Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 16, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1949
Page 7
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ChiM Adoption " Information Sent Free By Request A dlKent of I ho rstntc'H Mtntulf.H covering child adoption will be xnnt free by the Cnnncrticut Child Wcl- tlirv Ammrlnt Ion. Inf., t o jiny unit r*<|in-stinx it. Copies may be se- rurml liy.writinii or li<l«plionlnK the society'* hendfiiiiirterM, 8fl Whitney Avenue New H/tvon. The Connecticut law specifically enumerates those who may legally tfive children for adoption, states the requlrmcenlH which must be met by all parties to the agreement before any adoption may be sanctioned and Rive broad powers to the probate courts which have jurisdiction in these cases, to.act for the protection and interests of the (adoptive child. Mrs. TCclilh Valet Cook, executive director of the Child Welfare Association, explains. A knnwirdKc of the Inw IK important she nays, whether one contemplates giving <»' taking a child, for It will holp ihoiio concerned to steer clear of mlHtaltes which miiniiUmcH lirlnj; trngmly and HIIITOW InHtead of happlruttm In'adcip. lion. The dlgcHt wa» prepared under the supervision of Slule Seniit.ur and Probate Judge Luke H. Stapleton of ChfjMhlre, who Is also a member of the Connecticut Commission on Revision of Statutes, und Is written especially for the lay reader. * Give Something For The Home . . . from METROPOLITAN Don't wear yoiirxclf out runn'ng here, und there to do your Chri.Htmux shopping. Thin year decide |o "Give Something For Thn Home" and concentrate your buying In our place. Save time Save money . . . Save Yourself! I>ro|i In and see for youmplf what we -mean by a complete liiu- of outHtuiiilliig ChrlHtmuH gifts. You'll find itoini-thliig for everyone at the METROPOLITAN OPEN A METP.OPOLITAN ACCOUNT! Convenient BUOGET TEKMS! Famous Rugs for the whole 7«in-« lly to enjoy. Attractive Olgrlowjj ChooKe u Lane Hope Cbiwt ind Axmlnxter ruj;x, tf CO Kft! i '"* u r '"""'" ' t ' lr 'x"<t. Choice of 9*12 ft. Priced from 3)«J«7t«)USover 50 Ktylew In maple, Give a Mattre»H for Sleep. Simmon* InnnrNprlngj room, or bedroom. •lies fiom flJOQ QC3Ma tDtJc7<,«/«Jllvl llOKHiiy Kneehole Desks for Ivlnc rooniN, deux and licd- rooniH. Many attractive Ktylett. American Wing Chair with tight J •emt cushion for Jen, llvlncS rom, or bedroom. Priced front (PQQ OP»j Th( ' 1 u)O«/**/O * l ><lrf< ' ct f" 4 '" r ;l :>'»»— u luxurious lounge chulr in dura. tapestry cover*. A large as$59.50 F<nr*t quality Gov. Wlnthro De*k» made In Jamestown byj skilled craftumen. Authentic ••IjcnH. hand rubbed finish. From ...... p* S th >»lld maple Olitrli Cabinet -'or ic Colonial home. Quality-built "Station". Authentic rcpro- $265.00 Gift Suggestions RADIO RECORD PI.AVKRS BOOKCASRS SRWING CABINETS ! F1X)OR KAMI'S JUNIOR LAMPS CRIBS BOUDOIR CHAIRS PULI.UI' CHAIRS BABY CARRIAOKS WARDROBES DK.SKS CKDAR CHKSTS HOLLYWOOD HKDS DKSK AND CIIAIH SKTS MATTRESSBS RfGS BOSTON ROCKERS KLOOU I .AMI'S CHAIRS OF ALL KINDS TABLES OF EVERY IIKSCIUPTION C'KLLARETTKS MAPLE BEDS IIKATEKS RADIO COMBINATIONS PLATFORM ROCKERS DROPLEAF TABLES NOVELTY TABLES VACUI M CLEANKl'tK CRICKKT CHAIRS TELEPHONE SETS SEWING CABINETS STKP TABLES CORNER 8TOOI.S KITCHEN STOOL HASSOCKS MAGA/INK IIA( K CLOTHES HAMPER THROW RUGS SMOKERS LAMPS SHADOW BOXES WALL RACKS DESK LAMPS TABLE LAMPS OCCASIONAL TABLES VANITY LAMPS MIRRORS VANITY CHAIRS HIGH CHAIRS CIIROMK CHAIRS PLAY PENS CARPET SWEEPERS BLANKETS HURRICANE LAMPS CARD TABLES TABLE LAMPS VIUK SCREENS COCKTAIL TA11L LAMP TABLES COFFEE TABLES END TABLES TIER TABLES ES OPEN SATURDAY EVENING 'TIL 9 METROPOLITAN eilRNITURC COMPANY INC. 27 Center St. Phone 3-1101 Waterbury's Oldest Furniture Store BABY TALK FOR RITA AND ALY Dairy Student Awarded $850 Fellowship NO DOUBT Prince Aly Khan and his princess, glamorous Kiln Hayworth are talklni{ nbout their expected baby as they pose for this exclusive pnc-to In their hoUsl «ulte at Lausunne. Switzerland. (IntenvMonal) Water, Water