Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 16, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1949
Page 8
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Every jcvtnlnc Sunday) bjr CEOE NADOATUCK NHTWB CORP. NAUOATUCK. CONN. Telephone* tlM Mid SSM All Department* ICnUred u lecond clan m*ltat »t Ibe port office In Naugatuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Pmyabto In Advano* I Month»0 1 T«ar . New»pal>«r Pub. N. R. Dally New«p»p*r Put. Conn, N*w»pap«r f»ublt«»>«r» AM'D PAGE 8—XACGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), FlUD/VY, UEC. 1C, 1M9 ing back again there has been a disinclination to do nnythlm; that mlKht cause u temporary IOSH of tax revenue. There Is some encouragement. however. In the. inquiry under wAy by 11 «onKf«KKlrthal Miibcom- inlttce on how to Ictiticn the flow of savings Into loans and other secured channels for diversion into tho more speculative channels of ownership represented by equity holdfnRs. It is a notable fact that at the inflationary peak the market for equity stocks was not greatly stimulated, contrary to tho historic trend In times of hltrh prices. Tbe committee has already been told by the president of the country's laryc-Ht Insurance company that (ho renmmn savlnKM are being- used to finance business and public debt instead of being directly Invested In establishing now or expanding business Is "the lack of incentives for investments in common stock." As slated by another insurance company head, the government^ tax and monetary policies together "havo been driving the thrifty people of tho country directly Into the arms of the Insurance companies." Before tho committee finishes It will hear plenty more to the same effect, but with tho President's forthcoming budget rno«- itnjfo reportedly asking for high cr taxes, the immediate chance* of drastic tax reform by Congrcsi arc not bright. Yet a healthy economy cannot grow under the present investment trend. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1849 Santa's Arrival It's wonderful what parents will do fur children. Classic example is the patience they displayed yesterday, standing In the cold, and under trytnc conditions, ju»t to permit their yountfHtors the opportunity of a word -with wonderful, kindly Santa Claus. Huntu'H arrival hy helicopter .-estcrdny was the mo«t colorful, the most spectacular, and ccr- tninly the most crowded affair of Its type that NauRdlucV has seen. An »pon»or» of lh« proKrutn, The News wishes to take this early opportunity to cxprOBB thanks to all who participated In making Santn'ti Landing n noteworthy event. Special praises are due Police Chief John J. Gormlcy, dipt. Anthony A. Malone and the large squad of policemen who performed a magnificent Hcrvlcc in h:\ndllriK u largo, enthualsiBtlc crowd, without unpleasant incident And the Fire Department, with Chief John J. Sheridan In charge, not only stood by with equipment as a precautionary jTH-.-i.'Uirc, ljut al»o lent a hand in the Inside and outside traffic assignments. To the NmiRatuck Footwear T'lnnt of the U. S. Rubber Co., The N'ew.i owes an expression of thanks for complete cooperation In th<> line of the parkln« lot und other facilities necessary to the program. And nl«o to Kloctrlclnn Ray <.'i;r!->er. who provided public iul- (!:esM jind miiMical effects that tnppec! off a program that lonp ^;'l be remembered, The News ; ;t VM t h.