Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on December 20, 1977 · 21
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 21

Chicago, Illinois
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Tuesday, December 20, 1977
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Cnlcago Tribune. Tuesday, December 20, 1977 Section 2 MOTION PICTI'".IS MOTION RICTURU MOTION PICTURES MOTION PICTURES MOTION PICTURES todlLj59 Entertainment 'Pete's' draggin' the great Disney name to new low By Gene Siskel I Movie Critic i I NE OF THE few hazards of film criticism I is the response one receives after knocking a Disney film. You'd think the critic was guilty of child abuse. But it's the Disney folks who are guilty of child abuse, of abusing their privilege to make whatever kids' movie they want. Case in point: "Pete's Dragon," which according to studio publicity cost $10 million. The result is a crime, considering that any picture with the Disney name will receive wide distribution. All we get is a sometimes visible dragon helping a young boy fight off an evil stepmother and two quack doctors. A half-dozen slapstick scenes the animated dragon knocking evil fostermother Shelley Winters into a mudhole and, later, into a tar barrel are spiced by as many forgettable songs. "Pete's Dragon" is the Disney Christmas film and that makes it a particular disappointment. A studio's Christmas release is expected to represent the best work its filmmakers can do. But in "Pete's Dragon," we get the same tired Disney formula: a gooey-faced kid in a phony sound-stage world populated by old actors required to perform ancient vaudeville routines. "Pete's Dragon" is supposed to take place in a New England fishing village. But the village could be any town in any Disney live action film in the last 10 years. The year is sometime in the late 10th Ceuntry, the era in which Disney comedy writers still live. "PETE'S DRAGON" Cells of a young orphan boy who has a pet dragon supposedly visible "only to Jieople who need him." That rule will be violated ate in the film just so the dragon a big green thing with a cow face and inexplicably pink hair can knock Red Buttons, playing a snake oil salesman, on his butt. The boy is trying to escape from his cruel stepmother. He runs away from her home with the aid of the dragon, who at first gets the kid into more trouble by singletailedly knocking over half of the buildings in the seaport town. The local fishermen hate the dragon because it has scared away the fish. Furthermore two patent medicine dudes want to steal the dragon because they're convinced that dragon parts can be used in. concocting good medical cures. Of course this makes absolutely no sense; the medicine salesmen are not Interested in giving their cuscomex-s a good product anyway. And right about now I can hear the mothers of young children saying, "Who cares if the story makes any sense? My kids don't care about the story; they like the part when the dragon punches a hole in Pete's classroom wall." I suppose the only response to that is that such parents are selling