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Times Herald from Olean, New York · Page 3

Olean, New York
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Wednesday, March 11, 1942
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OLEAN TIMES-HERALD, WEDNESDAY. MARCH 11/1942 Full State Aid Means Saving, Keagle Says PAGE Hi-Y Club Holds Banquet Taxpayers in the Olean School District will save $4,500 during" the next fiscal year if the state budget, passed Tuesday by both . houses of the legislature, is approved by Governor Lehman, School Superintendent Donald M. Keagle told the Board of Education at its regular meeting Tuesday evening. That is the amount of additional state aid that would come to the district under the new* budget, which restores full state aid to education, Mr. Keagle said. The Board deferred until a special meeting .March 24 a discussion of alterations and repairs to school buildings, proposed projects to be submitted to the Public Work Reserve and salary adjustments for teachers. LKAVES CUKTAILED In new of the anticipated shortage of competent teachers, the Board passed a resolution that no leaves of absence are to be | granted or extended except for f u l l - t i m e study in a field direct- I ly related to the teacher's subjects, or in case of illness. The resignation of -Mrs. M. Julia Cain, teacher in School No. 3. because of iinfealthT'was accepted, and the Board directed that a" letter be sent thanking Mrs. Cain for her twenty-one years of service. In her place Miss Elizabeth Hill, at present a teacher in Belfast Central School, was appointed on the usual probationary basis. Mr. Keagle told the Board that registration in the high school at the end of February was 1.278. the lowest figure since 1932. The reason, he said, is that a. number of pupils have left school to accept employment, while others have joined the armed forces. BOOKS PURCHASED On the motion of Dr. L. F. Dietter. the Board voted to spend $32 per 100 pupils for books in the | elementary school libraries, which Mr. Keagle said were badly rr need of new books. -Mr. Keagle mentioned t h a t the elementary schools ore to be used from four until seven o'clock on four evenings, probably late this m o n t h , for ration _caKl registration. -TcHCiiers! ne shid. :tre expected by the Suite Rationing f. S. OFFICIAL TEMPERATURE Twenlv-Fotir Hours Ending March 11 Hitch 40 Weather Conditions The following: observatrons have been made by the United States Weather Bureau, the temperatures given are the highest during twelve hours from seven-thirty o'clock in the morning until seven- thirty o'clock in the evening and the lowest during the hours of seven-thirty o'clock in the evening until seven-thirty o'clock in the morning. Boston Buffalo Chicago M i a m i " Or! - tin YorK- . J.nw BOYS IN THE SERVICE Paul W i l s o n . Doty, son of Mr.; and Mrs. Oscar Doty, Olean Ri:| 1, has enlisted in I' the U- S. Marine: Corps at th" lo; ca! recruiting s t a - j tion. He is berrri; sent to Parris island. SC. for a six-week training course. Lieutenant Malcolm G. Troup, former Olean resident, has been promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant in the United States Army, it w;:s learned today. For tire last ·· five month. 1 ? Lieutenant Troup has been stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco, Calif. Debate Marks Council's Decision To Renew 1941 Baseball Contract Encountering greater opposition :han had first been expected, a jaseball contract between the Brooklyn Dodgers and, t-hp ri'tv to d o n a t e r h e i r services as registrars. -Medical Super-visor C. A. Crecn- leaf reported t h n t school phvsi- ci;-iis. at a meeting- which he :u- tende-d in Syracuse last Friday, ha-1 umir.imously voted against the' proposal of tire" Board of Regents t.h.'U nn hour-, to he devoted to physical t r a i n i n g , be added to the .school day. The physicians took the position. Dr. Greenleaf