Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on June 23, 1980 · 30
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 30

Chicago, Illinois
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Monday, June 23, 1980
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Femlnlque 6 Section 3 Chicago Tribune, Monday, June 23, 1980 ' Connie Boucher could kiss Snoopy, at right, (or being top dog in her thriving business, Determined Productions. Her company produces ;a variety of Items featuring the "Peanuts" characters, including Snoopy's sister, Belle, the lovable . beagles sell , for $22 and up. Good grief! How did Snoopy, the worlds most popular dog, become 4 a soft, cuddly toy adults and children alike cling to and buy by the kennelfiil? Connie Boucher, a San Francisco businesswoman, took - the plaintive beagle right out of the Peanuts comic strip and turned him into big business. While she was at it, she also turned her company, Deter-. ' mined Productions, Inc., into a multimillion-dollar corporation with 200 employes and a score of offices, suppliers, and distributors throughout the world. - "It's an idea company," the president of the 20-year-old firm says. "I've, always loved Charles Schulz (creator of Peanuts), and I've always been in fi fast! km soil mm THE NATION'S f FEMININE REDUCING CHAIN REALLY GETS THE POUNDS OFFI If you're a woman battling a weight problem, you're not alone. Recently, the lS. Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs cited obesity as the nation's "1 malnutrition problem". It said that there are about 79 million Americans who were effected to some extent by being overweight. The government noted that women have a greater problem with weight control than men do, and predicted that a record number of us would try some kind of diet this year. Unfortunately, the statistics show that most of those diets are going to fall. Whatever method it is we're trying, chances are we won't be able to stick with it for long. And so once again they'll still be a record number of us trying to diet next year. But there is hope and help In the form of the Gloria Marshall Figure Salon chain. Over the! last 16 years, this company has had great success helping women to lose weight. With more than 200 salons in the U.S. and abroad, the company has aided more than half a million women in their quest for slimmer figures. That may be Just a small percentage of us who need Gloria Marshall, but it Is a start. Gloria Marshall records Indicate that the salons have helped women with almost every different kind of figure problem imaginable, and that weight losses have ranged from 10 to 120 pounds. It's no wonder, then, that Gloria Marshall Figure Salons is the largest privately-owned figure control company in the world. When I began this report, I wanted to know why Gloria Marshall is so effective, so different from the horde of reducing alternatives available today. I found the answers to be truly amazing. Lisa Jacks at one time. There are many more, but all the machines have one thing in common: they do the work for you, so that you hardly know you're getting the exercise your body needs. Generally, a woman uses a machines for just 10 or 15 minutes a visit That's all the time that's needed. GLORIA HERSELF ONCE OVERWEIGHT The first thing I found was that yes, there is a real Gloria Marshall. She's the woman behind the legend, the lady who slnglehandedry pioneered a weight loss revolution. The attractive mother of 4 and successful career-woman, Gloria was once extremely overweight Now a perfect size 8, her personal battle to reduce was the beginning of the Gloria Marshall Figure Control System. Til never forget how hard it was for me to lose weight all --run LJ i& it,'.., u j or obligation. In addition, she'll be introduced to one of the figure counselors who has been carefully trained by Gloria and her staff. in the figure analysis, the counselor will help the woman decide where and. how much she would like to lose. The counselor gives her patron an idea of what her perfect figure will look like. She helps the woman set realistic figure goals for herself, so that she knows exactly where she is and where she is going in her program. Then, the counselor begins to custom tailor a Gloria Marshall program exactly to her patron's needs. That counselor, by the way, will be with that woman throughout her entire program. She'D be her friend and 'ally, the one the patron can turn to for encouragement and guidance. From now on, the patron is finished trying to lose weight on her own. ' HOW MUCH WEIGHT DO YOU NEED TO LOSE? Gloria Marshall, mother of 4 and founder of leading figure salon company, once had a weight problem herself. alone," Gloria says. "I designed my system so that no woman would ever have to go through that kind of torture again." Unlike the figureheads, of other companies, Gloria maintains daily contact with her salons and is heavily involved with the routine affairs of her company. She's a nationally recognized figure authority and works extensively with charities. But she never forgets that it was the development of her figure control method that has made it all possible. And works constantly to expand and improve the system. THE BEST FOR WOMEN The Gloria Marshall system is designed for women only, because Gloria believes that losing weight is a different process for women as opposed to men. When Gloria put together her team of doctors, nutritionists, computer experts and psychologists to work designing the system, she specifically asked them to concentrate on the problem of feminine obesity