Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 17, 1949 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1949
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Today's Chuckle "There wan an old woman who Uvrd In a shoe," so this shortage of houM-K IH nothing new, VOL. LXIV, NO. 295 ugaturk WKATIIKfl Xunny unil >»<I-<>»I|MB milder I,, day, Kulr nnd nul. no cold tonight, (hi) low in |h<: middle 20's. Tomorrow, miinlly sunny hut with grad- u«l Inercnsini; cloudiness. Qc.riuilon- al rain likely !atc Sunday night. "Dedicated To Community Public Service ESTABLISHED 1885 TKMTKRATURK RKPORT Midnight, 21; 3 a. m., ID; fl a. m. IS; 0 a .m.. 18; 10 n. m., 23. First Photos Of Freed U. S. Consul Homeward bound aboard II,,. S. S. l.ulielund Victory, U. K. Consul <>„. oral Angus Word and his wife enjoy their first American food sine,- thf. formers rolous,, l.y (!„, Chliu«.o Communists, l:,, roul,. <o Yokohama. Japun. Ward U.rm<.(J his urrost "atrocious." (|,,t. Uudlophoto) An examination of t. S. Consul General Angus Ward (left) 1* nmde £ h f « , »-h««-"«l Victory off T le,,t»| n . China, by ,,r. William B*sch of Boston, Mu*s, Ward and four others, jailed by ChlncH,, Hods ^jilnce Oct. !A, arc en route to the V. S. (InU-rnaUntml RudlophotoJ Hoover Report Campaign Opened By Jr. Chamber Truelove, Davids Urge Public Study Findings Of Board "If you think you rnluM like lo be President of the United States, n study of the Hoover Report might change your mind," said Frederick C Trunlovc. Jr.. chairman of "Op- ern(lnn Economy", number one project of the Ninigatm-k Junl»i- Chamber of Commerce, In a statement Issued today. The Commission on Organisation of tho Executive Branch of the Government, better known as the "Hoover CommlnNlcm". Includes the following data on Ihr nnd lot of our Chief JCxecutivr in Hn report und recommcndatluns, according to Mr. Truelovr: All sound prlncjplcn of Kood bii.nlnesn admlnUtrullon are violated insofar UN It. In now possible for the President to midntain a clear line of command from top to bottom of th" I'Vflcnil flovern- mcnt orffani/atU.n over which he Is the boas. Sudly cnouKh, The Ex- .ccutlve Branch of tho U S. Gov- rrnmnnt Is wid.'ly dlsorf:nnl2ed, utates the Hoover Report, with multitudinous iiKencleH which lire too numerous for effective direction from the Chief Executive and which promot.' wasteful rtmipctl- tion ,-ind duplication. Here is why the President's job is not an ensy one; there are 1.810 component part-, of the Executive Branch, employing 2.W»2,1WI people in nine dcpartriienls, 10-1 bureaus 12 sections, inxt KPrvlces .11 branches, .(fin office.M. 0:11 divisions, H) nd- Dilnislratloriii, nix nKenr.-lcs 1C, ureu'i 40 boards, six commands 20 commissions. 19 corporations. five Kroups. 10 hend<|iiarters 20 units 'hrr-.- nuthorltlen, nn.l 2fl.'i mlscel- lan.