out their children's imaginations at a cheap price. Film critics argue against pictures like "Pete's Dragon" because the critics remember the films from their own childhood and know the magic they conveyed. Compared to the great Disney animation classics, "Pete's Dragon" is just TV fare on the wide screen. ' ' 5 - f ", ! yk - , j Helen Reddy and Cal Bartlett in "Pete's Dragon." TRIBUNE MINI-REVIEW Comedy draggin' "PETE'S DRAGON" Dfroctttf toy Don Chtffvyj scrsvnptoy by Mtteofni MfffltOfttvM twMtf on s ttory by Staon I. Millar and 8 S. Fwd; ptratograptwd by Frank PWIripe; aortae) by Ooreon 0. Brenner; aonga by Al Knha and Jod Hlraehhom; praductd by Ron Millar and Jarama Couruand; Buana Vina ralaaaa at natghborhood thaetere. Rated G. THE CAST Nora Hatan Raddy Lemple Mickey Roonay Dr. Termlnua Jim Oala Hoagy Rad Buttona LanaGogan . .Shelley Wintera Pata Saan Manhall Hlaa Taylor Jina Kaen Tha Mayor Jim Backua THERE ARE a couple of bright moments in "Pete's Dragon," if you enjoy the singing voice of Helen Reddy, who plays the mindless character of a lighthouse keeper's daughter who pines for her sailor love, one year lost at sea. And the script does contain an occasional contemporary piece of wit. Says one of the two snake oil salesmen to Pete as part of his offer to buy the dragon: "I'll give you $5 and a potion that will let you reach puberty two years early." How did that line ever get past the Disney bluenoses? Typically, black people are ignored in "Pete's Dragon." Oh, you can spot an occasional black face in a crowd scene, but most often it's the face of an old black' man who for some reason is wearing a pink afro. The only other character with pink hair in the film is the dragon. You can draw your own conclusions. And, finally, the film's running time, at 127 minutes, is a full half-hour longer than most Disney pictures. That should give your restless children enough time to request a second trip to the candy counter. You are forewarned. A 'Ciif for the needy TICKETS ARE STILL available for "A Girt of Music to Chicago," the Vermeer Quartet's fifth annual benefit concert for the Neediest Families Christmas Fund at 10:30 p.m. Dec. 24 at the Goodman Theater. The all-Bach program will consist of Concerto for Two Violins, Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, and cantata arias performed by members of the quartet and guest artists. All seats are $3.50, and tickets are available at the Goodman box office, 200 S. Columbus Dr., 443-3800. MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chicagoland MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chicagoland "I don't do miracles. They're too flashy." ti rf.Hl AJERRVWEIWRAUB PRODUCTION GEORGE BURNS JOHN DENVER "OH. COD!" TERI CARR DONAtD PLEASENCE Baud on the Rovel by AVERT CORMAN Screenplay by LAKSV GELBART jjfw.