Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 17, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1949
Page 2
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I-AHK 2—NACGATUCH NKWK (CONN.). KATIIUIJAV, DKC, 17, 1IHI) DREW "PEARSON ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Jimmie Byrnes TellH Truman He's No Caesar; Even The Underworld Is Now Able To Evade Income Taxes; Los Angeles Gambling Ring Is Mysteriously Able To Kill Tax Case. Highlanders - Marlin Gunners Tilt Tomorrow Rated Toss-Up \\'.'tMhin;;ton. -— Accidentally this column has got mixed up In the row between President Truman and his <>V1 .^orrotnry of Htatc. Jimmie Jivi ncH. Sonic time ni,'o, Byrnes wrote this columnist a letter recardinj; the rircuirmtuncoM under wj;k:h ho re- .vii:nc<! from the Slate Department. It was this writer's belief that I'vrnes. who had done n ^reat job rl >i si-rr^tniy nf .Mini*', had been f.'isfd out brc.aujto of friction antl ji-alnii'!}- which even then was evi- d' i nt between the two men. Jimmy Hyrnos. however, con- temlin;; that he resigned purely licciiUKi* of ill health, sent Truman :i r;trl>on copy of his letter to mo. Ari'J Trurnan Kent him In reply a ri^mfu:;tnt U-tt«?r \vhlcb ignored the i-:suc of why Byrnes resigned, and dwelt in.'itcad on Byrnes' conversion to Dlxiecratliun. "1 have road your Washington and Ix'c speech, 1 Mr. Truman nald, and then went on to comment on the manner In which Mr. Uyrnex was ilcsertln); Ihir polltlrnl philosophy of Roosevelt and Truman. As nn afterthought, the President, v.ioti- ut the bottom of the letter the following postscript: . "I now know how Caesar felt," h'- said, refi-rrinj: to Brutus' famed r.tnti In the back "when he said 'Et Til. Brute?' " When Mr. Byrnes replied to this letter, he addressed himself chiefly to Truman's postscript, lie explained at some length that he did m.t consider himself a deserter the Democratic party, but lemalned a devoted supporter of it; fundamental principles. Then J-tyrnes polished off his letter with t h i x r k: "I nrn not » Brutus, and neither <liv I consider you a Caesar." Mir Gamblers Kvadc Tuxes In the opinion of this columnist. Sax fraud and tax evasion are now prevalent than at any lime in y-:ir.i. This means, of course^ that those who clo pay their taxes have -.o pay more to make up Tor those who don't. There used to be one category "f-citizens acnlnst which thoTrcas'- ury never pulled Its imnrhcH-- the a re- money payoff For The Best In Jewelry C.H.Tomlinso Near? Bnlldlne N«iie»tuck, Conn. FLOWERS For All OooM>lon« «X.OWEB8 TKI-EGRATOKD EVEBYWI1EBE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP U* KCBBER AVJBNT7B Tmt, B«M BUCKMmLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 underworld. It took an income-tax cns<* to neml KfinK-^'er A! ('apone to jail, whlln vui'iouH \inderw<ji'ld flKiircu have been cmi(-ht. in the Income-tax mesh after all other avenues failed. Today, however, even the- underworld in Maf<: from Income-tax prosecxUliin -- provided they know the right people. Here is a in point. Most notorious carnbllm; network In Southern California, operates under the name of the Guarantee Finance company of T.OM AnKelofi, which servuM not only as spoctablo cover, but. loans to bookies and acts as a center, Recently Ix>s Angeles county Indicted \'i members of this cover agency. 