Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1962 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1962
Page 16
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Sixteen Logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune JOSEPHINE LOWMAN He Lost 20 Po.unds-Has Reducing Tips for Girls ANN LANDERS French fries who takes the first bite, the boy or the girl? Thank you a lot. — FIRST DATE Dear Date: It doesn't matter who takes the first bite. The only thing to keep in mind is that a fellow isn't .sup- >osed to .dive into his food until lis date has her plate in front of icr. You're welcome. A male reader tells how he lost 20 pounds in six weeks. I have just T-eceived si letter from a man who reads my column. I think' that both men and women will find it helpful and interesting. "Dear Mrs. Lowman: "Being one of your masculine readers, I would like to tell you about my experience with reduc- 'ing. "Last fall I weighed 201 pounds. I finally decided to do something about it. Here is what I did. "1. I eliminated all cake, cookies and sweets. "2, I planned my meals with a few starchy items. I also left off all my usual in-between eating. "3. I planned to see a doctor for his advice to help me lose as fast as possible with safety. FIRST TWO HARDEST "The first two weeks were' the hardest to cope with and I did not lose much, but in the weeks which followed the dieting really began to show results. I lost 20 pounds in about six weeks. Good Books To Hell In A Handbasket, by H Allen Smith (Doubleday $4.95): There is a considerable body ol opinion in the United States thai regards H. Allen Smith' as a humorist, a description he is noi unwilling to acknowledge; but he prefers to think of himself as "i reporter with a humorous slant.' This is a title to which he has an honest claim. His latest' book is a partial autobiography, describing the years as reporter, rewrite man, editor, feature writer anc sometime copyreader or proof reader which were Smith's ap prenticeship. Much of the materia here is the sort of amiable-to-ack anecdote about the famous or the feeble-minded which has charac terized a score of less forma Smith works, but. there also are some abrasive opinions freely ex ' pressed. There are some wonder lul recollections of Smith's own zany career, including the timi he "kidnapped" Albert Einsteii from a Waldorf-Astoria banque hall; his brief career as a nudis and his offbeat days as a weathe editor. Read the Want- Ads! "Since this was before the hpli- ays, I started to think how I ould hold onto the weight loss of vhich I was so proud. Here are ome of the points which helped ne. ' "1. During the diet I had gotten ised to eating smaller quantities, t did not seem necessary .to increase my intake after that. "2. Even during the holiday :eason, attending parlies, I was not, and am not now, rude to my lostesses by refusing certain 'oods. I just take small portions of everything. "3. I am still avoiding cake and am certain not to eat too many sweet things. Believe me do not miss those as much as 1 .nought I would. "4. If I need a snack once in a while 1 late in the evening, or during the day, I always have some jellp with fruit or some sugarless fruit 'salad at home This is low in calories but satisfy ng. "I .am very happy .that I real ized some of these things before jetting older. I am going to try lo stay this way for a long time Before my diet I used to partici pate in sports only on week ends Mow:I go swimming during the week as well as walk two mile; a day." FROM EXPERIENCE Isn't that a stimulating letter 1 It is apparent .that the write: feels. much better and is enjoyin life much, more than before. A: so, he tells you that the firs two weeks are the hardest, tha the desire for so much food o such rich food is gone, and lha you can remain at the correc weight by eating smaller amount and eliminating calorie-high food as a daily habit. You have read all of this co umn many times, but this come straight from the mouth of experience from one of your co- readers. If you would like to have my Tubby Hubby Diet, which gives you a loss of from seven to 12 'pounds in 12 days, send 10 cents and a. stamped,- self. - addressed envelope- with .your .request.for the Tubby Hubby Eiet booklet. Address Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Chair Will Help You Do Exercise for Back Hipline." Hamburger a Problem for Boy Going on First Date Dear Ann'Landers: I'm a'boy 6 years old.'Next month I,am oing on'my first real date. It's i school dance and then a. bunch: I us kids are going to get some-j hing to eat jn a restaurant.' I suppose you'll split your sides aughing but I need to know the answer. to this. When