Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on August 4, 1977 · 20
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 20

Chicago, Illinois
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Thursday, August 4, 1977
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6 Section 2 Chicago Tribune, Tnufsday, August 4. .977 piiHif Movies George Gonzalez, left, and Jaime Escobedo get their kicks by ogling a girlie magazine. Just one of the highjinks in "The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training." the game is good news in 'Bears' By: Gene Siskel Movie critic . I RPRISINGLY, the best part of "The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training" is the four-inning baseball game that ends the picture. That's surprising because movie baseball games generally follow the same boring pattern: The bad guys jump out to a seemingly insurmountable lead only to have the good guys stage a miraculous comeback in the bottom of. the ninth inning. - 'That doesn't happen in "Breaking Training," because iCs only a four-inning game, played for charity before a large crowd in the Houston Astrodome. . ; rVhat are the Bad News Bears, a Little League team of incompetents, doing in the Dome? After finishing second ) irf their league in the original 1976 movie, the Bears are invited to represent California in a charity game against ; the very competent and very obnoxious Texas Little League champs. lThe game is enjoyable because it contains a couple of surprises and well-edited action that should even entertain youngsters who have spent the summer going to see the Cubs or Sox. ' vBUT BEFORE THE Bears make it to the Astrodome, thjere is 70 minutes of movie that is half high jinks and half heart-tugging emotion. At least that was the intent. But it tries too hard; you always know too early the ' emotion the film is trying to sell. As in the original movie, the boyish Bears swear a lot. The foul language was forced in the original and it's just as forced here. lit may be true many kids swear like the Bears, but in both films the actors appear self-conscious when reading foul-mouthed lingo. I'm surprised Paramount Pictures would want to include any rough language in .the film, simply from the marketing point-of-view that such talk might turn off parents. But Paramount must think a considerable chunk of trie film's appeal to youngsters is the swearing; it certainly does draw laughs. The slapstick baseball scenes repeat land repeat) the original film. Whereas the cute little shortstop threw his clove down in distrust onlv once in the nrieinal movie, he does it four times in "Breaking Training." The black kid repeats a "soul" phrase a half-dozen times, and the fat kid is the butt and belly of .as many sight gags. WALTER MATTHAU is no longer the team's coach, , and Tatum O'Neal is not the star pitcher. Substituting for their mano a mano is an overdrawn relationship . ..between the team's long-haired, cigaret-smoking left . fielder and his long lost father. ; ; Son finds father in Houston, where the Bears arrive . . without a chaperon or coach. Pop (William Devane) ! ' v , grudgingly serves as both only to have the kid rebel ana chew him out for running out on the family. The scenes ; of anger are OK; it's the reconciliation that's cornball. 