Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 15, 1949 · Page 12
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 12

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE 12—A'.U'G.ATtrrK 7VKWS (CONN.), TlICKSnAY, I1KC. 15 liltn Four Nearby Ponds Closed To Fishing T!IP Suit.- Bnnrtl c.f KUru-rliw nnd finmc nnnounrn;) th.-it tho follow)njr ru'iir'ny punita will br •v fishing durln,; tin 1 HI: lilii'-k Koeli I'liinl, N.VHlroin'H !'o n (I, p.-iu.i; l,i Inn.v; Wn town. Middli-biir-y-VVcii.d. inuir I.M.UI-. Walri-- Tc(- fiiihlnr; !:-»'d in Mt: - . TIIIJI I'and, Morris unli) Sniuhiy, .tanunry H on Snl urdn.y ninl Sunday only. 'In other Inki'.M, nul. |ju:;li'il |n Ihii rnnlriiry, IWihlni; In pi>rnill hid ilii-oliKn .(•inii.-iry I). Tin- 11:11' of Win A Ford — Shop and (Jet Your Coupons at TARNQWSKI'S MARKET .-. TBI.KIMIONK 2217 TOP GRADK STEER BEKK MEATS GROCERIES Steaks Fresh Hamburg lb. 55c Tender Beef Pot Roast lb. 79c Milk-fed Veal Roast . .lb. 49c Fresh Shoulders lb. 35c Fresh Home Made Sausage lb. 49c Fresh Roasting Chickens (4i/ 2 -5 lb.) lb. 45c SIHMIT SIHI-OIN KOIM) Ehndale Tomatoea 2 cans 25c Irish Potatoca 2 cans 23c Sweet Potatoes squat can 30c Slimline Sweet PCIIH 2 oana 43o Shurfinc Cut Wax Beans 2 cans 39c Shurfinc Shortening 3 lb. can 70c Campbell Tomato Soup 2 cans 19c Diamond Walnut Moats .. .4 oz. can, 33c Oxydol or Duz • pkg. 28c Tide or Dreft pkg-. 28c Ivory Soap 2 cakes 17c Always A Place to Park Your Car ORDEES TAKEN NOW FOR YOUR HOLIDAY TURKEYS We Carry a Full Line of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables and Frosted Foods Including APIZZA _ RAVIOLI and CLAM CHOWDER SANTA SAYS: AC-DC TABLE RADIOS New Zenith "Zephyr" Dial Speaker Radio-G615Y Has dial and speaker combined for larger, more-powerful speaker. $O VI 9*1 Long Distance Broadcast reception In Black or Walnut plastic. Hew Zenith "Tournament" Radio—C5I1Y Has beautifully clear, true tone. QC Long Distance Broadcast — = reception. In Jet Black or Swirl Walnut plastic. New Zenith "•ocenaker" Contol-Tene* Radio-GSlOY Has riclvpowerful tone • sharp, positive tuning. Long Distance Broadcast reception. In Black plastic, Roman Gold trim. $22 95 New Z«n!lh "Modalfion" AM-FM Radio- 7H921 Complete radio pleasure has Zenith Armstrong FM plus full 95 standard broadcast coverage in = a beautiful new cabinet. Superb tone and performance. RADIOS ^APPLIANCES. 15 CHURCH STREET 413 NO . MAIN STREET NAlCiATUCK (riioni'S MM] —(il(ll) UNION (,'ITY Stores Open Tliiirsilny, Krlilay niii! S»liir<l:iy NI|;hlK ThiM Wi-i'k rui':!'; I-AIIKIIVJ; IH-OH CCJNTOMKKS Frw lliidfN From Ilfucon f-|illN lo Nuui;tttij<'U K.vov.v NI K !it Hulll <ll<ris<tiiiiH l.ix-al Kdm-s Ar«> Open SHOP IIICKK!! — WIN AN SI HIM) NI5W I' - OI{|> f'.Ml j^^WASHINGTON t MARCH OF EVENTS • No Early Enactment of I Britain'* Btg Jet Load Compulsory Health Plan ] May Provo a Boomerang Special to Central Press V*YASVUN(«Tv):r Prc.'mlent Tnmmn'n compulsory health program W 1'iifl no olmiico of ctmrtmcnl. hy HIB Hint ContfrciiH ami may Ixicomft one of tlio irwjor IMHIIC.S of the .10(52 prurildcnLliil campaign. In Uio opinion of coriKreHMlonnl lomlern of Iralh purlieu', proncnt Bcnllmcnt In overwhelmingly. »(;alnrit