Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1962 · Page 22
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 22

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1962
Page 22
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Twenty-two Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune FARMER'S 54. Farm Equipment 'SILOS AND FEEDING EQUIP; Order Early and Save Robert See—Macy 2548 Allis-Chalmers . DEMONSTRATOR TRACTORS • One Only- A. C. D-17'Diesel A. C. D-17 Gasoline A. C. D-15 Gasoline All Carry New Warranty- NEW! , D-15 Diesel At HUGE DISCOUNT 110 Used Tractors in Stpck | NEFF IMPLEMENT CO. Rochester Ph. CA.3-2350 INTERNATIONAL tractor planter 2-row, good.. Phone 5G049. STOR-MOR bins, dryer bins, batch , dryer, balk tanks. Ph. Logansport 56825 or see Dale Davidson, 'Metea. DUMP bed and hoist. Call Lucerne 1-2322. Blue Tag Seed Oats—Beans—Corn Heavy Duty Hybrids See our local agent Merrel's Seed Service Kokomo, Rt. 2, Young America Telephone 2699 or 2668 54. Farm Equipment SOMETHING for the farm? Over 7,000 farm families read the Pharos-Tribune and Press daily! Sell or- buy profitably through the want-ads. Phone 4141. JOHN DEERE 1 MACHINERY 3010 D Tractor, demonstrator W/used 4-16 mounted plow. 720 D Tractor, 4-16 Plow, A-l New and used 10-ft. wheel discs 290 corn planters $85 to $160 490 corn planters $200 to $400 7' and 8' discs, 2-3-4 bot. plows A and B tractors O.K. $175-$550 THOMAS HDWE., Grass Creek RIBSTONE silos, Badger silo unloaders, cattle oilers. IJarold Slusser, Rt. 3, Logansport, Ind. SMILEY POLE BUILDINGS CALL B. W. RICHTER DEER CREEK 3214 after 6 p.m. ALLIS-Chalmers sales, service, parts. Neff Implement Co., Rochester. Phone CA-3-2350. INTERNATIONAL 449 planter, fiberglass boxes, like new. Neff Implement Co., Rochester. 55. livestock FOR SALE; Young Augus bull eligible to register, $200. Geo. An- •derson, Kewanna. REGISTERED 5 year old Polled Hereford bull, Hartmann, Galveston 1-3217. PUREBRED Yorkshire boars and open gilts, from Purdue Certified sire. Laurence Taiilstick, mile west Monterey. Phone 542-2797. 55. Livestock. HORSES, and .burros, for sale. Lloyd Blair, Heyworth, Rt. 2. SPOTTED Poland China yearling boar. , Robert Martin, % mile west Burrows. FEEDER pigs. Call J. D. Lesh, Deer Creek 35 or 2112. TODD HYBRIDS * * ' > * 'Proven Performance in Your Area A great corn winning new friends each year. TODD HYBRID CORN CO. Burlington, Indiana Looking For A Bargain? | Look Here! [ BALERS (2 Carloads of 'em) These balers were purchased at a Special Discount Price. So we're selling them at such a low price . .. You can't afford to pass up! KEWANNA Kewdnna, Ind. JMPLEMENT COMPANY 'Ph. 653-4221 USE Crop-Maker Bulk Fertilizer SAVE . . . YOUR MONEY - $6.00 per ton . . . YOUR BACK - No Lifting . . . YOUR TIME - Use Our Fast Custom Spreading ALL ANALYSES AVAILABLE 12-12-12-5-20-20-6-24-2.4-6-46-0 18-46-0-11 -46-0-8-32-0-4-12-36 Also' Available in Bags SEE US NOW FOR THE BEST DEAL ANYWHERE! 1 CROP-MAKER SOIL SERVICE Call Walton 3715 Collect Carl Johnson — Ben DeHaven 30 mixed large gilts, farrow May,' tested and vaccinated., Phone 40266. 29 weaning pigs, immuned, castrated, wormed, ready to go. Louis Vitello. Phone 66381., 35 shoats, good Holstein' springer. Lowell Angle, Twelve Mile. 6 castrated pigs, about 40 Ibs., for sale. 600W • to 475N, east first house. Hutsell. PUEEBRED Polled Hereford bull, 5 years, gentle. Gerald Scheffer, Star City. Phone 595-6471. FOR SALE: Eeg. Angus bulls, cows and heifers. Black Arrow Farm, Rt. 6, Rensselaer, Ind. Phone 866-3436. FOR SALE — Registered Angus Bulls. Jesse Endress, Camden Phone 686-4220. 3 YOUNG boars, tried, tested. Marshall Zollman. Corner 218 and Morgan Hill Rd. 30 Landrace open gilts, meat type. 4 S. W. Burnettsville. Box 145. Raymond Nicoll. 