-oiis nnd functionally dcHlKnati-d parts. And hero | K why you probnbly wouldn't ii«,. tin- Presidents Job ncr.irdlnK to Oialrrnan Truelovo no less thnn 65 varied (U-pnrtrncnts, iil»i'nclcs, etc., now report directly 'o the President. Therefore, even if the President, works 00 hours n week, he cannot effectively Huper•'Int 1 all his employes rcgardl'ms nT will-diet' lie ncKlncin all of tho n-iil If hln »)any diillen. About r.O attended n muutlng iif '.he Beacon' Valli-y (Jruiigo Friday night, at. which Dr. Harold IE. Davids, secretary of the Junior Clinmbcr, WIIM principal speaker. "H co«t« tbi; K"VKrnirii-tit more than $10 for the procesninK 1 of each voiiulsltlon and more than half of the items requisitioned cost ir-sn 'h«n $10," he /laid. Thompson Reeleded Brotherhood Pres. Carl W. Thompson, prcsldc-iil, and all other officern of the P.roth- ••rliood of Salem l^iitheran church were reelecl.i-d at HIM nnniial bnn- fHii'l. and meellnir limt nil/lit In the church hnll. Home 101) mon of the parish attended the affair. Other officers rrcleclnd were Arthur Parson, vice prenldcnl; Willis O. Peterson, secretary; Herbert J. Bohlin. treasurer, and Clayton Hel- ']iiiHt. financial MccrcUiry. Tho Rev. Harry J. ICkslnm. minister of the Hllls'du Conj,'r,;K«HonHl church wrus tho principal .speaker. Devotions were In charge of the Rev. Moniild I,. Kent. rnlnlHter of .'•Inlcm {.uthernn church. The affair started with a turkey Hiippcr rveil by members Hi' Ihi- Hvnn- lie-line <.'lrcle of the church. WINK OFF Miimi- miKle wine Isn't us popular ifi Connecticut IIH It lined to be. The Hartford office of tin- alcohol 'HX unit reports Hint only r>2!i pnr- mltH hiivo been Issued this yi-ar In I!)I7, more than 700 (ii-rMnns implied for permits to malic up to 200 KH|inns of tax-free wine. Letter From Santa Claus ••*•+***»+*•*-•••*•++***•»+**+. Thf North P..lo Dear Children, P.riKhf :md i-iirly this rnornin;: Mother Claii.« -..-id I climbed cur, ->f our nice wiir-n heds und crupl stealthily down tho s'.nii-s. Once in thi- big. t-lonn kitchen Mother Clau.- KOI out I'.-ivo-! of bread. cho«..i,-. meat, jelly find peanut b'.ii.- tor. While sho mndi- pntato saliid. ri!l.-<l a thormo-i with hot cucoii .md got out the rookies. I made i-lf •fizrd nandwh IK-.I. T\M-KV wo pack':..! in a huge hiimper. Then wo went to nwak*-n tho f-U-oH. ••SurprlHi-. surprise," we irrle,] :^ vr wrnt III rough the elves «Un-pl:i,f loft over the toy shop. "We. are nil K'.inK on n plrnic today. B<- n-jn- n your fur clothes And HO they did. lo put boots." "Oh. Simla,' t hi-y i-rlcd. "wh-i -.; f.te we going? ' "Hh. ' |. t -i!|ilied, 'i hut Is a secret." Of course Molh- •;r Cfaus knew that we were goln-; lo take tlic- hack lam- down lo lh«- muglc (."lirlHlman Tree | forest. un'.l Thut's whore we KH every year. Hut wr; never tell them. 1 think the "Ive.M thl-msi-lveH MIlMpect but l!l.-v never li-l on. Yf>u ^ll(nlld hiivc Monu IIH -IH we i left the toy shop. All of the ->lv^p were pulling rod sleds and wearing warm, fur clothes. ICverybody sang lo lli<- /tiuiilc of liny idelgli beii.-i iitnched (c. tin.- lips of their IIII-H. Ihr Kill liir UK- ii fun ••mil" rUnsi- stun-. prnim win. hni> olilnk«WHkl at Tel. 4S92— Adv. — Ki',-|. jiinr ,-lillilri-n h.Milltij. Hern- II ..... i (in-lit (Ink t-'nrniH l'ii»tiieri!«.