Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on October 13, 1981 · 29
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 29

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1981
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Qfcago Tribune. Tuesday, October 13; 1S31 Section' 2 '8. i - ?3 S4 - P denotes cbsed-captionmo, Tuesday Morning 5:20 d) , 5:30 (S3 Faith 20 5:50 CD Meditation , 5:55 (23 Thought for the Day C5J Newt 5:59 CD Reflections 6:00(J) Sunrise ' Semester - (53 Knowledge ; CSJ Top o' tha Morning . CD Newstalk (R) 84 U Sail Straat " 6:04 CD Perspectives " 6:15 G5 AJUL Weather . ' 6:30 CD It's Worth '.. Knowing (R) CD Today In Chicago (43 BuUwlMkle QC Captioned ; ABC News (R) . 02) Hot Fudga ;r 6:32 CD Ed Allan - 6:49 CD Editorial 6:53 CD Nawa . 6:55 CD Editorial I 7:00 (2) Waka Up CD Today ! CD Good Morning Amarlca - ! CD Bozo's Circus OS Ovar Easy (R) Woody ' Woodpackar , 7:30 CD Morning With Charles Kuratt H) Saaams Straat ' Q2) Fllntatonas 8:00 82 Battlsofths t Planata (R) y If. S TV College '.f. 8:25 S3 Market Wrap-up , ' C3) Day by Day '8:30 CD Bawltchad (R) ' . (ED Mlstar Rogara' . I Neighborhood j - (2$ Jimmy Swaggart ,l i 2) Tannaaaas Tuxado . ;: 6$ Bible Bowl ;;; 84 TV Collago I 9:00 CSD One Day at , Tims (R) CD Us Vegas Gambit . , CD A.M. Chicago . CD Movie ! "Man In Grey Flannel Suit" (Contusion) QD Seaan Street (29 Opening Stock ., Market ,-. , 02) Richard &nmons : (3$ Davey A GMIath ; Si 700 Club : 9:15123 Opening ' Commodity Report ' 9:20 (23) Opening 1 Bualneaa Nawa 9:25 S3 Moat Active ; Stocks 9:30 CD Alice (R) (D Blockbustera ' CD Edga of Night ' S3 Bualneaa Nawsmskers 02) People's Court 33 Shape Up 10:00 CD The Price Is Right CD Wheel of Fortune CD Love Boat (R) (H) Mlater Rogers' -Neighborhood S3 News 02) John Dsvldson 03 Chicago 10:15 S3 Most Active Stocks 10:30 CD Password .Plus 3D Electric Company S3 Ask sn Expert ft$ Mundo Hlapano tT00 (T) The Young and the Restless CD Card Sharks CD Family Fsud - CD Donahue GB Thlnkabout S3 News 02) News Talk 03 A Visit With Suzanne ' ' 11:15 (33) All About You S3 Most Active Stocks ' 11:30 CD The Doctors CD Rysn's Hope (3D Julia Child and Company (R) S3 Aak an Expert ' 02) Splderman (39) Good News, America 94) Lesve It to , Beaver (R) Tuesday's AMFM highlights TUESDAY MORNING S;S0-WBBM AM 780) CHICAGO . TRIBUNE BUSINESS REPORT. . Hourly, minuto-long reports. ' S.-00-WXRT (FM 03.1 Th mutic Of' Janls Jopkn. e:00-WTVO (FM 91.7-TOP COUNTRY. Featuring Charlio Prid. IKK) WXFM FM 10S.SHOLO TIME , RADIO. "Tht Lono Rangor," "Burnt and Allan," "Fibbar McGea and Molly," and It Pays to Ba Ignorant." SJS-WLNR FM 106.3) WARREN FREIBERG SHOW. Mortician Dick Lamb discusses tna funsral Industry. 10:00 WNIB (FM 7.1-lancak'a "Taras Bulba." 10:00 WEEF AM 1430J THE JEWISH CONNECTION, Host: Jerry s Berger. Hebrew, Broadway, and Israeli melodies. 10:00 WMBI (AM 1110 and FM 0.11 WOMAN TO WOMAN. Collet Meredith talks about discontent. 11:00 WFMT FM MJl-Shostako-vlch's Symphony No. S. and Polka from "The Age ot Gold." IMS WBBM AM 7S0)-eOB AND BETTY SANDERS SHOW. Bob Monaco and James Rkxdan, tuthon ol "Tht Platinum Rainbow." THE LOCKHORNS "How did I know it was thought it was a salad!" Tuesday Afternoon 12:00 CD CD IS News CD AU My Children (D Prisoner. CaH Block H Of) Sneak Previews (R) C2 Underdog . C3) Roas Bagtey M Addama Family (RJ 12:15 S3 Moat Active Stocks - - 12:20 S3 12:30 CD Aak an Expert As the World Turns CD Days of Our Lives CD News C1fJ Over Eaay p ', C2) Great Space Coaster M Hazel 12:50 S3 Earnings Report 1:00 CD One Life to Uve CD Dick Van Dyke (R) (3D Maaterplece (R) I Love Lucy (R) A Batter Way 700 Club (R) 03 1:05 S3 1:15 S3 Market Baakat Moat Active Stocks 1:30 CD Sssrch for Tomorrow ' CD Another World CD Andy Griffith (R) 02) Beverly Hillbillies (R) 03 Adventures In Learning 2:00 CD Guiding Light ' CD General Hospital 1 CD I Dream of Jeannle (R) (3D Dick Cavatt (R) S3 Nawa 02) Courtship of Eddie's Father (R) -03 Guidelines for Family Living ': . 