un net mo tit. of the pro-payment int'clicul prujiram lulviinuccl by the Prcaldunt. Nor tJooa then; scorn In be much likelihood that there will bo nufflrlent chungc Iti sentiment In the 82nd' C'onffrcKH which will meet In 10(51 and 1052 to eimrl midi it program. The American Medical imoclutlon'M campaign nfrnirisl thu pro/rrnm liaa boon very effective, moro .MO thnn nclmiuL'(i.nitlori wipportcrrt cure to udmlt. Howovcr, thu admlnlatratlon luin not given up Hie light for tho program. There nr« tliosn In tho administration who realize Hint It lmn (jrcat appnnl and who feel that If It I.M properly pr«H«ntcd to the people It can bctwirie a potent Isuttc. They' believe the President Trumon proRrnm lr» Hkc Buelul Bcciirlly In that tho people hnvr In In; e.iiiiruU'il about It before HUlllclent support can foe obtained to j:<!. C<)IIKI'CH.'| to enact It. * * * « • JET OUTLOOK RU[(;i:TK. r :--Tlio United Stateii government, onco qulto nlarrncd over lirit;!ln'.-i folj* lead in development of Jot airliners, now fcclii that tlic HtUmUcm IH !<:HH Hcrlous. Government leaders concerned with tho problem are convinced that the Brltlnh rnamifjctiirnrn have committed thcm«clvcH to definite types, leaving tUo Atv>crl::uri plain; builders in ponltlon to t:omo up wild better onco. The American officials' view In nhnrod by Weiiwood Beall, cnffl- nccrlnjr vlco president <>t Boclnff Ali'plnne company, which hu» o«v cral Jet dcnlgnn on lUi ilruwln;; lioardo. Bcttll bellcvca the orio big- pi-ohlem In money. Ho snyH "we have Uie technical knowliow, tliu cnglnucrlng talent, the facilitiea, and the enthusiasm." However, he points out, no private company can afford the $20 to $25 million It costa to create n. prototype. Either the whole industry must get together to pay the freight, or funds will have to como Crom the government or the commercial customers. * * * * • TWO-EDGED AHGUMKNT-—John L. Lewis reportedly Insisted that the "Implied contract" argument of coal operators cuta both ways in ehallenKinfr the right of Churlca I, Dawson to Bit on Uio United Mine Workers welfare furul board. Lewis is said to have argued that if tho operators have "an Implied right" to replace operator-representative Ezra van Horn without consulting- UMW, then there also if) an "Implied" obligation on the board to okay continued welfare fund disbursements. Senator StylcH Bridges (R),.Ncw Hampshire, the neutral trustee, earlier voted against Lev/la on the disbursement instic. Bridges contended that since no contract exists, the oullayn would bo leKally questionable. l.,ewl« contend.'] that truateeH may nay how the money shall be spent, but that they have no right to cut off the (low altogether, As an operator representative, Oawson can bo counted upon to nlde with BrldKb/i. A continued refutial to dispense benefit,'! might be used us a lever to force Lowln to terms on a new contract. * * * * 0 AMONG YOUR HOUVKNIRH—How would you W<c to luw« ft ploijd of jujfifed wood or crumbling concrete nmoiiff your souvenirs? Nothlnp special about that except that—outside of 24,045,052 voted —it helped houac President Truman. After the White House reconstruction cbmmltten thinks It over, you might have- your relic from