Glass Used In Fireproof ing Christmas Trees Now Hiivuri Water ghum conl- intw for protecting Christmas trees UK'i.lnst lire lusted fur several yearn and found effective by Uie Fonmtry Depurtmenl. of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, wore given '- 1 "' stamp <>T approval I'erently by the U. B. Prodiict» laboratory. In fact, water glass und similur protective coaiinK'4 worn tho only type of chemical treittmcnt that the Laborutory found sntlufnctory for the purpose. According- to Hemy VV. Hicock, head of tins Connecticut, station's Kor«»lry Jjcpju-lment, u«f> of wd- ler 'glass will prevent or greatly retard flame Ji.'^rciid. BOHL result H wore given In Station teal-.* when a rnlxturo containing I) parts of water K\I\K» (soluble sodium will- c;vlo) and 1 part of wnter, cnnlaln- g :i teiLspoonftil yf wetting agent per ijuiirt, wa« used. One of tho common household detergents multr : an excellent wetting n.gcnt. Th<; mixiuj-t may be supplied hy dipping tile tree in it or hy *pray'- Itig it. onto the tree. Water gltiHH will cause no change In the color of thi! needles but will give a shiny, translucent finish to the foll- Hge. Be.'it results urn o>btnln«d If the tree in kept etandlng In water following the treatment. Other chemical treatments which are applied Internally by Htundltm Die true in the solution and letting It a.bsorb the material, have been found unsatisfactory. This method often displaces wnter In greater volume than the solution entering the tree. Thus, an excellent fire protection, water. I.H lod nnd often a I reo in more combustible after truntmpnt than before. Such treatment :I!HO often result In needle dlscolornlori nnd needle fall. In addition, Mr, Hicock points out. most trees have been cut for such n lr )n g time before helm' •••urchiised Uiat this method wlli not work. For the peiv*on who don.s not wnnl to take the time and IrouJile tn apply ri water gliuw treatment to the Chrl.'<tmns tree, writer In 'till the btut prpventlve rimterlnl, Stnndlmr Ihe tree In wnter will nl- so reduce falling nnd dlwolnrntlon nf needles. To ajmure (iffectlve li'entinent. u f•'irlntuilm tree nhoiild lie Hi<le«led t"*l IIIIH been (Mil HH recently i.u- pu«slble. Ttj glvi; n fresh, elnnn Hurfiit-n, u new cul should be made on the end of the trunk sevenil Inohes above the original cut The tre« should then be put at once In u. container of water and the water level kcipt above entire the out surface during the time that the tree Is in the linuHv, /f Uie tree Is not to bo. not up for soveral d;jy.j, it should be kept standing In water meanwhile In n cool nliicn. Asked about suitable species for ChrlHtman trees, Mr. HICOCK; said that .spruce and llr are the moat widely used In thin nr«/i and are highly stit.lwfactory. Hemlock xhould be avoided, he bellcveo, slnco u Is «uire difficult to fireproof, He hud a good word to way for pine, which Is not commonly used for Christmas trees In this urea. Pine trees contain more mrjisturn in tholr noodles than other evergreen Hpecles and »o arc less inflammable and last longor. A University o f Oonnontloiit ilnlry Htiidcnl. IIUM boon awarded nn ,*8W) Dairy Indwvtrlal Follow- iliiji n H a result of hl« work In the 'International InUwci>l1»|?iato luilry I'rtiilucLn JudjjInK context hplfl reesntly In IMH Hoxer W. Hunt, whowu liotrm IM IK Aeiul'j'my Hti-'jcit, Foroatvillcv wntt tho recipient of the folliKW- shlp. Ho will Bcloot t'he university til which he will purauo graduate work for a mo»tera> defrrao on n problem relating- to dairy manufacturing;, The fellowship was won by 1hr> University Judging toam, which comiifitiKt of Hunt, John Ted ford of Manchester and William Ed- mondsori of Coventry. The Connecticut tcnm won second honortt In competition with other judging to-ros from collefre* and universities throughout the country. Hunt wr.i the t or( mrln | n ( u j K | n j, Ice cream in thn competition. Hunt in married and han u. three monthM old daughter. HI fe* a morrt- hi:r of the University