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Silver City Daily Press from Silver City, New Mexico • Page 8

Silver City Daily Press from Silver City, New Mexico • Page 8

Silver City, New Mexico
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PAGE EIGHT SILVER CITT DAILY FBESS WEDNESDAY. INS Valachi Brings Cosa Nostra Chronicle Up To Date In Toddy's Senate Hearing By G. MILTON KELLY WASHINGTON A Joseph Valachi, the rasping historian of COSH Nostra, brings his crime chronicle up to the present today with a story of mob warfare in the streets of Brooklyn. A dozen men have been cut down by gunfire or vanished mys- toriously between February 1961 nnd 9 in publi- feud between the Gallo and Profaci gangs operating out of Brooklyn. In his opening testimony before the Senate Investigations subcommittee, Atty.

Gen. Robert F. Kennedy said the murderous rivalry has caused enough concern in the publicity-shy crime syndicate -which Valachi calls Cosa Nostra a its ruling commission is considering stepping in. Shootings, knifings and beatings have been attributed to the battle between the two gangs. Lawrence Gallo, one of three brothers leading the Gallo outfit, was in the process of being garroled in a Brooklyn restaurant Aug.

20, 1961, when police happened in. The men escaped and Gallo survived--only to land in jail where he is serving a four-month term Tories Seek New Leader As Illness Strikes Macmillan By ARTHUR (GAVSHON BLACKPOOL, England A -Impressions a among Conservative party leaders today 1hat Harold a i a stricken by illness, soon will have to step clown as prime minister of Great i a i The a a conference of the ruling Tories opened formally in an iiliiiospliei'c of shock and confusion at the development. There was it sense of a i about the party's debates on national educational and health because the Issue of was the only one preoccupying the nsseinblccl delegates. Elder statesmen, managers and Cabinet ministers who form the parly hierarchy faced a stark choice'between soldiering on Icad- crlcss fur the next two or three months in the expectation that i i i i will recover, or agreeing by Saturday on an heir- appnrenl who would be ready to a over the minute i a signals he has had enough. Even (hough the leaders themselves si ill were deeply engaged in secret discussion over the claims of rival contenders, it became Increasingly evident that the consensus among them was a Ihc present situation could nol be nMowed to continue.

The word In i a was that big ef- forl is under way riglil now to ngrec on Ihc man to be designated heir-apparent. With no warning, Ihe 09-year- old prime minister was taken to a London hospital Tuesday night for removal of a prostate obstruction lo his bladder. His doctor --Arenas Valley-ULTIMA NOCIIE! I'KIl CARLOAD Open "2 7:00 9:35 SlnoKP 7:14 19 A 8:00 10:05 COLOURS! LUIS AGUILAR en "Carabine 30-30" said he probably would be operated on Thursday and he would not be active "for at least two or three months." The immediale reaction in political circles was that Macmillan, afler fending off demands for his resignation produced by the Pro- fumo scandal, must at last surrender the party's reins. But some observers thought he might recover and still lead the Conservatives in the crucial election battle with the opposition Labor party. Deputy Foreign Minister Edward Heath told newsmen no decision on the leadership question would be made until the outcome of the operation on Macmillan was known.

The prime minister's physician, Sir John Richardson, said Mac- i a had been suffering from a prostate obstruction, a common a i in men of his age, for some months. He reportedly had given no hint of his illness even to his Cabinet. Even before the announcement of Macmillan's illness, there was an atmosphere of crisis as the 4,000 Conservative delegates assembled in Blackpool for the party conference. The Profumo scandal, poor Conservative showings in special parliamentary elections and public opinion polls favoring the Laborites have resulted in rising demands that Macmillan step aside for a younger man less identified with government reverses. Macmillan previously had given every indication he was determined to seek an election vote of confidence in his leadership.

An official announcement said Deputy Prime Minister Richard A. Butler, 61, would take charge of the government white Macmillan was out. Meredith Asks To Reenter Ole Miss For Law Degree WASHINGTON A Negro James H. Meredith is trying to re-enter the University of Mississippi, where his enrollment last year touched off riots, death and a major federal-state showdown in that bastion of diehard segregation. Meredith, who last August received a bachelor of arts degree in political science to become the first Negro graduate in the university's 115-year history, said Tuesday night he has applied to return there to law school.

