Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 16, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1949
Page 2
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PAOK 2— N.\l GATUCK NEWS (CONN.), FRIDAY, BKC. 10, ]04» DREW PEARSON ON "fhe WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Nation's Worst Scandal Today Is Income- Tax Fraud; Gulf Coast Tobacco Co. In Mobile Kept Two Sets Of Book*; Mitchell-Ripps Income Tax Case Has Never Been Tried. Wn-ihinKlon —-One at the worst scund.'iLs in the nation today IH income-(:ix fraud *nnd the way cer ip.m politicos are able to ge :iwny with it. With the country facing almos certain tax increases next year, it remains a fact that every man •who dodges his taxes sends the tax bill up higher for the other follow: Recently this column cited various tax cases where the little guy pot prosecuted, but the big jruy— able to hire political influence— £ot off; This is fo.r moref requent :han the public realizes and thiH column herewith begins a scries to show how Income-tax fraud Is put across For instance, in Mobile, Ala., Joe Mitchell and his brother-in-law, .S.-uri Klpp«. organized the Gulf Coast Tobacco Co. during the war and so!d millions of dollars worth of jewelry to Army post exchange.-). The boys in the Army cam|ps v.-ou!d buy almost anything those days and Ripps and Mitchell made .'i killing. Then, a couple of years later, :i!i-rt Treasury «.gont<! caught them keeping two sets of books, and after long investigation, recommended criminal prosecution. Th«- two men who were HO eager to .sell jewolo- to G. I.'a had not boon so eager to pay their taxes ar.d Treasury agent? claimed they owed a minimum of $700.000; perhaps as much as $1.200.000. Ripps and Mitchell immediately hek'.-in lo pull every ipolitica] wire south and north of the Mason- r>i.v.,n Line.. First they tried to SCULLY, Florist Flower* for Kvary Occasion «O BALDWIN ST. WsterUiry I<EO T. SCULLY, Prop. PHONE WAT. 5-7280 For The Best In Jewelry C.H.Tomlinso Neary ButldliiK Conn. FLOWERS For All Occasion. *XOWEBS EVEHTWMKBK MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP UO BUBBEB AVBBTUB T«t BUCKMILLER i^cneral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 hire Jnaeph Nunari, former Com- mi.i.'il<jnor of Internal revenue. Then they negotiated with Martin Sweater, a good friend of Nunan'.«. Then they retained William Nicholson of Charlotte, N. C., former law partner of Lumar Caudle, assistant attorney general in charge of the tax division. Scrupulous Caudlo, a conscientious public servant, phoned his former partner, asked him to withdraw from the case. He did BO. Finally, however, Mitchell and Riipps approached Will Walter Bankhcad of Alabama's politically powerful Bankhead family, anil through him retained Eon Leader, former law partner of the U. S. attorney in Birmingham, John Hll!. Significantly i>, was Hill who WJLS to try the case. The case, however, has never been tried. It was ,-snt by the Justice TO<<prijH.mcnit to .Hiil jjor prosecution, b,ut that was n« far :is it y:ot. U. S. Attorney Hill held a conference with Juistlcc and Treasury men in Birmingham at which he contended he did not have sufllclent evidence. In the end, and with their concurrence, tho prosecution of jewelry profl- I •••<-• rs RIppK and Mitchell wtix nent back to Wiuililnxton a! closed. Prosecutor'.* Partner Is Paid Meanwhile,, this- column, probing .the- tax fiviiuV unearthed some interesting facts. Ben .Leader, when questioned, admitted he wa.s Hill's former law partnu" also admitted he received a fee of pl2|00. hut made a long speech about tho case having beon decided on its merits. This column al»o discovered however, that this Is not the first Lime Joe illtchcll has slithered his way out of trouble with the law. CtriuVuatinfr firom New York university 'in 1923, M'lcthell be- na.