Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 10, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's . . Celebrated Hats. Silk, Stiff and Soft. Spring Styles.— THE POCKET 1 GOPHEK. An Animal That Digs' Both mer and' Winter. Bum- t Llvci tho Llfo of a Horm.t Ea Ono Month In the Yeur—Soniu Information About fin Interacting Little A nlnm). ... DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Best .and Cheapest. FOOTWEAR In Town at Stevenson & Klinsick 403 Broadway. PERSONAL. Henry JUidwlg is visiting at Wu- bash, ,,7ohu Viuey find wife are visiting at Chicago. , William Winters of Wabash, is visit- in-S here. Miss Nettle Kempler Is visiting at L. GK PATTERSON * H«u opened a Fire and Accident Innur •nee office at 410 Broadway, up italn, m< •elicit* a share of the public patronage. None but First Clasi Companies Repre muted. THE FIRS F NATIONAL BANK -Of — LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA CAPITAL $200,000. A. J. Murdoclc. Prei. ' W. W, Rom, Ca«h. J. F. Brookmeyer, AMt. Ca»h. DIBXCTOBS: • W, H. BnnKhoiat, • Demili UaL V. M. Hanrood, . . W. T. WUaon. - BanklnK'ln ali Its Departments promptly anil carefully done. • Safety to Customers and Stockholder* •ought for. Strong Reterv* Fund maintained. •" & 8, Elce, -, Mart . Ymus, A, J. Mnrdoei. Free! Free! Free! We will. Give away.-this week one hundred Sample boxes [of Bragg's .Blood, Nerve, Liver and Kidney Capsules. Call and get a sample, B. P. Keesling Druggist. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY, JULY 10, 1800. Hammocks at yonr own price at Qeo. Harrison's. , Grant Hilton Is visiting ji sick slater in Missouri. • Miss Josephine Hale of Wabnsli 1 vtelting here. • • ' • •Miss Ella Cllnger of Mexico Is vJslt Ing in,the city, , I. N. Crawford was at Rochester yes terdny on business. Judge T. F. Palmer of Montlccllo w;i Jn the city Wednesday. Mr. Charles S. Price and wife of Ply mouth are visiting in the city. Messrs. Richardson and PJc.rce are n Chicago attending tho convention. . T. J. Tuley left yesterday for a two weeks' visit with his daughter and other relatives at Edlnburg, Johnson county Mrs. Isadorc Hoffman is visiting nt Wi.niiniMC. Myi-tle Aguew of Wlnaiuac is vislt- iiif; in tl:e city. ' , Fred Dyke-man lias reninied from tlio Cliiaigo conveutiOiU. I L, Mnrsh'fif Biirincltsvillfl, wn.s iici'e I yesterday on business, Honry Biu'jcuum of Cliicagops vlsit- tiiK relatives MI. this city. WiJl Floyd, Hie mail carrier, is taking in tlie Chicago convention. Sol Conn of Winnniac, was in the city yesterday on business. Henry Bennett of Biimettsvillo, was hero yesterday on business. Jlrs, M. .T. Clopp of Minneapolis Is visit ins Mr. and Mrs, Gottlieb Schaffer Misses Clara and Bertha Greensfelder are tlie guests of relatives at Lafayette. Misses Emma and Hannah Wtuslo-w, of Fort Wayne, are visiting In the city. Miss Sadie Gardner, has returned to ler home in the city after a visit at Wa- hrish. Mr. Sherman Sylvester luus returned o tliis city after a visit with his pa reins it Brtngliurtit. Peter Walirath, E, M. Howard and >r. M. A. Jordan have-refamied.from he Cliiengo convention. Alice Stels of Winnmacvlslted friends n .this city yesterday while en route roni Tiffin, O,, to her. home. The Logansport &.. Wnbasb VaKcy Gas compa by-Is .taxed on $138,000 worth f property.Jn Howard county. Henry Stoil^ Will Shroeder nnd Henry lelber mndo a flying trip to Adams- WTO Wednesday evening on their heels. Mrs. Charles McCarthy has returned o her home In. Chicago after a visit with her sister; Mrs. Andy Welch of the Ea.s-tend. ". v ' ( Jacob Oppenheliner, ' wlio has bwn visi'ting his uncle, Ell Greensfelder, returned to his home at Lafayette yesterday on his wheel. Messrs. Sntton, McFadln, Shanahan A human being who should possess a dwelling- half a mile long 1 would be con • eidered a very important personage by his fellows; but he wonJd have, at that, an abode only one-half as long ns the dwelling 1 which is often constructed by a very little.animaJ:—the creature'callcd the "pocket g-opher" in the west and the "salamander" in the south, A report on this little creature .recently issued by the United State) department of ag- ; riculture- declares ' that 'the burrows 1 : dug by a single animal would, if, straightened out. In many cases meas-; ure more than a mile. ..