Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 15, 1949 · Page 14
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 14

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1949
Page 14
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PAOJE 14—NAUGATCCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY, DEO. IS, 1940 NAOOATUCK NBW& CORP VlAOOATlJCft. CONN. All at >h» port off IM In Nauyatwk. Conn •XJB8CR1PTIOT' RATBa t>ay«t>ta la Adrano* Month ...tlJO 1 Twtr tll>.«P Fub. B. Dally N«w«pap*r Put. r7«rw«pap*r THURSDAY, DEC. 15, 1MB Qcm Becomti Qjm Once again the Oen> Opera House will echo lo the notmm of athletes at play and the ahouU of their followers. If only the walls could talk they'd recount In- tereattng anit exciting tales of basketball games and other sport- In events held there in years past —with the belt In the area an participants. In th« space of a very few weeks the Oem, roost recently used as a theater but condemned and allowed to collect dust, will be a gymnasium. H will be used for prospective pitchers and catchers of the Little League. It will also b« used as a basketball court by grammar school youngsters. The need of another gymnasium in Naugaluck has long been noted. Those now available are In use to the fullest extent and beyond. The Oem gym will be a welcome and very emienUal addition to the local recreation plant. All credit to those who hud a n%nd In dusting off the old floor atid rinding it still usable. Their future efforts to get every ounce of possible use out of the Gem, as a center of recreation merit full cooperation of borough and public. Farm Income Lower . Tucked away at the bottom pf a news column In a recent edition was an Item which may have been overlooked by the casual reader. It announced that leaner day* were atutod for th« farmer. The Department of Agriculture at Washington reports that tho net farm Income this year will be off nt least 10 per cent from 1948, when It exceeded $17,000,000,000. Farm prices have been ' falling steadily In.recent months, the report discloses. Cost of production has not declined. Admittedly the farmer has had several years of Rood prices which have brought him a certain amount of prosperity. Credit for this must go largely to his own efforts. He was forced to operate with a shortage of both labor and machinery. Also, season* have been favorable, and he had the benefit of a bounteous nature. Tho public may hnvo forgotten the lean years, when prices were •o low many farmers went bankrupt, and crop failures were common. Modern farming Is big business. Before profits become real Instead of Imaginary, certain factors which enter into all business calculates mum be laktm Into consideration. Intercut on Inveat- ments. overhead, cost of production, are permanent. It remains to be seen whether farming, as a business, can tnko a reduction of 10 per cent or more In Income, with production costs frozen, and still remain healthy. No olher business could stand such a jolt. of Hurrcndor. The new line of RCA - Victor radio - phonograph combinations has turntable equipment to handle all three specdx. While this doeu not -constitute a complete cuve-ln, U does amount to an admission that the competitive proce«« does exist. And It is acknowledgment that tho wlnhex of customers—as expressed In the number of records they buy—cannot be Ignored Indefinitely. Astronomcm report that dlMtant spiral nebulae show "a red shift." The Russian Influence? With go much propaganda being released, the mout Intelligent rending these days is that between the lines. John Lowl» houlH hl» home In Alexandria, Va. t with oil, a fuel not restricted to