8$ Another Life ' 2:30 CD Texaa -.'J ; CD Scooby Doo a; . CtD Csrrsscolendas '." S3 Intsrvlewa on -Current Issues if -, 02) Casper i'-. 'sj'i . 03 100 Huntley St . GetjSmart ' j, 3:00 CD Up to the Minute CD Baaeball t ; " Montreal at Los Angeles. ; CD Movie "Crooked Hearts." CD Popeye (3D Electric Company S3 Newe , 02) Mighty Mouae 4) Movie "Anna Karenlna." 3:15 S3 Moat Active : Stocka 3:20 S3 Market Wrap-up 3:30 CD Match Game CD Bob Newhart (R) ', CD Bugs Bunny and' Prianda 3D Sesame Street 9 S3 Chicago Today 02) Fllntatonas 4:00 CD Barnaby Jones (R) CD Entertainment 'Tonight CD Scooby Doo S3 Disco Connection 02) Tom and Jerry 03 Vegetable Soup 4:30 CD News CD News . CD Pink Panther i ; (3D Mlater Rogers' Neighborhood ' -S3 Blacks' View of the News 02) Brady Bunch (R) 03 Davey Goliath (R) 4:40 S3 Today's Racing 5:00 CD News CD Welcome Back, . Kotter (R) .3D Sesame Street S3 Emilia 02) Wonder Woman (R) 03 Rosa Bagley : . &$ F-Troop 5:30 CD CBS Nawa CD NBC Nawa CD ABC Nawa CD Muppeta (R) : S3 Roaa da Lejos , Ml Let s Make Deal Tuesday Evening 6:00 CD CD CD CD Barney Miller (R) 3D MacNellLehror j . Report -. TUESDAY AFTERNOON Noon WBEZ FM 01.5) LUNCH-. TIME CONCERT. Ned Rorem's Nantucket Song Cycle. 1:00 WFMT (FM M.7J FROM THE BBC. Tht London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Isrvan Her-tesz. Beethoven's Violin Concerto In . D, and Bruckner's Symphony Na 4 In E. - 1-.13WBBM (AM 7801-BOe AND BETTY SANDERS SHOW. Thomas Verny, M.D., coauthor of "Tht Secret Life ol the Unborn Child." J;00 WXFM FM 105.9) IMAGES O - JAZZ. Music ot Oscar Peterson. 4:00 WEEF AM 14301-ALL THINGS JEWISH. Yiddish tales and music. , TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 WXFM FM lOS.Sh-NITEJAZZ. Host: Dave Freeman. Jazz and big . band music 'V i , S:00-WNIB FM 97.1J Ravel's "Daphnls at Chloe" suite. :30 WBEZ FM 01 .SI-ALL THINGS L THINGS m enska S1.S1 CHICAGO. Host: Carolyn Local newsmagazine. : 7:30 WBEZ FM RADIOVISIONS. Series on new music and audio concepts. S:30-WFMT FM M.7( COLLEC OESlw-13 your corsage? I I 03 Happy Days Again (RICH Panama for Living 84) Sha Na Na 6:30 CD Family Feud CD Laverne & Shirley It Company (R) (3D Wild, Wild World of Animals (R) S3 Informaclon 02 M A S H (R) 03 Accent on Living ' 84 Science Fiction Tneater (R) 6:55 CD CD Editorial 7:00 CD Movie "CalUe & Son." 17) FROM WAITRESS TO O PCWI21CKDTV1ST CALLS ft SON CD Baaebal Oakland at New YortC , CD Hsppy'Days 'CD Movie . . "11 Harrow House." . (3D Coamoa(R) C3 Al Roo Vivo 02) PM Magazine' ' 03 Chicago (R) 83) Subscription TV 7:30 CD Laverne -, Shirley S3 Aprendlendo a A mar 02) Richard Simmons ' 6:00 CD Three's Company 3D Odyaaay 9 AOVHTOtMB (11) ODYSSEY: ThtSV) million year old find that shook the world S3 300 Mlllones 02) Movie , "Sebastian." 03 Image Identity 8:30 CD Too Close for Comfort 03 Love Song to the Measlah 9:00 CD Hart to Hart APWrflSEMBMT (7) KARTKART-MURDER O PLOT IN ACAPULCO! CD News 3D John Callaway , . Interviewa ; ; N S3 Iria Chacon "; 03 American Cathollo 9:30 03 . Living Stones . 9:55 02) Newe .10:00 CD CD News : , CD Barney Miller (R) 3D Dick Cavatt (R) S3 Informaclon ' 02) M A S H (R) 03 700 Club. 10:30 CD Alice (R) CD Newa CD ABC News Nlghtllne , S3 Saturday Night (R) 3D World War II Gl ; Diary (R) . rS3 La Colorlna " 02) Benny Hill 11:00 CD Tonight CD Fantaay Island (R) 3D Maaterplece Theater 02) ah in the Family (R) 11:05 CD McCloud (RJ 11:30 CD Movie "The Law." 02) Comedy Classics 03 Jim Bskker 12:00 CD Tomorrow 3D Dick Csvett 02) Night Owl 12:10 CD Movie "40 Naughty Girls." 