1 M!...- Vj 'bl.v liuUct :ii[\':L, ho'.vtivcr, the feciurul govi-rnmcml through conscientious Irilernal ruvunuo iigents on the west coast had cmijrht four of tliR»n blc-uini: Kamblurs in wtiut. appeared to bo a cleur t-auo of tax fraud. Governor Warren's forthright California Crime commission wan responsible, for thu original clue. Thu Crime Commission hud seized some of the cnmblei-H' books) and turned them over to the T-mon. itefore doinf; so, bowcvor. th(j Cnli- fornla Crime Commission sjjcclftc.til- jly asked the U. S. Treasury whether it would bo willing to cooperate In cleanlnK up (he California Kam- blliiK racket, and got an affirmative answer. Accordingly. T-mc.n llun E. Goody- koontx, Internal revenue Intolli^oncn a««'nt for San Frnriclsi:o, Ualph Kead, another intcllinenco a^cnt, and Walter M. Campbell of ' the chief counsel'), ofl'ice. In s/tn l.'ran- cisco, j;'H busy. The evidence they assembled appeared, conclusive. Protection Money In I!M8, the Guarantei! Finance comjiany listed In Its income-tax return $248,000 paid to "Lopez," and another $108,000 paid to "Spenliil." No further explanation of Ihe.w !IUK« <!xp<:n<llturvH WJ»H «lvuri, but It appeared from Treasury Investigation that $108,000 wan paid to runners, and that (he, $;MK,000 u> "Lopez" was probably paid for police protection. re |h od ocl.S c IR. P S-- Jn ii 111H The (rambling company's KM7 In- r-<im<!-trtx return wan somewluit. similar, with $247,000 paid to "Lopez" and $10!),000 paid to "Special." After preparing what they considered an airtight cru'ic, the went coast T-men came to Washington where they recommended thu prosecution of Marvin Kovey, Alljnrl Ko- KUS, Marry Jtockwoll and Phil Co- -t, the chief partners of the Guarantee Finance company. In Washington, a Treaiiury conference took place between thi! three went count T-men together with SCharles Oliphnnt, general counsel of internnl rovanuo; W. H. Woolf, head o[ the InlelllKcncij unit; and Rilcy Campbell, In charge of internal revenue's penal division. It ircemcd certain from |.hln dlsoiisBlon that criminal jiroHucu- tlon of thi! above-named gamblers would be recommended to the. Justice Department. GOLD STAIl PO.ST A regular meeting of the Gold Star Post. Ca-lholic War Veterans, will be held tomorrow morning following the U-.30 o'clock MaHH at HI. Hodwlg's church, It was announced today by Commander Frank Zdrow- ski. The Post will meet In UK club rooms, on Prospect street. BOr,I, WKKVMAS HOME The original home of the dentruc- tive boll weevil IB believed to be Centra! America. SCULLY, Florist Mower* for Every Occaiilon 480 BALDWIN ST. W»t«rl/«iry LEO T. 8CltLI,y, Prop. PHONE WAT. 6-7280 "Spec" Shea To Show With Locals As Asst. Coach Tins NuuK'itucktiiKliliiiidhrfl l.»k« u criirU al Ihu oi^ tlruo toirujrrow night, when they piny the Mttrlln Guurmrn ti(. Mnrn'n Arunu, Wutcr- bury. Tin 1 lociilH IIMVO foi:i!ii olTurod (ho 'isc or llio Arcnn. cuch Sunday ovc- nlriK, to piny InidlnK H<nril-]iro 1.ciun/f tljroUK'liout. I hi; Htuli-. Thny liiho over from Mnrn'M YunkiMMi, a oro li.'iun which WHS (liHbiuuIrd Thurmliiy. Whcthnr or nol. 11m toiini uliiyii vnch Sal.urdny iivtinlng di>- iii'tidM upon Ihfl fun nupporl In tin.' Wntcrbury (own. MiitinKnr Milt Wclnnmnn nn. noiinccd loilny tliul Fninlt "Hpnc" Shun, NIIW York Yunkoo hurler, will by with the team tomorrow In cnpnclly nn iinNliilnnt 'to conch Hill :lloki!.'i. ManuK'T Wclimindn suld thnl Ini hopdti to-huva "Spec" y» n regular mombi'r of the HlKh- liuiili'l'H-Ynnlti'i'H Htufr from now on. Bob Miirkovlc, Vln Drnkn, Vln und Jo« Hi'iily ivnd Red Rynn will iirolinlily for I tin ntnrllnK llrii.