-. . ' The pocket gopher digs .as-long us he lives, extending his .burrows from, year to year. He digs oil summer and! generally nil winter, for he does not hi-.! bernate. He is probably the completest! mucbunlcal dagger fn existence. '-All; his life is passed underground, except- when, for an instant, on. rare occasions,. he emergesinto the air to push a load of earth from a freshly opened .hole,. But "he vanishes below the earth so quickly that he ca.n hardly be said to be seen at all. Except for one month of the year, the mating season, all pocket gophers live an entirely solitary life, and, like most other hermits, they .are of an extremely sj^rly disposition. They will fight vice*usly on all oucafilo'ns, nnd they hnvis '•a, remarkably formidable weapon in their long, sharp'front teeth. They arc of nJI living creatures the ones most perfectly adapted-to digging in the ground. They are short-legged, thick set, almost reckless, without visible ears, and with extremely small eyes. In tunneling in the earth' they use their long nnt) powerful'frrin.t teeth a» a pick to loosen the ground. At the same time the forefeet, which' are armed with long curved -"claws—Me FOR A Coat 98c up. Too hot to live without it Tan Shoes worth $3 and $5 cool and stylish choice for $198, 62c for White Vests, cool and Dressy. 62c for natural Linen Pants very comfortable. Awarded .Highest Honors—World's Fair. DR, CREAM BAKING PWDM MOST PERFECT MADE. . m Grape -Cream of Tartir Powder. Fret f Ammonia, Alum or my other adulterant 40 Ynus the and Eckert and Mrs. Rufus Livingston and daughter have returned 'from the Chicago convention.' Mrs, Bridget O'Donnell of Chicago, has bean called to this city by the serious illness of her sister, Miss Kate Mc- Glynu, of Fourth street. Bruce Ylugllng leaves this morning on.his wheel for his home at,Liina, Ohio He will attend Saturday's races at Ko- koino.on the way, -Mr, Tingling rides nn eighteen pound Columbia racer that he won In a speed contest. Mr, and Mrs. Fred Bebee, of Tncoma, Wash,, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Walter Osiner. They are enroute home from their wedding tour. Mrs. Bebee Is a daughter of Mr. Mason, who former ly lived here. They will spend several days Im the city. NEW STEAMSHIP C.INS. Jttpunoe Kntnrprlxo to Operate IJetwecn Unit FruaclMcu and ,Fitpan< There is every probability that within the .next six oioiithsanew steamship line will be in operation between the port.of San Frnhcisco and. Yokohama. The pi'i[;.L'ip;ii object of the new company is to secure cheaper freight rates on goods exported from the mikado's realm, fn tirnt; n combination freight and passenger service will be put in operation. The establishing 'of a line controlled entirely by Japanese between San Fran- cinco and .Tapun would be a hard .blow to the Pacific Mail Steamship company. The cheap labor employed ,\>y the foreign corporation would probably place t in n position to"-make an interesting reduction in: freights, 4'ncient -Kninalnn. • The remain* of lake-dwellers, such as have been, found^nt Burton "mere, in Suffolk, England, and /near Giaston- iurg, in Somerset, are «upposed. by. some to date back so far as 200 B.C. An Example of lateral. A dollar- loaned for 300 years and com- x>unded at 24 per cent,.will increase to 2,551,799,40-1 duruig that time, Hlffhagt Mountain In Vermont. : Mount, Mnnefleld,. .4,430 feet high, takes precedence : of all .other* in: Vermont. - ',.:-. ' •'-.