Simpson's Leader-Times from Kittanning, Pennsylvania on March 3, 1962 · Page 10
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Simpson's Leader-Times from Kittanning, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Kittanning, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 3, 1962
Page 10
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Father of Bride Dominant Figure By M. GRAY At mast -weddings the father of the bride is the transparent parent as well wishers surround the happy young couple and leave good old D»d alaie at the punchbowl waiting for the bills to come ; in The producers of the popular CBS series, "Father of the Bride" planned to go this route when the show started five months ago. "We thought we would give the father the same business in the series that he usually got in real life," executive producer Robert Maxwell said. "We thought all the attention would be on the. blushing bride and the father would be discretely in *e background." But along with all other best laid plans of mice, men and television producers, this one also went slightly astray. Far from being Hie secondary figure in the series, "father," as played by veteran character actor Leon Ames became the dominant figure in the whole show. Myma Fahey, the beautiful young actress who plays his daughter and the altar-bound heroine, never lost her zest for the role or the affection of thousands of fans who write to her. But it seemed that Ames, as lawyer "Stanley Banks," was a more sympathetic character, one most people--especially other fathers- could identify themselves with and share his problems, mostly financial, as he prepares his daughter lor' her big day. As a result of this, the role of "father" will gain impetus in succeeding episodes of the show. Ames, who has starred in legitimate plays, movies and television for three decades, feels that the reason polls showed the public was more Interested in him than in his "dai^hter" was because "everyone loves the underdog-- «nd that's U»e father of any bride." The graying, distinguished looking show business veteran felt that people know everything is going to work out well for the bride-to-be and that she will have a happy ending. Ames said he thought the series picked up greater speed after the ·wedding February 2, and will become even more delightful after Kay's baby is born. "We'll really go to town then as a comedy- dramatic show," he states. Miss Fahey, a black-haired, green-eyed beauty from Maine agrees with Ames, "A bride-to-be isn't a fully developed person as a woman," she adds, "It's after marriage--even if it's on television--that you get a better sense of the role and can really play it for all it's worth." Hurt JMetcalfe, the Canadian- bom actor who plays Miss Fahey' bus b a n d "Buckley D u n s t an,' shares the same views as the actress and Ames. "The tendency is that when you are an engaged couple you act--well, frankly- kind of silly After the wedding, 'Kay' and I mature. We become responsible people--just like in real life--and when the baby is born, which is still a long way off in the show, well, we're devoted parents. Not much I can say after that." Also featured in the Friday night series is Lurene Tuttle as the groom's mother and Ransom Sherman as his father. Ruth Warrick plays the mother of the bride, and from critical reaction, plays it right up to the hilt. "I must admit that although I've been an actress for many years, I still get emotional when I'm doing sentimental roles," the lovely red-haired Miss Warrick said. "When we filmed the wedding scene, I was supposed to cry a little.' We did the scene, and I cried on cue. After it was over, the director told me I was fine F O R D C I T Y P H A R M A C Y AR-EX NON-ALLERGIC COSMETICS RO 2-Mll Channel Key Channel 2--KDKA-TV--Pittsburgh Channel 4--WTAE--Pittsburgh Channel G-WJAC-TV--Johnstown Channel 10--WFBG-TV-- Altoona Channel 11--WHC--Pittsburgh Channel 13-WQED--Pittsburgh and that I didn't have to keep crying, that the scene was over. 'I can't help it/ I wailed. 