-U|i for 'hfi lociiln iiKiilnMt Murlln'H diifund- inK-Hlnli! Induidrlul chutnplons. The locals, will huvo Hunk! Sonny rinliixdownkl, Boh Jorum and luck Vulnl. In ruHorvi!. Thu OuniiorH will hnv« Al«x Sc- mlnkovlc. Bob StufnnowHki, Ed Knpnhck, .foe Burhul.o, Jo<. Miu-k- nlH, I-'rnnk Jicmpiiiiy and Tony Yu. HIIVI'C. A prcllmlnnry gumo between NiiUKiituok "nd Wiitorhiiry Colli!- %'inrui will open progruni al. 7.30 o'clock. Two Local Squads In Action In CYO League Tomorrow Two Nntipituck tcuiriB will see action in Waterbury Knights of Columbus CYO KUBkctbn.ll I..«UKUC wnnii-H t.orni)ri'(j%v. St. Fniric.lH' tritvnlH to Wntorbury "o play undpftited St. Lucy's nt. '•) o'clock lit the Andarnon «chrxil (rym. Thi! •Icfi^ndlnn c.luiniiilotiH Jinv<; :i ri'Conl or iiiiv win :ind imo lo««. St. Lucy's 1ms let to lose in three .si nrt.s. SI. Miu-y'M. nnol.hi'r KnUKdluck isntry, plny« Ht, .lohn'M nl 3 o'Jlonlt it Wnlcrtuwn HlKh nchool. The Union City CYO Club hurt won HH IOIH- iiliirt. whlln SI. John'H linn Oroppi-d two out of thrni!. YMCAToForm Senior Court Loop PliuiK for a senior basketball league at the YMCA arc belnR comildortxl, It \vns nnnoiinond to- tiny by Krlt/. Klumbt, phy.slcal director. Oiumes would be played Friday nlghtH after the first of Ihn yiMir. Jack Dn,rliy, Jack AMhmore. Jn< k Ourtln nnd Bill Scrunton huv« boon named to n comrnlltco to muko plann for the l«i)jiic. All senior membnrH of the Y nrc eligible nnd all Intere.sted arc naked to notify Mr. Klnmbt or nny member of the committee. Thorn, who have Hlifned up to dote ure: Bill Sc.ranton, .Inclt Curlin. Jack AMhmore. Jack Dnrby, Manuel Alberta, Ted Melynn, Ber- nlc IjiiVasMieur John H u m m a, Chet Koahler, Pct (> Ui'nnn.-m, Httn Suior. Jack Quint and Tom CIlHhiim. Memlici'H iu-o nuked to nubinlt numiiH next -woek no thnt the leanun cnn start Jan. 0. MAHIANAl'OUH WINH Miiriiinupulln Prep ruinpud to an cnwy, r>7-'J.'l victory over thn New Knclnnd School of Accounting, of Worw.Hlnr, Mnirn., yoMturdny, with the reHervcH Hoeing moht of the uc- llori. Bob Markovic, of Naugatuck, tallied two baskets. MYSTERY MAN HERE TONIGHT! I MYSTERY JAN Th«- MYSTKRY MAN, visitor nf tlown-loWM «tori-s who Riven iiwrty *5 <MI»|I (irl/.i-H to thn lucky pvciplc he tni>«, will hii nt work tonight lit 15 N:uiK»tiii'k stdr.-K, u'tuirdliiK (<i William SnhjMiro, rlmlri'.iun of «ht> rHiill [ilvlnlon nf tho Nuugutlink CIlllinlM'r nf CJoniinrrri'. Thn MyKtdry Man will KI> into action ut 6 o'clock and will be on tin; }ol» until slonw c.lom-, ut K:40 o'clock, nurlne IhiH limp ho will tui> H purHon In each of tho 15 Ktoros, with u -fH awiinl for oi«'h tup. Storen vlniu-d by the Mystery Man will he Indicated by u Imnner illNpliiyed In the Ntoro wlii<Iiiw«. Stores to Be Visited by the Mystery Man Tonight Include: — M. Frcodmmi Co., Carlson Furniture Co., Inc.. KtiMn'i. William Schpero, GnnH, Inc., Kuphtwtl'n, Inc-.. llurdware, Nortvntth Kho« store, C, If. TomlliiHiin, WelHH Hen franklin Htore O C. Murphy