'Smokey and the Bandit' CORN IS THE main staple of "Smokey and the ' Bandit," the Burt Reynolds CB radio and roaa race picture. Burt is a trucker with a heavy reputation and the CB handle of "the bandit." A wealthy Texan bets nun ou,uuu lie vail i uiivc iiuin vieuigia w au back in 28 hours. . There's just one catch to the 1,800-mile journey. Burt ' arid his trucker pal (Jerry Reed) must load their truck ; : jnTexas with 400 cases of status-filled Coors beer and ; bring it illegally across state lines back to Georgia. In ' effect, the Texan (comedy writer Pat McCormick) is , i betting Burt $80,000 against a possible jail term. '.' 'The film is packed with car crashes as Burt is chased 1 byja beer-bellied southern sheriff (Jackie Gleason), .; MOTION PICTURES 1t. Run Chlcagoland mmssi PGj Unttsd Artists NOW PLAYING 434 0041 . SEE INDIVIDUAL THEATRE Suburban NORTH MORTON GROVE NUES MORTON GROVET", -., Tho Bad Nawa Baara m "'BREAKING TRAINING" LAWRENCEW00D $1.50 - Opart It JO WM Oianay'a "Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo" -NORTHBROOK- ESENS 1 5:30-8:30 'A Bridge Too Far' IPO) EDEHS 2 1 30 3 40 6.50-8 OO-tOti 'STAR WARS' DOLBY SYSTEM .' BTERCOfHONIC tOUNO matineedailV MOVIE RATING GUIDE A UMar 40) Suooaatad lor GENERAL audnoat. (Ml ParanM (uMane augoaalad aorm malanal may not ba suttabia lor ( , ka-laanagaia. pr) RUTWICTtO Pariona un4ar 17 Ml anma4, unlaaa aOMmaanlad by t- . paranl or adult guardian. CO MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chlcagoland ' (P 7H1t40 ... 4 . ADS FOR SHOWTIMES. Theatres NORTH -SKOKII- "OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHF , il'HilH SXOKIE TO 8fVsM.25 , -ANNIE HALL at: 7 00, 1 45,10 30 -WAUKEOAN- WAUKEGAN Drive-In "VESS "ANNIE HALL" -WILMETTI- Ufll lirTTCLST DAyejuio-ioio HILMLl I t 251-7411 GxJ4j4U3n "THE INCREDIBLE SARAH BERNHARDT SERVICE OP PH.M-MAKER8 AND THEATERS tha Motion PKtwa Cada at f-MtMMx TRIBUNE MINI-REVIEW Fouled off Vj "THE BAD NEWS BEARS IN BREAKING TRAINING" Dlractad by Wlchatl Praaiman; written by Paul Bricttmtn; phMograptwtf by Fred J. KMfMkimp; dltod by Jack WhMtor; muale by Craig Satin; producad by Laonard Coldbara; Paramount rataaa at outlying thoatar. Ralad PO. THE CAST Mlka Laak William Davana Sy Orlansky Clifton Jamaa . Kally Laak Jackl Earla Halay Carman Ronzonnl Jimmy Balo Tannar Boyla Chrla Bamaa There's also time out for a little romancin' as Burt picks up runaway bride Sally Field, who is fleeing Gleason's stupid son. The same kind of audience that howled every time one of the Bad News Bears said a foul word, yuks it up in "Smokey and the Bandit" every time a police car takes , a header into a ditch. THE SCRIPT predictably is short on logic. We