Agricultural Club and the Dairy Club. CHEMICAL SMOCKS Tho fllectrlc shock of oloctrlc Is produced chemically. Bares Virus Find Dr. Harvey Blank FOR THE first time tho virus which causes cold sores has been seen under nn electron microscope at the University of Pennsylvania according to the announcement of Dr. Harvey Blank (above) at-the Chicago convention of the Academy of Dermatology and Syphllology. Since the virus resembles those which cause polio, measles, mumps, Influenza, smallpox and other diseases, scientists are particularly interested in it. (International) Pope Pius Approves Midnight Masses On New Year's Eve VaUcan dry, I>uo. 10 -(irp)-- Pope Pius the Twelfth has tfranl- <») pnrmltwlon for Cut, hollo f.'hinvih«M Ihroutrhoiit the world to hold midnight Masses on New Yonr'n <jve. Tho Vullcaji decree said the wpoclal norvlccH would "obtain the benignity of our Lord on the Holy Year Jubilee." OrdlnailUjy Midnight MUBHCM are permitted only once a year— at Christmas. SALT IS PLENTIFUL Virtually every country In the world luui nail deposits. AWtD by his now world surroundings, little Jochen Rclnhardt, 3, Is shown on his arrival In Nosv York by plane from Germany, Jot-lieu wa* met nt Ihe airport by Curl Hitter of Falls Church, Va,, who will adopt him. The youngKler wus orphaned at the age of one when his parents died in 012 nuto accident In Nuremberg. (Inttrna'.lunal) SMART FURS Mnlic KMAUT GIFTS Sunday Excursions to NEW YORK LOW Round Trip FARE (Tax Inc.l.) Lv. Naugatnck 8:09 AM Going Arr. New York (GOT) 10:02 AM Return Lv. New York (GOT) 7:35 PM Arr. Naugatuck 9:36 PM Tickets Limited to Train Capacity THE NEW HAVEN R.R. NO. MAIN ST. NAVGATVCK NEWS (CONJi.), FRIDAY, DEC. 16, IB49—PAGE T RELICS PRESERVED Cairo—Egypt permitu no persons •who arc not reproHcntatlvcH of museums or unlvcraUfea .to dig for antiques In Its territory. DIVORCK GRANTED Winstcd Superior Court Judg* J. Howard Roberts yesterday granted Ruth L. Duffany. Thomaston. a divorce from Vincent R. Duffany, TlionuiHton, i>n a oharitc of cruelty. Khe wan ijlvcn custody of three children and a trnnHfcr In title to •the couple's dwelling; In ThomaK- lon. Mr. Duffany iilno win ordered to pay $24 weekly foi- support of the children. The couple was married Nov. 211. lll.'lli In NnuKntuck. 'AWlM Suggestion" Thousand* of Doctonprca r«Tussuf tor years, ft ac oiici to relieve such coughing GIVE HER A HOOVER and you will give her the best FOUR MODELS to choose from— including TANK type as low as $5.95 down nnd $6.36 per month for 9 months COME IN AMD SEE THEM CONN. FUEL GAS CORP. 1133 Main St., Wtn. Tel. 275 H^L^ 9:0 ° in 1949 MORE PEOPLE HAVE BOUGHT CHEVROLETS than any other make —fust as ffiey have done during f/n total 19-year period, 793! to dafef FIRST in passeriger car sales for '49* THE m«n and women of America know va/ue when they see ?tl Consequently, they are purchasing more Chevrolet passenger cars than any other make . . . and more Chevrolet trucks than the ne*:f two makes combined . . . thereby placing Chevrolet first in sales this year, just as they have done for the total 19- year period, 1931 to date. Naturally, we and all Chevrolet dealers are deeply appreciative of this overwhelming tribute of preference; and we join with Chevrolet in pledging to do everything possible to give you greater and greater value in the months and years to come. FIRST in truck sales for '49* i» out 2 FIRST in passenger car sales for all postwar year* CHEVROLET •1949 r.iulli boMd on Incompl.t. but conduit* notion- wld. r.glilrolten ftgurM. AX olhor (otli l|tl>ri her* or* boi.d an compM* and official nattonwldo KoblmlkM A«w«, FIRST in truck sales for all postwar years FIRST In total number of' cars on road today FIRST In passenger car sales for total 19-year period, 1931 to date FIRST In truck sales for total 19-year period, 1931 to dot* FIRST in total number of trucks on road today FREE MOTORS, INC. 492 NORTH MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 2211

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