-'' milk. Cull -.0111 |,,r (tullvi-rj,— ,VflT NEWS-Salem Party Draws About 1,000 Santa Distributes Gifts Following Picture Show A thunderous cheer from Iho throats of I.Ofifi little voices nearly rattled the roof of the Sulorn | Playhouse thiw morning when Santa Clium walked down the aisle waving and shouting hello to the ItldH for the second (Imp t.hla week at. the fourth annual Nniiga- tuck NKWa-Halem Playhouse the- ulor jwrty. San La, who vltilted hero Th urn- day afternoon after n fast, hi-llrop- er ride from Che North Polo on Invltntlnn from the NIOWS re- tui-notl to Nfiujratuck early' this morning. •i,J«i'V""'" thnn ' l WMk '"""''Y ^1.000 Natigatuck and Beacon Fall'-. yrmnB-rterH of thn first, m-nnd and Ililrd •|r|-a,le fl |,,,.v,, been looking r..i'ward („ |h|,, •mornltiK'M parly Ihey wore hern early. n y H-,30 "clock Olnirch Hlreot, north to Maple nlr.-et, ,,nd a l.tng'lhy por- wui ',','•"",'• " U ""' 1 W<lr " J" m '""'I with Idd-uKlandlng in n no wnMnK to enter tho thenter. As they .Hcramblod through the theater doors, they rushnd for »«nU n» doping to find one of tho lucky seats for which Bant-i "warded gifts. Screnms o /<,'•/ W "''" "•""•' '""'" « hci " ;; r 'mew nnd cnrloom, and funny movies nilod thn the•'••'«n. Tliilph 7>,,,,ho fro-,,, experience what Die ymmKHterM wanted In tho ,ln« o" t-ntoi talnmenl nnd they had It | n « woll-roundert show Before entering- tho theater San'?, ,r, ' !',"" cr iho wonderful re. Th ""I " " t , 1 " RC chlld ''"' Rive me Thursday afternoon, I Just, couldn't May ,,w, iy ,.,,!„ morning. M v little elves at the Polo are working »«« T r n w h"° ' " m hf!rft to m '"« fu " " >nd " Ho also thanked the mnnnire- H fo Inviting hl'm to the pr, r(v . Af- l-ni- his words of welcome. «„„(„ »ch«d into his huge bag and -r -her goodies „, thr , y ,,, r| 'Her A large , )Urr •„, „, -o die l "'."""' f ' 1 " '"'' l ' i ondln,, l,, (.,„, ,, M))|)y Ib-V he.,, |e,| f,,,- h'l-nii- Special ,,.|f tM dlMtrlhulecl by Hnnla CliuiH w,.,,, ,, onatod , , h / f|>J ^'. l ing Mtores: Rubin's, Wcls H Ben 300 Attend NHS Choir Concert Mori- than 300 perimnM wore on bund last night nt tho Naugatuck High ii-hool auditorium, for /, c<m- '•ert of fhrlnlimin mtislii !«, t|,,. High school A C'ap)|M.|ln. «ht>lr Mist, Ba.fbiii-ii. Burtnott, a ,'onlor (iliidont nnd voice pupil of 7<afh- ryn MiHchlilr.,, Frnn, was T«al m -ed iiololsl. of Hit, nvonlrig, U|,i) minif "Tho Virgin's .Slumber Wong n H Snowln;;" unit "O Holy NirM " Several nelectlons were rendered by th,- Hra.-is Quartel under Iho direction of Milton Hpi'kowlty,, Proco.o<l K from the concert, will be used 1,, finance a. |H T , to Ni-w llayon where the choir will n \ nK wit), tho New Haven Symphony. On luoiHlny tJhe choir will bro-id- oant .iver Radio Station WBRV from 7:or, („ 7:30 p. „,„ ,, n( , „„ WednMiday Hie &•(,„,, will participate In a program ».( n , merllnp- of the NaiM{ii(urk Rotary Chi),. ' Burning Rags Cause South Main St. Alarm Smoke billowing f,. om „ (hroo- famlly house aL ISIS .South Main Htroel, owned by Thomas Jackson, caused considerable excitement but IHI.Io damiig,, at 5 .o'clock last evening, Klro Chief John J. Sheridan ropnrlM. l-'lremon woi'o called during t.ho S o'clock niMh hour to ex- tlngulsh fire In a pile of rags in iho biiMement of tho houiie. The house Is occupied by the Rrondrlck and Sylvia families, Chief Shcrldnn repiirtH. SHOPPING DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS A halplng hand lo tomvono at th Chriitmoi teuton Wormi you both and brlngt you bleuingt beyond reason. — Hniiw tlri'H, y«tm- p»r phalli*, hiui lor wliili-r. l>rlvi> In tu J3ATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1949 Child's First Sight A Xmas Tree Leased Wire Servica of the United Pren 6 PAOES PRICE FIVE OENTI Aflv, . i Miiloi'M, 1811 llnlilipr Avi'.