-inktt. A.iil lust, but not least to Santa <"I.T:«. :<> his pilot, and to the K.' t<--,Ti! public, n.1! of whom joined in :: j,<-n»i way to make the day a memoinblc one for the youngsters of NmurtiHick nnd Beacon KiLlls. we speak In words of praise nnd gratitude. Problem Of Burphuei Om< of the many economic problems which continue to plague the administration Is the hu^o surpluses of agricultural products. Under I he price BUpport plan the government has been buying these surpluspH when markets fell below the guaranteed figures. One of the most serious as- l><Tts of the problem hiis to do with corn. Tho United States has a huK« supply on hand, and does not know what to do with It. Soo- rri.iry «,f Agriculture Iteiinnan sayn the prico support pl4l mu«t be revntnpcd next yctir to make It possible to dispose of surpluses In norm* tnunner. ('uriffnitlni; thiit the Knvnrnnittnt has a tremendous problem on its bunds the secretary »ays there must be a more effective program nf nrrcnKo control to prevent further increases in surpluses. It's the old story. One control.always leads to more of the name. AH for corn, the only way out, the secretary says. Is to feed It to livestock, as there is no other method under the prcsont farm program to K «t it Into consumers- hands. Butter -iml egg surpluses would vanish if tho people would consume more of those commodities. Brnnnnn says, but ho fails to add that present prices of both 1'Ulier nnd OKKS prevent .that. Farm subsidies have brought considerable prosperity to agriculture, but tho Kovornment had become deeply involved in an economy which, finally, Is rcfm- lated by the law of supply and demand. That l«w In Jncxonihle and no amount of politics! mani- ptilntlon has been able to overcome its effects. -Nor should it be forgotten that what has benefited the farmers hn.i, to a K real extent, come out of the porkcts of the taxpayers. Lack Of Risk Capital Essential to •» sound and expanding economy is a sufficient volume of venture capital for new activities. Thlj. fact has been •stated «irnln and again In efforts to convince the administration and Const-ens of the cll«courii K inn effect that the present federal tax system, with Its basic Inequities, has upon common stock In- vi-slnicnl Kent-rally. Remedial proposals, embraced in various tax studies, have included abolishment of double taxation of dividends and more llb- urul provisions for currying business losses backward and forward «s well as for excise Impost chantf- ey. The 1947-48 fiscal year period, with its unprecedented surplus, would have been u i;uod lime for a complete overhaul. It wasn't made, because, of White House opposition, and with deficit financ- Do You Remember? One Year Ago Mrs. Chnrlos Robinson was elected noble grand of Colum- blnn Robekah Lodge No 35 I O O, P. Oscar G. Schllko WIIN elected president of the Nnugatuck Vul- ley Numismatic association. 20 Years Ago Thn Naugaluck High Hchool football team WHS honored ut n dinner In tho high sr.hool gymnasium. Miss Elizabeth Flaherty, president of tho NauKnUiclc Teachers' League, wan named as ti delegate to the convention of the Connecticut Teachers' association, in New Haven. Household Scrapbook Hoorch Jf thn flbnrn of cuitun or linen poods have not. actually been burned, tho scorch Htnlns can often bo removed by wanning with soap and water, or welling tint spot with water, and exposing to the sun for a day or longer If necessary. The Mcorch will be remover] more rap- Idly If tho material Is moistened first. ('Iciinlng I'liinn K^YH The |>lano keys can be cleaned by moistening u cloth with lemon juice and dipping in whiting. A r-.loth molslonod "with vim-gar will whiten the keys. Alcohol l« also good for whltonlnjf piano keys II i>< difficult („ , 1( ,|,,H ,„.!