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Washington Republican from Washington, Kansas • Page 8

Washington Republican from Washington, Kansas • Page 8

Washington, Kansas
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Democratic Convention. THE PIONEER LINE Wanted. Several loads of hay on subscription. The Republican coanty central committee wis! meet in this city Saturday, Sept. 23.

Oysters in all styles and at all hours, at the Wisconsin Restaurant. 20t3 G. A. Mundis, the wide awake Domestic sewing machine agent, had a fine lot of picture cards printed at this Office this week. Transfers.

Report of 'the real estate transfers as gleaned from the recorder's records. Washington Co to Bean nine 15 15 Washington Co. to Young lot 3 blk. So Washington 10 CI Washington Co. to A Maxwell lot 11 blk 21 Greenleaf 11 21 Washington Co.

to A Kogers eise 4 2-4. 52 42 Washington Co. to John Sticge eeinei 16- 5 5 31 S4 Washington Co. "to A Cfcldwell lots 8, 9, 10, 11 12 blk 13 Tootle's Add to Green-leaf 20 S6 Washington Co. to 51 A Caldwell lots 123 6 4 blk Add.

to 40 35 Washington Co. to A Caldwell lot blk 4 ft Add to Washington 3 18 Washington Co. to A CaldweU lot 9 blk 10 Greenleaf 14 SJ Jno Riehler to Fnssencgger ei tei ce 2o00 00 Peter Thies to Jno Gastot wj se 1 00 Ira Stiles to Wm Campbell se 3300 00 Omar Powell to Susie Woodrum si 10-3-2 1 Washington Co. to Stackpole Tobey se nei 12-5-5 S3 60 Washington Co. to Stackpole Tobey ei lots 9 10 blk 2 Washington 22 02 Washington Co.

to Stackpole Tobey lot 6 blk 2 9 25 Marcus Soren to SchoeEberg wiceii 2000 CO to II Brockmeyer etse eeinei 9-2-5 3100 (K Taylor to Ltte Bickford out ne 27-2-1 1 00 Mary Crimmins to Ellen Morrisey sw ne 31-4 5. 100 Sheridan to Ellen Morrisey swne nwse i i 00 Cook to Boal lot 11 blk 5 Palmer 15 CO Boal to Mary Potter out of lot iYbik 5 Palmer 4CO 00 II Burge to Seth Sheldon lot 11 blk 8 Bonham, 200 00 Rash to Biles siswi 7 2-1 noo 00 AUCTION. I). M. Evans, auctioneer, will sell Monday, Sept.

23, at 1 p. for M. 1 lioberts, y2 miles west of A 'ashington, a large amount of stock. Ten months time, 10 per cent, interest 8 per cent, off for cash. Friday Sept, 27, at 10 a.m., for Mrs.

Mary J. Wiley, miles northwest of Washington, a large amount of stock, farming implements and household goods. Twelve months time, 8 per cent interest 8 per cent off for cash. Monday Sept. 30, at 10 a.

for David Hoy, 7 miles north of Morrow, a fine lot of cattle and horses and a full line of farm implements. Ten months time, 10 per cent 10 per cent off for cash. Thursday, Oct. 3, at 1 p. m.

for Mrs. Cora Blocker, 3 miles west of Morrow, horses, cattle, hogs, wood, grain, etc. Six months time, 10 per cent interest. Five, per cent off for cash. Marriage Licenses.

Marriage licenses were issued to Keep on thinking about the Trace's carnival, because it will be the most attractive event of the season. Capt. Stackpole has purchased the J. M. Welch residence and will occupy it soon.

It is one of the finest in the city. We wish to thank our friends for the way in which they are paying up on subscription. All who pay up this month wiU place us under special obligations to them, and we will try to reciprocate. Geo. H.Theile, the old reliable abstracter, finds that bis business is growing so rapidly that new books are required, and more room, in which to safely keep them, needed.

Consequently he has disposed of his old safe and purchased a much larger and finer one which has been fitted up with roller shelves. We are glad to note this evidence of Air. Thiele's increasing business. A delegation of about twenty of the good people from noth of Iladdam were before Superintendent Crown Tuesday last, all be- ing interested in the lormaiion oi a pro- posed new school district in that vicinity. The territory of the new district was mapped out.

