borrow... Another nod to Wnlly Okonlil of Hcm!on Falb for !I|H fine nplrlt and efforts In arranging buses to bring the you niters of that town to 'NiLUg'Ltuck for the &u.n- ta ClauH landing Thursday... Gene Paitho Is back at his usual post In the 8»ili-m 1'luy- houMfi after a couple of wwks of b*Hlc with Hid Pneumonia. Many borough rnsUlonU will have the opportunity Monday night to hear the 12-plw brass choir of Local HB, AKM which will pl»y Christmas carols In various Mtotlons of thn borough nndnr sponsorship of thu Naugatuck Exchange Club. We hear that the Naugatuck Valley Detachment, Marine Corpn League has received a reply from the State Department relative to Its demand for action to obtain the release of two American HOr- vlcemen held prluoncr by the Chinese Reds since Oct., 1948... In the letter, it Is claimed that the Btate Department did not learn that tho men were being held until April of this year... How's that for efficiency??? Community Christmas triw, on Thn (irc.nn IH now lighted Mid adds u bi'iuitlful touch to an alrot-dy bountiful •cene.. .The Knv. Wlllard B. So- p«r has "planted" and llghU-d his tree In front of thn Congregational church. From all roportn a largo crowd of ladles and their gutiutH of the Council of Catholic Women will attend the Christmas tea tomorrow afternoon In Columbun Hall. ...the tea will bo preceded by a Christmas play presented by youngsters of St. Francis.' I'nro- chlal School under the direction of Bister Edna Marie of tho HlH- ters of Mercy. Our thanks to Audrey Dowllng for an Invlto ito attend the Junior Woman's Club Yulctlde dance at the Hotel Elton. .A gala program IH promised Con- pratUlatlonB to Theroia "Terry" Sulkosky, dtvushtcr of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sulkoaky, 186 Qulnn street, who celebrntets her 18th birthday today. , .Terry Is a ''19 grad at NHB and is now employed In the Industrial Relations Department of the U. S. Rubber. .. E<1 I.lngcnluild,! Jr., 1«lls «« that the N o a r y Advertising Agiincy has completed the toslc of moving to Ilca<:<>ii Fulls. . .The olllco of th« growing agency formerly WUM on Church street . . IClH Neury TIIIH (alien off his overalls, now that the moving job Is about done... Ju«t ahout evei-yi>ody In town will be ffolng to a Chrlntmns party (InrlnK- the weekend . Mn,ny youngslcrn will bo attending two or three ..Tt'fl a lioavy NChndulo. Next TuoBday'a mootlnK of tho Connftct.lrut Sport.s Writorw Al- llnnco Bhonltl yjrove lo l»e nn Inter- cstlng MCHHlon... TIckotK for the scribes' annual Gold Key Award dinner, Jan. 30, will be distributed to members... Borne 300-odd tickets will be available and there are always at least twice that many applications. The NFAVS family will hold HH party tomorrow af- txirnoon .starting at f5:»0 o'clock nt the Park I'lucn rostuurant. . . All «imployi>», their wives or will l>i? on hand. Mr.i. Alvln Wooster former lo- cnl rnsldenl, now living in Blng- hampton, N. Y., wrlton that her daughter, Cynthia, Is u member of th« Hchuul bund ,al Central Hl^h, Bln^hampton . . . Sho U!HO reports Johnson City High placed elKht plnyem on the Southern Tier Conference All-Star football team. ...JO In coachad 'by Eddlo But- ku«. another former resident and one-time Nuugatuck High school