Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 16, 1949 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1949
Page 1
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"Mystery Men " Bring Prizes To Local Shoppers Saturday Night Today's Chuckle The average mun now lives 30 yi-um liuierr Hum In- did in IHOO. He has to In nrdiT ID >;et his lux- «•* paid. — Ueldeiieus. SJatly WKATIIKK .Sunny and continued cold todny with tempera! UI-OH about thu warm' JIM yeHlfii-duy. Full 1 nnd coldnr to- nlf(ht wild 11m low linlwnon flvo and 10 ilcKi'f.'iH. Tomorrow, full an,1 necnmlnK Hllshlly milder with the hl«h nt'itr 40. Dedicated To Community Public Service" TKMI'KltATritK KKI'OKT Midnight, 20; 3 a. m.. 17; 6 a. m., 35; 9 a. m., 39; noon ,35. VOL. LXIV, NO. 294 KSTAHUSHED FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1C, 1940 Leased Wire Service of the United Prosi 12 PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS Santa Claus Comes To Naugatuck In Helicopter; Greeted By 3,500 Thi 1 Ironl. wimlnw.s ol' The Minion hid; Nc\vs till but, caved in yosU'rda.v ;is KOIIIB 3,500 nhil- ilriui iui(i mliillH prtiMHiicI for u i;-liiiisi' ol' Sniil.fl OluiiH, (il'ter lie lia«l Itinilkul in liis tielicoptcr. Ill On The Threshold — Of What? WHAT FUTURE lines the Atomic AKC bold for us? Krnnkly, we Jo not know. Nor docs anyone else. Yet. the prophetic answer to what the future may hold rould lie In '.he Immediate, past. The words "electronic" nnd "atomic" had little nr no meaninj; five decades ;ino. However, at the dawn if IWiO they hold ?re;it significance (or all men. How did the world fc'et that way? Story of that rouyh roud from the Victorian '.o the Atomic Aie. for your study, begins today in this newspaper. Don't fail to read the first installment of THE FATE. FUL FIFTY YEARS today! In The Naugatuck News Bristol Company, Employes Brighten Xmas In England tn kecpinp with the spirit of the ien»(iri. Mic m/uiaf|ement .'mil the I ••mploycB of the Bristol Company ' MUVC a^ain contributed to Hend :i i r:ARE food pncliaKe to each of the i 150 employe* of l-Irintorn In;-;tru- i 'iicnt (^i). Kid. ol' Wuymoulh. Kii|!i Uind. Knii)loy<Ns rrom brunch of! r icOH all over the United States j iolnecl in the attempt l.o brighten i'be holidtiyii for their I5ni;llsh IIHIIH- ' "iatey. The committee in chnr^e Ini eluded Paul Anderson, l'"red Bnker, ! William Dillnne. Arthur Barlh.-iult, i president of Rrlslol'a Recorder I Club, V:m R. Jones, company per' sonnol director. John O'Brien, Rob- j ort Sibold, nnd .InmoM Vnn cle Can-. Leaders Conclude Greenwich Meeting Naugatuck Men To Receive Degrees Two Na.u^ai urk men. ICdward l.llernnclil and VVllllam T. Itoilim- hncli. will receive decree.'! loiiay at 'he commnnccmi-nl curemonlos of Ohio State University, with Dr. •lohn S. MMII-i, rni-fildenl of Went- vrn iie^ervc Utiivi-i'Mlly delivering 'he nddreHH. V J »iith will receive de^reen nf 'inrlirlor of .science In bnnlm-MM ml- 'iilnisl ration. 'l«'rcdericl< 1C. |''IIHI:O, Prospect, will recelvu Ills bnehelur •if rut.M decree. Grange To Hear Hoover Report Talk I SHOPPING DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS nrecnwich, Dec. Hi (UI'i -A three-day convention of 1'ro1e:;l.