Being good people as before remarked there was none that is, hardly any of the bitterness and animosity that usually crops out at these little conventions. All shook hands before returning home. "It is well for brethren to dwell together unity." Thoughtful republicans will be very apt to make a note of the way the "cat was let out of the bag" at the democratic convention last Tuesday. The decision of all such is that they have had quite enough of independent wool pulled over their eyes and hereafter they will do the pulling act themselves and it will be republican wool or nothing. Mr.

Woodrum has been led into committing a fatal error by not having his candidacy endorsed by his own party. It has ade plain the reason for not wanting it done, and republicans will be all the more vigilant. Just as we go to press we are reliably informed that our fellow townsmen, J. M. Welch and F.

F. Farrish, have bought out the largest retail hardware store in St. Joseph, and will remove to that city at an early date. Mr. Welch has already closed out his large interests here, and Mr.

Farrish will follow suit at once. We are sorry to see these gentlemen and their excellent families leave us. It will be a long time before their places will be rilled. They do not leave Washington because they have not done well here, but because St. Joseph offers a larger field for their capital and ambition.

English Spavin Liniment removes ad Hard, Soft, or Calloused Lumps an, Blemishes from horses Blood Spavin, Curbs, Splints, Sweeney King-bone, Stiflesl Sprains, all Swollen Throats, Coughs, Etc. Save S50 by use of one bottle. Sold by J. Brown and E. B.

Fox Druggists. Itch, Mange, and Scratches on human or animals cured in 30 minutes by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. This never fails. Sold by J. A.Brown E.

B. druggists. The following is the list of the teachers officially reported to Supt. Brown since Sept. 6th, at which time we published the names of all who had then been reported: Xo.

5. Lenore Stewart, 18. A Walker, 10. Jesse Harris, Mellie Eutler, PERSONAL 2IENTION. R.

T. Crew was a pleasant caller Tuesday. Joe Emmons, of Denver, Colo-, is visiting friends in the city. D. G.

M. Keene, of Barnes, -dropped in to see us Tuesday. Mrs. A. II.

Scott is in Topeka this week and will visit the State Fair. Thos. Tootle, the St. Joseph millionaire, was in the city Tuesday. Mrs.

J. B. Blackburn returned to her home in Hill City, Saturday last. There was a very pleasant party at Thos. Groodj's last Friday night.

Dr. Jacobs took in the Wymoie fair and St. Joseph exposition last week. Editor Keitzel, the Barnes Enterprise, favored us with a call this week. W.

O. Duprey, one of the Republican's Democratic friends, called on us Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. S.

H. Hamilton spent Thursday and Friday visiting friends at Palmer. Mrs. Dr. Williamson is at Neosho Falls, a delegate to the Kaasas Free Methodist Conference.

L. J. Sprengle, of the Washington Republican, visited our big exposition yesterday. Champion. Tricots flannelsSO cts.

per yd. at Darby Mokgax's. Our old friend H. M. Jackson is once more up and around and looks better than lie has at any time this summer.

T. G. Allen looked in on the Democratic convention Tuesday. He will help to knock them out in Xovember. Mrs.

W. H. Cullimore, wife of the postmaster of Centralia, Illinois, is visiting Mayor Cullimore and family. Miss Anna Veatch left last Saturday for California on a health searching tour and will spend a yeai in that state. J.

W. Barley, the efficient Register of Deeds of Washington county, attended the Exposition yesterday. Champion. Charlie Day, one of the wheel horses in the. Republican ranks of Lowe township looked at our fruit exhibit Tuesday.

Standard prints 5 cts. at Darby Morgan's. Mrs. Frances J. Kelley, editor of the Edmond Times, is visiting her father, H.

C. Sprengle, and her brother, ye editor. Mr. and Mrs. Wm.

II. Hall, of Edwards-ville, Illinois, are visiting their old Illinois neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. K. P.

Aldrich. Benj. Thompson, of Superior, is in the city. Re reports his son Robert and W. H.