throe-daya-a- wock production. A fashion designer says women dress to annoy other women. How can that be when they always gall each other darling? Alabama man admits he married eight women and stole 12 automobiles In the last 18 years, but doeu not explain his preference for motorcars. Admitting there is nothing certain In this world except death and taxes, one commentator notices thai death dooon't get worse every time Congress meets. Nationalist China wtlll ha* a voice in the more or less United Nations, although It begin* to look u« If It soon won't have u place to holler from. Perhaps one of the things wrong with the world IB that a» soon as a man acquires fairly good sense he Is called an old fogey. Of Platter Battle? Perhaps It's the Christmas season, Perhaps It's weariness combined with the volublo protests of th» customers who bought J90,- 000_000 worth of phonograph records In 1947, but only $78,000,000 worfn in 1948. Anyway, there are Indications that the giants of the recording Industry may quit their *fazy spin and settle down bo- ftjre long. briefly, the history of tho grout mcrry-go-rouna of IWg-jft goes like this: In June, 1948. Columbia Introduced with suitable fanfare a record that plays five times on Ion* as the conventional record •nfl runs at ft speed of 38 1-3 rpm, RCA Victor Its bluest Coihp»tl- t«r turned up its no*e at a tree T*t»nt offer and aft«r deliberation Introduced Its own version of the long playing record. Tfcta one runs at « fptn. Both companies made claims as to the 1*»*lty and excellence of their products The unhappy fswt was that "music lowrs were faced with *%?* * wo ™ ew turntables in »«flUgn to their conventional 78 rpm **«ijnn«nt or do without. The tug of war went on for more than a year while a great many prospective customers reasonably decided to wait tt out before they bought. Last fall Decca third largest hi the -platter" industry, threw m W | th Columbia. What this meant was that a considerable staff of artists, orches- trsm and latent wax arrayed a**intt RCA. Record salvn during tt* early f»|j and up to the pres- «»l fcav» been humming, wlthMhe »-\?_/ p " 1 recoT<1 " *«ttlng the Hen's share of the market. Wow RCA has made a move which some take to be a token Do You Remember? One Year Ago Ronald P e a It e r was elected president of the eighth grade of Prospect street school. Jeremy Clayton Rice, »on of Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Rice, Park avenue, returned home from tho Gunnery nchool, Washington, Conn., for the Christmas recesii. 20 Yean Ago Victor BurkuN was visiting with relatives In Poughkcepsle, N. Y. Tho Naugatuck High school basketball team routed Leavenworth, 53-10. Bullnsky and POH- kavage each HCorod 12 point* for the locals. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. When a young man meets a «lrl on the street and atop* to talk, shouldn't ho remove bin hat and hold It In his hand an long an he talks? A. It Isn't necoHsary for him to hold his hat longer than a minute, and not at all If the weather Is disagreeable. He iihould, of course, lift It when meeting tho tflrl, and *K»ln when leaving. It would be pro- lumptuous for a girl to expect a man to stund bareheaded In a snow storm or the rain. Q. What nhould ho Horvud by tho hostess at un Informal tea? A. Tea, sandwlcho* and cakon are served at an Informal ton. Nothing- should bo served that In difficult to manage with the fingers. Q. Should a man hold a girl's arm when walking along tho street? A. This should not be necessary, unloss of course he expects her to break away from him and run. Household Scrapbook Velvet One of the easiest ways to ro- niovo