- IVhen (,yo-.v,.,,,..o| ( l Su/.u,,,,e Hlsh, held hy hw f»ther. 1'nul, In their I Cnllf.. home, «,, w hi-r first OlirlHliniif, tree, shit ,-rled: "I.lirhts I 1..I.I.V. lots ',, lots a ll(tl,t!" It m,ulo her parimtt. very happy l"r»,,Nn Hhe wa., se,,ln« for th,, first llm... Hu^,,,,,,, !,„„, „,«£ c^arLtT v," both pupils, underwent her fourth o^erntloM two weeks ,. K o. Hhe h»« .- : V< - ' "" <I ',1 K " H "" t . 1 ! < : r j! f ll l" ''.V'^"l','rat,lou. (U,(. Konndpholo) Woman Injured, Five Autos Damaged In Three Accidents Waterbury Policeman Held For Receiving Stolen Goods Waterbury A light pick-up truck, driven by Cdward Wysockl, 37. of Prospect itrect WIIH badly damaged lasl ilKht In a crnah with a parked :ar occupied by Minn Marlon Pns- :»), -'ii-l J'rontiect. sLraol, on Cnndoe oiid. pnllco rnport, • Wysnckl wan InivollInK wont <m l.ho road when ho struck the Pas:el car. Tho Impact drove the Paa:el cur tip a bank whom It rolled iver on Un nldu. No one WII.M Injured, pollco «aid, but both vehicles wore badly damaged. Patrolman Frank Mariano Inves- i?alod and arrested Wysockl on a. charge of violating the motor vohi- :1« Inws. ffo WIIH schnduled to ap- jionr In Horounh Court thin morn- Ini;. In n second crash last nljjht Frank Mimhlnnkl, TiR, o[ 74 Ifern Htroel. wan arroNtod on a charge ovadlriK renponsllilllty uftor bin car struck a parked car on Church root, operated by John Hlmpson, Hoacon Fnlln. After the Impact, MUHhlnnkl continued on hin way, pollen Maid, Hlmp- won gave chiisn and ovnrtook MllHtv Inskl on rtubber nvonuo. Munhln- »ki Is scheduled to appear In court Monday mnrnlnff. Police report no one wan lnjiin>,| | n the ncciitont. In another crn.H/i lant iilnht, Mm, Joseph Rodltln. 14 Hurry Lune iiuf- ferod a laceration nn the sldn of r hr-ad when a «'iir opuralod hy her husband cniMhed Into a utility pole on Qiilnn street., UodltlH told police ho lost control of tho car while drlvlriK iiiiulb on Ibo alroot, K l be potit bond on, Pollcii mild the front end of the car wan extensively damaged. Mrs. Rodltin Ireated by I tr. ICdwIn R.. Curran. West Side Rubbish Collection Monday Weather permitting, rubbliih will i collected on tho wcHt. side of the iriiui:h Monday, Superintendent of Streets l.n" .1. lirophy said today, lie. links that. ro.Mldontii wait until late tomorrow night or early Monlay morning lo place rubbish In front (if Ibi-li- linnioM beoause of hn poiinlblllly df (mow or othdr had weather which may make It. Impon- ilble for workers "to make collec- lons. Ili-milil If It snowM or there s a fi-ee/.ln|- ruin, inomborM <if thi< leparlment will ho nouded to clear itroetji. Arroalud on a charge of receiving Htolcn 'ifuodn, Supornumorary oolleoman Nlcholan DoMatteo has uonn suspended from tho pollen dc- Dnrtnionl by .Snpnrlritondont William J. Roach. Tho BUMponslon chnrgcH "conduct unbecoming nn office)'". The offlcor'M arrent IH the third 'n a aarl(w In connection with tho theft of merchandise from tho Orlnvo, Hlsuet and Holland Department iitore, North Main street. Othet'B arrontod In tho enso arc George H. Lynch, 40, of Waterbury, a watchman nt tho st.oro and Barbara. Horiimi,' 33, alMo of Waterbury, Lynch IM troej under It'MOO bond nnd MlR« Bemtin IN fron tinilnr bniulB of tl.CUO. Police mild window drnpen nnd chlldroii'ti clothing were found In OiiMatteo'a avenue, - homo, 00 Court land Ml. Mury's HospKul The board of dlracrtoro of Ht. Mary's .Hunpital bus rocolvod plans (or the addition of a. I'lfl.h floor to pruvldo upiicn Tor a. new X-ray 'lopiirtmnnL. The hoard also om- powor tho executive!