Collins as doing a good busitess up there. Prof. Lange's language classes are making excellent progress, and the Professor has demonstrated that he can do all he claims. Dr. Livingston, the eye and ear specialist of Hanouer, attended the Democratic con-bention Tuesday and found time to call and see us for a few minutes.

Ginghams 6 to 10 cts. at Darby Morgan's. Sanford Col has settled at Marvin, and has ordered his paper sent there. We do not know but presume that he is engaged in the mercantile trade in that city. Since the above was put in type we have received a call from Mr.

Cole. Ue has not yet located. It. W. Cather, Frank Johnson, C.

Hornbostel, Jno. L. Gray, L. D. Houlette, J.

G. Parks, M. L. Black welder and S. Sherwood have our thanks for cash recently paid on subscription.

John E. Pickard, the pains-taking county clerk of Washington county, and one of the old Eighth Kansas boys, is in the city, to take part in the reunion of that regiment to-day. Champion. Jay Neff has severed his connection with the Register and has gone to Kansas City. Jay is a good boy and a good printer and we are sorry to see him leave Washington, but trust he will be benefitted by the change.

Mrs. N. C. Cassow, of Leon, Iowa, who has been the guest ot her cousin, Mrs. II.

C. Faris, for ten days, left Saturday for Steele City, to visit her daughter accompanied by Mrs. Faris and her sou llarry, who returned home Monday. Cotton flannel 7 to 15 cts at Darby Morgan's Fred Parrish, of the mammoth hardware firm of Parrish Sprake, is in St. Joseph, this week visiting the junior member of the firm, Mr.

Sprake. He was accompanied by J. M. Welch, who is still looking for a good ening for the retail hardware business. John Marcellus, of Boltunville, orders the address of his Republican changed to this city.

Mr. Marcellus is the gentleman who purchased the Web Wal-dron house adjoining Father Varney's. We are glad to welcome Mr. Marcellus to this city, for we feel that he is ust the kind of men we need. J.

F. Stribling, who has been visiting Wm. Stribling for several weeks, started for his Indiana home Tuesday last. He has a strong impression that he will some day make this county his permanent home. He was accompanied as far as St.

Joe by Wm. Stribling who will take in the great exposition in that city. Editors Joslyn, Hood, Munger and Clarke were delegates to the democratic convention Tuesday. Joslyn made the effort of his life save one in trying to convince the country delegates that they were chumps. In other words that when "our" committee had taken action it was their business to keep mum and not question its action.

He succeeded in convincing the majority. Mrs. M. S. Denman, of Day, mother of our C.

who has been visiting the latter in this city, started Monday for Henry, Marshall county, 111., to visit her old home. Mrs. Denman was one of the early settlers of this county where she has reared a large family of boys, some of whom have already forced themselves well to the front in the business world and the others are rapidly getting theie. A E0AKING FARCE. NO TICKET NOMINATED SIANY DELEGATES RETURN E02IE i IN DISGUST.

The democratic convention met Tuesday last, and instead of 157 delegates there were less than om-third of that number present. J. G. Lowe was elected chairman, Dillie Muoger secretary and G.G.Goodwin as sistant secretary. The usual cormoittees were appointed and the convention took a thirty minutes recess.

The coauxduee on permanent organization and order of business had a stormy session, but by a majority of one final. reported to the convention "that the temporary organization be made permanent, that a central committee be chosen, and mat we acjonrn to meei vciooer rz." After a motion had been made te accept the report and discharge the committee, Geo. Cutwater, ot Linn, wanted to know the reason for adjourning; they had come there to co the work or a convention and he Dronosed that they co ahead and nomi nate a ticket. Somebody suggested that it was a scheme of the Washington hotel keepers to get more dinners out ot them. As the chairman of the committee, Sam'l Clarke was mum.

