Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 18, 1962 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 18, 1962
Page 11
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Fricfey Evening, May 18, 1962 ANN LANDERS Woman Craved Excitement But Found Price Too High Dear Ann Lander^: Since you column seems to be a clearin house for soul barers, I'd like t add my confession. Maybe some one will learn from it. Perhap just getting it down on paper wi make me feel better. I was married to a fine man but I craved a little excitemen beyond the ordinary duties of home and family. So I went back to work after 15 years. I was flatterer" by the attentions of one of the big wheels in the office. I found myself dressing fit to .kill every day. I even darkened the gray out of my hair. And (hen I became involvei in a full-blown affair with a fasci nating smoothie who -was fiv years my junior. At first the romance was lik a tonic. I felt rejuvenated am attractive again. It was .as if (hi calendar had been turned 'bac 15 years. But believe me tht heartache and torture wasn 1 worth it. Now I feel twice as olc and far more miserable than no one had ever looked at me. I found out after two years o being a blind fool that the Lovt Affair of the century was bein^ sandwiched in between three olh ers. Women were his hobby. Th< louse had girl friends all ove the building. I.am loaded with guilt and re morse and filled with fear lha my Casanova may pass the won to his associates. But worst o all I'm ashamed for having beei such a dumbell. Thanks for letting me get thi; off my chest. — BRAINLESS * » * Bear Ann Landers: Our neigh bors have a seven-fool; hedge down their property line. Thei house is on the corner so tin hedge constitutes a traffic hazard Cars turning from our street int the street which is parallel I the hedge can't' see the oncoming cars. We called the police to repor this danger. Their answer was "The people own the property anc they have a right to erect a seven foot concrete wall on it if the, want to." We even went to these neigh bors and asked them to clip the Almanac Today is 'Friday, May IB, thi 138th day of the year with 227 to follow in 1962. The moon is approaching its full phase. The morning stars are Jupiter Mars and Saturn. The evening stars are Venus and Mercury On this day in history: In 1852, Massachusetts became the first state in the Union to pass a statute making school at tendance compulsory for children between the ages of eight and 1< years. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was nominated for President by Republicans meeting in Chicago. , In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Tennessee Valley Authority Act. In 1953, American aviatrix. Jacqueline Cochran became the first woman to fly faster than the speed of sound. A thought for the day: Spanish author Cervantes said: "The exploits of rash men are to be attributed rather to good fortune than to courage." LOGANSPORT MARINE SALES Hiway 24 and W. Linden DIAL 2320 CHICAGO RINK SKATES $16.95 WE GIVE TOP.VALUE STAMPS SPORTLAND 513 Broadway Ph. 2310 hedge down a few feet in the in terest of safety. The woman re plied that the hedge helps reduce the noise from the street and'i need not be 'a traffic hazard i people are careful. What do we do now?—PORTLAND *- * * Dear Portland: Now you do nothing but wait for the big crash —and hope it isn't someone deal to you. Unhappily, similar, haz ards are found in many places Usually it'takes a tragic aceiden to produce action. The people who wouldn't cooperate are heart sick, and the law moves in and insists on removal of the hazard * * » Dear Ann Landers: Your letter from "Constant Cook" made me laugh. This woman complains because her husband comes hniru for lunch. I wonder what she'c do if she had to cook for my crew I'm a farmer's wife. I prepare three large meals every day, plus an evening snack. Besides . mj husband and four children there's an assortment of hired hands, During the planting and harvesting months, the number of place- settings goes up lo twelve. Cooking for farm hands woulc drive the average woman mils There are hay-hoys who don'l like vegetables, middle-aged men with touchy stomachs and grandpas who are minus half their teeth. But I gel a kick out of meals because of Ihe interesting conversation. The men talk about Ihe sick cow, and how her personality has changed, whelher the storm hurl the crops and how much the hogs ought to bring to market. It makes all the work worthwhile, I was going to sign (his "Another Constant Cook" but I think instead I'll sign it — LUCKY FARMER'S WIFE * * Are you templed to smoke because the crowd does? If so, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Teenage Smoking," enclosing with .your request ten cents in coin and -a long, self-addressed, itamped envelope, i Ann Landers will be glad lelp you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped sell-addressed envelope. Copyright 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. HOUSEHOLD Keep potted hydrangeas in a cool, well-lighted spot and water ;wice a day when in bloom, t • « At the first sign of wear, stitch ">ias tape to the bottom and top of bath towels. This treatment will lengthen their time of use, * * * Patch a leaky garden hose'with ^liable roof