Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 16, 1949 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1949
Page 3
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Social And Personal Junior Woman's Club Yule Dance Tomorrow and and and i, re Mr. Mr. Mr uid The Nnugatuck Junior Wunum'n Club will hnvc It* third unnutil Koml-forrrml Yuletlde Danco tomorrow evening at tin; Hotel 1CI- ton. Waterbury. Dancing to ir.u.ilc of Al Vclllctte and his chf-itra wlil be enjoyed from '3 to 1 orlork. Mrs. Thomas Dowllng. chairman of the Committee announced today that pirtron.i and patronesses fir the dance win be Dr. and Mr." Kw'rett T. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. liildlng Olnon, Mi', nnd Mrs. John J. Carr nnd Mr. And Mm. Wei,Icy Coe. Thom* planning to attend Mr. nnd Mrs. John Tjirk'ln, Mm. William Yunnrolln, Mrn. Charlen Noble, Jr., Mm. Ralph Pronovosl. and Mm. Mario Hchtiiroll, Mr. Miv. John i'.MVloNkl, Mr. linil Mr',. Ralph Hoy. Mr. and Mrn. U >•:,)••worth Neary, Mr. and Mrs. Wuym' Mnwrey, Mr. nnd Mrn. Citrlto.i Hullberg, Mr. and Mrs. Ern«Ml Krlckson. Mr. and Mrs. Peler Mi- Sherry. Mr. and Mrs. Edwanl Mason and Mr. and Mrs. T.ouin Berber. Also Mr. linU Mrs. Robert B>iU»r, Mr. nnd Mrs. Harold Bnlargci'. Mr. and Mr*. Edwin Melbourne, Jr.. Mr. nnd Mr«. Robert Brlnker- hoff. Mr. and Mm. Donald Glllot'.!, Mr. find Mrs. Jamcn B. Niea. M', nn<l Mrs. Robert Sulllvnn, Mr. and Mr:i. Jom-ph OalluKher, Mr. :in'l Mrn. Thoina.'i Dowllng, Mr. mul Mrs. James Hubboll, Mr. and MrM. Wesley Barlow. Mr. and Mrs. Robert K«'.«mler. Mr. and Mrs. Kra'iclrt Kecli-y. Mr. nnd Mr*. Hobert Anderson anil Mr. and ,Mr«. Geo,-|;n MnKcnnn. Mrn. Oowling n«kM tliat tho.Hi; w?»c» ha%-c m.t yel made returrn mnkc them (it thn door to hi.'r or one of the cc.mmlttce. Robert Rimkoski Birthday Guest Robert, RimkOHki. .son of Mr. and Mr.i. Phil UlmkoKkl of KIM Mill- Hide aVi'.nue, celebrated hl» Bcvcrvth birthday recently with a party at his home. Those attending included OladyH Kaschel Ethel Kuschel, Arthur Va^t, DcnnlH Curtln, Rohcrt Swlr- ski. EuKone 5Corzynskl, Hichard Colas 1 /, (*ha.rl(^H KaxemekaM. bin parent-H and the (;u<;nt of honor. Whittemores Note 32nd Anniversary Mr. and Mrn. Hnrrlii Whlllomore, Jr., of Church Hired, obnervod their 32nd woddinj; anniverHary yeHter- day. They were married Doc. .15, 1(117 nt the home of Mrn. Whitte- rnore'M undo In Brooklyn. N. Y. The Kuv. Philip ('. Wttlcnlt, Uuiti pastor of the NnnpntueU Coniiro^a- Morml church, ofl'loliiti'd. Mr:*, Whlttemore wan Roberta Napier Korde, ilnuKliter of thi! lale Mr. anil MrH. Thomn.H Forde of Montreal, Ciinucla, They are the par- enln of thrnc Honii, HarrlH .'id.. Robert nnd Howard. Personals Mr. and MI-H. 15. 11. Poiiwl. of 200 North HoadJcy Street, have returned from <i two week.s vlnll with rclatlveH In Urillyvlllo, Pa, While away, Mr. PouHl enjoyed hunting and buyged a five-point. deer. Mr.'i. William Kllnefeller of Muney, Pa., nleco of Mro. POUHL, returned with them lo upoiid two wockn as their KUeiit.. VW&SMSWEW&G^^ i r CHRISTMAS CARDS BY HALLMARK and RUSTCRAFT It's Getting Late! SPECIAL CARDS FOR Father — Mother — Husband — Wife — Grandparents Grandchildren — Sweetheart — Children — Cousin — Aunt — Uncle — Niece — Nephew — Pastor — Bister And Many Others BOXED ASSORTMENTS 50c „ $1-95 !