-ne an Internal Revenue agent i'ut was vermitlcd to resign In 1920 after a ccandnl over f.Usify- mr expense aocounU. In 1930 Mitchell was caught •applng the city water main to fupply a Negro tenement that he owned in Mobile. He wa,, allowed 10 se.tle tho water bill out of court. In 19-12, when rent ceilings were clamped on his property he »w, caught finagling rents above the ceiling IRricc. Ana In 1043 when tires were rationed, Mltch- •-•11 wu;» caught sli-ullng two tlri'H from a Tupelo, Miss., filing H tn- .ion. When arrflsted for this theft his poeketw «-cre found bulL-lntr with $100 bills from wh| |^I he posted S1.000 bond. Congressman Boykm of Mobile then - sought Ihc intervention of Congressman Rankln of M-UsisaippI, and Mltch- •II escaped prosecution He even rot back $500 of his 51,000 bond In 1-M5. Mitchell was evicted •>f violating the election laws, and sentenced to (10 day.s hard labor Howcveq the Supremo Court hi-ew out the case on thu ground r an Imirtroporly drawn indictment. While the case was up for ippeal, two witnewscH disappeared, and. when iflcked u n In ensocola. Hw ,, ro that Mitchell "id i;ald thorn J100 a we «k to ay out O r Mobile. This H the inun who, when 0-hn.rged by the Treasury with ln- r r Ud k> thc Ulnc « f minimum, managed to qulrm out of prosecution. LEWIS CARROLL The Driler 01 the HQVAHK - CO It WB II I'WOSl'KCT * IJMO.N HTHKKTH ••rrtaj Tilt Hoard Chroma Trla ocir Fr.m«i Wtodow «»,h * JriSS Floor Sunilnri. tar Ben< TEI.Bl'Ho;,B I4K4 EVERY BOY AND GIRL WANTS A— BICYCLE 3- Wheel Bikes ,„ Just Charge It Pay AH Little as u)I.«UU\VKl':K Lincoln (C) Store WEST MAIN ST Vesper Service Planned Sunday By Methodist Church The tinniml Chrl«tinaH Vuoppr Kcrvlcc of tho NniiKiitlick Molhn- illhl Church will bn held Sunilnv aflnrnoon nl -1:30 o'clock It was •innouncod today by the Ilev. Malthnw H. Gnton, mlnlntnr. The M(!th(idiHt. Youth Fi'llowHh 1 ]), •iHHlHtcd by the cliolr. will prniiniit! .-i p»KCttnt of the Niitlvily, '"I he Adc.rutlon of tho Kln«» and dhifp- hcrda,' hy Mildred Emily Cook. The pageant will be staged In a aptUni; if candlcliRlit. with tho Hprvioo opening- with the playing of H--.n- ael'a "Pastoral Symphony" for vir,- liri' nnd or^an. The four movements of the i>n- crcant will be ''O Comf! 'Let \}s WorHdlp," "The Adoration of Tr <• Shepherds;" The Adoration of Tin: Kings and "The Adoration of (he Connrcgatlon." During the final movement, mcmbcro' of tl.e cluirch Hchool will present white gif(.H for the children of Southbury Training School. Cast McinherN Memherti of (.hi; emit for tl.r. 1'HKennl urn HM follows: Anyo'it: Beverly Tuttle, Yvonne Kelly, Dorothy Barker. Deloros Zettlc'moyer, Joyro Nlcelj', Undtt MoKee, Bai- burii Unjlauf, I M I H Cohlek utri Betty Long. Shepherds will he Robert Schtiffcr, Jnn Kelly and IJarnld Peteraon and Kings will he played by Hnrold Valnntlno, Thoma.s Johnnon and Rlch-i-l Brown, ,Jnnnt Brown will be Mnry and .loHcph will b« [Jlaycd by Dni- ald Umlulif, Jr. Traditional Chr-lstmriM carols will he HimK by the choir and Mr.-i. Harold Werner will render '-.lusun Thou Babe Devlne" and Edgar VVy- att will King "O Holy Night." Harold Werner IP violinist and Char'es Street, organist. Following the service a Chns'- mas family reception will be held In the church hall. A buffet ,,upp«:- will be served by members of tao WeHleynn Service Guild. Santa. Ciaua will visit the party and there will be a program of carol dinging. A motion picture, ''When The Camel Knelt" will l;c> :ihown. ATOMIC GROUP MEETS IN ILLINOIS Dr. E. T. Rogers Heads Numismatics nr. E, T. noKcni wrm cleric.:.! president of the Naug-atuck Valley Numismatic Association Umt night ut a mooting of the group In (.'hi Town Hull. Ho uticcccd.H Oscar Sehilkc. Others elected were: Frank! n AmlruwM, vlco-pronldont.; .To:icp.i A(J,im«kl, treamiror; Adrian Ol-vin, secretaryj Mr. Hchllkc, foiir-y.Mr Kovornor; and Dr. nogern. thrut- yenr governor. The Hlulfi waw