Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on April 16, 1979 · 20
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 20

Chicago, Illinois
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Monday, April 16, 1979
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1.6 Sesf3n2 CKcawTrSburw. Monday, fori 18, 1373 MOTION WCTUMS 1st. tarn Chicago! WOTTON WCTUMS 1st. lies) CKicoooWel LiflLjiP Entertainment V A Tower Ticker By Aaron Gold i OLD MINING: Laurence Olivier confided that be was so moved by bis reception at the Academy i Awards, that be "went up" (forgot) In the middle of his prepared speech and had to ad-lib the rest of it "I really don't remember what it was I said, but I'm glad that everyone responded to it so enthusiastically," he said. His next film, "A Little Romance," opens here next month. It's about two 12-year-old geniuses who fall in love and stars Arthur llill. Sally Kellennan, and Broderick Crawford. TICKETS CO ON sale Monday for a long-planned rock extravaganza to be April 30 at the Amphitheatre. Already set are Keith Richards and Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, Ian McLaughlan, and Stanley Clarke. Possible special guest appearances will be made by Rod Stewart, Erie Clapton, and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page. . . . The May 12 First Annual Literary Arts Ball at the Cultural Center is shaping up to be a winner. Truman Capote, Saul Bellows, and Nora tphron are' among the literary dignitaries, including about two dozen Chicago authors, who have accepted invitations from the Friends of the Chicago Library. And Gary Merrill has confirmed that he'll be there to read from the works of Carl Sandburg. UXICEF IS GOING ahead with its April 22, ' Year of the Child fund-raiser at the Guildhall, despite the absence of Henry Fonda, one of the evenings' special guests. (Jessie Woods of Urban Gateways is the ether.) Now, the plan is to have one of Fonda's good friends (hopefully a big star) accept the award for him while be nurses bis arthritic hip at home in Los Angeles. KATE JACKSON'S friends weren't at all surprised that she finally got out of "Charlie's Angels," something she has wanted to do for months. She was especially furious when her contract wouldn't allow her to cos-tar with Dustin Hoffman in the movie "Kramer Vs. Kramer." (The role went to Meryl Streep, who tells me that she may be coming to Chicago in a play next season.) During recent months, Jackson changed her lawyer, manager, and agency. The new agency didn't want her to continue on the snow because her earnlng's percentage for that still went to the William Morris Agency. Aaron Spelling, one of the producers, said be wanted a Grace Kelly type to replace her, but apparently dark-haired Barbara Bach ("The Spy Who Loved Me") has the inside track. I WONDER HOW ABC-TV executives are going to feel about "Three's Company" star Suzanne Somen' first movie. On the surface, you wouldn't think they would be up-et "Nothing Personal," written by Robert Kaufman and costarring Donald Sutherland, is a romantic comedy with an ecology background, and she's getting $300,000 to make it But what isn't well known, is that she bas six very explicit love scenes in it. " NOT ONLY WILL Rod McKnen be doing two shows on Mother's Day, May 13, at Park West, but he'll bold a poetry reading during brunch that day at Richard's Four Torches restaurant .... Chicago's Joel Hennlng is running in Monday's Boston Marathon and will be writing about it for "The Runner" magazine as welL And later that day, Henning, whose book, "Holistic Running" is in its second printing, will talk about running at Harvard. PATRICIA NEAL'S April 30 visit here to .promote Aid to Adoption of Special Kids will include a party in her honor at Cricket's hosted by John Coleman. John and Bonnie Swearlngen, and the Children's Home and Aid Society .... WIND begins a three-week -series of salutes to Chicago neighborhoods, communities and suburbs, Monday, starting with Beverly Morgan Park. TICKER BITS: Marjoe Gortner has been consoling himself with singer BufTy Saint-Marie since his split with Candy Clark .... Como Inn is underwriting part of the cost of - Monday's Chicago Alliance for the Performing Arts (CAPA) party following the r 1 1 Suzanne Somers preview of "Dancln" at the Shubert .... "Dreams," Tom Sharkey's award-winning psychological thriller, returns to the Playwright's Center April 29 ... . Tribune columnist Dr. Jovce Brothers, will speak on "How to Fill Your Home With Love" May 5 at the Paramount Arts Center. It's a fundraiser for the Child Welfare Society of Aurora ... . Happy birthday to Peter Ustinov, Henry Mancini, Edie Adams, Bobby Vinton, Michael Jackson, Duffy Schwartz and Kareem Abdul Jabar .... Earl Wilson says: "When you read some news stories, you get the idea that the only thing we're ahead of the Russians in is discotheques." V - 'Hurricane' eye is bleak, boring, and disastrous ' By Gene Siskel Movie critic n r tlnu "HURRICANE" yon get two bad l if movies for the price of one. For its first ill90 minules "Hurricane" is an old-W W fashioned island romance with a Navy " captain's white daughter failing bead-over-sarong in love with a brown native prince. This sort of thing used to be considered mildly salacious back In the '50s ; today, the implied scandal seems silly or quaint. The last half-hour of "Hurricane" is exactly what you'd expect from a 70s film with that title a' disaster film. Everything we've seen gets flattened, Including some obvious models. It's shameful that more than $20 million may have been spent on this production. It doesn't look like it. Mia Farrow stars as the skittish daughter of Navy captain Jason Robards, assigned in 1920 as governor of Eastern Samoa. At her surprise birthday party Farrow notices a bandsome native man standing In a corner. Matangi (played by Hawaiian surfer Day ton Ka'Ne) works for Robards. .... xne next aay, inougn, : - - . - : ',''' -. ' . :. ... . y , v "V" . - v - - - . - . t W - S-u ' ', ' ; y . . i TRIBUNE MINI-REVIEW III wind "HURRICANE" Directed by Jin; crnplt by Lortnio S.mpl Jr. bawd on tr nov.l by Ch.rl.t Noidholt ind Jtnws Hall; pholognprwd by Svm Nykvlit; dhl by Sim CSMnt mualc by N(no Rota; produced by Dlno Da Latirantlla; a Paramount ra-toaea at th CMcags and outlying theaters. Rated PO. THE CAST Captain Bruckner.... Jason Robards Charlotte Bruckner Mia Farrow Dr. Baacomb von Sydow Fa ner Manns iravornowara n,v,:,t, ..nn,, i iij . Matanoi .....oayton KaN which really Is called a JeckSantord Timothy Bonoms tVChOOH in the South Moans Afllrau Tekurarer Matangi learns that his father, the island chief tain bas died. You probably are ahead of me. Matangi Is going to be the new chief, but will he marry a native girl, or will he take a shot at Mia Farrow? Well, of course he's going after Mia Farrow. That will get the native gods angry and that will bring about what else? a hurricane, Pacific. What is surpris- 4 ing about this film is its numbing simplicity, considering the quality of people oemna me camera. "Hurricane" was directed by Jan Troell, who made "The Emigrants" one of the most beautiful and emotional films of the '70s. "Hurricane" was photographed by Sven Nykvist, Ingmar Bergman's cameraman, but his expertise is apparent only in a few long shots of the island's beaches at dawn ' and dusk. The film's monotonous score was composed by the late Nino Rota, who regularly worked for Fellini and on the "Godfather" films. The same melody is played over and over and over. But the culprit is screenwriter Lorenzo Semple Jr., who wrote the "Batman" TV series and most recent- ly the remake of "King Kong." Semple has nothing to say with this film. It's the King Kong legend all over