said, t h a t the physical defects which were discovered to be p r e v a l e n t as a re- suit of Selective Service examinations are not usually of the type t h a t would be corrected by addi- t i o n a l exercise. Permission was granted for the Rotary Club to hold a concert in the high school auditorium on April M. W a l t e r - S. Thorpe, son "of Mr. and Mrs. \V. S. Thorpe of 703 Main Street, who is in service with the United States Army at Kort Bragg. XC. with the 'field artillery, has been promoted to tire rank of sergeant, it was learned today. Sergeant Thorpe enlisted in this city J a n u a r y 26. Thomas C. Scanlon. J r . . son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Scanlon. Third Avenue, who left for- induction in the United States Army with the Olean draftees March 4, is stationed w i t h the medical attachment. Army Air Base. Key Field. M e r i d i a n ' F i e l d . M i s s . . Olean for use of Bradner Stadium was authorized by the Common Council, meeting in regular session Tuesday night, at the same terms during the 1942 season as were offered for last year. This contract proposal, contained in a resolution offered by Alderman Eyler. continues the fifteen per' cent fee in effect in 1941. as well as the S35 minimum for each game. It was approved by a vote of seven to four after- extended debate that included defeat, by a six to five vote, of a move to have Mayor Dugan negotiate with the Brooklyn organization to see if the rate"could not be increased to twenty per cent for the coming season. Alderman Gustafson advanced this resolution following'a report by Alder-man O'Toole, who asserted the city had lost a total of S9.466.91. in the operation of the Stadium in the period from June 1. 1939. to January 1. 1942. The figures he cited as the losses included $1.370.06 for 1939: 5 4 . - ' 347.69 for 1940. and S3.269.16 to j date this year. i OTHER EXPENSES j Explaining that these losses did i not include other city expenses, i such as materials and labor contributed by the Street Department, Mr. O'Toole said, following the meeting, that the city's loss for the _three-year__p_ej*iod' in op- eraling the Stadium "woulifprob- ably be about S12.000." Not all of the expenses of the operation were charged to the city, he said, adding he was opposed to continuing the rate in effect last year. "Leaving the rental rate at f i f teen per- cent is not fair to the taxpayers." Mr. O'Toole said. "I " the-Oiiar-; -shouM- paya' fair Parking Meter Holidays' Are" Extended Here Operation of the city's parking meters, with respect to legal holidays, was clarified in an amendment to the par-king meter- ordinance adopted by the Common Council Tuesday night. Action in the matter came on a resolution sponsored by Alderman Brown, which seti up ten legal holidays during the year on which the melors will not be in operation. Previously, the meters were in operation except on a few I such holidays. j I As provided irr the motion, the ' I meters here will not be in opera- j tion on the following holidays: ! New Year's Day. Lincoln's Birth- ! day. Washington's Birthday. Mem- I orial Day. Independence Day. La- j bor Day. Columbus Day. Armis-1 tice Day. Thanksgiving and j Christinas. When such holidays ! fall on Sunday, the meters will not j be in operation on lire next day. i Monday. ! Considerable difficulty had j arisen as 3 result of the fact t h a t ! the original parking meter- ordi- ; nance set up only certain re- j stricted holidays. The present j plan extends tire number of legal holidays on which the meters w i R not be in operation to tie in w i t h the legal holidays as listed by the consolidated laws of Nov.