three-letter nthlctn... For their I7inny lorn I frlnndii who mny want to drop Hit! WodNtnrn Chrlritrmui KrisiitlnKK, thnlr mldvwMH In: 42 ChmiaiiKo St., Blnghampton, N. Y. Week O( Church bee. IZth Plan Midnight Services In Five Local Churches Five midnight, services are planned Chrllsitmaa Eve in local Protestant churchc«. There will be no midnight services In Catholic churcheis In keeping with a ruling made a few years ago in Connecticut. Jn tho MothodlHl church a candlelight service will utart at 11 o'clock. A candlelight and carol mirvlco will o| t«n at 1.1 o'clock In tho Immiuiuul Luthuran church. Those attending will recolvn can- dlas as they enter the church, and tho candles will 1>c lighted from. th<» alttir at midnight. A Chrlatmns Evo midnight service also will start at 11 o'clock In tJhe Salem Lutheran church. The traditional midnight service and choral ciilubratlon of Holy Communion will »tnrt at 11:30 in Bt. MIohaeJ'M ICp>lscop«.l church, and at 12:01 o'clock a midnight Morvlco will (bo hold In tho HlllWde Congregational chucrh. SALEM LUTHERAN (AugusUna Synod) Rvv. Donald L. Kent Donald L. Kent pastor, 20 Salem utreet, Telephone 2(192. Sunday school and Bible claws lit 9:45 a. m. Dlvlno worship at 10:1(5 a. m. A nursery Is maintained during tho Sundny morning worship service for tho convenience of parent)! of small children. Sunday, December IS, "Fourth Sunday In Advent," "Thn Lord Is at Hand." (John 3:22-2(1). Ushers, Carl ton Nelson and George Johnson. Music, prelude, "In Swoct Jubilation," Biuch; antiiem, "O Jerusalem That iBrlngcwt Good Tldin««," B. Protheoro, Church choir; offertory solo, "Jesu Bambino," Jon, Dnrlono Nelson; ponb- hide, "Chorale!" ("O Fairosl Josu"), Bach. 4:00 p. m. Sunday School Christ- IIIII.M Program. Tuesday, Dec, 20, '2 p, m, Chrlsl/- inns Snrvlce at Fitlrflcld State hospital. Wudnonday, Due:. 21, (1:30 p. m. Luther choir rehimranj; 8:00 p. m,, Chrlstmnas candlelight service sponsored by tho I.uthor Loaguo.' Thursday, Docnmber 22, 7:45 p. m. Church choir rehearsal. Saturday, December 24. 11:00 m. Christmas Evo sorvlcd. blrthdiiy \vlshc.K to Mrs. Karl White, who c<:lchroti*l I>(io. II, nni) to Mrn. Oliver Ixirhoo and Douglas Arnndholz ,l>»th who olmcrvcd thnlr blrthdnys Ono. 14. j Iiifl n IHIln oxcltument yesterday about a child reportedly bo- Inn bitten by n dog in the Prospect Mtrent nrim. ..Ttirnodout not a« l>ml as iixp«c:l«d however. . .The dojt proved to bo a young anl- nuil^ moro playful than dangerous, which accidentally scratched the child while playing. Y'H Men's Club members nro hoping for warmer weather. . . They complain that It's oh NO cold while selling Christina* trooR on the Church strent lot ni'xt to tho YMCA. (p. OONORBOATIONAL Hev. Wlllard B. Soper The primary, Junior und senior dupnrlinnntH of thn church school will mii»t n.l »:'15 a. m, Tho beginner and kindergarten depiirtmnnU will moot at 11 o'clock. The Films to be shown are "Gift for Santa" and "Christmas Dream." Morning worKhlp will be hol'l at II o'clock with Mr, Sopor proachlng on "The Undorutniidlnig Heart." Ohllilren'H story will bo "The Flint ChrlxtmaH True." Music: Introductory voluntary, "Noel for Flutes," Daquln; "Dance of tho Rood Pipes," Tschnlkownkl "Puer Nntus ICst," Tltoomh; an- thom, "Carol of