«,., for KIIIIIUM «|. lihlltlnin'M imrtl.m 11H tlvi , youiiKHli'i'M nrn untidily of nil nges Half-pound boxes of'hard candies or striped bags with homemade cookies will pl,,aso all of them. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Is there any further obligation upon a person who has just introduced two other pui-Hons to each other? A. Yes; a person who Is experienced in making Introductions will lend the two strangers into nmooU, I'lniuinnl dm vermilion. UH, "Mr. Morgan has just moved to our city from Detroit." It Is only when awkward pauses follow an Introduction that embarrassment In fell Q. Should tho wedding gift be mailed to the brlclo. even.If you know only the bridegroom nnd have never met her? A. Yes, always. Tho wedding presents aro always condldenid the personal properly of thn .bride. Q. Isn't it n man's responsibility at a dunce to see that hlH partner is not left alono while he Is dancing with someone else A. Yes, indeed; this Is his first duty. Look And Learn 1. Which amendment to the U. 8. Constitution cancels a previous amendment ? 2. How much doi'H u. pernon's hair grow in a month? 3. What is the difference between a parabola and a parable? 4. Which of tho U. a. dependencies nV'u territories? 5. How many legs docs tho common housefly have? 1. The 21sl amendment repealing prohibition cancels the 18lh amendment enforcing prohibition. 2 The usual rato of growth ID three-eighths to three-fourths of an Inch In n month. 3. A parabola Is a kind of curve; n parable is a Ktory which teaches a moral. 4. Alaska and Hawaii. C. SIX. OPKN I.ETTEH TO SANTA (A Maiden's Prayer) At sweat sixteen, I first began T<. usk you, Su.nla, for u man. At Bcventeen you will recall, 1 wanted uoiucono ntruiiK 'i"d tall. The Cbrlntnji when I rnached ulKhlucn, 1 funded somconci hurdtinU lean. And then lit nineteen, 1 was fmro I'd full for someone more mature. At twenty, I still thought I'd lind Romance In sornconu with a mind. I rotroKreascd al twonty-onu And found the college boyn niont fun. My vlowipolnl changed at Iwfnly- two I longed for Hoimionc who'd bo truo. I broke my heart. n| twenty-three And luilcod for sonteoiiu kind to me. Then begged fit blai,«: twenty- four For anyone who" wouldn't bore. Now, Santa,- that I'm twenty-five Juat .send .mo someone who's ullve. At Salem, N. II., last Monday, conlntctor r»ill (;itr»lH'dlun left 11 $M,(NN) Imltdo'/.cr In u oollnr- liulo !lio WIIN digging. . .On i-.tum TuiiHdity, ho round It. hud ( ||N- iipponred. .. .After a da.v-loni; smirch It wa* found—In thn cellar An evIiaiiHt plpi- \VIIK KO<-II above eight foot of wat.'r I hill liml collecUxl In thf hole during u night of rain anil melting MIIOW. A man in Wllbraham, Mass., nan found ||. doesn't pay t. ( , hand out ChrliitiniiH preHcntH 'beforehand .He gave hln wifn a n n w car -md ypnl.erday, while inking It for a t.i-lal yjjiii she hit a door with the roault that, Ilin cur l.s a total loss .Oh well, .