-- • ::•' -•-• side of the toes being- lined in turn with, bristles which prevent the.dirt from passing 1 between them—n re hard" at work both in digging nnd in pressing tho dirt back under the body. Then the hind feet take it. and push it further back. . •'-. ' When earth enough, has been accumulated behind the gopher.he .whirls about, and by bringing bis wrists together under the chin, with the palms I of the hands hold vertically, he pushes the enrt.li out in front; ' '"•'•' He will move backward as rapidly as forward, anil can push dirt^either-way. His movement in digging-often seems as rapid and automatic, ns^that of a shuttle. ' ' " ' '. Except in times of deep frost the burrows ore seldom more than ai foot underground, and generally about six inches. The gopher is In pursuit of roota of all kinds—gross roots, tree roote, potatoes and other tubers. . He is immensely destructive to.crops, dud one gopher has been known to gnaw away the roots of a tree so completely that the tree will topple over in a slight wind and fall flst. This is not hard to understand after we have been assured, as the zoologists of the department of agriculture assure us, that a |X>cket gopher can make 200 complete strokes with his teeth in a minute. Its jaws are so arranged that 38 distinct single cuts are-maole-by tb« forward stroke of the jaw and 88'by'the backward stroke. Thus, it ,iwHl.. be seen, the little creature's, jaws, may make a grand total of 13,200'cutsiamin- ute when in active'operation.' The pocket gopher—*h«->nam"e : "l& 1 'applied to several species qJjjthje.jGpomj;^ tribe—is. Indeed, eo destructive; tha,t jn many parts of the west-jbpu.nti.tB. are offered for its extermination. ifine.Jpwa- county paid.$14,000 in sucbJ.bQiwitles in a single year without an.fl-pprecjable. reduction .of the animarw.H»y,ag*B,; This represented a destruction-^-jl<^p v p,QO go- < . At intervala, seldom rj?ojy th.apa-.-lew rods apart, the pocket jjepher; co.inea to the surface to throw.fuptJi.Jjjttle hill of dirt, but the opening,^$ch Jje-in,akes Is closed <by being pnqVftd *ftr full ;Ot dirt that no trace of the.tjunnel.^ visible except the little mound,t-jv-i^oJ '»•-.:, r The gopher goes on dlggin'g'jnlwin-. ter as well ns In the sumnjeirvb-jiitfif -the fcost prevents.him from.coming!to.-the- surface he uses a cross section-of-W*"tunnel into which to..,packi the.;earth which he has dug for htei.nexvyexcavar- tions. These packed cylinders of earth are often turned up by gt.he.-,farmer*. ' ' SUPPLY YOUR WANTS AT HOHE! Comfortably Clad. Don't go into the rush with your heavy Woolens- KRAUS "Of Course" V NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR ••(•:.!> 10 •••.'. I U . MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER LOGANSPORT. WNE GOHPLETE. a ey Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. If. by Inadvertenw, ;the-pocket gopher, leaves an. exi.t--.,open'- >ttitf ;"bull! Jnake" is very apt toventer^and.ifjhe: does, the gopher's , death -to certain^ He is covered with slime by. the serpent- and swallowed. .'\. :,-...-.'-.;..,-^ -:•'.-.-• But the weasel is the: gophers chief. enemy. The largest, weaseh enters the- burrow and travels'itswMtlyi'and-weas-v. els have cleared a- whole .section. of country of pocket gpphere.when boon- > ties have failed. : .,-,-.•.•..':>;•; :.-.-•. ..,.•:/ But it is said that,-even-.'In ^regions where the pocket gopner.-ls.'most destructive.- the'weasel.-Is condemned by the farmers and; -killed-vmercilessly. This Is one lnatance'/bf many ofi^tlie slowness of,,manldnd" ; to. recognize friends In the animal.ybrld.:.-•- . • v.-^-i Owls and hawks alsat'isucceed in capturing many gophersViln-rsptte 1 .' of th* merely lnatantaneou*appearnnce ef-the- creatures above the groTind.—Youth't: Companion..-.- •-;".'• '-Vw-wsr; V-<^- ; ,^i;-;;.,•: gfS If you want a Tailor Made Suit don'tjfor- of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing; Jmii|tlno» Erpry AoytnitfObJwti •« ».Der. r ' : A^pet'dog belonging to Farmer Ben- nc.tt ( : near Pryden; Mich., was blown ^UvUyi'.during-.^tlve'jJate cyclone;.' ilr. nierj-celtl.posteii a-rcVn'rdpf ten dollars '*°r" ( '.tlie^ dpg-'s 'retu'rh;'' Th'i.