-i':t church lenders concluded !m]ay after adoptine; fi resolution f;ivor- ui)i or^unlc union of tho van'n.s denominations. The re.MolntitMi IH not. iii-idin ; upon indivlilnal churcheM, b p il merely recommends ;i coin-^e o( t h _ Ev* i» almoftt hora — time Io jliott atno M<>L up an cxc David.'i, ni!<:rel.ary of (lie Nnui:"liick Junior Cliamber of Commerce will be. Kiiest s)irnU- '•r at a meet in),- uf the Beacon Valley flranjre I ill); ' A'eninj; in f '.ran;:e Hull, It wan iiiitiounceil today by 1 .. Klc-hard Spnnn anil Itobort Rlch- ui-ds, Jaycee c-oniinitt eeinan. Dr. Ilavld-';' jiltliieel will he "Operation Kronomy .'irnl the Moover Iteport." Dr. n'avldH him offered to ad- dr-e>;H any int creslod jn'oup on "Op- erallon l^conoiny." UiiM:ii-ll Ayren^ In char^c of jiroeuririK fipeiikefs, ro- poiiM tlint Marry I 1 '. Kher- tn.'in 11. F.rown, lOtlward C. Ijinuen- held, Jr.. and oltie;- local cil i/,ens \V)IOMC o.'LineM will lie noon itn- noiince^l have .'tUio volunleiM'ed I heir '-.eryiecH as speakerM on this Hiib- ject. ruljllrl/.inj: Ihe Itoovi'i- Itnport, showH pnri of t,ll( •ruwil IK IlK'.V Wi'fl: ntct'fud liroti^li MM,' front door by Nau- ;.',ntiti'U jiolici'ini'ii. Lower photo shows otic ol' " ^Indileticil" hy iSautu. liiiclcKi'oiinil iirt^ Siint,a'n 1 I'i'.s, Dorothy IJIIKIIIIU und Iriehi O'Doniicll. hiiidlno; wen' innd<! liy NC\VH. I'lvi-i'y with Siitil.ii in The NIIWH office wns xi v '''i i' lollipop. Niiuga- hic.l< mid Hi'iii'on Knlln childroii participalpd. Big cvont. of ttio dny cnriii 1 wlicn .Sniitn'H ))l(in(- I'liiiic int.o view. Kiintii will also nHi'iid the NliWH-KdltMii J'luy- liousi 1 purty I'm 1 cliildl'i'ii loiuor- row inoriiinjr, tit !) o'l-loclt. Oilier phol.os on I'ni^eH li tun.!! !'. — i Xi'ws I'hod >-LCI i c.h a I'M.) E. J. Cossette, Jr., Becomes Partner In Firm Of Auditors KnuNl. Everett & Cumbria, Cor I If led Public Accountants, midltom of tin- Morou^h of Nuuj.rutuck < huvo unnnnnciul the udmtciHion of J. CoKKclte, Jr., C. P. A., UB a partner of the firm. Mr. Oo.HHetto In u native of Nuu- jrntni'k, f, r rii(liiH.l.erI from tho local hli;h school nnd the Rentlny School f I'Mnance. Htmtnn. wmi formerly \vith I be Truat I ) of tho f'hoenlx Stale Hank A TruHt Com- pany.I lartford, nnd ulnco 18-11 hUB been n.sHoci.'ited with hiH present firm. Me in nn ncc.oiintlnK instructor at Mlllyer College, n. director of Hartfoi-d Chapter, N. A. C. A. and a member of the American Institute of Accountant."!, IIH well UH lh<! Connee.titcut. .Society of Certified Public Accountants. lie no\v roHide.s nt: 2-t Hickory I .line. Went Hartford, and has tw< Mrs. Olson Honored By Ladies' Aid Presented Watch; Retired After 18 Years As Pres. MrH. Victor Oliion, who rRtl.'c.l l;iHt night mi . pi-nHldnnt of "l,n Uulli'H Aid Society of Salem Lutheran Church after norvlnq in thru. office for 18 yearn, WIIH pr«- -jiinted a gold wrlnt' watch -is n. trlbu'ii from society members) by the Rev. Donnld Kont, pnHtor. Mm. Adcilph Nelnon wns olnnt.ii'1 pruiiltlent to MUcciiod MrH. Olmin, The inflating (ind pot-tuck HUppor wii'i held