tho executive mansion—even though it's not a nilvcr npoon or candelabra. The committee is mulling- over the idea of distributing some 1,000,000 Iiunk« of the Willie Houuc, fout.lmw or where is atlll a secret. One thought Is that the mementoes would be handed out—at rosl—to thousands of public schoola tliroiiKhoiit the country, Washington obHC-rveni wonder jvdl how much ia "at eoMl" if Uiat'a the plan of distribution. Taf t Term Closes With Club Plays •Tnfl. Hebnol <'lo f u-M f'.i- Itji riirlivtmiiM holiday l-'i Id.-i.y. l")"i? Ifl, School rcu;i;:>t>nn for boai'dliu (-.Indents WcdneBtliiy "vcnlnir .(an, -I, Day "•.liul.'mts vcdit'n l< cillMIII'M ill, H o'l'lncll, .Illll. fllll. Thrno ono-nel plays nrp jirr- 'DliMl Tlnn'mlny i-voilinu l>er. 1") ,- HIP Alphn. lict-i, ,-nvl n.-i!iii,ia, IlliiK. TJli.*; :ii)nii.'il <-!ul) IH.I.S- ililp"lllltili In-ill)',.'! In :i ct'i:n' (In' ill l/l('T-(:liib livnlry. A.: ilr.unl :uonlM nf jil.ii(7r'i)( H timl fi'h'ml.'i f till- Ml'llixll Ml-,, invilril I,, nl •11(1 tlH'HIl J>ll).VH. iy'!> "No, No! '(hi- Hun- liy tin' All Inn; I'liiK'-M" I'illofs "Two CrooliK Ari.l A J^a<\v." by I hi- B"1,-i.i:; and Thorntcti \\'ildi'i-'.-.. "Th.- I,.nu OhriKtmiin Pir In-r, ' l>y ' he I i-inmiM-i I; ,MI;AT I.OST <>niaiia Meat j,:i> Kiri'M n.-,• ">• \>f.- •i-nl of UK live vvi'ijtht. of n iir-,. r ,,r l.'jnib. jiii'l nbiMi! '!'i per rent is He Travels Best Who Travels Refreshed Million Chunks of Whitn Hooi* HUASH (HOIK A 12'jjlrirn biTiii.M rholr will play li> vtirlciiui Hi!<M.loni> nT Uin boroni(ti mixl MoMdny night undor (.ho Hpon- !.ornhi|. of thn NiiUKiilunlc Ii;,-- rhiiiiHr Cluh In coupm-allon wlUi l-r-i'iil •!!,',, Ariii!i-li;iiii liVilcnil Ion of Miiiilrlnn.x, ami tlio unlon'n trans- rrlpllon fund for llvn nm.sli: In Ihij i.-onminnlty, J'rn.M. p,.| ( .|- Wlnloc-ltl of tliij cluh iiniimimusil loilny. I'M.I, DKIODM 'J'wci ipiil. c-liilm dvutlH havo heon Illrd in tho i.rricn of Town Cl(!i-l< Raymond .1. SI., John. Nlr.hola ; < .1., and Anna !•',. l»vl)bli)« i|lill. clitliniul Mn.'uloiv il.ri'fl. pro-jiorty to Anna V. Shukllrn, (mil Annii V. Bhu- Iilli'ji fpilt '['lalnii'il Iliii miiiii! iirii- pi'i-ly In I ho riuh-hlni*, ! sk for it cither wny . . . hr/th trade-murks mean the same thing. DOITtCD UNDBK AUTHORITY OT TUB COCA-COLA COMTANr CY COCA-tJOLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF WATERBURY, INC. O I''- 1 '''. Il.« Ono-Colu Compony » DO YOUR NAUGATUCK AND $1800 FORD FORD ii WITH EACH $1.00 PURCHASE, CASH, CHARGE OR PAYMENTS ON 3B.MADE PRIOR TO DECEMBER 1ST) AT THE OFFICIAL WJLL YOU RECE1VE THK M. FEEEDMAN 00, CARLSON FURNITURE CO., INC. WM. SCHPEEO, JEWELER HAWLEY HARDWARE RUBIN'S (JANS, INC. RAPHAEL'S, INC. NAUGATUCK HARDWARE CO. NORWASH SHOE STORE LESTER'S PHARMACY SEE THE « K K CAR GUSTAFSON'S NAUGATUCK DRUG CO, TARNOWSKI MARKET THIBODEAU STUDIO FORD DRUG STORE OLSON DRUG STORE L. V. MATSON & SON, INC, MUSIC SHOP ROSENBLATT'S SWEENEY'S ART STORE C. H. TOMLINSON WEISS BEN FRANKLIN STORE ANDROPHY RADIO & APPLIANCE CO. KENNEDY STORE LEYNARD'S SAFFRAN'S BOSTON STORE ZEMBRUSKI, Men's and Boys' Shop NORMAN'S BEAUTY SALON ALYCE BEAUTY SALON ON DISPLAY DAILY ON TOE GREEN

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