the Bolls." Loonfo- vllch; offertory, "Tho Holly and the Ivy," Boiighlon; concluding voluntary, "Gloria In ExcelsiS Deo," arranged by Shoromount. Tho Pilgrim Fellowship cordially invites (parents and all others Interested to a Chrlstmniv Vosper and Tea In the parish house this Sunday afternoon at. 4 o'clock. "Tho Case of the Strange Baby 1 will bo presented. Monday—The Junior choir re— DELINQUENT PARENTS Remember? On4 Year Ago Ttit Naugatuck YMCA «wlm- mlna Irum defcntod the N««v Haven Y, 36-30, paced by Charlie White. Frank Presto and Rocco Sabla sold the Park Place restaurant . to Solomon Annenberg. SO Yean Ago A. O. Penrod w'as Installed AS Worshipful Maxtor of Salem Lodge, Masons. Donald Fowler won the "Q" dorm club bridge tournament. Formerly It was not the first cult but the upkeep. Now it'a both. public deb( is of no con», 'it U ¥rgu*d, because we owe it to each other. But what U the other t«Ugw won't pay. carsal, 3:80 o'clock. Tho High chool choir will not rehearse. Tho ppor departments (grades three hrough High school) Chrlstmaij irty and pageant will be hold At p. tn. The parents of those youu^ ooplo are urged 1.0 attend, Tu«Hdivy—^The lower d<?tp,ai i 'tm«n|a nmwory through »«cond gmdfll 'hrlstman party will be held at :30 o'clock. There will be a ma- iclan. This Junior, high school and dull choir rehourmtl, 7:lfl o'clock. WednOBdoy—ITiO adult choir, e high sc'hool cho*r, and tho *llgl'lm Fellovrahlp will go carol- ng again this year to tho shut-ln« f our church. Anyone else who would like to go along Is welcome. «o nail Mrs. McCloary, tole- hone -1143, for further Informix on.-The meeting time will bo 7 'clock at the parish house. Circle of the Aid society will moot at p. m. at th« Manse for a Christmas party. Saturday. Doc. 17—2:00 p, m. raettee for Sunday school fnsti- nl followed by the annual S. S. nirlstmou party. Sunday, Doc. 18— 9:4tS a. m. Sun- ay Bllilo school, 11:00 a, m. Morn- ng worship The ctwroh ch,olt' Hlng and the pastor will «poak n the theme, "The Chriut-chlld— 'catcrday o.nd ; Today." B:00 p. m. Festival of Music and ,lj,'hts. This candle H«T)t sol-vice as always proven to bo one of the most 'important scWices t'hrovigh- u't the year. Thn church choir, traded toy Roy 'M. JohnMon and lift children's choir, directed by itr,s, j Irene Anderron will provide io; music. The narrator wll be (>y N.els<>n, and thn dialogue purta 111 too tnktm by Brondt Kngolstad nd Hev. Kftrry J. Ekataim. All «(io*t heartily welcomed to tio«c soiTvoort*. A/mong tho ruim- iors that will 'bo nunpr by the holm wll) be tho following; An Powtoralo, by Shaw; Dew Awake, arranged by dueller; Joneph Cnme Scoklnff a osting Place, by Wlllou«hby Go 'ell It on the Mountain — a Noffro •plrltual; Wftko Now, Yo Shep- erds . by Wlnslaw; ChrlstimiUj lymn by Juivgst; Glory to God by "lortniannky; O Little Town of BathMiem by Kndnnr What C«n 'hl« Monn? by Htnlny; Awny In n Muntrni- *>y Lather; Hw«ot LIllUi onus Hoy by Mac OlmHHy; Hllunt Slffht 1>y Gruber. Tho Sloop of h« Child Jams 1>y Gevaort; Whnn ho Sun Had Sunk to. Kost airnng- HILLSIDE CONGREGATIONAL Rev. Harry J. Kkstam d by >puak at thin traditional «ervl«o. I>s>o. » at 13:01 A. M, Tho Church jholr will sing and tho Pastor will tpeittt nt this ti-ndltlon, n'orvloe. Chrlstmvts