75 head Hampshire feeder pigs, bred gilts and sows to farrow May 27. Milton Best, Burnettsville, Phone 826-2081. NO doubt one of our Durocs would solve your boar problem. Come and see. Howard Mutchler, Kewanna. EGISTERED Angus herd bull, 5 years old. Ralph Cotner Angus Farm, Winamac, Ph. 946-4752. Curtiss Breeding Service • Dudley D. Bridge Logan .3606-Royal Center 2185 Lucerne 1-2065 OR large profits with feeder cattle, see Wertheimer Cattle Co. Phone Camden 686-2793. EAGER & SULLIVAN, Inc., guaranteed feeder pigs available at all times at Camden, Indiana. have buyers for good shoats. Royal Center'Sale Barn. Phone 3755 or 2425. 6. Feeds, Seeds, Plants JED corn with all the essentials that will give you an excellent crop easy to pick in' the fall. Hybrids from J. E. Martin & Sons, Rt. 2. Walton, Phones 2053 or 2058. We have: , SOYBEAN SEED Certified Lindarin $3,40 Non-Certified Harosoy .. 3.30 SOYBEAN INOCULATION 5 bu. size s..$ .50 25 bu. size 2.00 GUTWEIN'S SEED CORN A complete line of. weed killers and soil insecticides. LESTER ELLIOTT Lucerne Phone 1-2221 ERANIUMS from 25c up, creeping Phlox, bedding plants, vegetable plants, Big Boy hybrid tomatoes.' Cooper's Greenhouse, 828 W. Broadway. •UTWEIN hybrid seed corn, good yielder, standability; cert, soybeans. Elvin Sadler. Ph; 56150. fLADIOLUS bulbs, large mixed 79c doz., Medium $3.00 per hu& dred, Bevington's 1000 E. 815S HARVEST HpPPER HYBRIDS Lindarin Soybeans Contact our dealers or HOPPER FARMS 1 mile E. Onward. Ph. Walton 4152 'LANT Funks-G, America's great est hybrids. Joe HinHe, Phom Walton 3402. ' SEED CORN MARTIN BROS. Rt. I, Walton' Phone 3854 58. Hatcheries TURKEY poults, baby chicks am ducks. Start them on Napian turkey and chick starter feeds .King's Hatchery, Sixth an North. Phone 3718. 59. Poultry DAY OLD Heavy and Light Bree Chicks. Started Leghorn Pullets Hizer Hatchery, Grass Creek. f de-Mar Service, Inc. WE SPECIALIZE IN • Ali TYPES OF FAIRlM EQUIPMENT AiN'D TRACTOR REPAIR IN OUR SHOP OR IN THE FIELD PORTABLE WELDING ACETYLENE AND ELECTRIC Phone 4358 Bob Martin Warren Martin .ate Markets . . Hawkins 0 to 220 ...............I. 16.00 0. to 240 15,66 0 to 260- '•'. 15.35 O'-to 280 .....'.... / ..'. 15.00 0 to 300/...-....J......... 14.75 DWS ....,.!.. 14.00 down oars 9.00 down Buraettsville Poultry '' eghprns , V) eavey Hens .17 ambs Third Street Market .18 eef Hides .05 eal Hides .....'. .U Producers Marketing Assn. O'to 215. No. 1 .....'.:...'16.75 0 to 220, No. 2, No, 3 .... 16.25 -S :..... 14.00 down iars 10.00 down Wayne's Produce eavy Hens ........... .10 to .13 eghorns 07 Klumpp Produce (Deei Creek) eavy Hens 10 to .13 eghorns 07 !gs .20 Popejoy's Poultry Farm eavy Hens .15 INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) - Liveock: Hogs 6,000; barrows and gilts ery uneven; steady to mostly 50 wer; largely 25-50 lower; uni- rm 190-225 Ib 16.75-17.10; 24 head .15; bulk 180-240 Ib 16.00-16.75; 0-270 Ib 15.50-M.OO; uniform 24010 Ib 18.25-16.50; 270-300 Ib 15.00- i.75; -several lots 16.00;' 310-330 Ib :,75; a load 409 Ib 14.00; 150-710 14.50-16.25; sows steady to .ostly 25 lower; 280-400'lb 14.00- i.OO; 400-600 lb 13.25-14.00; 550-650 > 13.00. ; Cattle 200; calves 50;' not nough steers or heifers to test arket; low choice steers 26.00; lixed good and choice 25.00; good i.00-24.50; mixed good and choice eifers 24.00; standard and good .00-23.25; cows steady to in-' ances 50 higher; utility and com- .ercial 15.00-16.50; a few utility '.00; canners and cutters 13.00- i.50; bulls steady; utility and ommercial ' 18.00-20.50;' vealers rong instances 1:00 "higher; high hoice 3.1.00; good and choice 8.00-32.00; standard and low good 3.00-28.00. Sheep 50; not enough .to test larkel; a few good to mostly hoice spring lambs 19.00-20.00;- a ouple prime 21.00. CHICAGO '('UPD-Produce: _ Live poultry too few receipts >' report prices. Cheese single daisies 38'/£ - 40; inghorns 38% « 40!4; processed iaf 36-38; Swisii Grade A 47-52; Mrs. Adkins JSane, Report Psychiatrists I'Mrs. Yvonne .Adkins Chandler, 28, who gave herself up to authorities two months ago in Chicago, was pronounced sane on May 3 by psychiatrists at Dr. Norman Beatty hospital, Westville, it was learned Thursday. Mrs. Chandler, who married a Chicago man during the two and' a half years she was.absent without leave from* the Beatty hospital, must stand trial for the killing of her husband, the late Henry Adkins, 35, as'a result of .