the waitress brings the bur g e r s ham- a nd Dear Ann Landers: Why can't you see the other side? Why not occasionally sympathize with the 'other woman" who gives up everything for the man she loves nstead of always siding with the wife who can't hold her husband'.' I've been going with a> man for :en years but his wife won't-give iim a divorce. He left her three years ago (for me) but she still langs on. It's apparent that I'm ;hc one he loves because I'm the one he takes on trips and buys gifts for. She's not only a poor wife bul a poor mother. She has never taught her children manners When they see me with their father they don't speak to either o: us. Wouldn't you think they'd have more respect for the man who supported and educated them? Why can't people understanc that a married man can fall ou* of love with a wife who has grown careless and dull? You are no only hard-hearted, Ann Landers but hard-headed, as' well, —• HORSE'S MOUTH Dear Horse: I DO see the other side. I pity the "other woman 1 because she's -a fool wha mus live always on the razor's edge In the vast majorify of case she's providing some marriec man with kicks at tremendous per sonal sacrifice, while he enjoy the respectability of home an family. - . The other woman, eventual]; loses all opportunities for mar iage. By.; the .time she. realizes ..over Boy is not going .to put. that liece of .paper in. her hand, nobody Ise wants : her.v So you see,-. I an't endorse a. !>etup which is mmoraf, illegal'and foolish.. **'*..' Dear Ann Landers: .This is for .he idiot who thought it would • be all right if his youngster burned limself "just a little" on the stove so he'd learn once and for all 1 not to play with fire. When I was a young man I sold Bibles door to door. 1 rang one lady's bell and she came to he door in 'a .panic. Her. child lad' gotten,; hold of an ice' pick and he had just fallen on it. The )ick went into his eye. I rushed he woman and the child to the lospital. The child learned not o play witlvice 'picks but it cost lim-the sight of an eye. Another time! I walked ontq a porch just in time to see a youngster climb on a chair-and pick up a loaded pistol from the piano. ?ortunatelyi the door was open su '. walked into the house and took :he pistol from the child's hand. The mother said' "Wljat are YOU doing in here?"' I replied 'Look, lady, anyone who doesn'l mow better than to leave a loaded gun within reach of a chile :ertainly needs tt' Bible in the louse." ' I made the. sale and maybe saved a life.-Experience maybe the best teacher! but what good is the teacher if the student dies? * •- * # To learn how to keep your, boy friend in line without losing him send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Necking andr Petting — Ant How Far To Go," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin ant a long, self-addressed,' stampet envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems Sond them to'her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped self-addressed envelope. Copyright 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. LOGANSPORT MARINE SALES Hiway 24 and W. Linden DIAL 2320 LA.AXJ.AAA A thought for the day: Germa philosopher Hegel said:. "No ma is a hero to his valet" is a we! known proverb; 'I have addet "but not because the ..former i no hero, but because the latte is a valet." ' Thursday Evening, May 17, 190U CROSSWORD PUZZLE Answer to YeBtBrclay'i Pun* (1AYNOR MADDOX Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Spring!'Another way to say it "Fresh Asparagus." It is heap- d high now in the market at its ompting .best. So enjoy it with lejted butter, Hqllandaise sauce r with a savory sauce flavored /ith chicken bouillon. Weight watchers take notice: as- laraguii is a '.'3 to 5 per cent vegu- able," which means that it con- ains less than 5 per cent of .car' lohydrates and consequently you an eat a whole pounds and Dick [p only 72 calories. FRESH ASPARAGUS WITH SAVORY SAUCE (Yield: G servings) 2 pounds fresh asparagus Va inch boiling water' % teaspoons salt 2 tablespoons minced fresh onion . 3 tablespoons butter or margarine ' 2 tablespoons flour i/g teaspoon ground black pepper ,H cups chicken stock or 2 chicken bouillon cubes dissolved in 1V4 cups bailing water 2 egg yolks . 1 teaspoon fresh lemon, juice 6 slices toast Wash asparagus. break off- ACROSS l-Initlal 6-Pokor stakes Il-Woolly 12-Less restrained H-Latln conjunction 15-Ralniest 17-Symbol tor cerium 18-Unit of Siamese currency 0-At what • place? 1-Play on words. 