cronsoH from velvet I* for one pcrxon to hold It tightly while •mother pa»««* a warm Iron over the wrong nldo. Then brush the nap, and tho volvot will look !lk« new. Water Stain* If water has been spilled on hardwood floors, rub the spots with u. cloth dampened with turpentine, siHK a olroulur motion when rub- lntj. Dry with a clean cloth. Silverware Lay the turnlehcd tttbln sliver In pan of sour milk. Allow to ro- mnln for about a half-day and then wash In sudsy water. All lurnlah will be removed. Lxx^k And Learn 1. How many states seceded from the Union during the U: S. Civil War? 2. How much tloos a gallon of water weigh? 3. What Is the meaning of the abbreviation "M. P." which followH •ome Englishmen's names? 4. Which has more neck vertebrae, tho swan or the giraffe? B. What is a "pyrrhlc victory"? 1. Eleven. 2. Eight, and One-third pounds. 3. "Member of Pmrliament" 4. The swan has three times aa many as 'the giraffe. 6. A victory gained ut too great a cost. THE CLOCI Janet TlfTt. Chcri-y Hti'oct, and her hl(fh nchool ;.«IH huvn a Friday night ritual of holding a ak»tln.g party at Baiiromor'H rink, Field ntreot .lout Friday they all carried Ice and roller likatus, not knowing which would ln> bi'Ht .they xnttlnd for roller Bkatlng, tho Ico bclny a little too thin. JuHtliui llropliy U plunnliiK to uttlMid u Ufomi diinco ut Now H«vcn'« l.uwn Cluh Saturday iilg-ht. .her .-Hcort will ht> Kd YoMtfin, a UOinn ntudcnt Ntudy- Inr for hln |MI»|I>«»» adinlni*- tratlon degree. . ..Iu» Is the dnuK- ht«ir of Stroct Hli|i<-rliit)indr>nt and Mm. lxx> Uropliy arid Xkl l» the HOII of Mr. and Mrs. I'hll Yoaton. Patrolman Ted Kllmaszowskl was looking forward to having tho recent rain utourn continue tho other afternoon .Ted wa» all lojnfed out In his foul wca- thei- K«ar Juiit aa tho rain H topi- pod ... nvvor fallH, huh, Tud? Following: th« lorn! u>t by. tho Ixirouirli. clork'N ofllcc, »th«r town hull office* now arc Rally decorated with ChrUtmaN trlm- mlncs . . . tho artUtlc dUplayw uro »n'«n In the public welfare- and tax collector'* office*, and alno In that €>f tlui town cli-rk. . .very pretty. Stntc Trooper Ed Doollng of Mf>ad»w Htre«t l» currently enjoying a week of hid nnnuul vacation .we suggested It would bo a good time for a trip .jouth, tout Ed miyn about U.H far mmth aa hell get In Beacon FallH. Seymour Itotury club meiutuii-H h«d an IntenwUnr proimun thj» week, wlien two new fllmn produced by the ConnoctloHt l,l K ht & I'owor (^j., we r<) N hown by Bob Oolimiuti, inunuirer of the Maple streot office. Glad to loam Mr«. JoHcph Starzlskl, 124 Oak street, who ban been a medical patient at. W/Uorbury howpltal for the pn«t week IH now rucujieratlng at her liome. Kdn» McKennu IN NiifforliiK from *evere biirnn on one of her arniH and a log as the rewult of n ce,rf<M) IK.!, overtiirnlng yesterday In hiiNliaiid ficorgn'N Church Htreet drugNtore. . .Kdnu tried to recover the pot OH It; ftturtod to tip with the returning Injury. Borough oftlclntjr will lb« glud whon Ihoi-u'H .in<,ugl, monoy In thf- till to build a /ilroct department garage as if t h«y didn't have enough -truck utorago pro- loma, now they've got to find a now i?iirii«o for the cnglneerln,- department Htatlop wagon there',, $if,,ooo In the fund now for tho now garago. Clitrmrn llalgh IN among u,,, many nmldnntM nurHhiir a bad «»Id.. ConifratiilatlonN to Franel* IJifo, of South Main .troot, who olmervwl 1,1. |« Ul birthday Kchool Junior. Klambt and hli tumbling eroup, which made «t, ch a big n't at Rocky Hill lant lr,. Wlly night, are planning a trip to Junior Republic in tho near future ^.Understand that tho group ha« now uniform* which are really Homothlng to w-u. ^ IH only one of thr "•ln«», In whl<.h the New York 0«vor Olrh , ro wol , vorscd «u»ty Council frfxy Tom „„_ «»" Ml. u*. that lH>tw M(II th,, hnlv«, the Klrl* p llt on bv Whlbmon of pa,* » d footbnll hlehln(r and fou , » hootlll(r , Girl*, t4,, rt< .d „« "the ai w^ "JT r"*" 1 * "« well „» th., IM.