- York State. ·^··'Mlllf^fWfL. _. f ._,.... .. , : _ The Hi-Y Club staged a successful Mother and Daughter Banquet Tuesday evening at the YMCA. Included among the g-uests were: first row. left to right. Miss Patricia \Veis. Miss Mary McCready Miss Patty Reilly, Miss Helen Sherman, co-chairman; second row. left to right, Miss Marie Smith, vice-president; Miss Annabelle Eisert, Miss Mary Murphy, co-chairman; Miss Dotty Ann Weston, president, and Robert C. Fischer, guest speaker. Successful Banquet Held The a n n u a l M o t h e r and Daughter- Banquet of the H i - Y Club was held at the YMCA. Tivsday evening- and guests of h; or. besides the mothers, were the pledgees. Miss Mary M u r p h y and Miss Helen Sherman were chairmen. Guest speaker- was Robert C. Fisher-, genera! secretary of the YMCA. Pledgees were Miss Mary Ellen Brooks. Miss Jean Osborn. Mis? Betty R u t h W i l b u r and Miss Bertha Caya. Due to illness of Miss , N a t a l i e English, her reception i into t h e r-luh will be held at a i Inter d a t e . \Mnsic Sen-ice 'ig Planned For March. 22 The a n n u a l Passion Sunday musii-al M-rvice. which has been i presented at St. Strphen'.s Church j for many years, will be held Sun- i day after-noon. March '22, at five o'clock in the church. This year- the service will con- s,ist of Evensong and the singing of a c a n t a t a by Dr. E. H. Thinicui. with the combined choirs of St. Stephen's and the S a l a m a n c a Congregational Church. 1171-1 Meeting Here r r]uirsd(i}' Native Of Gin- Dies In Pasadena Mrs. Bertha Strong McCreary of Pasadena. Calif., native of this city, passed away Saturday ( M a r c h 7. 1942K it was learned here today. She was the widow of Dr. Elgin R. McCreary. Surviving are one daughter. Miss Helen H. McCreary: a sister. Mrs. G. Howard Strong" this city, who is now in Florida: one niece. Mrs. Jacob Wrrest. Tallahasse. Fla.. and 3 nephew. Kenneth D. Fobes. Pasadena. Calif. Prayer services were held ir. the Chapel Crematory at Pasadena. Bonaventure News Notes Mid-Week Church Notes F I R S T B A P T I S T C l i r R C I I Til'- R.-v. Shi-MU.* T. Hanlir. pa.«ti-.r ^.'.m Pil-.Mid-wi-c-k prayer .^rvi«-.v This will bp rrV s-^oud in a series" of Lenten topics'. "Thp Mock-rv o'f Six Trials." F I R S T M K T I I p p l S T Corner X o t t h Union and Hamilton Th* R(»v. A. Men-lit Diettorich pas- loi-. ' ' 6:30 PM ..... Clmrrh Faniiii- X i p r h t - tn- [····n ."iippiT. K\-»;ryon- i.x invited ro l l n ? iVilowship meal whirl] vill bo followed by the regular niid-w^fk S'TVif.?. 7:30 PM-- Mid-week Service This week the pastor will continue his l.ilk.x on · ' · W h a t It Means To Be a Cliriatian." The subject w i l l be "Em- poweivd Throush Prayor." F I R S T Oil KCH OF C H R I S T SCIENTIST (."uni«M- East Slate and Xortli Barrv Sll-1-l..l.*. Wi.'diii-silay p v e n i n g ni^Litrs. wliirh include^ te.«tinioiiiv of Chri.»tian S-ri- i-ni;t; liealiiiff, at 7: -I.") P.M. I ' K O P K K ' S M K T I 1 O D I S T C l i r K C I I 'lardri) Avnuf at Chestnut Street. "hi; R«v. Dauiol Xolson Place pastor. 7:30 P.M-- Mid-wo;fc Serviep. Cottage . Praypr Meptinj; at. i.he home of J f j and Mrs. John Sicilian. East State ; Road. Mi s s Anna Boyd. leader. Meet at tilt parponag-i! at .'even o'clock. FIRST PRK.SliVTKftM.V ( I I I K ( H l..auren» and North So.cond Streets R.-v. Whitney M. Troufdnlf. Minis- In-. Wftlnciday do PM. Gains Memorial Towor rhnn-j. 7:30 P.M. Midweek fprvice. Th« . in t h e S ,M-I».M on Km-, s u .!.!· Cross.- This w-v-k. the ..-haracter .'k"tf.-M w i l l b« "Simon of Oyroiv and . Josfph of Arimalhea." All ni-i; invited «r\-lces in the lecture room. 'MM AXt 5 L «*»"Mi** CHURCH ·: JIId-wo.;k T.tjnten Si-rvicox :'l:iy. /::») p| m Imnmmiol 'i.fmri'li. t h e Rnv. Martin ·''·":"' f ,""- '* t i' i '' ··' ""· f j tvil * Darktat Hour. DeForest A. Smith, senior at j St. Bonaventure College, of Shin[ g-lehoi-s*. Pa., was the only niem- i her of his class to attain "first i grade'' honors in the scholastic j honor roll released today by the j Office of Studies. The ratings are | accumulative in n a t u r e and "repre- | sent grades attained by the re- i spective students since their en- i roilment at the rolloge. Other a r e a collegians \vho won places on the honor- roll were: Seniors, "second grade" honors: Thomas C. Geddes. Bradford. Pa : Thomas M. Plunkett. Turtle Point. Pa.: Ernest Vena and Addison R. Yehi. Olean. Seniors, "simple" honors: John A. Hammond. 