--- p,oted by JEfiRV V.T INTRAUB Directed by CARL REINER From Warner Sroe,Q AWitiw Cormrmnfctlloni Company STARTS TOMORROW AT THESE THEATRES " 1 - ----- 1 J LOOP GRANADA CORONET Evanston PICKWICK Park Ridge HINSDALE Hinsdale GLEN Glen Ellyn -CHICAGO WATER TOWER LAKE SHORE LUNA HYDE PARK COLONY -SUBURBS GLENCOE DEERPATH Glencoe Lake Forest ELK GROVE CINEMA PROSPECT Elk Grove Village Mt. Prospect BERWYN 0GDEN6 VILLA PARK Berwyn Naperville Villa Park WESTERN-LINCOLN PARAMOUNT Chicaao Hts. Hammond, Ind. MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chicagoland MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chicagoland 'A ROLLICKING CONTEMPORARY COMEDY IN THE GRAND OLD TWO GUYS-AND-A-GAL TRADITION." Judith Crist, New York Post BURT REYNOLDS IS ONE OF THE MOST EFFORTLESSLY ROMANTIC MALE STARS ON THE SCREEN." 7-Molly Haskell, New York Magazine 7 aMv BinDsOUICInMianninimiiirh BUST KETKSLDS KRIS EBISTGFFESSQN JILLCUYED2SQ3 "SEJII-TCOGH" EQEEBTPBESTO!f.rM whTUrn Bnmni txmartHSUJioai MMhUmilUUICK orMlOCUUUTCia United Artist Chicago Northbrook Niles Chicago Oakbrook Bolingbrook Tinley Park Merrillville, Ind. Suburban Theatres WEST Suburban Theatres -CICERO- OLYMPIC M Stall NORTHWEST -NORRIDOf- B it AKNOTMONC PWI MAK NOT AlONC ciose ENCOUNTERS OMHCTMVKM ) 11 43 AM -MS-4:4S-720-10:00 ho pf si ho aAna.w fmici JOHN TRAVOLTA SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER B 00-7:30-10:00 STAR WARSaAm traO-T:48-10 00 vf) UMTll Ftnr.T SHOW STAF1T1 tPAIATINE-t- WILLOW CREEK KVt YOU WJ fBANKBNSTEIN- PO-AOS nyizAHpa-pg-ai. low NORTHWEST -PAIATINC- That vman Gin in u4 "CHESTY ANDERSON- 10MB fl -WITHOUT A STITCH" :40 -HUNGRY WIVES" T:1S "MADAM WTTV 1:40. 2 Plui -ANNIE- 7:15 IK) TOWER OF LOVE' 10:M WUKWQ TALL fAJIT 0--4-M W1LKM0. TALL FART TWO"- -5 TMU CHAPTTH WAIWNO T1V-100 -PARK RIDGt- Phone:825-5800 Anniversary Soeclal S1.50 T SORCEr,R" "THE STIKS" booobonlyro ROLLING MEADOWS MEADOWS TH $1.25 -fdin the cat- Hut LIVE OF FRITI THE CAT and -HEAVY TRAFFIC- LOOXING FOR A NICE TIME? TRY A MOVIE ... THERE'S A MOVIE THEATRE NEAR YOU' J 41 SIMCamulT 1 6 30-10:00 IPG! joe DON BAKER -COMkar Flag Or Crairi" Boy Sctwkxrr "SORCERER" SOS Only -ELMHURST- unni 150 N. YORK RO. TUrll PHONE: 834-0S7S MAT. DAILY 12:45 2 AS 6:10 722 9:30 "PETE'S DRAGON" .SBAKIKLIM OADIf- If II I iectnwn 3034 N. 25th Ava. VILLAUC Own e:45-Fra Parking 7& 0:30 "THE ULTIMATE PLEASURE" (X) -CARNAL HAVEN" (X) color 1:15 -ST. CHARIES- KIRK flO. AT WOHTH AV. 377-2400 . MlllKlt Mill! If O IIPPELIN I 33. 4 15, 7 JO, THE SOUO REMAINS THE SAME' tn IllllWiO'TMaOAUHTUr lli WALT DI.NIY "PETE S eg riUircwn' DRAQONI M 11 S3 o.m , 7 10 p ,4 10.6 41, 0J JOHN TRAVOLTA 14 SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER' I 10. 3 40, i t), 7 , 10 0O 1IH miini ii i o-!n , s . n. it intiPT m -tmi cutiw i GLEN ILLYN GLEN $1.25 "THE SPY WHO LOVEb ME" 'FAREWELL MY LOVELY- HILISIDI TTTT" - I. . I MEL BKOOKS young FRANKENSTEIN SUrM Frl, "TELEFON" -HINSOAH- J ( ""N-S HRM. 4V Wootfy Alien "StttWER 700, 1000 WEST -tOMBARD- 1.50 TIL 3:30 P.M. OH CAPACITY CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND" Htf).lii44!e-riM.rM. mo aaiwi CNO. TUESDAY HENRY WINKLER "HEROES" 1:1S-3:2O-5:3O-7:48-10 PO JOHN TRAVOLTA SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" 1l0O-3i1O-9iaO-7t39-ViSI II FINAL WEEK ENDS THURSOAV "STAR WARS" . 