-the recovery ,o£ her sanity: I'SHE IS UNDER a three-count grand jury indictment charging First and second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter. Although letters were sent to the 'ass circuit judge and attorneys involved in the Adkins case recently by Dr. David Morton, superintendent of Beatty' hospital, informing them that Mrs, Chandler ha.d; regained her sanity,' the first hint of this development came when Special Judge Henry Baily of Peru ordered her produced in court Thursday afternoon ,for a hearing, . THE HEARING.was on the defense plea in abatement which had been'filed Oct.- 15, 1958. ,' It iii the defense contention that Mrs. Adkins was forced to testify before the grand jury after her husband!s death despite her attorney's protests and that she was compelled' to answer questions in Eolation of her.. constitutional ights. Her husband was killed May 23, 858,'with a rifle bullet as he slept n their home. She was served vith a grand jury subpoena six ays later. She was committed to Jeatty hospital Nov. 3, 1958, afler odors found that she, was men- ally incompetent to stand trial. MRS. ADKINS escaped from 3eatty Hospital several times, the ast time in July, 1959. During the jeriod she was gone she was mar- ied to Willie Chandler and resid- d in Chicago. She gave herself ip three weeks after joining a :hurch. 45-50. Butter steady;:' 93 score 57(4; 2 score 57'/4; (X) score 54%; 89 core 53'4. Eggs mediums easy, balance .eady;' white large extras 27%; mixed large extras 27'/£; mediums 4; standards 23. • CHICAGO (UPI)-'Liyestock: Hogs 7,000; under 240 Ib fairly ;eady to 25 lower, mostly steady weak; 240-290 Ib 25.-50 lower; 90 Ib fully 50 lower; No 1-2 19025 Ib 17.00-17.25; around 250 ead 17.25; mixed No 1-3 180-230 . 16.50-17.00; 2M-250 Ib. 15,75-16.50 ia 2-3 250-290 11> 15.00-15.75; load round 310 Ib 14.75 early; late everal lots No 3 300-360 Ib 13.754.25. Cattle 500, calves none; slaugh er' steers and heifers steady with Wednesday's close; not enough ealers on offer. to establish trend oad mixqd choice and prime 225 Ib steers 27.75; bulk choice 50-1300 Ib 25.25-iJ7.00; mixed good nd choice 24'.50-25.25; good 22.504.25; 52 head string -choice 950 It jeifers 25.25; 40 head mixed good and .choice 24.50; good 22.00-24.25 -Sheep 200; small supply sla'ugh- er lambs fully steady; few smal ots choice and, prime 104-110 Ib spring slaughter/lambs 21.00-22.00 ew choice 95 Ib shorn lambs No 2-3 pells 18.25. , -our Youths Leave In Cass Draft Call One youth left here for induction and three left for pre-induction >hysical • examinations, accordin) ,o Mrs. Bernice Hawthorne, clerk of the: Cass county .selective ser vice board, •. • • Terry Lee GUbbons was the youth who left lor, induction. Those who went to Jndianapp is by special bus for examination were Jack Downs, Edward -Johns and.one transfer from .Michigan,"; John Taylor. Joe D. Bishop was scheduled to go with the group but failed,to report. \ Arrested Here -asr Month Held : or Armed Robbery One of the two men arrested in ndianapolis Monday . on preliminary charges of armed robbery and auto banditry was 'arrested n Cass county and served five lays in the county jail here last month. •Joseph Bates-, 20, of Kokomo, was arrested by state and county officers near Walton early on he morning of Apr.il 8.'He.was charged