-it lea.'il they'll be outing venluon HlyuliM for a while. Jn MII.VM Landing, JM, ,(„ ,Iohii scratclilnif hlw shoulder while .hunting. . ,A friend HH'W the fur- glovo (hat lieokoh WIIH moving |, v (ho s | ( , 0 i)f a tre« and Jlred at what he thoiiK'it WIIH a nuMiiHiii. . Illn Him WIIN good— loo good. . .A •loo- tor rmnovod tho bullet 'from Itoolioh'H hand. Mr. and Mrn. John Me/.zo, of Greenwood Hlront, nnil Mr. and iMi-M. ICugene Hnitlh, of Annonla, rooenlly celn-hrutod llielr eighth and llth wndtllnir iinnlversnrles, rimpocllvoly, nl llm Town Hoime, In Now llavcu. ,.(.:,, iiKi'filuli i, tions. IlONt wlNIIOH 1,0 ,IllH)tp)l rolUMlll. son of Mr. and Mrn. Joseph |'o- la«iltl, of Carroll Ntroet, u'lm eolo limli-d it blrlliday rooontly. . ..Ino wan honored hy n group of hl« young friends at u hlrlbdny par- ly Monday ovonlnc at hlK hi.tni'. Wo hear that n good many u. S. Kufbbor Co. Footworn- Plant employee -will be required to take olio week of their next yinir'n vacations dUKlnp the plant shutdown at (.'hrlntimnn I line. . .Thny lirp Iho oni|iloyoB whose length of service entitles t.h«!m to three weeks vacation... Itrporl.'i aro that the week off IH of tho company's choice, not tho employes. Snimi 280 commercial nnd 12 ^education exhibits aro scheduled t« !M< vl<nvi*(l hy ,lhe public, al tint loth iinniiul National Motor float Show which opnnn ,liui. (I at (irand Control 1'alaeo, New York.. .The nunilmr of oxhlbltH IN an lUI-Ume recortl... Varloun (irttiH, olubn i^nd hoatln^ Inntl- liilliiiiN throughout llw- country will him- dxhlhltn at tho H|IO\V. Flv« Ki-oupn of carolot-H will move In various directions over <Henridge nlrectn Sunday afternoon starting at 4 o'clock .each group will cover ulnioHt overy »tr«el In the section during tho period until they meet at the lulnnd above Qulnn stroot to, bo greeted by Santa Claim.., Many ll'iM-Hons urn planning to hoar Ihe flinging while Mitatnd In their cam...the candle bearers, 10 high nchcK)! boya and girls, will prcwont a carol singing program In from, of tho LfiValla corivullH- o.ent lumii) on Qulnn ntrnet, 'JThore'II In; more than the usual number of (fltlw on the Chrlnt- tnaN troo thin yi>ar »t thn limmo of Mr. anil Mrs, < hurlos Htroii- inaii, Itoacon Vu^lcy roail they nro the happy grandparents of ThoiDiiN Eilwaril Bukor, non of Mr. mill Mr». J'Ulwiird II. Itaknr of Woiidhury, who arrived Oec. Jnclt Con wny, dlreotor of Thu PluymakcrH. has comiplelcd casting for the jihow. "r'ur.Honal Ap- peurunc"," which wont Into ro- heiD-sa! thi.s week .the play will bo produced hero in February. Kiirry to hear that >1an Free of niinii avi-inie In still mom nr [I-XH o.Kiillnod to her In,UK-, tho old virus bnit really got hold of •Inn, alum* throo wei-kn ago. •u •? A. ri<proHcnlnl!vc of *Cnml>rlii, Kvcrelt. and Knust, certiflwl public * wlio do the bor- ciiigli'u nndillng wan In the borough ,Uiln week conferring with Warden Harry Cat-tor and Bor!US|.;li Clerk (JhurlcH Duly regard- Ing a change in the present oc- countln.g .system hero. Tatrolinan Henry Hiu-lcl tolls Hi C'lirinon the tnJlor donorvos a word of pralKo for iiiiililiiK a new Hillt for HanUi'n visit hnrA .by lir^i-nfttnr yentcrday.. .Oannen worked until 1 o'o.lnck yo»ti)rd»y morning getting tho now Hull llnlNli'-d f,,r SnnU l« wear on his flying visit from" the North 7'oln SI root. Suiiorlntondont T^o.o 'Urophy lell/i ii» llwtl rcuclc wait In being lined on Mack-lop hlll.H, with crows nj.rlplylng tho sail, mixed with annil or c.lndi<rn im Hoo'n no an Inch of anow falls or us noon nfl rain begins to freeze .when lined In night utorrnw, |ihiiliigrii|)liii HI-.! iiiadii t.