Co., und ItoNeiihlutfH. Naugatuck Stores Arc Open Tonight Until 8:45 Garnet & Grey Makes Naugatuck Valley League Debut Tonight wohool's oagnrs make their Naugatuck Valley r^eaKue debut thin evening, when (ht>y play Wllby Hl({h HRhool In tho second Kutne of u double-header nt I he Walwrbury Armory. Lcuvcn- worth IH to Wilbur Cross a\ New Havnn In Ihu opisnnr nl 7-30. Thu NnuKy.Wllby [[anin JH iilated for H:'I5 o'clock. Wllby I" favored to hand the loralu Ihulr (inconrl dnfent In throe Kiinim. Both tioiniH havu taken to the court twice, splitting: even. However, Wllby has played to Mtron«nr opponents than h»H Nau- Kaluck and their record against lh« two makes them the favorites. Thn starling llnoiips tonlRhl will be an foJIown: For Naugaliick, Hoger Currier aiul Wully Dumon- 'iltl will bo at. forwards, with John nt center and Bill Lambert Hob White In the backuourt, Wllby will »how/i Its high scorers, Joe Ubalul and Frank "JUefty" LaChance at forwards, with Nleso, b«cl(l at. the pivot Bpot and Meuhan nnd Rteck at In Poor Skiing Seen For New England (By Unltet! rnwot) There's onn word for xkllntr New KnKland today j[Mior. four renorlit say they bavo a little skllnig tiut only a little. Hero art; th« «now--by-li]eh I>url»: Ktnwc 7 to 20 Inches, surface fluffy, skiing poor to fair. Mlddlcbury— 7 to 20 Inches, nur- fnco granular, skiing none to poor. Cannon oiinlain - 'i to 10 Inohes, surface frranular, skiing none to poor. Jack'Mon Thorn M»«n.t/vln — HWK thrin 2 Inches, mirfaco granular, ijklln^ none to poor. No other rcnorU had skiing. <;<» U. I'M K HAH K KTH A M. Weuloyan (!2. Ooliby CO Wetiley.-in 02 Colby 00. N. II. Teaohnrn HI, Hill 02. Hrown 71, Arnold IK. Const Guard 41, MIT 3H. Trinity Frosh 7V Lelccstar 40. Vennont. (II!, New Hjiumpnhlro 81. OntlysbiifK tt3, Jolini? Hopkins Ii3 Vlllanova 71», Mt. St. (Mary's 4.'.. Roncselaor n2, Pratt 43. Kannui Stute 78, Unylor 30. Tulane Off, THt/rlda W). Boston U. (Ml, Anihorst 51. Clcmson 00. Maryland r,5. lilco W), 8out.h<)ivi»lern Louisiana in. TOXIIH Wtmleynn (It!, Ilai'dln B2 Tufts 83, Clark 78, Fan-field S.'l, Danbui-y Tenchera NKCJRO POTTJI,ATION A li'nil one-tnnth of the population of lh» U. S. In Ne«-ro. Friars Seek Fifth Straight Victory Over Bates Tonight Tonight, the Prnvidonco .Colloifo Friars will play ht>«t to Ihc Bates Collejfo touflkethall flvo nl tho Mount Pleasant Gymnasium. Bates will fof» pfoiylntf tha flnnl of l.hri-o Kurritm on thn curr«nl roftd trip of lh« BubcutH. Wtttlnogdiiy nlgtit Bates lost to Rhodo Island State, after Kivinjf the KIMTIM n loujrh l>n,t- tfo for Ihroo quartern of u, Karnn, Lust nl(rht, Iho Ed PiHra couched flvo, iplayod Trinity at Hartford. Couch Vln Cuddy of. Pr<*vldenc« College plan* to wtrlniK' along with hla atuno (darting line-up. Thin unrt which ha« started overy fcnmu to date will <;<>n»bvt, of C'o-CaptH Wjilt Ixv/oskl and Art Wfllnntock at the guard positions, wMh Prank Pellljjrrlno ut r.entor, antl HIUT* Nliwicl and Jtny CJurolit, nt. thn forward pocttH, The game will be the lust for the Friars until ivftpr thn Chrlrt- mn» reccHH. Cotiish Cuddy hu« bi>nn Imprisoned with the way that, thti .team 'has come nlorvg during thu early ,itn,(fen nt tho Hnnnon but he expftejlM to is«o ndded .ImprovnnKinl, OHjenlally In tho shooting department, as tho season progresses, Especially