Atty. Joslyn, of Greenleaf, proceeded to say that tne committee certainly knew its business and hinted that it was not just the right tning to speak out there betore some ot their enemies, the republicans, and tell just why for the sae of Mr. Woodrum, theyfhad better not nominate him: that Mr. Woodrum was a good democrat, just as good a one as any present. That he was running as an independent and the thick skull thirty day men present ought to know wny.

lie nada 1200 republican majority to overcome and ne could only overcome it Dy running as an independent. Dr. Livingston of Llanover, resented being called a thirty day man, and in a manly speech insisted that the convention goon ana complete its work as a convention should. He thought democrats who expected to become candidates before the people should have shown they were true democrats by allowing a democratic convention to nominate them, and not run in defiance and disregard of all party precedent. (Applause.) The convention was now getting into a great wrangle, and Bro.

t'larke tried to pour oil on the troubled waters, lie signally failed, however, for he had no sooner taken his seat than Mr. Outwater was on his feet and poured such a volume of hot shot into the camp of the schemers as they never before He said: "There is something dark about this business. If we are democrats let us be democrats and come out in the open light of day to transact our work. There is nothing to be done that we need to be ashamed of. I don't know whether our chairman is into this scheme or not, but I do know that there is a nigger in the wood pile.

We may as well adjourn to 13 as UctoberlS Shall we go home and tell our people that we haveh't got a democrat nttonolda county office? I propose that we nominate a man that even our probate judje can vote for." The question was finally put and carried. after which central committeemen were chosen from about half of the townships. the ren ainder being left that the October convention might have something to do. The convention adjourned to the street, wnere those wno nad oeen duved had a good opportunity to speak out in meeting, and they improved it right well. It was the most discordant convention ever held in the county.

We would advise the bosses the next time they have a little scheme to carry through that they admit some of the country delegates at least some of the warriors into their councils. It might save another rumpus. HAEVZST EXCUESI0N VIA THE EUEL- IXGT0N. August 0th aiid 20th. September 10th aud 24th Octohar th, 1869.

On the above dates round trip tickets? greatly reduced rates will be sold at all stations of the Burlington Route east and including Grand Island, Hastings and Ked Cloud, Nebraska, to all points in Nebraska, Kansas. Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyo-ing and Idaho. For tickets and further information call on your nearest B. M. K.

K. ticket acent, or address J. Francis, G. 1. T.

Omaha, Xtb. Pensions! I have a full set of blanks for making flTvnlipnt.ion for nricinnl nrul rf pensions and all other claims against uie goeriiuiem; auu nave aisosecureu a reliable correspondent in Washing ton, D. through whom I am able to 4. 4. ,1 A.

A. 1 xl iiiuiiiu 10 government, claims promptly and reasonably. Correspondence solic ited. T. P.

ItONEY. iSTOfiice in Washington Xational Bank building. 17tf fHien Baty wv.s siclc, v. gave her Ccstoria. When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.

When she became she clung to Castoria. When she had Children, tie pai-e them Costoria KANSAS CITY AND SETUKy, $5.00 Tickets on sale Oct. 1st to 4th, good until Oct, 5th. Account Fall Festivities. And on Oct.

5th to 7th, good until OcL 11th. Account Grand Lodge Odd Fellows at Topeka. 203t A. H. Haevey, Agt.

BRADFIELD'S FEMALE KEGULATOlt Should be used by the young woman, she who suffers from any disorder peculiar to her sex, and at change of life is a powerful tonic; benefits all use it. Write the Bradrield Reg. Go. Atlanta, Ga. fcr particulars.

Sold by J. A. Brown. For Sale! One horse power threshing machine, almost as good as new. Will be sold for about one half its value.

A good note will be taken in payment. Inquire at First National Bask. Great rejoicing all over the world on account of the discovery of South American Nervine which is acknowledged by all as the most valueable medical discovery of this century, ltposesses properties which quickly cure the Stomach and Nerves and gives sweet and refrshing health where dis ease, nervousness and pain have been the rule. South American Nervine has no equal as a cure for a weak Stomach, weak Nerves, weak Lungs, weakly ladies, weakness of old age and all forms oi iauing health. If you pass this great cure you may not find another which will restore you to health.

It is a precious gem. A trial bottle may convince yen. Price 15 cts. and 81.25. bold by Brown iox ic Druggists.

If you are going to have a sale call at this onice betore making arrange ments. Our city editor can give you choice oi some ot tne test kuown auc tioneers in Xortheru Kansas at anti monopoly prices. Mrs. D. E.

lleber will do plain sewing and dressmaking at her home south of Presbyterian church. Call and see her. 2t Bor.N. To Mr. and Mrs.