*»*>l>i>i*»»>l>l>l»*l»l»»l>I»»,>lS!>,»l».>l>-,a>lJl>l>j»;3l-,>a.»»i>l>,> ) S,3,a] VISIT OUR GIFT ANNEX ON THE BALCONY «*«!c<e«*ic»f«eie>««*ie««>c>«>«<e!«!««*«e«t «««*I«NE«I«I<'*'« ic '«"«'«>« i«i«i«tci«i«tei CHRISTMAS WRAPPINGS — RIBBONS SEALS — TAGS — LABELS BOOKS — TOYS — GAMES MOVIE OUTFITS — FILM WIN A NEW FORD — Free Coupons With Every $1.00 Purchase THE FATEFUL FIFTY YEARS • •* »•• ••• Noteworthy Events of Our Time, 1900-1949 Ma|. Walter Re*d Compiled 1900 UNCLE SAM counted nonca and cliHcovorod he hud 7B,00'I,375 nephews and nlccca . . . This wmi the year Dr. Walter Reed and aMfioclatcH begun tile cilin- piiiKn to wipe out yellow fever . . . the Frcn c h m' a n Santos - D.U- inont mudo the first sunccHHful nlrahip flight . . The Boxer r e b H 1 I I o n aKUlnMt "foreign d e v 1 I"- conlrol broke out In China, thn Mile d forces retnllatlnK and capturing the cnpllnl, PcklnK, AUK. 14. Two thousand Americana participated , . . Mcanwhllo, the Boer war raged In South Africa . . . Two tragic events marred the year: A Hoboken, N. a., dock fire, June 30, claimed 147 lives nnd on SepV. 8, n Onlvrtiton, Tex., hurricane and tidal wave killed 0,000 ... On brighter nitle wati opening of the Paris Kxpo.'illlon on April 15 ... Victor Kmmiuiuel III became king of Italy, following aaaaoslnntlon of King Humbert on July 20 ... On Nov. I] William McKlnley wan re-elected President of tho United .States ... In the world of sports, the American league begun operation us a minor league and James J. Jeffries was heavyweight box4)ig champion of the world. 1901 THIS YEAR in memorable because Dec. VZ, Gugllclmo Mnr- conl transmitted the first wlretesn ImpulHO, the letter "S", across the Atlantic . . . Edward VII became king of England and emperor of Britain, following death, Jan. 22, of Queen Victoria . . . Year's most tragic event was a»- asslnatlon of President William McKJnley In Buffalo. N. Y., (to visit Pan-American Exposition there) by an anarchist. Theodore Roosevelt became president . . . Student revolts broke out In various parts ot Rus.ila ... On Nov. 18 the Hays - Fauncefortc treaty, providing for construction of nn isthmian cnnal, won signed . . . Earlier In the year the United Stutca Steel corporation, capitalized at $1,319,000,000, was organized ... In sports; The t American baseball league de- iclared iUclf a major league and ^Fielding H. Yost's famed "uolnt- By WILLIAM RITT, Central Press Staff Writer a-ni!m>tc" University of Michigan football teams begun their live-year unbeaten rcl^n. Gugliolmo Marconi 1902 A f-iTKI' KOUWAKD toward better International relation;! WIIH gained In Uu- will of Cecil Khoilcs, who died May 2(>, in which he pro vkled for e d u cation of American, G e r m a n and Piltlsh colonial H t u d c n t a at <)•• ford (the Rhodes achol- arshlpti) . . . T h c Panama c a n a I r allly S, nr-li t h e C?cil Rhodes nenred as the bought rlghlB canal Thi' Cuban republic wan IriniU'.uriiteil on May 20 . , , T'rc.Miilrnl. KooMi'Vc!t',M commission ended n I'cnm.ylvuulu mine strike Involving , . . In South Afrie.n UIP Hoi-r.i (inally sub- nillled, May "I. li. Ilic Hrill.'lh . , Tra^.U 1 \\:i;j tin- 1'ark Avenue hotel (ire In New York. Ml losing Ihi'lr lives . A |.;rcali'i- Lrngerly xva.'i the i.'l-uplloM of Ml. T'elee, destroying ^;t. I'lerre, AIiirllnlt|Ue, Uilllnc ;',«.