pleualn^ to the f. <*. couch hi>» b*nn the play of h!n tiophomoim Kay Korbuslegkl arid Jim Schllmm have boon standouts In alt the Friar gam<H! to date and Jerry Ijornibo, llonnlo OiiiRnon, and Tom Bauar have chipped In' with some excellent basketball at times. Al Ratkiewich To Swim With Eli Mermen Against Colgate Today New Hnvan. Doc. 17-The Y«l« UnlvnfHlty mvlmmlnx team will nook It -ITUi Ntrultfht victory thlx afternoon wlion It opens Iho 1940- 10CO season agalnnt Colgate Unlver. ally. Thn IntciHt collection of ICII pool (•burners, although hurt by tho loss of several top-notch performers, Is •ixpectcd to uphold thn tradition of •he hlKh ctrtlbur IwimH of tho pant 31 Amontf the outstanding .performers swimming for Yaln will bn Captain Al Ftatklnwlch, who hatt con- ilnlflnlly f'lnlnhfid In the money In • ho Eastern IntercollegliiteH and • he Outdoor and Indoor AAU'w In bnckntrnkn evenlw and won thn 11 vurd baukstroko In tho liMB Knot. «rns. NOTICE Information Nought con- e,ernln|c ally relutlvim of John Colmiizno.h, also known as John Cohiumlclc, .lohn Co- har/.uck. un <l John 0<iluir/.o- ruok, Into of the City of rnsMiilc, County of PdNnalc and St»t« of New Jornny. Any rola<lve» plunni) contact Bluestcln and Ulitmond, 126 Market Street, Patorwin 1. IV. ,1. PICCADILLY INN Waterbury MQIJOKH Meriden Road UEHT OF FOODS, HKKRS <iml B«KlnnliiK ThU Wflelt I> A N O t ft G Kutiirilny Nlifht — Simduy 4:30 to 8:SO P. M MiiHlc By Th« HoUont LHU« Band In Town THE TWILITE TRIO MAKK RKHIOHVATIONH NOW FOR CIIHIHTMAS uml NKW VKA«'H PAItTIKS 1MIONE WAVERLY INN Cheshire Diorio Restaurant Waterbury Luncheons — Cocktails — Dinners Banquet Facilities "FAMOUS FOB FINK FOODS" DUTCH DOOR INN IltJSINKSB MKN'H LVNCHIKW Snrvcd I>«lly Our Hpoclolty — Full Coumo I.OMHTBB and STKAK IJINNKUH Mcrvfd Dnlly OABLTON JONES At Thu Solovox and I'lano Vour Favorite Tune Flayed A* You IJfcD It, SlmffMioftrd »na Telc.vUlon 7 BnOAD 8TKKKT BEYMOUR TKI,. 2800 U.S. products are sold by ahoe shops, hardware stores, independent tire dealers and other SMALL BUSINESSES. In America large companies and small companies depend on each other. United States Rubber Company Footwear Plant Naugatuck, Conn. JimMcNamee Sets New Conn. Record Shatters 440-Yard Free Style Mark By Four Seconds Jimmy McNiimeo, of ftitugutuok, Hot a new University of Connecticut, record for the -140-yard frne- Ht.yhj event yorttorUiiy, In piu'.InK the UConnn to a (10-1(5 victory ovnr Wor- coMter Polytechnic Institute. Thn local youth, n. noplioinore nl tint university, cliuriwd Ihu dlnlunco In. 0:18.4, knouklnj; ulmOHl four full seconds oft tho old record of 5'.17.2. Hn iilHo won thu 220-yard I'reoiilylo, In 2:20.3. McNtimo« wfia ix Htar with thu Sacred Heart High school tankers a few yeui'H atfo, anil wan one of Alex Mulllviin'M blKiioM point pro- ducui-H with YMC'A tank (cumo. NCHOI.AOTIC' UAHKKTIIALI., Hocrcd Heart 42, BlioUon 41, Crowby (10, Hartford' Pubic 31. Annonla 10, Wlll>ur CI'OHH 43, M<irlanu|ioli:i ,17, New Ifirvirlund School 24. Thomaston 50, Lltohfleld 33. Boynvtur 4H, Wiulurtown 30. HuKlonuV 37, Terryvlllo 82. Woodbury 45, Morris 28. Henry-Abbott 103. Hawlcy High 45. Wlllliim Hall 38, llrundon 33. Mlddlutown 35, Manchester 34. Plalrrvllle 43, Windsor 23. Wo<xlrow WIlHon (10, Wi>thnr»fii>lil 0. . Contml 00, Norwrilk 80. Falrflold Prop