Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 16, 1949 · Page 10
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 10

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE 10—XAUGATUCK NEWS (CONST), FRIDAY, DEC. 10, 19JI) Patterson Protests Relocation Of Defense Plants Conjfrejwnmn Jtanfx T, Piitlcr- KOD'S off leu today rolrasctl a Btutc- men concurring- with the action token fcy tho Executive Council of the International Association of MachlnlKtH In protottlnf: the relocation of defense plants by tho Deportment of Deforest;. The piLBKH-Ke of a r(s»3luUon c.itn- ilcmnlnff the tactics of dcfcnno chiefs in surreptitiously suggesting to Industry heads that con- alteration b« given to relocation «u» adopted by this groat, independent union of skilled workers points up the severe economic consequences attendant upon the proponed rumov/il of Industrie*) from Coaatal and tho Great Lukcis Areas. Connecticut. thp Ai'mniU of Democracy during World War II, would be pardeulnrly hard-hit by any such proposal. Thn many thoUHnnds of skilled artlKanti mn- ployed there would Increase the rolls of thaw presently unemployed. Many sins nre pcrprtrn.t<Hl In the name of national defense, and the removal of vital industries •would diffuse the Hfe blood of New England's economic life. The answer is in proper and adequate defense measure* not a removal of th» En.itfrn Industrial plant. COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC BEFBIOERATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main 8L, Beacon Fall* Tel M«t Emergency CMI 05S1 U. S. ENVOY HONORED IN LONDON CHANCEUOR OF THE UNIVERSITY of London, tho Enrl of Athlone (left) confers on honorary degree ot Debtor of Lows on U. S. Ambassador to Britain Lewis Douglas. The ceremony was the highlight of the famous English university'* Foundation Day exercises. (International) Store Employes Hold Yule Party The annual ClirltttrniiH parly for •jnployftM of this O. C. Muri)hy Co. -itoru wa.s held Wedni^ubiy evening: at Kred'H H!-VViiy rnHtaiirnnt, Month FLEXIBLE FLYER SLEDS Choose from Hundreds of SLEDS C»Q in all makes and sizes. «D,r>. to $14.05 TERMS — Pay $1 Down — $1 a Week Lincoln (^ Store WEST MAIN Main Ht.root D-Inntir \vti» fdllnwod Uy dancing ami KumtiH, < liftn w«r<i dlwl ribuiHfl, Lucy M'rv./lft WJIM t:hair- mun of th« ovunl, iiKHl»Unl by.Bclty Cunnpwrl. Aniorif^ t.hdHo att.rntlln^ wnrn: Mr. un(l Mr«. Halph MftrHo, Mr. uncl M I'M. Chrtrlort KoKnrty, Mrn. MJI r- ^ni'ui Mm'Hr*. Mr. urul Mrn. Jlnhftrl. I M'H 1, Mr, and Mrs. ThnrunM Hout h- aril, M rM, Tho i HUM • Ourmond, Mm. KOHO Unrf^hlM, Mi'H. Molnn Arnndor, MrH, Miiry Wiirfjo, Mrn. Mnry Kloni.'i, Mm. H'-Inn KrnUwl, Mm. 101- l«n FiditlKo, Mr.-i. MnUtn Hunt, Mrn, Mary Toolu, <,'arolyn Har^rnnl, Marlon Bolton, ThorttHa KorwUI Joan PaHacovlich, !lt!l«n Knhlllni', Ann MuKhmt, 1'Jllon Ijc;«. Mnrion Hulllvnn t Mnrllyn Norrlti, ljin.'lllo Zucarrnllt, ] I art n«_\v Kre«- tnan, iJorothy Uoctl^i'r, Ni:llio Tum- II mil Hn, Virginia Cnntiperl, Pn.