9ria-iS-TttS-ttlS Ml '1.25 DUPAGE oko- M.25 OTHER MIDNIGHT only NATfRViLli i ARIA- rr ... nil imzt YMrlAWENSTES) 5:45 4 15 TWILIGHT ' SHOW TICKETS 5:1 5-5:45 H wm "SM0KEV A THE BANOIT" (PO) S 15- 30 TWILIGHT SHOW TICKETS 5 45:1S $1.50 WALT DISNEY'S "PETE'S DRAGON" m 6O0 7:45 TWILIOHT SHOW TICKET8 4 30-5 00 $1.60 "FIRST LOVE" R 00 8 30 TWILIGHT SHOW TICKET9 5:30-8 00 $1.50 STAR WARS" (PO) A 00-A:14t TWII HIHT SHOW TrCKFTB 5-300 $i rj M nriuuiTnuiM tucatdcc 52 UNTIL 11 A.M. JAMES EARL POmER COSBY JONES A PIECE of the ACTION' PG Doort Open 8 5 a.m. Last Ftfer so pjtu te H. Stale STAR WARS Doors Opan 8 45 a m. IM w 10 p.Kl NoPatsn PQ 4b W. Handolpri PRYOR PRYOR PRYOR "WHICH WAY IS UP?" MicArravt Prarnicra PG Ooors Open 9 am. Latt Fakua lOiX) p.m. tod N Slalr Diana Rots double: LADY SINGS THE BLUES MAHOGANY Opan 9 30 i n. lur Lady 7:30 p.m. Last Halt, to p m. R 110 U. Siaic j mm j j NEAR NORTH hmm i 835 N. Michigan 2nd level 649-5790 Oaari I0i45 rua. $2 D 12,30 aaea Vol. doted rtductd: fMriuHg. No pn taduMd Admiiiioni roliM $un.Triun. "JULIA in 2 theatres 11:15-1i5-3:35-5:60-8:05-10 20 and 7-915 PG OH, GOD! 1 10-1 :40-3.40 J5-730-9J5 PG HEROES 11-105-3:15-530-7:45-10 PQ S8 1. Oak 337-1117 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND in 70 MM A Dolby Stereo 12-230-5-7:30-10 PG No Passes NORTH 6320 N. Western SEMI-TOUGH Kris KristoflersonBurt Reynolds 6-8-10 ft 4814 N. Broadway DAY OF THE ANIMALS 3:40-7:10-1020 GRIZZLY 2-5:25-8:50 PO NORTHWEST 5216 W. Lawrence "OH, GOD!" 7:15-9:15 PG 4743 W. Belmont SORCERER 8:00 CHECKERED FUG OR CRASH 7.30 R 5635 W. Belmont WALT OISNEY'S "PETE'S DRAGON". 5:20-7:40-9:50 G r NORTH SOUTHWEST 817 Chicago Evanston AfWEnTKESfia' OF DUOOY KRAVTTZ Richard Oreyfusa 7:10 9 30 PM. PO TJ WIU merman Evanston "OH, GODl" 7:10-9:10 PG 202 Genesee Waulieflan SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER 5:35-7:45-9:55 R htm 1 203 Genesee WaiilrMMn COMMON LAW CABIN e zo CHERRY, HARRY tRAQUEL 7 9 50 Adults only X Rt. 83 & Rollins Rd. 'KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE' 5:30-7:30-9:30 H $1 25 W 2 30 Sl.-Su -Hoi. SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER S J5-7:4M:55 R NORTHWEST 700 Woodlield. Schaumburg. III. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRO KIND 12-2:30-5-7:30-10 PQ No passes or bargain matinees BONO REMAINS THE SAME 2:10-4:35-7:05-9:40 PQ S150 to 230 SsL-Sua; to 5 triuJays. WEST 49 Orland Sq. Or. OrianrJ Park 349-6000 130 iMtt V 5. Sa-Su-Hol. u 230 Dtsneye PETE'S DRAGON 2-430-7-9:30 0 8ATUR0AV NKSHT FEVER 1-3:10-SaS-7O-9:55 R oh, ooor 130-3:30-7:30-930 PQ CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRO KINO 12-230-5-7:30-10 PQ No pasaaa or bargain matnaee SEMI-TOUGH Burt Reynolds. Kns Krislofterson . 