with .driving to the left f the.center line and was fined 15 costs in Justice court the same day. UNABLE TO PAY the fine he served five days in the county jail and was released at 8 a.m. on April 12) Sheriff Bernard Leavitt said lis record shows, arrests in Kokomo lor second degree burglary, petit larceny, disorderly conduct, and firing firearms' Within, the city limits. Leavitt said had also been arrested for assault and bat lery at Greencastlc. Arresting officers ' were State Troopers' John Gaylor, -Glen Ho 1 sier, and Deputy Sheriff Roberl Sabalini. BATES WAS arrested in Indi anapolis Monday with, Frederick Newton, Jr., 26, also of Kokomo, shortly 'after the Model Loan Service offices at '4922 West 16th St, had been robbed of $400. They were .captured near the scene o the> robbery after a,, florist hac seen the men changing clothes and 'attempting to hide a shotgun in some bushes. At the time of his 'arrest Monday, Bates admitted taking benze drine tablets Monday morning. He kicked the rear glass out. of police car and kicked a television cameraman shortly 'after his ar rest. Arthur H. Bucher, i>9, .Dies in Logansport,; Final-Rites Saturday WALTON --. Arthur H. Biucher 59, of Walton, died at 11:55 p.m. Wednesday "at Memorial hospitiil iri Logansport following a linger,- ing illness. He was a railroad em- ploye. ' . : Born in Howard county o;n.0c't. 19, 1903, he was the son of John and Ada Vandevender Elucher. His marriage on Oct. 20, 19.89 was to Ruth Denny. He was a .member o£ the Onward Methodist church. Survivors include the widow; five step-children, Mrs, Florence Richardson, Indianapolis; Mrs. Freda Clark, Walton; Mrs. Faye Denny and Mrs. Joan Beasley, both of Logansport and . Omen- Denny, Peru;, a grandchild and three brothers, 'Carl, Peru; 0:r- ville, • Onward and Jene, East Gary. \ Funeral services will,'be held at 2:30 p.m. Saturday- at the Wolf funeral home : in Walton, with Rev. Loran Gisselbeck officiating. Burial will be in-Springdale cemetery at Bunber Hill. . Friends may call at the funeral home'after 7 p.m. Thursday. Mrs. Frances Ginther Dies; Kites in Peru PERU — Mrs.'Frances Ginther, 54, of 17!/2 S. Huntingdon St.., wife of C. J. Ginther, died at 4:45 p.m. Wednesday at Dunkes hospital following an illness of 5V& months. 'She had lived-in Peru her lifetime and was a stenographer for many years in the Miami,county courthouse. Born July 19, 1907 at Santa Fe, she was the daughter of Joseph and Georgia Wickler Emswilar. Her marriage was to C. J. Ginther in 1940. She was a member of the -Firsl Baptist, church, Order of Eastern Star, Ladies Auxiliary of Railroad Trainmen and a charlei member of Psi Iota Xi sorority. Survivors include her husband; her mother and a sister, Mi's. Glen Keel, all o£ Peru. Funeral services wjll be held al 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the Drake- Flowers funeral home with Ilr. Gary Allbritten officiating. Burial will be in Mt. Hope cemetery.' Friends may call at the funeral home after 2 p.m. Friday. Cfhursday Evening, May 17, 19Si Jaycees Plan State Meet A large group of local Jaycees will attend the ; annual state convention to be held Friday and Saturday in Evansville. Official delegates are Richard Rammel, outgoing local president and new national director; Leo Weber, local president-elect and a te director; Clifford Elder, stale director; John Wood and Terry Parker, . vicepresidents- elect. THESE MEN AND their wives and the following other local Jaycees and their wives will attend: .Gentile, Larry Long, Dick Copeland, Tad Wilkinson, Larry Olson, Earl Palmer, 'Paul Rogers and Bill Rynaarsort. Jack Hoagland and John Erfman also will attend. The local club will be competing against all state clubs of cities in 15,000 to 50,000 population class for awards on the past year's activities. The local Jaycees. will be garbed in colorful