*) dreMM.,1," w ,,| '» "•« iNirnuxh Wedne,- *venl n|r , .,„„. ,«, to play t^e A,,! lool«- Voungr «I X ycur old ,, , "•>««. Ho,,,,, M.I., rtreet .IN nv • «r nimH (»r Hollloment. Thr,*« who U'Kllv-t to |ir»Hi<nt Ilielr nccnunlH iii-,,ii ;rly ntti-nle.!. wlihln mi I.I Um,,, will IK iliibiirred :: rt.vovory. All |M)r»mtM ln- ilohtvd to will) KKtiito nro ruquoHted to mnk^ linmodl.'ttn rmyment to JOKIOTMI AHAMAIT-IK Admlnlmrntiir C.T. A. 117 QotdoM IIIII, Unluii City, (•••,". If PoHae have anything to nay about It, thoro'll bn no Chrlai- in.'is carol singing In Worcester, England, thin year .They've ruled that anyone doing MO In a public plncc without a permit focen a. fine of $70 or three month* In jail Tho townn <>r Derby and Norwich made tilmi- lar declulonu' laal week. ,,It'u not that tho authorltlw havo anything agaliiHl ChrlnLn!ia» caiiiln . H'H JiiBt that they cluJni moitt Hlngern nrr junt bcggana and en- roling haa bocomo a racket. WALTER WINCHELL In New York Because of the time element, •all memtjerx of tho Philharmonics of NniiKitluck couldn't bo contacted on the subject of the .Community Christ miiH Carol Sing, D«c. 22, but Mel aEnKol- stad, chairman at arrangement*, hopes all will 'bo present to participate In the ovcnt, at tho HorueMhoe on The Green, at 8:30. Watch for action to Ixl taken to eliminate trafllc congestion on MiMulow court In the very nitur fulimv luxl M»y, StiUn Trooper Kd Mooting recommended that thnre b« no parking on thn Houth Hide of the Ntreet and that u STOl' Ml|{n h« «r<*cti<*l on Meadow court ut th<» Internwv tlnn of Meadow Htrwt. . .tt(faln tint riM|U«-nt for till* iictlon ha* Ixn'n made to borough police anil the retyrmtnond'utlnn will immt likely b« curried out. In line with parking rcfltrlc- tionH, Ktroel department cmplo- you erected No Parking At Any Time Hlgns on thn wont. iOdo of Central avemie ._.pnrkln-ff on" Iho oiuit, or down Kill Hide IB not permitted. Many happy return* nt the day go to MI-H. ICdlth Burnw, who In observing? her birthday today. Kvcry year the children of St. Fninol*' school prraent a Christmas play for thn entertainment of thn Nuiigittuc.k Council of Catholic •Women at It* animal Chrl»tma* ten. ..It'* alwiiy* on ln*plrlnr and beautiful production and till* year'* pr»»eiita- tlon I* expected to prove no ox- ceptlon. ..!)» youngNtora xvlll participate In the pl».V cawt nml clioriiH Niinday afternoon, Coluin- Ini* hall at 2:IS o'clock. 1-riMllctlori Your ChrlntmaH will be Kay thl« Year... Your droama of many rore powafisaions will come true ; My cryntn.1 ball rurelullu Iho b."»i. It peemH, In nil tho IhlnKH that It reflect, i for you. I HBO you on thi! Avonun In mlnlt. . . A.nd dining In tho Cub Room — not. alomr . . . Tho Burgundy IH (ipurkllng Ihut you drink The melody you hoar la soft In loiio, I spc Dial your companion IH a ,'ciiv Whimo chockbook boarH a Hrhal) fi^old monogram ... My Olght-ball --pardon, crystal— nays that I Will be with mo to drink my ChriHtman dram. But rout UNHiirud, I'll make thlo little toast. . . To all InitlalocJ uhockbonks •-• count to coast! --Guy Fowler. In Our All«y: I»«MI t.old Herb Stein cine of tho chorlntM In her show vamn In lato the other curtain-time with this alibi: "I'm very norry, but I Inadvertently took (in oviirdnnn of Ovnltlnn!". . .Tnx Ucnoko wonders if lh« Ropub Hlo(fan fof a tow campaigns ago) iloonn't makn convlr.tnd j. Pnrni-ll ThamiiH wlnc.o: "Had Biioii).;liV" MitHown VI|fiiH,(e: Ovi-rnlKht «li« liiiciimi; u Mini- In "(lontlnninn P"o- for Blonde." Her niimii IH Onroi ChannliiR u.nd Hhc rutnd a plnro !n ilK'itH. Tlio briHHiiM talkort It, ovr.,..