again, with a slight suggestion of incest between Robards and Farrow. Semple should have better developed the character - of the island prince; as it now stands, he's just another dark-skinned stud. So we wait and wait for the hurricane to bit, and when it does genuine disappointment strikes as well. We repeatedly see a cheap Son's wedding forces painful choice PEAR ABBY: My wife and I divorced after a 20-year marriage, My girlfriend has been living with me for the last nine months. My oldest son, 19,has his girlfriend hying with him, and the problem" is that his girlfriend does not like my girlfriend at all. My son and his girlfriend told me they are getting married in July. They've made wedding plans and have decided that my ex-wife and I will be invited, but neither of us is allowed to bring a date. This plainly means the girl I live with is not invited. I am ready to tell them that if I can't bring my girlfriend I will not attend, either. My girlfriend is so hurt that I'm not even sure she.'d go if they changed their minds and invited her. I'm leaving the decision up to you. Mixedup mess Dear Mixedup: First, find out whether your son and his fiancee will change their minds and invite your girlfriend. If they won't, and you want a good relationship with your son, go without her. If they do invite her, try to persuade her to attend with you. If she refuses, go alone. ' DEAR ABBY: With the rising divorce, rate and the trend toward total truthfulness these days, I firmly believe that the marriage vows should be changed from "'til death do us part," to '"til something better comes along." What do you say? Tell it like it is Dear Tell It: I say that it will never play in Peoria. DEAR ABBY: The letter about getting rid of door-to-door religious pitchmen reminded me of how I got rid of the first team I encountered. ' 1 had just moved from New York to California, .t Dear Abby By Abigail Van Buren Ulcer screening a good idea Dayton Ka'Ne carries Mia Farrow ashore after sha helps him escape from prison in "Hurricane." and obvious model of an island village. A shot of huge waves is repeated ad sea sickness, as is a shot of water rushing through the doorway of an island church. It's quite a letdown for a film that bills itself as a spectacular. 'Wifcmistrcss' LIKE "HURRICANE,1 the Italian film Wifemls tress" is almost over before it begins. No surprises. Marcello Mastroianni plays a successful, turn-of-the-century wine- merchant who leads a secret life as a political revolutionary. His wife (Laura Antonelli, this year's foreign sex pot thanks to her great body on display here and in "The Innocent"), is bedridden with a paralyzing depression. But upon hearing a report that her travelling husband might be dead, she decides to track him down along his wine-selling route. Along the way she discovers his secret life, a life full of wine, women, and more women. The result is that this wallflower decides to give her husband he's not dead; only wounded a taste of his own behavior. She becomes the libertine, and, as in so many Italian romantic comedies; that ends up being the key to their happiness. Mastroioannl spies on her making love to other men; she knows he is looking at her, and that, of course, lets us play Peeping Tom, as well. "Wifemistress" is a throwback to the Italian sex comedies of the late '50s and early '60s that titillated us with a little nudity in the name of European frankness. Mastroianni doesn't belong in this sort of thing. His role is confined to looking mournful as the camera gives us an assortment of close-ups. It's a cariacature of a Giancarlo Gianninl bang-dog role. Rating for "Wifemistress" at the Carnegie Thea ' ter: 2 stars. FILM NOTES: There is good news in Hollywood in the form of casting and production announcements. National Lampoon, the folks who brought us "Animal House," have been signed