\rl(iia Holluwny, hnt-illi. KraMlriuld, Mary Dulnn, Jotin HuvonHcrnft, TliurtiHii COMriCNHATION J)(»inlnir Kliiiildl. T.7H WilMim M| rtjdl , Wai nrbury, will receive jJiiy- irumt of $1,200 for injurioH to hln ribs and cheat. HUHUUner) In the employ (»(' W. ,T. Mocin, Inc.. Nan^a• I mill. Hftpl. i>, Ift40 ,an;oj'din^ to n Hi'lpttlrttUm approved yostorday by Workman's CofinpcmsuUon Conimia- Hiont»r Harry Kranow. ^ "Emerson GIANT SIZE PICTUtE V^AU CMANNIl SimptiniaHc Tuning %£$UPEt POWIRED Unf DhUM* Circuit VT "MIIACIE" PICTURE IOCK V^IN6INIftEO for th» FUTURE "Emerson Television roR BITTIR VISION, STYUE, TONE, MRFORMANCE, VAiut- RADIOS ^APPLIANCES, 15 CHURCH STREET 413 NO. MAIN STREET NAUGATUCK (Phones 0400—.Mfll) UNION CITY Y Stores Opnn Frldiiy unrl Suturdnv NlirlitH TliiK Wc«ili FKKK PARKING S^OH CUSTOMKU8 Frii- RIMI>« From Ucncon Fall* to Naugatuck Eve 'y Nlirht Until ChrlNtrniui I.oc:U Klori-s Arc Opon SHOP HEKK!'. — WIN A N SlfMW NF.W FOTW CAR What's Doing CRASH SUR VIVORS THANK RESCUER In Naugatuck A Calendar of Events Today, Tomorrow and Every Day Friday, I>ec. 10 Meeting of the Tjudlcn* auxiliary of tho Nnu«atnck Valley Do'^rli- nwnt, Marlnn Corpn iljoiiftuo, OUii l-'ellowH hull, fl p. m. Christmas concert, Naugatuck IHi'h school A Crvpella choir, ;:<-hool auditorium, 8:15 p. m. B'relal meeting, entertainment, Pond Hill Community club, 8 p m. Saturday, intern Ixir 17 NEWS-Hulom Pluyhouao Christ- ma.a Party for YounsHtera Salom I'NyluturiM 0 ;». in. NmiKatuch Junior. Wormin'n dub Yulcllde dnnce, Hotel Elton, Wo~ terbury, 0 p. m. to 1 n rrt. Holiday, I>«c. 18 EnjjliiH chllclren'H Chi'lutmnn pur- ty, 2 p. ni. In Odd Fnlluwo Hull. Carol Klni; by .children of ''Ili-n- fldgn urea. Hprmmired by Wont Hldo C'oinmiinlly Club, 'I p. m. N/ttj};fitiH'.k Council of Catholic Women, annual Christmas tea and tintcrtnlnmcnl in ColumbUH hall, 2: .15 p. m. Monday, Dmsomber If) Kh'fiion Mf nrii*:itni,, Oontenntul loillf"', No. 100, JOOK, Odd FolltiWM hall, K p. m. Hr'Ktilnr monthly mooting, Nfiu- Kntur.k Fullowcruft AHHO., Maiionlc Trmplo, Church Hlimot, 8 p. m. Wednesday, DeeumlM-r 21 MooUiuc, CbrlHtinaM party, American I,M|.;|OM auxiliary, Miiiiioi'lul Iliinii!, 8 fii. in. MuntbiK uf Punt. No. 17, Amoi'l- t'nn l^it;l(in, l*<'Kl'»n Mnrnorlul llumo, Ci:dar tttrtjot, H p. in, Wi'dneuduy, Diw.mlwr 21 Cln-'ntiii.'iH party, mertlnit, Pron- I>c,M:t :iU'a«t m:hool I-*ar«n(.-Toachor MMHoclatlun, nujotlriy 7:30 p. in,, jmrty, 8 p. m. Thursday, T)<-<;i>inlM-r 22 CrtiniMiinhy Carol .SlriK. Jlor.'io- shoc on Thi» Ornon, 8:.'IO p. in. Hli-li;lii'![|i] Rail, N.iiiijauck Wo- niari'fi rliib Jti'ilin'RllnH. (Silldi-i-n'H ('hi'lHtmiiM jinrly, Pond Mill Coinmiirilly club, 7 p. in. Wfiliiixiility, HIT. S8 Holly ll'.'|i, fiponjiorud by Pnrlwh Pbiyi'ivi, CutiKi'i'Katlonal p a r I « h honw!, yonnjr people, 7 (o 1) p. m., adulU, 9 p. m to 1 a. m. Canine Reunion THANKS lo n story In a ncwspnpcr, "Butch" (/orcfiround), » "seeing eye" Boxer Is home ngalti and his dogdom pal, "Chick," is happy as ho pcrchc.') on the lap of his owner. La rryThoimiBon of Seattle. "Butch," it seems, guided "Chick" whenever they went around together. Suddenly the Boxer disappeared, but was soon found. llnternaUwal) Better get • NEW GOOOAEAR BATTERY Glendale Club Names Appointive Officers For Year Appoint!vu offlcom and comimlt- ii hiMUln wwi! namixl at, n m«nt- ^ of l.h« new hoard of Irui^tooH of Ilii! dlnntlnlo Community r.ltiifo held WednoHdity flight ut Ih'o home of Fremont Tollw pronldRrit, Oldenn TomllriHon W/IH niirnu<l nocrntary und .Iam«n Quinn treiw- iii'iir, CVwninlUne ohnlrn^an urn ns follows: Edwin Elpenilirot, Hplorts; MI-JI. Robert Chuiw, program; Men, Kdwiii'ti Nobls, niiulal; Mr«, Frivn- flln M, Noonnri, Mrn. NnltMjn French and Robert Burnhnrdt. mnnoy rrilHln^; Hujfh Iflmcrson nnd ITurolil Kron, hulldlriK and pnrli; fJtnvi) Hlurdovant, newH