'Elltcott- ville- Francis G.- Krampf. Ailegany: , Conrad F. Michielson. Smethport. Pa.: Paul H. Olmstead. Bradford. Pa.: Marius B.; Risley. Bradford. Pa.: John M. : Ritter. Olean. ! Junior?: "second grade" honors: i Duane D. Harmon. Limestone; I Ear! R. Hunt. Olean: Dominic P.! Salvatori. Olean: Ray H. Smith, j Shinglehouse. Juniors: "simple"! honors: John S. Burns, Olean:Hugh J. Coyle. Wellsvi'Ie; Hiram j A. Miller. Olean: John R. Schlei^h Olean. w ' ! Sophomores, "second grade" honors: Lee D. Morehouse. Great Valley: Stanley D. Swift. Olean. Sophomores. "simple" honors: Harold G. Blassey. Olean: Richard V. Enright. Br-adford: Stephen S. GiTboy. Olean: Leo E. Keenan. Olean; John E. Kinsrsley. Oiean- Daniel F. Lane, Turtle Point; Bernard E. Linehan. Olean: Hubert L. Reid. Olean; Joseph J. Stetz Olean. Freshmen, "second grade' 1 honors: William E. Kingslev. Olean: John Sudock, Bradford. Freshmen, "simple" honors: Swen J. Carlson Turtle Point, Pa.; James F. Hamilton. Bradford. Pa.: Salem J. Simon. Olean: Harry R. SiawsotV Olean: Daniel S. Senders. Bradford. Pa.; Richard E. Vossler Olean. Service Listed At St. Stephen's The Rev. C. Kilmer Myers of New Haven. Conn., will 'he the fourth speaker- in the special series of Lenten services Thur.vrnv evening at seven-thirty o'clock in St. Stephen's Church. The Rev. Mr. Myers is professor of Liturgies and Church History at the Berkeley Divinity School, New Haven. Music for the service will be provided by the Senior Choir, which will rehearse follow- ng th« fervic* at e i g h t - t h i r t y o'clock. (* r · j price for the Stadium. "Thev have j income--such as from the sale of j players--that we know nothin* I about." i Aldermen Wedlock and Eyler i spoke in support of the present · rental fee. explaining the Stadium I was not built to be operated as a ! profit-making enterprise. The for- i mer said it would be easy for the baseball club to leave Olean if the rate were advanced, while Mr. Eyler pointed out the maintenance costs of the Stadium would continue even if the Brooklyn organization withdrew its local franchise. He added the city "is doing the same thing for the high _school and St. .Bonaventur» College as for the ball club." DEBT IS C-tT-- City A u d i t o r - K a m l e r said the indebtedness to the Bradner Estate had be»n reduced to about \ i?600 and that this amount should l ; be paid up during the comrn°- | ·year, after which the city will n1 · ! c.cive 100 per cent of the gate re! j c e i p t s at the Stadium, i i During the discussion. Aider- j i man Sturm, as president of the I I Council, presided. Mayor Dugan ' ! withdrew, explaining that in hi? I honorary position as a director of j t n e Olean Baseball Club, he felt | technicalities that might arise i later could be avoided. ; Alderman Gustafson's resolu- ; tion. which he said was being of; fered "in view of the losses" sus- ! tamed by the city in the Stadium | operation." would have empow- -, ered Mayor Dugan to negotiate I witn Brooklyn officials in an a'- j tempt to obtain a twenty n»r cent rental fee from them mi-'nc, I the 1942 season. | CLOSE VOTE This motion was defeated bv -he margin of one vote. OpnosirV it were Aldermen Brown, Ete* "EV- ler. How-land. Sturm and iVedlock wmle Aldermen O'Toole. Bi^ir-s Martin and McMahon joined"Mr Criistatson in supporting the move Lpor. its defeat. Mr. E v l r r s orig'inal motion was offered to continue the present contract agreement, and it was approve'; seven to four. Supporting the motion were Alder-men Brown. Esres Eyler. Howlami. Martin. Sturm and Wedlock, while Aldermen Biggins. Giistafaon. McMahon and O'Toole voted against it. Before discussion on the m a t t e r was concluded. Loren Johnson representing the Olean u n i t of the