At Oxford, the university declined to confirm it had received his application. Asked why he wants to return to the hostile atmosphere where federal marshals and troops and troops had to guard his safety night and day for year, Meredith said: "Because I'm a citizen." Meredith moved here with his wife and son after his graduation two months ago. The university, which Meredith originally entered after a long legal battle, has an all-white student body once again since the recent expulsion of Negro Cleve McDowell carrying a gun on campus. BOND CARRIES CARRIZOZO (AP)--A $525,000 bond issue to build a new county courthouse was approved by Lincoln County voters Tuesday 630- 3G3. FAIR PROFITS TOLD ALBUQUERQUE (API State Fair manager Finlay MacGillivray estimates the 1963 State Fair earned about 3320,000 profit.

This is 534,000 above the 1962 profit. MacGillivray said the profit must be stretched to cover loan payments plus fair operating costs for the next 12 months. Tearin Through The Wilderness An unlooked-for and unwelcome "dividend" has appeared among the opjiosition scalps and array of touchdowns acquired by Silver High School since the opening of the foolball season, it was revealed by school officials today. The unwelcome intruder, they said, is the gambler. LiUle noticed by the gambling element in past years, the Silver Colls, by virtue of an exceptional Fluster Sand-Mortar Sand Gravel Clean Sand and Gravel of Specification Grade ELGIN BLOCK CO.

PHONE 538-2661 season, are now the objects of rule- of-tluimb analysis by Monday morning quarterbacks who have transferred their energies from backing the home team out of a feeling of patriotism to predicting point spreads on future games -and upbraiding the players when they fail to deliver. A case in point was observed in the stands above the 50-yard line in Deming last Friday night. A Deming a voicing his support of the home town team, bragged that he had wagered the Deming Wildcats to win by 12 points or more. Four minutes later, when the Silver Colts had scored and were threatening to repeat, the same Deming supporter was calling encouragement to his team with such uncampuslike imprecations as, "C'mon, you worthless bums!" "Any high school team can beat any other high school team sometime in a season," one school official declared. "There's just no predicting when a boy will fumble, or drop a pass, or 'stub his toe.

They're not the professionals you see on TV. For that reason, anybody who attempts to figure points on a high school football team jusl putting his money where his big fat mouth is." for falsifying an application for a federal housing mortgage. Gallo, following the code of silence, refused to name his assailants. In this fifth day of Valachi's testimciy, the Senate investigations subcommittee announced he also was to provide some inside facts about a murder on contract of gangster Eugene Gianinni in the 1950s. U.S.

marshals, having received telephone warnings that Valachi would be shot and the hearing room bombed, planned to continue elaborate precautions to protect him. Valachi and Deputy Chief Inspector John F. Shanley of the New York City police between Ihem placed in evidence Tuesday a list of more than 350 members of five Cosa Nostra mobs operating in New York. Shanley said this was just a sampling of about 2,000 members of the gangs, all sworn to live and die by the gun and the knife. SILVER SKY-VUE DRIVE-IN Last Times Tonight and 9:00 P.M.

"Patron Nights" FROM THE BEST. SELLER "THE CALL CIRL BY DR. HAROLD aREENWALD A VANGUARD PRODUCTION WESENTED8YWARNERBROS A A A Last Times Tonight 6:30 and 8:30 P.M. "Patron Nights" MGM jTSfs RICHARD CAIRO ilntstir tl No Dull Moments For Superintendent Of Juvenile Home HOPEWELL, N.J.' (API-- Lawrence N. Houston, the first Negro ever appointed superintendent of a New Jersey state institution, says he is "looking for a place to hang my hat." "It's hectic.

There's never a dujl moment," Houston said of his new post as director of the High- fields project for rehabilitating juvenile offenders. "I get here at 6 a.m. and cook breakfast with the boys," Houston said, "and some nights it's pretty late when I get home." Houston, over at High- fields after five years as a psychologist at a New Jersey reformatory. SILVER SKY-VUE DRIVE-IN 1.20 CAR EL JUEVES First Show Starts at 7:00 UN LA MAS FOMUDAME PEIKUIA AVWTURASI LUISAGUILAR SHVEST1E JAMiFERNANMZ ZACAUAS gi GOMEZ IHKWtZA (AKIA LUIS MANUKWS Tv.DWrltoW. fri Playground Opens At 6:30 5 1.20 CAR I A A LAST TIMES TONIGHT 7:96 and P.M.


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