-r.ommiUeo' to prr-puro plans for an addition l o 'he nui'MiiH homo, with a. IKJW build- Ing of 7fi jirlviil.n roonm and four nt thu <:lK8BrooniH to bn urccled «f South Elm and Union cormir vlreoii Tho Ruv, EuKoni! P, Cryno, pan- tor of Ht. Patrick's Church wai namnrl prr-Mlrlnnl of the honplta' coriPorat.loK tn nucijoud the lul, MMKI'. FninulH M. O'Hhen. Namoil a Mlror.tor was tho Rov. Ch/trlo» M Kavanagh. Tho hospital ban soi'vod the pnople of Walerlmry and area 1'or thi) punt 40 yeni-H, Hurvlcim In- durlniK 1046. Deaths SANFOKIl, Samuel, 85, of z» Grovo utrcet. Nau^atiick, In Nnu- «ti.luck. Dec. Ifl, ' 1IM9. Funeral Monday aflonioiin n.t 2 o'clock nl the Aldnrtton Funeral Homo, 201 Mendow «troot. Burial In Grove cnmelery. li'rlcndn may call at .tho funeral home tumor- row afternoon and evening from 3 to 5 and from 7 to !) o'clock. Dan Sweeney Opens Dec.26 With Shubert's In Boston NaiiKiit uck'n popular tenor In jjo- iK big time! nanlcl Sweeney of Cherry sti-eot linn signed a contract with Shu- borl'ii, and will bo imderntudy l.o ho load tenor In "The Merry opening December 20 In Mr. Sweeney will start rohoiiralnR •vith the troupe tomorrow In the St. James Theater^ New York. Uu»nn Koslor has l,h« soprano Uuid and Wilbur Kvann is tinrltonc 'end In the production. Mi\ Hwnftriey has loriK 1 boon a favorite lunor ulnger In this entire uren. It has long boon predicted 'hal the rich qualities of hln voice 'inrt hlM eiifiy mannerisms In non- cert performances would lend iho •vtiy to major mu-cesnoR. ilhtyv In wiu imnir ui.plli.riiM-H Iriini a romjili'ti. iu, v i, im , H(H mul K hn nivlilim-t imHiirtmi-iit,— Ailv, Youngsters 4^ To Be Guests ForCommunity At Parties CarolPro s™> Clubs, Churches Will Be Hosts Sunday Afternoon Is deop In the spirit of ChrlHimiiH and l.hlii weekend numerous cliiba, societleti and tihurchnn will bo howts ».t parlle.H, mu.Mlc festivals, pagrjtits, and other events related to the Tomorrow cflernoon, more than 700 children will be nnletinlnod at parties of thu Naugatucli A(!i-lo ol 'ICoKlnn and t;hc Union City Community Club. Thn 3Iinfli aniiun) children'!! party of tho ISu.glcs will bo held In Odd Fellows ball, starting at 2 o'clock. Santa Claus will ho presont to distribute gifts to between 300 and 400 children. Re- froi:ihm«n1n will be served and members of tho Naujrntuck Junior Police Corps will assist the E:>.jflen In conducting tho party, William -I. Htokew and Theodore Kllmiui- /.owrtkl urn co-chiib-moii of m-rungo- Aftor the dhlldron'n G"-"'ty. mem- beni of 'I,h0 lCa,gl<m will follow a 32-y»«ir old custom of vlnillng the residents of iMoudowbrook home whore they will a(?l ,.ln distribute Union City Some 100 Union City youngd'ton, [ire expected at the first party of he Union City Community Club to lie held nt a o'clock tomorrow .