In the chim-.h hall wltli more thnn W) iu»rHon« ut.l.endi.'ut;, A|HO elected worn Mi'M. M'iblo Onbrlelnon, vIcn-prnMldunt; Mrs. flurl Thompson, Hcerelury; MrH. Kviilyn Cnrlttim, treiitmror, and Mm. Victor RuliH, Mr», Ounn>:rd Ancluruon and Mlim Julia Anderson, auditors. A planning oommlHHlon w»n or- irnnlzml, with Mrn. Matthew IBrlok- non an chulrmun. Others named to thij committee nro Mr». Ounmird Andornon, Minn Julln Anderaon and •MrH. JuMtlne Olnon. Klcctcd to thu M.uwur committee wnro Mr«. Oun- narcl Andei'Hon and Mrs. Lj|!llb*i itndurHnn . Me,mbct'M donated nlftM ul. thii mooting which will bo distribute'.! at the Southbury Training School. Two new membcri* were welcomed Into the miclety. Judges Named In Glenridge Yule Contest UH JumoH IjyonB nnd C«'«Hlo KllmoHMWBkl, and Mahlim .Scnro, will be tho judgOM for "10 Holiday doorway decoration contest, sponsored by the Wost Side Community Club, for reiildent* of Olnnvldge, tl, with unnouncnd twl«iy by President Malcolm H. Wllnnn. JudKlnK will take, place Wodmjrv day, Doe. 21. No entry bluriku .no required. The JudROH will tour thn development and decide upon thn wlnmirH, One cuHh prize of $10; two of $0 each arid four prlzflH of ,>2.o(l eucii will bo awarded. Tho prlKon havo boon made poiwlble throunh (.he cooperation of morchant« Uv- ,ng In tho area, or whowo plat in rf buNlnoHH urn In tho arou. Further detallH of the contest 111 be announced at the Carol •ling Sumltty uftornoon when uroloi'H and roBldontH gather at he Island on Qulnn street. m*nd your wayi; Buy latt-minuf* gifts at once — »ev«n shopping day*! ...................... ................. . ... . , mltlei! to wotk towards uni!'l<-a'io;i. j which outline.-! wayn of nt reanilin- Thij convention was attended by | Irur la dele;;al (•--:. repceta-tii iiif, an e.s jour Miriiited 20-millioii church gu, "•.•'. jec! I lie national ).:overninc,nt. IH f tin 1 Junior C'harnlier'M |i!'o- for Hie year. ATTACK C.IIKNNAUr.T iron;; Kiini: Ffornior Cliinof.«: i-iiiployen of Major flenerul (,:irilri ( (Jiennnnlt uttuclced him In Hon^ K<mji t.odny. Mini HiibolugiKl Movoni liluneii of hln Civil Air TninHpcT-l I,inc. (Jheninnill wmi not. Injure nnil iiollce n'Hton.-d order. Tin workers nllai'keil him becuurfe hi l-efliHCfl Uleii (lerniHHlM to them .severance pay. VISIT r.AKRlCl) T'nrlM .Self-Htyled world cit!;*,on (Jarrv navl.'i MU.VH Iliul. atittiortttf! in WeHtern Germany buvc rcfi.inii Lo ollow him to vlalt there. Davii who rerionncefl hlH Amerlcnn ciM /.ellnhip 18 Mionlhn ngn t.o work ff world HiivernniKiit, miyw ho Io to (lernmny "IIM u laborc world pence and conHcluntluti Christinas Shopping rogram Hits Full Stride In Borough Nnugatuck atoros are open to- iluht and Saturday night until 8:45 'clock for tho benefit of ChrlHt- mos shoppers, Chairman William Schpero of the Retail Division, Nau- catuck Merchants Bureau, stated ,oday, The Mystery Man program will bo In effect at 16 local Btorea on Saturday night, with a $6.00 cash irl»:e being Riven to ench person 'tapped" in ouch «toro taking part n the event, StorcB to be vldltod jy the Mystery Man on Saturday night between tho hours of 6)00 nd 8:45 