County Taxpayers Association, spoke in support of the plan to obtain greater- revenue for' the Stadium operation, pointing- out that the taxpayers cannot afford to lose money on such an operation, particularly during- times like the present. CLOSING. DISCUSSED "If we can't show a profit on the Stadium," he said, "it would be better to close it up for the duration." In this regard. Alderman Wedlock said he felt it. would be n wiser- policy to toko a small operating- loss than to clos*! tiro Stadium and see it "fall to pieces" in the four or five years the war may last. During the nemion. Council also approved another motion by Mr, Eyler, calling- for the advertising of bids for concession rights in the durinf the coming *et»on. Chief Renamed As Inspector Fire Chief Frank U'. \ V a I l e n was J ag-ain designated as City Building | Inspector, a post he has held for some tirrrc. by action of the Common Council Tuesday nip-lit, when the solons also approved :i new schedule of price? for local build- in?- permits. Mr. Wallon was re-named to the post, w i t h no compensation, bv Mayor Dugan and the appointment was unanimously confirmed. The following- price list for building- permits was approved by the Council on a motion by Alderman McMahon. all new prices to become effective March 16: Private, home garagx-. f i f t y cor.tn: residences up to "S6.000 in value. S I ; residence.-., from S6.000 up. SI. 50: buildings. $10000 to S20.000 ir. v a l u e / S 2 : buildir.g-s. : from S20.000 tip. So; remodeling "of residences, f i f t y cent-s; remodeling- : of building. Si. i Mrs. L u l u V o l k m a n of B u f f a l o . : d e p u t y f i e l d dircctor-nt-Iarfre of i the Woman's Benefit Assocfation, | will give, a school of instruction to i Olean Review. No. ]·. Woman's j Benefit Association. Thursday a f ! tor-noon at twelve-thirty ol'eo'ck in i WBA H a l l . | A card p a r t y will be held at. ; two o'clock and a business mce.!- ing- is slated for seven-thirty i o'clock, followed by a .social hour. \r-SCIubMccts I At Home Here I I Mrs. Robert F i t z m a u r i r e r-nter- i tniiif-d members of the V-S Club ; / her- home on Eleventh Street Tuesday n i g h t . Award? were made i to Mrs. A. .1. Simon. Mrs. H. A. : Williams and Mrs. W. T. Young. · Luncheon was enjoyed. The next hostess will be Mrs. Robert Pic.kard. Mrs. Lucy Stevens P uneral Thursday Old Salary Case Is Settled By Council Action The long-standing- case involving back pay for two employes of the C i t y Engineering Department whose positions were declared vacant during- the administration of former- Mayor Fred \V. Fornoss, Jr., was settled by action of the Common Council Tuesday night. On a resolution by Alderman Gustafson. the .sum of $3,796 was transferred from the current surplus fund for settlement of the salary claims of Norman H. Tonrp- kins and Herbert F. Every. Under the resolution, payment of back salary amounting- to.$2,- ·100 was authorized for Mr. Tompkins, and SI.396 for Mr. Every. The resolution was unanimously approved by the solons without discussion. Both Mr. Tompkins and Mr. Every brought suit against the city, a f t e r t h e i r positions had been declared vacant, following a Civil Service controversy, and a f t e r lengthy court action, the positions' wore ordered restored last. November 1 by order of Justice Parton Swift in a special term of Supreme Court in Buffalo. The order held the two men should be paid for the periods since June of 19-10 thnt they did not work. Old-Time Movies Shown At Men's Club The first meeting of t h e Trinity Methodist C h u r c h Men's Club, recently reorg-finiJ'cd. wa.s held Tuesday n i g h t at t h e church. Forty iiii'mbers were in a t t e n d - ance at. the d i n n e r at six-thirty o'clock. Silent movies depicting scenes in World War I. the min.'h-discussed Dempsey-Tunney prize fight, in Chicago and Olean in 1025 were shown by Joseph Henrietta. The next regular meeting of the club ia scheduled for Tuesday, April 14. Condition Improved The condition of Mrs. Charles R. Davison. Washington Street, who S u s t a i n e d _ M h r n l f n n l o f t -iril.