12:30 3D Captioned ABC Newa 03 Nancy Harmon's Love Special 1:10 CD Newe 1:25 CD Editorial 1:29 CD Leave It to Women 1:30 CD-Hawkins (R) CD Entertainment Tonight (R) 03 Windy City Alive 1:59 CD ReHectlona 2:00 CD Charlie Rose CD Newa 2:30 CD Today In Chicago (R) , . CD Movie , "Night Rider." . ;' ' 3:00 CD Movie ' " - "Babe Ruth Story." CD Medltatlonv ;'' 3:40 CD. Ail-Night - Show .. .. ' ; - 4:15 CD Mike Douglas TOR'S ITEM. Host: Don Tan. Early recordings by Albert Costes. 000 WON AM 720) EXTENSION 7Z0. "History, Philosophy, and Literature: Tht Human Use ol the . ' Humanities." 1 S:30-WFMT FM 6.7-FROM Trie RECORDING HORN. Host: Andy -' Ksrzas. 10:00-WVOM AM 13901-HOT1JNB. Host: Jsmes Rowe. 59t-54O0, 10:00 WXFM FM 105.9 TUB ; BLUESMAN SHOW. Host: Perva) ' Spann. Popular hits and blues. ,10:30 WBBM AM 780V-CBS RADIO ; - MYSTERY THEATER. "Tht Good . . Shepherds," starring Robert Oryden and Russell Horton, Clergymen risk horrible deaths from the Nazis lit ssve the Uvea ot French children. : 11:15-WBEZ (FM Ol.fl-EARPLAY THEATER, "I Hope I Never Get to Monmoute," by Kayt KyrtoB. r ' I S Tuesday s . iv taix 7 a.m. 11 "Over Easy." Marjorle Guthrie. 9 a.m. 7 "A.M. Chicago." Helen Gurtey Brown, - 10 a.m. 32 "John Davidson." Jaclyn Smith, Jim Stafford, Dennis Weaver, and Ronnie Scheil. 11 a.m. e "Donahue." Harry Reasoner. 12:30 p.m. 11 "Over Easy." isa sa uaoor. . ' 4 p.m. 5 "Entertain ment Tonight," Wayne Newton. 0 p.m. 11 'John Cal- laway Interviewa."' Author Jonn cneever. v ' V1 p.m. 5 "Tonight." uav.3 orenner. Midnight S "Tomor row." Elizabeth Ashley. 'Jacqueline Bouvier Kenned a naive and misty look at the Camelot years T WAS ONLY s matter of time before the factory, workers who churn out ABC-TV movies got around to cashing in on a three-hour version of "Jacqueline -. Bouvier Kennedy." Why not? The legend lives, the aura remains, her $3 million island hideaway, heated towel bars and all, is still considered hews even though she hasn't been a public person, the First Lady, in 18 years. People still care about Jackie O. Indeed, the mystery that surrounds the widow of John Fitzgerald Kennedy has been explored, explained, and exploited in dozens of books, none of them, you should keep in mind, written by Mrs. Onassis herself. . . STEVEN G ETHERS, the director snd writer of Wednesday night's ABC film, prides himself on having read 29 of those second-, third-, and even fourth-band accounts of Jackie's early years. . jSs account, he insists, is the fairest of them all. Every important line of dialog in the piece, he says, was checked and rechecked for authenticity, He claims ha was looking only fqr the truth. He claims he discarded all the sleazy tales of his affairs and her affairs and any real marital trouble they might have had because, in his mind, they didn't add up to the truth. Is "Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy" the truth? How could it be? It'is television. It is a dramatization. It' is based on "a variety of books, articles, and interviews" cleaned up and cut on the bias to represent the magic of "the Camelot years." It is the best effort of one naive man who is sensitive to some parts of Mrs. Kennedy's early life and totally Insensitive to ojthers. It is a film, for instance, that -shows us scene after scene of the pomp and ceremony of her trip to Paris, but when it comes to dealing with the death of her second child, Patrick, prefers to ignore the issue completely. "It didn't really add anything to the picture," says Gethers, who may never understand why his film can't be taken seriously. "Besides, we'd already had that part about the stillbirth. When we got to the second child dying, well, we decided to cut it completely. To be honest, it was a big.yawn ..." TO BE FAIR, this Is not a terrible movie. I wasn't bored for a second. Jaclyn Smith is convincing in an Impossible role, James Franciscus carries off his portrayal of John Kennedy with just enough aloofness T Ens ?satesa LI - : vyA-f jt 'fk4 Youliptonit! - .J' Wrthfourdates c, THEGIULiV , V - Mf- ''v(''fV5 J v-n .i.tiiiilllwlBlillf ' V j Ti USE'S K " " fH o:oop;.i H o ( v The new roommate warms t&T v. 