o'clock Include tho M. Froedman Co., Carlson Furniture Co., Inc., Rubln'H, Wllllum Schpero, rsnnn Inc., Raphuol'H Inc., Hawley Hardware, NorwuHh Shoo Store, C. •!, TomllriHon, WclMH Ben Frank- In Store, G. C. Murphy Co., and Rosenblatt's. SloreB to be visited News-Salem Xmas Party Tomorrow Approximately 1,000 children of the !Vr»t, »econd und third gradon of the Nuuffuluek public nnd parochial and the Boucon FullH achoolu are expected to attend tho annual ChrlKtmuH party of '.tin NuuRatuck D.xlly NI-W.I un<! the Salem FDkiyhouoe tomorrow morning at the Playhouse. Tho ||wr(.y will ffot. vmdi-r way at 0 o'clock with u proifmm of car- touiiH nnd cumodleM. Tho proKi'inn IH IIH follows: Popeye, Ijlttlo Lulu, Novoltoon, 'Puppiutoon, H«uv<mlv DM/«. n. Throe Sloo^oK comedy, ami u community nlnj; of popular aongfl. At 10 o'clock Snnta Clau« will lilav ht» second visit to x.h« bor- oii(?h In two days, bringing nlft» for all tho children and special itlftii for children holding luclcy seaUi. Yoctordiiy Stint a wnw K>'«<!t- eil by over 8,000 children and ruiultn when he rnodn i» w)«/:ial trip to thn boroiiKh via hnllcnplor, Inter dlHtrlbutlng gift* to children In ho idlorlal roomn of ho News. His return vl«U IB being ctijfer- Iv awnllcd by tho y<fcint{«t(;ra of Hi" Unit three Kt'udi'ti, mnny of whom had only a fleeting visit with the old (font yesterday. Tlc)i«Tt» for the party worn din- trlhuted to all local nnd Beacon FullH r*C'haoln lout wopk nnd wore handed out in tho children by their teachern. Children mviitt have tickets to xn\n iwlmlnslon io the theater. This wllll mark tho llrat yenr that Beacon Falls children will ttiko part, In tho party. Following thu program of motion pictures and thn awtu'dlnB of nnnclal clfts bv Suntn, he will re- tiro to tho lobby of the theater where ho will li;md out fflfl 1 * of ctindv, uoTKiorn buJlB nntl fruit to :ill tho children as they leave thw thoatwr. First Extra Help Called To Handle Yule Mail Rush Th« OhriatmoB mail rush has ntitrtod In mvrnost, It wan I'ttportnd today by FonlJitiiiMor tfru-nk T, Green. Thi; ltivrt of tho lulditlonnl help employed: to handle the rush aturl- cd work todny OH clerks, Mr. Gr'Jon uald. Reffuhir postal caj'- rlei-H urn Htlll handling 1 deliveries Additional dorks* and the flrat of tlio extra carrtaru will tin culled in tomorrow and Sunday us war- runteil by .the volume of mull, the Poiitrniiutor wild. Mr. Green also reported that the parcel post station will bo located in Rucke's Garage next to the AN cuKur thaulor, on North Main wtrcet, thin your. Previously It hart jeon located In the rear of the "little Muljlo «hod, but had to bo Hivod bncatma that iiootlon of tho building in being used for evening chool clnBBca thin year. Parcel post puck.