2-Wlthered 4-Consume 5-Kat of swlns ii-Karthquaka S-Tallics 30-Arablan garment 31-Perform 32-Military students 35-Country of Wuropa •iS-Retaln I9-Cry of goat 42-ExISt •HI-Boundary 45-InIet 4fi-Pronoun 47-Rc-covered inside o£ i 49-Komun Oalhollo * (abbr.) ! GO-HavinjT 1 branches 52-Ono who i Hhirks duty 1 M-Chrtirn 55-Supercillous persons DOWN 1-More obese 2-PropositIon 3-Uncooked 4-Cook slowly B-Rope by which nn aliinm! is fastened 6-CallB to a sta,tu of readiness 7-1'art of fac« S-Small child 0-Plural ending 10-Safe 11-Fewest I3-Tears iG-Afternoon party 19-Foot lever to drive machine 21-Mute 23-Bury firmly 215-Rcstrlcted 27-Grain 29-Vehlcle ,32-Seat 33-Cbler artery (Pi.) S4-Faclal expressions SB-Swoons 36-Hcnp of stoces (pi.) 37-12x<:sss of lunar over Rolur year 40-Frelch for "fritnii" 43-For fonr that . bird 47-Brown kiwi 48-Pair lil-Pronoun 63-Hebrew month iough ends, remove scales from stalks and wash again. Place in a saucepan with boiling water and 1 teaspoon of salt. Bring to boiling point and cook, uncovered, 5 minutes. Cover and continue cooldng 10 minutes or until asparagus is crisp-tender, Saute onion in'butter or margarine until tender but not brown-; ed. Stir in flour, remaining sail, and black pepper. Gradually add. chicken stock. Stir and cook until, thickened slightly. Blend egg yolks with lemon juice an(l blend with a: little of the hot sauce. Then stir 1 into remaining Hot sauce. Stir and cook over low heat or hot water until thickened. To serve,, place asparagus on toast and pour sauce over top. The newest pill — strictly for the washer — makes gobs of suds when it dissolves. Looking like a king-size aspirin, the detergent tables are two inches across and one inch thick. Two tables arc! used.in a top-loading or wringer machine; one', in a front-loader. COMPARE OUR DIAMOND VALUES! REMEMBER-MONEY SAVE* IS MONEY EARNED FERNBAUGH'S B^y "Famous.For Quality Diamonds" NOTICE Pharos-Tribune & Press DISPLAY ADVERTISING DEADLINES: HALF-PAGJLADS OR LARGER—NOON TWO DAYS BEFORE PUBLICATION" All Other Ads - 36 Hours 1 Before Publication i *.. •. SUNDAY DEADLINE: Quarter-page ads or larger — Noon Friday; all other acls-5 p.m. Friday. COLOR: 4 Days In Advance. Your cooperation and assistance:in adhering to these deadlines will t herp us nive YOUR ad the experl workmanship it deserves. ' SKYLINE CIMARfeON AT 10 P.M. f Cln.m.Soop. .rxl HETROCOI.OR „ ", BIEHH FORD-IMIIIA SCHEIi gAHHE B>XTIR-»HTHUR O'MNNiU THE MINOTAUB-8 P.M. V-' -"THE.' MINOTAUR I Bob Mathias. • TECHNICOtOR 1 - ^AMERICA'S FAVORITE 1st Bike! c_n_ujLj_n_n_ lovable Tubbable SPORTSWEAR 'TOR FUN IN THE SUN" Beautiful wash 'n wear fabrics in solid colon, colorful prints, itripci and chocks—Little or no ironing—Tappers and skirts included in our wonderful assortment of sportswear — Sizes 8 to 18 and 38 to Dacron—Cotlon, oil Cotton, Homospun, Sailcloth and Saeraucker, • Shorts 1.99-3.99 • Jamaica* 2.99-4.99 • Pedal Pushers . 2.99 to 5.99 • Bermudas 2.99-4.99 ^3 New. Cabin Boy 499 Pants O 38 •12 50 51 1 Dislr. by United Feature Syndicate, Inc. 17 STATE TOMORROW 2 BIG SHOWS Doort Open 7:00 p.m. & 11 p.m. IAST TIMES TODAY FLIGHT of LOST BALLOON At 8'.40'Only PIRATE A1 7 & 10 p.m. Children as .young as 3 years can handle' the 16-inch Pixie., Removable training wheels, semi-pneumatic tires plus, removable top bar for easy conversion to girls'.model. Schwinn Quality construction at onl> i $rwv95 SOB EAST BROADWAY PHONE 4382 - r, 1WBIANA Biys 'Shoint 'Sleeve BAN-ION SHIRTS White and ' 'Paste) Colors 2.99 SO SCARY-WE DAM YOU TO JUT THRU "All-IF YOU 00 CHARM DO THE DEAD RETURN? DOYOU BELIEVE IN PLUS 1st RUN TERROR HIT IN CO1OR ON THE SCREEN PLUS 3 STOOGES COMEDY GIANT TWIST CONTEST WIN A Pizza Party Furnished by Bruno's WIN A . Fishing Outfit furnished by your WESTERN AUTO STORE and SPORRAND FOR THE GRADUATE Take Your PI ace in the Sun With Our SWIM SUITS by "Suirf Togs" Sunshiny nows for your life beside 'the water or in it ... 'Reflected by our fashionable swim suits. Pleasing variety of styles, fabrics and i colors , Women's Sizes 32 to 40-42 *s 46 10 9 l 19" Children's Sizes 3 to 6x-7 to 14 I 99 and IMPORTANT DAY CAU GRADUATION CARDS Let Hallmark Graduation Cards say "congratulations" for you. And the Hallmark and crown on the back is an added compliment that shows you "care enough to send the very best." GIFTS for the GRADUATE . SAMSONITE LUG'rGAGE ' SHAEFFER PEN AND PENCIL SETS ELECTRIC SHAVERS BILLFOLDS AND K'E:Y CASES ( MANICURING SETS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS D1ARYS BINOCULAUS •FITTED SHAVING SETS DOPP KITS PHOTO ALBUMS AND ttGRA/ BOOKS BH3LES-T6STAMENTS-DIARIES And Hundreds of other Gifts for the Graduate Nome or Monogram ir| Gold iF res on Leather Gifts and -Pens and Pencils TIMBERLAKIE'S GIFT SHOP "THE STORE OF A THOUSAND GiRTS"

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