Morning Snrvlco — Doc, 25 at 11:00 A. M. Thn Church Oholr will slnff and Ihn Pfi«tor will Bpoak. Sunday BlW^ School Fowtlval Monday - Deoemhor 20 nt. 15:00 >,• M. All of th« rnomb(»rn of tho S.S. wIM (rmrtlnlpate nnd a most. injoyuble prc-gnim haw been pro- pared. Eve; 11:30 p. m,, Traditional Mld- nlH'ht Sorvico und Choral Celebration of tho Holy Communion. U»H*: Carl Anderson, Seabury Hung-erford, Arthur Fagrer. Wallace Noblo. Aoolytra: Earl Phillips, Donald Fowler, Barry Lockwood, Warren Stevenson, Warren Kiextol. Anthem: Selections ot Old Christmas Carols. Sunday, Doe. 25—ChrlKtmas Day. 8:00 a. (m., Holy Communion; Ushers: Ou-limle B. Tuttlo, Jacob Kco- K Acolyto: Karl Phllllips. 10:30 a. m,, Holy Communion; Unhattt: Fremont Hoadley, Jnm«fl Lyonn, Fred Nawralh, William. Noble Acolytes; 1'llchard Mt>rtonnon, Ronald Grele; ' Offertory: Grammar Scfhool OlrlVi.Choir 'In Dulcls Ju- bllo," IMMANUEL LT7THERAN V. L. O. A. llcv. Theodore A Scliruder Tho Rov, Theodiore A. Sohrador, puntor. 007 Hltfh utrwot, telephone 3403. Sunday, Deo. 18th~Fourth Sunday In Advent. Church nchool 9:30 a. m. Worship Service 10;3O a. m. Sermon topic: "God With U*" Toxt: St. Matthew 1:23. Them will bo reception of new members and Holy Communion served at thla sorvico. A Holy Communion B*rvlco will be held for tho family at tho Lutheran Home In Southbury, 8:00 p. m, The annual Sunday school Chrlntmas pageant will bo hold at the church. All parents and friend* are Invited to tho»e services. Monday, 7 p. m. Tho Ladles' Aid society wll Ihold a Christmas, party for tho family at the Lutheran Ham* at Southibury. Carts will leave |j:|romptly at 7 f .m. For transportation call 34»3. Brlnff refreshments and contributions towards the Christmas pantry sh(xw- or for tho Homo. Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. Regular meeting of the FrJondrfhlp Clrcln and ChrlstmnH paily. Members of the choir tu'o IrrvKod. ThunKtay, 8:30 p, m. Community Christmas Ovrol Sing at the Horseshoe by tho Green. Friday, 7:15 p. m. Senior choir rehearsal, Roy W. Boron, organist and director In charge. Saturday, 11 (p. m. Chrltdman TSvo. Tho iinnual Candlelight and Carol service will bo held at Un- church. Each woralilpper will ro- cclvc a candle n* they enter tho church. Tho candles will 1>o lighted from the Altar at midnight when by candle light tho congregation will «lng, "Silent Night, Holy Night." Tho ptvbllfi In cordially Invltod to this servlco. Nex,t Sund«iy~-Ohrlnt-miu) Day, 9:80 p. m, Sunday school colored slides and film rtrip entitled "Whan tho Littlest Camol Knolt," Parents and children aro Invited. 10:30 .p. im. Christmas Morvlco and lh« dndlnrillon of tho n«w offering bnson prosonted by tho .Kruogor family In memory of,Gustn.v Ki'uo- goi 1 , a foiincr mprnbor of the congregation. ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN MlMouri Synod »*v. O. II. Bertram, FMtor Bunday School, 9:30 A. M., Public woi-ttnip, 30:,'iO A. M,;Th«mM: 'Prwurtnit Properly for a M«rry ChillaUnn.*''. Te*!l: PhiHIplnnn I. 4-7. The Luthnran Hour-Mutual B rood cost Ing System. (VVWCO, 12:80, American Broadcasting System (WIATR) 8:SO p. m.. Musical JiUbllca JTeiitlviil. 