to do the third "Jaws" film. The tentative title for the comedy: "Jaws 3-People 0." It will be a parody of making a movie about a killer shark. A spoof was the only way to go with this series. Congratulations to "Jaws" producers Richard Zanuck and David Brown for not taking themselves seriously. By G. Timothy Johnson, M.D. EAR DR. JOHNSON: I was diagnosed recently as having a stomach nicer. Now my doctor wants me to see a specialist who would put a lighted tube down into my stomach to examine the ulcer. I was told he wants to make sure there is no cancer. I'm not thrilled with the idea of anything snaking down into my stomach. And I'm dubious that this test is really necessary. What's your opinion? Wendy C, Little Rock, Ark. It's not altogether clear whether all stomach or gastric ulcers need examination by this procedure (gastros-copy), which involves the insertion of a lighted tube down the food pipe and into the stomach. The goal is to let the doctor see the ulcer and take tissue samples for later examination under microscope. The reason for special concern with stomach ulcers in contrast to the more common duodenal ulcers is that a small but significant percentage (somewhere between 2. to 4 per cent) of stomach ulcers turn out to be cancerous. This is true even though in X rays they appear to ba benign. How to n . ( " ' f" ir Understandably, many physicians like to be sure the ulcer is not cancerous. Endoscopy is the best way to find out Many gastroscopies reveal no cancer. Consequently, some doctors argue that it's better to closely follow patients who have stomach ulcers with repeated X-rays. However, if I were you, I'd have the examination. What to do and how all the inor-mation you need in a life-threatening emergencyis at your fingertips in Dr. .Johnson's booklet, "First Aid." For a copy, send $1.50 to "First Aid," do The Chicago Tribune, P. O. Box 259, Norwood, N. J. 07648. Make check pay able to Newspaperbooks. m if 1 ZNJ after growing up under two religious influences-Episcopal and Quaker. A young mother, I was having one of those hectic days. The baby had just thrown a bowl of pablum on the floor, the older boy was smearing the dog with honey, the cat had just given birth to kittens on the clean clothes in the linen closet, and the vacuum cleaner had given up 'the ghost. At that point the doorbell rang. I answered it and. was faced with two obese women, the daughter as wide as the mother. The mother, with no introduction whatsoever, sang out, "How would you like to live on this earth forever?" My instant response was, "God forbid I" Talk about being stopped cold! They were totally speechless! E'AJ.: Huntington' Beach, Cat CONFIDENTIAL to M.J.M. in Garden City: Yes, I know obesity is unhealthy. But I refuse to starve myself to death to live a little longer. Do you hate to write letters ot condolence, con- gratulations, and thanks? It's not difficult when you let Abby guide you in her booklet, "How to Write Letters or All Occasions." Send $1 and a long, stamped (28 cents), self-addressed envelope to Abby, 132 Las,ky Dr., Beverly Hills, Cal. 90212. 'AMUSEMENTS PREVIEW TONITE 8PM PREVIEWS Tom'w 8PM, Wed 2 & 8PM all remaining seats Va PRICE at Box Office 5P 7 WKS ONLY! How thru June 2 Tickets at Box Office & Tickelron TELECHARGE A TICKET INFORMATION (312) 977-1700 Ws accept major credit cards Group Sales 977-1705 ashubert theatre 22 W. Monroe, Chicago, IL A Shubert Organization Subscription Sarlea Preaentatlsn Wit Tune into the aredt sounds Read Record Briefs Before you slide a new 1 disc into yourcollection, check the advice ol the critics in the new Record Briefs column. They've got it all from Bach to rock, country and jazz to show tunes. Sunday in Arts & Fun. Briefly speaking, it's a good buy. Turntotho (Thicaao LSribune AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENT3 TODAY,MON. at 7:30 PM THRU SUNDAY, APRIL 22 Chicago International Amphitheatre tlNDES Ttlt! HIGH PATRONAGE OF H.S.H. TRtNCl RAINIER in MONTiR FEsL-spEeTrmaf, J rw hy ikvix fei.i kknneth h-au Prad wen ol Kintluis Bros, and rkmtia V Buky Ctnm TODAY, MONDAY, APRIL 16 at 7:30 PM TUES. WED. APR. 17 No Performances APR. 18 -,2:30. 