- ...Anil Hum th«y dliicovnriiit Ihorr-K no .maiT|ui)n H\%n nt Iho ZlnKi'ol 1 Thetiter. MDIIIOM of a MI<lnlKht<-r: Whon Rii'y Holpm-'H hit rloHeti for a week IHO ho can holiday) |.ho advert') In tho papyrus wjll way: "Whore H Charlny 1 ! Qonn FiKhlnK-?' 1 ., . .ftnnx pIWBBnrs nav«r rofor to an ovor- bearlnff fornmo IhruMh by lier natna. Their private tag for her I.'Il«o Koch.,. Tho Fulton Thniilor'* a«H't IrouHuror (box-officer) IH nnmed CJoo, M. Cohan. A kin to (.ho tamed ono.,'M. B. Sachs of Chlou.. i,'o paid tho Runyon Fund $812 for u pair of "Bo. Pacific', mullimo ducats yoiilorduy. And look at this check from Dwlght Deore Wlma'i lor $5,000!... BackHtiiKo foudlnif at "<!iuit>i l»rofnr BlnnrloA" In Toi>i<: 'A' alotiK th« Stork-Hiirdl fr.jnt .,. .Insiders hoar J. DlMagglo l« llttled for ii culary nhav«. And U'r.t lie won't flghL |t, Troplca! I'urk Novelette: The doy nftpr thin Runday-Nlghtnr'H hiMindcuDt wan cut off iln Iho middle of a homo tip "that cnuldn.t lose)' we ran Into Home G-inun who were cllnlnfr at. tho Virginian ..."What wan Iho namo of thn'- horflo you didn't K«t on tho air hint night," aokod one... "All 1 can wily" was thi) riaply, "If you wnro \ hunch pluyuf who wu» u Fodert.l iixont and you looked at toduy'n entries, what, would you play?"... Si. Id thu U-mun: "You avi nn tl-.oi-u'H M. hortf'-' c/ilUid 'Dup't of Juutlce?'. . ."That H clo»« onou(f/i. wo nald, Dropping Tho Subject... 'filler, wlion ".Justice" won, a Konoy bitrbornhop patron heekkv.1; "Oh, uvnrybody picked 'JustlUQ'— and It only paid $3,60.". ..To which a nuuuonod homo pluyor Intoneil. ''My frlond, nobody ever wur.t broke taking a profit." Tlu! Miami Hprc.lnl: A. Lincoln Rhudeii In roaully (Juorgo Bourko, drama nd of tho Miami Horald, His Krandmatur'H name. What a by-line for Iho soon-duo Lincoln Road mag. ...The Shorry Fronlenae celabraluu Itu lat birthday with it now $100,000 foyer. Seen airs!... The Ralph Font crew debuts at the new Ban* HOUR) llotol (Miami Beach) next wook.. .Jackie Mayo head*) the blg- Hmc "Girl" show ut Babe Baker's Ha-Hu Club. Put Clayton, Murray Swanwon and Tom L,e*tor are Homo olhor high upotH In It. A miniature Broadway muutcal ajt- trac lively f rocked, and without a dull inomont. . , Marcol. tho star (h«'M thu chof), at th« Little Pulm Club la bohlnd the «tove nt Bunny Isles... Tho Island Club has a hnhy npotlght focunod on UH dlM- pluy of pantry. .. RIcclo'H now branch on Coral Way Mtarn H. Candullo'a orew, Don Alfonso and Pauline ltich....AI Barlow'M "Al'» Sandwich Hliop" on 23rd, around tho corner from tho Chez Puree, has the liost Hungarian meatballs In town. Olgu IH Htlll there, too,.. And then you huvo fitonn C,'rub JOO'H, which r«- nialnH top;) In HH field.. .The IOWII'H nuwent nowHpaper, Tho Morning Mall, IH duo thld wook...Tho book- law pay 20-8-4 when you pick a $07.80 Winner. You get It all at Tropical Park. Oughtu be a I,aw! "I Ciottri Havo My Bnby Bank" plat- t,iu-. .. Carol KnlKht'u thrUKhlng at ADV. "We, THE MUSIC SHOP—" Did you ever watch .the <>xpre**lun on n child'* fuco a* ho 1 Intend, entranced u ml enraptured, to a phono- Kruph record? Thn yomiKNter who I* never bored with <;oii*tnnt roptv tltlon, noon bncumcH quite fiiinllliir with the record. Watch him, then, make u*e of tho new word*, *ong* and liloiiH lui hu* leiirned. WnU'.li how coiifldonot grow* within him because he lius acquired