- other day !theVarjimal-\»as .'dificovrred in a piece io'f wOo'ds-nenr .Berv.lk>', J8 miles.froiii Whites of-three ejrg»:(wHr*ked-lo a •tanding 1 -froth; tbreeitenrtlw .ofc"a pound "of powdered pound of sweet pounded to a paste. When-beaten fine and smooth, work.graijuajlly^lnib.tie JciD^.r 'Flavor'•wHtK"'i»TTif«V" ^'ii/*». nw^ 1 -'. rosevtater.. .'tlie'cyelone, but as yet all :cffOrta;tp cyipture'h.ift; (uivc proved' vain. JHiB.'s'cenjs'to .regard. ivory, moving object as a herakl of another tbrnhdo and vanishes instnnter.-- - ....... , " 'An Old EniclUli Coin. / , ; . .': A. gold coin, first used in France, and introduced into England in the reign of lEdword IV., ^'os called the angel. Its value., was' about jter ; Bh_iIling.s. .ft was impressed with ,-S.t.:. Michael and . the 'dragon, hence the nanie." The angel •wari discontinued 'in .'the. scven.tepii.th lientnry. This coin. iva» well known in thevday s' of Shakespeare,- who used the tenja.iri various plays. In -"The Merry Wives" .lie says: .''H» hatJi. : a. legion of a-iig-els," and '-again 1 ;" '-'' j |' n d myself, 20 angels given me th-is 'm'orning." The bonnet piece ;wds- l A :: golcf coin of Janies of Scotland, so colH'd .from 'he. :head-. being' decora teJ'^with a ACTED LIKE PALE FACES. Indian Women Overcome* by Rrootton at UClit ot Their Stricken- Hclntlvcu. An aiTectiug seen? occurred atHush- ville, Neb., the other morning, w four Indians who were .'-eceutly doncd from the penitentiary a't Sioux Falls, S. D., arrived on the train and met their i-eople from Ihe Pine Ridge agency. All of the cx-convk'ts were a.Tiietec! with scrofula, which is indicated by au nnlarg'cinont of the glands ct the neck. This disease is recognized as fatal. This fact is known among the Indians.and when the fathers, mothers and sisters of (hc.se men saw them'get oil the train and recogni/ed the fatal disease the men stood in stoical silence, but the women fell on the ground ant rent .the air with their shrieks anc screams, und gave woy to the wildcs amentatlons.. Judg 1 ? Burns,.who was )resent, soys It was:nne of the most pa- rhetic scenes he ever witnessed. bonpet instead p( ..-o crown.. , coined In i-Frbm toeir, bpavty t and elegunco °i. Hjppeuraiici»,'thi!J[-ni:e ampny;th« moat • faJced'Curipsities'bf 7 the"- antiquary.—-, Jhieafifo.fnter Ocean. ,-: i«:^i&-i.'t>.-. •.'.' -;'<w»*a9r- sv '^*i Tho Ftnt Brltlnh The dukedom, the most elevated dig'- :nlty in the Britisb^Mcrage, was first Introduced by Ed^pBTlII. who crcot«4 his eldest son, t^^laek Prince, duke of Cornwall. ThiKitle has always been borne by the eldest son of the sovereign. In thr Tnlted bcatw. " This/country has I;000.000 miiea'of telegraph , wiro»—-enough to. rf ach 1C' times around the glob*. . Tbc Dmonn DucJona. ^ There was opc<- a deacon on Cape Cod who heard early oqe morning that there hud hevn n wreck on the beach m>ur his house. He hurried down with a couple of pillow-caws; filled one with sugar, hid ii iimli-r the bank and went *" 10 look for uiort- g-roccries. Wbile he was gone Ji neighbor came along on .the same errand, caught'sight of the pillow cose, cm plied it into his own bog andireDlk'd it with sand. By and by the deacon returned empty-handed, and oajTicd off bis pillow-case without noticing the change. In fact, he filled hi* sugar bowl and tried toswcetcn his coffee before he found out how badly hft bad Dft'n t retired. Tlien he \viis so in- djgnant that hi? confessed afterword; "1 was nlniosi wicked enough to wisk there might never be another wreck oa this her<> roast again." lo roll a fllun'R Prof«-Hn!oa.. • . Curious as it seems there is • di«- tiuct relation between man's pursuit* ond the color of man's hair. An unusual proportion of men with dark, »traight bair enter !.h« mintRtry; red-. whiskered men are npt to be given t* sportiDg. and boi-se flesh.' while the tall, vigorous, .blonde man., lincul descend*. ont of t.he A'ikiiifrs. still vontrlbat» ft large contingent to traveler* and end* n Ans:?»H«. : ' -. ' . The cyclirg crczc crnount* to » po* IHrg mania In Melbourne. '' - ' $fe^i£ii;!K!^^

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