W. D. Harmon, a daughter, on Sunday evening, Sept. 8, I860. All parties doing well.

Bill is supremely happy. Pioneer. The Third Iowa Cavalry Regimental Association will hold a reunion at Leon, Iowa, ept. 25 and 25. A number of the regiment reside in this county.

Hiney Lewi3 has opened the lunch counter again at the Wisconsin Restaurant and is prepared to feed the hungry at all hours. Fresh oysters every day. 20t3 There will be Episcopal! on services at the city hall the coming Sunday at 11 o'clock a. m. and at 7:30 p.

Kev. Wayne officiating. Communion at the morning service. Every one cordially invited. Charlotte Thompson, who appears at the opera house the 25th, is at the "Warder Grand, Kansas City, this week.

As an actress she has no superior on the stage, and the people of this city should not fail to see her. Joseph Evans and wife, of Chicago, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. F.

Putt this week. Mrs. Evans is a sister of Mrs. Futt. Lovely Kansas looks more beautiful than ever to Mr.

and Mrs. Evans. They are on their wedding tour. J. M.

Ingersoll will sell 10 acres of timber, in one acre lots, for E. AVert-man, 2 miles northwest of Washington, Weduesday, Oct. 2, at 1 p. m. This a splendid chance for the prairie farmers to provide themselves with fuel, pests and rails.

J. L. Eobbins, living 1 miles northwest of Enosdale, has a large and tine lot of sorghum molasses for sale at reasonable rates. A card addressed to him at Enosdale will reach him. lie will be pleased to deliver molasses to any one in Washington who may see or notify him of the amount wanted.

County Clerk Fickard returned from his trip to the river Wednesday even ing. He saw the contents of the St. Joseph exposition building the day before it burned, but says there is much to see there yet, and the building will 1)3 replaced with another at once and filled with duplicates of the old exhibits. On the 13th the dwelling on the Urat-ton farm, near Linn, was destroyed by a tire supposed to have originated in a defective Hue. The house was owned by Stackpole Tobey and insured by C.

IS. Denman, of this city, in the German of Freeport, which means that the loss will be promptly paid. 20t2 The main exposition building at St. Joseph, burned last Sunday night. The loss approximates 6250,000.

A ne-v building has already been erected to take its place and the great exposition will go on with more attractions than ever. St. Joseph is a convenient place for the people of this county to reach, and they should not fail to visit her during the Xew Era Exposition. Saturday night, Sept. 14th, Zien's Evangelical Church of Parallel, just in the edge of Riley county, was struck by lightning, the spire demolished and the doors and windows generally smashed and shattered.

It was insured in trie German of Freeport, with C. J. Denman, of this city, and the loss will be promptly paid. 20t2 Walter X. Allen, president of the Farmers Federation, has called a convention of wheat growers to meet at St.

Louis, Oct. 23. Any farmer who has raised 500 bushels of wheat this year and will certify that fact to Mr. Allen, at Topeka, before Oct. 23, may become a delegate to to the convention at St.

Louis. He advises farmers not to sell their wheat until they can realize a dollar a bushel for it. Men's Ties at Darby fc Morgan's. Miss Cnarlotte Thompson, says the New York Herald, is of charming presence and gifted by nature with rare talents. She is undoubtedly in the foremost ranks of the artistic world.

There are few, if any, who have all the advantages which Miss Thompson possesses. Her manner is natural, and the absence of stage conventionality is not the least charm of her personations. She will open the season at the Opera House, Wednesday evening, Sept, 25th, in Jane Eyre, one of the most beautiful, affecting and moral of dramatizations. Keserved seats at F. O.

Book at usual prices. Rebecca Wilkinson, of Brownsville, says: "i nave no interest in the sale of South American Xervine further than to tell the atllicted of its mrvnt mr. ative powers. I had been in a distress- ta conaitiou ior inree years from Nervousness, Weakness of the Stomach, Dyspepsia and Indigestion until my health was gone. I had been doctering constantly with no relief.