-tguu will bo d«- Ivureil every day ul* rooolvod, 'Mr, }rt>on Hinted. Ho »ald that u truck ind three Jocjm have been loaned o tho department by the National Ouiird so that enough tranupwr- ittlon will b« available for tho dc- Ivery of porcola. Mr. Groen oakod that rmldonts who are expecting COD package*! make an effort to 'be home and havo the required amount,' of money to pay for the packages ready. If the recipient* nf COD oiickagos arc not nt homo, It will noocsaary to return them (o the station, ho nalcl, This ntuo applies 'o Iniiurnd package*- The Skating Rinks At Tuttie Lawn Park Board's Project Around The World In Brief Property On Cedar Street Released To Borough Board; May Be Sold To Rubber Company by tho Mywlnry Man will have on tho flont. ahow windows. Chairman Schpero stated that with tho coming of the last wook of the ChrlHtmas season, additional Interest IH being manifested In he award of the $1800 now Ford •<ednn, which will bo presented by Nauffatuck merchants to nomo por- Hon who has done his Christmas Hhopping In Nuugutuck up to and ncludlng next Saturday, Christmas Kve.. Tho car IH on display lay on Tho Groon. Ifiucli store dak- Ing part In tho Car Glve-Away car- rlen official »ignn In tho Hhow windows. Chairman Hchporo BttLtud that the, schedule of store hours In Nau- iratuck next weak Includes eve- nlng openings until 8:415 o'clock Tuesday through Frldny. Loca stores will not bo open next Monday night and will close Christmas Evo at 6:-l5 o'clock. There will be free buiioH from Beacon Falls to Nuugatuck Satur day nlfcht and each night nex woBk that local ntoros aro open It ulHo wan announced today. —( lu-lHlmiiH nil) Hlui|iplii|| In mmy n Muilliij'H lii IVntiMiiiirv. liny Inmiiir nninn ii|iiilliinri'» mill h»m« lurnlHIiliiK Irum n i'»ni|>lct« umtortMnnl.—Ail», tor further <«ni>hru(l/.ed that all Mickatrev will ba delivered the day '.hey are received here and awked .hat roHldcntit rofriiln from calling tho Post Oftlco concerning exposed parcels. 'Mystery Man' Awards Twelve $5 Prizes Twelve- persons were th<> recipients of $9 uwnrda as th<! rooult of tho Mocoiul "Myatory Mu.n" pro- Rram of the Retail Division of tho Naugatuck Chanibor of Commerce, conducted in member storeH labt (By United 1'reHH) STKKI, IIKAH1NO \VaHhinnton Officials of United Slnten Steel will be linked to explain Ilielr $4 n ton price booHt bnforo a joint <:onK!'««»l«>nnl economic committee Hometlmn after Christmas. Chairman Jo- aopli O'Muhonoy. WyomlnK Dem- iicrnl, uiillH the rbcu "compleloly unJUBllfiwd." oOo KTB1KK HKTTI^KD , l^ondnn—A' union Mtld that thu foiir-duy wldli-.ul Htrlke, of power workers hHN been nettled. The dlnputu »vnr wan 1 '* hud cut. KiiKllHh power heavily. oOo-- WATER I1OMDAY Nnw Yorlt—TJii! wntnr «immln- Hliiner of New York Mityn tlit< Indication IH tlutt N«<iv York City In icolnu to mak« hlHiory with tho wntnr holliUiy. M«t«r» nhownd I»!K dropM In tliv flow iw people In the wHler-Khort city wont without hnthlilK anil »hl»vln)f and wtackiMl up the il»yx' dlHlH-N until nlicbl- Mini; In a onivday coiiH^rvRtUui bKHt. oOo UK TO I.K.AVK V. N. Lake 8uccenH, N. Y.