2-4-6-8-10:10 R SORCERER 3:10-705 r i- CHECKERED FLAG OR CRASH 1:30 5:15-9:20 "OH, GOD!" 1:45-3:40-5:45-7:40-9:35 PG . Rt.30&Rt.7 Crest Hill FHEE OPEN HOUSE TODAY ONLY AT BOTH THEATRES 10 AM TO 5 PM ONLY! NO TICKETS NEEDED! FREE CARTOONS! FREE SOFT DRINKS! FREE POPCORN! PLUS EXCITING PREVIEWS OF OUR INAUGURAL ATTRACTIONS! els , ,, i I' 'j im Vl:W. h BOTH THEATRES OFFER $1.50 BARGAIN MATINEE DAILY UNTIL 2:30 P.M. (Except 'Close Encounters') a FREE PARKING! a LUXURY-COMFORT SEATING! pj(i,e o., iiti9i i'h ii ii-Xl hi liM'ju i U - ! CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND 2-4:30-7-9:30 No passes PQ SOUTHEAST WSMSS 2000 Spring RrJ ' THE MARX BROTHERS h DUCK SOUP at 2-5:is-s;JS . ANIMAL CRACKERS I 3 30-6:55-10:15 G S1.50 to S Mo. to Sa. (okc. hoi.) 6404 Ceimak Si.50 all limee for THE LAST REMAKE OP BEAU GESTE 6:30 ft 10 t- 7 SOLUTION at 8 p.m. PQ s. Grange SORCERER 9 20 CHECKERED FLAG OR CRASH 7:30 H 3 1 7230 North Av; lEImwnnd Park 'HEROES" Henry Winkler 7:15-9:40 PQ mm 1370 Toireice Av Calumet City. Ill CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND In 70 mm ft Dolby Stereo 12-2:30-5-7:30-10 PQ No passes "OH. GODl-2-4-6-8-10 PQ SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER .1-3:10-5:20-7:50-10 R :i laja ii r.,. dliljlil WEO. NOON I -,r-r- Peas EncoMitare Of The Third Wn S T Be.7feeSAe SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER I J.D. 8 REVENGE R 15-3i5-5:40-7S-10:10 R 'n ,m.iu'u' ' j,-' '- -, -aj'JL, SORCERER i:so r CHECKERED FUG 01 CRASH 7 oo 430 St. John. Michigan City, Ind. HEROES 1-3:15-7:45 PQ ANOTHER MAN, ANOTHER CHANCE 5:30 ft 10 pm PUTT THEATRES HOLIDAY GIFT TO YOU! WIN 1 of 2 OATSUN 510 HATCHBACKS in our GRAND OPENING CONTEST DRAWING! DETAILS AND FREE ENTRY BLANKS AT ANY PUTT THEATRE! No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by taw. INAUGURAL FEATURES' AT FOX VALLEY DOORS QPEN 11:30 A.M. (1 "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS w OF THE THIRD KIND" (PG) O CLINT EASTWOOD "GAUNTLET" (") O Opens 12 23 GENE WILDER (PG) "world's greatest lover" John Travolta w "saturday night fever" (r) INAUGURAL FEATURES AT HAWTHORN DOORS OPEN 12:30 P.M. . ONEIL SIMON'S (PG) "THE GOODBYE GIRL" O EXCLUSIVE AREA SHOWING (PG) IN DOLBY STEREO! "STAR WARS" O Opens 12 23 GENE WILDER (PG) "WORLD'S GREATEST LOVER" OJOHN TRAVOLTA "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER"(R) lit. Run Chicagoland lit. Run Chicagoland SORRY-NO PASSES ACCEPTED FOR THIS ENGAGEMENT. Suburban Theatres WEST MOUTH RIVIRSIDI- 11 SO TIL J 30 PM OR C' THE BAD NEWS BEARS BREAKING TRAINING AT ;-4-s-B-10 PQ V. ALT DISNEY'S "PETE'S DRAGON" 1?:no-?-30-5'00-7:!S-O K) G . -OAKRttOOK- CINEMA1&2 Oak BftoOKamAiK PARKING "SEMI TOUGH" a:00-4:QO-a:00-t:00-10 (R) "OH GOD!" a:1g-4:rt-e:15-e:rs-10:1g fr0) OAK PARK VLAPSHOTM THKSTIMQ IKS 7:40 mm fbi. -the CHOinBOYS' tl M fretOiTi ra 6:3D-Sit, fcin.. Hoi, la Hoi mm IH THE IflAUIIION OF MUKir PHHOHI JABBEHWOCKY1 1 . 4 10. ,4 RALPH BAKSHI FILM 'NINE LIVES Of 2,00, 310. 1 TR fRITZ THE CAT' ' slam FRI.: "TELEFON" $1.50 amratri la ft'30-1aL. Ian. m. ta 2 : 10 -VILl PaWK- VILLA OAKS 630-1647 Op. 6.00 i Ultimate Pleasure :30-7:iO-t:10 2-MONTV PVTHOU A HOLY QRAIL 4 30-MSl pluiTtlWIELISIOIja VILLA PARK lofs "Wiuids" IPG) "YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" SOUTH -BLUI ISLAND- LYRIC BLUE ISLAND. IL. 12S52 WESTERN AV. YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN' io7o only"MOTHER JUGS I SPEED" -GLENWOOtt- lejrd HALSTEO 754-3200 GLENWOOD SI. 25 'YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN' io &v "WIZARDS" HEAD FOR YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE THEATRE SOUTH -HARVIY- JlBlieV 15408 CENTER AVE. HAKVtT PHONE 333-0622 PAM GRIER IS "COFFEE" AT: 1 00 ONLY J.O.'S REVENGE GLYNN TUBMAN 700 ONLY -MOMIWOOD- HAIS1ED AT 178ih ST. a 7B-1I40 NIMA1!0... SCIENCE-FICTION 4 FANTASY AUAKbFII 1-ILM I FAMTASTIC WIZARDS' Ipol PLANET 4.4J. 7,30. 