-if- tornoon In St. Mary's church basement Santa will bo there with Klfts for nil tho children and ,- 0 'III hn nerved.' Wnltor - If chairman of tin. committee. l Coliimbln Hull At ColumftiiB Hall tomorrow i,f. torr "° on _ ttt ' 2:15 °' clock - 90 children >r J?t. Francis' school will present Chrlstmtns iplay under the dlret- "n |f B»wtcr E5d(na Marie f :>i-> members of tho Council of Catlio- Ic Women and their jruost*. After !ind ft'T mombeil « " f «*o ^uncll and tholi- guests W ||| have tea Timfifht Tho Naufftttuck Junior Woinnn's 1U third the Hotel BHot,. Waterbury, Mr,,. Thomas Dowilngr Is chairman and she reports that a l«r« 0 attend '">c« i. expocted, Ifcincln" to "h« of Al Vlellette and 1,1° or Wl " h ° nBjoyod '">" »* ' ' "Tho Cairo of the HlmnKe Bnby" wll be presented by mnnrt.ero of the Pilgrim Fellowship of the Con- Ki'Ojfatlonal church Buhdny afternoon nt 4 o'clock in the' parish Mouse. Moimboi-H of the Fellowship thoir pixrentM and frlendii aro Invited to attend, Mom»)or» of Mm cart arc Charlotte Wood, Ruth „', Cubby Lyonn, Joan Tuthlll Hum,,, Llttl,,, Sally Walker, Clara IB director of: the "'"•''let Roernor li* »*•„ I) AN 11C!, SWKKNEY "•"> A community enrol sing In tho '«»«•*» asrtn«« B win rtnrt ,,. t 4 Yl'H'k tomorrow nfternoon. with hlldron of tlio^aroa to miirch (Continued on Page Throe) Two Soloists Sololsl.B for the Community Christmas Carol Hlng to bo held nt. ',hc Horsctmoe on The Green Thursday evening, D«c. 22, starting (it 3:30 o'clock, arc announced by the PlillharmonlCH of Naugatuck, spon- jom of the event. William Boyd, tenor, and Joyce Ann Knnehl, soprano, both of Nmi. K'atuok. will render Heleollons ilur- infC tho program. A I.Vmlniite Hmn- tiond orjfim prelude will bo hcnrd from H:3f> to 8:45 o'clock, after which thf. Sing will b« hold. Jack Conwny, director of The Plnymukci-fl, will servo us muster if ceremonies. Tho Philharmonics hiivi! planned only two soloists, In ^in attempt to reiiorvo iimri! tlmu fur uorn in unity Hinging of i.h« familiar inrols, VarlouM organists will participate in tho program, which Is! under tho ".halrmnnnhlp of Melvln P. ICngol- ilnd. Milton Borkowllz will direct 'ho singing. LlKhtlng and acoustical effect n will bo undor tho direction of Raymond Currier of the Currier Electric Co,, with the public udilr«HM HVMtoin lo l)r eonlrll)iil«i) by Die U. H. Rubber Co. footwear plant. • U i« expected hundreds of rosl- 'lentn will bo on hand to join in 'he Mln«lng of Chrlnlinmi Carols Cholrn of tho.,locnl Protestant and Catholic churchon have boen Invited to participate in the annual event. Samuel Sanford Succumbs At 85 After Brief limes* Samuel Kan ford, 05, of 23 (jrovo street, died yesterday at |iln home nftcr u brief ilmnss. A native of Sweden, he was born Nov. 17, 18<M nnd came to this country 'In 1884 and to Nuu- jraluck (ho following year. He was employed nt the Beacon Fulls division of U. S. Rubber C.i. until 'hlii retirement 21 yearn iyro. Mr. Sunford was a charter member of tho Salem Lutheran church and won n mombnr »f th« fon- cordln Soclnty of the Pnrl»h. On April 21. Mr. and, Mm. Buiford colebrated their 51st wrddln* an- nlvormtry. Mn '.H survived by bin wife. Mm UHtlne (Knif)und) Sanford; a won, Elmer Sanford: a dnwrhter, Mr,t. dm nurd Ouwinfwm a Krniid- di'tiKhter, Mlm< JuMtlnp Sanford „•) of NaiKfattick n.nd a hrothvr mul Mlor In Swiwlen. J'-uneral norvlooM will (,.. ),,,|,i Monday afternoon w\. 