prcHented «nd accepted nt the November ineotlri'; by a nominating commltloc consisting of Patrick Kennedy, Jotivph O'Brien and Vincent Smith. RETIRING CHAIRMAN of the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission David E. Lillenthal Is shown as he and other members of the AEC met at th« Argonne National Laboratory, near Lemont, 111. Later at the flrst presi conference hold^by the commission outaido Washington, Llllenthnl announced progress in transferring and harnessing beat from atomic furnaces. Pictured (1. to r.) are Commissioners Llllenthal, Henry Smyth, Gordon Dean and Sumncr T. Fyke, (International Soundvhoto) A Touch of Paree ATTENDING a mnskccl ball in New York to benefit tho Philharmonic Symphony Pension Fund, Mrs Maurice Crcvel adds that touch ol Paris cs she gives the cameraman the eye from behind the white fox mask she wears. Members of New York's society turned out to mak« affair a cola one. (lnlp.Tna.tlonn.ri VO8TPOND Washington—The llouae Un- American ActivltlcA Committee IIIIH |x>»tpono«l until next year Its IrivcntlKutlnii of chitrgcM Mutt ititim homl> N«:rc(« ware Iffikcid to Ilniwlu. The delay IN oxpectod ti> (jlvn InvcfttlKUtom a, chikae.) lo check thu IftUwt reports tluvt (.he Bovlotw got blu«prlnt» of «he atomic proccw* through the. wartime lendleane pipeline. 8OUTHKRN 6ONTINENT Antarctica Is almost as large as South America. : ~~~ — 5 J&J Telephone Answering: Service Now available to IIK-II, protrHHiorinl IIKSII and individuals in Naugatuclc aiid Bcac-oii Falls. An ideal wifrvice nk low to protoct the intcr- (>Ht.s of jxd-MoiiH who miiHt be aviiilal»l(! (luriiig normal liiinifi('SH hours or who Hcrvc the public on a 24- hour l>asis. Mrs. Jane Clark 4 Oak Street Ti>taph(»fi« I5M>8 or (H178 lc»r dill details of buwlniiKH hourn or 24- hour telephone Hiutwcrliig Horvlci- for thoxc without an of/Ice staff or who »ro :ili»ent from their huNlnVHH places :it periods (luring the day. Christmas * Gift Suggestions from . . Tomlinson's M'crc at Toiiiliiison's you'll surely find answer lo dial (,'ifl. [iroblcui . . . iruil«' your .scliM-lioii I'lirly while slocks arc I Diamond Rings w V V M S' OK MH.N'N While 1'c-rl'cct. (icinH FOR HIM STONK RINK IS TIK SKTS TKAVKMNd NKTS ,,..,,, CKIAHIO'ITK CASKS _. ld<! IITIOKH "— I'tOOrT HNu's WHIST WATCH IKS WAI.LKTS FOR HER WJMST WATCfllCS PENDANTS I'KARIj, BKADS TOfLK'f KRTS LA'Ml' SIIADKS ROSAH.V UKADS KA (MINUS LOCKKTS AND CHAINS JUNOM COAT I'INS VANITY (!ASK« I'LACK HRTT'INCIS (ILASKWA.BK .IKWIOL CASKS Start That Silver Set!! All Patterns and Makes Including Tho Odd Pieces. j,T***«***«***««i«**«*«t««t*!«(e*<e«<e*«w«<«i«i*^ I WIN A NEW FORD!! | I'^'ree flounons fiiven llei-e With lOncli $1.00 Cauli g ('liiti'Ke, or Payment on Aeeount. OPKN FRIDAY AND SATIIHDAY N'KillT C. H. TOMLINSON -IKVVKhKUS NEARY BLDO. MAPLE ST. HEARY BLDO. NAUOATUOK »OiMM»a^^»ia9i^ St. Francis'School Children To Present Christmas Operetta Tho Nnugntuck Council of Cnth- ollc Women's ChrlntmiiH ton and cn- turtalnment by children of St.. Francis' School, will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:15 o'clock In ColumbuH Hall. M1»H Frances Cuddy reminds members to bring- girtu which are to he presented to residento of the Mcmdowhrnok Home, The R«iv. Albert Taylor Informed the committee that gifts of miosalH, Rosaries and Catholic magazines would be appreciated during thin season. Co-Chulrmcn Mlsa Phyllis Morris and Mrs. John Joyce ask members who are able to help with arrangements tomorrow morning to report at the hall at 10:30 o'clock. Board members assisting with arrangements are asked to bring materials at that time. The Christmas operetta to bo pro- sentcfl by the children of St. Francin' school represents a blind artisan nnd has family who are led to the crib of the Infant Savior to hear witness to His great kindness and mercy through the restoration of the father's sight. The cast Is