—Socrotury- Gencrul Trygvc Lie of the United Nations has announced he will not be a candidate for rc-clec- tlon when hlH'tcrm rum* out In 1VB1. The (ormor NorwcKiun foreign mlnlatei 1 says he will be happy to have »erved tho U-N for f|v« yiHti'H. oOo TOIX INCnKASRg WanhlnBton—The death toll nun Incrniuind to ulx In th« crnxh of a Cwodtal airliner at WaHhin,;- ton liutt Monday nljrht. Flfty- tonej-yonr-old Philip Hhaplro of New York clly died thin morning of InjurlcB. -—^oOo END HTIilKK Itome, lUly—A ono-d»y civil unrvlcn Ntrtku und u two-wm>k telephone worker* walkout have ended In Italy. Hilt In a »<>ilthern Italian province. penMiintn Imve Itrubtx.'d morn unllllxd land in their campaign fur land reform. —-oOo - 11OTATK HMII'H WiiBhlngton—Tho Nnvy miyH 18 nbfpM including tho currier Midway will j?o in the Mediterranean next month to rellove 20- venuuln of the Sixth Tank Fleet. Tho trunafor In part of tho Nnvy poll. cy of rotating 1 ships about uvpry four monthB, oOo- V»K LB8S COAI, Wa«>hlii|0ton—Oovernmcnt fl|f- urRN fthow that m«»t coniumem are iiHlng IOHH coal and more KIU> und oil thin year than ever h<«- fcire, Kallroadu, foctnrleH, real rotate operntora and liomrown- erw lire niHkln^ tho chmiKcover to uuh nnd oil IntcitUMn of thn hlxh co^t of coal and the uncertain supply. OOO-— 70 KIM,KI> Homo—The foreign minister of Italy, Count Curio Sforza, charR- OH that more .than 70 Itallanw were killed In Erltrim whllo the African colony has been under Brlt- Inh military rule. He suyn the vIctlmH Jwnrp Hilled during the pant yenr In uttackn by tho Uiai) population. Investigation Into thn |>os«lblllty of developing land on the Tuttlo School property. Church stn-ol. for U:c pU:iHiif; i»vii'p'wi««i« will h* 1 Hindi' by a thrtm man c <ininlU«-n of th<' Borini«h IVrk ConunlMMon. named at yewtcrdny afternoon's m«"j*liiK In 1I»> T'xwn Hull. Clarence H. Green. Augustine Barbluro and William J. Stoke., were named to check whether it In f'.'nfilb!" to havo ftkntlne for adulln on the Mouthern jxirtlon of the profjwrty :ind for chlldn-n on thn northern portion. 'Plane far public nluitlnif on tho property have been considered for th« past aeverul years, but to date the plans have not materialized. The commlxalnn uliio voted to release u triangular pltce of property on Cedur street to th(« Board of Wiirden nnil J'.urjj~f»Bc a for ptj»- nlble diRponltlun The U. B. Ilubbtn- Co. has rcqnejitcfl purchano of the land from the borough board for line In building pinfione.t hut Ihi- board deferred iu;llon tarty thin month because the deed to lh<- land states II IN to be nitfii for pnrk iniiM.(,,,ct,. I,«jcn!Hy o f dlnpon- Infc of the. land IK to bo ehcckod 1/y the borough board with a vote either to Roll or retain tho land cxjicet'Hi nt the January montlnc. A i oprt-jjontu-tlvc of a tractor llrm has hear Invited by thn board to attend the January meet- Ing to glvj- <l«Uvll» on nn nil-purpose traitor Hie oommlmiion de- sltes for plowing, mowing nnd rolling park property. Chairman John M. Vtrf.en nr» IW MI-H. Wlllliim T. road, Prospect; Molvln P. En«ol»trxl executive. vIceproKldent of tho Chamber, today announced the following winnow; Minis Florona Rntlly Cherry Htraot; "~ SatindnfB, Cook Mr«. John Sullivan, 111 Spring Eitriint; Mrs. Frnnk I.,iiHkay, Millville; OburlCH D. McClcary, 148 Hillside avenue; Stnnley Nostor New ffaven road; John Abucewlcz, 17 Crown street Robert Kln.