'Ay " 4 I 5YYv X, ' v f ) and charm, and Rod Taylor is wonderful as Black Jack Bouvier, Jackie's father. It's high trash, I suppose, but the subject matter is so compelling, it's easy to get swept up. It starts with her parents' divorce, and ends with a long, tearful, mlddle-of-the-nlght speech she really made to author Theodore White, Just after the assassination, about the lost Joys of Camelot In between, there is life at Miss Porter's, Jackie the inquiring photographer, the courtship, even the touch football games in the Kennedy clan's backyard. It's all there, up to and including the shot just the sound, not the image-that killed her husband. What isn't there is noteworthy, too. What isn't there is the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban missile crisis, Judith Exner, or any other complicated event or relationship that might get in the way of Gethers' simple rendering of his truth. . FOR INSTANCE, we hear the new First Lady tell the press how dedicated she is to her home and children, but there isn't one single scene of Mrs. Kennedy in her home, involved with her children. "We Just didn't have time for everything," Gethers says. "We had to make some tough choices, but we think Mrs. Kennedy will be very pleased." ' 1 Indeed, that's why he did the movie, he says: to please Mrs. Kennedy. "Mrs. Kennedy is a much maligned lady and I wanted to give her a clean bill of health. This is a positive portrait ... a beautiful love story." Don't believe if. As TV movies go, it has a certain cheap-thrills charm. But as love stories go, "Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy" Invests much less time and energy in exploring the relationship between Jack and Jackie than it does the one between Black Jack and Jackie, 1 sim YDuaEvci:rjsv.iTH up to Jack... HOT TO IIAt'DLE? H8! Y;9:00Pl'-:.v f.terilynn Preston on TV ASC.mD kewsto":chti mifiGfffiaiiiiiinnis - - ( Jm0imi:i i$fit& ;'Cv ! 'iiiiiiir -With mtm: mm m it 1 III Tin, mi 1 I - irHllll Jaclyn Smith and James Franciscus as Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy: As TV movies go, 8 offers a certain cheap-thrills charm. BLACK JACK was her father, "the most important relationship in her life," Gethers says. It is certainly the most important relationship in the movie. Jackie's father was apparently something of a gadabout, a ' drinker, a carouser. He loved all the finer things in life! and considered his rebellious, independent-minded ' daughter one of the finest. "We live in a very special world, you and I," he says to his little "Jock-lean" early in the film, in an ear-nuzzling scene that borders on the obscene. "A world where we fall off horses, and off buildings, from out of ; airplanes into oceans ... but we show the rest of the world what it's like out there." v What this movie shows me is that Jacqueline Kennedy grew up strong but troubled, a confused pawn in a -loveless marriage. Her mother, still alive, is portrayed as cold and insensitive. GETHERS INSISTS he intended to portray a tender, loving couple, but that's not the way I saw it The relationship is interesting, but totally without passion. When he's in trouble, he runs home to his daddy. When she's In trouble, he's off playing politician. "I want a husband," she says to him as the gulf between them widens, "someone who's around enough to touch once in a while." "You're destined for greatness, my darling," her father tells her, sweeter words than Jack Kennedy ever says. "When you take center stage, create an aura around yourself. Maintain a certain aloofness. Tease a little. Be mysterious. And above all, never let them know what you're thinking." ( Wouldn't Steven Gethers love to know? m Henry TOO CLOSE Fonco?cnT j , l - 1 IT' Turf ' f . f Its the last triincj ever expected KUREL'S ekpecti;:g!

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