|i« fill- lowing Mioriilni! ii,l U:!)0 o'clock lo flhow results, with hills cleared ol' Mno-w or Ice. After seeing n demonstration of how to clrt-HH for c«lil weather at hlH shoji ri-conllv, Jon Homer* IH <-!>ntoin|ilatlii(, r thn pilrcluinn of K«vi>ritl HwiNitJ>rN, ooiits, jackets and a fur IInod overcoat nnd at loust throo lints. ICd Hanlr-y IH on<) of tho poutal employcH fooling tho C'hi-ltiln)u» rush. ..with nmny rcslrlonts mailing packages for Chrlnlmnn at. lhl» time, Bd In lu'uplng on hln toon to keep sendr ers from having to wait too long while pnckngm tiro being weighed and HtiimpH apjdlod 'J.only tho 'beginning-, Ed. LOOKING OVER THE 'SMALL FRY' ?, 'T RENKS ' hu 8° Cote do Nelgo Supho looks Indifferently at two tiny Chihuahuas, Cannon and Don Juan, at the Bronx Kennel Club Dog Show in New York, The miles of tho canine world nrc not BlHI/iK in •oincboUy/B lunchbox. That's an alr., £ on,aUionea currier. Unemotional) Plans 'Sit-Down' For Held Mate Sitting In her Chlcugo home, Mrs. Shirley Homier, 24, point* to a npnt on the map of China where her huwtmnd, M-8{rt. Blmnr C. Bonder, r.f Clnnlnnntl, linn bn«n held by CiiminiinlHt forces Mincn rtclober of 1048. Mrs. Render luis nniiounni-d that nlm plnns to no to WfiNlilnirton nhiirlly and ")u»t Hit thorn until they da something for him." (Internatloniil) WALTER WINCHELL In New York MAN I-LAY ING A TYl'KWniTKR Tberii'rt u bon bnn Hliup at Hadlo City displaying fairy tale charac.torH made of ginger bread. Cute as n baby's pinky...Some rasslcrs on tv grunt ;v protty good show; others aro 'the hammlont jierfornierit this- «ldfi of "Kant Lynne"... Oh. Caspar! Tho N. Y. Times described Sloan Simpson us one "whoso name hati been linked romantically with tho Mayor's". No klddln'?. ,. Tho prctty-faco front-covering Seventeen mag In -the T.ook of tho month. . ..KIlniH will come utampodlng In like call.lo tlie noxl. 2 w«eUn. About 2fi new ulnemtiH will arrive for the holly-dayft. . . Morton l">ownny, i he singing tycoon, IH a dlroe.tur of three norporntlon«. Mappy dividends!. , , The HO glowing Christmas trrseti lining P/vrk Avonfto add tolnn Hcenlc wonders of the mighty me- tropollH, It WIIN Inevitable: A Hong called "Pony Kx|>rcHH" mlmlcH tho ulylo of "Mule Train." But II lacks the melodic lang of thnoriglnnl , Bent wny to wltnoHM telnvlnod boxing lit lo turn off the iiound ami jiml. watch tho picture. The announcers nro gabbler than a reunion of reln- UVOH . . i Tho aqua firrmlne, in bad enough without having your oiii'H hammered by radio jlnglos urging you to preserve water every oth- f-r mlriut.D... I|OM- Union nharige: llnln uneil to ho Irksome, but now water-hungry New Yorkers look forward to rainy daypt as If they were bollduy*. W« un«d to mivu for n rainy day-- now wo want rainy daya to wave Us, iMornlni; IMH-IIIIII-M ob-rl rle ullCn Itayburn and Finch start their ayowi monkey-Hhinca.,. Here's mn.n-bltfis- Hcroogo IKIWM: Variety reportM booking agiuilH ari! having their worno slump In yearn... Thin In no wfty to win frlendM and influence l.he l)ox of rice: When "Hamlet" In unreeled at neighborhood bljotiH nd- rnlHh will he tilted... Gene Kelly's hol.-dlgjfely jigging In "On the Town" IK iioiiutllilng to about. There arc umpteen new YiileUdo dlttloB. But nonn comon clone lo the ovur-lovln' "Whlln C'ln-litl mini," And wo mwnr Urn of hnarlng the hlp- |Hity-lio|i[)i>l,.v "Jlngli! Holln".,. If you dont think Iv IH a vaudo mcc- c.