2 o'<-locl, ,, t tho Alderwn Funeral Home, 201 Meadow street, with thn R« v Donald L. K, nt .«»<,r of S( ^ m Will ,"'"'; Cl ^ r<: " " mc ''«'nir. Blirl,,) will bo In Grove cemetery _ Hospital Bulletins JoHeph MlkulHKlB. «o n , pln „,,. M . Mary'H Honpltal. Mi'H. John Flt/Korald, 27 Kern street, Is a. rnedloil pntlant at. SI. Mnry'n HoBpital. Record Shows More Arrests During 1949 Current Year Total Of 559 Includes 316 Traffic Cases; 714 Penalized On Parking Meters The current r.nmpal(r n | )B | nK Of)n . ducted by the Nau K nUi.-k |,oll.- o dopnrtrnent a K nlnRl parkln K mater violators brought in a total of 552 during Orlobci- and November miiltlnK thn total for tho firm )i montliH thlN year 7H. The monthly , eporlR of Police Chief John J. Oormley nhow a total "f SOU nrreHb, In the ll-rnvnth pr r - lod, an Increase of 112 durlnc the name period last year. Cases handled totaled 5Kt», or 120 more than »«t . y«»r, InrliidlnK Ml main, and II femalo«. A total of 127 morn mon wore Involved In police e^es thlH year than InM, althou K h the niiiiibi.!- ,,f wmt'it Involvrd de oreawed by nine. In conipnrlHOn with loM. yenr there were 20 more breach of ihr p.mce cnitn ». ,3 ,„„„ Inl/ixlcft11 100 more violation of the mol or vehicle lawn. The number involved on <:hnr«eH are , IB f o ||ow B: Br "<; ... 75: non-support ^ , : vaBrancv - "oven; viol of liquor control act two r, :: f motor vchici " *™. violation of parkin* metW ttKKravatcd a» B n U |t, two; vlo^ of InirnlKriiUcm Inw B , t )lroc clefrnudlng. one; mn || c , OUB , n] ' to private property, one; violation of probation, one; contempt of no one; re«| K (|, 1K ,,„ ,, fr , cpr Disposition of the coses has bee n ^follow,, in the n month period Appeal Common Pleas court three bound over to Superior court. nln" : bond, called, 138; meter bends. 420- continued. 48; diKolmr«cd 10 not " mi., " cn . toncc """Penned. 64; committed to C"«nl.v Jail. eight; com . to Waterbury police,' eov«n turned over to Juvenile court six' turned over to Immigration insppo- lor. three; turned over to W«i«r town police, one; turned over to State Police. „„„,- turnBd °™ Norwnlk police, one; turned over '<» Ansonla police, one. The number of days |,, n i |, y r » K olar pollco.Mon «•:,« ion. which Is 1-> loss than i, ynar ,, K o during (ho "limit pnrlml. A tolnl r,f IHIHh'.urn "f sped,,) duty ha* | )0 ,. n i n]!lc<J <l«creaHe of 137 hourn from I'MI year. Stores and offices found open totaled 195. an Increim- of 87 in comparison with i n *t. ynnr nnd the ambulance made 363 trips an Increase of 11 trips in the year. "KnlKhlH of the road" accommodated at pollen hmiiliiuartrm totaled nsj. which Is M more than !n«l year. Births K -HI. Mary's Hospital. Dec. 17. a son to Mr. and Mrs. John Pryzbylek, Fnlrfleld plnct. Hencon Falls. Mr«. Prycbylek IH the former .Stephanie Slernki/w- Bkl. YOU SHOULD KNOW Qharles Clark, Commander Of Legion, Police Officer A popular young mon In Naugatuck, known by many borough res- Identn an an enoi'Kotlc, hard working follow, noon olther driving an oil truck or In pollco uniform, ia a man wo believe all of You Hhould