-),,--y s result of a fall in her home, is improved. Mr.*. D-ivi.son is a patient, at the Olean General Hospital. Report Given On Playgrounds Attendance at Clean's municipal playgrounds during the 1941 Sum| mer season totaled 46.621. aceord- j ing to a report presented at Tues' day night's meeting of the Common Council. At the request of Alderman Ky! ler, a member of the Recreation i Commission, Mayor Dugan read ! the attendance figures contained in the report. Those were given as follows, including boys, girls 1 and adults: War Veterans Park. 2 9 0 Marcus Park. 9.355: St. .John's! Park. -Uf2; War Veteran? Park: (Sunday a t t e n d a n c e ) , 3.520. Bobs Class To Meet Monday The Bobs Class of the First Baptist Church will hold its monthly j d i n n e r and business meeting at the church Monday evening-, March 16, at six-thirty o'clock. Speaker of the evening- u^LL _.. Pohndorf, c o a c h ' a t Olean CAKD Or W* vi-iih"to th*nk ,, and neighbor* for Uwlr ana kindnesi mid for th* I floral tribute*, also thoM natwl IK-H. of cars during cent bereavement. E. B. Wiumer Roy W*im«r Mis* Phyllto QflS OH ^"*"* wl WUt M»r Wlini ·*«» itowh tcM « h«nbum, dortotj pm ·fdldnw known (or iT»Mu»»H« miw-- like thiM In tell-tiu TU.I«. T»f MI-M t Dm Mm of dlitPMn. Tb»» Kwlr*lMk far fc ' High School. Reservations will be taken not later t h a n Saturday noon by Ali bert Stacly, Homer S m i t h " and i Douglns Crow. YOUNG MOTHERS SHOULD KNOW Sfc M ann ttatm, .. .,, itlil ilown't ofote B«ll-iw ftctur, MM ui tad i«i double jour ] Children o f t e n need special care at the i .-hangr n" S-I.-HHUI-:. They are more j s u h j ' i't to ojli's if their i'eM-;t;inri' is Imv lue to i n s u f f i c i e n t v i t a m i n A. Father John's A l f d i c i n c l-nnl'ls rr-ist;iii."f to such rol'k ly s u p p l y i n g p j p n t v ; of v i t a m i n ,\. It also . give*: prompt rcii-M' from coutiiK ;nul lliru.'it irrita- licn chic l i t rolils Iiy south- ins '!if t i n - n u t . FOR ALL THE TAMIL? FATHER JOHNS MOICINE You are wasting your timt if you dcn't come straight to Matson's. You'll find- 3 huge floors full of Home Furnishings at just the price you intended to pay. Open Thursday, Friday wad .Saturday Evening* C. MATSON'S 510-516 NORTH FIRST ~Tfie Super-Home Furnl»hlnf Store in the Super-Market District I I Genesee Dei'eafs i Whitesville, 19-18 ! GEXESEE. Pa.--Genesee High School cagers defeated the Whites- vine High School q u i n t e t in a closely contested gHme T r i f s d n v night by a 19-18 'score. G.-nf.sep proved to be too tough coin petition for the \Vhitesville aggregation, champions' in their district! Sweeping the field clean, the local Jayvees emerged victorious in a p r e l i m i n a r y g n m f w i t h the XVnitesville second t e a m , v.-innin" 17-30. The bi^ls. u n u e r the resolution, are to be opened at ''he meeting on A o r i l 14. i The nnieral of Mrs. Lucy Stev. ens w i l l be held ;t t h e home of i her niece. Mr*. Eleanor Guy. 120 .South Eighteenf.h .Street. Thursday .'afternoon ( M a r c h 12. 19421 at : two o'clock and at two-thirty o'clock at the Wrsleyan Method"- ist Church. The. Rev. A. J. Tayi lor. pastor, w i l l o f f i c i a t e . Burial i v.-j;I be in the Protestant Cernei tery ir. A l l e g a n y . SKIN SUFFERERS ¥]·· i " n i - t i ; \'.:\-K\y ,-.-i,-.,-,,.ii l i i ' - M j ,':·,·,]· I !i;i.=-ry nf P.--.I: ia.-sj-.. f'^x^nm A r ' . i ; F"'.''.:. A.-rv V.-s.-i. f.-n- I", .-·:-..- ':·!, I F'.-o.-'i.n O.ik. A rt'l ,-.··:·.-· P. O P,.,x -,l7i| ' HUNT CLUB Dog Food It's A Triple Value When you restore original moisture, each 5-lb bag makes 15-lbs of meat-- abundant, vi lam in-rich food. Feed alone or mix with table scraps or canned food. 5 POUND » The MARKET ~* BASKET

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