-i.: One Hahhathitftnw IH ni;t'n;ilolxi- ly compoHod of jugglurn, niaKl- cliin« and acrobats,.. Most llckor- ttigging feature of Ed Murrow's now "I Can Hour It Now" album 'In the voice of LuGmmlla i-oadlng comic Mtrlps to small fry during the '45 newspaper delivery strike.., .. t . Other tv produeern can tujtc lonHona In Hhowmanshlp from Howdy Doody'H fundarful antkiH. .Iiiinojt Thurlier'H itiolilbfiil: "Mwu will not gat. anywhere unt.ll hfl reallxos, In ull htirtilllty, he l« just another of God's crotttures, IBI-.S Mindly than Dog, ponnrnnnd of IOHM •llgnlty limn Hwan".. , Miibbo tho stage paradyr of tho New YOI-|«H''.* crllt.or fizzled bec.a\iae you onn't '•ui'icaturn a cartc.ulure. . .Qodfv IV'H Mwy-dORH-lt stylo hiis many Im- Jtntorfl—but nc competltoi-B.. .Wi/.l, blOBH ,that diirlln' ol" Daniel PahKri 'at tho Dally Mirror oportH pngiiK, who IM In that nll)y ol' Po«l. Onidu. ate Hospital with one of those darn fool oporntlon.'i agnln) for whal he printed In tlto current; Coltler'H. The Darlln' man, <llHcu»»ing bini- kotball referee Pat Kennedy, ob- Hei-veii: "Kennedy has more lirtl- tntorii thnn 'W. Wlnchell but, unlike Liiu protolypo Of the Broil rlw/iy tulumnlsl, Is HO.original he del'u's nnylhing more than nuperflnliil pjplug". . .Hunvonly duy, JD.inlel, liow you DO Carry On! Curol Chiiiuiliig IH the liHef.t to ynfim Into tho B'way hoavnnM. Iriiil. H'w never ruiNy. She'bucked E'wuy tor more Mian seven years boforo (retting her Big Break, Incidentally, the pant two theater HoaMuim have come up with three s'.ellur loinmedinnB: Mary McCarty, Nun<:.y Andri'WH and Carol... Have -in- other ieiiny Utlr switch; Tho iruivl", "The RIchoHt Girl In the World,' was changed to "The Richest Girl in Jail." Try and flggor It out nnd you'll -go nute...ThR record rti-rc- I«UH« of CitruAo's ai-!u-,|uggllng !B what you'd expect—superb. llocki'follor rin/.H'M evergreen IH n top oyatruulion: People ogling It Htand four doci> .. A new - Lome worth latching onto IH "Th« Htrtiggln for Ouadulciiiuil" • Little. Brown). Author S. E. Alorlson notes: "For those who •vore there Cluiidiilcintml IH nol ,u;it. u namo but un cmutlon". . .Ilii'd to blcov that, talking films wors born jUHt 20 yearn ago...Tf you're «n ambltlouH songHmlth—you (.'.':n pick up some worthwhllo tlpa hy studying Oscar Hammorstein's Introduction to his book titled •luno-rnoon-wpoon lialliuln IIBOIJ lo he Tin Pun Alley'w mofil tlckeln. Now the top coln-gollorH an; nov- elly lilts Ilko ''Mule Train" nnd "Kudolf, tho Red-Nosod Uolndetr" ...Why film cnreai-M ]>itt a i,it.rtiln on miirrlaKOH.- Hoherl Taylor ami Babn Stanwyck wore neparated li-r ("Ighl. monlhn (hlti yenr-'-hocatmi ho w.i.i film-making In Ijondon or "or. location". ., Tho Hong, "Bye. Bye, Baby" (from "Gentlemen Prefer Blonfleti") joined tho Hit Parnon before tho iihow opened on I.V\v,iy ., Hotly Ornblo's remarkiihl,) -itmark: "I'm awfully ambarruHXG'Jl ithout my logs." Huh? We agroe with critic* wtio'v» boon scolding tv ,'or stressing goru nnd mayhom in- ltn bootlunitrt. Ri- rriomhnr children are looking , , It you onjri.y heiirlng u mtilody purr, spin Russ Case's recording ni "A Thoiituind Violins". . .Tiio ovoTjovln' KockottoH (drimMod in tup lints, white lion, tallw nnd hip- length nylonw) make quite a i>lc- l.urn with their show-ntopping 'il- kix ... Tribute t.o mir forolgn policy: It In H yoni'M Hlnco Poiirl Harbor, bul llio Na/.lfi ore running (Jei-irJiiny an Ihougii It were, ye^ter- (iay..,Why rriovlo producer;! i;ct Ki-ay: "Oono with Inn Wind' v.