10:15 r 410. 5J m nans ml. -THc CH0IHH0T5' LED-ZEPPELIN 4.4. 40 THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME'jpc 'SOUND FOR GLORY' MO TWE LIFE OF WOODY GUTHRIE PIPEH LAURIE KEN NORTON RUBY1 rST MANDINOO 0:30 A 10:10 . - 8 00 ONLY Harts WED. 'THE COODIYE GIRL' tl SO TO 6 30 P.M. TODAY! SOUTHWEST -DOWNER WALT DISNEY'S AIL NEW HIT! , "PETE'S DRAGON" Malinaa Daily! 2:00. 4:15. 6:35 A 8 SO MEADOWBROOKMeJSww "UlTIMAnPlfASUIfeSio -JUSTICE- TADlf 8501 so. cork WUnfV OPEN 4:30 PM '"UTLIMATE PLEASURE" "CARNAL HAVEN." PHONE: 594-2901 RATED X -MATTESON- DAUT WATS ,1 :0-MN Jl 10 T W f M WAIT QlSNttVS "PETE'S DRAGON" AT 1:30-2 00-4 00-4.30. 8 10-7 00-1 0(1 9 10 Q ftTARia WtDNESOAV-CLfNT CA&TWOOD 'GAUNTLET" 1:1 5-3 20-5 20-7 10-9 45 H STARTS FRIDAY "THE CHOIRBOYS". lit. Run Neighborhood 1st. Run Neighborhood 1st. Run Neighborhood "ONE OF THE BEST PICTURES OF THE YEAR." TIME MAGAZINE "The Goodbye Girl' is a joyous comedy just what the doctor ordered. Neil Simon makes v feeling good legal . . ? GENE SHALIT, NBC-TV 111 I n tmf II Sf it 1C Ml it F 8! i4 3Ei- A RAY STARK PRODUCTION OF A HERBERT ROSS FILM ' NEILSIMON'S "THE GOODBYE GIRC RICHARD DREYFUSS- MARSHA MASON and introducing QUINN CUMMINGS as Lucy Written by NHL SIMON Produced by RAY STARK Directed by HERBERT ROSS Music Scored and Adapted by DAVE GRUSIN Song"Goodbye GirT Written and Fferforrned by DAVID GATES a RASTAR Feature 'Ftints by MGM Labs I SleNcMAwiilaHeonElcktrarWifl Now Availatite in Paperh,Tck Froni Hamer Books. PGlPAHENTAl CUIOANCE SUGGESTED 4 m ii au. an aa at.a.a to cmc1 e wnatmoororilarllie aMKUwamol t'vn Wf na' I'a A aiainar rommwi'eaiiwii cemaair o ' WATER TOWER DEERBROOK CINEMA MERCURY OIANA I Downtown Doertlald Elmwood Park Homewood STARTS TOMORROW AT THESE Imt. prospect cinema ua cinema orlano square olo oacharo THEATRES ' Mt.Propct Oakbrook Orland Park Skokie -TINLIV PARK OAa aa AVI a I aath T 43 lOio IIMI niTWHOS WI KHISTOFfEnSON 'EMI-TOUOH' ran MS. 4 Ii. 4-15. I'll. 10M W 'Wl!ARAt'"l .fAMTAiIC 9:00. 4:50. PLAHHT' 'JABBI.HOCKV 3 1J, 4 50. 10 01 1,1 J. :10. I I) TUNNI L VISION' BarH WTO .; "THt MUimtT" In! li m a..ii ra j tat, i m in if MOVIE RATING GUIDE A SERVICE OF FILM-MAKERS AND THEATERS Under the Motion Picture Code ol Sell-Regulation. Suggested for GENERAL audiences. Darawilal nilLfianaal annnaiataaH enma malarial mau rvit ha anilahla frv PG pre-teenagers. H RESTRICTED Persons under 17 not admitted, unless accompanied by parent or adult guardian. X I Persons under 18 not admitted. Printed as a reader service by THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE

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