us follows: The Blessed Virgin, Judith Foley; St. Joseph, William Caulfield; Misoel. the blind artisan, Robert Stlnaon; Sara, his wife, Florence Phillips; their four children, Rachel, Janet Monahan; Marta, Marlon Hoben; Esther, Marguerite Waite; Miriam, Patricia Brondrtck! Miriam's Guardian An- ifol. Veronica OravMon; Shepherds, William Curtln, Timothy Carmody, John Casper, Joseph Furando, Rob- ert Weaving and Charles Kennedy. Shepherds' Angel, Mara Mala; Adoring Angels, Patricia Quinn and Gladys Dolan; Boy Choristers. Christopher Shoedy, Joseph Roberts, Paul O'Brien. Allen Grecr. John pinho, Charles Kennedy, Michael Churchnlow. John Reiran. Richard Clgnofti, Thomus Donnelly, Jumes Murrlcnn, John Holland, Robert Marriuls, Vincent Lupo. James Garfield, Joseph Dlnncny, Charles Klu- kls, Thomas Ward Joseph Butler William Z^ruin. Angels, Muriel Greene Patricia Doolcy, Frances Vleria, Mary Santos, Catherine Lokltcs, Jonn Thurson, JacquoHno Ardry, Alice Glynn, Lcnorc Kloc, Joan Cowan Sarah Hudncr Joan Murphy, Jean Kras- InHki. Shirley Gubrlelskl. Florence Phillips, Ann Lafoc, Jane Nolan. Marie Romano, Beverly Burns, Leslie Gallagher, Jeannottc Gaugler Janet Monuhan. Geraldlne Brown' Barbara Oliver, I^oretta Lytle Eth- Ei.y^'./r Amat °' Mary L >'" cl1 ' IClizabeth Leary, Barbara Fisherman, Arlnno Spurosky. Ann Ash Rosemnrlo Brescelnlk, Diane Salln- ardi, Patricia Walsh, Dolores Vera II.W1IBKI. TIHCVCI.K Chohi J»rlv«, nimbi!, ji,,> Fam,,u« KNdLINH HlCTCtK » • H|ici,,i, IXnil.lf iiunn . nr,i| ( ,.v I'um|i nnil Tool* . . (in ;,,' KeJI, $f,!».H» IIUIMIIH' HICVCLK HIIOI' l:o Hnuth Main Ht.. Wnterhiiry Lois Veillette, Elaine Malato. Marie Santos. Arlcne Brown. Catherine Duffy, Maryann Daley. Elaine Murphy, Marion Fllamiwnkl, )>»tor«M Pavao. Judith Andrade. Judith Greer, Jacqueline Raggo. Bonnie Fitzgerald, Isabel Fernandes. Barbara VoskauskiLs. Judith Nankry. Katherino Kenny. Joan Ardry, Margaret Hyan, HOI-IK Vrnt. Rosemary Tatiglan Maureen Uarrlok. Patricia Gallagher, Janet Breault. Marilyn Best and Barbara Krrlco. 249 Small Firms Apply For Listing Hartford -Frank J Madden. Jr . District Manager of the Hartford Field Oltlre t>f the United States Department of Commerce announced today that 249 :^mnn hi-«i- nesi firms ithroug'hout the State have sent In ampliations for lining In the Exponent Directory being published by th» ECA. Mr. Madden. «tatr-d the regiatra- tlon period is now over Currier Electric Co. RctildonUal — Commnrclal fndustrlitl WIRING and RKPAIRS Westlnchouiie Applliuio«s Tel. Nimr. 4IM OAE8A& KRZTKOWsn Valnus; — Decorator IB BHENNAN BT. TBI. fTW Free roll 1 CIIBWTJtfAS TAHLK 'j'KKATS by " Imperial" . . . |im c tables, l)i« tables, low Ubles, odd lablex all piny tlieir purt in the -Iccora- tnr role of making d home more bountiful. Illustrated here you will find only u few of the many fine values we are now showing, ( . Tiihlc (;ibov<>) miide of mahogany, richly Hnishi-cl. Thin table will be especially roitwnic'nt ;is n "pull up" for <<ii;aretl«H or after dinner eof'iVc. (g-| rv Qf Priced ,,|. only « 9 JLS/'«'«> Drum T»l»le vvitfi (Jc-nniiu- '.father Top (li-l'i;. A magnificent ;«(,),. to add to the ln-aiity of yotir liom.-. Convenient Drawc-r, liatvl dc<-o- raled leather lop which iiic ills ii r ,. s 28" in diameter <Cf!C AA i'riced at only d>O«J.UU TABLES, ~ The Ideal Gift f (Above) This graffful Ki.lney iShapedl table Is innde of rieh ina- hogany, richly finished. Ideal a ,s n coffee table-, abto lends itsi-lf gracefully lo pidl-up t.r ''lifiirsifle A wonderful Value at Overt) This Drop Leaf |, a ,n,, Table is not. only decorative — it is exeeplioually liKeful. Note llie large drawee and drop leave*. Top; 18 x IS inchcK, |f,ive K tip JH x :!l inches, height •>() inches it":: 1 $39-95 Use Our Deferred Payment Plan OPEN FRIDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS

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