I bought one bottle of South American Xervine which done me more good than any worth of doctoring I ever had in my life. I would advsie every weakly person to use this valuable and lovely remedy; a few bottles of it has cured me completely. I consider it the grandest jnedicinem the world. Trial bottle 15 At Browns Fox Cos. The Short and Popular Line between St.

Joseph, Sabetha, Seneca, Fairbury, Edgar, Hastings, Alma, Denver, Butte, San And all Grand Island, Fairmont, York, i Sutton, MindeD, Wilcox, Ogden, Shoshone, Portland, Francisco, estern Toints via The Overland Route (Union racific Railway company.) NEW RECLINING CHAIR GARS On Xight Trains. 2 Express Trains Each Way 2 On Main Line. Route Art nun OK ALL TRAINS Onr Express and Mail Train each way between Fairbarjr, Tobias, Fairmont, York and Stronis-burg One through Express and Mail Train each way between Fairfield, Clay Center, Sutton and JlcCool Junction At Union Depot, St Joseph, connections mado for all points ast, Nortn and Sontq, and at Granl island with the Union Facific for all points West McXELL, ROBINSON. Jr General Manager Gen'l Pass Tkt Act OPEEA HOUSE. ONE NIGHT ONLY! Charlotte Thompson -IN Wednesday, Sept.

25. Admission, 75, 50 and 35 Cents. Keserved seats at P. O. Book Store.

EXCURSIONS Low Iiates via Burlington Kansas City Xational Drill Encampment at Kansas City, Sept. 30 to Oct 5th, 89.. Single fare for round trip. Tickets on sale Sept. 29th to Oct.

5th. Sovereign Grand Lodce of Patriarchs Militant and 1. O. Columbus, Onio, Sept. 10to22.

Smsle fare. Tickets on sale Sept. 12 to 15. Sioux City Corn Palace. Third annual festival at Sioux City, Iowa.

Sept. 3- to Oct. 5. SiEgle fare for round trip. Tickets on sale Sept.

22 to Oct. 5. St. Joseph Exposition Sept. 3 to Oct.

5. Tickets on sale Mondays and Thursdaj-s during sontinuauce or exposition at rate or fare and one-tbird for round trip. -IF YOU WISH TO- Sell or Trade Your Farm Call and list it with me at once. I am preparing for a BIG TE ADE in the SPRING which is coming. I have tne clieapest quarter of land In the county D.

M. EVANS, Tbe lve Keal Estate Acent. THE ODELL I mtTTTn TTT-n Tmn I $15 will buy the ODELL TYPE WlilTEll. Warranted to do as good work as any $100 machine. It combines Simplicity with durability-speed, ease of operation wears longer without cost of repairs than any other machine, has no ink ribbon to bother the operator.

It is neat, substantial, nickel plated perfect and adapted to all kinds of typewriting. Like a printing press, it produces Sharp, Clean, Legible Manuscripts. Two to ten copies can be made at one writing. Editors, lawyers, ministers, bankers, m-r-chants, manufacturers, business men, cannot make a better investment for $15. Any intelligent person in a week can become a good operator, or a rapid one in two months.

offered any operator who can do better work with a type writer than that produced by the Odell. EsFKeliable agents and salesmen wanted Special inducements to dealers. For pamphlet, giving endorsements, Ac, address Odell typewriter ThsEcckery, Chicago, 111. St. Joseph Fair and Exposition.

On Sept. '0, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24 aad 20, Oct. 1 and 3d, the Missouri Pacific will issue round trip tickets to St Joseph, at IX fare and on Sept, 4, IS, 22 and Oct. 2d same class tickets at one fare for the round trip, in each case limited to five days for return portion. A.

II. Harvey, Agt. We are sorry to learn of the dangerous illness of T. 31. Dolan's son, Tommy.

Forhand made boots and shoes at bottom prices call on E. C. Pickereil. A stock constantly on hand. Shop one door south of Leach Putt's Xew liegulator.

11; 1 1 ID II ft Alice Mahlon, 21. Libbie Osterhout, 23. II Boman, 31. CM Lambert, 46. Ina Reed, 57.

Anna Krebs, 70. Thomas Ilynes, "3. Jones J. Welch, 77. Edith Hardy, 78.