BS, Staples 29. Stratford 04, Alumni 40. TODAY a^ SUN At State Today T1<X. 404 KUNOAY uml MONDAY "JOHN LOVES MARY" with HomUd lleugan : >T»ch Carnon I' Ni-al ItlHO "Air Hostess" with Glorhi llrury l'"(trd Audrey — Tixluy — "A SOUTIIJSBN YANKEE' and "THK SKCRKT Hamilton Park Company of 17 ADM. 60e Donclna al 8:15 FREE PARKING LEWIS CARROLL Til* I>iml*r OB Ik* Hu»«r« «ENTKH RQTJAUK - OOUKKU PBOHJKCT • CWroH 8TBKKT* »»rc>>r TU* Bo»r« Cbron* TrM Ilimr *'r«m«» Window Hub * Frw.i V»lnti Flour H»»il»r» TKI.Kl'HOMB MNI If K'» Anythlnt lor Your Ftoor ARRAY fLOOR COVEKINO8 •0 DUmond 8t Tel. OBIS 3K1C THK NKW SYLVANIA TELEVISION •t Gerald's Appliance — New Low Prlcen — 87 BI'KINO ST. UNION CITY XB1.BTIIONK MM COMMKROIAL anil DOMESTIC KICrniGKUATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St., Beacon Falls Tel. 74tt Otll fl«67 SMAIIT FUBH Mn It e 8MAIIT GIFTS 1850 NO. MAIN ST. WATEHItmtV POLI Monroe brings his Orchestra "Tho Most Talked Ab >ut Bund In ' America" and his entire "Camel Caravan" revue to the •taxc of th« State theater. Hartford, today and aundny. VauKhn Monroe fouturcs all bin noted mu- s-lclaiiK, vocallstj) nnd entertainers. Including ZIKgy Tn.lcnt, Cece Hlakit, Ihu Moonmaldn, Karl Hummel, and lb» M<«)nm«n. Monr,:e will feature all hln newest record- Ing hits, Including "Lucky Old Sun," "Homcday," "Vlone Ht.' "Jolly Old Man In a Bright Red Suit." a* well as "Racing With tn e Moon," "There I've Said II Again," and numerous others. Added attractions Include Jay Lawrence, comedilan-impre'BioniBt, and Dick Hayman offering "Fun with I he Htorroonlcn," Vaughn Monnx/s "Owniol Caravan" oojwt-to-coa»'. broadcast wljl originate from the Btoge of the State theater, Hartford on Saturday fix>m 7:30 to to 8 p. m. niVOHCR «JBODN1»H Kontucky recognlxeH 19 «round» for dlvorco, more than any oilier state. ALCAZAR SUN. — MON. — TUES. Wllllum Gytho In "SPECIAL AGENT" nnd Illrhard Dnnnlnc . HlmlU "CAGED FURY" STRnna IEU> OVEI John WAYNE Veto RAISTON The FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN MONKO* *wtn "PROJECT X" • NEXT ATTKHCTIOBI I'OIItONIMO'l MJMNMir | Currier Electric Co. BtwIdnntUI — Commercial IndiiNtrlnl W1IUNU and ItEI'AlRS Wedtlmthounc Appllanoo* Tnl. Nuug. 4!«4 CAKBAK KRZYKOVBIQ 19 BBE3VNAN 8*. TKL. <1W Wee E»Unmte« Full Imniranoe <t»v«r>r« VaudeviJU for the Entire Family TODAY ; St«i<. Shown ;<:(JO - 8:00 - 0:00 8 BIG ACTS 8 VAUDEVILLE The Smoothies Slip, Slap & Slide TERRY BENNETT FA YNE & FOSTER CHESTER DOLPHIN A Co. BERNIE OEOROE BENSON & MANN THE DANWOODS MIKE DIVTTO and BAND — On THE THREAT with MlrhaH O'Khra Virginia Gray HOOVER 0 9 THE BEST $7950 Only Hi* Hoover CytliHlor Cl*«n*r ha* tt»» DM l|oc(*r «Hal fliekt out MM dIH wMt. owl mute ... wMiout fu*«. Cloanlnfl fool* yow tmn •*• loth without •toopliif. Hoovor quality throwaji ami through. IMM m LA^BA FVT O IPPffnV CARLSON'S 175-185 CHURCH ST, Naugatuck FRESHLY CUT BALSAM XMAS TREES Of High Qu&lity Go On Bale NOW I At The Y. M.C. A. WHILE THEY LAST A Volunteer Community Berries* Project of the Y'I Men's Club Store Schedule Week Dec. 19 to Dec. 24 Open Monday 9:30 to 5:45 Open Tuesday 9:30 to 8:45 Open Wednesday 9:30 to 8:45 Open Thursday ,9:30 to 8:45 Open Friday 9:30 to 8:45 Open Saturday 9:30 to 5:45 191-199 CHURCH STREET NAUGATUCK

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