only. This exclusively feminine orientation means there are a number of unique advantages to Gloria Marshall's weight loss method. First, the programs are geared to the needs of the individual woman, with the highest consideration for her personal lifestyle, dietary and physical requirements. Since no two female figures are alike, everybody gets individual attention. There is no standard program. No one is ever herded Into a group exercise class or lecture at Gloria's. In the salons, there are no sweat-soaked workouts with heavy barbells and weight machines. The patrons are there to lose weight, not qualify for the Olympics. Gloria has left the strenuous exercise out of her program, so that a visit to her salons is more relaxing than exhausting. In addition, a Woman doesn't have to face a macho, locker-room atmosphere in the salon. There's no need to shower or change clothes after a session, so tasteful feminine modesty can'prevail. Finally, Gloria strongly disapproves of some of the weight loss pills and Injections available today. You won't find any of these In her salons. ' To give you an Idea of what Gloria Marshall's Is ail about, here Is a step-by-step rundown of the program. ' A PERSONAL FIGURE ANALYSIS On her first visit to the salon, a woman receives an Indlvidual figure analysis, for which there Is no charge , IF YOUR ' " - ; YOQR -HEIGHT IS.., v - WEIGHT . ' ' SHOULD 410" 92-98 Bs. 4ii" . ...:...;;.... 94101 a, : 5'V ... 96-104 B. 5' 1" 99-1071b.- 5' 2" 102-110 a. y 3" ,., 103-U3 a, 3 4" 10B-ll$lbs. 3' 5" ...,11M191b. 5' 6" , : 1 14-123 ft. s' r 118-127 .: :; o ' 122131 lbs.- .' 5- 9" 126-133 lbs. 5'10" ,130-140!bs. 511" .7.. ...... ...... 1341441b. 6' 0" :....... 138-14 It. . , . Above recommendation ,, , - aw for smai frame women, age 25 and over : To determine the exact weight loss that'srlghtforyour particular figure, call for a complimentary Gloria Marshall figure analysis. COMPUTER DIET INCLUDED The counselor helps her patron fill out a detailed com puter questionnaire about her present diet and eating habits. Does she drink coffee? How often does she eat strawberries? Does she like mozzarella cheese? The answers to these and hundreds of other questions are Important because they will become the basis for the patron's Personal Slim Plan, or "PSP" This is a completely balanced program of nutritional guidance designed by computer just for that individual patron. It takes into account her likes and dislikes, and includes dairy menus for every day of the week. From now on, the patron will be able to eat most of the foods she likes and still lose weight The PSP Is a complete nutritional analysis which would A spin off of the space program, Gloria Marshall's "Gravity Machine" exercises 600 muscles without strenuous effort. A LITTLE LESS OF YOU Within the first couple of weeks, the patron starts to see and feel the changes. With the counselor, her PSP and exercise machines, she can feel confident knowing that her figure goal is just around the comer. Soon, she may be sounding like some of the other ladies who've had outstanding success with Gloria' Marshall, some of whom report: Tue fost 44 pounds and can't ever remember being this slimT Denise Reynolds Myfiriendsdidn'trecognlzemeaflerllost54pounds and 47 Inches..? Teresa Nopson 'Losing 10 Inches from my hips alone is a life-long dream come true..." Deen Ogden 7n Just 3 months, I lost 33 pounds and 37 InchesT Judi Minns 7t took 4 years to gain it, buljust 6 months to lose 60 pounds at Glorla'sr Lorraine Phillips The results generally come right on schedule, just as the patron and counselor planned back on their first visit together. Even if they are a little slower In materializing, the patron has the added satisfaction of knowing she can continue her program at no cost until she reaches her figure goal. E III,- - "A-,.. iLJir inr?A With the computer PSP, you can eat this much every day and still lose weight cost as much as $400 if prepared by a doctor individually. It is part of the program at no additional cost WORKS ON 600 MUSCLES Inside the salon is an entire battery of figure shaping equipment that is exclusively Gloria Marshall's. These are the machines mat will help the woman firm up a little here and lose a bit there, until her figure Is just right The machines may look strange at first, but the counselor explains the specific physiological purpose of each one. One machine looks like a cross between a couch and a table. Another was developed during the space program, and manages to exercise 600 muscles With Suzanne Somen, 1980 Easter Seals Chairperson, Gloria thanks her patrons for giving more than $500,000 In charity donations. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF If you need to lose weight, I recommend you check out Gloria Marshall today. . Aurora 896-9741 Calumet City 868-1020 Crystal Lake 455-2570 Deerfleld 498-9810 Downtown 787-0336 Ford City 767-4221 Harlem 745-1855 Jollet .