-chnor, 143 Maple street; Raymond R. Ciuon, 108 Locust trtreel; Mrs Hamilton R. Bristol, 74 Walnut terrace; Mris. Howard BnwerK, 321 HlllHld« uvoniio Mru. Sophie Cuddy, 8 Scott street, Mr. Rngotatad Bald that thr third "Mystery Man" program \v|] In- conducted tomorrow Ailv. IW tlmH. rhiiliiH, hultnrlpn mnk car rciuly l<ir winter, »rl»u In ( MnlurH, IS» Hull HIT Am.— Two Conn. Servicemen Killed In B-29 Crash In New Mexico Hoswell. N. Mnx., Dec. 16 lUI'i Two Connoctlcut servicemen were nmoiiK the K!X killed when ;, B-29 iiuiicrforl Ixjmbirr crashod IIH it came in for a landing. «xplcxj».d nnd burned. The Walker air base sny* tins victims Included: First Uoutcns.».; Klr.hiird J^ujKi" of Ilnrlford -jr.d Staff Sni-Kount Carmello J. Can nata of Now Britain. Among the olght who n»rip«-il with Injiirli-ii wan 1'rlvatv Kliitl Climii Wllllnm V. MacDonn«!l .if Thomaslon, Conn. He was not badly hurt. Authorltlns sny that ho WIIM luivod hficuunn of quick work ol fire department Hounds and «lr '-orco. police. The cause of the crash hn» not bepn determined. Officer* hiy. however, that the crash did njt rcuult from cnnlne failure. Makes Final Address As Senator Tonight Hnrtfrod. Dec. J6~(UP> —His final radio talk ,\a a United Slntfm senator will be. nlven lonlRht ty Raymond K. Bnldwln. .Tomorrow Baldwin will be sworn in as an associate just IRC of the State Su- premo court. Thn rtutto ndilri-sm will !>« CHrrled by Station WTIC In Hartford. Letter From Santa Claus The North ] J i,ie Dear Children, Poundy Elf poundod bin thirin todny IIH he wait making a now. red shooter. But Poundy WUH vory brave und didn't shed a tear. Jn- Htond, he lust Hut down on tho floor and held his thumb up us thoun'i he were so surprised that uucli « thing could happen. I reached him In a hurry, but. tho first nld c"ev worn iilroudy Ki'ouped around him when I got there. One was unwind- in;? n. long picco of gauze bandage, another passed u bottle of smcliinpf salts under Poundy's nose, uivl u third was gently rubbing a ma^lo. elf salve on tho hurt thumb. In no time at all, Poundy was back on bin foot. But. we thought be ought to take the rout of the duy off. So we got him a tiny sled and told him to KO conBtJng down by the reindeer burn. And no he did. That night when ho came In for —Tim irlll tin 1 Ihi' niirHon who IIIIK Oiill "HIM" OMutniwitil nt supper, his checks were nn r*d nt cranberries and ho wat> clowlni? all over with exc.ilemcnt. "The hill In just rlKht for coustlnK-" he nhontc.1. ' Why can't we all RO?" But of cvourse they shall! Tomorrow. I mild to myself, tomorrow IH the dny lor the SANTA Jliina Fox.-who liven nt 28R North Homlley ntreet, wrltow thlit hn has no fireplace for me to comi: through Christmas eve but he will leave thn front door open. Dona also promises to leave a cup of coffee (at today's prices) and a sandwich. All right, Dana, I've noted that you want a little yellow Jeepstcr, a big rod fire ennlne. » limn blue truck to haul dirt, a loy gns ntntlon, n couple of books, a big red balloon nnd a fUuhllKhtfnin. You Just koop on being n Knod boy. lx>v«, Hanta Claus —K«-f|i yiinr tin-in (in-ill lir»llhr. H<rr» l > m.l«i-i-li«' > lilt! ( »> I'lK'kllKi' Ht.iri'. Tl'l. 48M —tdv. ' Illllli. full iU4» lur dflll«-r>.—A

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