Geo E. Palmer, 86. Mrs Clara Billings, 88. Mrs Belle Steele, 89. A Maxwell, 82.

Emma 96. Bessie Cook. 107. Mary Paine, 110. Gilson, 114.

Emma Edington, 117. Hattie Arrasmith, the following parties by Judge Birch: Sept. 10, Henry Schroeder, aged 22 years, and Mary AV. Busig, aged 20 years, both ot llanover. Sept.

10, Joseph (j. Nider, aged 28 yrs. and Lizzie Knowlton, both of Greenleaf. Sept. 17, Cicero B.

Gaunt, of Pauline, aged 23 yrs. and Margaret E. Kohl, of Clifton, aged 17 yrs. G. ar.

parks. G. M. Parks, who has been in the real estate loan business since 1875, has resigned his position as general agent for an eastern loan company and will devote all his time to AVashington and can furnish money direct at a lower rate than any agency in the county. Before you make any arrangements call at the office of G.

M. Parks Sons for the best term and lowest rates. 18-tf. STRAYED. Strayed from my farm in Coleman township, in June last, one two-year-old muley cow, red with spots on flanks.

Would have dropped calf in a few days from the time of leaving. Also two yearling heifers; one a light red, the other a red roan. A liberal reward will be paid for information leading to their recovery. W. 1).

Johnson, Morrow, Kan. SORGHUM COOKING Beginning October 1 at Ilartman Sons', four miles west of Linn. During the month of October will be sold at 25 cents a gallon. Xo orders for less than ten gallons Warranted Xo. 1 sorghum.

Send in your orders. IIaktman Soxs. 20-10t. The team belonging to the Eureka Mills was left standing on the street last evening while the driver stepped into one of the stores. When he returned the horses had got beyond the control of the small boy who was left to hold the lines and were dashing up the street at a furious rate, with the boy -bouncing around in the back end of the wagon.

At Stackpole Tobey's corner they struck the lamp post, snapping it off like a pipe stem and shivering the lamp into a thousand pieces. They then shied into the street, ran a short distance, turned in towards the Washington House and were stopped by Ed. Patrie, who held them with a lirm grip, while the boy was lifted unhurt from the wagon. Beyond the injury to the lamp post no damage was done, but it was a narrow escape, as the street was full of teams and people. Mrs.

Amelia Foote, mother of Col. B. E. Foote, arrived here last Monday and will make her future home here. She was accompanied by her son, E.

D. Foote, who returned to AVisconsin Tuesday. As soon as Col. Foote heard that his mother had left his sister's he at once made arrangements to have her brought here. The Friend's Academy has secured Prof.

Elam Henderson, of Ilocier, as principal. The Professor is a graduate of the classical course at Earlham, College, and a teacher of large experience and jrood success. The assistant will be Miss Jessup, who comes from Indiana. A young son of Daniel Allen was so unfortunate as to fall on the stub of a weed Wednesday with such force as to drive it clear through his hand. X.

B. Xeedham is the proud father of a baby boy. Andrews, 11S. Anna Sphon, 119. II Fishel, Blanch Griffith, 126.

WEBrintnall, 131. Laisure, 135. Emma Hughes, 136. Minerva Campbell, 4. Jt.C&W.

Clark, 9. Jt. It W. Waldrauen. 2.

Jt.U&W. OH Rice, Florence Edwards, Miss Bestor, Alice Moir, Olive Haynes, Lizzie Long. Partner Wanted. The Chapman Mill, at Hanover, was refitted last fall and is now a complete 73 barrel Roller Mill with a good trade; and a better one can readily be made. I want a partner with from 63,000 to 65,000 capital so that we can have working capital with which to buy wheat, establish trade, etc.

Prefer a practical miller, but will make a good opening for any good business man with the necessary money. The mill is good property and I know it, but if I cannot find a suitable partner I will sell the entire property or trade it for good land in Xortheastern Kansas or Southeastern Nebraska. Call on or address, J.W.MERRILL, Hanover, Kans. Shilou's catarsu remedy a positive cure for catarrh, diphtheria and canker-mouth. For sale by E.

B. Fox Co. 2.

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