4:00 P. M"., featuring Mrs. Dorothy Sargent of Hartford, organltit, and Charles Be.ngtson of Naugatuck, soloist, and St. Paul's choir under tho direction of Rhetnhold Wall, church organist. The parish Christmas party will \>f. hold Immediately following the musical festival. The Ladles' Aid mcmb«r« will nerve a» hos-leano*. Adult Membership Class and Oholr Rohouiiial, Wednesday even- Ing, 7:80 P. M.; Thursday, Uolcna- ed tlmo HChnol (ohrlHlmns program rehearanl, 2:45 p. m.) "Moments of Comfort" dnvnllon, S»t- urdivy morning, 7:4!i it. in.. WATH. KKKP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS BY HEOKIVING HIM INTO YOUR HEART. f IBBT OHTTBOH OP CHRIST SCIENTIST Corner Holmes and Mitchell Avi>s. Service* Sunday, 10:4fi n. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday School, 10:45 a. m. Wednesday, 8:00 p. m "God the Only Causo and Creator" win bo the subject of tho LflSBon-Sei'mon for Sunday December 4, 194H The Goldon Text in from 70:1, "Unto UVH<, O God. do glvo t'liankw, unto th«c do wo glvo thanks: for that thy namo Is near thy wondroua works declare." SoloctlonB from the Bible Include the following: "Who hath n'wended up Into heaven, or descended? who hath iratheriid thn wind In his flsts who hath bound the waters In a garment? who hath established all the ends of thij oarUh? what IH his name, nnd what Is his flon's nnme, if thoti canst toll?" (Prov 30;4> Correlative poanngos from the Chrlntlun Science textbook. "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mury Baker Kddy. Include the following 'p. 192): "Moral anil .npirllunl mlKht batons; to Spirit, who holdii dm 'wind. In His fl'j'tB 1 ; and this teaching «c- cord's with Science nnd harmony. In Sclonco, you can have no er opposed to God, and the physical Hanson miiKt false testimony," «lve up thnlr Look And Learn 1. What country produces three- fourths of tho world's supply of chicle utffld for making chowlng gum? 'I. In what country !n tho "riipnn 1 an Mrllijltt of nionny',' . 8, \Vhnt ih thedlHtinctlon Iratwoen "foreign" and "alien"? 4. The subject of what world frtm OUB painting has no eyebrows? Answers 1. Mexico. '2. India. !(. Foreign rufurn to n dlffurnnoo of birth; alien, to difference of al Icglunco. 4. "Tho Mona Lliia." ST. FRANCIS' (Koman Catholic) Rev. Paul F. Keating Mantes nt 7. 8, 0. 10 nnd 11. Children's ilium, II u m., down Ml (Urn. ST. MICHAEL'S (llomiui Catholic) flencon Pall* Rev. Joromn T. Cook Masses at 8, 8:18 and 11- HOLY SAVIOUR (Polish National Catholic) Rev. Frank P. Ntotnlec Masses celebrated at 8 and 10:30. ST. MART'S (Roman Catholic) Rev, Thomas M. (irlffln Manses at 7:30, 9:30 nnd 11. ST. HEDWIG'B <Itoman Catholic) Inv. William J. Topor Maraes at 6:30, 8, 9:30 and 11. ST. ANTHONY'S (Itnnun CaMjolle) Fronpnct, Conn. Rev. Tbomaa J. O'Oonnell at 7:30, 0 And 10:30. Household Scrapbook Knitting N<*Hll<-» If your hnltllDK needles aro celluloid and bend, pour nomc hot water over and hold them over the nteam of a IfttUv You can then Htralnhton them with your flnKcri). Harden by plunidnK Into cold water. Be nure to korp away from a flnm«. Wicker I urnltun- To clean wicker furniture, t,ru«h well with a Btlff brush, Kettln« tho brush well Into <hr- rrnvlrm. Srrub with uonp and wulcr and net In ih<: sun to dry. Anv. "We, THE MUSIC SHOP—" A customer carnc Into THK Ml.'MIC HIIOI* and wanted a loli-vUlon art installed