never see the clock start on Reynolds' run for the suds. Ahd Reynolds is never made aware that Fields was engaged , to Gleason's son. But logic doesn't seem to apply to car crash movies. The energy of a contemporary road race appears to be as inexhaustible as the energy of a horse race in the Old West. What's fun about "Smokey and the Bandit" is to watch the audience peel out of the parking lot after the-film is over. Rating for "Smokey and the Bandit" at neighborhood theaters: 2 stars. MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chlcagoland THE BAD KEWS BEARS ARE CfJEYEAR OLDER AND CKE YEAR WILDER 1 aiaiAIniinBM" 4 THE E3AD NEWS BEARS IN BREAKING TRAINING WILLIAM DEVANE cufton james W-llfHi t PAUL SR1CKMAN Bll0 Uoon CNKKIM C'ea'tt) 6y BILL LANCASTCft PioduCfODy LCONARO COLOBCRQ OirWJ 0 MICMAEL PRESSMAN ruuma LINCOLN VILLAGE Chicago ) MORTON GROVE, Morion Orova IBOLUROOK, , BoMngbrook )0RLAKD SQUARE, dAilliictcm "SORCERER" StSsSi FRI: -JABBERWOCKY" -DES PLAINES- Itt Dl Hurt w000v mH VIS rLRINES 'ANNIE HALL- 6:30 9 45 t "BREAKHEART PASS" 05 only -EIGIN- CTlDUIfUf OUTDOOai RT8 20 AT 89 OPEN 730 'NIGHT CALLER' "AUTOBIOGRAPHY SS& (X) UK OROVI VILLAGE rtte praiip iosoarL tin cliv unuvc MMiM eso ALL MEL BROOKS SHOW "YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN" "THE PRODUCERS" -HANOVER PARK- fii;nUVII!lH'' nABGAIH MAT1 WALT DISNEY S Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo! 1 iQ-rvrW') 3Q-Q 3Q Cj HUHT RLYNOLDb 'SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT AT 7-4-fi R-10 PC. -MARVARO- 1 SHOW IN HARVARD , LI S. 14 Rt. I7J SlS--445t R) "CANDY LIPS" .3. "NIGHT RIDER" PAT. PROSPECT 'OUTLAW BLUtS' at y.41 a ,i4t pa W4LT OMNTVS ' HIBBII OOI TO MONTf CARLO' l3:3O-2.J0-4:4l-740-a40 0 "STAR WARS" DBftCCrrt (Poi -saver streak- prtVJffcW I 7 0 AND 04 ADDITIONAL MOVIES ON PBtCIDINO pOf i Suburban Theatres NORTHWEST NORTHWEST : -ABI luaTAkl UtltiUT NILH 1 1 : 1 Ahmad Abdul Rahlm Erin Blunt Joaa Agllar Jalma O. Eacobado OgilvM Alfred Lunar .. Jimmla Faldman Brett Mane Mlka Enjalbarg... Jaflray Lou la Starr MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chlcagoland A PARAMOUNT PICTURE f COLOR J PORRIDGE, norriflg )Y0RKT0WN. LomDora I RIVER OAKS, Calumat city ) DUKES PLAZA, a try, inv mpwrnm 1 30, 4 30. 7 30. 10 15 po Burt Reynolds Smok0yMmtondlt'' ( p oo, 4-no, -no. w-no. 10 06 ' BARGAIN PKICCS41L THUTRtS WEEKDAYS TO 4:W nn SAT SIM. HOtS. TO MB I .UU -NORRID8E- Wn "STAR WARS' 1 a "BREAKING TRAINING" -d ' fit. RfXl 'Vl-irmi 3 'OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIQHT" R . 3 00 100-1 1 n "SORCERER" po 1 no j iii 10 t vtri -o -PALATINE- ML I "SMOKEY AND THE BANOfTMOrOS ' ruaTW uinv rn I . nnv 11 WaN Oianay'a I UPRSIf OOfl TO MONTE CASlr4:0 ' Ptua "NEVER A DULL MOMNF10:35 III -SINBAD. EVt OP TtOEPT-t 30 "ORCA. KILLER WHALE--10 20 WILLOW CREEK "A Bridge Too Far" 5:30 AND 8:30 -PARK RIDGE- riijivniijiv wno prices soo MLB OVM . . . BIST SNOW m TOWN1 sT7FcSrTo"0UTUW BLUES" J 00 VMVfli IMIICI T1IIOIC S 2tl, 1 40 ROLLINO MEADOW: MEADOWS Monty Python' "JABBIRWOCKY',(?rs - MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chicegoland ' it .