'It's so beautiful.' Everybody on the set started laughing like mad, and the next day everyone sent me boxes arid boxes of handkerchiefs." E x e u c t i v e Producer Robert Maxwell said that even though the father role would be developed more in future episodes, the series would continue on its original format. It will follow "Kay and "Buckley" through marriage right up to parenthood, with all the complications that come with married life. "But now we think the audience wants to see how 'Stanley' (Leon Ames) and 'EUie' (Ruth Warrick) get along after the wedding," he added. "It seems that their adventures are just as interesting as those of the newly weds in the show." Leon Ames is no newcomer to in "Life With. Fauier" on television for several years, and had played "father" to some of the most beautiful girls in show business--June Allyson, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland and Margaret O'Brien. In real life, he has yet to play a father of the bride. His only daughter. Shelley, 20. who infrequently appears in the series also, is unmarried. His son, Leon, 17. attends college in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles. That the show will run a long: time was indicated by Leon Ames when he laughed: "Next year well change the title to 'Grandfather of the Bride's Child,' and by the time the youngster is grown--if it's a girl-^it will become 'Grandfather of the Bride." Leader-Times T-V WEEK Channels 2. 4, $, 10, 11. 13 March 3 to March 9 MORNING PROGRAMS - MONDAY THRU FRIDAY C:M 6:30 7:M 7:W 7:45 g:M S:30 (2) College of the Air (C) Continental Classroom (2) English for Americans (C-ll) Continental Classroom (2) Dayfcrea* ((-11) Today Show (10) Breakfast Time (4) Operation Alphabet (4) Rocky and His Friends (4) RobiK Hood (10) Captaia Kangaroo (5) Ca»Uia Kaacaroo (4) Deputy Daw* TV Notes SATURDAY NEW YORK (UPD--Mitch Miller of NBC's "Sing A long With Mitch" TV program gets a lot of mail from teen-agers who inquire about the advisability of seeking a career in serious music. Miller's answer is a mixture of encouragement and caution: "The classical musician today must be prepared to make many sacrifices over and above those required to develop talent. As a classical musician, you are a first-class citizen in terms of. the contribution to your community but, unfortunately, a second-class citizen so far as earnings are concered. Many excellent musicians still receive very small pay for their work, and I can foresee no haste on the part of communities and musical organizations to correct this glaring inconsistency." Norman Jewison, whose "The Broadway of Lerner and Loewe" and "The Judy Garland Show" were among the more spectacular specials of the TV season, has gone to Hollywood to direct his first feature motion picture, "Forty Pounds of Trouble," starring Tony Curtis. Whatever the fate of Jack Paar at NBC--and he'll probably be doing one-hour monthly specials next season--the network has signed Hugh Downs, first right- hand man on the current nightly program, to a long-term exclusive contract.'This indicates that, in addition to continuing with his his own daytime "Concentration" game show daily, Downs will continue in his regular spot on "Tonight," regardless of who tak«s over for Paar. 1 Johnny Carson is supposed to be all set for the Paar job come October. Robert Horton's divorce from "Wagon Train" has been followed quickly by signing of an exclusive TV agreement with NBC that will find him appearing in guest-star roles on a number of shows next season. This will give him an opportunity to display his singing talent to the public, family comedy or marrying off beautiful daughters. He starred 6:45 (2) Sermonette 6:55 (11) Devotional Moments 7:00 (2) Of The People (11) Sheriff of Cochlse 7:30 (2) Safari · (11) Town Country 7:55 (10) Thought for ttia Day 8:00 (10) Primary instruction in .Russian (11) Popeye 8:30 (10) Horizons 9:00 (2-10) Captain Kangaroo (4) Tri-State Farmer 9:10 (6) News 9:15 C6) Cartoon Capers 9-30 (4) Frank Curto Show (6) Pip the Piper (C) 10:00 (2-10) Video