these ni'w thing* for himself. The record was triert-ly eiitertuliiment originally: but, ulnci- when havn jjood MilcherM ceMMed to be entertaining? This I* hy wuy of mildly »UR- Ve*tliiK that children deKervn our every effort to make their ohlUI- liood n time of [iloiiwuniblu tttnrn- tng. Good rhlldrrn'N records help u* achieve that. THiO MIJHIC SHOP hiM a Ohll- •Ireii's Nook devoted entirely Co n wide, selection of children'* records, Give a nmilriil toy or record (.0 your favorltii child often! ChrlKtma* Cards: Jerry Wayne'* MAKE ROSENBLATT'S YOUR NAUGATUCK CHRISTMAS GIFT HEADQUARTERS — GIFTS FOR ALL THE FAMILY GIVE HER LUSCIOUS SATINS and FAILLES In Ixmnlil'iil i;olnrn, Si/en 14 l.o 20. Tailornd arid Quilled Styles. Ri% $7.95 SFKCIAI, $5-95 tho Blue Box...Ann Halhnway nt the Nijjhteap.:. Henry Sylvern'B TVIowalc. . .Bert Parks' "Hri-nlt tho Bunk" (TV) on Wed. avos. .. Stun Freemnn'n plunotabla fandltlonn nt Blun AFIRC). . . PfiKK.v CurnmlriH in ri'millv I" l.ho Fomnlfl," hnlUul nn a H'wooii hit by count el-Ulna. .."Min-y Kay tind Johnny" <NBC),.. Blnu'n buriir-up hc-mullng in Ciipru's "Riding HlKli." i Bound* In iliu T.l«hl: At. Fln-xld^ Inn: "A rumor la a. secret with h "nod pr«HH «K«nt".. At the Roncy Cabana Club: "Is uhc unlucky? Shu caught. Lbu only j{uy In Tttxun who hasn't an oil well!"... At Bui Tahnrln: "You linow hor typp. One- Martini and xho thlnkn Hlnt'n ih« ollvo".,.At tho Stork: "I hour thn water dhortage In no bod Eslhor Wllllumn in learning how lo iirt." Tho iMlo Watch: runny Ward tukuH only onu drink a night from a bottle of C-S, which she purk.s n' l.ho Cub Hnoin bar. . . Thn (Jm>i uc Marion (who nuth'U u book duiuml- Inur tho 11 convicted HuUtO l» not the Goo. Marlon of the H'OIKC. Hcrcrn un.:l SiLtflvapont.. . . Tho Holentlnt IIP- cuuud on tho front, panes recently ((IB shipping atomic Bluff to Him- gia ht 1944) will make Wall Street headlined noon. Hiii Colorado pltch- blonxle nil nan will become nowM via a big atook IKMUO... Zlllluniilri! Alf Vunderbllt (a terrific $2 bettor at Iho trackii) quit wnjjor mnhlnj;. Ex- plolnvd ho leurn.'il aflur flvn yoarn "It v/a« too much work Juiit to break even!"... Star Margaret 3ul- lavan and Park Avenuar G«o. Orcjf- Mun are cloner than CJ and U... Uiok- AllkcH onlhofronl-puKou: E)|y.ali<»tli Taylor »nd Sloan Slmminn... Anno Sai-Kont (of tho LuntB' hit. "I Know My IMVK") bociiinn Mm. Ifrlmmi Kynn on Chowiicloh. Mo'n of Iho ccnomah. (Rahly!).... P. Wuyno, hiiKKt-il by crltion In "Trxnn, I,'i] Om'lln'," wan nn inihrr at thi- Al- vln Thmilar two yiuirn iiK»...WIn- Blon Churchill just cabled thanks to hlx pal Bernard Baruch for nir- nmlllnK him a Stilton <:h,.,- m , for GhrlHtmati. Grunt Brltnln oxpnrtH them all to the U. S. A. Classified Advs. Start Here Enjoyment I Help Wanted—Mate 2 Help Wunl<Hl— IVANTKII—Mldill»«(rd"l»4> vr wltin Mv.. !,, will, lm-,,1 ,.„„„;„ „ ,, 0 ,, („, ».,.,!< i-,,|, , 7: . 2 „„,,,„,„ For Sale 3 _ Uouw-ii Vnr KaJ» ••••ill HAj,i:_i ,.,.om ho,,.,.- "i,r~~i i--'"i".!r llU |' ; i,J"f'v f ' "'"'" "' l; ""' "•'"' IIK.VHY M. MI'UJ'HV Jt.'iii KI uic. AIUMI.I.-.I.',, rhuiii- :t-4032 win.-i v Ilii) or Xi-ll u llii«l r ,,. K JOHKi'ii H,\II'|;|UV ||r,,k,T lllKlirilliri.. I.nil., UIMII IXitir. 20^K. .Main ht. Til. 4-lHSt IVliir. , „„ limuritncp .'_ }{«,aj Ei'ute" ISO Chim'li Ht. Phnin 2»<0 K. A. liUAZJCKI — I tea; (iKtiiu. 174 ritOBI'KCT ST. f'liriNK n:f, HTiJNI; II' .MK «< mil IMMKIIMl'K OCITI-ANCV I. r.i.,,,,, heut. flivpln . Uulrk «,,!,.. <-,,u m.j ilmi'. M. r.nii i.>inti,<.ri. K..,,I (••„i,,:., - IIVHOI.I.V.H JU1AI 4 JiHTATK HprliiK Hi, •)•„, ;1 . ;t , Wnti-rliiiry. d/nn. 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