- TMR TM TM tTHI BREMEN ' OEERBnOOK EVEDOREEN HIU.SIOE tlMklTr.M. 1B'0 DlkHIIILO JllUlt IWinflUINMII. ISIM MULKOI 4W-UJI TMB THI THI MERCURY OLD ORCHARD RIVER OAKS - lMWOOH W4H 0l OKtm CALUMITCIIV MMM TMB TMB TMB WOODFIELO YORKTOWN CRCaSaROAOtl KMIMIUM HI ! IOMMIIO M4I4 MtD.ilLVIiil. MOI... ttt HiH INFULLBTEREOPHONICBOUNO B)orry,PJo Pbjb Apeaptad TTI Engagaii iBait; 1 ?k ?v. r&:P i Vr :Jf "1 turns Jf?-" PROWjCnONS" yfl i r I I at I I a i i Dean JONES.Don KNOTTS, Julie SOMMARS.TOmW JACOUES MAflN; -XAVIER SAJNT MACARY, RWCOS LA1ANDE "7. ARTHUR ALSBERG k.DON NELSON "TSS.'SgrrA. -SRON MILLER "K VINCENTTMcEVEETY TECHNKOLOK' DISNEYLANDffijSfcWALT DISNEY WORLD "Smokey AND THE Bandit" Sally Field Jerry Reed, d Jackie Gleason iwswiinButmm juki A RASTAR Production A UNIVERSAL Picltrejjechnicoloi' ... ,'pg urrtiOBuiwir(!! VfW m0 !Jf Mlaa4 lltlalutlf Mtl'al t pfc .VmI". v iii iyaT'u.lgl H,tM','i:i:nviicg Ctiie49i South COLONY Chic4go S Wnt FORD CITY 3. Rhieaaa N bVMt PORTAGE r.i.nuinnrf r.i FMiAinnn H4nowerPark TRAOEWINOS? Highland Park HIGHLAND PARK Cinaml Naparvilla OGDEN6"6 Niloi GOLP MILL 2 OakPaik LAKE Orland Park ORLAND SQUARE 2 Villa Park VILLA PARK Suburban NORTHWEST -SCHAUMBURG- RL UGoll Rd. IOO-J I5-530-; 46-10 10 PO "THE DEEP" NO PASSES .1 . S-ailM. J 70 SB. im. l4r THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDPMHr 1:tS-40-7M0)R -WHEELINO- Biuiiiiree ji rnknHurtkk iPAiAmin. coo "SILVER STREAK" S 30-5 30 -WHEELINO-ADDISON- -PUNftt-$KOKIt- 'STAR WARS" poI NfOHILT A i10 AND IOiM M -i.Tl- -4 .30 SMOKEY N0 THE BANOfP PQ Y tN "OKA THI KIUII WHUr M iiaaiiii '''SMOKtt AND THE IANDIT" Pl "SWASHBUCKLER" to t ?;Tt inw wttt g - - - -3 SINBAD AND 11 Of TtOIR" S:M Ml "OUTLAW HUII" PO 10.30 OBCA THI Klttia WHAII" I? 30 SMOKET AND THE RANDtF '" J'TWO MINUTE WAHNIW0" ie.J "OUTLAW ILUE1' 'ORCA THE Kilira wun n nrllV.lai fc j . .. a- MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chicegoland ' The t brand vJ new the great race Into a . GOES 4 TO V MONTE CARLO Burt Reynolds DRIVE-INS ChicoS.WM STARLltE ' Addtion SKI-MI Hammond, Ind. HAMMOND Outdoor 2 Marriltalla, Ind. Y Si W Monat Township CICERO Outdoor ' Palatina S3 Dnva ln . SKokia SUNStT T'nl.y Park I 80 Drxa In Whaalmo TWIN Theatres WEST -ADDISON- MMCAU 303 WEST LAKc Since T AODIdUN PHONE: S43-74D2' . aan-tni GOES TO 2 30-440 I nChDIt MONTE CARLO-6 SO-a ll'Sinbad W1W ' 12 -BERWYN- "BERWYM SSSSrSS, imiiin a rt ndih Eve OIIMUM fcaPol th TiOleR at 145-5 50-10 PM plus "THE EAQLE MAS LANDED" at a:4u-r:ou r-t-a mm ? BIT9 tin I Htvn. mm aroou 800 'BOO ' 10 00 "ROCKY" -CICERO- Olympic ssssr "TMe siprru rrooan naoiti tmUl OIRL WHO LIVES DOWN LANE 1 00 ILMHURST- - , M. YORK TURK Pk4 aaA-D67B 14 . v. a fa a I ir-lM 3-6 ?0 UUILAW DLUC3 I14S OBCA KILLER WHALE" 1:30-4:50-8:10 It WEEKOAYa TIL 6:30 PM LAST OAYI ElMWOOD PARK "MERCURY "The DEEP" MnrthH4rlm NO PlIMl tl iO III 2 30 dityt 2 l4 4.T ?S-iOPO III! IIPP CINEMA 30M N 2M Ava VILLAGE r ris-Aduta IS or Ok! J'FLESH GORDON" TARJANE-BOY-CHEETA'X color 8 39 -GlEN ELIVN- CLEN'1.50 DISNEY'S "Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo" -HINJDAIE- Bfiaifap. 