know, Clmrl«M Clark. One of Naugatuck'fl native sons, Charles Is one of tho most active young men In veterans affairs nnd for about a your has been com- Tnundor of Post. 17, Nougatuck American Legion. Charlie Is a vet- •irun of World War II, .where h? nerved with the U. H. Mnrlnu Corpit in th« Piinlflc Thoftlnr, but wo'll got Into that part of his We later. The son of "Mr. and Mrs. John Clark, West iitroiil, Charlie received his curly uduonllon nt, St. Francis' Parochial school. After graduating from that school In 1985, Charlie utlondctl NauKiituck High school tfni.duat.lnK In tho ClusH of 1080, and was a clatm-mutc of Frank (Spec) Shea, whom ho grontly admires. After gradunUnK from high «i!hool, Chnrlie wont to work Tit Tultle's BIscoB Farm In Middle bury. He worked there summcra and during tho winter months worked with his dad delivering- ,,nd boating oil. Ho In mill working with his dud, but spends oonslderable time Working as a supernumerary pollcomnn. lU-'H ||Jri)-wur pout high career won .short lived, Tho government loshoO out with its mivnfrn nlloak on tho United 8t.iilt'» biLseu In Hawaii and thb country was Immediately nl war. Eleven months later. In Kov KM2, Oharlle onlUUd In tint tl. a. Marino Conpii. As did other Bunt Coast. Marine enlistees, Charlie was sent to that Hand pnrndUe. Pan-Is Inland. S. C. There for llin-c. muhthii Charlie underwent, the rlg-oroii.-i trnln- Ing given to "boots", nnd nl the end of thin training )>rnj;rn.m wo.s CIIARI.KH < I>AFIK go on to spuclnl- fll, and ready ti Izcd (ruining. At that time the famous First Marino Divbdon wim winding up this country's first major offensive action In the Pacific, on CJuo- dnlctuial. Much wa.s learned In tills, the llrsl offensive inimpnlgn, and the iMarlne Onrpn placed htm- vy nmiplhtiNlh on landing craft. Hl«- j!"ns boats served their purtwm of landing troop.s. but they I'd the close nupport of arm...) nm phlbioiin (rooters. Amtrackn, OK they were commonly culled In the Corps were Jimt being developed at r>une<lln. Flu., a little north of Cienrwaten After leiivinK Pa.rrls Island. Char- He was sent to Dunedln. Ther.- ani;lhlblou<i tnu-torn. ftr«t d^nlcnivl by 11 Klorldn Hum for ngrlcultuml purpose^, were )«<lnif d<-velop<,d for war im*. A fc-w of the wartime modeln bad b«!<-n used -i, tbn 'Cn- mil by Uu- Fli-nt nivlsion nm! nt Oun«dln. Improvi-mentj, were be Ing mode by Chnrlie nnd his fellow Mur-lnes. After Hover,,! months HI.MC Charlie was Mnt to Camp P^ndlo- lon. Calif. There he worked for some time with land tr,nk«. which 'it Hint tlmo worn pnwxrn/1 by »«• same typ,, engines u^ed in Iho amphibious tanks After I^ivlnt- ^Jcck s Farm" nnd the H K ht tanks, boat basin for further wlirk'wft" the water variety. From there Charllo wn» nont t., Melbourne. Australia, then »tnjr- Injf area for the buttlo w.iary First I>ivl«lon voter/inn of the 'Canal. I be next rnf-vo wnj* \r, r;,,orjr. nough Inland, off New Gtilnen There it rolnod and rnined. nj, It never rained In any other part of tho world From Good«-nough Charlie and his Flr«t Division buddies,) for the nMimuti on Cape Glou<ih«<ter He went through IhlN campaign without n iK-rntch .-,nd wli,. n the Imtllr end- (Contlnlied on Page Three)

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