> Mig girl now) Just mnde another tour, grossing $-1,000.000. . .ThinRH aro rugged: ISvon a movie thai. InherllH nivnn neliloni runs lonjv«i' Lhan throe weeks on B'way. KloK I" ".'•>''• (li'iiniiUlo. l.han any Hc.marlo, Atl we once obnerved: Truth "in Htrnnger Thai) Fllclte.rH , . .Cole T :1 f>rt.c!i' contlniion turning out gitj' dll.tloH dftMplto tho fact thnl; he's continually In poln • (Inn lo hln ailing log, . . At-Lliin- MargulHon nierltH the Mlttr blilltln in? won for hi* performance In "Cltittoi'buck. ' Hos one of tho«e troupers you nelilom hear about • hill lie haH ttlvini niim^rouii rtufl piirfdi'lliiiliiiBH .on H'wny , . ,MiiHl ;•«- v!ew(si'« were enchnnled with 'Oenll'imon Prefer Blondes" h,;- ciiune It. Hklpn ftincy trlmmlngn ivm: domn HcrlptH while stroHHli'tK and dolls. . .Another clink Ihut emphaalzcs hotchn Instead of <'Ul- Inh In "An the Cllrlrt Oo".. W« hopo to hftvti it "dark home" (running Monday) Bunday night. Pen - Wipers For Zulus By FRANK TRIPP ADV. "Wo, THE MUSIC SHOP— After lie hud relumed the phono. Ifniph lift hud rented for u parky- dunce (if hlH club, Phil Hallo nuked UN, "Why don't you hnvu m> am pi I fled plmnoicrHpli to rent? Organ Ixatlona. who. run. affair*. and huviMi'l enough monny to hire n union hand would bo glad to hoar of thin service." .Olmy! THE BHJ81C SHOP had a record player with an nUar.hod speaker for rent. Cant you $2.00 n You could also rant practically any tnuwloal liiNtminent from TIIK MDSMC SHOP for SI. n week. Violin* urn IJO<! wiwkly. 'tM* Mntnl 'ffco may INI imed totvuri! the pn.v- ntottt of thn liMtrlimmlt If you <le«M« to huy It, *»hl((, >w«- Ml«v«, In wi •in«K|i4>n. «IViB mi-thoil of fliulliiK Olit \»heifi- cr you or your child U really Inter- ««ted In Inarnlnic H intislral ln*tru 'm«nt. Music l« fun. Kiijoy It. BUNKER "0" fuel Oil F. O. B. Our Tormina] t, Conn. Phone BUCKLEY Btrrrs SERVICE LOWER IUIL cnsis We were talking about a hoUl« of milk for every Hottentot. "1 can well remember m.y lirst concern for the heathens," Tom Wrlg- ley raid to inc. Whereupon 1 recalled being lilu- cnnccrned when Tom nnd I were kid/i. We mnde pnn-wipers for i.he \V e both beeitme nownpnpernien nnd there were times w-hen we hud un« for pen-Avkf.i<:rii but junl. wbut UHR t.lic i^uluH had for them Iliey never wrote us, Jt took -in •firs to find out. The pnn-wlpur enterprise bnck In (In.- imrly OOn, though Intensely juvenile In our case, was on n irodurtlon basis; the fir.«t assembly lino Hint either of un ronivm- M rs. AH a rainy day Aversion wo hud no objection to assembling at the :hurch for this worthy cruise. Tin- dpiriulal needs of the KuUn, and holr shortago of pen-wlpcm. had been deeply Imlprossed up<jn us. Yet In rnlrowpocllon I nimpict .hat our devotion was somewhn.t nflucnccd by thn candy, call-:, ind Ice cream which Were features >f the occdslonn. We mnde more jnm-wlpers than the nolygamoun Suluit had wlvc»—ut loiusl one for each of them. •- —oOo~—-* MAVBIO I'D HKTTICK nxpliiln what a pen-wliplor Is—or w«(«, Wrll- ng tools have so changed that a [>en*wlpor haiv* become as much a miincuim piece ns Is a quill pen. Before came pens of gold everybody used steel pens etuck Into [Minc11-1 Ike holders and dlt;i]>e<i Into MmiUI-packod bnttlOK of watery Ink which rusted the pens If not wiped dry. You can find an im- (irovrnr'cnl on tlie.ii at thn post, nf- llco—yet not much Improvement at that. Thus n. pcn-wlpcr wns n. must »n every do«k, Tlit«' ranged from a <!l«h of shot, n. HponRo or up old handkerchief to somewhat clabo- Evory ChrlHtlmnnr was sure t.i> bring- throe thlng.4 Into the household and very liltely sov.jrnl of onch of the throe for thn gift from tho heart thoa<- ilnys \viui no me thing Uifl giver h.