4 t- Ml BnvatalaaaJe Comady nindDALE THE PROOUCtRI' 700-10 WOOOY ALLFN "ANNIE HALL" 8 39 MOTION PICTURES 1st. Run Chlcagoland When in Southern WW , MARTIN FELDMAN ANN-MARQRET MICHAEL IjORK PETER USTlNOUdnd JAMES EARL JONES "THE. LAST REMAKE OF BEAUQESTE" also starring TREUOR HOWARD'' HENRI QIBSON TERR1J-TH0MAS Screenplay by MARTI FELDMAN i CHRIS ALIEN Story by MARTI FEIDMAN & SAM 60&R1CK Music by JOHN MORRIS . Directed by MARTI FELDMAN Produced by WILLIAM S.Q1LM0RE Execuliue Producers HOIDARD lUESTand QEORQE SHAPIRO A UNIUERS AL PICTURE TECHNICOLOR F STARTS TiJilORROW 4WateiTower3 4 TvanstonI Tordeitul Orlafld Square 2 lOptn 8121" , Chicigo-Nr.North 649-5790 Evanston 864-4900 Chicago-SW 582-1838 Orland Park 349 6000 Randhurst HidgcTlazal Yorktown3 Mt. Proapact 392 9393 Griffith, Ind. 219-923-9100 Lombard 495-0010 BRUCE LEE LIVES! "Aw jF mT t -iTiil i a ai aB mm BEL-AIR Suburban WEST -HILLSIDE- THE DEEPIound I Nz-.tO. 4J5. 75 A 9 35 $1.50 ol 23b V FINAL WEEKS! r I lOMBAllV ROBERT SHAW JACQUELINE BISSET ".THE DEEP" ?.1S-4i43-yi3-ff:t PQ . STAR WARS' 1:00-3.1S-5:30-7:45-10;00 NO PASSES PO 'THE BAD NEWS BEARS BREAKING TRAINING" AT 2-4-8-B-tO PO LIZA UINNELLI ROBERT OENIRO "NEW YORK, NEW YORK" V4S-4:40-7'30-10:10 PO 1" DUPAGE MA I-JJ5 7:15 "SINBAD AND THE 9:15 EYE OF THE TIGER" lAPKViLlt AfttA 0-H4ftl4 ooaa to Monia cam- a 200-4:10-00-100 TwiUfil . 4fwya! Ta4alaMnn.4't0lS0 O'Smofeay 8 Tha BamM" PO 1:30.3'M-S;-7 4S-9 4S TiMOM 5 OP S KI (I SO O-bnaaaj 8 Eya ai raaar o 1:46-4 00-4 30-8 00 Twilight ' ShoarTaattaon-H W $t VI -OUIU BLUCS POI ! I ti-500-7OO400TWHI0MT ' SOW TICHFTS 4 30-500 1 "STAR WARS- (POI 20O4O0-4 30" 8 30-7.O0-8 00-8 30 ' TWILIGHT SHOW TICKETS 3W-4O0 11 SO o SKYLARK Eaal NEW TOOK Straat t MHa Waal at M Oram 7 30 iriaAiral a0 naa.atrwt Burt fUyryadt OWUP.CT THE DArtLMI SINBAD an rha yb op tmb trutrr LOOKING FOR A NICE TIME? TRY A MOVIE . . mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrt9m,mm1tVmlmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MOTION PICTURES 1st. Ran Chlcagoland California visit tj".1?8.1- A different kind of loue stoni. PG PARENTAL 6U1DANCE SUGGtSTEDS-; J riii..jf i r i a DOUBLE Theatres West i i MOUTH RIVIMIDE- AUT 11.10 TU 6 fM. IUN. 11 .50 III i J OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT 2t00-3iO3-8t1S R WALT DISNKV'S "HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO" 1tlS-3i5S-3i30-7i30-i300 -OAKBROOK- UA1 CINEMA U3 " "'A BBIDCE TOO FAR" ''6UTLAW BLUES' M.aUNHAAir Rl iaewwak UAIVDnUUI ttwos-r-aWR -THE OTHER SIPE OP Mltmiun -OAK PARK- 10J0 IflrL " , -13Q j WAHIQN BUji WTWiiBi I'SINBAD A THI 105. 6 10. 10.15 I BntiaT tuilaV I 30, 6 25. 10 02 'WAtHIUCKLCRV KILLI. WHALt M5. 