Village, Jr. (4) Deputy Dawg (6-11) The Sheri Lewis Show (color) 10:30 (2-10) Mighty Mouse (10) Shirley Temple Theatre (6-11) King Leonardo and ' His Short Subjects (Color) ll':00 (2-10) Allakazam (6-11) Fury 11-30 (2-10) Roy Rogers Show (G-ll) Make Room for Dad- dy 12:00 (2) News at Noon (4) Popeye's Cartoon Corner (6)) Watch Mr. Wizard (10) Sky King (11) This Week in Pittsburgh 12:15 (2) P i 11 s b u r s h Public Schools Today 12:30 (2) Sky King (4) Junior Championship Bowling (5-11) Championship Debate (10) My Friend Flicka 1:00 (2i Spotlite (6) Through the Porthole (10) RFD 10 (11) Twixt 12 and 20 1:15 (G) British Calendar 1:30 (2) The Record Hop (4) Teiesports Digest The Old Frecport Bank of Freeport The Workingman's Bank FREEPORT. PENNA. MOVING--STORAGE Call SUnset 3-4221 BOX 13S. NU MINE, JP.4- SGRO BROTHERS FRRK ·ESTIMATES _ LOCAL--LONG DISTANCE 1:45 (4) Romper Room 9:00 (2) Moralac IB (S) Kukla and OHie (10) Folio 15 (11) Kay Call* (12) EtncatioMt TV 5 p.m. 9:05 («) Romper Room 9:15-(it) IMtotty o» Parade :M C) Ma» at Large (4) Ricki aad Cower (10) PiMic. School* (6) Schoolmasters Calendar (10) Coogjresanan Reports 1:35 (10) World's Beat Movies 2:00 (4) Ten Four (6) Teiesports Digefit 1 (11) Championship Bridge 2:30 (2) Teen Age 62 (4) Bandstand (6-11) NBA Pro Basketball --Los Angeles Lakers vs. St. Louis Hawks 3-00 (2) Saturday Matinee 3:30 (4) Wide World of Sports 4:00 (2) Sports spectacular 4:30 (6) Ask Washington (11) Red's Review of Sports 5-00 (4) Championship Bowling (6-11) All Star Golf- Today's challenger is Gene Lft- ler (10) Matties Funnie* 5:30 (2) Frontier Circus (10) Alvin 6'00 (4) Family Movie Album (6) Saturday Nite News (10) Follow the Sun (11) Studio Wrestling 6:15 (C) Saturday Report 6:30 (2) Call to Adventure (6) One Step Beyond 7:00 (6) Chet Huntley Reporting (10) Window on Main Street 7:30 (2-10) Perry Mason -- "The Case of The Crippled Oou- gax" An. oilman asks Mason to handle a transaction involving the sale of oil leases at a surprisingly low. price. (4) Calvin and the Colonel (6-11) Tales of Wells Fargo "Winter Storm" 8-00 (4) Room for One More-"A Trip to the Beach" George Rose's plans for a restful, childless week end witii to wife are abort lived 8:30 (2-10) The Defenders -"The Hickory Indian" (4) Leave It To Beaver- Beaver and his pals pool Sup.riw BOTTLED OA* *·"*· GAS APPLIANCES AND SERVICE HARVEY'S GAS SERVICE 171 N. McKeaatt. LI 5-1M1 10:00 (MO) Calendar ( 4V Jeaa Cio*lly Stow ($-11) Sv Wbei ' 10:M (Mt) 1 1*« V" ejr (4) MM MonhiC Movie . VHto»e (til) The Price If (Gator) -U :* « l»n of LOte («-ll) Coaceatrattom UO). Clear HorfeM PROGRAM their funds to bur a pat burro, but the "pet" soon becomes a 'hot potato'. (ft-ll) The TaU Man -- "Nisbt at the Hawk" 9:00 (4^) Lawrence Welk Show (11) Saturday nfcht at the Movies--'The Day tbe Earth Stood Still" Starring Michael Rennie, Patricia Ncal. Aa emissary from another planet comes to warn Hie people of Earth to desist i» atomic experiments, lest *ey be eliminated by alauoed ufiabitants of other wortds. 9-30 (2-10) Have Gun, Will 3·rav- el 10:90 (2-10) Gunsmoke --A dwn- onJas-luck cowboy accused of murder saves · Marshal Dillon's Me. (4) The Fight of the Week Paole Roai vs. Manud Alverez of Argentina, 10- round lightweight contest, Mfcsoa Square Garden. (G) Adventures in Paradiw 10:45 (4) Sports HiLites 11:00 (2-4-6-11) News and (10) Milestones of tin turr 11:05 (10) Late Show 11:10 (6) Everglades (11) Saturday Niaht U ·» Movies 11:15 (2) Sports and the Pi^ftae (4) Million Dollar Mo«t 11:30 (2) Gateway Studio 11:40 (6) Cinema Six 12:45 (10) Thought For The bo* 12:55 (4) Almanac 1:00 (4) Late Show (11) Wrestling 1:15 (6) News It Sports l:» (2) Final Edition 1:30 (2) Swing Shift Theatre 2:00 (11) Dsvotional Moments 3:00 (2) Sermonette FOR BUSY PEOPLE Pho«e Special Loaca- bo«tr Low Service Cash oa signature, faraKwe, car. Loaa* M U HIM*. BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO. K1TTANNING JJ1 aUUIKK it. ·irrLOt -ito a. aian «. tmM FLOOB BUTUB 1-J7W

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