in fair home right awuy. ThU happened taut Friday. Wo '-x- plalniMl that Ihr two art* on display had lnn'11 sold, that •»•«• ••xp*rt- .od a shipment on Monda.v and would fa« happy to ntwi'pt hrr nr. der. Thn fiillowlng; r«>nvrr«ntlon took lilni'.i*. Cuwtomrr: "Olhrr ftlurps HP«m tO ImVl- tl-ll'Vtnlull Mft* Illl hand. Why not Till': MUSIC HHOr?" W«: "J'erhaim THK ML'MK: SHOT Is (hi; largest M-ll'-r of t«-l«-- viNlon In town." CiiBtflmrr: "Why do you sell »o many'."' We: "We iMdluvr that Ihn kluican 'Uny with ronfldriKT nt THK MtTRIC SI'IOI" hnx nomclhlng \n do with II. Von KI><>. rviiry linni Midi horn, provldiMl It In not dunia«i-«l by thn cuMlinner, IH both gnaran- • (•••d hy Ihn inaniifii'-torer mid wr»- Irrii by us. . . . Anil, n tclrvUlon Mel need* Niirvlui> at flml. C'imtomor: "la your iwrvlro IH-Iter than any whcr* rl«o?" Wn: "Vcat flwauiw ^«••• »r«- right. Ill U>wn. Olir iwrvli-.- IN tn«rr rnplil; and, most Important, the Ix-nt l«-lr- vlslon i>xpi-rt In NiitiKalurk U ron- n<fl,-<\ with THK MI'KIC SIIOI-. METHODIST OHUROH Rev. Matthew H. Gates Church school, 9:15 — The Christmas Story will bo presented 'n a visual i«rvlco of worship. Mjmjlng worahlp, 11:00 — Sermon by tho Minister, "The Wonderful Christ" Anthems toy tho Junior and Senior Choirs, Christmas Vesper Horvlcis 4:30 The Youth Fellowship, assisted by tho choir win , ;p(po»ent, "Tho Adornllon of the Kings and the Shuphords" n Pageant of <ho Nativity by MUdrod Emily Cook. Christmas Family - P.ecwptton 8:30 — A touffot Hiippnr will ho Horvid by tho Woslcyan .Service ilid to bo followed by a carol sing, a film, "When Tho LlttWit Ciimol Knelt" and Santa Claus. Youth FoMowBhlp 7:00 — Members of tho Youth Fellowship will leave the church to go caroling. Thursday 8:30 — Community Carol,,'Sing on the Grofrn aponaored toy Philharmonics, of Niu.g-iituck. Saturday 11:00 p. m. Christmas Rvo Candlelight Borvlee, Sunday 11:00 u. m. — ChrlBtmnn Day Family Sorvloo, The Church school will omit classes on Christmas Sunday. • BT, (Episcopal) Rev. Wlnfrod B. Lane/horn Th» SorvlcBn for Sunday, Doc, :l8th', ,ith Sunday itv. Advent, and for 1;h> w«»k fo-Mowlng> aro: fbintiiiy, D<*(.>, 18--7:30 a. in,, Holy iCoinmunlon, Server, ftltfhttrd Mor- t*ri»en. ' 9:80 a. m,. Chrigtmnfl Party for tlie Upper School. 10:4rs ;n, m. Nuiiuoi-y School. M'rs. Bowor ,lii chfiTgo, 11:00 a. mi. Morning (Prayer and Sermon. UHhorn: Wallace Noble, Samuel Lyonn, Olnoy Ti-ttsk, Claua Monmoes. AcoiytBii: Huymond Iftink.t, Hnnry Gamble. 7:45 p. m., Young People's Fellowship. Monday, Doc. 19—7:45 p. m., St. Mlch|iol'n Guild wind groons nnd polish "brass; 3:00 p. m., Brownies Ohrlutmn* Party, T.uoaday, Doc, 20—7:30 j), m,, Playiiiakei-'H Rohoai-«al. Wednesday, Dec. 21—9:00 a. m Holy Communion St. Thomas; 3:00 p. m., Borw-nlftln Christina* Party. Tht^wdny, J>oc, 22—3:80 Ornm- mar <ilrlsCholrRsihoarMal: 7:00 p in., Adult Choir Relnmi'mil; 7:30 p m., Boy Scout Troop 7. Friday, Dec. 2,'i—3:80 p. m., Olr. flrout Troop 34; 7:30 p. m., Plity- Tnftker'* 7:00 p. m. Boy's Choir Rehnaranl. Saturday, Dec, YOU READ IT IN THE NEWS - - - Now Here's The Book. HOW 1W PLAY • . y. f,> WILLIAM E. McKENNEY 4mww5's"cord Authrity Available At NEWS Office tn \\J THE COPY

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