pa- pur, Tho January mentlnsr will be JieUI Tuuedny iivonln^, Jan, 10, In- stood of Mo first. TuL'Hdnjr nlffht, b'ooft««« of lt« i)i>oxlmlty to New Yanr'B. Two ChrlMlmn/i piirtlfiH will bo THI Five PERSONS who were rescued by a Const Gunrd TOY Flying Boat from the Atlantic Ocean after their small piano was forced down by engine trouble 00 miles east of Mlnmj, Flu., ara shown with their rcg- cucr, Donald Cobnugh, Coast Gunrd pilot. Pictured (J. lo r.) uro' Mrs A K. Jlennekon, hoHllntf her son, Robert, 2; T, G. Jungcrson <)£ Summit' N. J., the pilot of tho downed craft; A, K. Henuckcn of Monterey, CnlJf holding his «ve-year-old son. nnd Cobauttli.(fntcrno«tmal Souncf.ohotol hold tomorrow In thn cluhhouMO. In Hie afternoon children will bo .nntertntned, with Mrn. Walter Harrl« In chargo of the proKrum. GamoH will bo played, glftu ex- chantrod nnd refratfh-mantH sorvod. Adultw will l>o nnlortnlnod ut u ilintrty In thu cvrnlns;, with Robert Knitpp in chni-fi-e of the program. ai'OU.p trtnirlntf will ,bn held, an will (M]unrn and round dunclnjr. Sovijrnl, BkltH will bo j)r«n«ntwl undur tho direction of Mr. Stur dovn.nt. Cllfla will bo (ixohtingeJ, mom- bei'B bringing toys to whte'h huve boon uitnehad pommn. Thn next day the toyn will b« Klvcn Siiix-r- .Intcndcnt of Public J, Rudolph Anderson for distribution at Chrlotniiui, RofrcHbmantfl will b«> served by MrH. Kniilpip, MrH, Andrew Mc Cnnn, Mrs. Robert Brodlo an Mrn. Frnncls Janlh. SANTOSOENEK Radiator*, Machine*, Hnhy Cnrrinfer Uloyelen, 8*ldnrln« LAWN MOWKH8 8IIAHPE?rKY) MO Rnbb*r A*«. I'll one MIT7 Plan To Have Your CHRISTMAS DINNERS AND PARTIES AT ANNENBERG'S RESTAURANT 1»A11K 1'LACIC — NAUGATDCK MAKE RESERVATIONS Fresh Cut Connecticut CHRISTMAS TREES 500 TO CHOOSE FROM! Large and Small Sizes FRESH STOCKS DAILY Open Daily and Evenings Starting Tuesday, Dec. 13th RUDY SMITH'S CHRISTMAS TREE STATION Park Place (Next to O. C. Murphy Co.) FREE DELIVERY ft. .'< x, fi ii fl K ti A fi ii \ Some Enchanted Eating It's new! It's improved! What a value at this Low Price! A fine mattress antf box spring wilh all of SEALY'S traditionally fine quality of materials and workmanship! ISO-coil in full size; fancy woven stripe ticking; firm French edge; button luftcJ; 8 ventilators; turning handles; Scaly Miracle Meth protectors; quality layer felt; and other fine features. SHOP HERE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS PAUL'S Naugatuck Furniture Co. SHELL STATION I "At Tim Traffic J.l|?lit" Union f!lly 5 O|K-n [hilly 7 A.M. tit 12 Midnight S 25 So. Main Tel. 2711 AMERICA'S LARGEST SELLING FRUIT CAKE Over 2/3 ol ovory colto in Iruitit and nul;;l Rich, molal, marvoloun Jane Parfcwr Fruit Cako bur. a ropulalion ior being luncloua—ami llvon u;> to it in every pocan-packed, Iruit-lillod bi!o. It's br!mfu) ol chorrios, pineapplo, raisins, and tar.ty nuts, WhaS a cakol What a buyl 5 LB CAKE 3 LB CAKE IK LB CAKE 3.79 2.35 1.19 More Oc/icious /one Parker Holiday favorites! 3 Gold Layorn, Vanilla-cromo iced, with cocoanu: I A VEB f A VC "MCRR- CHRISIMAV ^rt%t LATcK tAlvEDrcCRATro-fi'"-j/[ iA/9 c Topped with Fronch cromo ro.iotloii . . . Scod & flr-cor-i',..- I. fl'lD ^A'l^CC HOLIDAY CKC •» EC ^UK VAIVEd DtCORATFD or 6 .3 D A Haley cruolod delight ... to top oil your holiday i'-'ir-.t. MINCE PIES K> lN cHs, 2E F ,79 C Rich colleo cako, frultlul . . . sugared snow whil* FRUIT STOLLEN '^' 39

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