paint. * * * When buying furniture 'a long- •ange plan based on your family's needs is your best guide. Don't )e concerned about what's,fash- enable. * * * Tests show it costs less to open he refrigerator door a few times for longer periods that it does to •pen it -often for short periods. * * * A monochromatic color scheme uses one color in a variety of its hades and tints. A monochromatic room is restful and looks arger than it is. . BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT Equipment available. Helen's Beauty Shop 416Va E. Broadway Phone 4827 or 53519 - JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Chair Will Help in Doing Exercise for Back Hipline Use a chair for balance, then lift and lower leg. Continue, alternating left and right. This will reduce the back hipline. (The Question Box) Q. "Please help me! I love to swim and summer is coming, bul my thighs are so skinny that I am ashamed to wear a bathing suit. I am 15 years old." • A. Few women or girls worry about slim thighs. That is whal they long for. I somehow suspect that you are thinking that you do not have enough curve at the back hipline. If so, this is your medicine... Stand behind a chair. Place both hands on ' the back of the chair. Lift the left leg as far 'as comfortable with' a stiff knee. Lower leg to place. Lift the right leg as far as comfortable. Lower leg. Continue, alternating left and right. Q. "I am 13'years old and weigh 100 pounds. 1 am 5 -feet 4 inches tall and I think I have a small frame. What I want to know is, am I underweight? My measurements are, bust 32 waist,23 and MORE TILLER VALUE for your ,^ dollqr! /" NEW HAHN POW-R-BOY "66" ROTARY TlUCfi Regular $129.95 Special $98 Holly's Lawn & Garden Supply North on Michigan Rd. hips 32 inches." A. Even with a small frame, you are some underweight.. Your measurements are in lovely proportion. So—just sleep a little more and eat a couple of between: meal 'snacks. BUT eat those which do the most for you, such as a glass of whole milk with a little cream and chocolate and sugar added, or a glass of whole milk and 'some fruit, or six graham crackers, or some fruit 5-Day Outlook By United Press International Northern 3rd Indiana 5-DAY OUTLOOK:^ Temperatures will average 3 to 7 degrees above normal.. Normal Wghs 88 to 75, Normal lows 47 ;to 53. Quite warm-until turning cooler. Sunday and Monday. •, Rainfall will total three-foiiPlhs to : H£ inches. Showers ior'thundershbwerfi likely Saturday and Sunday. Central & South Indiana 5-DAY OUTLOOK:, Temperatures will average 8 to 12 degrees above normal."Normal highs 73 to 78. Nwmal lows 50 to 56. Not quite so warm after about Sunday. Rainfall will average one-fourth to one-half inch in scattered thundershowers most likely late' this weekend. " • EXTRA SPBQIAL HAWED'TIME ONIY . Men's Reg. 2.99 100% ACRILAN ACRYLIC JERSEY SHIRTS STATE juice and crackers and cheese, or some ice cream. Q. "Can" you please give me a few tips on how In tone down an oversized nose? There must be ways of making it appear smaller!" A. There are ways. In the firsl place, use:make-up on your nose which is a bit darker than thai which vou use on the rest,of your face. This should be a subtle difference, not drastic, and it should be blended out carefully into the res' of your make-up. Your hairdo can help, too. Be sure that there is enough fullness below the ears, at the sides, anc on top of your. head. I do mil mean that you should look "busihy," but hair which is too flat on top, pulled back at the sides or chopped off above the ears will not be flattering. • >> * If your (highs are outsize, you'Ii benefit from 'doing the exercises in my leaflet, "Reducing the Thighs." To obtain it, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No 4, to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Gals Bored by Exercises Give Thought to Gardening." (Released by The Register anc Tribune Syndicate, 1962) TODAY ONLY 2 BIG SHOWS HOUSE ILMHGDEAD Pius.' 2, ScteatoPtcruRR SO SCAKY-WE DARE YOU TO SIT THRU IT All/-IF YOU DO - -PLUS ON S-GHEBN- Ilimmn Film Prodntllons, Ud. Preanb —TIME SCHEDULE— Doors Open for IsriSriovy At7:00!PjM. ' Stage Show at' 8:30 P.M. feature At: 9al 9 , 2nd Show: Stage at 12:00 Feature At 1 A.M. EXTRA! EXTRA! TWIST CONTEST AT iBAOH SHOW WIN A :P!ZZA iPiARTY FURNISHED ,BY: "BRUNO'S" WIN A HSH'ING OUTFIT .FURNilSHED BY YOUIR "WESTERN AUTO STORE" AND "SPORTLAWD" SKYLINE TONIGHT Open 7ip.m.-(Close 10 p.m. Box Office Open 'Til 12 a.m.- on (Saturday CIMARRON AT 10P.M. THE MINOTAUR AT 8 P.M. TOMORROW ..ONLY BIG KITS SEX KITTENS AT 8 TERRACE AT )0:15 SO •• • S-M-l • Short'Sleeve Slipover Style • Wash 'N Wear • Requires'No Ironing' • Machine Washable • Always Soft And Comfortable , • Whit. • Rod • • Black • ,11. 'Grain • Tig«r •' -Brown : • • Gray •Frtncr Bluo BONUS SHOWN AT 12 ip.iM. . , ' *9ellsarc ST A jri- 5UND AY-MONOAY-TUESOAY Logansporf, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Eleven Is this a picture of your VACATI&N? Save Ahead for a Better One! This is an example of lack of cash and LACK OF PLANNING! A few extra dollars deposited each week in your savings account will certainly help pay for a nice vacation! Put your plan in action NOW1 HE NATIONAL BANK F. D. I. C. pholle 4KI7

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