- 744-4710 La Grange '......246-5900 Matteson' , 747-5850 Merrlllvlll 769-8950 Napervllle 355-9660 Nlles 967-6660 No. Riverside 442-9350, OriandPark 429-0300 Palatine : 358-4040 Schaumburg 880-9500 Villa Oak 834-5430 West Dundee 426-6511 Wilmette 251-3286 , Devon Ave .465-60Q& love with Snoopy. Who isn't? We didn't even test-market the idea. We liked it ourselves, st we just went ahead and did it." ' This bold philosophy skyrocketed her company to success, with Snoopy as top dog and the rest of the Peanuts gang toddling close behind. The company also produces and sells like crazy other Snoopy goodies, such as "Happiness is a Warm Puppy," which was on the New York Times bestseller list for 45 weeks, and all the other "Happiness" books; calendars; doll clothes; diaries; real-m'gosh-goodness Touch-Tone telephones ($110); banks; doll-size wicker furniture; children's clothes; cookbooks; toys; puzzles; games; sweatshirts; T-shirts; sleeping bags; tableware; cups; tote bags; Christmas ornaments; and even toiletries. SNOOPY HIMSELF as a plush toy comes in alt sizes and characters, from the dog you know best (stark .naked) to Snoopy the Aviator, Snoopy the Registered Doctor, and Snoopy the Baseball Player. A 5-foot-high Snoopy sells for $230, which is really putting on the dog. And this year, Snoopy is joined by his sister, Belle, who is also' right up there in popularity on the beagle hit list. ' . Boucher, 57, who attended the recent American Booksellers Association show in Chicago, Is constantly on the go, visiting her New York show-, room, her offices in Stockholm, Dus-seldorf, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Korea, and her representatives in France, England, Italy, and Taiwan. Her secret, the magic formula that keeps her going at full speed and being successful, is energy. "People always ask how can I do so much," she says. "I always wonder how lean do more." Energy was about the only thing she had going for her when she went into her own business two decades ago. An art school graduate, Boucher worked in the display department of a San Francisco store. She did windows. She was married atthe time and had two young children.: With the store's promotion director, James Young, who is now her partner and live-in companion, Boucher staged charity affairs: a haunted Charles Addams-type house, before Disney did it; an old barge that she turned into Noah's Ark; and other imaginative creations that made money for the charities sponsoring them and made Boucher realize she -had a special talent to create and promote. SO SHE DECIDED to go into business, determined to do only things she liked and that' had never been done before. She started out big in 1960 with - a giant Winnie-the-Pooh coloring book. The book, featuring the world's most . popular bear, sold so well and its promotion was so successful that Life - magazine featured' it in an artkrie, "Life Goes to i Pooh Party." The party was held at the Boucher home. Connie Boucher always read her children the classics, and to her, "Peanuts is a classic." In 1962, she did her first project with Schulz, a Peanuts date book. The next year came the hardcover "Happiness" books, which have been translated into many languages and distributed throughout the world. However, .the idea that turned Determined into a plush company was, of course, the plush Snoopy. "Everything we've done with Snoopy sells well," Boucher says. "Some things sell better than others, but they all selL The sales build slowly at First, grow gradually, and go on and on." To handle all the beagle business and the works created by author Joan (r M I . v : f ' - . iwXff 4 Tribune photos by Earl Gustie Among the items from Determined Productions is the Snoopy Touch-Tone phone, priced at $110-' Walsh Anglund and author-artist Susan Perl, and all the other books and clothes and dolls and plush animals ' Determined produces Boucher depends on her family and close friends. Young is vice president and art director. June Dutton, Boucher's sister, is director of publications. Boucher's mother, Evie Klingbord, 78, is in charge of direct mail. "MY MOTHER comes in early every morning, works late each day', and personally answers every letter we receive," Boucher says. "She's viae president in charge of people." Dutton's daughter, Lisa, works in the art department and Dutton's son, Kit, is production director in the Hong Kong office. Margaret Strand, a cousin who designed the first Snoopy, is vice president in charge of design for the Tokyo plant. One of Boucher's sons, Douglas, is in charge of domestic sales, and the other, Teddy, is an artist in wood who designs products for the company. Both sons are married and Boucher is a grandmother who loves to give her grandchildren you guessed it Snoopys. The woman in charge of the sprawling beagle empire is self-made. "You can do anything you want to do," she says. "I did, and we're expanding all the time." About the only complaint she has is that her constant travel is accompanied by a constant jet lag; on the other hand, she loves the excitement of traveling and looking at the United States from the perspective of someone who lives in Europe or the Far East. Divorced for many years. Boucher is happy in her present arrangement with Young. "I think everybody should live with someone. You avoid all those old hangups that go with the word 'marriage.' Who wants, to be someone's 'wife'? In fact; who wants to be someone's 'husband'? "All I want to be is independent." She 'sounded determined when she said it. Carol Kleiman For information on wnere to purchase items in f-eminique, readers are asked to calI222-3103 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, or mail a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Department Fern., Chicago Tribune Public Service, 435 N. Michigan Av., Chicago, III. 6061 1 . D OST YOURSELF WITH BEAUTY. . . INDIAN EARTH Bask in the sun-kissed tones of the American Southwest with Indian Earth. A totally natural powder that enhances your skin's natural color with a coppery glow. On eyes, cheeks, lips and nails, it's pure radiance 1 .7 ounce, $12.50. Our Wonderful World of Cosmetics, First Floor, State Street store and all stores ! - ..

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