()')() . . K;irnlne swept Hwedi-n ami li'lnlnnd . . . Ccr- innny, Au:il.i i,i ninl llaly n'liewed the Triple Alliance . . . Year's Ijnj'.lUe.'il. spot, was, the opening ol" the llr:it International Arbitration Court In The Jlnguc, Holland. 1903 MOST MKMOHABI.K event of the year was the llr.'d Mucceaiifui aii'j)l(iuc (light ever iTiiuip, by Iho Wright brother.'! at Kill Devil hill. Kitty Hitwk, N. C., Dec. 17 ... First trans- eon ti n e n t a I auto Irlpi was made earlier, May 23 - Aug. 1, San Francisco to New York, by 0r. H. N. Jackson a. n d S c w a 11 Crocker ... In Russian p o - grom at Kish- inev, April 1020, 47 Jcwii were slain . . . Serbia's King Alexander and Queen Drngtt were assassinated June 11 ... In July, rebellion broke out In Macedonia, due to misrule of the Turks . . . Panamanians revolted agnlnst Colombia, Nov. 3, the United States recognizing the Panamanian republic. Nov. 13.. . . At year's end, Dec. 30, Its greatest tragedy struck, fire in the Iroquols theater, Chicago, resulted In 602 deaths . . . The first World Series was held In October, the Boston Red Sox defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates. G cnmes to 3. Orvtlle Wright 1904 FIRST MAJOR WAR of the Twentieth Century broke out between Russia and Japan on Feb. (J. In May the J«pn began selge of Port Arthur . . . St. Louis opened. May 1. an exposition commemorating the Louisiana Purchase . . In June a strike In Chicago against meat packers broke out and quickly spread lo other cities Pr«»ldont ... A grenl Rooiovclt lire In Haiti- more destroyed 2,:U)0 buildings on Feb. 7 ... President Theodore Uooacvelt was elected to full term on Nov. 8 ... There wus great ro'joiclng In New York on Oct. 27 as the subway was opened, assuring swift transportation to the nutlon'8 biggest city . . , The adverse progress of tho RusHO-Japnnose war canned growing unreal In Russia aa the year drew toward an end ... A Kreat day for the British wns Aug. 0 which witnessed the coronation of King Edward VII . . . The New York Giants refused to piny the Boston Red Sox any pout-war games so there waa no World Series, 1905 THE YEAR was marked by unrest, distrust and strife ... In St. Petersburg, Russian capital, many were killed on Jan. 22 (Red Sunday) whon strlkeri* marched to the Winter palace lo present a petition to Czar Nlch- o I a B II . , From May to October Russia was In a state of revolution . . . Disclosure of Irrcgulori- tles among no m o insur- a n c e companies In the U. S. brought stringent regulations ; . . The Union of Norway and Sweden was {Unsolved during the year, Haalton VII becoming king of Norway ... On Jan. 2 Port Arthur foil to the Japs In RuBso-Japanetx. 1 war. The Russian fleet was destroyed, May 27-20. in Battle o; Tsushima Straits. Russo - Jap unese peace treaty was signed al Portsmouth, N. H., Sept. B . . Medicine was greatly advanced hy A. Etnhorn's discovery of novocain ... In sports: Tho Philadelphia Athletics won the World Series from the New York Giants, 4 games to 1. Next-1906 lo 1910 King Haakon The CARD and GIFT SHOP SWEENEY'S 213 CHURCH STREET sT A /v STORE I NAUGATUCK Savings Guaranteed On All Jackets BOMBER JACKETS \Viitcr Kepolletit Shell Alpaca I.lm-d Throughout FRIDAY ONLY Boys $7.75 *<&>. TANKER JACKET Made to Original •j $7.95 all sizes ^ i Turtle Neck SWEATERS All Sizes — Navy Blue $2.45 FITLI. SEl>KCTION OF WIIVTEU JACKETS FOR MKN AND 3OYS CHESTER 4 ^ ARMY & NAVY SURPLUS STORE 24 SOUTH MAIN STREET Naugatuck Phone 6919 OPEN DAILY 9—fl — FRIDAY NIGHT TIM. !» p. M. ^ M-&ft btf HHB-L OI'ION SAT. NITM TII.I, :) Regularly $24.50 "SWEETHEART" BOUDOIR CHAIRS Pay Next Year! Sho'll adore both you and tho gift! Give her one of these stunning tu-tone "Sweetheart" chairs for her boudoir! Solid fabrics combined with gay floral prints In all the colors of the rainbow I She'll cherish it lor years! OI'KN SAT. NITK TIM, :t I'.M. Usually $14.95 OCCASIONAL CHAIR or ROCKER Your Choice Here's a very practical yet inox- r cnsivo qifl (hat spoilt; C-O-M-O-R-T all year 'roundl Sturdily built hardwood frames with richly upholstered soats and backs! Handsome new covers in lovely colors! See them at Hadley's! No Money Doivn! "ay Next Year! •Read the Classified Ads Daily Salem Club Bridge Tournament Scores Thu wlxth round In Die Thure- iln.y ('Vi-ninK Biilnm dub lirld^u l.ourimmiint witii plnyud lust nlKliL, wllli tho following hlt;h «coroa: North and HonMi, Mn. l,<;«l,or Op- dyltc and Mm. Conrad j.lrirlnhl (>7 l-U: MI'H. Norrl:< l''o)li:l inn.1 Dr.' W. r. Hnki'i-, OH 1-2; unit Mr. imtl Mr.-i. Oomtlcl Fowler, lilt 1-2. Kim!. »nd w<ml, Mr. urnl Mm. Howard Tltlny Tfl; Mm. .luhn Ihiyi-si and MrN. lUdwtirrl O. Cox, 111!; rim) Mm. Anthony Stlun und MI'H. 73on- 'i.ld Kirhy, fll 1-2, OfrirlMl Hl,Rii(Ilnj,'M: MrH, .InniKi KlHHivnu n.nd Mr.t. Irving Culling, 382 1-2; Mr. and Mra. Fowler, 380; Norrla FoIlcU and M. F. WRrmr- ix, ;m3 1-2: mid Mr. and Mra. Jumoa Nlt'H, 3-11) 1-2. NATJOATWCK NICWS (CONN.), FK1I1AY, DKC. 18, Tt»in--VACK 3 GIFTS SHOWERED ON CRIPPLED GIRL Birthday Party Guest Of Honor ..'otK'.ph Vnlimkl, mm oi' Mr. urn) Mm. .fonnph I'oliiHld, of HH C' rojl Mf.rmil.. who oulnbrnloil liln 'inv. nnlh Ijlrl.bdiiy Monday, WII.H lion • oriid nl a party by n iturnhm' i>( rrimulH (.lint iivnnliiK in hln Ivimr. Tlmim nU.omlliiK wore: Wllliai.i l : '<ilunM, HUslmrd iirid BnrHitiM I'o- liip'ltl, Mni'Ha Normal), Donna and Uornrd C.'iililumio, William and .)oan I'almiM 1 , Marjorl«, Nancy Dominic Mariano, thu KUCH!. of honor and Ihii hunt and )IOH|IIMM, PLASTICS PltOIMICTION Dorivor AmurJonn production of lila.''M la now YUO.OOO IOIIH a. your, led l.han 1 per (.:onl oi' tin.; nnniial AS XMAS DONATIONS AND GIFTS poured in fi om every girdion of the U. S,, little Puulu .Iu-A)in Murray, born with club feet and curvature ot tho spine, smiles happily .al a Christmas tree In her Salisbury, Mass., home. There In one lliltm Sunta can't briiif- her. That's lier ddddy. Alfred, wlio wtis killed recently In an accident. Uut doctors have freed h«r from a cost which had lmi)ri»om:d her bodv. (Intirrnativian It's Lorraine For MISSES GLITTER DRESSES OP RAYON TISSUE FAILLES Sumo wonderful fabric you find at ' 8.95 to 10.95 Fashions Sizer, For Juniors, Misses, Women. 9-15 .— 12 to 20 Colora Red — Taupe Peacock — Nnvy Black. "Charge It" at LORRAINE MAIN KI.OOH ALLWOOL Knit Dresses One and Two-Piece Styles wivh Rich Jacquards Patterns Sizes 12 to 18 Pink Dark Green Beige Royal Aqua Grey Coral Wine ^«X.-V?V?'S ON Charge It at Lorraine 'ItiNaHOW^^ SO. MAIN WATKKIIUKY

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