2:308:00 .3:00 .,,8:00 .3:00.7:00 ,7:30 ' ,7:30 i l- THURS. APR. 1910:30. FRI. APR. 20.. SAT. APR.21.U:O0 SUN. APR.22m11:00 SAVE S3.00 OX ALL KIDS UNDER 12 At Performances Marked With A Star it Above All Seats Reserved Price InctuoesTax S8.50 $7.50 S6.50 S5.00 TICKETS NOW ON SALE ATs AMPHITHEATRE BOX OFFICE ALL TICKETRON OUTLETS '.Sean, Wards, Ticket OntraI-308 N. Michigan Ave FcTkketroa Outlet Nearest You Dial 454-6777 FOR TICKET INFORMATION CALL (312) 247-35(8 FOR CROUP SALES CALL (312) 751-1973 or 247-5674 CHARGE TICKETS BY PHONE! : (312) 247-3565 Mon. thru FA 10 am to 6 pn Sat. Si Sun. 1 1 era to S prs. Charge to VISA ot MASTER CHARGE ($1.00 per order handling charge) Good Scats As Late As Showtime FAYE LXUcAiVAY, ' st ,- ' The more VJ ; you love... x ; the harder ; you fight. v, THEM OHMIP K'rl GUSeViH-Watf! ' Ik.' A Klb.'&St it :r so-otR 8m4 si i fiory by FSAsaS MARi M ItaSrsd by DO IC.U1- Dscts! by rRAMCO ITTISUI KM SUt iO M W W m r. m I loss Ml MS Bvr . imu:M w''. j ecep.s ccirnmi ncnntccE Morthbrook 83S4445 Nile! 29fr4bOO Norridge 452 9000 IL'ILIC'JKREEH UJUinEnH Palatine 358-1154 Cikb.ook 125 5150 CHEltaEn EVERGF.EEI1 UHCCin ITIHtl Tinier Par 429-1010 Emgreen Park 636-8800 Mention 481-1770 RIVER (.SMS SCUTHia.En..HL Calumet City 862 8OO0 Msrrilivitla 219738 mm' ass WWN1N9 ESQUIRE EVERGREEN 1 Olctfo. Hmr No.1i '337 1117 Ew,Hn Patk636 8800 NORRIDGE 1 OLD ORCHARD 1 RANOHURST Noridea4S2 SOOO- Skoki.OR 4 5300 Ml. froip.tl392 9313 RIDGE PLAZA 1 YORKTOWN 2 ". Cr.lMli. Ind7219?3 '1M lomBlrd49S OOlO ttllucttf KMliXien MckeU aM3 71 ryr ay '"" s (Si WATERTOWER DOtIHGDROOK DREMEM CHICAGONN Mt B7M aOLINOBROOK 71tV390t TINllV PARK 4310I9 CENTURY DEERDROOK DIANA MOWMAN CSTATIS SI34SSS 0UBFH1.O j;HJilI HOMtHOOO 7W1HB EVERGREEN MT.PROSPECT CINEMA NORRIDGE IVKROREIN PARK UMtOO MT. PROSPECT 38 J 7070 hORRIDGl 4UJO00 OLD ORCHARD RIDGE PLAZA YORKTOWN SKOK)E OH 5300 ORIFPITH 2It23 9t00 LOMaAR049S4010 ' NEAR NORTH Em, All mala cut rates (X) TASTE OF CAKE olua "SHOOTINQ" April 27 Mldweat Premier TimiumpLc junta VILLAGE 642-2403 SEATS 50 "BUDDY HOLLY STORY" 6:1 S NEAR NORTH STEM J'a DOLBY 4-TRACK STEREO 5:45, 8.D0& 10:15 PM M3uGautt 330 Css( onto It , HAVE A NICI TIMI CO OUT TO A MOVIII I DOWNTOWN DOWNTOWN 3J id -5t- (fJi I3 h ilitfiSHfrtaai i'liilrairtrajiirc'i'ii.jiiifPJIIrcliirJ! -FEATURES TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME JOHNSmnNTH DAttttNICOLOD! MM 11 ,ia A.M. OPEM .00Jll . i . l -riir- -rn A n T nil OF THE GREAT I i nnivERiaiEpi 1 IT'S KUNGFUvi. KARATE 1 DONTSTEPONUYFOOTPRIHT SHADY LANE PLAYHOUSE STARS DALE BENSON. Restaurant, Theatre, Shops, Marengo, III. 815-568-7218 (iODSPELL MARRIOTTS LINCOLNSHIRE THEATRE Smash Hit Musical. Dinner combination avail able. Office: 634-0200. THRU AME TIME NEXT YEAR wL2 PHEASANT RUN CABARET Wonderful Comedy HTtl Rt, 64, St. Charles, 684-1454, (Chgo. 261-7943). To advertise In this directory call 222-3840 571 3 ONLY . exciting X Adult Hits! 372-2054 Bf;oMTO.,te MCVICKERS 1.50 "BRUCE LEE K'cW SUo?.rn"DOLEMITE,, "SHE GODS OF SHARK REE1" ORIENTAL tSU9 1st Run Chicago 1s! Ruo "KUNG-FU HERCULES" ' "DRAGON'S FATAL FIST SEEN A IONO TIMI SINCI YOU WENT TO A MOVIIT MOVIE RATING GUIDE A SERVICE OF RLM-MAKERS AND THEATEAt Irieer ttie Hotton Picture Code ef eRaeilBttss. (G) Suggested for GENERAL sudlonces. (PO) Parental guidance) suggeetetl soma material may not ba ejHsM fcr prs-teenagers. - ffl) RESTRICTED Persons, under 17 not admitted, unless accompanied by parent or adut guadlan, (XJrVsona Under 11 not sdmrrled.

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