Arabian costumes made by their wives. RayM. Hixon, 62, Dies in Monticello MONTICELLO— Ray M. Hixon, 62, of rural route 5, Monticello, died at 8 a.m. Wednesday at the White county Memorial hospital following a brief illness. He was a retired tool maker. He came to.the Monticello community eleven years ago from Indianapolis. Born April19, 1900 in Newberry, Ind., he was (he .son of William and Katherine Crossland Hixon. His marriage on Nov.. 20,' 1918 was to Elma Ervin. .Survivors include his widow; a son, William -E,; • three sisters, Mrs. Nora Mountjoy, Mrs. Caroline Hendricks and Mrs. May Curran, all of Indianapolis and two grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Shirley Brothers funeral home in Indianapolis. Burial will be in Washington Park cemetery at Indianapolis. Friends may call at the Aufenberg and White funeral home in Monticello and at the Shirley Brothers funeral home after 2 p.m. Friday. Read the Want Ads! Call Off CD Meetings During 'Summer Months Meetings of the Cass county Civ il Defense, Advisory Board wil not. be held during the summei months, it' was decided. at the board's-monthly meeting Wednes day night in the city building. Miss Thelma Deane R. N.,,sec retary of the board, reported on the* organization on a • medica self-help training program whicl is to get underway here next fall, Gilbert Brown, Civil Defensi Police Chief, said that his forci will need more men in the corninj months. ir- Sale Calendar May 18—Weddington Auction Room Weddington May 19—Effie Guard Estate .Rinehart May 19—Optimist Club .. ;|... May.19—Ralph :Saurjders ii... May'26—Anna' Claytaaughij.';, May 26—Orcle Bell Estate^.. May 26—Mae'. E. Wikel Esjtate 1. Roy • Grum June 9—Minhie A. Maxwell ..',:'....'. Rineharts Aucts. ..... Berkshire ' Auct., Bridg , .Monesmith, Auct . .Rineharts, Aucts "IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMER TIME' 1 IT'S EVEN BETTER IN A Grable OK Used Car door Bel Air 6, PC Autumn gold & iharp. 1961 CHEVROU!T ao 1961 CHiVRQLlJTlt 1960 RAMBLER 1959 CHEVROLET' 2 J;r° dan6 ' 1959 PLYMOUTH 4 4 door *odan 6, A', Irons., Beige color, one ownor. I960 CHEVROLETt dopr Belvedere 8, S. Tram,, p. steering, gray, w. walU, one owner low, mileage. 4 door Bel Air 4 door ledan 6, trans,, copper color, one 1958 OLDSMOBiii :^;:^ e ^ r£ 1957 CHEVROLET 1957 CHEVROLET ' choi " of • Id. 9 pern, &t, wagon, 1urquo1&«, 8 PG. Manyi other OK Uiod Can to choose from - TOCK5 I960'CHEVROLET r^t'whHe.' 1959 IWT£RNATION)5 .- ' ' white pickup. 1959 FORD LIT' 1 QIC O ' ^UCWD.ni S*t '& trucl< ' " 8W 8 f*- " at bed, dual 1730 Wrrc'Yn'UUf I „(,„!,, „„ 1956 FORDV ckp w paint, new overhaul, 4 ip. tran. sp. ('ran. 1955 STUDE8AKIR^ UP 1946 INTERNATIONAL;^ GRABLES CHEVROLET "DRIVE A UTTIE .,. SAVE A LOT" Twelve Mile, Ind. Phone 2241 The Finest Selection in Town! 1961 Ford : airiane 500 4 door 8 cy!. ovordrive trarnsmission, $1995 1961 Corvuir 4 door 700 series, 9,000 actual miles. $1895 1961 Ford : a con 4 door sedan, de- u>;e trim, radio, whiro ires. $1795 1961 Renault Dauphine, 4 door. $995 1960 Ford 6 passenger Country Sedan, V-8 engine, automatic transmission, radio. $1595 2-1960 Ford Fairlane 4 door, 6 cylinder, straight stick. YOUR <"|ionuc CHOICE 3>la7J 1959'Rtombler American Station Wagon, 6 cylinder, straight stick. $995 ' 1958 Ply mouth Belvedere, 4 door, V-8, a ij f omatic transmission, above average. $895 1958 Mercury Station Wagon, 2 door, V-iJ engine,' automatic transmission, just average $895 1958 Mercedes Benz 1800 4 :lpeed transmission, diesel engine. $1595 1957lincolii Prtimiere 2 door hardtop $1195 1957 Ford Convertible, 8 cylinder, Fordomatiic, solid red with svhite top. $995 1957 Chevrolet 210 Serias, 2 door, 6 cylinder, straight stick. ' $895 PARKING IS NO PROB-LEM -AT- FORD SALES 2£00 E. Markmt Ph. 5103

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