-id made, The three cei-talntlcR were of colored tl«-ue paper sewed Into a pad of dnd'n nlui,vlnn kit; horribly execut.od burnt leather pipe racks lo bung on the wall—-nnd pon-wljpers. • — oOo WIO.f,, TIIOMK PKN-WIPKItS which Tom and 1 mitdo for the Zulus were quite contraptions to oman'ite from kldf of eight '»r nine, Thoro v/ns a moiiKe on top o! them. It SM: i n>/1 "-iliiely J.,r decoration. Tlii: inoii;ie ':-, mine fitted into the concave )>»''t of tlie pen and His buck v. oiild wipe t!>o convex part. Riwareh reveals that the <^u- lll« hail i-.-it.-i, Tbirs l>i:iy I'.'.Vi- --r"- a'ed the d'-n-und n i vilified nit -e to entrrtni:i henif.en c.-itft I~.v«-n no tho if.- W:LS no food 'm all of tin; work Ili-it went Into the many lll.yei.'i of v:ii h-olon-il <-l',ti< ul«»t) which (lie rnotin'- , i^viN'-il .n fii<- nninhi'l prod-act. Thin uluiulated throne for the to- dent ••ix-ated thi- pi i,riurM-.-i am* iii»enil !y line. The kl>l» < nt ,ju? various of clotn circles until tbere \v»« a KOM'I.V t.hic:l ne«fl at th'-ni \^Mh ft Ntuffe.; tnoii;,e in ,i)n- trd In the center. I r<"- ./-r.' . r Ui«j industrious lr>dy wim -tulfe.l the n,lc:e. Mie w'i:i Min-ile l\ 'Jey. l'Nf'OUTI'N*TI,I.V II?!"!- Is no record of the ntirnl>or of c<ni- vnj-ln Infliieiu i;d by on: Inborn. Tnerc IP evidence Uiri'. v - i-wl:i«r» reitched the beath'-nn ihoiiKht nono Ihiivt oum rtiuclivd tbu /,ulu» Jt rray be Ihnt t!n- j;o'j 1 w^inon vbfi orcijpio'l our lit.i' td the tmn- jMii.iry leilef <tf om- :-i->thor« wore only kcnpinif us Intormli-d with ll.i- Xnlii st(.iy nnd wi-ri! mereiy forerunners of the brtby slttir M-ivbe they never vn1 »iu pei:- WJ;:el'i* to t^e //ulun -it ail Nevtrthele*** pcn-wip'.'t-fi shfiv-ed \i^. ,'lonj: with 'U : ir-Jvd plu^ p hii(«, "'< brlbex to be-]l;rbej trlbt-ii to (jive- heed to ttiei reternnl '.al- vatlon. An old news picture imu>ng my lrem*ui'ea Mbo\vn n heathen wit>i a ring in blK nose nnd a inouHo-toj>- pcd ipcn-wlper as n bondpleco Another more scantily rind wnrrlor wore bin pon-wipi,r oiherwliio ;iu<j you can KUCWI how. Tom and I art- awfully proud to look btu-l< upon our enrly contrl billion to the hotithanM. And we reconiend it an ab'iut the only effort overlcxiked i n the modorn TnannRr of urging the Hottenlol 1o our ))i-i-Mhln. (Cojiyrlglit IMS, I'Ji'iiernl) KMKItCKNTV CHAINS CROKS I.INKS— MONKK.Y MNKS WEISS BEH FRAKKLIW STORE CHURCH ST. WA00ATIJCR SPECIAL! $TART SAYING NOW WITH THE EASY-SEW HWMACHINI Wrirln»'0«lc imktnii wllti • tttmy MAtf AC IMitt tlrawftt. flnlihttt lo malth motitg- riff ff<* 9W •ny, w«fn«l / or btanrf fvrnifvrv. Ama/ing low terms on this dc luxe Domestic Scwinachine with every modern feature you want! Come in and sec it today. FttEI BOOK TILLS HOW TO SAVE ON NOME SEWING "101 Ways to Save with Your Sewing Machine." Ask for your copy today. CARLSON'S CHURCH ST. NAUGATUCK OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL 9 P. M.

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