30. B ?5 yi. $1 W Wtfttptt I 30-Sit.. Suw , Hal ti 7 10 -VILLA PARK- VILLA VHI9 PHONE 530-4647 l i 21S-6 30 PYTHONS JABBLHWUUM 130-10 30 PRTOR GRESE0LIGHNIN5s 15-10:15 -. SIDEWALK MAIINfct IUU4T VILLA PK 21NoAva.27-7)22 6 301161000 SMOKEY & THE BANDIT" -WIST CHICAO IE WALT DtSNEV FUNI O HerbU T Monlt Carlo' 845 -HrvrH A PULL MOMENT" 10 45, -WHfATON- WHEATON ,$1.25 w 800 830 "Jabberwocky" 815 10 00 SOUTHEAST caiumft city- Rittiff'niniuia iiiitiorf a i J iyi jo ; 41 io aa "STAR WAR8" NO PASSES . . . . aa m BA0 NPW8 BPAR8 1-4-84-18 PQ B (ttttauw) TPtlMHa- Ttia Btmr 1 -3 1 M TO 1(1 11 PO Mo PaiaM -HAMMOND- m m dpiivi ,iinn a r anaB 41 IM OINDHU, attMTiaar-"ORCA. THE KILLER WHALE" pWSHADOWOFTHc nAWK. S37 MOTION PICTURES . 1st. Run Chlcagoland TUDIO TOUR SUBURBAN THEATRES SOUTHWEST -BOLINGBROOK- 1-55RL 63 739-3901 Bargain Matinaaa Oailyl $1.50 tru $ p.m on W44W4V4 and SVN unu z:30 sat. a sun. "THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT Su-Mo-Tu-Wa-Th-Fl 2 30-5 30-9 30 ft Saturdava at 1-4-7 A 10 p.m. SINaAD AND THE EVE OP THE TWCP- t:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:40 G Bad Nawa Ban In Braaklng TralnlrHI 1:45-3:45-5 45-7 35-9:35 PG DOWNERS GROVE VllfAl I 502t HIGHLAND AVE. WO 8-0218 TIVULI BARGAIN PRICE 81 .25 K 230PM WALT DISNEY'S ALL NEW HITI 'Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo 24)0. 3:55. 5:50. 7:45 8 8:40 MEADOWBROOKIT "OUTLAW BLUES" :?ft. -JUSTICE- AAFjlf 8501 SO. CORK CUKIV OPEN 5:45 PM "DESIRES WITHIN YOUNG WOMEN" PHONE: 594-Z991 RATED (XI -IA GRANGE- FT I A GRANGE Matmaat Daily ' " $1.50 All Timoa 1INIAB A TW ITI Of THI not at 1 45-5 50-10 -TUB EAGLE hat LAMPED' 3 40 8 7:50 PG ORIAND PARK 15IBIHL 45 34H-6U00 Bargain Maonaaa Oalk1 Sl SOuna 5 p.m. on oaakdaya 4nd null 290 "I SatajAftiraL" I SOBCEPETT 12:45.3-5:15-73045 PQ III. Iai.ll I. GUa l,4M4MA57tMU Pd "SMOKEY AND THI IANDIT' III IAD NEW BCAftl BREAKING. THA WO 2-A-B-8-10 PQ IV "STAR WARS-1-3:1S-S30-7U) P3 8 MIOMTE SHOW 8AT. No ttaaaaa or Bargain MawvmonStarWa'f -TINltV FARK- Q4K aABK AVI. A liaik 1 aJt lQIQ maiinii oaiir1 SINSADATHl -ORCA' THI Tl OP THI TIOIBKILLiR WHALI 7 SO, I 7V 10 05 Irn 1'3. 4 )0. 1 JS Su'nS "THE DEEP W&si WATiNir DAHf n-35, 1 55. 5 15. 7 40. TC i 25 'THE OTHER SIDE NO 10 W OF WIDNIQMT'PAiSf tl W tMtfl ta I W - tUt . tun . Ha), tt J i SOUTH -BLUE ISLAND r LYRIC 12952 S Wesiam Pailt Fraa FO- "SINBAD AMD THE EYE OF THE TIGER" PLUS "He tauaix na iviv -DOLTON- PtlMTAU laiijunoo.MO awiwi pMEo "ANNIE HALL" PGI 7 00, -GLENWOOD CLENWOOD'r,? "SMOKY A THE BANDIT" 9-7 40-9 20 ADULTS SI 25 CHILDREN $1 00 -HARVEV- UBBtrPV 1&40B LtCNIcn 333. flAHVCT ADULTS $1 25 8622 "SINBAD A THE EVE OF THE TIGER" 8 30-10 "BIO BUS" AT 8 30 -HowiwooiT-. ft HAlHtP AT t?Blh IT 7l 1140 SINBAD A THI i 'SHAOOW OF ITI OP THI TKMB-1 THI HAWK' I Ql 7 10. 6 10. 9 4) M7 , 4 30. II ' 25 , I0 'THE OTHER SIO( No OF MIOHIOHTT.-.M LIIAMIMItlLI axntl JCII.HOIliili noitrn ot mo i4" xaiioN imndo NEW YORK, I THI aaitaoURI NEW YORK' (M ' 4 11 1 US V 2 71 A 715 IMaaalaaJaOliJ.iJli Take time out. Take in a movie.

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